The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 07, 1906, Image 1

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Th' ?ine-!Hrrnlft
Th Official VftplSf.IUrnflB,1
ha tlie 1T"I circulation ami if nt of
tb hsst ailvertisinf mi-llrn m KiMotn
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vol. XIX. . .,. iiftnv
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MimU "
ST", caewie fiwrnrq ejotmtra
l)lntrr ii
I 111 I int..!
ri r
r Ihe i
itnl suit
LNNINO BIO CELEBRATION tempt, to Krt . branch
Inn 1i EeotaSn Orai,t,Bt
sour citiien residing near Salem
EENS OF BUtHS AND FAIR SSO- Invoked th oeraStipAir la . lb
4sA Itiaw Mill r fai !
fSSs k lkll
sjbfjf sita? i hi
eonrt an. noctefl ibt tfift lit ti
thoriiing that institution. , ,
The approved practice seem, tot l Ii HttJ L)
iu .- ii .i . ...
im hi iimiiiw me roriKiitunon wnen nt Oftttct M la rsMHj
; it pleases to do so4 Uj disregard it
h tt per.-, g-ould ane
looiifiiruii n oomaiasja mora ,
Vol TkM adniiairtion ocJ
law it vary lai-ia in tba tame oon-r Mro ,n
ditian aa that (rmim wlm-a VratrlMa tW LaSJies
Burn Romeveii a re line tbavadaiii.-iiaadj)ni tba
4 .i . t.t. - lJinB T .2l W IDlX I t t
have one m me paimi n n . w uwkjbi mww. nwy.'nmtnafraumi
celebration in ita history even in thin campaign are hare san- I of tba Club .with
Tin,e-Hraldi not advised as "" r Ute traawuror artualy UVraWi f$H, I
. i ..! : : .i '. .. . .. ....
hoi la "" '" mi iTtr oi a iw iu unuon to one feature which in yoor
irrqair U torniag of laltM kfAat arliflianiotj omitted to mention
n lastllaM. CaaaactH by Jaaxa
Tcaak. Nra Ratrlaf. Atktotlct
Tkrce mt Paar Day.
th" plane made at a meeting
Ihe stockholders of the FTarnev
tv Fair Association last wd-
lay arternoon mature
qWtie. and one of Use ihMt in
f ihewe thathm ever swom
Hiithil IV WTte KlertYr
JWCMLC r6mb, pUir.wd Jsn I. 'W These
fwoetful Combs ioaJjvelv urs
daAsWui). hair tolling, out. ajck and !
hsrtoos hsisjohrv 4 fhsn usoii
i rank IriUt Vt NMMt hist trio Uir
ftruah am aoaiUvelv mnnsjri l
w LMmkmm Jaw.,JPJMawBMbJMk - aa,'i,,w"1
k taalte otraight hajr curly in 2."
days timv Thousands of thsso
slwsUic combs hsLre bsso sold Hi
tksft rioa eitis f tW I'sios, and
sort Fs ctwiwtisntly ittcrwis-
MfN Toil Mile
allotting space to
ub, but as
yet some
flrnbo obitcU
referenos to the
desire to call at-
particular program,
of a bis time.
was suggested by some of our "l'"1 lurtds into the state trsnry,
wneri present law makes it a enow I la atari a
for a public officer to racaj ve fciw)r I qadkon
est on public funds' Tha geM fti tkjs totTei
interest, sratuity, diw ,,r craft thrt a
.sst April the ladies dsterminsd
tat I mirai Cm! Pas will CirHW)
Krt4 It ffssit l SI sll I rnlMt
-IsMs aawM at Sar-
i men who attended the an-
meeting of the fair association
the business men of this city
ritb the association in a cnle
tin tor tbe -it ti u was re
verv favorably and tbe dl- what make tbe office of elate treaa-
ri ot ins association nave oo """r eo iai. t loiaiion oi me con-
to give the use of tbe grounds stitution is what makea tba aUte
now? Violation of that law i
sve Mi
vs volumes of juvenile
one of
we voted
BaM Times-llersilil has il frtni a
felishle sonrciMhut iliecorp" i-f r'1
fowd aoglAeers now working oi. t
fhir agents are rapidly tia-1 J ii,- between Hae Hen and ih.
Pilrer Uteek seotion are ftndlng it
I if not notttwlv Imposialbls to
it the grade deelotl Tliin may
anan th ahsinlnampiil nl iliii
i. . l.. . V .. .V ...a..
arocwrrnrniem.j ins it niie)fou altogelhrr ami another nur-1
The- Th While Electric t'wmh ('., vev t the n,)r,,
lecatur, ill. Sim. iI.h f a saata
-,.. -J - ou( tbnuuli the at tin- head
ngii.'.h sellina Ihess combs
j ixioitively sell oo sight. Send
pi. Mens sis Mat U'hew'
Je (hftef nrfew.Whih we gfa in-
ice lU n
Oi.tai '. 1" lotfl in l.oeei . I" IwM
n i I g,.-"tl Isnd a
part idoa l mile
- uiiiininVPil . 1011
avrc- a ill pie
,' nl wild grass slaiiilmg.
Iiao i Iiuiik mill gtHMt l.'ii. ! l'r
ticilare csn tw- olitained at Una
i -in nling The, Tunes-Heal. I
(took On " t tha ssfi Im i
MHM MM il run- eilli. mt a lamp.
Kee V T Mninl. nh-uil il. Hums
trt (mi
V. Ill 1 Ml l
Ttassirm ef feeer . ",
have mif an asslgmiirnt
'of Kmigrant freek ha- bM hroughl "" '" -'"P ' ""N- '" '
i .- (,t nw , ....I M.', .iHaattau
inrjiln" I.', n.l Hk(4 el Ktt
to mrl,,nrge. it has cauaed nitons eftn . , , (J ,,.,
idiJperXShi lMJS
Bace course free of charge on ! secretary job so rich tbe eoosti come members of this library
rlar of the 4th and devote , luiton intended that the tee allow
m ever amount of money raised ed should pav fur the clerical help
ir husinass men to prize, in tbe office, but tbe legislature
gB and eipense of the celebra- pays tbe clerks and the secretary
B that day Ihose interest- iiocket the fee
1 circulate a subscription and So what's tbe use of reforming
witb the directort of the as- the phases of the laws if their en
iVAiun on Saturday. April 1-4 at forcement la to oontioue to be
B time a program will be ar- merely a matter of pleasure or fa-
H vor' Bend Bulletin
Tiw times Herald has heretofore
rrat "otioe upon other towns of
uot' that Burns intended to be
m the entire Harney county
paying 25 cent a qoarter. th
making it possible for any bay At
Mraoraln con-
VIBt WW lilT"
m . tr k m A t
..... . m . . wi . m m it n.iiM i .-a i ivmbi
a irr the tnetit ol their creditors, I
TlIM,.. ,, . " . . vesligaleti and if f.Niii.
alllJ Uiir slock of iiieriilieinliiw '
vJwwi ... ... j . there is liltlf donlit of
;gther With sll ntttSM and aocount
I'V rmili . ii..- o On
WisS lliein
. . .-.... . .iliret lilt-en I. im ar.l llit-ol
lol(re l tirtv glrrt. thai Hie fwate
I tnl will nvslve xeslv.l hltls ua-
i m ..ii Mm I, Ma f.r
( Hi lull.. wing ileacrll-tHl
.... A. ...
"HN p Daly. i'
I I 'Aftt. fwla,
First National Bank
Special attention Riven to out ef
town customer)
If you contmpUtc opening .t b-nk account, we
hull be pleated to have ymi either write us
call in person. All inquiries cheerfully answertcf
Oldest and Largest Bank in Harney Gouty
tba railron.l
ill i.. ..1 - ..r !... .rr.:. ..t '" '""' i"t
. , 1'iniT-M hi i iinigc iii iiit- 1 1 is 1 1 tii
gul to lcoms. member. "" lh'e A(in ,lld WNB1( j "' - '-I -
further voted that all moneyed I U)lW4ii u u ting ... th. ,.,,
in by children .hould be invs-ted , i. .irouW necessary ar..u,l ll. Il, k
in children Inviks I uuotefrom' . i Moiiniain c.nintrs on tint r.mitt ....
" i in at wat ta t'lnain at i nwm i
Whereas, tbe Saaratery of Huts vt the
stale ol Orasoti ban notified me In writ
SBSH 4 and Is dCetrOOC to repeat ,n. thai t the l.rovisiou of i.
Kain and imprea tue good ct eotulfd An Art making fTectiv Into bait way of reading, or pre
H with the fact that tbey are "a Initistive ami refersnUnn. provisions veotad them from cultivating the
tha President's address, read at tb
business meeting. March l(Hh 1906:
"With our juvenile library ws
arc particularly wall pleased We
have chosen tbe most interesting,
insttucliv and elevating hooks we
could And Tb lack of good books
for the juveniles in our town has
doubtless driven many children
and invited to psrtn i't
of Met lion I Artit-lr IV ol tliv t'ttoatitu-
ti.ui of the State of Oregon, and regulut
reading habit eo essential to them
Mwill give value received for ,, .,.,,,,. lhKMon,,., mnA ,.i,i,... ln fu,r Ur l " can place with
Knd boving a celebration for penaltie for vIoUUom of provision of i 'D their aaay reach a class of liters
Ariner. the slocaraiaer, the this act," approved February i'4tb, lt, I ture which will win them back into
K. horsemen and all eoatniiMee of rititen of Clarkauaa right palba, and atimulate in tharo
a already been arranged to "'y.- . iK; w" u-f'ir" , a desire for good books, Tb Ladias'
. . . I Saaa tbafaal, duly Bled id Ins ofB.-e on .A . . , .
Bt a farmers institute here j J(1MWy lM6 , 101ll.lM. p.UUoB AfUrooou I lub will not havt- l.ved
t date Ir Jamee Withy- conuiniog TTOl slgnatoras. properly el-,in "
bead of the r i periment sta- Uched to a eopv of aaid BMasorv, eertifl- Last Thursday a number of
coiisec'.ion with the Oregon ' "' rdauoe siUi Itt, dsaModiDg , Udles mat and organised a Moth-
ISMl Collageat Corvali... I '"" " '. r77 L.i VZ. " T. -h ' PP 'i""S
lytfortb. .hall be .ubantted u,tb,ial" e juveniU library. All
Itigal voter of tb Slate of Uregon lor 'u"(1 collected by them sre to a
their approval or rejection at ths genvr- paid into the Annex, and are to be
al .-lection tot hel.l in aaidstateoti the invested exclusively in hooka for
make payment at orrce
R I. Sabin, Assignee
SBn.luct this institut- This
Hrovs vary instructive and
Psl to the people of Harnei
iibtf who canuot afford to miss
o pp .rtuinlg of getting informa
c frt ii a acieitlific man who has
i4csil culture a lift- study and
ill. .lay of June,
in ln. lont:
Now.'Tbarator. I. (iwa. B (uan,b. cootribuw H J bava tba
the flrat Monday , young people. Ix return, all
lain, Ooverutr of tbe State of Oregon, n
a I .ich tune to the practical obedience to the proviuom of aaid act
aa 1'r
' . ..... .1 LJ k t ..
ri ,j . m i i wt -..ri... ';.- i..u Barwuj
inanv oi int-nt- iimiiiiiira in
privilege of reading tba book in
tba library for a period of one year.
The Afternoon Club i working
to give an entertainment, and hope
with the proceed to buy mors
book for tbe ua of tbi public
reading room in Buma to which
WANTK: Agents. Hustlers
Salesmen, Clerks ami every!. .l
who wants to enjoy a good hearty
laugh to aend 60c for "Tips In
Agents " Worth V to any par
son who sell goads for a llftsf
If sot satisfactory your money
hack. Circular for stsmp. The
Ir White electric (' Co., Deca
tur. Ill
Human !., u.i rtaras.
I ml n g eurvsyed.
The Timet Herald ha found
Hubacribe for the Des.gnsr. n "h" '" U,u,Ur wi,U ,,,n '"M,"'
duoad to ft) cent a year Schwam, r "f ,,, h,"r""1 (r"k ,l"",,
Budlman lh'1 ,,"t" """l !- ' e. y that th.
route i feasible. The article in i
recent ipSM ' The Tine Hral(l
regarding this iiistt. r brougbl out
a general discussion among I1
pie and dleclosi
and favorable feature to thi route
i ' ii of Burns rh-uild
take an inter! in thin mailer and
take pain to aecme a much ml..r
iiialion as Hjilie It now hxiks
iiioet favorable con-nh ru 'I
that the line now lieing
- mt proving nalofactorv
Ml M.U mmi lie iii'cuiiipaiiieil dy a
otfiilm I na to pnr.-liaaa in ac
it I in. t ttiili i lie law for the tale of
i "li or iherli fur
the full niiio.inl ul llie pure oftei.-l
N t.i fm lea Iwaa Ii M has rr mil
ill r.-.l
1 1.. akjM m rajaaf any a. -i all bi.U 1
re-. mI
pplicsiion and hiila nhoald be ad
dresastl t-. Q i, llroen, fieri Stela
I. in. I i o.-l. rtalaai, (iresnti. aotl inarh-e-l
' tpp'.ieal It I to pun base
Ussfsp i.i.
ii ii u. -
i Isrk Mat land Ifciard
Itrtfr-I Iliii '-", I. I M ... I I am
A tale of horror was told hy
mark of human blood in the boms
of J. W Williama, a well known
merchant of Mac, Ky He writes;
" Twenty years ago 1 had savers
bsuiorrhsges of tthe lungs, and was
near death when I began taking
Or ( 'ing'a New Discovery It com
pletely cured me and I have re
mained well every since '' It cure
Hemorrages, Chronic Coughs, Set
tled ('olds and Bronchitis, and is
the only known cur for week lungs.
Kverv bottle guaranteed at Tbe
lss Use Star
rim .
Main itn.l It -r
Oraksry In connsetion
A Sscvully ( Sberl Orgen.
.1 iiiLh LlculuiUaV
' rv -Ooev r trisr-rtsrrt
W Altl.MlSH Itmii'M I -lot
W, Joaa..Vtji k'aasin.wi fMsM
lnt !- i I'.M.I ..ii 'Iii... I j.. ,i
W Solicit Your Bipk n ? Dustnes
HTCKH0I.I'I--K -M. Alexanl I'
C T. (Teh von'. IT ATetand
Mllrer. Frank ft. (iffn Th
isav iJsl' -vaovv g, v teao
i '
K-tate ..
Tor- i.,,i;
H Teet.
tb mark, i .i!.,i. Vmir patron-
Wagoner, llie chief engineer. a" "''
City Drug Htors.
Trisl bottle I
Wltbvcotube bas
aV m.. of .1 ln.Hi.iu. i ml '"U'- lhU P'HUmaUou to tbepeo.
B pis ul the Stale of Oregon, aanouucin
parts of the .late the lU ,. VUUimiUm , ojUmu. ul
tat his servioes are in con- (la.kama Osaajaa, Uragoa. f W.
maud during vacation lime Kero being tbe Cltairman of aaid ooni-
Harnrv countv is now in a ' "s nled said iuiliaiivs petition j w can donate our fine collection of
Hf development and is fast '"' "' "'' nuwhw U uatur i m.klIlg ,, nut..Ui mboo,
. , , luerwiu aiiatuau, iiemtiiuini inal ti.vre i,,l
t from uu exclusive stock- .,,.,, . ...,. .. , " . .,..... "'"ctl
aingt. ction into agriculture r u,v etete of Oregon for tl,ir approval
say the older resident have or rejet-tiun at the regular election to be
Ami money experimenting '"I'l on the -Itn day nf June, IISJo, aaid
r crop, low to prepare ' b",' " nr Monday in said
. . . inuutb, a bill to propoae by initiative
Auid and what l beet adapt- ,, . ., .vY,,,,.
" petition a bill entitled "A bill to propose
r dlherent Soil Mile pn. i., m,!,,!,,, ,,,., . I.- f, , .,,
in.tltution le intended to oilsbiusnt of toll ou tbe Mount Mood ljrorslve sbeep breeders, is spend-
V am h work. It will not be da- "" trlo Hoatl. and provi.Ufor the '"g a few days in town this week.
ISdajoirelx to agriculture, how- pu'1'" "' ibe aa by tbe State of i Mr Cochran slates that be has com-
BsBYbe stock raiser will also nU " U" Uuor mD1 '"tl "' w,,ich n-od lambing and the out lKk
in urn i i. iu uiroct to awssalary ul
aiw much inttructtoo in tbe Mate u. purchase lb Mount Uoudaod
and handling of slock , barluw Koad froru the J'aoifl. AbeUaet.
itiou to the usual palriotii uarauty a Tru.t Company, the own-
, boree racing and other ' "'""' '" sum not rxoeediuK old register Dalau.e ram sheared
S'l UU III n.l In Hli... .,. IJ .t- I. M
Lis celsbration will havt ","T 7,7 ,"7 Wm UO qU1Uj'
ijfcDV ttelure tlie l.t dv of SMit-nlr . ..... ...
nctive feature of Im-ii.v in- .TT r ' wool uuu sleo slated Ifjat ou ol bis
in live leaiure oi oeing in- piotp ur .. ,,01, aa ,Blu ol ..v k,,;.,.,.
...ii a.;.i . 1- -1 . .. ... - yearllUK sraue Oalaine bucks uro-
..u ...DUw... vocvrry ..-...... ..rrauv upon me Kiate irea- - -- . . . . ' aeaawaSilJlradltUr. ai.J .ve a.u.,.
who attend The Timee- aurer payable out of any otooey in tbe "uoea a noece ol wool Welgblug a 4 u, utpayer I'oluit-al n.
was . . I. .1 here l-fore thin
il is learned that he ha Iteen .1.
laved bv tbe inclemency of the'
Wt'ilhei and I. ad ro.ul. t'e .I.01J.I
take niivsutst: l.-.m 1.1 I.. 1
ter infnri.i oiir.e et. aa to ihe at In
al eondltloMaod poasibililiasof tbs
route up Kmigrant and also Willow
0r-. k Slid diliriiiiiie wh.ther one
ban advaulagea ovei the other It
Would Hot be I "llilv, to get
OO or two local men to go -ground,
t like elevation-, nheerve the
lie, make mile of the tl.i,'
. ' : I -
C : ?m
MOWtSO araetf eat urn,;
a a r.ijiotei
first national Bank
A Gutter! LinnkinK HslMN I rwrrincf w!
Ii hue I ci.'
, m. . . w"rtuwwqs in vi 1 en
public library worthy of
tbe name may be gathered.
lasts lag tb Slrais st Sat
Emmet Cochran, una of our uioat
is promising for au excellent good
par cant H- bas also sheared bis
grade and thoroughbred bucks, his
and II 00j paaarai character of the country
and other features that have any
bearing or Hitet.-i 10 Ihe lailroad
III lll.ll
III ea I.
idvi '
' 1 Irsvel, poet Mlgii.
I arul lei e sample of our g.
lHaUrv 4. 100 BSf no .nili I
j pel day for ex.iie ROTAI
SI Ii I , fjg li.pi H Chicago,
HBT L-" Spf
Si '
. m
m I Tool Co.,
a. Maaa.e 11
ti K.uUi M Htmwi tfi, KM
"Tits state printer anould sveii uu-
lope tbe people will rem """' ,UDU OI l" MaU' Un,S- u.a
.......I ,. -I.. . .!-..... ......i -"""i'i"i.ii.iit..Ui aam jar uociirsii bas lor a uumber of
. - ..-- ... .u .r,.u corporatioa lor the euaa of tH OUu no . 1. .1 j. .
Itbrwe da, s ,u Burn. .1 that ' .pTa-li ui Ue, ad heitr, a. !"," "T ! ! Zl '"'
It will mean much toward I Stale of a deed eoovevios to the Slate ol ""T '" "" "" "'." !'"
mcement of t hi lug ooun- O'eauu aaid road logeiber Willi all hp regardles of price U has
be profitable to all inter- "'""' ""'"" " priviiega of every ajwav got llie oeel, and hy careful
kiud and ciuvracier prrteiniax ilteteto, breeding he bas improued his flock
"1 T" "."" "" '" ""' "J " I lo very high standard, taiual to
collVrted I, I .e alal. .11 loll. .. ..' ' tt.o.o, vtuaiw
kiud ua character are to b. atatiiabed "' ttock '" Kfu Oragoo not
aud aaid road froe lo tlM uae of llie pub- ul,lv hi be improved hi own tiook,
be- but baa been a great factor in up-
Ooit at the lapttol at Kateui lut buildn.r: tbe .Ualii of sbaep iu Una
r..l. , ..t M.A. A I. - - -
"i uaj u. I Utu.l J a. I'., lava).
I -i" ' HaaiSBai .i.
I r
gaed 1 F I. IH'SBa,
Seal 1 Swrelarv ef Mate.
kutfca row 1111 laws?
tor liars no tuiataua to eagag in
ploit.og lli oil ice aud au nl.t x,, a
iliviaion of iu euioluoiei.U I 1 ..-.lga an
.-.. ri..ii.ical bu.iueaa Ilk adiuiiji.traliuii
Willi s lioaiway
"Mr l'umea 1. a brainy man. a
broad maa, a upruylii man 4 lean
atau." Sanest Bte team an
riarald will make!
thi a Imrgaiii month ... lue wy of WO umt ,0U,M1 Ur Kluw m "'
subetriolion- ...d l,. arrant I Filta baal remedy .he ever
lO gll. Itie .-. li.i-W.eklv Si JxMJia
f the use of a constitution-
milioii for Oregon? Our
law is somewhat anti-
It ib true, but il is pretty
disregarded an v way, so
nothing lo be gained by re-
lb formal phraxe of that
liii-truineiit The -l.ig-
lon was abrogated l the
lit lo ihe federal conatitu-
le limitation upon lb- pay
jflicera la acarcely of the
if a joke tbeee days,
lature enact "Mat aalarv
irelv in the nl uoiiStl-
prohlliltion and even the
the supreme court a ill su
lfur hidden pay. How many
it Oregon give any heed to
libiliuii of indebtedness iu
'$5,000 Why are not tbe
kiyersity, soldiers home.
ritullursl college aud tbe
ohooU located at the state Dr. W. C. Brown. Dentist. Office
tbe conatitu tiou reg urea? in the uew stone buiidiug north of
years ago there was au at- tbe Post Office,
vicinity, during the past year be
bas sold about o.OO of the high
grade buck all oyer Oraut county
Monument F.nterpr.t
A Lucky
Mrs Alexander,
of Cary, Me
Light and
H hJ wsar 14
Watchmaker and Optician.
8econd door north of post office.
Buino, Oxogron.
j The Finest of All
rar Sale Ugl) at
Hotel Burns Bar
A ents, Burns, Ore
gtWl'- '"' 1 hns l'itnhiitt-r Portland, Oregon
1 1
irte CAiVTER mouse. I:
1 k AnaKtCAf puan
Fire-Proof, MfKlern, lilvnant.
Mates $2.00 and $j $o per ua
.nil 11
All Outside Rooms Nettr h-pot -.
Tins modem new Intel wus iniK
and c.iintc. hi.Ij rared for A lirsi I i,o.
lloieroM Narros
. rH I ..s
1'isnaa. A
j. 1 'iiimh oatee Niw W ilaoa hriafc.
Napton &. Boyd
Real tstite. list i llilr.(.
ll'-u u .11.
iwjiui 111 in . in
II Nlm pat up
arrt-ara and one war in advance to
rbe Titnea-Heruld .
rs who pav in advance uiti
reosive tin.- great seui
tried for keeping! the sluuisob. liver 1
aud bowels in perfect order You'll
agree with her if vou try these pain- !
anliKuib- ouriurrr- mat iniuae uew lite
fcl0 . t'uaranteou at f be City Drug hlor
j rnc zoc.
weekly newt-paper and family
uiagaxiue in tbe I'uited Htates.
Tbe two papers one year lor $2
for this month only.
It is interesting to note that for
tunes are frequently load by t
invention of articles of minor im
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