The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 13, 1907, Image 1

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    Vlf 4Tlmc-9lriilft
Thr Oltir-lal 1'apor of Harney County,
haa tlu iMgMl cin-nlatinii ami ia one o(
I mediiima in Kattern
Or,fi,. J
mmt&Mtfulh I
n v - v :
h rtl Mnrntv Countra
Cover an arra i
Intnl. 4,7W,'l"'1 I m mil aril
lo anlry BlrrU r lh i ! ' "I
tha t'nltwl Mates
NO. 34
ION WORK PLANS hero during the Lewis and Clark
fair. The driver of "Old Scout"
made a second trip through with
Rl'NNlNfi A a heavier rar later going through
to Portland, continuing on to
San Francisco and then turning
ess I again. They experienced
no difficulties along the route
coming west but the return trip
through Arizona and other south
middle states was a fright
INrrlaiaa HraJqaarlf r are
4 Slrm Acraaa Th
Mill at Halll
TV Saa Fraactaca,
Ibni at i'taa la IB If
laalaaa la k
rt al
I Fan
rev is iH'inir run iy
rfisitin khiiw-uv rum-
li Fall east-
M'fllV in 1-lM'View,
d paper. Inspired
Harriman head-
lew ork arc n
urnal to the effect
re iirou I'tcd system
i Eastern ami South-
M of tin- i
on win he mint ana
Hon work is rImhm
by people living
Elamath and Ijike
the eomiiany will
mi Kiamatn rails
iiivcy has al-
npleted from Ijike-
nl to connect v itli
i! line at a point
tofllcc. in Ilaiii-.
0 mi
Ion tor uusi
im the en
lestined t" or from
i rom uif-
unntt I I oul. I
Smith an.! Swain of Burns had
a lig steam well boring outfit to
:n Vale last week and were
inl.adinp and steaming it up to
take out immediately. The ma
chine is about a 16 home power
engine and is to be used to get
an water and the first well
will be bored at Maddux on Crane
creek. In Harney Valley they
pet their first flow at about 300
feet and a strong flow at 800 feet
TIh expect to have to bore be
tween .TOO and !HK) feet. The
first artesian water found in the
Harney valley was found on the
Carey selection at about a debth
of JX.) feel and about 14 miles
"th east of Harney city. They
..rtli of iRn' prepared to go 1500 feet with
i he new machine which hat a
....: t nrwwi tl:
Id he,t serve the1; . "i " RM mis II.
the first it cam well drilling ma
chine ever started in through the
inland empire lo- the great Har
MJ valley. Tin- owners stated
v..' ted t., make good time
although they would pmbahly
long hauls for water
along the rout. The intention
it to use artesian water for irri
gation purposes all through that
country Vale Oriano.
nrn Milling Co, lumber MRU
J Fry. ' ,la va r..
U.iv Bunva!-.!. Ii)inln-t
I M ' r.lan. n-rln
Sanaar... iliainniati
Thr spiaaua. .lit..
I .lark. .1.1..
.. ! Ml Mt
i i i.i. di
lir-n. IWIianl. .lit..
't in Jorilan, rotlman
A Special to the Capital New
from Caldwell says: The con tmi
tract for the grade work on the
San Francisco. Idaho Montana ,.','; "' '"' ;
rauroao was lei yesienw in " .
P. Carter of Nampa, Mr. Car
ter will arrange for teams and
men to begin work on the gr..
by July 15. The contract covers
MM anon
, ". t TH 00 . iki
tiki urn
i, ml
I ml 4 00
i, mi i, 00
(Ml I H
. u
I'll" 10 mi
irohina f i I amoml ll v
1 araalaai la Rala Aaata al Tk Rati Warai
I a4. Craaa laaaal k Hrtalr4
--Serlaaa Caaalilaa lknttrai
Job printing I'll.. Tin,, II
.-Hat ,d Irnna'n nc t l-w. hpcl uvttnii
,.u j j .j" r.... Wl '' haMiir real
oi me nwu hiui t-i-iiut irwui ..
Caldwell to the Snake river, a
distance of about 20 miles. Mr. Peter Hanson from
Carter agrees to push the work his Silver crtHk ranch during the
to a rapid completion. week.
TL- t i ii i nAn .inll.ul . f a as I 1
im- lurcKuinK "aw. huto iw j. A. Maidux was among our
the attention of the writer by business visitors the first of the
Landlord Cole of the Overland week.
and as this great religious has
i been short on railroad news for
a few weeks we consider it time
to again begin construction of a
tew new raiiroans.
The Times-Herald man togeth- ( ,; Smith w ;is in from his
er with Peter Carmer and other 'Crane creek ranch the first of
ll.u. ..i an land in Frank
lin county'' Better sell it if jnotl
liavo!" was the startling advice
i ' i i .statesman reporter to-
dftj b) a well known farmer liv-
.ii here. v ho had just re-
tiirnMl from a trip across Snake
river, says the Walla Walla
About one-fourth the grain in
summer this county cannot 1h harvests!,
nlmg to the statement of
the walla walla farmer, on ac
count of "Jim Hill mustard." as
it is called. The reason for the
fame is thai the seed was intro
duce) from the east over Mill's
railroad lines.
Section after sim tion has not
Mrs. Alva Springer was up i headed on account of the terrible
from her home MM the lake a pest. It is overrunning the
few days this week, the guest of ...imtrv and unless something is
A t a w
well and it
pel cnaracier.ii ine
Ml these twoKiintS
MHl of irrigntioii
done soon the land in that sta
tion of the country will lie abso
lutely worthless. The mustard is
big men of finance are carefullv tn, w,'k liking after business cn.wamg me wneai om i me
considering a plan to build a line " visitimr his family. "Ylds. Crops that looked good a
tinlr. ki. San FramMaon V A ..... :..J . fW Wwks ago are not Worth t he
" - - . . . ..... w, i j,. n. iniiii ii i-vi-im'ii worn
Idaho & Montana road in the Saturday evening that his
southern part of the county. The was sick and he left fur Portlands
taatJafQ morning.
CaMM liiggs. Ya MiMire and H.
I Inprri Thai Paawd Here Located
Bert Prough. a boy raised in
Gooee Lake valley, and Minnie
Kuhl. of Cedarville. eloped from
that place last winter and could
not le found. The young people
wanted to get married, but the
mute is practical and the coun
try comparatively level, then
fore will not require difficult en
gineering. The matter will not
assume definite shape, however,
until J. C. Turney. the great
master of finance and intelligence
returns and is consulted. If
Turney says its alright the
will be built
cutting. Mustard has grown up
and choked the grain out of ex-
iM.mce. Farmers are becoming
, in .1 ovi i the situation and are
ng their land at prices not
The I'rineville Keview in a gen-
OVERRliN ernl article on mining discoveries.
both Pfcenl and ancient, has the
follow itlf
The lushuv of the Bluo Bucket!
has be. ,i told so many times and
in so main different ways that
most pc mme to regard
it as a nivtli or I figment of the
natum ol the pioneers who
I gold and didn't know
what it was. A I am rate, the
location of the lincl is pretty well
understood to be in Southeastern
Harnev OOUltfjr. flrMMl the de. rip
tion of the route given b the
travelers. Hut while a sarch
has Iwen made for this lost proa-!
lied nearlv mm year since that
time, no trace has ever been
found of it. and it is thought it
will never be again found except :
by pure accident. Those who be-1
lieve the story think the gold has
lnvn covered by a slide, as auri
ferous rock is usually subject to
being covered by such. If the
metal was picked up from sur
face that surface must have been and naturallv in the bot
tom of ii canyon
The recent discoveries in
Northeastern Nevada, just over
the Oregon Ixmndary would lend
color to the liehef that some day
a rich placer will be found in
Harney county, adding greatly
to the already vast store of
wealth contained within its boundaries.
General Merchandise
VgenlM for
Studebaker Wao n s, Huggies,
HuckboardM, Sleighs and Sleds.
Deering Mowers, Kakes. Bind
ers and Headers.
Send in your order for Deer ins Kxtras.
Fairbanks-Morse ' Co. (Gaso
line Engines. Pumps and Irrigat
ing out .its.
We place an irrigation outfit on
farm and demonstrate what it will
do liefore a yment is made
Complete line of
Dry Goods, Furnishings
Clothing. Boots, Shoes
, mwmc4ommimm mm
oral ile grade be
n Klamath Falls
MR nan
by tin- railroad luiild-favi''-al'Ie
than ever
fchances regarded
A . ' (Via. lalia.
vai at landlrirl being under age the iiarenUi mining district and other points
Military 'Wo1 conH'nl
Kepudlicuii says
J. C. Turney has returned from
an extended visit to the Pueblo
E. Thompson ,.ft Wcdnendnv for dreamed of a month ago
emigrant creek where they will From I'onnell. north, the ter-
fishand resi upal' IMMM- n,r j ,he worst. There many
ous 4th. farmers will not have enough
R. A. Smith and ( A. Wells, grain mixed with the mustard to
road two t our prosperous sheepmen fn it. Heads of wheat are
of the Stein's mountain section, as scarce in fields as snow halls
spent a few da-m this ciiy dur- on Main street today, and the
ing the week farmers are bluer than the clear
n a v. ii. skies over them.
( harl. Newman and hii niece -- , , ... .
w- u , ., I hat the foul weed will spread
IllSi Mary Lucas, were over from . . !
r- ..k .K , .. ,k.. l lht,r' " woroing the fanners of
x, a ai t i ii i i i .- v ( mi n .- rv ,
Mr. Newman wu-- delivering a
ll v.mi inl.-inl I,. Imllil ara Ailatll
(ip.iiKi. Me a ill furnish you plana,
-p. , ili. nil, .,, l,i,i ninilnaa and
lianlwari f,.r I I half what ln-
(lowa f 1 1 1 1 -r I i' -i A.l.lraaa him
al l.awrn
has for
la .a . - liilltl ,.l f l'....ilil
The Modoc t"e southern part of this coun- ' w ' ,,i,i"1
that Sheriff tv nd northern Nevada. Here- New alfalfa hay has Deen com
B ( iregon
. .l; . 'Caldwell has tracked them uDiP08"16 mining excitement in ing in the entire ww-k and
BBBBBIIU.nniK ,..-,...- -r , .; ..; , . , , . ...
and settle- through all tlieir winds and turns "" "HU" BU" Bl ,rY' ,"T' mmw e..w umbn uinoruuiaie
nun Willi in. .N-! i i its MIU- l I" IH' Blllinill lUiWHUV IS IIUV
n f
.00t lending
Ath Indian reser-the
Jgm mli- in M Ml
and hs-ated them at Mountain
Home. Idaho, where he had
young Prough am-sti-d and would
have had the coupl. returned to
Cedarville only f,,r the interest
taken in them b the sheriff of
siding in fact there is no occa-ingu regular hoi.
with wilu
C. W Clevei
ti of Mrs.
ft in last I uesday
aaaaaV t"
k outing.
mm with
Id ' says
sion for such, as the prospects
justify enormous outlay for de
velopment. The hills are alive w ith pros-
Elmore count . Idaho, who wrote ! Pectors and all are well satisfied
to the girl's parent- in taMyoung Wlt what is insight. According
people's U-half. stating that both to Mr. Turney there are several
.... .. ..I ,.J ... a J ' nun nf hiir fmnniw intort.ul.wl :it,.t
'he, The father' Uuit the camp will U- develow.l ""'"" -1""
BatUj th marriage. repidly as money can do it.
left Cedarville in the win- therefore there is no longer any
artme out south, but cross-1 doubt of the Pueblo mines com-
.d the vul!e int.. Nevada and ing to the front and being ex-
gaafga. uinied north. pioited sulhciently to make them A. My rick, a late arrival
Yellnw They put up at stock ranches. ' of great importance. Pennsylvania, was in the -1 1
this section of the country who
have seen the spread of the ter
rible weed in the Franklin county
Two years ago there was little
or none of the eastern iiest in
I he county. Mut it dropped from
the cars and spread from the
E. VS Lewi is nuking pi : the farms adjoining and
at i. .n- ;.. iv . breeJdai hone Boerbli fan to take the entire
here for i public ii
short :. In the east the hard winters
I keep ll dow n to a tolerable de-
Trc Less Mar
i l,i a llaoraja, l'r..KlUr.
Dm Mam tea n Mrests.
Bmkmry In sonnsetion
A SftciallT sf Skert OriMf.
Contractors and Builders
Call and ft listlmates. linns mid Prices
you have work in ur liiu
Shop on .uriM.r aiMllli al Mm I I .ias)ua
he goes to haik after th.- fencing
of a valuable ranch he reORMtl)
neured over then . may be
I absent two , tin.
the k'irl dressed as a boy. They i Capitalists came out from W in
Tl got lost and wandered around till nemucca in their automobiles, friend W. H. Fiichett. Mr. My
they were hungry, when they maxing ine inp in ahout six rick has taken land and has lie
found a can and killed it. The """". since mis is possuwe u come a resident of Marne coun-
gree, but out in tin-, hhiiiIi,
i. the ..n.ters are comparm
l. mild there is nothing to
picad. Taking ad
vantage of these favorable con
dltkMi it has spread into a verit
able yellow terror, taking farm
after farm in its relentless cht-
Farms which two years ago
Tahla furniahail
th. iiiaik.l all.iiila
nn aolioilsd
tlh ivarylhlng
i.ur pair. m
I again ,,wii t,. Il.a ,,i at Ilia
ami an i, llalion la t.-ii.l t I I., all II ii i-l..m,
gauaral lo .r. In u.ak. lliamaal.. , i
I 1 1.,
Y"r v.
Hi Hrawrr aa.l wutktara un.l.r ll..
l-rlrnt-a I man ami I. lummy mil ah, i , ...ri. I ,.l ma
in. I
. ., I, .... li.n.l
. i. ...i i !werecauirhtat killinir the calf i no longer considered so isolated
tenallv on the ! TUi was up "d buy " can spare the time
i they had met Hart) county. When the w investigate the district.
In-.itlw.i- who owner of the calf learned that,
! them wa. a girl he retus-
. ed to prosecute them and they
rse I
Monday in c,mtn w ith our old had no trace of the yellow curse
are today so overrun that the
grain is not fit to cut. in many
places so choked it has not even
headed Land prices bid fair to
sutler a slump as a result of this
unparalleled ravages of the fierce
terror of the wheat, hast Ore-gtmiea.
' 18 1
Ml iA'iuULCO.
r jismmM
Your Patronage So'icitcd.
James Hicks, Manager
said v
. gwxt
)ing t!
gentlemen had
a a al tLmi uiah! Sx Uulia
)i . . ,;, ir. rruin uieic inc. ncm iaj ncu,-
. Idaho, and other Idaho BMTMR,
of liar- Rtopping bul l hort time in a
I until they at last lound
from the Cecil work, Proegfe -hearing sheep,
1 1' a L. , , .fiul ,u. iim In!1 I nn a4aaa
. diSlanee no" uir yiin.i"iiiii! i '"io..
boors The suid the were married in
J'i- . lew. It was there they
and were located, and an end put to
rk i the romance.
'I ! IfJ u
i ..
le ground and uiMinium nawito.
in thecen-
ik- to re- Mr. C. P. Haight and Miss
mice Howell were married at
1st time. the home of the i.ride s parents
i the best on July 4th. at o'clock P. M.
Us) part of Only near relatives of the happy
re nae trav- couple witnc.--. u ine ceremony.
Brown, "and Rev. Chandler officiating.
leiiiaj).- H The bridegroom is the popular,
Iuim.- we .-hall former, editor of the minkk, and
this way on the bride is the daughter of Mr.
client roads." and Mrs. Marsh. Howell, of mis
the ouriv citv and she is one of the most
all the charminj.' and popular young la-
bordar Ol the dies of this neighborhood.
i hie They left for John !ay and
v JmMjM tall (aii.w.n City in the evening,
counties and where they will visil friends for
build roae las or two, after which they
is becoming will leave for Portland, where
oadd among Mr. Haight 's parents reside, and
Us. ll.-; Brst then spend the hot summer at
lriver on the the prairiet'ity Miner.
out Calif
Lau-r "Old I , u.l. Malne wtus down from
KKory made ln.s mountain home the nrat oi
run through the week.
hlioviug, aa by la a raqairnl.
amount ul ilatoia praaantatl, Iliad and re
uoi.ied agaioat il.a Cuuiily uf llaioa),
Maw of iragun. ami dm au.unul alluar.l
al i La regular July, IWV7, Urui ol il.e
ouoty curt
('. A. Sweek'.-. dam went out
again this week for the fourth
time during the season This i
regretted h not only Mr. Sweek
lll but many of his friends who use
the water from the ditch to irri
gate gardens.
aaVSfcT . ' -4
BurnA, - - Oregon.
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
I'll . a a m a , a
Diniaru aiui rooi ianie5.
Club Rooms in Connection.
To a uua laal ai am'tii.m'o ai
Maty fc Kol.y, stu graila
riauiiualion 00
Mary Urlffio, ditu V UU
1'nalw liaary, dito W 00
Harney Courtly Na,
priutiiR 7 7&
Tittta -He ad, priotiaf 44 &
M 1. LtVtBj Ulauka lor . of onaca 14 jo
M L Laaria, exaiuiuuti ,.n
OCalkiaa 500
M L laaiv, jualicv laa
Mala va Kau.oud . tv
h W llauiillou, tare an 1
keep too m y ooor 41.' W Hi) btt
A. K. Kiclutrilaou, jailor
45 88
facilir Live Slock Co .
reuavaieul oi Uiea lit, Ul
Cliaa A KorUu, dito is.
K ulacii, auM,iviaor road
dialncl So a l&uUU lubUU
A. MiKiuiie, auoerriaor
road di-trict St, . 34 UU AH no
i T Haruca, au,c,Uaoi
road dialriri No I
Lunaneig a lU.lon. .u-
plieK lor SeeOaJ !' -0 40 6 4U
II 1 I l.ouiaou, board of
aaiaaseSi HM VS 76
rSSMl MaU-a (si A lei
lo Itluphoue a'likt liln
Kaui Moilmraliead, fruigUt
aud Slauipa . RJ I
H M florlou, auuolita 1 60
J M lallou auu.oa . . 4 UU
Hugli llama. 1 inoutli
aalary janiloi 4U UU
Cuaa Wilaoo.blackauiilh- IS 0U
I 11 iluul liul inn- (not tri 1
have ll tl.- Best 4hl I- "I 1
too glto.1 .'. I, I" r
fur this allilud. Ii in A -I
1 1 ! all re aiMli.
1 nmt aril
rallied (rut- In i.aiu-
IfJ Ul
Married At the residence of
--JL. W. Cioodnch in Vale, on .June
44 129 1907, Mr. H. -. ' of
Malheur county, and Miss Onl
1 Blanch 1
county. Judge I
6"" officiating. Vale I
& Chas. Ku.-v.m-11 and family ar
rived home Wednesday frui
ifornia where I 1 I the wit.
466 " Mr. V of the
pioneer boys of lion, hut
hi.- health heing bad for the al
rj lias baao I
ing around He is nol much im
pro wl.
(ieo. Buchunan wa., in Us
to-iuv Tuesday from his hoow W ar Nig
ger Flat. He infoi thai
tMe entiie fanul has all hi 1 n
1 in i.e.! from an extended visit to
relative in Sherman, Morrow,
and Bal
ing home at on J
(ieorge lofll ' had
ell taken can- ol .luriny, his ah
seiu e. His enrthf" is now at I-.
4OU0 Grande but will le over some
i uu time during the summer.
You may keep an Account with us in
Aud your Neighbor Knows Nothing of it.
o, 1 it ana,,. 4
a m eflBBBsi BBBslfBB JarMer '
I I BBBBBsil k
r r cent
Write lor our booklet on
Imlc fcaaa'a Hoel O.lut makea our
Uataklas by wall ayaleni a mhku
Title Guarantee & Trust Company
J 1 ttTTtl 1 al
ui;riAI jdCBlKITail
IssMuTtlltU 1 IT01I
Ovaa- SOO I MmmI tor
aHlUflil Ul a
Din' m 1 c"Ml"''
Blacksmilhiox and
Waon Work
ANTEED. Burns. Oregon
ItllRc (Isr le (srsiss
It aSSM eusHRf
Fayn 4 pair cent on 8avinu AieountH
;u I .
1 50
4 UU
lliorhuin ltot, Preid.M
I liurkhart, Trea.siiM i
lias. II. hoof
240-244 Washinicton St., Cor
C.-lllli, ,1. I J J.-JauHit
Ai tount.-. Suhje. 1 to Ctwej
Qgejrgi H. Hill, Vim Fresidsnt
John B. Aitebieon, Secretary
Ast. Treuhui, 1
M4H' !'
MOMirMtrfTAt BRONZE ( ua.eANT,
ssssaesw eserwaase,
fTlx3 Oreuon 1. 1 tt?l
r u.l ilaaa aixouiuicHlaliuii. .ul, ,
IOUUI. KuUS lllUU'. III. i
liuiua lablaa wall luruialital MaaU - A
1 ' ----- - alajeaaSeaaaaSftaafalaf' ---aJr-