The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 06, 1908, Image 1

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    t Clma-Wrnl6
The i I ! H irni-T (' unit y
Inn the l.rpi'.t riinilntion ami i in- a
tho lwt nilvcrtlsing niliiiiiin in Knsii- n
ghe ttrtntiflMrtitq' Country
Ml n nt. I f I r.'H.HOO arr. of
litnii. mii mil m,l ,. . t
I' I'ntrv nn.l.T III" I 'iililir.lnml lW of
ll.. I ni If.! HtW.
o M
I.I llnrlci in Additional Ralinn
Mlalla With Profltihlv Rcmill
Iraaxht Vry Hlht Price.
rlarequh M W SHEEP SHE RIN(1 RECORD ment of the pnjrajrement tW
Old hunters, in the days of the made by Mr. and Mrs. HW7
pioneer, who knew Ihnt door and A H ! i. pen of thrhrido-
hufalo traveled long distances to 325 IN WE DAY IS PACE SET BY AN elect, ll is further stated that
experience of one of our
in fattening a hunch of
or the Portland market
doubt be hnth intern 1
Inictive. Concerning this
Alfalfa is not a halnnc
111 and as I had a quantity
?y that was not marl
senson I determined to
injr it rolled.
cannot he successful
kittle in a whole condition.
rolled for 10 cent per
Ihus douhlinR it
a Battening ration. 1 1
'ed in the Ultima of the
fWd rack which is luiih
:ijrht bottom to prevent
kage of alfalfa lea
ran hy feeding nhniit
a the head. The i-rnin
Mated in tin' bottom of
. and anion;, some of the
nd stems that weir left
iaodtng hay. Tin- Dot
stH the steer lo f. ( the
pwer and chew it heller.
pn mixed evenly with the
fa lea
jgan this ftbOttl a tn.itith
Be first shinmen; was to
for market. Th.
was not M appatent at
lie effect seemed In lie a
Of the 'puuneln ' look
Im; th .
increase in the solid fat
iu - the t stand
the railroad and
with less ahrinl
a shipment mao.
weight was about HO
while the average e-
the hay fattened cuttle
120 iKHinds.
Let' ..Id ;.
thirty cent over the
I mted price,
rated us prime' stuff.
mint of ft lay is
to about three pounds
amount ol bnrlei that
d durine the MMOII R ill
el IWo l.llsliels IK.'!' Ili'lllt
the markol price of
ncludine (ho
d feeding, will not itt
tiie pnir rtOtlvod will
ne ouurter t.. one-half
Hind, or an in
ss s-r heud in the
veil tor the hat
ting a neat profit
ividual. the reeult will
aseof the present hitch
astern Oregon hus ut-
feeder, thus increa:
portunce us. a fl edinj
r the markets 01 the
I'rineviiie Journal
lick salt in saline sprinps. The ARIZONA SHEARER.
Blue Licks on Licking river, in
Kentucky, and similar mineral
spring on Klk river In West 'ir- .( HMj H Sheared .M2 In
irmiit. were famous for the hords IMy-Chimpiw tomnij to OretM
Of dtar, buffalo and elk which
frotptentod them. The adjacent
irrnonrl u.'(iu an rfonnlv m m rvnrl
To SSear Thin Sprint.
Mis- Hoyt, who lehutante
of two seasons ago, is a girl of
brilliant accomplishment! and
n extreni. 1 popular in (Jotham's
rial circlet,
Mr. Corbett is now in New
York, and his mother. Mrs.
Helen ljidd Cirhett, is awaitim?
The East Oreponian has just
that the marks w.r. to . s. '""' "". """ .'" !""K further information nardinR
fl.ll1 Ihl. 'I , .tt I '..t-HllJln f MABM - .... a
many yenra nft'-r the nlaceecaaa- I ""' r " the retried U'tmlhal. either by
J i u . . 1 I I . I.
en in ih- vistieu oy t nose atumais.
annually for the Judd and Root
people. The clippmir orives an
unit of the breaking of the
When it was announced that world's .sheei.-hearinjc record at
Swift & Co. had secured appro :,,irdsle.v. An;- 1 as the
lmately .'tlHHi land on the
.1. Burke, the well known
i woot ou.ver, wno visits mis cuy ,
late I'nited Stat.
W. Corbett, and also of the Lite
W. S. I. nld and a nephew of Mrs
ck H. Pratt, of Brooklyn.
'ev YiirL- tie is an nlntiiniw
world's chnmoion shonn-r snoken , .. , ..
;,,!.. .i .. ,.u 1 . . . . 7 llarvam. a praouaie ot tne
tienninsula. and would expend (,f j,, the article is coming bo ,,.,.,
....... ,1 .7 ....."...-... in (..nuiiiiimiiiiK t matnia and AIOITOW counties to ,. t. .. ,,,.,. ,..;.,
a packing house plant and stock -hear this vear the facts will he , V , A ,,)r:1m,"n,
... . 1 ,i, ,,,,, ,. ' '.o.ini lai us wm iu v (l,,ni,., Wth leading hust-
' "" -"' 1 unusual intere I to sheepmen
the mind- of moat pt U that .l!l(1 .(., y .,.. .,.,.,.. Tbeartiele
iA'ifta alone were interested I. ., fnllnwa-
the Beard-
sley sheet camp, an :ic-
hii wnent which again bring!
Arizona to the fore, and 1
ishe 1 In md I he
10 M
BI'NI MX that 1
lllie tlv
1 m t nt hope TO c'OMPini latione to pi
11 sn WfJBWMAY.
" "
I WMM rn." 11 Slront nrinmHt
Kill h Prodmrd Inr TM rrM
Well Worth WltetMtat.
1! talent will produce "The
Woven Web" nt Locher'a hall
' evening for the
tn n i-liu. L fun.l Tllu i., ..
. . , "'---n'ri.iim. 1 1 1 1 r. 1 r. .. .... i
leioKmpnor u ,.,,.,. f, , .,,, ,,.,.
Ml ('...liett is jrrandso- of m. . . ', ' which emlirners
i fiuj e,.,. 11 "eatage.l in this place and is ,. , ,,
in the undertaking. From a re
liable mod It anted, aee
over, that the land la bald in tU
name of the Union Bt
Company, and thai .
Air 'o ontrolling inl
in that concern, the... mtroverag, that the
ll,r,m" "i"'" '" bar c.unp has - rapid ar.d
firms, says the Orcgonian. U1U. of kha.,
gather her in the United
1. in ! hours
beared cad of
affairs bare, being president
of the Portland Motel Oompanj
and a member of the Uwrd of
direcin' 1st N'alioiiiil
Ma 11k. i r of the
While at college be distinguished
hirnseii' as an athlete. Since
return to l'lirtland he has i
a memlier ',' the Multnomah
Club football team. II.
interested In I OH M an
netve ranch in Harney Coun
ty, lie recent! purchaoed the
fIi Wrnl.1 lln'i.i i.p.ituipf ,01
! ..!- I ..1,1 , M
i. .01,1 v,-,uK I, , . ,
01 jiracticany u head
It is poll .hat the es-
tabuahment ol ..nls on a
in I'ortland. surround-
ing plants,
will in a short tune make this
cu one 01 me greui cenii nan.
was tor
Itock. The I'nimi t. nnniliei q hy
Vanls Company la aaid to ba an atan in 1 I '1
ating in Chicago. I
and Omaha, at which Knnu Htv- tally showing 825 thorn in '.
1 n operate hour.-,. ,,,,,(! place
their aha plants
within the same lin. ; The .,t thi
ol' 7J . Hill
of Oregon, who cjaarvant will nc . i.kHuuo
with tlu-situation in Seattle said wml .... -.,1. ... ..'... The ivsult showed
' i " ""' ""'"I" T' .t'. lion.
' and
tin ti taU u
i n of
the people took i.tth inh
The total vote eaet waa i?o and
Horn. ol te.ill. poli
a to tn. which figure I"" ,,ut ni,h'
pmnabiiity ol ' high renumerui
Packing Company building a the) gel fm- tbeii hard 1..
plant ban wi,. added that at B
"Thl .why sley ti, . at of
the .dm Compaa aid bar H 1 ba I
rtland. In 1892 it sum p.
' of Seattle sheuri 1. on an
jtuu needs salt
uirement that all cattle.
sheep grazing under
the national forests he
at freauent inu
ition which has beet
fo a long way in
range and cm-
page crop.
luce lias shown that the
dt makes stock
id horses are not sup-
ley need it, tliev roan;
sr, haunting old sailing
led in previous seasons.
ground, and in ol
ing the range. Hut if
1 are suppli. u, the)
icel'ully ovei the imsi-
Uiul feed at their
ear train conduct
ing a packing-house, one mile
from the
s. On
aOOOUnt Of the proximity t
got into several lawsuits, which
led in il how
ever. Hut there ha Keen at all
times more or less friction on this
"The company's hit
r than thut of
r man for
balaavj bo Jaaaaa A. Pitta, who
haa a do,
pressed himself most highly
pleased with the work and the
record. The Arizona Ban
apany. of which I
atllp'.iell 1 tne Me. idellt. la
doing tin work and it is conced-
U sheepmen aBjaerally that
the Beat np la the beat in
the 1 if the m- 1 mi ll
baflat The onl
: was as foil,,.
A ll
.1 .1. Deaagaai
.1. I
John Qeaakerttng
a I Bf
H 1. '.
Chester Carter
L. K U.
HAaaaaUl 1
J. T. Anderson
Carl Wei:
pa.-kmg-house i the United Statea tixluy. Chari
ness west of the Mianouri aaE. Lai barge of the
Uiver. and has outgrow n ir.-.ent she.. ip, and yesterday's
litiea. H' be company hows th. able manner in
I DOint Oi nd- which the plant .. induct
ing Us plant, which would cost ed. V'iaitors there recently state
IH0.000 or $80,0000 orb that the general management ol Pcted from
smne hue racing
at 1'rineviM. fjeaa Ma. 12th to
15th inclusive. Hoi are ex-
K la-
necessary to till
the cam 1 1 is all that could be ,!-
ihert tune ago the city .sired.
eattle iv oked a Ift- From the tit!,.- tn.- heap come which hud been into fill, till the wool a in
granted the Vakinia ,, ,
pany and made 1 ;llKi t(.,
at the same ttaat aa thai d aaaarj handling. Thai
the Frye-Bruha Coanpany. With only camp in the eountrj
and mi. icies staring the loading is done direct iron.
them in the face, the Frye-Bruhn the corral to the car. Be aaa
people ara nompallad to laok far eeoiantiy and quickly la H tra
a new location, and now thut the ported, that no damage can U
Swifts have decided to establish ,1,,,,.. ,,, ,i. U1,i fr.,n. --'-
itocl -.. I'ortland, it looks rajM jjv nmkin 12-A on
as if Frye-Bruhn would b ... handle the wool from the car. ru
polled to con.. ,-jd lu t(K. (.ul. ,.
protect their mu ,;. .... ,,n lo much
for, as sure . better ban in
. installed in their new plant, other camp.
open) will reach out ;.. ,,lllt.r lll(
and make a ute effort to lerelv a section hou.
math Fall Mai.-difield,
lndependeme. Tne i.,h,
and John Hay. Theao town
have been heard from 1
which favi 'o ea
L Enou 1 are al-
did m. work has al
readj ommi n the tr,tck
and by the May meeting it will
be la I'.xi can 1 be de
tails of the racing are aa follows:
sort' to please all. The cast has
iH'en tarefulh selected and each
character will lie well sustained.
Every part la an Important one
and tits into the plot in such a !
manner that all the pl.nors kfl
! chance to show to lest advan-1
Seats will be on sale at the
Welcome Pharmac next Monday
and the sale w ill be conducted us
the last one reserve our sji
will call for your
will U' a limited
number of seats reearved In the
third row for those who prefer
paying 78 centa and have chain
fiirnished otherwise 1 1 1
of seats w ill ' ;al.
'I he writer i very an-
ofja to have this fund complet
ed and the ( lock ordered lb
has had charge of the fund
the I Hai pi r lo gave the
1 t benefit 1 be Rat per Corn
iv started the fund with $86
and the amount was placed m
bank and has draun BOOM
rest and othi add) I to
until il 1
manager of
1 ,1 to complete the fund
mo tm it drcumatai
aeeaaed again 1 bin that
things ed, , and all
the hem : . nt 10 deserving
ranged and K hoped thill the
1 1 the production
. ne Vi.en I. may te
the fund.
It 1 to tin people of Hums to
ma!, il good. Tin
re wi hard and oven nog-
.vn all.
i drun
i! J In- nopi ma
I I thai they will get value
1 b witnesstne th.
ind even if not interest
iil 1. i ii 1 Imk. will m well
! for a couple of hours
ll the intention lo
with a gong or strike
haafd ..n over tin-
ctt.v 1 . eiitne fund will In
put the Hock, aa the county
com gnitied its willingneaa
to b I the lower and pluce the
clock m position on the court
I hi Klectric Light &
iw hnd i
ulation tl
upon the ft thout
I that cons,..n,Mit
I) Shannon was a tn
when he allowed his cattle n
drift upon the Little Belt 1
although il was im fen
' from 1
ctoion, and .1 M 1 the
.Ninth toilet. 1
mountain ami 1 acme Mates, nis
appeal Circuit Court of Api.
for the ninth eln uit ittmg at
San Francis, 1 fhe 1
now aHirmed Judge Httnt'l da
ciston. and this judgi m nl
buidinu Upon all federal cunts m
the circuit. A similar 1 1 ,
pending In the United
cuit court for Colorado, wlml
in the eightii circuit.
.hist rejcghreej n iH-notiful line of Indira
w.iisits in KmhroiHerird. lace and net
waistM for Spring.
Suinethinj Very Stylish in Lawn and Silk
Our dresH gmnls department will show a
very attractive display of lwna. Silk
Molls. Hgfttrized ( 'hamhrays, ( orrinc
Suii m us hihI lngomara Thrar gnodaare
UMSlateat pteemetton for thU
New fresh garden Mad
.h illv's Including onion
H I 111 !' '-'.
llimttiiK i- ' 1
iitjninh n Hut 1 1
1 l
11 .iii.i 1 1
Nit I III I Ml
New Embroideries and Lace and
a beautiful line of India Linons
( )ur Shoe department is
complete in every way and
we can satisfy the mosJ
fastidious in toot wear.
Remember we rnrry the
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
ibal Inoii-
l iboottna n 1. th
lands "i l le
st,., k i. 1.
ln ..1 1 .
Si tin
rl he iartey Valley Brewing Co.
Mmi.iUi fir. i .(
I ninllv Irmlr Solkllrtl I ree Delivery
T. E. JFNKIN8, Manager
4ll Ill I II ll. M f ill
il ii . .1 miii Mr. I ill rd
I1.11 ok. 1, 1 ll-
elul ... rtbip
n. 1
. 1 p in
iii,.l it - nil. I IJ ll .l
nil !' l.i'l'l .n M. 'I
Rat Ifl ill I-' it
ll.o mi iba Ind mds 1
111, mill at I I in
e II.
I aa lliii '" 1 Hundas whool bm
4t 'I 1. . k .e 1.
onrdial iiiviiMtiuii 1 x
Ii 1 can al uii ii-
llu) 1 1 (ssd. teal tilsu if leer at las
Harney Valley Brewery Saloon
(."(HI IHtl.ShS OK A II. hi MIS
( 1 in 1 - As Quality
r.l. SttS A UAI'US. Munagrru. Hum: OrrUom
At Iba 'i
llnrim Hfv. A J I r m 111 imrli.r
Fow. 1 ( o will also fnrninh fr?- ,. l....
.'. T(i.-w. ... - ..." iiii'i nil. 1 ....... 11
rtendsys of asab nionlhsl 11
and 7 10 i in i -i 1 1 " luml at
oi arm, sufficient liht
mak. the dials aUaeereJbie
the Sound busil
thle handhtiK ot sheet. '' r.e-uruiiii cannm unoru ancl. of a white citv. with its
.1 . il 1 1 I. . .I,.lllil.. nil I lU..iu ..I.I..I..II e ...
re, mat iin iiucMiiusicr, "'" m vrtjjvu. uiirlv .
.. h, !.
puraa for H I
May J
1 repeat (or '&
urtcr rnili
h. ;.. ''$200.
inini ..
.1 :sl(J0. Su
it of jrettina alonv ul "' l'xIK'' l(1 mention- them. .-r.s and
If aheap do net re. ad, whenthi ranchiae theloni ant. with a
sua! supply it is onb baaordyefe run. .. iuo men,
ne stocK-.Mtr.l-. cmnat:. . vllh riKSl
offered the Frye-Bruhn Company c;;;.,. , u
.ud.le Bite and ,1 ismOW ,, niKhl when the while
likely that the Seattle concern j,, ;,
will take adva.miKe of the offer ,lu.:. . llicn
and locate here. It certainly ,lt, ulula,.s ,;ath.
ditliculty thut the.v
in bonds or kept in
lit. So far as sheep
led, no regulation by
necessary, because
for their own eon-
mi salt their tloch;,.
Ire not herded, and
Fourth day
at for $1
Second latum
Puisi to ix- made up.
and 11 ;..
mile and
Trial $1.00 is the of
Pineules. Relieves Back
never wiu allow Swift ft Com- emboeaeeaed in ' "k' 1'a""-' 1Jai'k
pany to control the Portland and th, ,,.0,,. .,,,. nt ,i,. Rheumatic pains, Best on sale
ijfht notflect to sal niarkei. Lo-ether with an great. ching to far. fu'' Kidneys, Bladder and Blood
rHiiiluti.ins uiLivikii : opportunity to invad,
I C 1 A . . . 1 1. II
hfeud 1 oouiiu terruors.
iditterent ranges iv-
quantities of salt.
on dry ranges
Paget gloomy mountain n or young and old. Sati,
laction guaranteed or money 1.
landed. Bold by The Welcome
Pharmacy, Burns, Oregon. Fred
Haines, Harney, Oregon.
ed down upon the
M:VWi uiKbrll lo Bt: MAKKII U
Here conies the Spring Winds
to chap, tan and freckle. Use
fi-een. An average nnesaive Uarboltaed, (AcUs like New York dispatches last night
1000 head of sheep j a poultice) for cuts, sores, hums, announced the engagement of
D 1000 to 1500 pounds ! chapped skin. Sold b) The Wei- Henry Ladd Corbett, of this city,
For a like niinihm nl" eome 1'hariuacy, Burns, Oivgon. to Miss Gretchen Hoyt, of New
12000 to 10,000 pounds Fred Haines, Harney Oregon. rk. The formal announce-
Br. W. C. aronn, Beuiiat. Oilit
in llie new stone building luirtti el
Ihe Puot Old.. .
I Slates Altoi
1 .chot. chi. 1 uit-
thal the
agates Circuit Court oi
Api at San I ., has
atliii : the d of Judge
Hum in the grazing tieepai
instill. d b tl..
again Thomas Shannon, says
B V n dispati
Ne cm. of the decision has yet
n ed hy the for.
lice but is believi d thai it forbids
n to all m 1 ti-10 drift
n th. natrffnal breagti and
tliat goveinment land dix-s not
such ittii in nece.vsary for
.ate lands.
in Decern bei 1904, Shannon al-
1 I ..Ule to drift Us.l: llie
Little L ..uoiial forest in
ntana. To put a atop to this,
.it wui brought b
teg, and on March 1, 1 .,
Judge Hunt, in the Unit
1 1 for thai state, 1
dered a . in favor ol
ermneiii, an i an in
junction perpetually retraining
i.non from allowing hi.s cattle
to drift upon the forests. Mon-
1 has a fence law by which
land owners must feme their
lande bei 1 in obtain n
i from the .stockmen v. I
cattle, feeding upon the public
I .main, range upon and injure
I ivate lands.
Saaniion's attorney argued that
1 us state law should apply against
the United States, but the judge
held that the power of congress
lo h in. every Hai.imtii morning
I be Lsac Mar
Ini ij I'ruj
Bnkwry in eunneetiori
A Sackuliy ( Sasrl Uratrt.
I'a'.ie fiiri.ili. .1 with rylbiiig
id mark. 1 ill "I" VoM patioi.
The PiujI slmr's
Claims Sustained
I IC I B ! .v HONKOAN, l'roprlH..ra.
Burns, - - Oregon.
2:yo.zo Xlilc X3:oad.q.a.etrtxa.
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
will be gUg ta (arena
Ta aajiaaa assinac
batatafe '" 'W 8T0NE
Ova MO
an.i lor
Prlc Llal S
MOKUMtNTri,aagwze compawy,
BTATca Coort or CiA.wa
.U Ul llj,UXli I
1 ,
. 1 , -r Uuj Public lands, includinw
Job printing J'ua Tiuiaa-ilarald the "Vajarnsl forests, is complete; '
.1 tvianlf .a, an vi-11 1 l.i
I i.M.uJ ul tt.c VSmiiJ's lull, ,
t'i'u uiU I liifaangejartto iwir
I'M' iaH.HH.
The Burns Flouring Mill
J H srURTBVANT, Propt.
Fulifi S4ilifJi 'I ui 'i'ii imrtu ulur 11ml .-
nl on m city In uiihj the com
jni a 1 miii' " 100 units in bread ttuffn'
411 Kinds of Mill Feed always on Hand
(ill VI Rl HIOHIil MAK. 1 1 PRItl: PAIO 10R tiOOl) MILLIKej lUtAl
Good Seed Wheat for Sale
f Miaaitua 1
Job Printing.