The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 10, 1906, Image 3

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m St th to cnnirnr .
.nV W
n n i '
llnr.l is
ding court
k i nttniHBnnk. Hurn r
Br? nrrnunlt
Rigg H"' -r from Ontiirin
- it Beeal tnntter in
ii ult eoart
11 Mi BBftwifi- wr rt down
pleasant mil.
wife spent a
i hi week. ihe
.1 !
Thin bank solicits flu- rlt.vkinp; accounts of firms ami
viduals. I)ptn An n nini with u ami ptv your oblijra
tinna by chn k. This is the handy way. the safe way. the
business way. A chiM-kinjr account enables you to kep
hotter account of your business transactions while your
cancelled clicks are valid retvipts for the account thus
First National Bank of Bnrns
Judge (tailor in in ittendan
BO court.
rrett w
met, It
ii ''
oa m '
idete Stock of Rlanket. I L Poujade spent last Wetlnes- Raled ha at the City MmI Mar
. i,, i
Quilts and Mattresses at Brown's
Mr. A. Tupker ha been confin
ed to her room a portion of
Ir. and Mr I Adam (org i now teaily
u-k i In' first tke order for spring delivety of
ow almimt rn- nurery aiocx.
Mrs W T Mill wa reported on
k notified to rp-th'ick lit the firt of thu week,
Iml I now Iwtter
. ; , - w . : ... .n dxir the
Bjnd treming ladiLn oflhi vicinity to cull and eee
her new fall samples.
People not of town We ar al
ways at your sorvice Harney
V1 ' '
upon my
ii 8taNiI.II
go hunt tm
r automatic i
-A rrai
ih Di
. . avaam i
in i n- Htimsnn. i.eier onnly Bank. Hum Oregon
mil Mn Morton who mm
Wa Uli' nii'l iii- Ifft
BBnnt Ht tin- laki'K
It. I it. I ' have spent n
ii iff tk week in thin cit) git
mowy In aii i-linn mt
ill i. il..- i i i court attain!
v;n ihwr witneaae were
l.ihiMii, !tm
' BM I - I li'
fHiri' Untile llas-
daw Mr.
haul lino
Pkrii'ltnti' ri
ill. in In M
Frank Metsrban wa in ihe city
for several day during tin- week
looking a'ler hi staae Iiiiiii
1 1 mi t' V I'arrish ram In from
the lee trrk ranch the first of the
week accompanied hy hi son m
l.eav your order at the City
Meat Market for Thanksgiving
turkeys None dressed unless or
dered .
dav in this city.
Il.nieftead and deaerl land loca-
thi cation Sep J (' Tup
The largest and most complpte
k of Prv Oood at Hrowns.
t t'i'cil wa over from his
Silv-r creek homp thp othpr day.
K A. Cole is building a neat little
harn to house his famous trotting
Koatl Master Hoover is in to m
tend court and discuss the work in I
hi district with the hoard
Messrs Mitchell and Kleharty,
the insurance turn, spent the rut ire
week ! the Silver Creek aectnu,.
Craven Coleman is home from
While Horse where he ha lieen
working for the past several month
M - Cha Wilson ha received
her fall and winter samples for
Oscar Swain came up from l.awen
Mf of potatoes at the Citv
Meal Market
i u v Shaver It la from hi 1
Ooanville home
I) N Catlerson
I ,wrn vpslerdav
came up
W I Hurke is expected lie
r9 Inmnrrnlr
I ii i on the i"k list
P sk, suff-ring from ton-ilitm
IV V 0 Krown. I.,.ii,i M:lii
in ill- new atone Imilding norih ot
Ihe Posl Oflic.
k Hi iilliv inei with s t-loi.-
M'.l p. infill accident Sinu'sv,
' -ulted la a very hadlv lr
I I li'U He mounted a '
anl the animal tmM'iil. d, tun
t'" I 1'irallel with a hared win
m - tiii'h ihe aotaa tat it-
wn throat and I.I.-.I to death Tin
I -i 'I nl not p the fence a'
1 mi: to lli dust, hie reeling
I . liillg cold he looked
what was Ihe mattei
wh ii ait head csme In (Contact
- i"t. knocking hiiv
u l ions troin his si Dl
6 wis called to Sigehen where
I idi ni happened and tin
I boy wm in night la thi
I v In'. Mrs. Uearv sml
M -il.n dressing and sewing up
ut which is right in Hi.
I lo fat I ha patuiit i-
iluino verv sri and his nhvsicians
anpa lo I. ring rfim out with no last
it i n I M i
readv made garments suits, coat
'h. w od fiimine continue, hut
it is though' it will be relieved le
f ri laaf snd that the price will
Harry Cary and one of the Cal
lersi'ii ho ware up from l.awen
Sunday evening, returning lh. f.l
losing da
il .1 II in- i. at Ihe Hurt.- Meat
Market i- ptlHrtf Inn I .iiarter liret the carp of Dr. Otaf
its anil .U I
Wm Hauler and Harrv. Corhelt
camp in from the outside last Satnr
A Winter overcoat or suit can lie
l. night al Hrown's at Ihe ln. -t
The gentle rain ha hplied tlr
farniPt in hi fall plowing and seed
tng . erimlll
Ha i lev Have ent the past few
Ha vs in tin-. i . leaving for hoitu- u(,;
this morning
l'.i-t Master Welcome was out t"
his Welcomeville land holdings
'luring the week.
P ii iN'vine. the alone mason, is , j.'
m the citv fru'i Vi itor's nudt-r
cl l i Kt PUIUOATtOR
i v I i - LANDori
i u i , 1 1 everythlriR always. There's nothing howevef small,
whlvli H from iliis store Inn what carries our stamp of satisfaction with It
iv : nl i. pics, nting our guarantee lor the rlghtnes uf lootls, but for the unl
t i:n t limeM nf out prices. Wc count this guarantee v)f absolute satisfaction
ii l confidence It h gets as the basis of our succe
The Largest stock of enerai Merchandise and doing
the Biggest Business in Harney County.
TXT TXTsint "STo-ujc :Btjl12mb.
Trade txiith us and ask for our Tradmq Stamps.
WVJ wl; a ffl
The Satisfactory Store.
R I . a.llrr.
KOH I'CHI.Ii Allitv
Mill i,l
-.1 hi.
nntin, 9m limaiWf
.Id well has again opened
irdi iniini laa
I i Ills "
i, b. aays
srs KroUrkA
charg. ui si-
tl now
it la
imp who '
man will
ry saiimn to
bwrw tltwy i
to m nW tin
d in Hi
I came in from
Tii".l'H ri-iiin.
. had a little
D. Iiiii 'u (M
Ii . the ImiV
fi genera) li
nn San M
and I
. indsor Har to the puhlic and
Ins old time patrons and
Ale you a lover of Tea or Coffee "
Call on Brown's and sample the
gfiaad to call Uraft lieer .1 oenla finest lea's and coffee' in the mar
An-1 I man's woudaaw is
still in commission ai d will make
W II Johnson aid son
uur wood pile look like ,'Mlcrnt- la wrri. ,,v,.r lr,,in Silver cn-ek th. at!
liiirklnrdt have
l.ocher brew-
Mr 90 the mar-
icrd lirst olaaa
I expert. The
011 1 he Laafcar
lorrow or
I l..i-
baar on
igar. 8m
a short tune He also has a good
eupplv id rolled wwrlev for sale.
Walt dray and wife were up
I in I. a wan Tuesday
U'en quite aick hut aeenia to be
getting along much better at thi holding
time, although not yet fullv reoov-
J It, and Tom Jenkins are 111 the
city from then Ku in - Mountain
next rancbea on buiine John 1 ac-
1 1111 pan ied I'V In wife. The MM
leport everything lovely in their
section of lb. country.
er dav with a load rf grain for
1 W Ilrinkwater came over from
Walt ba llrewery Tuesday, going to l.awen
lb. next dav lo lo-k after hi land
i.d Mr. '
1 lake
fill '
iIimw '
or wi I
N le I
1 -
ajal ipr. 1
S iIm.ii ex-
departur- Mon-
b ahsei.t for
I Ii- v go on
a'llsou iiiui in
it.iion.r Beat and A. Hetu
br cams over (rum Silver creek
Wednesday Mr best had just rr-
Witb a record of twentv two
year uccesful husineaa, w aolicit
your haoktii)! hu.ii.i-s, Harney
ly bank, burns Dreg
Having so Id Ihe furniture hlisi
naaa, C V i rd will now turn his
atleiiliou to paiiitiug
hanging and e- licit
your patrotiug.- He will also con
duct a cabinet and repair shop
II. B. Smith, the Spokane breker
--iiithcrlaiid is hark from the
StitufTer ranches in Idaho, a hen- In
had been since last July.
I ...ok Out (iet the afetv Ini-u-
imtMi now it run without a lamp.
Hea W f Smiih l 1 il. bum
Alherl Oregon.
Knr kll a lilanki-ls. all
wool saddle l.l.inkit-. all wool Imn
g fohe, go to I (' WelciiHM A
I: J William ia oner from Sil
ver oteek on a yieit to hi family
who are occupying their resident e
in 1 hi city.
Mr, (ieo. Hagey ia abeent kj
I'ortland and other weetern Uiegnn
towns on an i-x -it la rela
Uvea and friends
w ras. aagaasr
t-rn r.
Hiiro, nn Sixi-ml-
AbvilM-il; roH H Null. 1
s.iii. ,-1. ii.trin gteaa tlie oader-
iKiiel has lieru appninled lo it.
H I .nit! 1. 1 IliirniM 1 mlv, slate of
Ire-xon l.lnniiistratiit of th eslais ot
Joint 1 utile v, il -,ai'.l. and has duly
iuallfled ll ir.ini' having rlalea
ajrsin.l -ail estate 'are ln-o l-i teiiiml
to iresptil tlie amp to rue at my rruulsi
place ol liit.iiii-.. hi lr.sjiv, iit(nii,
allli iruii . 'in I ets and lull trerllted
sllliltl.H iimiilli. Ifotn llii' lad' id lids
Data tins mil dT ni . t"ii 1 ai
I V I : Mil I r.K,
l.lyliil; I It KN-I PKIIIIilN
We, th,- I.i.IiiimI lrg,t vi.ler ol
I'iisIiIii I'r.'i III. I II illn-t 1 oiinfj lle
i. llieami, reHH llullv aatltlaa 1 lie Hon
t '.mi ut v ' lie." i ' t v . Hlat
, ie lo J. C.
Peter ms 11 u. Ii MMl -, Mali ami
Vinous I i.'i"i in I- iiiiitine than
one gallon m Pawl .ie,in.l ll..i,
l l . -1.0. id 1 ifi-..n. ' 1 "-I
I .11 mo 1. tin a. 11. I He will
' i
McGEE & SMITH, Propts.
We look charge of this harn nn May I and havs r.inp,e. it
Ptilirely with now rig and fresh, well galted l atus We are ia
a poeillon to accommodate the puhlic 11 every particular with
eaaaforiahle i-onveyanoe and spirited team The ftd Praat
. centrally located and convenient to ihe leading hotel of tbe
city All atock left in our ear receive our peraonal atlentia,.
Ilnrsi-H IxMinliil by the iluy, wek or month
lis Main. ill. I. .11,.. in. wll.
I'" I . IIIMI.II..I.
ill ill. I.n.i iii J I i..,ii iih s Sim
mi 1 1 ,..,i. n.ii,'MWi(
I 1 iirm, "in .a.
Wa I,...
.-. Id- iimleisiiintal laal voter ol
.1..1. Han. .) county, state ol
i is'tliion ilia Hon
l'i..iiil (' of llaniey i.-unl) state id
Oregon, to Kraut a liovnas to I' llaiue.
I' i lieleiilMtiiiili
it la
A iNUll'i
I mil Irian
KilMil lillliaui
I M ..Hints
Halar I'huale
Matld HeiciiiMus-li
N II M.i.r.--I
1 I'.l.rman
Notice Is hereby (Inn thai on W ml
n.-.l.i tie rilli it ol ISfeeiiiner iwsi.
Adavt.t drlan
I. I I
Met aim
Melvetn Jones
.1 I Hi I. u).
Mm rraere
' Matli-nsi'ii
J I W !,.i-
Joseph J. ( slL.a
.In.. W.i, ii.ti
Reserved for the
M. M. CO.
E. A. Fraskk, Manager.
Ontario, ( ht igoik
Kverythlngof a hanking 1, store l" " ' .Il and ll.uor. ,,, ,.,, 1 .,1 .,
ami paH r r,,,,!,,, u, our ,.,,.,.
a share of
.1. iintii as ilisn one ualloa in
enlrusted to our care will n , iy t umi i Hie Male 01 nn
the best. 1 Harney. '' "'"": ','"""' """ " I"
ti.. ttsi aiteiiiioii. iiarneN . i.,,i .ii,t,faii il.-. . .
cetiilv returned from a tripto Lake- a,j Tt.t tate man, is here on hie
i.d aats he just missed a lug annual t r it, looking after tbe land
It Bank, burns Oregon
Mr ami Mrs John (iemlierlmg
M - DtMg I1.1l.01 aid li.lin Tho
inii arrived home last mghl In, 11,
, liuii.l a. w til eter pray
I i I i II KM S
for apiK-ndlcllis ,r, Un-re where over 70 horse, and hnldings. 1, " l'""""f "'I' l" "',' '"
has lii-en I mt Ii
for aoitieliun
miw 11 may I e
t he Will recover
wn auiong our
iv II, and hie
,- tn L'o ti I an
other valuable properly were d. -.troy.d
by a livery barn burning
It was quite a diaaalerou. fire, tln
Iinis being Hi the iieiglilinrhood of
Kd Kloyd bad hi fao. tutle had
urii.d last Sunday afternoon
n a shotgun buratiug. He, in
I, to secure i Iii-it loiiinaiiy witb ! rank Harrison II
estate lira. Kuiilh Is tlie same
jovial fellow with a good stock of
1 Vt I'l.teuger ha tbe Uiost
xteiisive and well aaiactod atock
of wall paper evar aaan in this
ounty Tbe vuriety and design
A lit lot nf I. silica and I'l.ild
reus I nderwear and stockings at
Mrs llaetlee Also aoiue more
new hat, frain-s. fi-alher. act.
Call and see them
Mrs W H I'ulp came in on Hie
I'rinevill stage Ut Tuesdav eyen-
k on tlie forest J Hansen and oilier., went out
of our local atock- shooting, using shells that bad not ofUit mm fllrllltuir display. neen piop-tit ioaueu. n 11.11 on,
Kpaaition tot the tbsi l.arged one harrell the eoaOM
Mi 'loin to go to sum exploded tbe other, bursting
it- houndarv ol tin- gun right at tlie breach It I.
Mel tt 1 tn Ttieaup- lorliinale be was imt MMMlf injur -
I, et the BaafJB d Frank Hurri.oi, ru ned the
gun he was using, but wa not hurl.
oi 111. ni iii,.-..ii I," iisnieyaaaa
a well a. ijualily are a. I tbal one ing relumiug frmn a visit to her 1. uaa luaatliHted In tha fan
al Madras -
1 t lloaaa
N i '" I mm,
1 I I W lilWeia.
in -nlir V I aalfl.l.l
I tank I, tnder., 1,
I I t d. ir.
I I Mat.)
V I .
M I'rlpaa
(Mist r Mat srii .1.11.1,
- kivsii ilisioti luaaay
1.. ,oti. .i. . ., 1 .- - 1 i.w ...
I 1 will a.iK ' -1 mil I 'out I ., ''.'., - ' - . M.ll... l'ri..l
na ' ""' I'"' ""
AWCllll. McOOW.N
l.iai LetJlsiai leal blalc far Sail
Laa. get Lbjggbi Mi SaW.
Ill ltS. -
could di .ire He I also re.
a fin. line of furniture 1 nd baa one
son. Austin and family
Crook county
I -and. Irrigalloi ""
W an 1 Hupul) l
Meaaurrm. i.i Hialliiia
s New (ioods Invite Vour Acquaintance
I here la a charming newnrsi expressed In
the Autumn lines ot fabrics and accessories
tow Hll represented in our store---a new -ii
(jcHaiacL'-r aiiw ttnc in line and ma
Bnciic.aniK the marked progress, which
1 renewed effort brii.vjs in the work
I ucino new lines, of
iam Granite, Broadcloth, Drap
IDe Alma, Henrietta
inJ t ui lilies. You are invitee I CQOaf and
H linger as lon as you like, wli-riii i you
visi',ifcu now or not- You are always wel-
Our Line of
For Winter ia now Complete.
The Busy Corner Store"
V. f Wnkl.r, I,
and VV I' Hunt of 1-wistou, Idaho,
and Mia Miti !,. II oi Bpukaoa, ooai
uoaed a paity to oome in thi weak
to Ulki ll 111 tier I Iii y m. n aOOOfB-
' loslirout'k of I'rarie City
Taaent:i. .riv msv take bun, ' lto at lb B
New fall and winter millinery at
Mesdaraea Read aV Join
Dree hat. street hut. I tlo-
realinus 111 trim , 1 gs Call
and see ihein
Ond,-.- lawpriaa la dry land
alfalfa seed can now h ohlained nf
in lata valley next at ring.
Harry I' Siuilli arrived boun
futility from tbe new in. nil. g camp,
and Feed Barn, "
An aojour niti, nl term of I in
for Clean, Wholesome Meats
Pickles, Cheese, ChoLuchocju, Olives
m ' aiaf 0 raxlW t " ' 4 aSI L xaalB
1 Giva th araaaa daaaaa oi aaks , ffl V T
I, lion because g bask rajnt. mlftU A laH
"I -iy uMaaKteaa, aan paaaM ai at h l
evety ..rimot IV Sy M
Dtat'l pay l a Mat of our rlulha N M V HH
iiiilsi yoti are peilartay aahaaad. j ' aH xV LVB
qAatoaaaaaaaaafowfltlg K W
Marckant TauWa, Chicago M Mm aS
iKKt - TAa&N AND
Dike, juat in roes the line from tin. i II run ven.- ,., ll,
county in Nevada He mloruis us ift Monday al which lime the trial
he is I nl. ir. ted in '.''.' claiata, sever- of Alliert Meyers for the killing nf
al nf which show well and indicate bVmBBBJ will he taken aa
aoitii- p ha a
bright I i look sand will he
a livi-ii ui no distant day.
K Vt Frame N Kicbitt. f
Adauie. at Kto i Y MoCart
llieti At Harney City ielerdl
morning Mrs Jaine, 01 I'
lieary had l-en .iiinu.
iier Imt lat arrived Mwlal '. assist
her Mn- dnii id Ul iliillg
I pariv. I nvad Tlie Timea-ll none
rday anrouie n tbe of tba particular, or the .g.- of thi
lake, to .hint hird. I 1,1 y were dec -...
juli. i a fea local friend
mid ipn.i ih- week with axcelent
attaaaa They returned her. yea
terday and .la., tin v never had
more sport in i;.., ..uie length of
m on Iheir wu I,
Onions, Conned Goods
HDpitt, C"unbrrlas, Potatoaa, Salt pish, Soap
Fruit Vegetables, Soft Drinks, Con foe
tionery, Cigars and Tobaoeo.
main St., Burns, Oregon.
aM ha. n, .do ai
ariproprtation direcl la I ha Harne)
Kaif Aas'tciation and tboat
Bucks for Sale.
If., i ra tab annaai t tin
Amencaii Land V Live .StiA,k Co,
left for the company holdings Wed
I I ...I id Thoroughbred Ki, intl Kama, krrd from
, K.iiiilxtulciii- .mi I'. ,oi. Ml at
win. niums will he i-ivcly uii ihiouyhuut haatciu Orvajag i lviag aiiaafgc-
by tbe .Secretary, iu.teud of recaiv- tmn.
v.tol producer the Ksin'uult'ttt' .toil ll
Cull on m addrsaw.
Burns Flouriny Mill
ing county a arrant f,,r 1 1,.
oflheiltiai.ii.. "'h. p I.,,. tioli
i will he availabia tin- fral id
A million .iml
litis XI fllcil
We want the small an. .in, I nf
Hewa acco.u,a,ied ot ' lh w...r(.r .nd i11)U.ii(,(e,
by County .Surveyor Jordan and i ., wl.j a. the larger patronage nf
W. D. HUFFMAN, Andrews, Oregon.
Bob Uixby. Mr Mill expect to i .uit. ritt.ia
atock the ranch soon with both cat
We are ((rai
to sec the steady urowtli of th.
tleaud abaep, hut r et ha. made .mall depositor and are glad I.
no purcbtyteti 111. experiment
with field paaJ waa quite ucce.ful
form u, but tba black bird condition
did the threshing before be bad
" time to turn the hog.
help ami eucouiage all who earn
eatiy di .in to belter their tinaoci.1
Harney County bank
Job printing The Tiine.-Heiald t
Tlie Oreon Hotel
All rUMO, Manager
..tilasa aet ii,,,. datlolis allli uval, clusli aini I
room. I Is to slop wilh li i ui sliuuiu
I'moi.. I.lilu WL-ll luruihaj Meals Kii cents
aa.esiatlsasi ii St !,
Fully tiiitf'ftl m 1 1 i j ...
.stiijicifHt capacity '" ""I'l'hi U 'U
I ii a radius of 10( ituln t brratl ntuji
All kiris of lill Fed always aa ttaad
iml m mibi aiiici met rui hm mm, mum wuat i
Good Seed Wheat for Sale