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The Official Paper of. Harney County,
IM the Urgent circulation end It one of
the best advertlting medlamt In Fatter n
JiHJl villi U.
7h lrtat H wmry T ounfraj
invert in area of fl,42,,K00 arret ol
lanil. 4.7M.:W arrea yet acant ul.j. 1 1
to entry nnder the public land Ua of
the 1'nited Statet.
NO 12
riailar Safftttt That Oevtra-
kal Offlcltls Try a New Plat ta
I Tatlr CeeUasltttd Vlsll.
retarv of the Interior Jm. R
hi, expressed hi desire to
trip mrougn me punnc
.late the coming aummer for
irpoae of familiarizing hitn-
rith conditiona in the wet
.i' may tatter underttand the
Iiiiiih coming up netore nia an
ient for settlement It ia aln
lhat Secretary of Agriculture
rill make a trip weat for
will not Many of them refuse to CROPS WITHOUT IRRIGATION one aenator and one ( ongreaa Wll I. CHANOE 1 HE SYSTEM
v m 'm
aign any statement, but I don't
know that It made any difference
in the election, aave in the oaae of rjgvy
one man. The idea ia to have the
legislature elect the man who haa
the largest number of vote It la
a good law and will work out ita
own aolution in time."
The governor roaated the United
State aenai? and aaid it was the
moat oorrupt part of our gnvarment
and the only way to atari a fight
for purer government waa to tlact
aenatora by popular vote.
He aaid the aenator thamaelvea
invariably alood in the way of
amending the cooatltution to elect
aenatora by direct rota, but he be
lieved the direct primary would
help wonderfully to remedy thia, aa
all legialature candidatea could
than be pledged. Then the man
who receive the higheat number of
votea ahould he elected by the legialature.
THf! MOfSTUte.
man from each atate and one le!e
fat in Congress from each terri
tory. Oregonian.
W. C..S.II Ofvt Seat Vr lattrtttlat ta let Sakfect rladwta
Tat Meltrert Prtatriy.
H'ih' purpose While the in
jB of theee nfflolali arc good
id lh"v are aincern and aim to ob-
Bll the information poaaible.
B are two methnila of obtain-
BBl.' knowledge which theee
mis eeek. One haa been em-
BBil by cither high oll'mials and ; Dim! at hnr home in this city
ilnuhi proved aatiafantory to 1 laat Monday morning, April Ti
B, while the other method, we Mr. P, C. Petereon, aged 41 yeara
iHvn, haa never hern tried While her death waa not unexpeel
hied molhod consist of, drat. of the Itinerary.
the numeroua reception ar
id for in the varioua large
and then the hoarding of a
In! liver at Wanhingtun, I). C,
ed, it waa never the lea
ahook to bar relativaa and many
frienda. Mr Petereon had been a
patient sufferer for many yeara,
yet ahe had alwaya been cheerful
and pleaaant to her frienda and
Any man can grow a crop with
out irrigation in an ordinary aaa
ann, ay H. W Campbell in the
Mnuntainhome Maverick, if be
will only husband the moisture aa
be ahould do. The firat atep to ac
oomplieh Ihi all important reault
ia to get over the aurfaoa of the
field with diak, acme or common
harrow at the earlieat poaaible time
and thoroughly looeten it, thut
forming a anil mulch for three rea
aona or purioeea, to atop the evap
oration of moisture, to prevent the
forming of a rruat and admit the
air into the noil below. A few
people are beginning to realise to
aome degree the importance of Ihi
work, not that they know juat what
the effect ia or juat why the yield it
o materially increased but they
have aeen the reault through pracli-
11 -even- cal demonstration
Winter wheat field ahould be 1
'Truly mirii 11, . .1 f
. recover 'in-
ilace," a. r:' .1 0 I. !
Woodford, I-1 . i . . the ss .uwsal
ed in coughing up pu from her
" '"---" - - ---- - - lung- Doctor declared hei ami
v ... .,,, ,.,,t-. rrin-tir (hi'imimp -- -.- .r ,..n
ik r.. l -it laat I Rti.arva la Fain
the Oregon aheap commission will ......, .a ., ik. ...
ratatctine May Cat! Oaly fl
ofllciala and their aiaff and ' immediate family. The funeral
have to aolve, during ita proposed
meeting in Portland thia week, ia
the schedule of rate to he charged
by county inspector for the in
spection of Mock for scab or other
oonlageoua or infection" dieeaae
It la probable the solution deter
mined on will be to turn the duty
of inspection over to the govern
ment inapectora, especially east of
tbe Cascade., and confine the
dutitaof the deputy state inspect or
to supervising the dipping, with
their oompensation fixed M at.
baaia of $.r per day and expenses.
say an exchange
In order to make the expense aa
light a poaaible upon the shrep-
men the commission tirat decided :
upon a minimum charge, of H
oenta and a maximum of I cent per ,
head per flock, where the number
did nof exceed l(KJ head Then
It waa thought a maximum charge
of II per flock would kej sullicient.
inaamuch as there waa not i h
so near dial her familx bad watch
ed by her hcd-..le lorn eight
hour when, at m nrun.l miueat
A recent Waahinuton disnalcli m. l .. . v . .. i i
. w i'i. nii w ,,rw i'i" in' m up poT-
aays An order was issu.d llm en her, with tin aaltwiiebing ' nil
' r (iartield, and another that unprov . m-o hef an, aiid
by I ,inuni-i.wier Pallinger, of the Untied until -lie llnmh i pleielx
Watchmaker and Optician
AwaraVd for west atfc at a CotnaatHlvt HvwIMtlwn
- - . -
lei r wwaw.
m correapnndetita to keep tin
I posted on the reception al
ii by the official party. The
il taila into Portland and the
aeryioea were held at the Presby
terian oburob Tuaaday afternoon.
Kev A. J. Irwin conducting the
aervioe, and interment waa made
harrowed for the reasons I have
mentioned. Moat fields of wheat
re now ton thick by 50 or 100 par
cent and ahould be thinned to
some degree In such caaea and
where the sub-turfaoe or root bed
baa been lined and firmed in the
fitting for the crop, the harrow
should be set fairly straight, thai
oaae the seeding haa bean Ute and
the subsoil it more or leaa loose
Hals are met bj the mayor and in the Hum cemetery. A large it may do good to the surface. In
number of friends attended the
funeral and praotioallv every busi
ness house in the city was closed and the plant leaa atronglv rooted,
out of respect. then more oare must be given to
Mrs Peterson was born in Sbaata ! the slant of the harrow teeth and
others of the select sooiety
aaV" where the pnrlv is elabor-
entertained during their stay,
Lite member are also given a
co to tell wnti inev annw oi
Brest and possibly apeak on the county, California, September 2, ' the seyenly or depth of loosening
una canal, or In Japanese
limn or something of the sort,
they are whirled away to Ban
iclsuo where innv are again
1166. During her girlhood she had
the misfortune to fall and dialo
oate her hip wbiob oaueed h r more
or leaa trouble all bar life. She
ruined in like manner Then ' came to Harney county in IHHH
are ready for the return trip I Married P. C. Peterson in Deeeoi-
'ashinglon, Itelieving that they I bar. 1D00. She Waves six children.
tow in possession of every de-1 four by a former marriage and two
coiiuerning conditions oi me
its to reugee, stock, the allle-
of the interior, range wart,
Is, and alto apparently beliey they have been in uloee
lb with the dinU life of the
r-ti-iiili r and stiKikman and
exactly what hie position ia
how to mete out justice to him.
hen there Is the other method
One statement may .e sufficient
to (inert the farmer to quite a
degree in this work Cee every
precaution to have the grain flelde
free from crust and witb a loose
mulch when the foliage or leaves of
tbs small grain reach that stage
of growth in which tbey cover the
little ones, the iaaue of her laat jsurfaoe. Diak the ground early,
marriage Ueeidee ber children especially the part intended for
work connected with the iriepectinn,
which consists principally e tak
ing a hirdseye view of the flock and
looking for outward of
acah and ticks, and require only a
few minutes' work.
The federsl insiiectors are paid
by the government at the rate ol
eiiasr pr year and upward, to
gether with their expenses and
there would be no expense what
ever attached to the sheepmen.
Whether or not this idea will work
out aa well in Western Oregon aa
in Kaatern Oregon, where therr la
already a large corps of govern
ment inspectors, well acquainted
I Land Office, ench intended
to put a stop to practices which are
regarded as evasions of the general
, laws The order of Mr. Oarfleld
jtjeovide that hereafter whenever
land is reopened for settlement
after having Imhhi temporarily with
drawn for proposed forest reserves
or other purpose no entries sbsll
be permuted until after the fact of i
the restoration of the land to the
public domain has been printed for
00 days in a uewapapa. of widest
circulation nearest the land in
The Secretary aaya it haa come
to his notice lhat heretofore when
land have leen restored to the
public domain interested pariiee
b IVs lM-en notified" by wire from
Washington on the da the order I
Il i-Mied. and person have located
upon the uiore desirable portions of i
ttMi restored lands, thus obtaining
an advantage over others.
('oiuinissiorier Hallinger'a order
t directed in an alleged abuse of
the lew allowing the purchase from
the government by auction sale of
I tracts" of land The
iiuiii.. loner believes this privi
lege ha. been abused, parlli ularls
a- one applicant now has (.tending
riln iiioii to purchase difler-
lit nutated tract" The order
cancela all such -Minding applica-
- and makes a further require-
red, and I In ulib' no
to day " tiuarmit.i .1 . un- lot
cough and cold. .'' and $1.0(1
Sltheti' Drug St. Me, I mil bol
tie free
WANTK: Agent-. Hustlers
Salesmen, t leiks and eVeryUsly
who wants t jm a good hearty
laugh lo ei,ii BVI lor ' I ipn In
Agent " Worth Ml lo si
on who i fjexxas for a living
If not satisfactort your money
hack t'irculai- lor lainp. The
lr While electro ( ,unb I',., Deca
tur. Ill
flay Live lee Vea.
The chances for living a full gfM
lury aie excellent in the ra- ..I
Mrs Jennie Duncan, of llainesvllle
Me , now 7H vesrs old She wrili .
"Kleclric Hitlers cured i bin
nic DysK"tii ol Q ems standing.
and made me feel a well and
trong aa a young girl " Klectro
Hitlers lire SI aeh rflnl I
olsease, HIimmI disorders, 'ieiiral
llebiltlN and ImmIiIv weakness
Sold on gusranlie ai the itj Orug
Store Price op
for Clean, Wholesome Meat
Pickles, Cheese, Chouiehou:, Olives
Onions, Canned Goods
Apples, Crmnbmrritm, Potato, Salt Pish, Soap
with conditions and will, the coun- ,,"", "'", " MPMielllll hereafter
try. remains to he seen. .d will l" ,"v, ,uo" lfauU ,,d l "'
doubtleea be deurmined at a meet- 'mUl U -"""""ii hy an .11.
ingoflbecomm.a.tun d'X" 'Ul," U"1
cided that th. UaaJ .,r e v i.. P'eh-r wishes the land for
speclors do the work there is a
.lead purKeed and nut for
.. ...i-.i-.
(uestion if tbeyoould afford lode- '' '"
i vole the time lo making the in
and husband are Jamee Simmons,
Mra C K. Johnson and H. H. Sim
1 iiioi.h of this county and Mra T. M.
; Rose of Stockton California, ber
iwnJsiHier and brothers, Mrs W.
C. Brown, Mra Fred Hoott, M.s
dames V. and Frank Cawlfiald.
corn. To the average farmer who
baa not giveu thought and study
to Ibis f'ueeliun it may aeem like
a waste of time lo double disk a
piece of ground aix lo Un weeka
before planting but tbi ia of vital
importance, nut only for the pur
poae of holding the moisture now
tieurge and Taylor Simmons, and
nrim. g the Weat," which is i Mise Maude Simmons, half siatera , in tbe aoil but lo utilise the effect
untried l- the high govern- and brothers. Mrs N. J. Simmons, of lbs warm usye in earh spring
The soil beneath a loose surlace
crushed. Tbe warming of tbia
ollutal, which consists of the the old and rescted pioneer lady,
al aotusllv being on tbe now so at-riuusly ill, is her slep-
d, not iu it private car Dying mother.
(ID mile gale somewhere in the The bereaved relativea have tbe Mil ia very important in two ways
stale, but standing upon consolation ol feeling that all that The firat and moat important ad-
ll.ur earth with his own feet, waa possible was duue by her lov- vantage is the development of bac-
seeiug the trees, the graaaes, ' iug husband to relieve ber suffer teria and nitrates, which requires
creek and lakes, tbe. cattle and ing and prolong her life. She waa ; both beat and moiatura. Tbe aeo-
lep tiie homesteader and his cab- surrounded by every poaaible com- . ood Is the warming of Ibe soil so
nut photographic views, but tbe fort with skilled medical atleu-
I tilings, itud talking to and list- dance, but still they lost ber.
spectiont at the
per flocks, when
widely scattered
rate of even $1
(he (locks are so
S. heel (Jsretai
Merc Irrifslios for Malheur
toe irrigation sstem it lias pur
chased along Willi. w creek. If the
north pari of Malheur county
becomes warm .junker than if lelt portion of the ditches are ajtatejl
'lie Imi khent of h nation's
prosperity it (be man who makes
something grow. In our country
. the iiiriiir ( Nature study is
Tbe Cooperative Christian feder ft!) in its infamy. The mhonl
ation will neat week begin the aitlm that was once pooh-hool.-
work of surveying for extensions of ct H (oohsli (ad la now aitepled
The Inn.- will make
tbi a bargain m. . nib in th any ol
suliecriptmo- and has arrang. .1
Ui give the Se. ..I W'.eSlv Si l.o.ll-
. 'public lr. lo all w bo i up
arrears ami one tajM in advance lo
I'he Tline.-Meisl.l New ailbscib
ers who pin in advance will also
receive this great national semi
weekly and lamiU
magasiue in lbs I ' mini Hiates
The two paMrs one y. ar for '.'
for this month m)
I'iA Reward Ibe Ml Kap
id Tran-ti o will give fJ reward
for the arr.i .il I ..I tie
parlies who removed It raps and (imperii (r.o e .1 the
cos. lies on il. . mountain
1 a HI
Burns, Oregon.
HValce Tlilo Hevd.q.-u.strtexe)-
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
SUOClttOH rO.WlltOH 4 Hl.iN
Main St.,
Blacksnithiox aad
Wagon Work
ANTEED. Burns, Ores; on
toads, and it ia now intended to es
tablish two laige reservoir In
wbiob mil Im. accumulated the
water of tbe freshet wesson for use
during the dry mouth
"The affaire of the federation are
In tin- I ml. il Males ' 'omiintsion
ei ol I .ilui aiton and l) the lead
inj; unn.i-ilic. of the land aa vi
tal to out pu'.lu school )(riu gfj
ii hi iiijj of any sort,"
i I). Ward in the
May W ouiuu's Home Companion
'The first si Ine. I jj.imIi n in llu-
I ruled Stales was stalled six!
moving along satisfactorily." says yeara ago hy Henry I,. Claim m
that we may promote rapid, healthy its attorney. Wallis Sash "Ar- ilu flajgep I'uiinan d. ..inn..n
lug to the homeaieaders and
ckuiau talk, not by means of a
nnugraph, hut be in actual oon
rsulion with the real men them
ves. Lakeview Kxaminer.
ed. Journal
germination of tbe seed when plaut-
Muub baa been taken from this ed One point upon which we oan-
huabai.d and tbe little children, not put too much stresa ia lo never
from the lonely relativea and large let the aoil dry out. We frequently
circle of friends, sweet ties have bear people talk of aoila being
been severed, but much is left, very fertile What is tbe advau-
Tbe Christian's hope and fadeleas tags of owning fertile soil and then
memories are atill theirs persist in so handling it that tbs
fertility ia never available
vVhui ought be termed the taste May Slacker
inching of IbeChamberluiu aeua- Ta Diataa Oeveraaatal t Uae Heltt.
tal boom took place iu Spokane In tbe office of Caltanacb A
Mondii evening when (.over- Wood, of this city, can be seen the A moyemeut looking to the cou-
r Chamberlain mid in an inter- model of a uew hay stacker luveul- eolidatluu of the states of tbe
w that while be is not a candi ad by Fred D. Shank, who reeidt Waal in opposition to Ibe Ueu-
b- for senator from Oregon, yet in the I'pper John Day valley, the eral Goverument'a policy of tying
bad nut stud thai tie would uot patent for which is pending in the up all tbe public lauds to tur
ept the nomiuaiii'ii
A dispatch from S,,i.tmie aaya uf
veruur Cbauibei Iain's visit there
tl of his sentiment un various
Hgon iUesli'i.n
Governor Chamberlain of
n, when asked last evening if he that is invented Lv Mr Shank has that is pritoeed lo I ht-ld at Den-' prices sent upon eppl motion
old be a candidate for senator, uiaoy improvements over either of verJu.o Is HI '1) ,.i which Oha li 1. Mi-siiik .
id: thete, which euablea tbe farmer to al! of the stales west ol ti.e .M.ssou- Burns, 0
1 aw uot a candidate for sena- harvest his crop witb about half n River will i articii at.
', but do nut say that i will nut the urual expeuae. Tbe purpoae is U diauusa tbe re- , In polite Ki.glish Kugtne
nept the nomination under any Attorneys Calianach et Wood, laiion of I be Western states to I be ' Debs haa called Mr. KiMxevell a
cuiuHtauces, for I do uot know I who have charge of the aecuring of public laud and if p.aatble Iu agree aoo-uf-a-guii Now iu Teddy's
nit condition may confront me. a patent for Mr Shank, have re- upon a general policy in regard to turn, and if he does not grit his
sunt to get uut of public life and ceived assurance from the patent to t.e urged upon tbe teth and call Debe a din y liar tbe
it first refused to accept the noun oil. that the model sent Iu Wash- lieueru! ( luv.rnuienl looking to-, American people will Ioum I
tun. for governor hut here 1 am, iugtuii was being favorably consid- ward a mure rapid development of deuce In tueir slrei.e.m- hero
d I have fuur years yet lu serve, ered. resources and active settlement by Prairie City Miner.
,' tern expiring January II. 1911. The Blue Mountain Kagle ia of cilisens under the homestead ad 1
the opinion that this invention will Uuveu.ur Chamberlain is asked The Pierce stable of running
prove to be a fortu e fur Mr Shauk to appoint leu delegate al large sea iu which ere the star performer,
and those associated with him io for the state and commercial aud Kondo and Sweiter, left tbe city
Ml VIR Kill N 1 1 9 MS AMI SntS
Ma.t la Or fkr.
All .llel. ..I l.l one l.l.l. ....
SO. .let II HI. II. Ol... . '
Tat Lea. Star
i Man. si..l II -lisei.
Bakery in aonnaatiort
I abb furniab .1
luial m I in Sf en it without tbe market afford
...ic Kii,i is far ahead uf us. sue s.dici. .1
rbarft i twenty thousand
rangemeuts that have been a long Si hool in lb. .ton. OvetSoyeait
lime in the making are not, . aa ajM Aol'.ni.i and Sweden bevan Sfctull) sf ikerl UrAcr.
iug around lo desirable shape ami ,l)(. ,ovrllle) t present no ' ',1, fumisfasd
wee.jwci vu proceeo Willi me rail- , ... .., M .,.,. , Su, , ,. u.h...l the msrkrl sllmd
road, irrigation aud tuwii.n. peg
jeclt of tbe federation this year
Kiii.i.clal arrsnifeii.ei.l. Iihvm luMtn
practic.lh ,rlec.ed -.,,., ml tlnr.y thousand ...
and we are some ... ' ' ,,r ,v-m wh U,hA
Oregou The federation is in bel bVpw. aft fosl.n.l bj loirlgn
Ur shape today than ever Ufure, U"vcrnuienls it that wherev.i
and we think Us success is assur iRfM rxil then- it a cleileaseol
i.n.ri) . it) and an in
im in Ibe bulb rale ami m llu
appreciation of Nature."
Ai taaaaW OSArll THAI
!:Jcj!iu:.::f 1 ITOIB
Ove IOO , Mtk I f r Iseiel fsw
eautifut BeVK,. Llel A
Oeaalfjna. I Ofsewtia.
BJUiM sjvaalawSi.
ffSwt git. la (faTlfaa
Ta Mew antra
Sua. In ill i ai
patent office at Washington, D C. est reserves haa beau launched by
The I'aiu and Fleming are Ibe Uoveruor Henry BuobUil, of Colo-
ou h stackers of tbt large number rado, in acoo'dance with a reeolu-
that have been patented, that have Hon adopted by th recent Colore-
met witb aoy great degree of sue do Legislature, aid which may from pens of Barrel If... k-
Ors- cess on the market The atacker Uke detinue form at a convention Black l.angsbaugs. Cil alas ..I
1 now have for sale, eggs from JmutW HittMl ,,Ild r..lllly iUrUu
toy pens of While Ugbor,,. for Cedarville.l'al.f. Tuesday He
White Plymouth Buck, and Siogle ,,M brouflsl pr-pertN there and
anareacomo nuuoe iveos. .(ake it his future home ..."
After April 1st I can supptt eKga t,,,,..,,w JUII,..
For Your Real rotate or Business
No Hatter What foui Properly it Wo h, of In What Town City, State wf Tsrsilory it la Uocattd
ii i : i
ie seuilorial eleutlou cornea up in
ii years."
i 'ouceruiiig the initiative aud re
niidiiiii law in Oreguu be said:
'It has been a success so far as 1
uw At tbe last election the
oocrats all voted fur the republi
i candidate. At the electiou tbe
islalive candidates are supposed
sign a statement that they will
..port their party candidate or
IU ownership - Kagle.
yesterday via the Humpler V'ailey
railway for Grant and Harnev
counties to take part in Ibe race
iudustnal bodies each five delega
tes, and the Ciuverncr ia also ex
C. J. Johnson left on Saturday peeled lo designate one Coiled
with a bunch of cattle for tbe Slates .Senator and ooe Congress- meetings scheduled fur tbe interior
Shepherd place, near Paulina, man from the state lo serve upou country Democrat.
They had been wintered ou the the committee ou program, wb
deaert and came through in shape, will baye geueral charge of tbe taaVJ Up-to-date job printing at reason
Prineville Journal , ventiuu and will be composed of( able prices.
. u.
,li mo
..b N 'A A J X . V
"Bvgo of Otxari-fHro
..el lean Iwl lal.. . tl I S .1 ui.U...
II ,..U ... '. IU .'!
Iu )vu. .i.m W Bl II..
' m wPA . rfi IDSISWxm S. r
David P. laff, llu land Man, Kan. Ave., Topeka, Kansas
II Km ail l Sell fill ia, Cal vat aaa lad lalajr
i'lcaw.- saad, with. seal to nut, . pi ". a saak
buytr (oi u.y nruperty which lasiaia .l
fava Count) ftlale
frulluwiug it s Im Iptiou call. BfiM
IMsu .aal ia May NM ia, Cal tal aad lad Isday
I tj l.m ..roiiiy cuirasoiudiu apyo.tuu.tely w.ih
iLe killuia speeiacalii.u. I .
I) -il.
Prise betaeee auJ I
dmu aud balance
Namu IdJre.s