The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 29, 1908, Image 1

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    j t Dtanson
Wt Cim-9trrnl6
Tin- HI, of &MSf V mtilv
liaa the laruvat riri-nlatimi nl In one (
I hi' Ihm, itilv. rtidiiin iiii'iliiiinN in F.aalprn
9lt ritJW irny otin1ru
( ni'in mi area of fl,42N,HO0 lirrra ot
lmnl. 4,KM,lAI nrrwi jrpt ta,nt aobjirt
i.i riitrr SSSSf ttm inlili'.lml lmrn of
l In' I Slat.
NO. 16
,11 Write of RtHfliM' and Social
In an Pattern Purification,
(lire (Ifhfr Information
is the name of ono of
wntkal in Orejron. It
' oastern nnd southern
le state. In size it in
larger than the whole
New .lersey. having
l 10.000 square mil-' oJ
Thoro are about 0,600
this immense county.
ill form the railroad,
ilinl cither on foot or
,. Iy jirairie schooner Of
1. Whichever way you
u will regret that you
avcled some other nay.
is a stock county,
ilmost a necessity he
its isolation. It is too
I product to the rail
h is some ISO or more
statu. But anything
e which can eat the
grasses and thei, wjilk
road, is good procrty,
tivegraasesof the Har
are tine feed, and ca:-
eep and horses thrive
The sturdy imputation
p of men anl women
the determination to
ih all the difficulties al
lium the locality, thai
t make homes and assi ;t
X up
ny years the Bounty
vance i.f the church,
gixsl for it.
the railroad
I more easily reached,
ally were found first.
was left to itself tor
tarn. Long ago one
ind its way there, and
the village of Burnt
tli part of the omnly.
various reasons after
church and making a
. the oiyani.ation died
ntire county was left
lurch of any kind. It
is condition w hen the
hool missionary of the
ian Church found his
File result of that visit
teginiung of the work
if time no clturch wu:
. but in lHlHi the
liy, Ke. W
tid an extended visit to
,, held some evan
s with his usual suc-
vv. I huiiiii w.
me ut Harney (itv and
at Burns. They are
nilee apart and easily
one man. Then a r
i missionary
it to work. We bought
Meihodisi church so
lected aill oil' the
on it, and during a
i for. r. K. Shi
man of the homt
ilillee and the pii
missionary, in .
i. was formally dedicat
st service of the kind
in the county. After
lurch was mov?d to the
nil west of the bu.siiu-.NS
vhere (eople wen
o make their homes,
anfortable was
g after this the home
y was called to work in
ate, and Harney OOUnt)
ait a minister. It fell
of the syiiodical mis-
find one. He entered
have been in the ministry, and SUMPTKR VAlUBV TO BUILD
I am willing tosjiontl it all to get
to Harney county."
On he came and he had to plan TO EXTEND BOTH FROM AUS
spend it all to get there, for it is I TIN AND HOOD RIVER.
a long ride from Iowa to Eat
Oregon. When the end of the
Pacific coast and if a league is
found we will give Rums a run
for the P. that will make the
editor h-mile. We are now in
condition to accept a challenge
an time.
I think that if a league of 4 or
railroad trip WW reached, then w' tp Antral or nut Not Pa fHmt would entei the field say
there was the long stage ride for
himself his wife and baby.
He grappled with the situation
with the devotion of a man of
God and in
his Master.
ThTMifh The Maracv Inanlri w
rtfar Aft In The FM4.
Hamev. Burns, I a wen and Sun
and each would donate enough
to make a purse and buy a pen
ant or club cup to 1h played fir
and at each game a collection
taken up or charge made for ad
mittance to witness the game
then the winning team take 66
A recon' siocial from Ibxxl
l.ii-.o' f.t tlw, nrnirnninn aova If
I the splendid spirit of imi ,1;U1S beinsproinot.
He made good as , . '
., ., , i'ii in weannv ca onaui 01 ,-vtn
we so often say. He was not , . . , . ..
M. ..I..-', i itv. who own the Mount
nfi-niil of work of nnv nort Hp .. ..
wen. into the hnvlields with his " , ,r a"' ' 77 .k cent and the losing team 86
people and worked through ha' '"' v "ll.y and also the , Would encourage the
ing to win a place among .1- ,,e nnin ,?u,f fans to jump in and mal
bv his hard work, and he won it. l ' "f"" interesting, at the tin
Hemadethnt ,m,.v his home. J" " h"JVa J? '" one would miss MM Of 60
vt it . ,',' nt'ar futl'l'e ,l':,l ull open Up ,.,,,. ti) ...j, ,,,.,.. ., Ijvv .mm.
No call was too remote to gel ,.,, oenta to w itncsa a hmm gam ot
it.- ,fii-ii- wwnm Me i.riw .. ..
him. In school houses, on r
es. among the ranchers and their
l i if ino mouni iuxki ine tnroujjn ine ,.,,. '.i(, , ,.;na aa- i, .,
men he made himself a friend. . , otii ( otintix ( ousins sa the
na i . i mountains east ot Mount Hood, 1ll( d inii : tun c,,,i,i
I be people have come to kn . can put i-ill in the tieiit
ii i mi i and a partv of surc ors is now . ..
and love him. What wontlrous .,.,.,, , and on can t.
in trie iieio uymio locate a Hs
through the mountains. The
work is in charge of Joseph A.
chief engineer of the
Sumpter Valley.
Karly last Fall I larc surve
ing part headed by Mr. N
clipping from the Palrvlew, Ohio I
indent i i paper i
there that tin i h '
sick since Arriving there on a
visit to i and friends.
the i Mi
Charles convalencing
The) will reMirn here Tlui
Hg to visit their MR
friend Hi WIImmi "litem
plate a mi M
count of illness detaining Ihem.
mHmmmuntmmm .
i,ml,m ,.n TH Sakfrit PaMtkH
9rll K.'Mil l Haii nl Rrhi(ln
Out lt, ! aaMl kammrnl
..,(, for an extent.,.,, of ',., ,,,, f(.ws a(i Hon't In
calls have been made on him! A
letter was written from a man
sixty miles away: "Won't you
and your wife MM down our
t M tin unmer and
six-lit a week with EM preaching
call our
wa taken ,nto ll i i nlral Ore-
lbe gosM'l'.' We will
a 1 ' I
oe.K.UHM.s one.,,.,. .rum an- frM) I ,.p,,ner June
.the,- man IJG m.les IWjQTCIIM ,,,,, the feasibility
,,,., '" '' "", " of building railroad on ihat
win.., -.hi n.,,.n:.ry. working sjJ(, , u, mtl(mt;lin ., hj
..., ,1 ,. ..C ,U.. U .. I
no i in ii, im i oe to. in nun naiaa
the street car, has gone into var-
porl Ii nid to have dmd favor
able Tiie money power behind
;in wadrag
state of the northwest j in I
all lines combined, it is the lead
ing live Rtock '.it. of that sei
tii'ti s;.Mi W. 'iinuton dispatch
to the Oregon ian. It has !
sheep than Idaho: fewer horse
anil mules than Washington, but
I in its aggrei
far as values are concerned.
ioiu parts of the county, accom- . , n u TW is shown by stable of sta
. , , , the proposed rail, David , ,
. i i . . . i. ii.. i .... i... 1 1... i ,
",'' ' es. the millionaire sugar
MhllLlTTMS ' ,"' n,anufac.rer.l,,dll.erm.,n. of
"lm ye. I- SaU Lakj Q ,,
..nnanen.y. lOdaj ,,,. u
he.soncemor. .heonlym.n.ster (.umi (.; n q
",', , , i , , Countj Of .he
Jenw" h; m l,":,l,h- Sumpter Vallej row! woth it
mill we hit HMiMiiK ior noute uiii:
not to take his place, but to
give bun six months' vacation so
,. ,.,.i,i mm ii,,...,,,i, i .,,,, ,, I -itv Wiw,!"1". n
" " "' ' x "".' . . ... , .
ine lames snows mm
t preparatory to again
work. But while
we are looking bo is still at worl .
for when b- ItOfl all the relig
ious services for the count:
Tin aend of that col
jwt A visiting lanttanaM
came to call on the lynodtal
mission a r and asked. "Are ) ou
the man who looks after minis
It was admit ted. "Can't
Mill send one out u here 1 i
"Where do you I "In the
northeast part of the county.
Then- is neither Sum!.
nor church in that who!
"I.i hat church doyou basMfl
1 ;.::;
not even a pro hull. "
"Wh then do you wit h a minis
ter'.'" "I will tell Mm. I have
son and daughter. When they
were small wc could take them
in our anus and can- for them
es. We did not need any
I by the Depni I
ment of Agrii ilture, and made
public in th. '. rter for
Tin- total Ii
on January 1. 190 dued
at $.r,7.7:t!i.(HHi: In W ,,.
i liner -tu.:
details on
which t he-e totals ars compiled
Grant Coasts and also Prfanv
An 'I the Mount
Hood Boa 'ii com-
menced. A big m
with I put to
work fslerd:i at I)ee. the lire-
sent tan f the Um, and ticleforth. American Magazine
will build as soon as it can be for M"
;-l, th. six miles of "f " "''"W heets have
road toward Mount Hood that ' m"1- ' '"' ,,r,", "
Ik conditions in Oregon
TAINT N ss ,y s,oTT
Mr. Lindon Btaffl n-. the mag
aalne w riter, hu written an ar
has lieen I and staked,
to accommo
date the rapidl) developing fruit
laiul in the Mount Hood
ment. it i admitted, ho.
bj w. ii Beeies and Cnai
Karl, pn id managi-r of
of the Mount lb Kl Road, that it
during past years the writer says
l'i rhups the condition I mean
can Im-si be brouj hi home b
ing an agreement written h
ly great!
nalh gr-al news
paper. The I 'and oi
lition, the Telegram).
orm part of the connecting
link of the pgiijlBMll new! M in W There was
oilicers of both roads raosntlj ' "" '' ' stes
urMl ,,,,, ,. ,, ., !lal S nalor. Scott had hopM Bourn.-
would b, tribiitai l,;"1 ,l:i,i ' ' tl'"i noth-
und it i ksarnad that it mg left but a small minority of
In ad "Wtved,
,i!ti, l laMASMTi Hi '.imfM,.
le fnrmliiiids millions ,,f IHK. Scot t W anted BoUITie'S lotf-
intotor. bsttb yuni foot of timber for which there tahton, so on th- night of
man grown, and there is .,p:a.e i:. ,lV, ,nlU, . it j, gftid, could tM SSMM Ita wrote the agree-
I" the w,; beutiliii "t printed below, and William
Jon The daughter i.s a young This would i- t1(. 11k M. Idd the 1, ad . r of
lady now. and for her there is ,llmUir ,Jun,K ,., ,,... - Portland, wired it (hence the
wmmmmmm mmi " Mem -rtvv..
Lumber" . which are also herbal M 0 Salem. Hare
only the dance to which she can
go. We need a minister, and 1
will be glad to helj' Paaf bf his
support." We ha been
receive Jonathan
ssunuort for I'nitod
I and controlled by Mr. ''
Eecles. and the capitalists inter- '" ci
esled in 1: .Iroud oiiiieet Bourne, Jr.
able to meet that call except b) Wthan iramt itionalsup- Statea tate tt the joint
ine occasional vtstt ol our mi.-.- ,,,- lmiK.v ,. of tneht. won of the 1 n tonight, 1
pi,, , gun the full i mm-
A Indj turn from another pan B Oregonian and
:.e county for medical treat- ., kK- ;ii,.. ,,, ', ,i(. i.;Vl .;.. ,..,.., (0 defeat
John II. ut th
Senatorial and elect
Jonathan Bourne Jr. , in bil place.
1 further agree that if 1 1
id be worked up.
ment. She learned there was a
minister in the town and went
to cull. "Won't you pleuM- come
down where we live and preach
to us?" she asked. "1 have liv
ed in this county many year. .
1 haw a grown daughter who
has never heard a sermon nor
seen a minis,. lool benefit danct ;.t Mr. I
True, the CUht I Is' son's on I 'i ni ftSt
populated But our own people ,,... ,., wiU , u(.,H .
school fund ha sch- , ,' ' '"
a t tu Jr-' I,,r ' "hi i Mau-.s SK-nuior m
ed in the neighiiorhood of liOO. . . .
ine joim session 01 iin ii .'. .
utU'iided the
ture tonight that if elected I will
all tin It leral patr
over to Jonathan Bourne, Jr.
. . lui thei ...-I ii
c.s,ondelice with th ,k' K"IU ''"''' l" "uikl L11' ipi" . I
ma totter Oame from a "MPW oouniry, 6th The Sunse will of Jonatlmn .. night
wa who wrote as fol-;auu ll 18 u,e 1W4sl uiai w can uo
am a home mi give them the ehurdi and the
! here are,,, her eho.vh,,. olKirtUllll.V that attends it tO
hae the best
ave you any place in
here no one is pi
you have, that is the
place lam looking for."
led favorable and back
message, "You are the
ian 1 am looking for.
a whole county here
minister. We have a
Burns. It is 150 miles Interim
railroad by stage. It
wo nights and a day of
s riding to reach tiie
e ine Deal tnings ol lite.
Two missionaries would not
crowd the county. There are
more than iwo in New
and this year the officers of our
church have sent out word, "We
must have another man for Har
county." They are right.
By W. S. Holt; D. D. for The
furnish the mu
, ! tun that
VU)I, j . ... guitar a ' win P '" Jonathan Bo
banjo and piano and is tu f"1(i
by the in ral L'OUl
i.-n.lid time bejMr h ly Mtton. Tin
anteed all wl ,,1 agreement, alleged to
. Mr. Scott
not Wl . i I ! .
by him, i. set-n by him,
till now. It i. !!
'abrication by soraebodv,
hi" f ba:.e bal.
ur grounds
and .. tn exhibition
d by
,e crowd of enthusias
tic. After the game a meeting u,,i illt''1' '-"'gery. Il follow;
was held and a nianacer and of curse, lhat it was not
it is a well known fact that captain were chosen: J. M. Hen
iR'i-.soiib living in the Pine lor, . hosen manager .
you will take it you . do not sutler from kmnev dis- V. Keed. capta
Burns and we will pay eases. One dose of Bineules at Pitcher B d up won-
ft year, but you must I night usually relu-Ms backache, derfullv with exceleni curves and
r own traveling ex- 30 days' treatment, $1.00. Your plenty of speed N. Dawson magazine article
To this message came monej refunded if not satisfied, does some tine work behind the
ed" to Salem, on the last
of the session, or at any time, b)
Mr. Ladd, or any body else; and
Mr. Iiidd, moreover, ic 1 1
it till il wa, shown him in this
ty and immediate re- Sold by The Welcome Pharmacy., bat and is a w illing old fan. In
"1 accept Harne.N i oui. Hums, Ore. Fred Haines., liar- all we have as fine a bunch of
ve saved $200 while I at fans b any place on the
r W 0. brown, DentU. I
in (lit) new Htuiiti building north ol
ll,,' Pert Ofl
Tin '1 lowing communication
"1 in the Portland Sunday
pax r , pied by request :
Wering requests, the Ore
gon Tss Reform Asaoeiattoa sub
mit analysis of the tax ex
emption amendment: lbs gen
eral aim is to release ind-strv
Seats from tlu? re
ipreasi' aure of taxation.
1. Exempts dwellings. Every
new honn strengthens oar state.
The pre-in, law encourages
ambling in home sites until a
food site costs as much as a com
fortable dwelling. This demand
I hat the s.i Ings of year Im gi
i n up for the mere chance to
niiti nei ' nates postponement
I corn imputation.
'1 Real estate agents will find
to do bringing together
the "land poor" man who finds
holding vacanf land unprofitable.
with the homrseeker. who can
mil will gladly pay the lav when
the spectlative value has thus
been squce; eti from the pun ha -
lirice, and the house he builds
.mil tear) thing In it will I
I mpl Farm Production
mil improvements The farmer
insists on taxing SVOtythil
ways pays taxes on everything
of his own, while the bulk of the
Wealth drained fn,m fan
hid the Assi'sm.i
belonging! an- not of the nature
to be concealed. I titUting
le than 'S percent ol the impu
tation, fan rs have been pay me,
I of the
State taxes, and the Supreme
Court has now abolished tin
customary S00 exemption. Lai
farmers oontpare the asaesMni ni
or vacant land slongsufe of them
with that of theirimpmved farms.
wl makes that vacant land
le. Comre taxes taid
re by land grants with
t! m proved fanns. But
while dwellings and farm im
pi ts are subject to taxes.
will Mty and railroad
and franchises will not. The
onl far fanners to have
,: 'I l, I to 111 mpl ll
ibove Isiard b law.
I Manufacturing Exempt
M i y w hen-agree
that n ' .lacturiiig will be sti
mul.i'ed, thus creating a "home
ii fa Oregon fanner-, not
in M etts, but in Oregon,
Workingmen's TisjIs Kx-
emp' Increased coinKtition for
in factory, fann and
In. trades, will reverse tin
pn order where the only
hi is tliat of workers
,,; sch other far
rvefltl Met. bants Va-
cair ioi.s and land grants buy M
di and groceries. With
ra erial worked up at home,
would Usasi d workers
more wages to spend,
ami re would be more work
er. I producing farmer would
take the place of idle M-ctions,
rellei ng their prosperity in that
of bu neas in general. Oregon's
entei prising merchants will in
er object to exempting produr
and throwing the burden on
the public made values of va
lands and f ranch i
7. The Banker It will give
Hir banker a chance to loan our
uillionsof '!
id of on specula
tive scheme :, dieeounting the fu
ture. In short, will give money
i and not to pecula-
8. It will discourage the grab
bing for holdup purpoaM jusl
ahead of industry, of our unsur
pmsed natural resources, and
make more profitable the . m
ment of the able brains of
our public orations
n their proper business as com
mon carriers.
. Thus the amendment la
opposed only to his n who
us natural opisjitunity away
i ioiu labor, and to such a one it
s the pleasing prospect of
ing down from the fence and
becoming a useful cit.
H. I) Wagnon.
For the Oregon Tax Keform As
sociation Job printing The Timor Humid
The New ind ioi H i under
the manngomenf ddwell,
is one of the most popUUM reports
in Eastern Oregim. Dron in
whet, ou have thirst.
It comes up in a collapsible
tube with a no le. ra ) U) applv
to the soreness and inflammation.
for any form 4 Pile- il
and heals, relieve, the pain, itch
ing and burning. Man .an Pile
Kellieilv. I . (him
tee. Sold d.v Tht Welconu l'i
macv.. Burns. On. I 'red I lam
ll.irnev. Ot,
IIiiiiiiiik i- fur bidden upas i
pl:ni- ifljolntnfl It'irii" 1 " i
t will I,- prnset I
r ll v,i in w
.Inst received a iNiiutiful lino of ladies
waists in Kmhrnideried. mvv and net
waiMts for Spring.
Something Very Stylish in Lawn and Silk
Our dri'HM gmids department will show a
erv nttructive displny of Ijiwiim. Silk
Maw, NtfftrtM t'hamhrays, C'orrine
Muting and Ingomars Thrae gi
lhe'vlatost production for this
New Embroideries and Lace and
a beautiful line of India Linons.
( )ur Shoe department is
Complete inrvrrv v.t .iiul
we ran atislv the most
fastidious in foot wear.
Kemrmher we carry the
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
'.::: tt mini
l .
mg nnd (booUn upon i" I
laiul- of lh u , I . I I I
S, k Tu im -it ii ilv iWhhltlrn
ni pcrMNl "f I Mini liliel-
ui ur i U will hn i !
. 1 1,. Ill I . . ll ..'
I I lllll,
It a i I
The daruey Valiey Brewing Co.
Mannlai tiitni nl
uiir Soda "W'ator
I i.miiIv I rati Sttlkltmt I IHrlivvry
T. E. JENKINS. Manager
MM ll I
Bel n unsbls ! l"i
itll lilt II tu I le Hi i ll I '
milium, .lie Km,' Imii
l ahI, Mi i II I .nl A
, .it hni o tl I i'-' d iin tin till
nl ut H hi nf en .ii i it,, i -in - .i pn mpl
.1 Itll till III el I '. '
f n,
, Mini-in, it n,,f .,( vi . i
, . ImM in Mi xi
Irwin will pn ',,-, ihs ' 'I Heisle? "!
iiniiiili at 1 1 a. in. iiul '," , in
aahbath ssi i sesrj - itit-ui
i, in
in, il, i ... -hi .i . in, , i,-
, , , ..i ii, j ,,
'pita! llivilatinii i
Mile II-
Ai iIm' Prssbjrlsnau i Im" '
lev A .1 IrWIll llll'.l
I vma aarvitiaa '.lie I bird sad to, ' ' '
auadays of saoli luonlbsl II a. w.,
rtnii 7 10 i' in. t-aiitinih ishaal at
u a iii ili
I be Use Star
I I I. .a i." I ' r . i . ii lor.
I M .
Mbitus AT MUu HOURti
BsWsry in aonneation
A !fuisll f Sasrl Order..
Tai'k l',ii.i-ii' 'I wiih
lli tnaik't nil Mil- Vmir ,atruie
Kr polii in !
Bu i a i4, unI Um ( lcr si the
j Harney Valley Brewery Saloon
S niii of IU ut Quality
J LLS(t A (i At LIS. Manager. Iturnu. (hrgon
I HI i II A I N KUAN, l'riiirlwlur
Burns, Oregon.
2scxlco Xlxia Hoadquartora.
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool Fables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
af '-
I paMiSa.'4
im 'o uidtOMu n
'oo wym i
1S38 ONtf 1S31V1 3HI
DUMU . .
iZltid UNVdO 3H1
M l "it
'in ., i ii i
II i.l
luy.i. i .
I aftV-
IMttflllt ''E ITOIE
mj (. nfl aw.i
baaulifol k ( I tt
Uaalsna. 1 1 B I Otwulara.
.. . .
I. i . LEWIS
WW at U4 U fsrsita
Ts aejsai inlrisf
imk ai
w 141 ("
4mtU -
-ajtliitsaf iiHH'iim j'l triUMJyJiMl
iJl w
14 'iJJJ A-
ItdOil MJ
MaiviQ do 4MA0Q bjxi6 oiiiNn
pBuieisns suuieu
s.jsys jrifid sin
The Burns Flouring Mill
hitlh) tMuifjtfd tu i,i 1 particular mtt of
in miiij tht i-otiiihy
jni ii i mini . , Kt) imf.s in lniii.l slujj
II kinds ol' Mill Feed always oo ilaod
III! VrM. ultiHESI OAKlfcT MICE fill K0R bOOU OILLINti lllil
Good Seed Wheat for Sale j
Job Printing.