The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 13, 1907, Image 1

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Tf rimro-Wrrold
The Ofllelsl Paper oI.Hsrner County,
.. i - i i. ,.i
UBS Infl Urgf! eiri-uisuiin JIP'i ' "upv"
the best advertising medhinMrin K.a
Oregon ar m Sr 1
IHati tmrG-Hcnik
aw a " am " V, V r
ef a ill jj
Vf rm. 9frntj Cctintri
t overs en urea of fl,42.,HOt) arret of
land. 4,7IW,SW acre jret vsrsnt nu)
In sntrjr nnder the public land, law of
the United Ntstee
'OL. XX.
- j j) jfc kjj
tearai ea N Rbmjs
IMpflat of SWtflitata
I, Lorrecllsn la 1 rrsr
pine-Herald reoaived the
Hipping enclosed in n
km Dr. Lvtle of Pendleton.
sgard to the regulation of
dipping law and will b? of
to the sheepmen of this
to the fad that so rnanv
report have been pub-
the different stale paer
PK the new abeep law and
ementa in regard to dip-
l)r IiVll. state inapeotnr,
I the Pendleton Tribune
Bwing statement and he
I BJpreniate very much if the
count v papera throughout
sSwnuld oopv it. He say;
Apw Oregon law provide
ail abeep within the state
I dipped during the year.
Babe month of Aptil and
he states that the ninny lsnd loca- MAY CHANGE R. R
tors here think mom of the location -
fee, than the wellfare of the located
In this I agree with him. "hut does LOOKING! FOR OUTLET TO WEST
he stop to think ol the effect hi
letter will have on parlies outside
of Eastern Oregon, "who don't
know this semisrid section as wejortfsa Tress, as TW Dsscfcatst Rrm May
SURVEY sal. Jnns 20th. and will be good I MUST NOW PAY FULL PARI!
until September 15th. Rates un
made to other poinla to accomodate
those attending the convention who THERE ARE NO MORE PASSES FOR
wish to visit different localities. STOCK SHIPPERS.
Many side trips have been planned
and among them a visit to th-
wonderful Yellowstone Park I VI- lattrvtatt CaaiaMrct teaal Rslt iti.i
know it. and are looking for land.
Mr. Editor I protest against the
writing up of this great valley as
Mr. C. C. Conner dipict it. If he
wa stating the truth there would
be no need of snch booming, "as
the whole country would have been
settled many years ago." cxagera
tiona like this are unjust to the
new comer
Yours for common honesty,
s.sslfclv h RaiisssHli tor Sarrty
Of Estlraly New Rest.
leep that are tree trooi
he dipped once, but all
found infected must lie
What promisee to lie a spirited
war over Wyoming range land has
stsrted in the southern portion of
that state. A dispatch from Raw
lins to the Cheyenne Tribune says:
Ranch and sheepmen in this vi
cinity are much disturhod over the
reports, apparently authentic, that
Chicago and Omaha sweullor
are buying up all the railroad land
in this and Sweetwater counties in
what Is known as (be Red Desert.
This tract ha been for a number
It is rumored that the railroad
surveyors will not only again take
of years the winter feeding ground
ice. In this annual dip- " sneepuwner oi mis pari oi
dips ahall be used eicept the atate who have combined to
t are recognised by the lease the railroad land thus prac
tically controlling the winter range.
It is understood here that the
lands are selling for from "Ac to
$t.2.r per acre and what the eastern
to do with the land
unless as ha been
nt, a list of which tnav be
SB application to the stats
pectur or to inspectors of
an ol animal induirv
riiinent also permiU tba buyers intend
tin- made lime and aul- I a mystery
which is made from einbt uggesled, thev n buying these
unslacked lime and 24 ' Uda because tli.- are sc cheap
llowors of sulphur to 100 lat the prtoe is certain to advance
water where any of the
litis are used it is also re-
kat !! pound of Miilphur
to every 1 1st gallons of
If this btiviug of the railroad
lands is as extensive as is reported,
ths organisation whereby the sheep
men have controlled their winter
range will he disupted a the rail
roads will not be able to make the
desert leasts, which have lieen the
key to tbt winlei range there.
Several sheepmen have already
taken steps to protect themselves
by purchasing railroad land them
selves in locations mot favorable
to them
It is the general opinion here
that the movement means the Mid
of the nomadic sheepmen in south
ern Wyoming a the necessity now
become more apparent for a defi
nite base with a certain amount of
laud of which ih- sheepmen may
be reasonably certain.
Lowest Polel la I sited Slates.
lis dipping UlllSl tie kuimt-
goveriiliient or Stat II'-
lanil where dipping is done
: .Hence it will not be rac-
oflioial, and another
rill be required. When
sne Is readv to dip an in-
U) i in mediately be sent to
the mixing of the dip and
ig of tbe abeep.
lovernmnut requires that
must bo in the vat from !
minutes and that the'
ire of the dip must be I
at a temperature of!
to III) degrees fareubeit
sheep must be dipped
resent quarters and must '
lad to a public vat, but
fable that clean sheep b j T" luited MatM Geological
some central vat so that "urvv has just completed s line of
Ipeclom as possible will be j u,r,t levels through Heath alley.
handle them.
up the Hage Hen route, but will al
so make preliminary surveys aad
investigate a possible route op
what is called the "Brown Canyon"
weat of tbe grist mill to too aorta
of Barns, as well as a line up tbe
river to an outlet over the pass at
tbe bead of Emigrant croak.
The announcement that tbe gov
ernment reclamation service will
allow tbe Oregon Trunk railroad to
Inn Id up the Deschutes river has
opened other possibilities for rail
road construction in Central Ore
gon nnd gives another outlet on a
water grade to the west and north,
thereby doing away with the haul
over the Cascades. Whether tba
Oregon Trunk is a Harriman or
Hill project is of little consequence
to the ultimate result of such a
road If a Harriman move it is
I 1 1 1 - prohshle a junction will be
made in i In" valley with oue line
to join the Natron Klamath line,
while the other would bear to tbe
northwest from here to either con
nect with the C. A I. or tba Ore
gon Trunk. If a Hill project, then
Mr. Harriman must bead bim off
by meeting the C. A K. In lor Dos
chute county.
The further fact that the present
surveying crews arc aeoking out
lets to lite south, even going into
allow and Wild Horaa vallies,
Mould indicate that the Harney
country i the most important ter
ritory of the entire oentral Oregon
couutrv to be lapped and will lie
thoroughly covered by tbe system
in order to keep out possible oom
iMlilioii Whether this southern
road is seeking to meet an outside
project or merely a feeder for the
main liue is not know. At anv
rat such activity is of much sig
nigcauoe and portends a groat fu
ture fur the Harney country.
The Times Herald has nothing
of an authentic natural to place tbe
foregoing assertions upon other
man a natural conclusion after
looking into tbe situation as it ap
pears at this time. While tbe
headquarters of tbe chief engineer
is in Hums, that office doee not
maintained a news bureau aod has
given out uotLiug for publication
a in just what is now under own
fider t nui or what move may be
made in the immediate future.
egalse to either tbe Bspti't Young
People's Convention meeting in
Spokane. July 4, 6, 7. or (hose to
the Christian Endeavor meeting in
Seattle, July UKh, should by no
mean overlook the splendid oppor
tunity the low rstes will present
for a vieil to the 'Wonderlsiid of
tbe World." All tickets sold via
lbs Northern Pacific Railway to
Spokane, Seattle, Tacoraa, Portland
and otbe' Coast point, will lie good
for stopover at Livingston. Montana,
to permit the Park journey to he
made. The tour in the Park
usually occupies five and a half
days, while one should, if possible,
spend more time exploring this
groat region, yst ooe can within
this period, see everything of sm
cial interest. During the Psik sea
son of 1907 ministers will be grant
ed half rata on
arrangement will not apply to mm
ister's families nor to Psik hotels
i no Mirmern i acme iiatlwsv
(publishes several hesutiful hook let
telling about tbe Pacific Northwest
and the Park which will lie sent
upon request directed to A M Cle
land. General Passenger Agent, St
Paul. Minn.
tartlaktu of Stack SbIssmsU Msil
Ps? Csr Par Seat ss Otssrs.
Some of the stockmen in this
section will tie sorry at the ruling
made by the Interstate commerce
cnmmisai'iii the other dav that lore
after tliost. who go after animal a
caretaker must pay full fare same
I irtber eople
rdmg to a local railway oili
cial it lias heen the custom lor men
in the stock husines if the want
ed to bring a carload or two of
horses, cattle or hogs from some
point in the east to gel free ttans
portatiun to thst point
This is the way the matter was
adjusted with the railroad cumpa
, Wdetn Mtrsile
I iiy mim, nlnn aw mad It
M Mollis ll"li of this
place," rilt J i V I! Id
Wood lord, Ten ii . sh a is M wast
ed l couuhing up pn from her
lungs Doctor declared her end
o near thai n I femllj bail watch
ed Iiy her l'id--i le forty-eight
hours alien, at Bjll nrg. nt r.Uil
Dr. King's New Discover was giv
en her, wiih the astonishing result
that luiprow i" ir '"g'in. Sl.4 onn
twined until -lie Dually i "iplelili
recovered, nnd ' 'i kx illwj wouisn
to day " I lutvanti d i ur fur
coughs and cold " and 11.00
at III- Dttj l'. v Bl " I rial bot
tle free
WANTED Agent-. Hustlers
Salesmen, t'letk" and cvenlmh
obo wanta to enjoj a good hearty
lullgh to earui "i. tor "Tim to
Agent" Worth ' to an Bel
son who sells goods for a Iimii.'
If not satisfactory your money
hack Circular lor alamn The
A ticket wss iMiigbt from tl.e ,r N ,,, . Comb Co, Dewfk-
starling point to the place from tur. Ill
whence the cattle were In be ship
Watchmaker and Optician
H3a.xrLO, Qxosroxi
Awsrtfse fer best wetfc a a CeesaotKIvs BawlMtfew le
les on stage cusch Iran- , , ,., , ,
... .... lied and full fare paid and a receipt
within the Park This , . .... ...
. taken. hi ii the tmkuien ret urn-
present year, no sheep
lowed to enter a forest re-
sss they have a uertiliiaie
that the have beeu dipii
projier oHioers,
keep that have beeu reporl-
aince January 1, will be
ss iiiliu-leil heii at dipii-
whnlher they have beeu
the mean lime or not
one so that when the au-
pii'g is completed there
little danger of them
out with the scab again "
California, and much to tbe sur
prise of every one familiar with the
region has ascertained that tin
depth of that area is nut so large as
waa supposed. Tbe tiual compula
tion of the results have
Vatec of a Ooed Lecal Paser
In lighting retail mail order
bouse competition, editors of local
psiers can render eioeediogly val
uable help aud the merchant who
not yet f -. .,..- . ,, f,u.,d f th-
oeen inaue, nut tin preiiininary .
hgure glye lor the lowest poiul a
depth of 27U feet U-low sea level.
Uenuetts Well, which is near this
point, is 2Uti feet lielow sea level
These figures uia be altered by
two or three feet when the final
compulation are made, hut they
are probably not more than three
feel in error. The Geological Sur
vey now has elevation marks on
tbe highest aud lowest points of
dr land in the I 'nilrd Mule
II is a strauge uoiooidence that
these two extremes are both in
southern California aud only
miles apart Mount Whilm
fool ur two oyer H.50U feel above
ses level, while Deatli Valley, as
strove elated, is '.'7t feet below
before Ihe Halluu Sink also in
.awen April 4th, ItfU..
Editor of Tbe Times-
I nave read wilb great
.lie wonderful d It-cri nil V e
('. Cimii .r, "of Helix
ICounlv". in our issue of
lb hium a ChamlMir uf
or ''usb Club uoint of
letter will be a great suc-
boomiug this portion of utliern Caiitornis, was Hooded by
)regon, but 1 wuuuor what tbe Colorado Kier, it contained
kaid, "for writing up bis lbe lo,'t,'l Pou'1 "' drv lu'"1 '" tue
of this seiuiarid regioo." l',,ild lt,. BP1'1 - ' ' belo
ImUiiu in tins viuinilv a sea level.
last mouth. Who has Previous estimulos of the depth
Ini lu regards the sue of OI t'eaiu ain-v imm-u on usroine
Valley, with its dark 'er reading gave lor the lowest
point figures vaiviug from 250 to
'450 feet below sea level. The level
liue of the geological Survey is be
lieved to be l be tir-l uccurali- de
termination of elevation in that
that has ever been made. '
ll cepcciallv adapted to
lug of all uereula. . nd that'
ltd never tieeu a failure.
lilt v becrlul tttbri'-ali-i
istderabie porliun uf Har-
nly was devoted to tbe locality
wheat, uals, rye, barley,
ir beeis, potatoes, apples,
ocal editor is neglecting one of hi
important advantage.
To make tbe local editor a friend
of yours, probably the necessary
tirst step is to stop Wealing bim as
a aouioihiug that must be main
tained in order to uphold the dig
nity of the town.
Of course, tbe editor themselves
are largely to blame for tbe geuer
al impression that tbe chief yalua
of a local paper is as evidence thai
the town is fully up to date
Alio, of course, many a local
editor by bis attitude in approach
ing merchants encourage them to
treat him more as aa object of
charity than as a fellow business
Bui entirely apart from its value
as an advertiring medium, oouaider
tiie usefulness of the local paper ill
preeenliug argument which, com
ing bom vou, are euis to be tor
or Leas discounted a the uHrravtoee
of one whose interest ar at Stake
Whatever you or ii editor may
think of v,.ur present local paper
realize that, if good, lust paper
would be a most valuable aid in
lighting rotarl mail order bouse
I "I . petition
Then proceed io do all you cau
to make your local paper all it
should be Maxwell's Talisman
Sachee, pruue, apricoU,
ill kinds of berries and : Being unable to give our personal
i of every kind, and bow attention to the collection u( the M-
pres does be claim as a I counts due us, the same have been
able porttuu." wliou be also placed wilb Mr. C. H. Leuuard. A
tat there are 4.700.000
vacant government laud
I be Baptist Young People's
Cuiuii of Amorica will hold its six
let nth annuel Convention lu the
beautiful city of Spukaoe, Wash-
year having elapsed since the die- , iugtou The railroad companies
solution of co-partnership u prompt have given a half-rale from Cbiua-
t to entry. 'Toward tbe aeltlemeiil of Ihe same is requested go and other poiute with full stop-
is remarkable dooumautj Maksukm & GtAgv. j oyer privileges. Ticket will be on
The following touching scooonl
of lb wholesale starvation of en
tire herds of elk and antelope In
northern Wyoming, is from the
Plnedale corresKndeut of Ihe
Cheyenne Tribune The correspon
dent savs
Tb condition have chaiufed to
he moat unfavorable fur the game
hereabout and many are dying
This ha been one of Ihe moat se
ver winter in 1H vears for t bi
section, and at present tbe elk find
It impossible to get feed and are
roaddanod wilb hunger
Fence no longer I ar them away
from the hay slacks, and for ihe
past week foreet rangsrs and ranch
an have been al work trying to
keep lbm away from tbe hay, but
to no avail.
Ranger George Glover returned
Saturday from tbe ranch of George
Smith, where he bad spent two
day trying to gel lbs elk hai k in
tb bill, and succeeded in moving
about 100 away after a hard light
In which be found it usvessary to
kill oue mad cow leader, which had
charged on bim fivslime.
Smith came In yeeterdsv and
rsporled that the elk were all ha k
aud that be could do nothing with
them, aud ibal they had already
worked ou two of his slacks, aud
rsfused to be moved away sgsin.
He has about decided lo feed
them and put in a claim to th
st ale, for i l is a sure thing that
tbey will die soon, as they have
been feeding now for some lime on
willows aud quakeu ash hark, and
six weeks is a long as they can '
taud that food.
Gam Wardsu Nowltn is absent
from Lauder and it is imueeible
to get in touch with him, and last
evening a telegram was rent to
Governor Brooks asking authoritv
to purchase hay and bunch the elk
tor feed lug As it now is tbe elk
Of In ever meadow on Willow
Creek, aud scattered in bands of
from bo to 100, clear up lo the
Newfork lakes It is estimated
that about 1,000 slk ars wintering
in ibis locality.
Game Warden Joe tioulier came
up from Newfork todsy to i.-ik
after the game mu-iesis in iepons
to a call, aud will U- kepi boi
Some time- He reports that about
&OU0 antelope out ou the desert are
dying like sheep lor want of feed.
Tbe coyotes and wolves are also
playing ba'oc sithlfieoi, and there
is serious boubt thai they will pull
through. Hilly postal lis announc
ed that be will take the risk of
curing hi pa. Irom the State if the
' little fellows urr brought liilo bjg
I ranch aud fed .
There are about 500 in band
i close lo Newfork and ranchers have
gone out lo bring thorn in for feed!
Chris Brand, while driving ou the j
Lauder trail the other day, batl a
baud of over 50 follow bis sled for
two or three miles.
The authority is extreme, but
there is uo autboity for expendi
ture for feed or care, aud it is too :
big an undertaking for our people i
to raise money for ttiis purpose
ed with In animal anil contract
In could lake it lo the local agent
and get a relum ticket to the place
from which Ihe cattle were shipped,
free A he had M use for the re
turn ticket it ha been tbe custom
of ihe railroad company to ex
change this ticket for lbs transpor
tation he used in going after the
lock. In other word, he would
present his first receipt and gel a
refund uf the amount he paid for
the ticket.
Now the interstate commerce
commission says that such an ex
change ia illegal. It will be all
right lor the necessarv caretaker
lor the animal to get Ihe return
transportstuui to the point of ship
ment hut they must use this them-
Ives or throw it away, aa it is not
The ruling will affect a large
number uf Inland Empire atouk
raisers sooording to lb railway
men Kst Oreguniau
ny Live loo Yes,-..
I now hsve for sale, eggs from
my pens of S. C While lghouis
While Plymouth Rocks and Single
and Pea comb Rhode Island Reds.
Alter April 1st I can upply egg
from pen of Barred Rocks aud
Itlack l.augahaiig. Circulsrs uf
priaw sent us-m application.
Gases B. LsMi-sMiHs
Bums, ti
Kslray One roan onw bran led
K on left hip ami earmarked with
v r ! j oh ear, cam lo my place last fall. Owner will
please call, prove animal and pat
II J Hansen Mums, Or.
The chances fur living a full .i"
tUIV ie excelh nt in the i ..
Mr. Jennie liuucau, of Gainesville.
Me., now 7l visi- old She wrilea,
i Mt,,l no ol t hro
nic Dys"ii v of .vi veal staiuliiig.
and made inc feel as well Slid
strong a a young girl "
Bitter cur Bv.imach and I iv.t
disease, Blood disorders. Gl
Dsbililv and bodily Weakness.
Sold on giiaranli- at llo CI I J Ibug
Imn Prl h
The I I- I will make
Ibis a bargain month in iba way of
subscriptions aud has arranged
to give the Haaal Watftl HI
Republic free to all who pav up
arrears and in advance to
The Tim-Herald. New subseib
ers who piv in sdvaiiie will also
reooive this great national
weekly newspaMr and family
inagasiue in lie I i.iti.l Hta'es
The two ps rs one year for $2
for this moiiih only
Keward The Blue Ml Rap
id transit Co w ill give I'J'i reward
for lbs arrest and lonvnliou of Ho
parlies who removed straps and
other proper! v from una of the
ooaclus on the mountain
for Clean, Wholesome Meats
Pickles, Cheese. C hotxi a hotxi, Olives
Onions, Conned Goods
Hppl. Crmnbrnrrlmm, Pottoa, Salt Pish, Soap.
TRIHCH . DONROAN, I'rnprietora.
Burns, - Owgon.
o-lco XllaLs I-CesSvd.q.ajsvrtrai-
Wlnes Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool Tables.
Club Rooms In Connection.
am iiascs ro.wusoa a ASMioa
BlacksmithiDK aod
Wagon Work
.asaaSBBBeS sAjlBl E
h ; r l tSsl HeT '
W W KaaaP swsTrrr
Main St..
Burns. Ores; on
MHIK IOlMill Hlls tMl M'lsN
aic la OreVr.
All kind, "l
Mall Ik VAu.U i,Jn.
how I In- other half live Those
Aru.ra IrJao A Sfuiilly .1 btsKl fttTt
Ik Imk Star
Mala and i: -irswt.
BajWory in rnntlon
i bo
use Km Ith-n .
i if ll will our cm- l' : . bed il tlsilifj
Wouiids. boms, sores and all skin the mark- .ion
eruption, thev kuoa it will Mrs age aolloitl
(ir.nlMo. 1180 K K.yn.ldsSt
Springfield. Ill savs I regard it
one ol the absolute ueceesllte ol
botiaekeeping " iusrauleed b
l itv Drug ht'.n
KiEinma ciuLifEi nu
UlairuUU 1 ITIII
Over BOO I wswtw for
Beautiful .". Liei
OaalQO. k Osroutar.
wrfl as i Is. la larai
" BBSJ ,
aauaiarvar. oaai.
v v '-"iiy
4 , if
Try TJS3
W . , 1.. I , , , I .,.,, .,. I
chsrge unlras culleetiuu Is asuV M'
I'laase uui Itsnls
tsutoii Iti'U ,
ai.N Mi.. .mii .
lor Your Real rotate or Business
No Matter What Vuui Property ia Worth, or In What Town Cir. Mat or 1W9m UomImI
.4 .4
......T.-ea eseafl
f. .,JB Co I aX
k a t t v r. n a
in.. i,.b i.
flsu j.iO Is
IMS, Iruui 7. j(l 14
t I
..ajSl'l. f SS-Styl ' W, , ,
''' Fki-i-
S. U. Slut OCI
Siaonrss , rsu... suvss,u. s. A.
..flaRSSSfe I
' I .. . IWIIlll iSt
kfi i . .
t IU1-
oi . t..i
Daid P, laii, I lie Land Msji, Kan. Ave., Toieka. Kansas
If luu taal Is Sell I ill ia, Cat Out at1 Mad lla;
I'lsasu tend, wilho'it i .. '
buyer lm III) 1 u.isl. ol
Toau lounty
Kullow o. g is a I'.ii'l dsai rl
It law f ae i. lay Mil ia, Ut wal aa latl Ta4a
I dssiralu but prupsrly uurrespjudlug .iLi"xirualaiy with
ia fubuwiug si'stidcslious Tuwu
am I aud I
duwu aud ualauos
I dl pay
1-ovtesl i
ah piu