The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 08, 1908, Image 1

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    fh Cim-rlerU
Tli. ' . M irn.-r C 'lit
liar, the kwgrajl riirnlatinn n.l i MM n
the ImI mlvorti ng medium in Eaatiin
mt gLtmrg
Chs reai, Mnrttu CswiHr
1 -. -ra mi MM of 11,4', H00 arra of
lan.l. i arrra ypf varan! unl.jert
try ntiilir lln piitillr land lawa ol
iIik I'hili i
NO. 12
I- um.oaal tvaatoa al Utter ( la WBl
Not I at Haar Sea l.lafck to Prar.
ctattaa aad l.aa al RifhO.
he Orcjronian's Washim
' ites:
t is the purpose of Secretary
1 to bo conduct the Irtor-
wtnicnt and so interpret
I public lnnd laws an toaciunl-
,aid ev orjr bona fide ontryman
l"avorinp to est;.
me on the public domain.
pvtary (Jarfield holds that the
were enacted fur a pur
and so lonpas the law is not
ked. he intends that the entry -
shall enjoy its provisions.
-i lonjr as he acts in rood
shall have the encourage
nd aid of represent:;
he deiiartment. In ether
..rfield is pro
air theory tnat
is honest until proven tru i 1 1 v- -
human enough to recof
honest men make errors
ii lo not lay them, or should
m. liable to the law.
tding of Mr. Garfielda annu-
x'n will convince any man
there has been a phncn n-
n almost incomprerH ns i
in the manner of conduct-
i pari men t.
tr Boorstar) Hitcl
tnient and General Land
wtary, proceeded
iie public-land
ng public lam
comply with
.. irroutiu
iminal prosecuti"
aced in the path
honoot, as well an the dis-
nd Mr Hitch-
with the1
record of having
rived hundreds of hon-
llers of their lands.
I thieves to
up lurce tracts under hit
oaa ina report oi aeera-
arfield will carry encour-
tv etitryman who
ing to acquire public lai.d
honest purpose. It i- a
iieerinif docun id is
b the general public land
iirheld Hi
ten ami and
it is quite as much I
aid the honest entrymen
aim pumsn me uis
en try men. Kortuna:
de, but in many instances.
careleaanaat or ignor-
nonaaoo are maue wnic-n
utry. It is there
taary that the urn
by tlu- local
rotary (iarfiehi sa:
N henever the facts warrant, 1
confer with persons who are ac
I of usinjr or holding land
illefrally. and if possible and pro
per. elTect a settlement m obtain
return of the lands to the asjs
ernment without litigation.
Under the former Administra
tion there was no such effort to
settle cases of this character out
RAILROAD WORK IS RESUMED only instance in the IciftcTt) k LOR COOII IMUNI
Northwest where the two war
rURRms SWIM lli.lNs o IIW
OraVr Own Oat la 4raiMc Mca 4 Mater-
tola at Onf Whfrc ta Sarfc Wat
If1 all --Start at Oa.c
The Sunday Orpfroniaa says:
ring systems agreed i build and
use the same tracks. This feat
ure of the construction is also
decided InMietit to Portland, for
the completion of the Riparia
I . wiston line- nie.'ins the adding
of 1 SI miles of now railway b
the lines that row radiate from
Portland as a center.
Thiagreemont, made in ISWft.
'II in force and the North in
of the courts. Every offender
no matter what his motive, look- After the suspension of construe
ed for a criminal court record if tion work
Mooted. Incidentally, while
rvernment made a striking
nictions in Oregon. ". "" """"" "" TO, : ptetod and is being operated.
it lost much of the land in con- "' '"'ro" raurojuis. t,enerai This lnU(i w lIt strVl, a wh,,at (ii!
in the state for the acitic is now building its Lewis- k tii,on ton Grangeville line. Aluit 16
umi i v ' it iv iiii i, in. linn i
lines an- to resume the building
miles of the nad has leen txm-
SHiimis UK mi to sk
tiiw In Ihw WMk ihc Dr.Ulmi RrakkH at
Mrkaa ta Tr tm I nilnim Caialr
lliiaat aSI la Slwtf MM
the wixil growers of Ore
v. ill ask the next legislature
I . coyote bounty law w;ts
annnineetl todav bv shtMn eom-
n headquarters and it i
bio that the sheep count i
r O'Rrien issued onlors trict that is unexcelled in 0c Pa- eMlern Oregon will In? asked
M tillei bounties until surd an
act can be enacted.
At the national woolgmwi i '
convention hsM in Helena it was
decided to ask for uniform coy
ote bounty laws in all the sheep
raising states of the west Unit-
d action is to be taken in hoiies
ment is tola, recovering land
n. and inn
onenaers are not nesmircneti un- aria-Iwiston line at
necessarily. fore the woi
yooterdav to assemble men and ciflt Northwo t .ind will add er
laal-la a-i n lili th.. Ma. largely lo the annual grain
It.. nage handled ever. ear at tin-
will Port
Harrow and Sattcl Vallr)
The liKal institute, baking it as '
My Oarfiold favors OOOSO have Iven resumed on this pro
radical amendments to the law feci, which was iilmost eomjiletetl
prohibiting the inclosure of jiul- when the order withdrawing
lir ll till Oht! OH lifr.tot li t U tit Li wOalI hiioIi.iii f. ..... Lk,.ii,.l
tory of Agrkulturebe given this teiriton-was mads, . was rar) successful. r ridding the counteyoT eoyotss
TT . ... rtl. Hill thl' I M-I'troll until ita.jM'ir.1 a-
r toiHTtrnt the use of the Just as s.n as worku . meexening ession was esjHV- .,, , , ' " ''
public ratsJO on permit system can be organizi-d. men will Im- '"' pleasant. Supt. Hamilton
haaed either ntwin nn'e or nut on the iob and within tin- spoke ill his brond milliled way
ta, and regulated in ae comb months the new on school law,
rith the pivuliar and line will be completed. Thsworh sstMbh
Wh.ii ih,. the b oners.
special needs and cus: II along.
lie further recommends I
th' timU'i and
rWinil TO URIn.iv
Mien have
detenu make a i
most entl tort to se-
' 'ohtinental
from which man)
were gained by
rest of the
led; program consi .ed or solon. read-
OB had in' I
a vn hours were spojH in BOOCJal
OpfJO n and the ''ridge wa
j crossing the Clearwater lacked ptopk retired to the Amh
but little of completion. Tbeen- hall wh. put tiki Nit oi
of all railroad ttsl SVOntog in a OOCOsI dance.
1 I'mished m. . , toaehsrat I e
I ended the local Instil
Would be .,tnrHlnv
which is to b
''tv. on up tl
into i
lldl Int
road, there oriii i
doing in this pari of I It
will mean a I line out of
here to the Sill b :n,, I he M
ing of Kugene the second i it
in size in I u shown
by the title of the new
Portland. BugSI .
the two leatlinR cities in
Kugene beinj ' with the
metropi lis in ilus bbj en-
an advertis. men! lew
of our . fully appreciate.
Bufldlnt of the road to tins ,
with extension across the moun
tains east, al o nee
and on to Ooos hay. will cs
Kugene to grow n hs
grow n before. I
NO I It I INll
lliitiiiiitf Ii rSfMddsn u mi
pises siijittnlng Burns, I
r- Hill I ). .cut' ll
.... . . .
Passenger Associat ion a special ( j
.and audoth-
n tl. Tth-
who will attend the National
ii to be
held in the nicimp
t July. This am
.the r
Portland Comn
Club 1 night and :
were furwarded Saturday to the
D session at Colorado Iteach,
California. The round-trip rates
that will b
bind and o
r will make
posjsjo u trty of represen.
est men from all parts of
-end them on a
apodal train to DottVOf wh' :
will b.
legates in at-
the special attractions of the
Oregon el ring tb-
tern and will U-TJ mil.
"ho cool will
... oceguiea am omers ,, ,,, m (
mi!'. banfaVIOOOk'
000 tation builtl-
and other items of exiiense
iM- must pro id
w w an ' i ! i.i-' on w-ii-
and Sin d
will do tb. ir part towards secur
ing a bountj l;iw
b.ii amount thoj will seek to
have oil. i. d for , uyoti -.alps
h;W Hot ,. boon deelded UMU1.
but, according to Dan P, Smyths,
n of the Sheep eonunis-
ilasj, the di prohabl) a-k for
a ifcj bounty, o Inch amount
i under I he old law.
Until such a law can be secur
ed the sheepmen would like to
00 the different eastern Oregon' "
counties offer local Imhu i' basV
to oafgnv nee the exterminating '"I ,"'1 'besting "i
work at Ot I llus mil It Is
Brown's Satisfactory Store
RvtfJ thing to tempt feminine fancy
For Women and.t hiltln n
Klankets, Oiilin? Flaaiets, Embroideries
WtiMI HI I Vk ISTS. IRKSI(. stjl is
WMMrlNS HHU'l'liHH. l.til I lil.OVKH
I or I -ntlifM and Misses
To lie Shown in a Short Time I
Mothen with little ehildn J
need no . . roup, . ild a.Y " M W TfV T Si S "V aV T0
-r whoopmv. cough, K... I I . I W Si I M Vj
alive Cough .- nip tastes good. A. s XFJ-ivV Tf JL 1 XJL k-VfJLlk
id through the
bOWStS, clear I the head. I Sold by The Welcome
was , l'liarmac . liurn . Or I i I
II II" ' I be
1 lie : ey Valley Brewing Co.
Mi,.,..!, ttirrrn nf
like!) the sheep comm
A ill a-k the various oOUnt) I
for. Ai I h. orork ki com
pleted, i
, it the lii"
The Ih- SUI '
and ballast- d for th.
tance und the bridge completed.
This stria ly tin -
with the i v 'i the
oroetion ofonsapan. The bridge
i-. iK-ing built b) the engineering
try A Willard. of
Spokan. on of
the rei. of the line I
ing d mt or by
B & N. Company .
Hamilton was a btl ' ' hrii,i f"r
tnd Sunday. olporpsH producsd
the woolei
L the only wa in which
be et.nnin.ll.
u masked Iwl I by a bount) las. During tho
roon i t month a gam ml m ado
against the predaton animals
has been waged all ovogtitoatojto
At a recent school meeting and. sums stod luw beset don.
plans f"i bouse wen Oi man near Arlington hs n
people and accep I sorted thai ha kill., I M ,'..v,.i.
Mi- Elm Marshall oro
tor ban sy.
It is stab d
will bo liven in
hall Februarj 1 1.
i ill" Am. I v l i,
n " i
II. )i HI III -Uhl.
ll, .,
I I illll.
i; .
laiullv I rmk' Solkllatl - I'rve Dchtrrv
T. E. JENKINS, Manager
..................................... sss
I lie maleriai tor the I. mill
ing will cost $.Vi7 and when
finished w ill conven
ient building.
d ill St
TKACHERS' tMisllo.
ng tit.
eimnl- I., en
i i ' m . ir t .i
IVillg l.i (
aolull I
1 1 ! ii" hi ! ' I, i
(Hi HI N A '
Krllfia IsrvtSI
I ir.i I I, un I. i I
'i that the
i Har-
The time it will take u. nut un e County will hold the regular
un of th oxammatioi pplkanto for u
at Lowieton will depend upon c eounly iain-rsat the
teals of the I'lenrwHter Rival.
An sstsnd orkd in the but unl(
Billings. h
speaks of the vast amount of I ul,, ,(. matli.r
xertlsinf Ort'on w 1
pa,ers ui inm jUbl hw Mia,,v nR.n wj, ,.
state as a direct result of the
courthou in i as follows:
i 0J 01 n rsri.ns.
-4-t to work on the Mirfneirii nnd
;';"' ';" : (-';'':' 'i'' bsJksting of tho Una depends
A number of Eastern poopk If cold any
are anxious to esubi.
particularly those with fro. II necessarily pro-
i .' :... f . a w j u . a .
H i-U.ti thesea capiuu oi irom ii.ia.aj u zo,- ceetl i n if the
that 'ith the now -comer putting ground
leral Land Office and the in from ? 15.000. duion. At anv i-ute justas many
raly for obtaining 1'ortland has i job
ing thatj.. reat "Inland Empire will bo koot Ul ne our-
It is the duty of th which sis-nds all facing and ball.. -ting will pru
ning Wednesday) Fob-
ruary I .'clock a. m., and
continuing until Boiurd I
Wedi Penmansl Ip, his-
pelling, physical gi
Thuradaj Written iinihmstic
1'nda-. nmpnal
Baturds) Botany, plane goo
law. us.
ning and
m -con s have been made,
bt work How being don.
is all gratuitous n the part of
' .ind it is
II not Im us vigorous as it
" il a reward -.I .J were -umio Kumla
'" aaeh animal killed '
At Dr. W. II. "'""
1 tor, left " v I Irwin sill pn h m
foi to make an h. tin
ii o the .sheep in the bmhUi t a. in. ' . in
l iblislh - .ul l
Will !' away about tine,- mil, n,
i Ot0 in ich of In
UN) county, where BSSJU
Hh) a ctd. wstl ilau ( Iter al lbs
: Hai-ny Valley Brewery Saloon
'iffur of lit! Quality
hl.SO A i.MI.IS. IfSSSSSSjSW, Hums. 1trrvn
xist than in olh-
I "Us. While aW he will
new county deputies in
and arrange far dtp
I lliii iii v "vii"!
ui .' .. r. i k Moh Kundaj sod u
! illVilSlil ll I
Mil. I . .11, ..' I
Al lie I'f lb) nun . i
limn- I .1 Kami
Huilds) I ! ' Ii un un I.
o.'i , ;io p in -., boo! i
in ii morning.
i ma ii .v DONMAJf, rVaattotomi
Burns, Oregon.
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
agent to aid the i ::.. 1 th, a iong the whole line sirnul-
ii all of these eases, and I cordial rsessstsssL Two hm lied taneouslv. a small armv of sev- ' ' Hon !'.!,. MounUii.
he aisjaoariataon is large and fifteen uer. .,, cunnn inaa will le ('ominencing W dne.sday. Feb- Transit Line, under one manaife-
uploy the kind of party, the trip it made under ruary 12, at 'j o'clock a, in. and ment .Mil. bead M at
numi auspices of the Sjsjkane Cham'. 'mA of eontinwng until Friday rabruar) Ibirns.
ptaWe that iheie v. ,:i amerce and Nalla Valla ; opera- 14, al I o clock p. m. ibis . dation would m-
ielays in the congested Commercial Club and the enter- tion of this oiece of railroad has Wednesday iVnmanshin the Burns-Vale. Hurns-
Ths fact that dela. receive hep will been app. till and
iis-Diamoiid lines and the
I Kellogg of the Hum.
Vale lage lino wa-.
this week looking after
bus 1 1 I he I im. If. i. dd has
h1 auth it Mr.
Keli. . .as bringing about the
mgeirient of placing all MBHUS A I MUU HOURS
me , lines, who ine esaon
(be Lssc Msr
rrant th index of tluit ect bj hy-
ir. on points wh rriman people. It opens Thursday W imetic,
ing any -lurnobc of a m i making i. oi teaching, grammar,
aatioii. Th.v (u:- f tl
He public laud lav.
Of the public lend, bu' ,, turn to hrxnrf
a method liadaW which
bt obtained bv those ds-
ijik wikwo oj lumoer art'
to use then, legally ,,avi, ., Voriiihd t u
ly. The use
'.. i anama
is the mak.:
in. utmobi care sbouiu
ten for other purposes
Lpable of i
nomesiead act; on the
we mu.-t out I
be used us a 0
Valuable timber land
It comes up in a colla)
soreness and inflamu.
for any form of Piles; it oootheo
. , itch-
, :,rirl bln-nin U.,. .. Till..
e nrst and lortmost ma, '-" f"1
ratari Hitchcock to medy. Price fA) eta, Guaran
tee. mjIU Uy the Welcome Phar-
with ' o 0l h
i Portland,
11 the
Ur at Portland.
Although the idal
of ooatoatioa
between th Ii H and Han
ing b OS t mi-
of an . ii the
two mt
ture. ,, truly,
L M. Hamilton,
jnty Superintendent
it Hsible, convict
who had knowingly
lse deliberately or
violated any of the
He never favored
macy., Hum.
Harney, Ore.
known fact that
do aot from kidney di.--
of Pineules at
night usually relieves backache.
, $1.00. Your
satista l
ton and the Northern Pacific, l4J" J' ww sssassswi saw
which ha.-, a branch from Jevsis- :
ton to Culdesac, Idaho, was to
build from the latter point south- liuy your seed barley from
Hari tiki "";'
the I me : .vis- SOW
ious com bops to thu
inm ..( naoo bv j...
lag ,i n.
alb r ii, ol all
- adipiart. i , on Mi Kellogg's
line will bo moved I,.
.n under
detail., i !,; , ,, u Weeks
but it seems the party adaausjg
ve taken ehargsof tho o
would lary
Whether thi.s is all "
ds In the way of the arrange
at prSSSnl Is not known.
However, it is understood that
sn agreement has boon
made and may be d to
ffeet at any time within
the near futm
Bakery in connect
A pcciall; ( oJhii i b
Te'. I .
thu mark. ,11 rda V"ur i
Mil' Mill. l
( T THE i
nUia ataW
-aaBaaaiBMBMaW R "
,,, maj al
- ssaZ'aW--
anunuvi n i i iwun
;:.':. fl
o.. I lor
r? lea Lll S
litlai laf U (oroisl
Is aajsat osdriof
r eouPAMV.
1 sa
. " "-BT M a
wxm tat ia'uiBH a
The Burns Flouring Mill
J "i STUKfUVAfir, Piopt.
j Mn 1(0' i IK MILL I'HOU: IS USED j
J '' i ihii, tl iKtthii tnit
ho, in the (has. H. iavis at Harney.
W. VV. Brown, the sheeD and Hama , a dis- From lUUOio 100. (JOb nounds 41.41)
wanted to land cattle king of three counties, is tance of 55 miles, and both linen uerhumh.d i . .,,
er into the criminal in attendance al the stockmen's are to be one-rated jointly bv 2U.0OO oounds at 1A cent ner
ic carried out his pur- rsssjaar bars this week. Mr. both com iiai oound. Wheat 1.40 tier 1(S)
as possible Note Bixiwn reports an easy winter on There was nothiner com oeti Live Brinir vour niunm and y. i ih.
In lus report Sec-' his ranges Prineville Journal, about this building, perhap
I uvai 0sS lu EaaUrs Orcgou
Indication points to Hill,
' '.-rests at least, as b bsl
ii i i -aland, Kugene &
n Itailway now built out of j i. u.
"u w tti aa
. . Ii
' HM Kvcry 1 1 1 i -o
.. bpriasflald. K
Milicienl i nuicit
ur a i i,l n, . ,
lit (n .sni,(i ih. cauntry
ii i,
All Kinds of Mill Feed always uu Haud
III HM tllUHtSI NARafcl PRICE PAllt I0R kOtfil MILLMfc WMtiT
: Good Seed Wheat for Sale j