The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 10, 1906, Image 3

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    Times- Jlerald.
it t AROtrr circhi.attom or
intimAmK in tuts courrrt.
Thfi Overland ii the popular
te! in Burns.
Utubdat. march io i
Local News.
wanted at tho Overland
Igniter Hamilton and wife.
over from Harney.
I -ooking for snap.? See Schwarti
A Rndelman's ad.
Alfalfa at Over Comntln..
LadieV v.lvat topped shoes
Hsrlne. Co.
W T Hill bee been qeile nick at
hia home in thia city.
Street bata at greatly i earing
prices at Mm. C. A. BytdV
Hoof, n v. pickled pig feet and
i: .... .1 -. W J U.l.u 4.
;" " - - - j jM. ,ik, flndir,t
V- i Bndelman's coat Ml
For Hale. Baby's high chair
... . I under thu rnA-igeiiti' of the old
time -nloott matt, Caldwell lie
Would hejbeMern o h tve Ma I
oall at'd ore him.
I hereby announce myaelf a a
oandidate for commissioner of Har
ney county, nnhjeel to the decision ,
of the democratic voters at the pri
marie Io be held April 20, 1906
jr unaerr-airw
A Co'a.
Iriflin wit a vUittir from Nar-
lliix week.
Aslos ehoea for men and old
cnmlort hocs . Fred Haine
Fred Br"! crib Inquire at Schwarte A
! Riidelman'a.
Remember the 9t Patrick
Friday night at Loeher'e ball
Roth Commissioners Miller and
Beet were in attendance upon court
' thin week.
C W Loggan ia now assisting
Assessor Loggan in lifting the Ml-
-4KM. city, March 6, to property
Campaign ofTer Oregon Daily
Journal until July I for 12 See
John McMullen.
A private letter from Canyon City
announced the arrival of a ton at
the home of Dr. and Mra Rrownton
on March ft
Mra Homer Reed, a daagh-
cribe for the Deeigner, re-
Ito 60 oenta a year. Brhwarli
II. Rrown, the Mianiond
lari. snout several days in
l thla ween fw mr(. cuatom made gar-
will he aaaured of a good merit for men and boya left that
Itid a comfortable room if yon I wifl ho sold for oaeh. Fred Malnee
i the Overland when in Hurna oVCn.
:v.nk i..iu,).ii baa rnturn-V Ralph rlvram. lather ol Mra vt .
r linmn in Si vim after u l. Nier.ian. ia
. ""w " "
my .am aa a cendhlete (or
ceamMoner on the IVreoeratie
bell ueket aad pledge f rt"' "n
the office to the heat of mv aeiltty MT
Lnna raak.lana in llarnav t'onnly tia
Horsemen should aee the pedi- gpm m9 mn intimate kw.wle.tge of the
gree of Fillmore Chief the trotting awsdeot its growing popelntton aoii le
atkllion 1 talent reewaresaand t will at all
eer l-i
Re, n-l'
V tmnee alrive to act with the idea in view
J"lof swlwedlnstlng pecsonel Intoreeta to
during Debttcaood Aa a member of the conn
ty mart I woaM try to make ay poat
ttoa known on all sabjects before that
Omc- K. aa nmnlal aetum at all Uaiea.
' Jam lAVt.
over from hia
viait with friends in thia
rowers are invited to can
hie W A Goodman. Rurna
terms for aharing with the
tut he has ordered
H Benedict and wife, of
Canyon Creek
to the latter
home oo a visit
Im, Waah, were
by Carmer A
For Sale 8 acres land
(gunranted). can file oo any
less than 16 acres. Add
Oriffin, NarrowaOre
Hr Maraden waa called to I .a wen
located on thia morning to see the family of
Mhaw thia
'Out Out the safety Incu
it runs
T Hmiih
lice Hau.illon h.m return
from the snuthern psrt of
gry and wife are going to
owa ne it week to occupy their
fgVd Mrs lisary has been
'Hhouh time I'm in ituprov-
f llawley alout Ulluiore
lie llinroiii;liii'eil iroiiinir
He will Htsrid thia aenaon
ir lt.iiiiiiIi-
inlitf a pr.uiiiiifiit ul
Raker City, ia here on
Mr Wmfreo was a lorm
rtiierof circuit Judge Ham
R R Hits. It was feared they
were suffering from scarlet fever.
The Tima-Herald has printed
ithout a lamp, petitions for the candidates to cir-
hnut it. Hurnx lCulate inorder to be placed on the
primary elrction ballots
The card of K N Hmitli. a olvil
engineer until recently in the IT 8
Reclamation service, appeara in
this issue Mr Hmlth ts now per
manently located at Vale
Fillmore Chief, the handaome
thoroughbred stallion will make
the stand at the fairgrounds in this
city this aeaann. Thoee interested
should call on 1). F. Hawley for
Married Yesterday at the home
of the bride in this city , Albert F
Htilaoii and Mrs Clue Parker, Jua
tice Jitmesnn performing the cere
mony Tbey have the heal wishes
..I The Times Herald for a life of
Jamaj) Mahon was here a few
days thia week, leaving this morn
ing ill company with County Hut
veyor Jordan. Jim says his daugh
ter, Miss Pearl intended sending us
oata butter oupa to show they lived
in (ind'a country, but had neglected
P C Peterson spent a fe
with his family in thia oity
the week
Or W.C. Rrown, DenUst
in the new stone boilding north of
the Post Office.
I hereby aeaoanre my fell a candidate
Robt Rixby is here from the big tor the nomination for the ofBe of eoaa-
stook ranch of tb American I -nod i ty ladge of Harney County. Oregon .
A Live Htook Co - Io the deetetoa of the refrnMieen
i voters at the primary election Io be held
O. W. Clevenger A Co have re ,, ln oth dav of April iwrtt;
oe'.ved a big lot new furniture whloh , Should I receive am-h noioinstion I ,
the public should oall and see. make a vigorrwa. and honev
art rempaign and
If you wiah to be located en a u aiorted will qaallfy and pleii(e my
good homestead, aee F. M. Jordan, self to give the office my very bi at ,
the surveyor. teaUon at all timea ami will ! av
ver managing the aflaira of the count
Mr and Mrs Chas Wilson will go Bpoa paraif boaiaess prineiplee at a'i
to their ranch near Dog Mountain times hewing to tbe Hue letting the
neit week to look after the aprlng I chips fall where thev assy.
.l Wllboat casting any rwnecliooe
arm worn . .... , , . , . . ,
ethers, I believe It la the internet of eco-
0 I' Newman and bia niece, Misa ' noay and good roads to divide lh oain
Mary Lucas, were over from Crane j J eesalUr rood dUtrirt. an.l will .(
11 lBI. '
in at Wmrv aM WAh iai
WaV I . Rvetatvr
Br -Txm's Cscsli. S' ore.
tli iiiiimn I .iwtis, BiitMtii, Clmnbrnys. Silk H i ttcd Tf$,
D - Mic. Dimltie. "lullifs. Nd finghams.
I). AlUititnts, r-i'ncf"; in Bbtk
1 tn'mini;, m the ! t .M.ililf. iiul t -lir mfk1
t I -ifsi--rri. V rk r jn rr first ctlSS goods
Wo w HI b :Ut to sntl earn plea to our out of town cu.tiom ra on rtquaat
we I,.-.
i . .
llmW' I an.l. r Jin . IRJu.
i .
i -
4f-t-& m Oa 1
saaVV HZ yiw
Creek during the week
of friends.
the gueal
elected favor a diviaioa of mod district
Number 1 so as to iaelnde lrew.- and
Pine Creek precincts in one rood dia-
O J Darat was io tbe oity a few "
days this week He has been in
I am in favor t Rood r.d aale
' A - - - mwA ! (WnlFBi'tlllll ttlllnVIT
the Trout creek mining section tbe pomihW .,, wort ,, (W,orn,.llon tbere
paat winter. J or, all coo tract to he let to the loweet
Ike Hchwarti will leave for Port-"'-f " rd -
bond . bet believioa we have cnmMlMit
land neat Monday where he foee boilders In thU cooaty would favor
on buaineaa connected with hia boeae btddets where possible.
mercfciitile establiahmnl here i "" "T
t ha
i lalmlPi
KIT- w. nl
W H Riddle, an old lime resident
of the Hlein Mountain section is in
the city. This offioe acknowledges
a short call from tbe gentleman.
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for comiasioner of llarury
county, subject to tbe decision of
the democrat voters at the pri
Davis has returned to his mtttm u he held April J. IWHI
.uvXr.ll., 01.
. ib,
v.. i m
I l. lit. .
added to mv slock of
notions mid ladies apeoi-
iin-oi Homemade Candies.
live orders for them or to
oall and eamplc.
Mra II at in Hnatie,
Harney Oregon.
tllaue left tbia morning
pme In I'malia lie nau
iuitc Ihikv amce tun n -the
Iewia and Clark fair
had charge of Harney, mid put n.' many
f luiidermy fur liK-al
lieaidr making iniun roti-r.ili.-n
Ilia work is first
rerv particular and highly
kradeu & Geary have dia-
huerebip Holb will oon-
praotiue innlnioc here,
I 'i Maraden remaining in
of the old liim and lr
II i.roupy offices in the
Williams building on
I. I b brm has enjoy -
ty lutrulive practice anu
i been niisociated for sev-
Ibeir relations lieiug
Alfred D Cridge, district organ
iser of the Woodmen of tbe World,
ia here for the purpose of re organ
iciug tin- local camp aar i rioge BdJ VU Ul
NJia an old-time newspaper man iMiaiueaa ol
I. K. User had the misfortune to J0 U'0. "V"
liaalnaaa ol Una "Mow
gel a pieoe of steel in hie eye tbe mty u lWoeisteoi miiii u,e sfficient aud
FOR HALE The following fur
niture at the Carpenter residence,
at reasonable prices: 2 oak dresav
ers and waahslanda. S chain, 6
latupe, 2 oak center tables, 1 oak
aide board. 1 oak I section book
oaee glass front, 1 iron baby bed
itud mattreea with drop aides, 1 ba
af high chair, 1 large mirror, 'i
toilet sets. I Viotor phonograph aud
M plates
Geo Waters took his departure
for Weiaer, Idaho, test Wednesday
morning, going nut by way of Can
yon City Ha waa called out by a
'phono mesaage announcing tbe
d.alh of t apt A W Waters, tbe old
pioneer attorney who waa formerly
located here. Tbe inauy friends of
the doeaaed will be aorry to learo
uf bis demise. Tbe Timea-Haraid
has learned none uf tbe particulars.
I........ l lla.ti.u aria, atnaimH 1 ..a
,...... mm ......... .. r, .....
aevera) weeks here aaaisting J. K
Wallace and taking a courae in
Win. Nevis, who baa been spend
ing the winter with G. W Hbaw
the timber oruieer and real estate
man. baa returned to hia former
home in Wisconsin
L N. Htaii ahi
The Taxidermist,
Nulli I Ol I l l. I I I I I Ml 1
In lbs i. .i nlon
1 1 1 lit ,. - I' . I . I
lU-d eatale
tiiai id.' in I aaM
" al accoual lierwin,
and that II' ip Ii ' I ! mil
J edge of Harm Iteeama, iia
MMMw the ll March. IWi, al
!h. I, ui if Ian " tin. .
and t IgM "the It'liR",
Main naajB), aa the plana,
for I ..ins up
n.-l iltt-t
. any obiertraw
llial lln-i ii. .ii i . nil account, Hi
I I I I 1 1 I I '
I Ml '
1 bora!') iuumiim myself a casdidal
for tbe offioe of County Judge of llarn.
C'ottnty, Ore , anbjerl to the choice of
the voters at tha demoi relic primary
April (D, l00.
If elected 1 will endeavor to discharge
lite datles of tbe nflloa imperially, am.
Ing to give tbe whole people a 'sMaare , mi(m ,. Im , r1sn -1( . ,,MM
deal i uu-Jucltug niyaall aa a aervaoi . - ,...
of the people and nl a totd ol any la
lion I will Rita ooneianl attention t.. esseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea aseeea aeeaaaeeeeeeesa eeeeee
the deltas of l In- office Imlnu ever rrel e
Iraaaect tbe daily roeliua of hnameaa j
ml mi.iiiil.,1 Hi.. landa.'iii'.olr,li.,o
"itiirdaaud iiiimili cnl from beretn
the lnla and i Ur. fair, la aaao.
I in,- ItiiriiiK In" elai lie aill m.
iweiniens for ant l,.,,. .ir. an) Mai oIlB '
ragairom akiim ..I nut annual , f,,a
mm alanji nvtnw and at iwrn, m.
engl.t IsnOQ lbs, ac
ii.iv and a
1,1 reea t bis
a F YOUNt . f
ivjj. j: i i
lYiedt Ol ell'
Butter and Egg-.
Lard, Tallow.
Unch (.(Mills
I wrythlnir, on lunnl
uaiiill kpt hv nil
flmt claaa miirb
For sale M rcsorKle
Prices for Cash.
' "ttUI'llUJtalfaRaMeaRRRwSRaM
11 ' aTsaMBmaw
KET. ?
, be "out of loam," when I
n. Ii nature 1. to be Iran. '
ill eondnct the
ically aa,
: :
! Burns Flouring Mill';
other day neceesilating bis calling a
physician. Tbe steal was removed
without material injury to tbe eye
sight The dancing public will please
be on baud at Ixjcber's ball
precunei annum. irauon oi innmo a
lairr , looking always to ths welfare and
beet interests R' ths ptMwSi
iao. I'. II .'S'
J I'. M:.l.a
I hereby aunouuoa myaelf a can
next didate forjudge of Harney county
Friday night, March 10, to be ready subject to the
to receive Ht Patrick at midnight, cratic votere
You will find good music and a held April 'JO,
jolly lime tha entire evening
fi. ......i kilaal aimakla. .at
1 1 hereby am.eunoe utyeelfa can-
having if efle, t upon tbe .now botJWUu fof rf Hmf(r fJ-B
it ia a very alow and unaatiafaotory obj-cl b d-cWgi of lb Nill,.
way of gelling rid of the white nan- . mfn pHuimtim u
tie that baa so long covered the .j AK iwjt
valley Htoukuieu are getting an- (' W limuwtn.
ilous to turu out
fully khiihiI in fi't 1 1 jiii lii uhii mill n
sHjjivicnt iiii'i'iln ! tuiily tin
jni a radio a ''' mil in I '
at tbe primaries to be '
). f.-. All Kinds of Mill lied alwaw on Hand :
Til ttMi -MLM IAIIET mill I'tlO MIR birt Mil I.IMj
nur :
Reserved t i the
M. M. CO.
Ei A. I r, Manager
( Hiiario, On m
: Good Seed Wheat for Sale
J A Veal, a prominent skeapaaaa ' I hereby auoouuc myeelf a oau-
of tbe southern pert of tbe county 'didate for judge of Harney county,
and former stock inspector, waa a subject to the decision of lite repul.
yisilor to our oily this weak. Hi hem votere at the primaries la to
reports hia abeep doing well hold April iff), IbtN).
While here Mr Vest waa initiated I Iiiakt
into tbe Kebekab lodge
There will he work in tbe ascend "'"J nuoouoe myaelf a cau
dsgraeby Hurna Lodge No 97 A f -i--4 fof -- ot lU,,,m' cou,,lv
A A M on Wednesday evening, ubject to the decision of tlvsrepub-
March M nod alao at the regular - "n 'l ,U W " -
. ..uiinuuicaUon on Saturday, March b,d A"nl ,w
17. All Master Masons are invit
ed to lie preeeut.
A C Wati.cot.e-, Hecy
his will Remind You of our
ikon of Partnership Sale,
ild change the name of our aale, but w
could not reduce the prices.
e advantage of it now,
oo Good to last much
nger, and it won't.
Wai.tkr UaAY.
I hereby announoe myaelf a can
didate for treasurer of Harney oouu-
Wm Miller and Wuj Han ley look ty, , object to tbe deriaiou of the
their departure yeaterday otoruiog rMblicau voters al the priiuanee
by private uonverauce for tbe rail- u, u m& April '2. Itf06
road. Mr Miller goes to Ontario W. K II
and ale on private businees aud j -
Mr Hanle will likely inert other I hereby announce uiyeelf a can
point, before returning. didate for joinlrepieaerilaltvi 4
One party of the railroad survey- "-'"' W4 --Ibrur cou,.
ore i. now camped st the laland i" '" ' ' i'1"" "f
raLch and working in lb y.c.nlly ---- Jjj "" ... be
of tbe Embree bridge We are in-. u"ld A'1 m .. M u
turuied Uv uiKifi4Mrat tvrv uiitklug
ItevA .li.a..,l Bmamaml HLm.AAl. Uilt Ia
, , i hereby auuounie ii,.f j can
s.Ke Hen I here are . men lu , . . , ..
this perty ;didate tor ah.riH ol Hum. v county
suojeel l" live necialoii Ol lue oeiuo
Cbtu.Johi.aon has bought the c4Uc vori l (m( pnm-rlr, lo i
Burns Meal Market from Hank ! j A,, , iVob
Keltou and Eidou Johnson (baa A K Kn
ia uow in charge of the bueiuees but
as yet baa not douaed an aproa.
He aim ply looks on nod tells the didate for elteriff of Hsntey iunt
uuetomers it is not tough steak subject u. the devision of the repub
duooees to you Chan. 1... voU,, .. m ,;-,.,.. i, i .
held April JO. IMUtt
j V'
Gtvcs the greetea dreyee ol ante
IsatUua because w Low. right.
fj Style, dtataviaai, aad pcaWt bt in
every geramaw.
Don't pay U a am. al our cbaiie
uniom you ate pcrhvdy teutned,
Marchaat Tailors, Chicago
oaocaa TAKJM and
SAatl'LfJa iitoWN BY
All ihr latc.l .tylt. si . hi
utr In k Ii.
I'uaweUm ii'H.s I 'but iela
alylr ujMm applk atutti Alt sieee I untiles
ktcnvl I -Vitasu
lllMf'HlK "i.u- iwsaw.
a - - ....;.
Senicia Hancock Disc Plows.
I beredy aunounce tuyself e can Ffilit. Vtf ItOttilbleSf Soft Drlnkttp COllfOC
tlonery, Clears and Tobacco
Olalo t, Burna, ocegon.
-J-aaf aTawmBa- it i r - .
i kW
M H bttaRTo.s
Jobu Kobioeon was in froat bia
abeep range at Clover Mwaii during
tha wank. Ha inlarava ue the
abeep are doing well, although tbey - aJaw.BO myaelf a can
lost about 200 bend duriua tbe bia didate for aherih of Harney county
anew stonu Tbia, boweeer, waa ubist n-RlBl i- rnpub-
uot a vary heavy loas considering L" olr', tb" "" " b
the uuutbar tbey had and the on- - Auil M, Ibwo.
usual weather W. Y Ki.t.
. ' '" ar ' w'r'V ev"R,,
f "ntaLe. OroiaTCia Hotel
AH TOY, Manager
Pir.t'rlaasaccoaii.ii Gallon, ail!
reew). fny frteoUsito .. win. htej ueaia
liurua. Tsblss'nell Meals He l..
Tooth arid Disc Harrows
Thomas Disc Drills.
Oall and get orlcea before purchaaing.
C. He VOEGTI.Y, Burns, Ore.