The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 17, 1906, Image 1

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    Th Ciana-lir-IA
tic Olheial 1'iippr nl Harriet
I the large-it rin illation and it on of
Ihwl advertising mediums in'Kaalern
pin t
i ?!, ffrtat flnrtivq Cnuntri
2 i r n nre. -wo sere of J
land. 4, I J
i , .1
OWE WATER the reclamation service We have
closed our eye in day dream and
have en the barren plain tran-
IT11 TCSSES lUWCHTION firmed fn waving field of fertility.
ESS. the humble cabin into homes of
ease and plenty, the dimly road
into buT highway of commerce.
i IV Cawlcr lasiasstis. la i here are those anion? lie who have
It Mmw SMlc--irrlfie received great benefit from the
Reclamation Service, hoi we of the
Malheur, the land of the mischance,
while we may not wish to expreee
ItM Us P.-. Wekteel.
Hahle address
Htv Surveyor I N
SOME HINTS 0I: CONSPIRACY done in eepia and placed in a wal
nut frame. Then followed the pre
sentation of other gift which in
S6NAT0R FULTON IS SUSPECTED OF eluded a gold watch and abate, a I MRU TO ADVANCE A CAUSE FOw
LAND FRAUDS (Hd lined tea et and other suitable
tat Mr. Sweek mother and
hi aiater were the only outsider al
Owraaieat Afcata tUkH larettlfaliMM th jutMlee I hev presented Mr.
Iwrllll Rrtrtles--Prslest d Mm i; with a gold licrry
spoon and the picture "Fifty Years
' trried Life."
The same dav
rsllikiaa Sals' ta ar latslvr.
v Ola Tlatrr Tells a Pristilll Paarr
t asseratlae la Trarstart al
I ultra Ortfaa lalrlt
in full our feeling on the euhject.
' county before iMTe here to drop al the altar
Hg of the State lr- of our mined hope, one pitying
held at Hood ar, mr a government so eiruiig arm
viiile in its principle yet o weak
and vaacilating in it practice, that
tha political scheme of the few can
the Lest wav In rnm '"' """' '" ,Br ""'
for the ake of
titration it i our
no and pare no
crop and for the
Rliitc. in
andHl oil. "(retching
a i)4 pe
ll, o.Ulfe
1- n4t in
e 'iiiaat start
Mr. Mamie Gibson, nee Wilton,
wa born Sept It, .171, In Union
Ing with longing county. Oregon, and died Sin
rk of the rookie I'". at Harney lity, Oregon. Her
nee beyond. 1 parent, brother and sisters reaide
nut with the nften in I'nion onunty One brother.
L "a. iihi much Frank Wilson, wa county judge
r "' Mr frtier ha hown u, there for several year. IVoeaaed
wlMOwlwopc-e feet i now ned. had lieen a eiifferer for many rear
a taoh Ball that i ne and Anally paaaed into tbe rtithlea
Over la'Iwalhcur the result of hand of grim death.
((ntramei neaureinent She waa united in marriage to
mine ntnl inveeligation of the
title to certain land in the I'm
till Indian reaervalion now in pro
grea i Mieved in aome quarter
lo lie the forerunner of a systema
tic 1 llort .Mi ihe part of the Land
IVpartment at Washington to 00
neot Senator Fulton in aome way
with the Oregon land fraud, aay
tin Oregnnian. For aeveral weak
vcrnnii nt ha had a gen la al
work in the I .a Urande land dia
trict. gathering evidence on which
to bae an attack on the title to
certain land purchased under the
act of July I, IJtO'J, which provide
that where an Indian owner of land
on the reaervalion diea without
heir hi holding hoiild revert to
the Government and Itecnm sub
jeel to sale at tiilii i- million, the
purchaeer agreed lo reaide upon
the tract at leaal one year and cnl-
a alo the 30th
anniveraary of the marriage 1
on, Ardie. After dinner had ham
nerved Mr and Mr (iage Jr . were
given Iheir utprie by being pre
ented wilh many handsome and
useful China gift
The following Saturday the l.x-al
Grange, at Oaw(o, had 1 11
golden jnlil for the
It wa to he a aurpriee and a the
letter wa written the Mb. M-.
Sweak knew nothing of what the
program would Ite.
MM 00 to in m. mi n s
The I'rineville Light . t
t'ompanv is contemplating set'ing
up a plant at some pi. ml on il.
!echtHa The ,ea Ml kilowatt
generator ordered aome lime nto I
now held at Shaniko iieuding ar
ret! that Under the Owyhee
at. tit 'rtfp irhgatiau syaUm
!, fau-aM ("vl WM v" '"
. while lhirili-. Cfaajk valley
thirty njb away, where the
I is fully ifcrcat, and the far-
furoajp through failure of
inpoiy to Ho
, the miimci
James (.ibaon five year ago this
Nov l!?tb, bv Ilev. A. J. Irwin, and
while her death uaais a gloom over
the entire community, let ua try to
imitate her Chrialian example and
at lal Boot her in tbe land of the
Mtatod wbotv pain and i
their land once are unknown. She leaves a hue
would come cor-j band to mourn her whose kind and
1 one acre foot watchful care and ileyotion ewaOod
tl Mided thorou- never to tire.
tivate not I. than 'J.', acrea K.fore!''a'n''nl. w in the mi.kiug,
1 involving tbe iuatallation of tin
anvil, n lln.ul and aft. r
IPiB" only one irriga-
Tbe funeral aervicea were eon
docUd by Rev. A. J. Irwin at the
n . . . ii
nyierion cnurcn in narnry a;
aw of the water in our 1 1 o'clock a m, Nov. 10 and the re
oea con mains were laid to real in tbe Hai-
H carelea mainten ney City oeoaetery. followed by tbe
HHrlJBileil land, imiroper Krgeat concourse of friends that
HliriMi'ii mid the !rver attended a funeral at this place
Another friend and neighboi kaaj
Immbu taken from ua
A Fkiknu.
of goMing too httle While we
.ttown by M I .irtieir and Mr.
bareoh UMU tin IbiuIh itself
1 uicbae, we must
exiM-nii.eniH are
Under ideal condi-
would really eoono-
gel together keep
land in proper con-
aswar eaa
vally awd.
1, and if we
1. or aiui'
dttohwa ami
oa, affttab
t and ktut
h Jt while
,1 lb wu-
the aw
"ww af
ir im to-
1 1 1 I
Will liac Bra leak.
One uf the most iiutiortaiit step
taken by tbe Crook ( ounty t aille
tumi'i association, wbich wa in
P measure- ..j,,,, b1 lu ,1 UUUM1 Mt S-
aheii we have bad !.,, mmt the adoption of a brand
book, which will he prominent
work d.ian econo- fmmlurr fr, ,,m on w,ib to own-
era of stock throughout tbe county.
Notification will lie cent to all
owners uf sloct residing in the
'fitlliill' IA fnPVHfil In ilia mmi'ImImII
"" "" I I I I ! "' -w.- .
of the aociation all brands and
other marks showing ownership
H u s march ail(j UNpj ,,y u,eatockinii. The
1 aaa, li wa the d.,-rt Ural , ,,riind mmt, wi t9CQT j,, ,
1 water, every-1 keu. b- lb, -.crelarv for thai
a drop lo drink purpose and will aerve nicely a a
water 1 irrigation, airtH,tory to restore strayed eloek
e waler is storage wbcl nM ,, uicked uu oll lhe
d at this point to I r Tbt) omwtt br,Md mtrktl
ures stowing the ' m-., wjtb bjg ,mnB ,DJ ,,
ge Ukii, the climate (,0B wi u fu lmt
use, let us not
r we do not use.
n at a goal ani
of ID.'hsi ltcre feel
lU.tKHl.iMK) acre
hi coming entitled In a patent
The present investigation is be
Ing condiictid ijtiietly by Edward
W 1 1' ii'ii.nfint in charge of special
agents for ihe district ompriaing
11. I'i mlleton nn that lliis-ioii It
l hmt'il that the gin i nini nt f
preoPedmg on the h p..Un-i thai
fraud wm ifnciiced from the start
in awcurinc title to these Innds, and
the Senator's ownaawtion Kith it
mm have had smnething to do a it li
his Nt ,re the auh-
colutliitte) ol Indian all uri in Feb
man llm.'i i secure the passage
of all amendment lo the act of July
I, IMS, liminatinf the residence
feature of the old law, and oierat
ling as an act curative of all irrrgu
laritie in purchases prsvioosly
It is said the lirai intimalioii the
Land depart men t bad as to the true
Value ol Ihe lauds in question was
embodied 111 n report of tbe geo
logical auivey Tracts Inch tbe
I purchase. s are alleged lo hv de
clared in tbeir allidavits were prac
tically worthless for any purpose
except grazing, it is claimed, war
found by th theological Survey lo
be in tbe heart of an agricultural
district, and capable of producing
big cropr of wheat and other oero-als
Deschutes wal-r Miwer plant It
caae the company secure a suita
ble location on the River the pre
sent plant will lie worthies, and
totally different general'
lar to those used bv Portland Hen
eral Klectrio will laN fier k
Used hen- If a power site i an be
I at a reasonable ligiir- tl.
change will be made almost at
mice, and bids for setting up poll -usked
for If ihe holders of powi i
sites along lh- rner put Ihe price
00 high, the company a 'II in
its pre- t ami run lv steam
awhile vet U oocl in coinpsratnelv
hn N r,..l,l. the -i.ran ranch
' ' :iiaw creek, and ha lieei. a
'idenl nl Fastern and I'i'iilral
K in lor nl year, canie Into
lu. 'dy on hu-iii. M
Id mphaticallr assert" ih it
itrai Oregon'i climate has nn
k-.iiie a remarkable change in
paal twenty-rive years, Tliiiti
I , the t 'I'ltiinl la
r ued to freee over at
lallea so thai callle were ilriv.o
-a in hum hi .n perfect ai
l'hi 0C1 urn d often Almoat ev.o i
wii.i. . 11 ul.l he .'i." helow 1
"k at a time
The writer has seen, in I I
calll.-. horse, and sheep afVwa
serosa Ihe ( oiinihla, mi thene
ry bod. I in Ihe Dallea who h nl
a l 4111 nn. I .utter went nut nn Sun
day nit. riiiHiii. and for miles tl,,
mi of the river was dott.,1
black with aaagw driving along in
1 ap Ml Vl far as we know
of, 1.0 such 1 lung has happened
since the a inter of IfeM
Mr T.. 1,1 1. lis ,.r the slarlling
change that has come over Oraal
c uiniy's climate since 'ift yeara ago
lu Ihe Suaw creek county farm, rs
pagag small fruit- g
I Itui sw lbe nn raise
a) thing II, -! want lo and not half
I temperature baa lieeoa
c.hiIi r in summer ami milder in
I In- Mr I ..1,1 ,. po.ilne
ahoin W'liilt. l.eing untitle In ad-
Sal for ib- . l.aiiae .e
- that ll has
00D abotii, the most maike.l aaOal
scarce, hut .till there is ataMagh to tatloa having come along shoot
supply the company for man)
yeara. I'. inevillc Review.
Israi las la Drusstc.
or the pnrjMise of testing the
praclioability of farming on the . ...
operative plan, a number if
laud men who nan land in the Des
chutes district have pooled their
Intereals. formed a corporation and
will enter upon tbe rii lillui.
business in the valley on a bmad
acale The corHnrtiou ia known
s "The Baldwin Farms, nnd the
nt. iprise w.lll be conducted lllid. .
a single management
Articles '(Mirat.on w, '
filed with the Secretary of Stab
Tboae aaid lo lie involved in the yesterday , the incorporations of re
government investigation are W. joord leii.g K A llaldain Alfred
r and "
is duty u(
oul,- we to
bad ibie.
le of Ul
alter aaoi
ibl Jai,
ur colli :
tug to prove to ou
.t only all the
s could be brought
011. but that our hills
D meagre and uutruat-
iby taaH used
UiU we kl.uw
ge waler supply
ion acre feel, we
an instant's perusal of the bout r
pages will identify clearly all stuck
owned in tbe county, lu this way
ownership can U- established, with
out danger uf error, in a few sec
onds time I'niieyille Journal.
Ot, Met!1'
, : . , . 1 ,
,i ul
l we ant
lireal happiness came into tin
u. le feet of Ibis . ljOUJe f H ( m.,,. ,cb(K, ...per,,,
.is. a, res of land ,,.,,, ,,, Mt 4pjgM t V
J per cent of the ,,,,, lbe littla daughter waa rlor
iu.g di wii lo ou BJ ff,u . dreadful complaint be
you agS trying 10 drain your "He says "My little
lr tt. believe 111 irrigation dajgbler bad St. Vitus I
leiuen. b ! I which 1 ielded lo no treatment but
Bcueaaar -sV-Tar -n.atiil mrs--atot4-
fcVud.Coi .1 tried Klectric Ibllers and
tlMttBu Will, but irrigate the rejoice to rat II .
tirat." j ad a aaaaafas tuick ruie
Mil. uiiiioilal says, "We cure for nor vous c plainU, gener-
ibibenUin grows oil tbe Ml debility. I. 0 aki .11,-
Ht "i' lb. Appeinuer. poyerisbed hi. -ed and malaria.
UWaBul ue bate eeeo th Guarantee! by City Drug More
rl sUtfced oul 1. lor. ur gum, prlcr
r, aaw ' .mdlees and
oaiu.Bp tawn.y nakedness uf A Washington. I' ' woman
foregcou ae it recedes, pen- promi ent 11. tbe official ael aj the
ii Kcli"! by the cane.-aiug NBtiuuul capital lelU 01 a function
B,rc into color of! 10 which she had invited an at-
, Bkr. purple, violet and lac It of one of lb ! glioiis famous
, Bg in ib baay diiiina for bjaaatraot poiiieues 'ii.r n.
H utv of II., vKatlo.i was foru. alii auoepled, but
.mil- i BTi ' beaulifu', on the morning of 1 he appointed
V tun paiul 111I0 these days, d g unit Trill bf
HBli'ie tbe aerinity of lue diplumai r v.ile! and couched
,ga, Hpol.- .mil homes clusU-r- j ibe following tenor:
Btlinr among tbe tree "Senator Blank regrets much
Hr grain. The Sabbath's tbi ),, w, ot be able lo attend
H faithful land From Mrs. Ko-und-So's reception 00 ibe
ar a church bell's met- evening of ihe fM instant, a he is
d here a child happy dead -Harper's
a musical resonance
thought splendid re- Up-to-date iub printing at reasou-
lo b accomplished by ui,,. prioa.
J Fumis'i. reining president of the
Pandlaton Savings Bank, who wa
a candidate fur OgfWawaTt. 'M
and was defeated lv Oorernor
Chaiuberlain COawastJ Jam il
Raley. a promineut democrtic
politician of I u.atillu County, who
wa spoken of for ppoiotunt as
Senator Mitcbsll's successor; Frank
Curl, prom uently ideulifiod with
the political and ooumercial n.ier
est of (matilla County and 00 of
Fiiruish's staunch supporters, aud
Thomas 7'houipami aud John I
two leading farmers of Indian lands
in that section It is alleged that
Crow farms more Indian lands
than any other one person in I'ma
t illta Count
On February 7. (fOg H'e time
the Senate's s
dimi afliirs met to consider the In
diau Appropiiat, .11 Hill, Senator
Fulton appeared before it and Wa
Bile aud Jeaa Huarns With
taaa men are assN-taied a half
doaao other i'ortlsnd huslii met
who own land in the valley. The
capital stock ul ihe com ern is , .
000 Mr. Steams, in explaining
lh scheme this morning,
"All of us own land ,1. ihe Des
chutes alley, and we belieVs that
we can clear it and farm it al lee
. l- 1 se aud to a greater profit hi
combining uur in ures Is a-td con
ducting tbe business Bndof on
management lhau by winking sep
arately Because of th . hav
iuoorairaled and - mana
ger, wliu will look after the w .rk on lur
all the land Wa p ogagi
in regular fariuing puruil each
Stock 1 . bear In
J,,. exM-nae and reaj I lip
of in. . . .istinn
li r. 1 t
IBM. Sine then the-e I111
00 appreciable change Ottsfft
in 1: ki 'I the same thing, and
l( '" sbayatingei genaration,
Who 10. o.oriea ,io not reach back
u far. to ,(ll. - 1 o, 1 bam
I I W ...i . k. who k, . p. ihe guv-
tnioeiii insiriimeiils, says th. N
bag l en no change to gag ak of dur-
.' C the lime b. ha had charge of
vill. weather, about I
ntsina ll. ie.or.l-
e al ..iine for the same
tear ami a dlfTere,
I" dgr w.uld lie I ird to find
I arm us kit Iks II sa ti.
Hi 0 -' l,iiiia strike breakers
land are Dr King
I. ile Pill. When livsr snd I
I sink, (1...V iil, kit selle
uble and the purifying work
Ileal nirt lor coil-
', headache aud du.i
'.'m at ' 't Drug Ml
ubacrlpt rl hi. Arranged
' I o.
a pat up
ur, ., n.lviinee lo
1 ..t .llh-Clb
era b 1 I ill alsn
Ml great national n 1
1 not family
magaitine 111 Ihe I 1 it., I Stnle
oe year for
for tln looiitli
In 1 ,1., . I 1 nine al
llniii". Or.
Ih suta nl
Oregon. Ho M.irii.'v illei 1 111 prove-
nipiit ami M starts I llsi tevaltl,
lis ftslivtiin on. .,!, and lh
it . anil ant
and all I -' I a Trn-
leslant", or otliei w ie, lliat under . ml
In t irtiii ol di . i.i'iis . lion I
1 Ihe Imrrlor uf
5-. .-.
1 sMtav "i " uf the
1 I Mat
M, UU.. and -. Ilenil.l I '. 1 1
!. lively, n 1 v I and
Otic at Hums. Oregon. 411.I
therein and lo alo.l. reference 1
will, ma h', baMwa wtH aw had at tha
1 I it... I i nil. ai Hiiriis. Oragos,
lay, No.rrabsr ifillb, IWO),, ai m
0 . 1.. .1 in .nine mallei ..1 im sc-ior
ii,,... ol awtai 11 land situated in Harney
I'uuntt Oregen, under Ail of Angusi
l.'.'i. of the Stale
,1...., , .1 in list So. A, tiled
in aaid local the llth.lav.f
iilt. 111'.' , hi ih" Slate uf Oiagon ,.et
twhnll of th llamsy Valley luiprov
rr.enl l'oniiai. , ami lur a detaih.l
Ntaksiaeiit su.l ileseiiplmn ol said lands
referwii, Ml aaaasl to said list
audi)., asm li mad a xtrl .f this
,. mfj t" 1
In sin had all cer llllete-sled, ssn I
lands bring' stlna's u
1 iagi 1.' ! a t
a 1C "
Jr ho
howano wcaatr.
a a c.
w a atnntt. ver
mmoKN, caaHit a
first national Bank
A Ocnernl flnnkinv; Hulnetts Tranagted
-!?Jgg-TaTagr JVeOBStmaWmWkmfk
ff 3L
aftfatlCAN Ht aw
ITAftlO, )i:K)N.
PlK-Prpof, Modern. Elegant.
Kntva $ 2. tio and 9a 50 per day.
AM Outside Rooms Near Depot
I'hl. IIIimI. 111 uct Intel , 1. only nterilly opened In the
ptibhi II pie will Ih alwaya mrkomr
anil 1 lli .1 t lass bar bi cosaaactkari.
, . I .lull S ., . ..
M MKD Agent. Hustler.
Clsrks and 1 very bo I y
oho wants u enjot a good hearty
.ib to asi.d for I ipa In
Worth .') In ...
- ,11 who sella gissl. for a living
M not aatlsfsitort our OawwaW
lor s'.amp The
'. .
in the arm lea
ilu 11,1 urporali. rs
bat t..i ..mi
fta a . I..- ..11
ml ennui ninn ..,..11,1.' a re, l,.r il.
ill iklag l.isl ilitniiy ami
kfg atbat aulac laarbnig and r.gard
me the .iifln irin y and atsllablhit M
the aster Mppl) ri.puretl lor Ib reel.
11. .li it anr or all ol aaid la
ell a. mi) oilier mailer M
gnafwaf, "1'1 Mm lasslbilii) ul said
Mate's pr.,.. .1 M-hauie .l
aad reelaanaii .1., a. well as Ihe dawarl
character ul aay or all ul said la,
1 mailer tf.ruiaiie ii,.., n, .,,,1
i lo HealoreaaUl letters aud tie-
. . I.. IIS
: IM. lOtl, la; ..I... I..I.O, tog.
W u I MM . It's-isler
A. W IK.a it, I
I ' "I Ursl i.ibll, all, hi anl In
l.i I
Owvaaso. )ai.
Mniai Hrsstt. W
Napton &, Boyd
Real Estate. 'lines ast iaing.
Burns, - Oregon.
Wines Liquors ami Cifcurs.
Billiard and Pool Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
Ml UK Mill M IHII l AMI tftfi
aic I llrggr.
SsStab.a bid llwiu.Oi
lata Lac Star
11 ll kt i Mttg', I
i 1 j.u mihJ
Bmkmry in aonnaation
A lifakUillv ( Skarl Ofatr..
'I a1' d Willi t el V Olios'
(I, mar., i Voir patron-
ige ...III Hi d
k ;
tic. liiun ro.WiiSOH Als,l a
iilacksmitbiig ui
Wagon Work
ANTEED. Burns, Oregon
Main St.,
beard in relation lu various amend- to
iiienta al. ad submitted.
buy and sell farming laud.
ruus surgical 0srslluii.
f ii malig.
build and e.juib faro -hours- aid Oant .her. a. Uiga as my band,
lo build aud oiarrale ee. in ligh' Ui my daog' t's bin waa nr.
.tT taaf bj rfr
Ur ! say A t'
lend lo - i Up w. V. "
p.aer ' I
fuii.ri ,. p 'v'1 d hi- llorus am.
i. , Inji.i . , Pr
farms will
uiacbiiierv wilh it.lh.y lib. N' 11(1 M.
a plant tut that DUrpG
. ... ol Blu J
Mrs t A. Hw.ek. tti.., went to
WlllaincU. tu attend the gulden
ng of liei pari Mr and
Mrs J I' tiae, has ttrittu iiome
iolk that M faai m i , eiigbtful
family rauiiioo, et of ibe
Gage's being prist l,'
The day seennd lo be one ( hap g'lu
J i.l touching surprises Mr
Mrs (Jage had d..u.d thai tbe
children ii., i, I, . .no I ... a Limit Itw) fwaM I9M will long be re
rcuuiui, ai.U mjueeled that no prea- u in ihe I
gj in Ibis they Tack-1 of A lane. Kj a v"
disobeyed as there were uiaii) ; of blood wbiob floa , .n.l
eleganl piesenl. revealed lu tbe old Iron. Mr. Jacket's lung
people upon their ou-nng the I seemed very near. II.
rooms ttbere H I displayed '.ere bleeding Iron. Ihe lo, ,
Just before dinner ibe ceremonies a (rightful ugh had brought no
bea-uu when all were ushered int., at death . dm.r. wb. n I gun tak
.u.. t i ii n ing lr. King's V I'- .'ery for
. 7 . ( oiisuinplion. with the asluiil.b
son, maae a lew remarks, callad .!..,,,. ,hal alter taking four I
roll and wuen be reached the nan e ! 1 wis completely
of Bee (.age, a daughter who died jtiioe has proven p.
in Ibis city some years ao, be uu- . ','r"lB:,,
ii j . , . ' cough and
te.ieu... ,g. pmureoi me young Hlrt. pfic, jjy a)
lady ahub Mrs.Haeck bad ordered l Trial bottle free.
to Wt '''
I j j K J1 rilCTlClLLlHf- bj AMY
.v4wffiflV I llMJIwtiAl T' ' ITOII
YEKr-'-' 'i'' rrt '"t?f' t" aaaaaW
r,'v ' .' ova 00O ! ' Ml tod'
l wVs atoairllfut ,' Ma Is!
WJtimr il HaM.
gVi3 M '' aaW '
I aaaasasaaiaasaii.Wpal -
.llb. laj to (grajgl
I aajwM gajaTatf
Hug la fori, d b ., up. n my
premises I ii .passer Wll'
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