The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 01, 1906, Image 1

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    rh rim-wriia
The Official Paper of Harney ( 'nuntv, .
has the lnr(ii'l circulation ami it on nf J
the het ii.hi! lining medium in Kaatern
Vf rii ff urntq eTountrv
CniMI n area nf n, I'M.HOO acre of J
lnl, 4,721,000 arrf vt vacant talk)
to stitrv under the nMIr
th t'nitsd Mtete
Inml law of
NO. ,.
:.I"DS BOOSTERS j 'he amount actually anrcl the
state for firat "ntiit" work, and
-UKtO.oon with $1.200,000 the lat-
E MAS BEEN DONE IN tor being what ia aaaurmi the atate
Will KNCIRCLE CASCADES They ar of rhamoia, fringe and M;v WATER RKMT LAWS
alaahcd, ami reach to thp elbow.
.tnaquin Miller who writea in had
MARRtkUN INTEtEST PLAN TO RS- 'fl "" n"11" M"'k T"io
tJ.4; ::::' q
Wart If The Cklrt Cast at
lhi-. at H Share
tuition Isad
II rl MM Ml leen
icople of OrcR"ii to
Interior Uepnrtnient
reclamation project!
aav thf Telegram.
Ban-i.-.- 1 ngiiiccra have
Hmiiiinatinu in sever-
hy 191, I
Nevada affords a more atriking
example nf thia apportionment
She haa been pledged by the Inter
ior Department for "firat unit"
work II time an much aa the atate
will lave contributed hy 1008 and
M timea aa mii.-li aa ahe will have
contributed by IMS, for other ap
proved project work. California
will get but H.'f per cent of her con
tribution hv IIMis for "first unit"
work nnd 17 per cent of the atate 'a
contribution until Itfirt for approv
ed project accepted Idaho will
He begin to weave romance and
write poetry after I reakfaat in hod
at s a m. and doe not drew until
Rectal acaaltltleat Wak Tat Paraaat at noon, when dinner ia eerved with
Oecritleat OavleaaNtw tlat hia family During the afternoon
Will ft Flrat MM. j ha goea driving Supper time it 7,
Utttall. Will t HM Stpttwktr Teala
Aaa rsjv.atk--i.tll WIH at Itt.t
witkt a Ft ni
lunl v recointneuilinii
I llj lllipllRllllf "". hin aured 1C ,.er
but ibroitgh aome
cent of her contribution for "firat
a . a - . tit. 1' wiiet un.l f tri,n aaaa ...!. a
ined itie Secretary 1 "", ". -i.r muun
never provided ft I m "'' I"" "' fnr
work in but two tH P " "nlil Wash
ington will gel M er cent of her
have never ki:owi. contribution for "firat unit" work
iti e 1 r
ittle iork wiih done here '""' ' P" wi" 01 ner total lor
rvr beer, gathered lhe Jpcedjng work until MM"
Kfatt ot organisation to BT enroparing Oregon' allotment
Hbn wbnt aeema ro on Percentage haaia with the other
Kiimtmn 1 n ally an Co"d '",', another light on the
fvMtt of painataking ! "" injustice I revealed, Oregon
rK new projecta whiuh Baling but .!1 per cent of ber con
tKt of),, mix have never Irihutlon by I'M: for other apprnv-
IklkL. . 1.. ed iirnici'tH In Im i ttii t, he Ibui
m fiinviuciiiaiv lire ,..-, . . r.... - .....
Thai Harriinan will encircle the
Cascade range from Natron on the
eaat lo Pram on the weat to Weed
and to a connection with the joint
line of the Santa Ke and Southern
I'analic from Sao Kranciaco to Ku
reka, i certain through hi acijui
aition of the Cnlifori.ia North eat-
tern Railway The line extenda r" Shor' '",''' who h"" h,,',
into the Kal.math c.notrv from head,nr,er at Rrn.l the
. 1- . :n 11.. H1a. .-L
Weed but ha been con.tructed ! """. ..r...r. - ..
tMlj pari of the way. Krickaon A
and the poet retire at 10, He ae
nuicli of hi beautiful little daugh
ter. .Inanila, throughout thi ilav.
from the time ahe carriea htm a
daiotv break tal anl freah flowwa
until her aweet Scotch ballade jutt
Iwfore bedtime
. 1
heif Kngineer Waggner of the
Petteraon, of thia citv, being now en
gaged in building the connect! n be
tween the terniinil nnd KaUmath
Fall, a distance of I : mil? and will
n 'jiiire another vear
The road wn started hy the Weed
I, umber Company ami ha lieen
to Hums about September 1
Oheif Miller, who recently rttnrn
ed with hi crew from MVtftnj in
the faacaiiea weal of Odell. hna tak
en about half the crew and gone lo
Riley'a ranch between Hend and
Burn about 50 mile from Morn.
He and hi crew will work from
thoae who onn-
i million. Save
time No other atate in the entire
reclamation group ia given auch a
rotation made by the 'ow percentage, the only other one
of I Oregon delegation 'approaching it lieing North Dakota,
!,!, f neoaaaity which ha teconJ place in point of
Hon general reK.rta oontributiona North Dakota will
than, no effort luriher receive for "firat unit" work
iHfor examination haa "' "f '"r contribution hv HO
m-d, , ,ii. -tale 1"1 f"r oher approved project
IB90n .'!(, JHSI.IHHI at "' " I"'
bav baan expended by In rea. lung an estimate of what
Hrii.irim. in recla proportions the respective atater
nrfcin I. -tale and terri- ' will maintain in IWOSand l'1! thi
Bai. It 1 ' 1 :: ir i ' I I propositions maintained between
lor the same work 1901 ami 1906 are accepted aa the
w ill approximate bast for figuring In computing
PpMl.i.H require that what the fund will U' by that lime,
iPkf Interior must ex thi wat the basts Uken hy the ex-
peri nf the Land tiflrce, and it is
fair to use it in determining what
proportion should ! maintained
ha not act epiad hy the Interior Department in utak-
law. which seeui to ing allotmenle ao far ahead. It the
r stale -linn .1 ! i.roporiiun ot conirinuiiori i ue-
Rilov'a tnari1 Huron at raiirbleoimr
uaed largely for logging purpoaaa . , . , ,,
curve and doing other work on the
I nougn a passenger service was ru
augarated and of lute aggrmn.. i.t-
wrrr iiimie 10 neigui nnnip j
tii' teriitmuo in'.. Kalamath hall
The plan is to connect with tha ,
line from Hum toward Kind.
j Hend Hullilen
tomb Bay Caltk
a than hull f the i
rPks in the states
ala ol interpret ibis law
kntrii.iition at Inaat,
but cumplies with
...I. t ill lie Ihruugh exH-inii
i'ii. of diapropurtioiiata lunm of
law by holding thai , tt.oney in the tale lo make tin
arid land salable, which ia na much
of an injualice to tiie injured state
as the primary complaint nf Ore-
it ol a stale's . onln-
ita own "
patmetit has the
remaining -HI I gon
rior l
ahUbsar it wills If Oregon haa inherently aa
aloat tin ugh the atmutltt I KruuK e'jiutive in the reclamation
iJH 1 1. i artment is b. ct um nt Nevada or Arizona, her loaa
Ln considered in fig- is plainly many mill u.s annually
B tin-. giving the If her c(uilien are equal lo Ihoaa of
a of i' Washington and California,
roa4 to the .inous stale- . ,t is ,i,, h.-..ih If this atate
B ailliOUUcetl b lb' eil !" i oer cent of her
i9Hrti:.i iii shows that hutioua for "that unit" work, aa
loasjisi ou the entire list, Idaho will the money expended
f&esiirc.l but ;il pel here for development would reach
tril.utiou unl.l lim ielw-i. fs.iKi,iK. and fi,tHj0,(KJ0
iPKit work now under b l'HI instead of $',000,000, as
II par oant "I I oiilnbuliun at preaent promised and if the state
Lii.l. l. 1 ' 1 ' lor Ibe Mere given the aame equities as
pMJrcln that have been Idaho in ibe additional appin,,
auu ai inn. .. . d hj the in- project work following 1 90S, the ex
California Northeatlem at Kalam
ath Fall wit n ibe Oregon Kaatarn
which ia to be atarted soon from
Natron ni.d proceed through the
Cascades and thence aoulb. also
forming the liiat link of the (Cast-
and-West line beta Nation and
Ontario The primary nbjeci in
taking over l he Weed road wa evi
dently to escape the heavy haul
through I Ii- Mkiyoua. The Weed
lin. promise), i ' give eompnr..
fjfMf grade atol little curvature.
while tin same is expected of the
route being surveyed f..r the Ore
gon Kusteru.
In connection with that plan I
the deteriMii'it i .n to make IM
liraui-Marshlield road a firat class
piece of work in every reaped It !
will connect at Marahneld with the ,
Coca Bay, Roeeburg A Katrn, the ,
J D. i ..rub hadacarcely return
ed from hi trip to Haker with a
bunch of cattle for the CarMcm
Rro't of Seattle, when he went into
the lower John Day and Wheeler
counties ami picked tip a bum h ol
'si load, ateer and cow It re-
piired only a few day, lea than a
week, in complete ihe deal
Mr c ,.n. paid $22 for two
year old ateer. :" lor three-year-old,
and verying price according
to .pialily, for cow He aay the
atock waa not in every inetance of
the heal, but that he seciind MM
splendid animals He has not de
termined what disposition Id make
of the hunch mi and may feed
Mr. Combs is usually linth a Oliv
er and seller, and ionke at the mar
ket from a aland point of both
Skitr.. .... i.i.iiu.rl, wl.u'li wtmm r..-
.... .. Hence hie operation t th tuarkrt
cently tak-n over by the Soulhoru
Pacific From Ihe I. riniiiu at
are watched with . good deal of in
terest hy grower in the valley
(iranl tin hi New
tarvfag to nc.iii
Mvrll. p. int. mil-s south of
Coo Bav, the line will he extended
lo a connection with the California
Northwestern, which i in opera
tion from San Kranciaco lo Sher-! Uecauee her at.nuach waa ao
wood, but lb. n. Inn will aUil al weakened by uaeleaa drugging that
Willite and be carried north lo .. could not eat, Mr M ry II
km It Is iiodelsbsid the lal- VV alters ,if l I imi St Columbus
ler stretch will be urd (ointly by O , wa literally stniving to deati.
tl e -. iithern Pacific and Santa Ke Khe writes Mi stomach waa ao
Like the I'ai die system south ol rak tiuiii useless drug that I
San Kranciaco 1 1 : ui b.-r n Pacific could not eat. ninl ins rn-rvea ao
will then hive a MM and interior wrecked that I oiild not sleep
and lot the entire dialanoe frou.
Portland will mJM Mm advantage
.I two made, while from Corvallia
north lo Portland there will tie
practically three track, two ol
und not until I was given up to die
waa I indeed to try Klecirlct Hitter -with
the wonderful result that im
,,etil began :il once and a
complele cure follow Beat
A special diapatch to the Journal
from Salem aaya: A meeting of
the irrigator and water uera of
'Oregon will he held In thia city
SrptemWr 10 and 11 for Ihe formti-
I mug a coda of water right law
which will ha preeenled to the h g
islature next winter, with rwoom
mendntion for ite paaage
The call for the meeting will he
iaatied in a few day, formally by
the Portland hoard of trade, and Ihe
matter i now in the hand nf the
legislative committee of that body
State Kngineer Iewi haa heen re
commending something along thi
1 line ever mce he haa baen in office.
'and lbs propoeed meeting ia the come of hi labor K H.
Newell, chief engineer of the recla
nation aervice nf the 1'niled Stale
government Mnrria Bain, legal ad-
viaor lo (lie department, I'. Men
ney, supervising engineer for Ore
gon and northern California; A. IV
Storer, the government eipert who
ia now at work experimenting in
tin- Willamette valley. State Kngi
neer lewis and other well known
expert will lie preaenl at the meet
ing. I.usi .Saturday evening Mra
I i .ink Sela received a ineeaage from
the home of her brother, Cbaa
Lewis, of Vlbany staling that Mr.
Lewi was dead The aad new
came unexiiectedly aa Mr lwia
waa ill but a abort time The
diaeaae waa congestion and hemor
rhage of the brain. Mr Lewia waa
i rmerly a reeident of the John
Hay valley and wa married hut
a little more than a year ago
(iranl County Newe Deceaeed
waa iuite well known hare, having
been a reaident of thi aeclion fur
several year He wa at one tune
a member of the local lodge of
Knight of Pylhia.
Ibe limes-Herald will make
this a bargain month iu the way of
subscription and haa arranged
to give the Serui-Wevklv Ht Louis
Republic free to all who pay up
arrears and one year in advance to
The Times- Herald. N tubaulb-
ers who pay lo advance will aleo
new tin great national aeioi
weikly newtpaper and family
magazine in Ibe United Hlate.
The two paper on year for 12
lor thi- month only.
part agent
m ui.- ascertained by
cootriboUra from
-niliUires here betaneu HHJ'', and
lilo would lie from J4,00l,uxX to
IJo.OOU.OOU If the auoluieul pel
preaenl time a ceutage observed in Washington
wr ii:, in an.iaai.vivai, anu were applied in oregou. me expn-
Ht it will continue on dilure for reclamation in Oregon
H until I'M Tncri would he from "..iMHi.t r to i0,-
Hi the perc.-ntuge ol ilOO.OOU hy l!H)h, and from ri,iHi,-
moug ibe stales un- -) to . ,ia;,i' ior tue succeeo-
Kahall nol continue lo lug live year
K the lead, as tbere
Btrui ol public land g V. Will Exlcaa Iv Prairi Cil)
IBbich would be mole If Oregon ice-l'residi lit Kccle. of lbs
Br piopi.rlion of the HUiiiUri alley Railroad, was in
IB). whei it.e loUl iporiland yesterday, and stated that
ipro.v. . OO.tKaU,- I jir.prliona r going for theex
IHdii share would be t,Blo 0f the road from the pre
IHL or 17 percent, m terminus i'l AusUulo I'ra.rie
Ofortiui. ul the pre- c,t Work will eoon be com
1 'akinu the existing menced on litis new construction
id ibis esliuittted to- and n is hoped to have a large pari
suite anil possihlll- of the Work completed will, n the
Ihe next si lUODtb Oregonlai,
BMaiviug for "firsl
times as much inon
rtiou would be ui
woik is lo U- ci. m-
Ireuou were rewurd-
Hcr ihe lumls allot- I
lirst unit" work. Powerful lungs means powerful
LtwMl.lHK). ru s creature How to keep Ibe lirealh-
irding lo the June ing urguiin riglit sbou'd lie man's
Iniern.r llepurl- ciiellent study Like thousands of
lion il funds lo com- others. Mrs. Or A Mephens, of
projects, following Port Williams. O , has learned how
jrk is 9 0 times as lo do this She writes I uree bot-
ponlributlou will be lies of Dr King's New Discovery
this work is to be stopped my cough for two years
il Oregon were to and cured me of what my friends
ceding work lu like thought consumption O, its would bo grand for throat and lung trouble"
Phe wrong done Ore Ouuranteed by the City Drug Store
parent by compar- Priot 0c and fl.00 1 rial l.oitle
0 with 2.000"
which will be no the east sitle of health tonic M wMteV Me" Oauren-
ihe Willameit. I,...,, Woodburn teed by City Drug tMM
outh, and frou) Dram to Weed i
there will also be three track, wilh ' 35 OO kliWAiVI) $J5.0o.
two leading into the Bay Oat
Ibe Shasta Route is nol tolas N0Uoe i hereby given ihathuut-
abaudiimil nut will liecotne a local IIK ami shooting upon the endowed
line, all freight and passenger busi- , lamia of tl.. u, Laud A Live
Te Care a Fla"
say Sam Keodall of Phillip
burg Kan "Just cover 11 over with
Huckleii's Arnica Salve and the
salve will do the real." Quickeat
in 1 .r Hum, Hoilt, s.,iet, Hcalds,
ouils. Pile, Kcem. Halt Rheum,
Chapped Hand. Sore feel, and eore J'
Only 26c l the Cuy Drug J;,'
-1 ire (iauraiileed.
In Un 1 BWatj i ."irt of the Ht ..( r
.gin. tor 1 1 unty
In tin- Mattel 1 laa aWtata) ,
"' t
Jacob tlrneiidlke. )is-ese.l'
I',, Mill, hi It Hod. MM Mart Knot, M', Charles Al-hott, Frank
i,i.,,ii 1 rra w ii.ta-ii. Mi sinitb,
Mis Lattte Kllrtea, Mrs Vlnnu- llaniil
inn, P a lirwawaiae, Mwla Phillip,
(lllrsrrt Mrs t arris M ladd,
K .1 Ituell. II loiien.lik.'.
OfMwwIka, PetMa QHkMwNw, Nellie
lirtieii.lik. 1 :ti II r., I Kills t
KfBeO. Wan.r I ai . "' ReMfcwMM
.liii-nl, l . 1 loi i.ruel.illlis, John
I'.rnaiiihkr, Ir , I Iks, I'raerit
, .... 1.. 1 ... 1 .... ii w
lav is, m niar.l itrt.aaw . aunu ii. d.dhv, i
llesstn llrvai, Frank W AShntt. l
twMM I Oaat, and llsrlssrl
Pisnt I MM I I eels, . linden S,
Minnie A lUlt.rilg.-, Kuel II Oruea
.like, Kit II lil.on. NMMHI (Ireun
dike, Nsllis Wallnti, I rr.l It
Ortienilik. Praahkl M Davia. Iltrbart
K Ii x't, Willi.. .t I llr.ikaa. C. N Ab
bott, II wMeaeafl Mrs. I rank Abbott,
Clrirli.tle tilers. I liorna It. I.aeay, A.
IWttlette l.a.rr. John I l.arey, I. Id A
IVsibttle, and lledellr I. Prior, the
known lislri. ami to all lbrr heir UB
known, 11 mn , nl Jacob loin ndlke Da
eeaaeil. nntl t.. all whom It may eoncera,
Hv ordrr of tl.v mlllled coart,
a I. and all al ton art hereby oitss.1 aad
re,iio,il 1.1 aajpaW bMNwMM above en
titled Cart 41). I Judge theretif, at lb
( o.intt ( mill Ibsiai. at Hura. ursgoa,
n in t.lser lil.lvssl, at two o'clock I'.
M llisn ami tie re kj tlioa cans.', Il any
you have, why Mill l King. Adnonls
Irator of the Katate of Jat .b 1 .ruandlk,
tlereased. Willi Will nneletl, a tlli'h
administrator, mil. r and lit virtue of
certain agrrement ladween JaaMa K.
Malum, ol Harney County. Oream, and
aid J, oh i.nrnmlika, ilecnaceil, idalail
lebrnait P.. IW. taiiriW July I I "is.
on MBMMw. 11 -'. ui taaa A' ol Ml
cellaueu in lb I Urk's tifltee
In llarnev 1 ..unit OMJMl i.selher
with an order af -aid tountt 1 mil ip.
proving a certain ioenrninle between
aid Jarnet I Mai anil aid Admlol'
Irator, li. 11 I.I aal ' sml deliver In
taxi James 1 Mtli.n, .1 aBwl anil iilfl
riei. 1 dt.d as an. Ii administrator, to Ibe
folbiw ins' d. ril.. I real .roH'rl 1 . altual
tl I -i of VV illamatle Marldran, in Mar
nev Coiuiiv. nregoii, kawM
"i I M. - It 14; K'g
1 Hit, an I N'.. S K , he, .11, V ' .
U , NW ', , H '4 ol KK4
ol -VV ', .,1 .1 SVA i, NIC', nl
ie,- t, H in I. -s. Ik It at . '
), and VA ', ol HVA ',..1 e,. H ; NW
of N .
N vv , . .11
H', ol K',..i .ec. .in. all iu T. Jh, H
M ilnew, lbs Hon. Jnsepb lta lor,
Judge of the I oil id t Court of II. met
I mini , 1 in-goii, Willi 1 aal of tald Court
affiled, Dili mil. 'lo ol J. lit , IMS,
( ..unit 1 unit -,-al
UAH MoriiaaiMktu,
If Cletb Of llarusjr ' ounty. Ore.
Wo 1 It. KiMo,
t.i. 1 , aii or, 11 1 1
. . t .1 .1 1 ,
T Mowaani acawcr
ewcaroiNT w r. aeawff . wier " 'arotarr
a a COWDIN, caasata
first national Bank
c ai hvvii 1 niAHn
wnui " i-i.i, iirrtuu A
A Oeneral Iktiiklnjc Bulnesi TrntiHacted
AnmncAN plan
Fire-Proof, Modern, Elegant.
Katcti $ j.oo and $1 $o per day.
All Outside Rooms (Near Depot
Thi modern nev I otel wa tail) icirnilv opened M wM
public Harney County peiile will hr always welcome
and t'ourtrimtl) tareilfor. A Inst 1 las in t..i
MMM eT..
Napton &, Boyd
Real Estate. Mines and Hiatag.
A l'arr. lnMo, laauoa. A
OBiamiisSc New Wimmm BHab.
1 . .O ... ss mm u I s
Msansl HMI
leaiak. '
II. si s..l y
1.1 ai .1 1...
,i .11
11. 11.
..I taia .
t lll.'ISU llv'H IU.'Ii. Ol
. 1.1
ui S
,o .i.J
Mil HI Hll I'lltl.K Alios
TltlNCII luiNKi.AS, lr.iirieiora
Burnt, - - Oregon.
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
Mollis I
'.si I M
I of a through nature heing
route.l eitli. 1 al-.uig the t'oaat or hy
way of Klamath Kails.
hue through the Siskiyou
Stock Co located in lownship 3i
I itaioje M K ami l'jwuhii
30 H, KK W M. Harney Co
Oregon (bulter known a ihe Troul
ha proven bolh expensive and c k ald j0ol,y Kanvh,) ia
diilicult to uuerakti luring the itricjy forbidden Any pereon or
1 ol.slatles in the way of
landslide and washouts have made
it pfjpoaaihle lo maintain schedule
MfMM found hui. imp or trespass
ing wilh a nun 111 their pose. ion
011 above described property will
often lot days at a tiu.e The last ur0eecuU-d to the full eaieiil ol
blockade causud by the cave in the law A reward of $H i h '
and tire at tunnel Hi, proved di- hy otlersd for evlden will
as.rous, and even lo.lav a: oo,,,. , lead to llieir arrest ai
HMli operating around ihe tun- Amkm" as 1'as" a '' H,'K '"
Ml .. means of a temporary track Hv K B '" Kan'"
I p grades and bad curve have
nut been culiductl v c lo last Lime,
but with the opening (' ihe new
coniioutlon hy way of We J, it is
expected the running lime will be
materially reduced. Telegram
Well Worth Tivlac.
the breath of Ills
It's a sigmticenl fact that the
strongest animal of it's sie, the go-
Juaasia Miller Kttliai ti Sarai.x
W II llrow n the popular p nsion
attorney, of I'lttstield 'l says
"Neil lc a good Hlisl -n, the Iss-sl
thing lo gel i r. Kings . w lib
I'lllr ' Hi ttiile. they keep m v
faim'y iu splendid heabl ' 'iiuA
cur for headache coiisiipan n and
hillousneas Ja- at
Citv Diuk
.a) a Saratoga l'iwlt h in the
New York orld Joaip.ui Miller
1I1. poet of the Sierras, ha joined
Iii family al their collage here.
A friend who asked the poet to
go to the races received this reply
"Piano, piano
softly. '
-I th. ...en here wear shiu- y01"' M Mf "' "'" ttl "'"
llig patent leather shoe. The ' Jl"1 u cabinet and r. pair shop
luLut iifMuru luuif MikiikM fianrlr lir:iWti '
lw nv.w w, wVa.v aja-ajaww - (
(J W. C'levenger ha the uiocl
. -1 tensive and well ae lee led atock
of wall paper vr seen in thi
county. The variety and deatgn,
ar well a uality are all that one
I desire lie I also receiving
1 oe line of furniture ud baa one
of the neatest furniture ditplay
ever een
The adverlieing uierchaut 1 Ihe
una that doe th business in lbe
day of puab and enlerpilse There
are more newspaper reader today
l ban ever before III ihe history of
the World ill newspaper plade
your business under the eyes of the
buyer He see what he waul
and, knowing where to nod il, look
up the wide awake merchant wbo
asked him in com aud see
bin. Success iu these day of
sharp competition call for eternal
vigilance Vuu 1 au't keep a buatler
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