The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 09, 1906, Image 1

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    Tln Olllrial f'aper nf llnrm-T otintv,
htiR the lurni-dl i-i r.olnt ton anil is ino "f J
, the IihM aOfOfMalng ini'ilinmo in Eastorn J
,. a.
tm e$-
a . .
2 f ht rtl Wdiitfii Country
Covers an srss of fl.-f.'K.sni) arrs
land. 4,781 .con arm
tn nrtrj niiii'T ins ii
ibs tiiitiii -tt.-.
ime Wlinycomiw 10 ne n.rt Trii
iy a cumin s.ii--ih uur
He continuso, however, by slat- THREE NEW PACKING HOUSES
ing that the country tnerealmul"
would not do for dry farming.
Ilrstton o July 4lh.
Plsst MwMm Alter Oat at St. Jat ssd all
scra Fscllltk Will at laitalM
-Opt Saaa a P.sslkl.
i vlail of lr. Jumps Withv-
I .,...,
In in nurtiK iiuritiK me week 01
I in conduct it flintier insti-
Dboold Imi apiri'ciiit' il ly the
oh in general of this county,
illi-sa of their vociition. Mui'h
funning in thia county ia
xperiinentiil to a certain ex-
lull few renllv farm nnnn
tide line- not I lint il takes n
i ite friuii no agrioultoraJ iml-
B" make n furnitir. lint thnl the
Dajority da not unilnrstuiid
iitiitinii ol Mil la hiiv iiirtir-
iilaflb mi An iuiiiIvmh m'tlie noil
Bmi'v I'ounlv hn- lnni; lii-eti
Once in nliont five years, he says,
good crop could be raised without
water becauae there ia a heavy rain
fall about that often. Because a
wet season, such as th- present one,
in umiHtial. dry farming cannot be
carried on successfully, but the
pumping plant installed by Mr. Tim Journal nays: Work on con
l.illard has solved the problem. Hni, ,, ,,; ,),.-,eninsula packing
anil not only bis place but thou- ( ho(M ,, lot.kvardp p.ntl) wiu be
sands nl acres which have been ta- mmmm wilhln th, nPXt .to
ken hi-in the past year by other U lf ,.,.,,, ,,!,,, no not ,.
parties, an- t.. M put under water. pHrv Th work f rchitecU and
t ..a.. I.n flnim ...
mr. i ' i rnyn iiim -" ' ""'": muMm-ir- m i-umii b-teil mill rverv-
at a cost of about l IB an acre and lnn, JM in rPminp for breaking
that it will make the Divule die-
!! , t i. ;t,i fi rsimin aao
llooa of the BsfeW valley. Thia
district is located about nine miles
north of Haines MM three inilen
There in plenty of w.-iter In M
loiitid in Itahlock slough, which
gfOMMi. The pit. Icing-house dis
UioJ has been laid out for three
large plant, in tie built hv w1ft It
Co., Armour it I'- . nml Nelson v
Morris The J oaf I has received
ali-nlnti Iv niithoritative niVMDD
fr I he MM I hut the Portland tri
ple plant will be patterned after the
i Mini with "iiib men ns Mr.
untie io visit iik personally,
tin nittuiul I'oiiilitiotiH nml
Itmii; note the iimiiiiiit of pre-
,liuii or investigate the MM1
. -
mount ot iirlilu-ial irrigation,
hen give iiiHtruclions ss In
ration, il will menu numb to- '
Improving and atimulatirMj
will milk- ii great natural reservoir pll(.k,n- nouae center at Ht. Joseph.
when dammed up. The ilimen-
siciiis of this reservoir will be six
miles long, (Kl yardx wide ami frinn
six to I'll feet in ileptl, I he
Missouri, which employs ",(HHi m- n.
iiiHiiiling sloekynrds employes.
:; l'n , who handli-H the rall
rimil problem of Swift Co.; H.
The Old MaM's Poeot.
ORKCiON, II NE -J, 191X1
"Tell me not in idle jingle, mar
riage ia an empty dream, for giii MIRMANNS TRHI
is dead that is single and thingv
are not what they seem. Iife
real, life is earnest, single bleeaed
ness a fib. man thou art, lo man i'n
returnest has not been spoken
rib. Not enjoyment and not aor
row is our destined way, but lo ac
that each tomorrow finds us near
marriage day Life is short anil
youth is fleeting, and our heat
though light and gay. still lik
pleasant drums are beating wo
ding marches all the way. In II
world'a broad field of balib. m U
biyouac of life, be not like don
driven cattle, lie a heroine -a
Trust no future howe'er pleat
let the dead past bury it dial
Act, act in (lie In ing present, heart
within hope o'ebead' Lives of
l, lion IM Kf-iimplUn nl I nit J
I'rssd MMj in rM Slalf-'Maf
lst all Is Jslt.
I Hlllllg,
lirn! ni- I ill Ibis
m -ro -- rr .-" orv
m x i iM'n. Paiin
w luias. Yics-I'aaamssr
tit 1 1 r r t
w,er win nave a .an o. lour innne. (: , ;,lri)I1.r Hr(.,lll(.(., ,, ,lg1Wf
in Hie nine nun witiiin tneinxi tlli i- ., i
year it is said a number of other
pumping plants besides the one of
Mr I.iII'itiI will Im ilriiuitu' w -i I i
ili.-d funning in Um llm.i.-y - ,. ,
ii'lll thir iiiiiui in iiuin
Timi-H llerahl bus the assur-
Inl I'r itl.vcouibi- h couillie
Ii tt 1 l-i- iniiitite will btfjia in
tj on Jul 8 .lii-l what the
im will he i- unknown to the
but Inrill people Will help to
the in-titm- not only prolitn-
11 pleilJ.lul lo ll IMi-IiiIm Willi
i;int,it;i' nl tl iiiortuiiity
live hiii h valiiulile instrue-
rhere will be ill least one
i um .mil pinMiblv inon
bitnil will be invited to purlin
Imh soiiii- vocal muaic with
Iv otbei ImIui
With'. fulilbe I- lit I be head
Agricultural ilepartuieiit nl ,
lln-gon Agriciilluriil ( ollege
i , . ...
Im- I ii inii-l iiromiueiit III
llture iii thin hi.ii iiihiiv
lb- bun I'ouitucted many
In' hi varum piuie of the
will, iiiiirkml Htiecess ami to
tli l! bi-llelll nl all tbllHl- who
MvaataJJl of the Hurting.
p-iitleman will be in this
In lor several iluys ami will
vmit varinui- portion of the
25.00 REWARD $25.00
NotMt 1- b" Ml hv niven that liuiit
ing and shooting upon tin enclosed
land of the American Land iv Live
-'ml. I'n Incaled in townshis
I hi H RMMJI II I and t'lwnahlp
N S, I, M. Harney Co
Iregoii (belter known lis Hn' Trout
('reek and (ninny Kancbes,) is
irietlv forbidden. Any person a
I Innnil Imnliiig or trespasn
iug with 11 nun 111 their posession
mi nlinve leiribec iiropertv will
he prosecuted In the full extent nl
the law A reward of 'Jo is here-
lb-red for evidence that will
lead to their arrest and conviction.
Ami no as I, asp I l,i 1 Sloi k Co,
H V. Ii. Hn 1 Ranch Majumi i
Will Locale Timber
A jolly crowd of women arrived
Wednesday for the purpose of loca
ting I im '.Mir liiinl in this county.
They are from Hoiiiiiiiii ami Alier
deeii W iihhiiiLMuii and there was
and II thorough iiispe.- ,,, ,.... ,n the parlv. (i W ( Uriitam
lib. -ml and growing cmpi- ,.ci.. 1 1.. .1 ..
- 1 wu.g; in. " i'IVIiih (,, iii fcj ill
I'hev bail from a Umber country
wlirn- the lumber interest are
pnramnunt and they realije thai
the timber laud are aluable pro
"" perl and that the 11 of a
guild iuarter ei turn of limbt 1 1
worth i-liorl. It 1- the aame old
-lory of "vou Iiimi mIm the water
till the web run dry." They have
MM vut tracts of land logged off
anil magnificent lorerts dinup-ur
ami they MjpMMMt lis value.
Thursday evening a dance was
giVM at the town hall and a most
il ileliver tin- oiatioii 111 this
Ii ,iul 1, luch IS llliothel
II1.1' will be ai'preiiateil by
iilni -
TimOt llelalll 1 Nlillil
lion lo all Harm uiiiil In
turns daring that linn-, assur
ion a profi labia as well us en-
1 1 tit.
far a the nriler knows no
ti lilun Im- been artaimi d bT
irgiiiii.atlun of the slock
iatioii, but ii it generally mi
ni amOilg stork men, thai
will be .lone at that til... At ,.lir,(ll mv.ution extended t them
I- , hoped that those .lui u,,,.. h,.ct,le,. A1 ,,, .,
II gt tOflOMOr daring UM Mil ,,hii..lea and staled thai tbev
n of tine. M four days ami if ' y , 0lwiB, the most iilea-
ll.iKe a l.ellu nielli .iiuillll.a
ri.uiye b-r such in tin imiu.
inline. Tim Tunes Herald
sugKt-sl that Ibis ii, alter be
Up at inn 1 and M m range a
ami' In in ike .. i.tliou
iiiieiil at a lue.-ting Hie first
Hut' lull. 'I'll, mora stuckuien
sunt recolli-clniiiH ol I'ruirie City and
remember their trip to inlunil Ore
gou as a most delightful on.
"rairie 1 i M
I olluwiiiK The l-'lag.
an I ea maiiiiirer n Ihe
Si m pi nil of Swift ,V Co.. left
Portland for Chicago two days ago.
after making a t borough iusieclioii
of even detml of the plans drawn
and tin- ground that il to lie occu
ml 1 bey have concur
red In praetli mn feature of
the plan The Swift plant, which
Will be lh h--l llliiler consttuctioii,
Will be mull u Inn; p , I ml nut
fur tin 1 ii- r. si In me nl three plants
and n plant to be mde-
peiid. 1.1 and at rye ea. Ii uiie
-par. iii ii lb w linle aggregal ion
will be built nil (In Ii ulh side of
the pomnstilu, mi ground lying
along itu waterfront opposite Hay
den Inland 1 be i king-hou.
district will slretcb nut between
tins point and Maegly Junction
and hi connected with the track
of the Hill ami I luminal! lines, mid
with deep water transportation that
will be secured by dredging
1 1 Will be the luinpielesl and
moat modem packing district to
the world The lalett improve
ments from every packing plant in
llie ii ' will be incorporat
ed in the Portland plants. As near
ly a iniiy be advisable the Hwift
plant to b. immediately construct
ed Will b. in. .deled alter that COUI
B .1 plant, uini the others
Will billow stilt
William II Duughtrey, president
of tan Portland (Talon sto:kyarde
company, returned yesterday from
u three week trip of im-p.i linn ,,l
the Imi stockyards in the middle
I ben tin industry has reach
ed the highest Hiiil of its develop
im nl lb wsiicil Chicttgo, Kansas
City, Ht Joseph, iiuatia and Hioua
lb- I " ards will be used
as our model. They are the beat
planned yaid in the couutry," Im
said. 'Wo. will ultimately occupy
Qt I" mn At the liegiiuiiug
we will 001. struct yards coveriug 1U
acres ami add a blink or two block
at a turn- .,- ibinaml warrant 1
wish The Journal would say lo the
birinei and -im kin.-ii of ih 1'aoi
lie iiurthwest that slier ibis season
there will be a u.urkvl in I'urtlaml
married folks remind us we can
lire our lives aa well, and doporl
ing leave behind us lots of kid In
about and yell: such example ibsl
another, wasting time in idle -p.ui.
a forlorn unmarried brother
ahall take heart and court I i u.
then lie up and doing, nor ,
the battle yet, still contriving. iill
pursuing, and each one a bu-l-und
get Kx
Olker Allrr Tklrvc.
from w aal Ingl m
' ' ' I i et th llermsnn
Mills slluwing n
i .bin, Im -.-rved lo
nt's for r.
i land frniul tiial here
lliinl, of lb. Montana
I Cuiirl. who wns to have MUM''
III will iiowlik-l'
iming, ami il in n.'l
olwible that Sjctsl I'm-
H will be abb- I
1 .'.ill I it' by Hint
! tied i in- trial of old
p nding n wbnii Mr Honnj i In
' i ii,' I likely lb it
i ' ikon up until .
i I :,. . tragi ii indictment-
t lie i man and IImm ponding
l I Bl lb
I nnell and oUwi nrn
lilts, whii b w.
, . i .
in i h i-tti,-t tttonx
will probably Im. taken up first, ami
'the.telnv il Y 110 .oft.,., wi!'
From the billowing article pule- .
ion nn tin n
Halted in the I'laindealer. H
seem that cause for actiun .i lb
parl of sin. km. n everywhere I , ml
the country of horse ami cattle
thieves hi jiisliliable 'Tbe Waoi
ern MinIoc Mock Associali. i, t
a reward of MOO 00 for lb.
of and .. MJ MMM
stealing or- ,; any slot k lie
longing to iu iinuibi i of ib. -aociation.
There can Im- n
tion but a large numb i . i
and horses nn- annually stub I
prowling scoundrels fnun thai and
other s.-i tiuiiH ul M
UOJ ' arrival
In tl 1 1
A i-liinglon
i i limb -"'i-i'
'I 0 hat lo .lo It i .'.
in Hi- . nl II,.
. l.iki up all civil ami
- . i ib.- docket
nml il bill ..I
n-p. o
t I hi
aiiiul rand la bki fnr-
lllj imule bl ihe
i of ininnr im
Man -I tbe inor. OOf
H ' popular
In' most in-
ithai . rof lieen
ihd I 'i W bit.- I'ileclric
i I in 1 M These
i . limit
.ol -u k and
nml when ued
trie Hair
H i . ii Kuaranteed
urlv in 'J.r
mis of these
b.ell ".ill! ill
ii.. I m.ui, and
i mill incrcas
I '- are rspidli le
i " llmg the nibs
oil sell on sight Send
'i tallies'
(Ol i bile we are ill-
I'be lr While
' W bile -:ie.lric Cillil, Co ,
ill. Ill
muled lo call
H A I -.diniii, lliirns
Dg with the
irdon I
im. , . i ii.i ..ti i
W Sol In it Your Banking Buainnaa.
i I- Ki-nvon. H Alexander, Rstab
Miller. Frank It Cortin. I'ho. ruri,bi:
I. -aac t.v -oac- -ue.- --ana.- a.- -oa.- . .
sowiso oinncc, sataiersiT w. si acowct
n a cowocm, MWH
first national Bank
A (icnernl liankinu; Busiiu -.ictctl
xouiliy, ly t,, I . ilel.le.l li.l.r. -I o. I....I
our wrd a,lv,-e,, M ,,re ,, , . , . . , ,
justified in lining In any length In ,.,,., .1. ....... ...... -I -Ill
, . .. ... -.... ....... .. nm
ml the eutiiili ami (be worlil ol
i heir preaence."
U. ... I I ..
men w n piu.ui, , tne ranges am , ,, , , , ,u , , , (J as I horn- win. pl,,,..l - fc-
a Il .j uil . I. m J....ll.... . 1
............. mini iHisiiorma, aim .. , j ,,,,,,( ,.,,(,
Ibv Star
i ,
il Mrseta.
Bakery in connection.
A SpctMlIt of Short Order.
i I i b .i.ii thing
I Vottf patron-
be oalh . ould pro) il
' i I. fur it i
should be dual! with just as sey. ,.
e gin
eminent .- not .nl i ef l iMiim lb. ss .
Ir. li... ii,l ilil, mi I,,,,... , , , ,,
AmmicAN ii i
Fire-Proof, Modern. f:l uit.
Rates fa.oo and $j r tloy.
AM Outside Rooms-- Near Depot
This in.,. bin nrvs Intel vy.ia imi,
publii'. Ilarnej t 'ounlt rnpli
and coarteoual) i ired li A in -
LIVERY BARN IN CONNECTION. to have coiumiiti.l
crime or even attempted to
view Kxaminer.
An Alariuiiif Situation
When our
take an int.-i.-l in ioriuing ami tin PhilippiuM, health w tin
uiiatiuii and start it oil with
m. o.ii.rsbip tie- b. iter
..n K.Jc.ul.J tl-mi Wilb l'uinp
It Ii the OOlllliUtioii o! the
imping pluiit and irrigaiiun
fur all the hogs they can raise. If
soldiers went in Cuba i".y Ugiu now tbey can have a
MM ol hog c.ijiHig on next
He Mid th.-re will U- three large
was reticent concerning details of
most iinpuriunt consideration
illis T. Morgan, retired Coiuuiis
-an iltgnml C ,1 A., of Rural plonU "' 1'ortlaod
Uollt. I Concord. N H , si.-. 1
W in o years in Cuba and im. ") I'lui. carried ..ul, but
Mind tbe lit-t plant would h
piiralion .,,. next
..una f r i be I m,.i,
- in the riiiiipnines, and being to cold. I t.,k Mr. King's
31 iii the Divide country, where N' WM0M l'--r (Junsumplimi, "I" ' -
I'hich kepi me in perfect health
And now, in New (lamp-Inn
nml il tbe beat nil . mine ii
d eu.njrunl road crossed the
uy tbe Bokoi City Herald,
llllll re ope up nelule thai
kuufBakei alley which pn - wnria lor oougon, cubi. i.iochiai
trouble and all lung disease,
(iuuianii etl ui City lrug Btora
U) uiak.) it lb richest farm-
uitrv of Klstelii Ol. Ill,
Il I'ark.-. ga.uc ward- PHm Me nod t'l.UI Trial
I or, who owns
.in Mm in that district, is
city today Mi. I'arker says
Oooofnor exchanges advertise
p.. i. . plant are in
we tbe b,i r Ulul are
i ii in ,i ,,l. ui M
It 1 u d tbe pack els Will UOt
wait lor Um i MHplntioN ot tlit Hill
buttle UnM t . the paninaulOi and that aat-i.-t'ui
loiy ti riiiui;. luciilt can be u.ade
with Hit- llariiinaii i .uupanies to
deliver tli oontrootioo inaieriala
within a b it dnya afur the work-
freijlleiit'y resuils from liegl.
clogged bowel- and torpid lii.
until I hrui
I'bi condition is unknown t,
wbu use Dr King's New I. if.
tbo boat and gentlest regulators
Stomach and Ituwels. (.intrant, i
by City Hrug "lore I'm . .'
The many safeguards we pt
against possible offOf, snppl.-iuii
ing the extreme i ale with wl.n Ii
we always compound srei rip
insure the positively ac. in
KH. II I M'SS ul all ine.l
pared at Hoi ton's
I . -
VANTK: Agent, II
Salesmen. Clerks and
bo want lo enjoy a good I
laUK.ll to ei,.i Kk b.r I
Agenls ' oilb 4 H) to any p
son who sell gissl for il
If not satisfa. in ) mr i
back. Circular lor stamp
lr While . i.
tur. 111.
il l , (sissible in
Itu u i ii it tbe grand
- will Imi. lla haiuls full in
loh.d III the bull nl
'b - II
for. Tel. gram
Is in
," lots , In Im
irtu In" go. u Ian
natural ntoadoa In mi
rm mil a
Idle Lull- n :li
tt t i i r .
I i otir patron- Z
J l
"!Ri llowetoM Nen.a.
14 J 4 'J -J ' r 1 1 Napton . Boyd I
m! j leil Estate. Discs and Di'iing.
D Je , e BVOagD
B?Cg H X 'l,,,,T,l l,,4"'i iaau... A
'" liUtlo irfR.e
al lann4nV " jafl m
isn a ami rtsiL co
M.. I.J . 14 ,-
Watchmaker and Optician.
Second door north of post office.
Jul. printing I he Tune. II. M
Lilian! iniut was coinnleted u cow lor sale n follows:
r and inniped water lor blooded cow f..r-..ic. giving pg, ""'"' ready lor them. The Jar- time oiilo the bei.-i : .
land .
tin lditi. ol Mi l.ulurd to bave ..lii.ii bad the gr. -a tei re- ol nck coi.slri. lion, including the
iiater from the Italdock for u...tey.,i aaUt boaav, ; 0Ui"i-ioii building. This build-
l, onto JIKKI acres ul land which we never Mispecled Lira mouient "g in ihe Portland plant will pro-
ibri e loo ul I . a lot uf chicken
and .-ei.i.ii ItOVOf " While We
ger part ul ihe Swift plant will be
buill uf brnk Too St. Joe plant is
recently was given over to that she would branch out into the
bmoh nod cattle. Of this junk-shop business. And she full
I, mm Im b'HI acre. in urain blooded too! I'lim-wlle II. view.
is already knee liiiih. ami
, . . m m ".I U I ... ...... .....I
i .l.. l.. I ...,i;... ' biKIt Uut I nit the aateti Incu- uw iwai auu
,i,iei Bino inni lie ihdiiiumi j
there will M an MonUnol crop btor' "uw ,l " OOUi a lamp
r !.... Il' 'l' al.L i . . :. U
III nil 111. pl.t, e tin
See W. T,
Smith about il,
bably be constructed temporarily of
wood, and later succeeded by a,
brick building In ths St. Joe
plant the ciiuiinisaiou Uuiidiug has
otlicos. It is occu
pied by tin- loinmissiou tirus and
Burns Vttrluu,) UOMOl business that are I
OOfriod uu directly with the stock -J
yards and packiug houses. (
The greatest of
modern-time helps
to perfect cooking
Used in the best f a-
ilifs flit world ovr
The Finest l All
Ivr Sale Ualv at
Hotel Burns Bar
A ents, Burns, Ore.
gTH 'I,. I Hr. s l'uinb.,1 (Jrogjon
1. L LliWIS
nillk (IjiI is laraian
la an)wac gaalriaK
H kis HMdMJM
Bum:, Oregon.
CeOse Xlls XIccxd.q.3.artoxfS
Wlnes. Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool Table..
Club Rooms In Connection
uccitaoa lo.wuao a asm
Blacksmithiag and
Waon Work.
Main St.,
Burns, Oregon
Benicia Hancock Disc Plows.
oCiiktistsas jAtwiraim
IMct'JLQIe 1 STOME bOO 8onU tor
Ooautiltii InVkio Llat
Doaiaiiu. fjk IM C'roulara.
gfifl "S,
juauuiufvui;. cv;..
Tooth and Disc Harrows
Thomas Disc Drills.
Call and get orices before purcha:
C. H. VOEOTIaY, Burns, Ore