The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 01, 1905, Image 5

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Swifts’ Premium Hains at the
Osborne aud Acme mower* at the 0.
C. Co. get their price*.
City Meat Market.
aprii , i
♦25,000 to loan on first class,
first mortgages on improved farm
1 property—apply to N. U. Carpen-
TtmJX»' ovan was down from his i ter. Burns, Ore.
■onotslB ranch this week
Wm. Hanley took his departure '
Dr. WH Brown, Dentist. Office f last Tuesday for Portland where he
ipatakvtn Yeogtly building.
was called on business. He will be
Matney was in the city absent an indefinite time.
,y from hie Emigrant
Alfalfa seed, Alstke clover seed,
Timothy seed, Red top seed, Turk­
Notice is hereby given that there
are funds in the county treasury
for the redemption of all warrants
drawn on the Road, Building and
General funds and registered up to
and including April 1, 1905. In­
terest on the same will cease from
Fresh oysters at the City Meat this date.
Market 8»'ceuts per can.
April 1, 1905.
D alton ,
The O-B stage has been arriving
late all week caused by the stormv Treasurer of Harney County, Ore.
weather and very bad roads.
♦25,000 to loan on first class,
Burnt. Oregon, March 11, VAX», t
first mortgages on improved farm
Notice is hereby given that the following
property—apply to N. lT. Carpen­ named settler has filed notiee of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim ai d
ter Burns, Ore.
that said proof will be made before the Register
J O Alberson and family were
Mrs Robt. Irving, of Harney, was
the guest of triends in this city down from Harney Thursday.
Thursday and Friday.
The O. C. Co. know no competition,
Newell Hall was over from Warm the old reliable.
Isaac Foster was among the visi­
Springs last Sunday looking after
tors from Silver creek this week.
some business affaire
: kuav .
Call tar Ceaatv Warrant.
,ocal News.
Messrs Parrish and Beary return­
Miaa Ag nes Ward was the guest ed Thursday from a visit to the lat­
of friends in this city 'I hursday, ter’s ranch bringing back quite a
returning to her home at Harney number of valuable specimens to
! add to the bird collection
i The city Meat Market will deliv­
1600 will take 160 acres of good
and 10 miles East of Burns It er 50 lbs of ice free with every cash
waa a choice claim five years ago. order of beef amounting to $5. The
order for beef need not be for one
See Lewis
delivery, but delivery to suit the
Harry Cary, Carl Riley and
Chat Arnold came over from Drew-
Archie McGowan informs us that
eey yeaterday. They report the
letter received by him
roada in a very bad condition.
states that “Grandma” Martin has
For aale— A modern five room
left SanFrancisco and would spend
dwelling, in centre of full block, al)
the coming season with his mother
enced.¡Rood out buildings. A snap
I ill Portland.
if taken quick. See M. L. Lewis.
The Wm Hanley teams and men
J. c. w elconieJr. has purchased
again active this spring clearing
the reeid slice property of Mrs Elma
Jones ill which she now makes her ilnore 8r°und °f sa«e »»rush and
home and will take possession as I seeding a larger acreage than here­
tofore. Mr. Hanley will test the
•oon a» she can vacate.
sagebrush soil very thoroughly.
Will R King, of Ontario, attor-
Married—Last Wednesday even­
ney for l’eacock mills of Miltoil in
the water suit brought by the mill ing, March 29, at the parlors of the
company against the settlers of French Hotel, Henry W Welcome
Walla Walla river, is in the citv and and Miss Hattie Bartlett, Rev.
today on legal business.—East Ore- A. J. Irwin of the First Presbyter­
ian church performing the cere­
mony. Only a few of the near rela­
The Carter House Barber Shop tives of the contracting parties were
at Ontario, Lee Caldwell proprietor, present. Both these young people
is one of the most elegant tonsorial are well known in this county,
parlors in all Eastern Oregon. Hot where they have resided since child­
and cold baths with a spray bath hood. Mr and Mrs Welcome will
connected Lee’s old time friends take up their residence in this city.
are invited to call on him while at The Times-Herald
joins their
1 many friends in extending con­
Married — Wednesday, March 29, gratulations.
at Narrows, Mr. Richard Haines
A letter from Henry Hamilton
and Mrs Myrtle Curtis, Justice! to Fred I.unaburg. dated at John
Gerald Griffin performing the cere­ Day March 27, states that Wm.
mony. The contracting parties are Phelps died iu that place on the
well known residents of that section I date of the letter and would be
and have a host of friends who join buried at Canyon City the day
The Ti mes-Herald in extending! following. Deceased was an old
Here’s to you | time resilient of the Stein Mountain
Frank Johnson and family ar­
rived here from Westfall last Fri­
day evening and spent the week
visiting in this city at the home of
C. E. MiTheeters and other rela­
tives. Frank informs us he sold
his stock at a good figure and after
visiting here a short time will go to
his old home in Prineville
1 action therein pending wherein the said
A. E. Brown and wife were in the j
A. Sweek was plaintiff and ^aid A. .1.
city a few days this week purchas­ Gardner defendant,which said judgment
ing supplies. They have again re­ was duly docketed on the 3rd day of
March 1005, therefore I, the undersigned
turned to their ranch as Mr. Brown Sheriff of Harney County, Oregon, in
wished to get everything in readi­ obedience to the commands of said
ness for the lambing season which Execution, will on Monday the 3rd day
' of April 1905, ut the Court House door
soon begins.
in me
the vivy
City or
of dui
| ' in
iiwv jparuev vounvy,
1 is not the clothes that makes | Oregon, oiler for sale at public vendure
the man, but gee, don't they help, to the highest bidder for cash all the
though We ll take your measure r‘^bt title and interest of defendant A.
Trading Stamps given
Agents tor McCall Bazar Patterns 10 and 15 Cents.
Sewing Machines Sold on Easy Terms.
The best mouldboard plow is the
The best disc plow is the
A full stock at C. H. Voegtly’s.
Died—At the family home in
thia city, Sunday, March ?<>, Otis,
the 15 year-old son of Mrs K J
Winters, after a long illness Otis
was bon: in this citv and bail spent
his entire life her* where he was
well liked by his little playmates for
his brightness He bad l>een suf­
fering from heart t-onble for more
ll’ith a wondrous showing of fresh Spring
than a year and i. * condition hail
Goods in every department, we are [better
been critical for - one time. The
prepared than ever to cater to yoar wants.
funeral services were conducted
our line of Summer Dress Goods, Allover 1 aces, Tursdav afternoon 1 ■■■ Rev A. J lr-
| win of th* first Pre vterian church
broideries. Corset cover Embroidery, Ribbons and The in tlier a..-I -'stars have the
immings. You will find them to be the most com- deep sy mpalhy "f »l.«-ir fri. nds in
this vicinity
ete and down-to-date stock in the city
Standard Merchandise
bls continuous residence ujmhi and cultivation
Jones and Sant Motbersheail |
of said land, viz J. 1*. Rector, Lloyd Johnson,
Receiver, defendants.
W. A. fattersrtn, Walter Clark, all of l.awen,
Notice is hereby given that pursuant Oregon.
W m . F a it re . Register.
to an Execution in foreclosure issued
from the above Court on the 11th day
of March A. I). 1905 in a suit in said NOTIC E FOR IT Bl JC ATION
court wherein Chao F. McKinney and
James A. Sparrow were plaintiffs and
Burns Oregon, March 6, 1906. i
Noth e is hereby given that the following
Louis Wouldenlierg Sr. ami Minnie
settler hag tiled notice <>f his intention
Woldenberg his wife, Alma Jones and named
to make final proof in support oi liis claim,and
that said proof u ill he made before the Register
Sam Motherohead, receiver, were defen­ and
Receiver, at Burns, Oregon, April 11,
dants, and wherein plaintiffs recovered viz: II E. No. 1103, of Solomon A. Gibson, for
thi‘ Lots 7, S, Sec. 23, Lots I tttul Sec. 2G. T. 25
a judgment against defend ints Louis S , R 32’> I . W. M.
names the following witnesses to pi<»vv
Woldenberg Sr. and Minnie Woldenberg his lie continuous
residence upon and i ultivation
his wife, for the sum of Three Thousand of said land, viz Newt Hoover, Thomas M
Gibson, Fred Otlejr, Jr., John Oard, all of Law.
Dollars, principal sum, $448 8b accrued en. Oregon.
W m I wtitr. Register.
interest, 10 per cunt interest on said
principal sum from Aug. 29, 1904, $190
attorneys fee4, $25 50 coats and disburse­
ments, U|>on which judgment there was
paid the sum of $2143.09 on Feb 25, 1905,
and w herein the defendant Alma Jones
recovered against tbe defendants Louie
Wohlenlierg Sr and Minnie Woldenlx-rg
his wife a judgment for the sum of
$2500 00 principal, $388 11 accrued inter­
est, 8 per cent interest on said principal
sum from (let. ♦>, 1904, and for the further
sum of $•►! 50 principal, $2 90 interest«
$170 00 attorney fee, and $7 OO costs and
disbursements, which said judgments
were each duly enrolled and docketed in
the Clerk’s office of said court in said
county on the 15th day ot Oct. 1901, am!
and wherein it was further ordered and
deireed that the Mortgage of plaintiffs
Bums Or«’gon, M bh h ", J'«o.’»,i
Notice is hereby given Ihat the following
Chas. F. McKinney and Jamea A Spar­
named settler has filed notice of h ih Intention
row and the mortgage of Defendant Alma to make final proof in Mippo'tof hi«« lain». and
that said proof will be made la-fore th«- Register
Jones each be foreclosed and that the an«l
Receiver at Burns, Oregon, on April •
property hereinafter described, Ireing a 1906, viz li E 1112,of < 'grvneoT < nr> for I be
NW. NE1., l ots 2, 4 7,* 'J ai.d 10, Fee. I ■. I
portion of tbe mortgaged properly in­ a . - . R .a E . W M
names the following wilt»« s—s to prov<-
volved in sai«l suit, be sold in the order his lie « ontlnuous
residence uja>n sn«l < «> 1 tl • ation
mentioned in said decree and applied in of said land, viz J F It«-« tor. I.bird lolihsoti
W A t atterson, Walter < lark, all ot I mw » ii ,
satisfaction of the judgments herein­ Oregon
W m F arkf , Register
above mentioned in the order ami to the
extent mentioned in eaid decree , There­
fore pursuant to the commands of said
w rit.
I, Tom Allen, tbe undersigned Sheriff
liurna, Oregon. March 11,
of Harney County, Oregon, w dl on Mon­ Notice is hereby given that the follow ing
day the 10day of April A. D. 1905, offer
to make final proof in <*n|.p«»rt M bi« • lalrn.atid
for sale at the court house door in the that said proof will *»e made iwforr the Register
Receiver, ;»t Burn«. Oregon, on April II.
< ity of Burns, Harney County, Oregon, an«!
1M6, vli'-ll F. No lUSl.of T horn no F Arnoht
at public vendue to the highest bidder for for the F.’> ‘»I F.',, **e« . 7. T Zl M . R M E . W M
He name» the following wIlro-M«« loprove
cash in hand all of the right, title and hla « ontluuoua reaid' n- • upon and rujti\allot»
said land via: Jamr* <’ Bartlett, ow< ar
inter«-t off defendant« Louis Weiden­ Arnold,
L < Bradfield, Util»
Miller all of
berg Sr. and Minnie Woldenberg. his Drewaey Oregon
WM Fl RMS, Reglafer
wife, io and to the following d«‘»crii>ed
mortgaged property, to-wit: first IxMa
4, 5 and 6 of Blork 42 of tbe second addi­
tion ot Burns ; Secood South half of Ix»t
ilk Lime Stir
2 in f>l«x k 5 ou what is known as “Main
*treet’ in said City U Burns together
with the bnildingR and improvements
China George, Proprietor.
thereon. Third
Ixda 7 and 8 aod east
Cor. Main and B Street«,
2D feet of IxAs I and 2 of Block 29 of tbe
let a^idition tot)*ecityuf Burns • «gather
Menus at auu hours
with the dwelling boeee and improve-1
menta theieoo, that being the order in
Bakery in connection
which raid property waa dei reed by ti»w
court to p«e euki to satisfy said jodg
A Specialty »1 Short Orders.
mente accruing interest, < oMs and»
Table furnished with everything
erning cuets
th* market afford* Your patron­
IhiUd Marcfi 11, I1KI6
age eelioted.
T<»M Aid LN, Sheriff
Horses kept by the day,
week or\nionth.
Hay and ¿rain always
on hand.
Your patronage solicited.
.Smith Main St , Burns, Oregon.
Attention Given
:♦ Special
to Conducting Funerals
■ :■
' :'ê -i
\ , “A «
Agents for
satisfaction.- J-<;ardneH» and to U.e following «m-
a ,
, ,, ,
scribed real property towit: I he South
•Schwartz and Budelman.
We,t qoartor o( the Soutll We8t qn.,rter
Al Cote was in from liis Warm of Section IB, Tp. 22, South, Range 32
Be sure and call and see and get prices before purchasing.
Springs ranch a tew days this week, E’
M . ‘n. "“n,ey Y°“nty’ °re8°"-
, satisfy said judgmeut, luterest, costs an«l
after some tarir. machinery anil mu iuing «usts.
Also a full stock of Disc and Tooth Harrows and Seeders.
making some purchases preparatory
Sheriff of Harney County Oregon.
to the spring farming. He left for
home Thursday.
Road Master Hoover, of the sec­
Burns, Oregon, March 20, 1905.i
ond district, spent several days in hi the Circuit Court of the State of Ore* named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of Ills claim, and
our city- this week He has already gon for the County of Hartley.
Hint said proot will be mnd«« before the Register
F. McKinney and Jauies ’ I
ami Receiver at Burns, Oregon, on April
done some road work in his dis­ i Chaw.
I hg , viz II E. No. 1114. of John I . Cary for
A. Sparrow, plaintiffs,
NWVi NW '>"• 1 ■ I
■ I I l . 1 . si
trict and will soon begin an active
NE\ SE',, and lx»t G, S<
. I, I '• S . It. ?. 1 ,
Louis Woldenberg Sr., Minnie ¡*
campaign against mud
He names the following witnesses to prove
VVoldenberg his wile, Alina |
perly seasoned by an experience.!
sausage maker We Buy for ('ash.
therefore we can afford to sell at
living prices.
Market, sausage
room and slaughter house open for
inspection. (live us a call and
Learn prices.
Kaiser «Jr Felton, Props.
Free delivery.
IO and 15c—none higher-
We sell the famous
over to attend the funeral of the to an execution issued from the office of
the County Clerk of Harney County,
late B. R. Witzell. They departed Oregon on the 4th day of March 1905, Singer
for home Thursday.
I commanding me to levy upon and sell
Mrs. B. R. Witzell desires The Itbe hereina,ter de,,cribed re“' l,rol’erl>'
t ,.
i i a
tosaiisfv a judgment rendered in the:
IHDBB-Herald to express
her thanks I above
. f
named court for the sum of
to the many friends both at \\ arm anj COflt8 taxed at $15 00 and ordering '
Springe and Burns for the kind > the sale of the property herein attached, j
nesses shown her and her late bus-1 favor of the plaintiff C. A. Sweek and
band during his last illness.
a«“inst du(euJa,lt A. .1. Gardner, in an
Quite an unusal snow storm
bordering ou a blizzard visited this
section Tuesday and Wednesday of
this week, snow falling to a depth
of about four inches followed by
freezing nights. Although it was
severe for this season of the year no
material damage was done to stock
and it has been beneficial to the
range. Fruit trees were quite well
advanced toward the budding stage
and it may have damaged them,
but it cannot be definitely stated to
what extent if any, at this time.
section and had been suffering from The blustry weather lias stopi>ed
cancer of the stomrch Mr Hamil­ spring farming temporarily.
ton left here with him last week en
Burns Meat Market, corner Main
route to the railroad where the B st We are now prepared to fur­
atllicted man would take the train nish all kinds of Sausages, in qnan-
for Portland to enter a hospital for titles to suit We butcher only
Deceased had many choice beef, pork and ni'ittoii. Our
friends in this county wlm will be meat« are slaughtered and cut up
shocked to learn of his death, al by experienced butchers
though not entirely unexpected.
Sausages are clean, wholesome |>fo
and Receiver, at Burns. Oiegon. on April 11
viz Thomas F. Arnold, Devisee of Arthur
Boru in this city March 22, to Mr. 1905,
B. Paton, decease«!, H. E. No. 1230. for the >E ,
ring and Summer styles ey stan alfalfa seed, Red clover seed and Mrs. J. H. Anderson, a bounc­ SWL. See 31, T. 20 S.. R. 34 F . Lots I and J.
SE\ NW‘, Sec. 6. T. 21 8.. R 31 E , W M
custom made cloth suite . Call and examine and get prices.— ing baby girl. James sa5-s cigars He names the following witnesses to pro\e
his continuous residence upon ami cultivation
said land, viz James C Bartlett. Oscar
arle* Wilson, agent Chan I Geer A Cummins.
are free now days.—Monument o'
Arnold. L. O. Bradfield. Wesley .Miller, all of
Drewavy. Oregon.
A.8b«> is A Bros.
Rev. Peake took bis departure Enterpris.
W m F a a Rt. Register.
The O. C. Co. have just received ten
Amowg those in from the Warm last Monday for the John Day after
Spring action to attend the funeral holding a series of meetings in this arloads of goods, consisting of Bain and
Winona wagons, barb wire, blacksmith
)f the late i: R Witzell were J C city for about two weeks.
coal, furniture, nails, ccal oil, eugar,
In the Comity Court oi llarney County,
F.—aiaa and wife.
For sale—Two lots 100x100, meats and White Rose flour.
Adaki George is selling school small house partly furnished, wood
Ras Lewis and wife were in the C. A. gweek, plaintiff
furniture and the various districts • shed and well. Good garden. A city from Warm Springs a few days
J. Gardner, defendant)
•boold lseo him before placing 1bargin. Terms, see M. L. Lewis.
Notice is hereby given, that pursuant
the first of the week having come
The brown thoroughbred Jack.
‘ Broady"1 I hand* h irh i'»n be s< so
at the 1» M McMan i nv ranch one
mile from Burn*. Can l>e purchased
by cash or ,•►*) n >te If not sold be­
fore. h<- will make the stand at this
ranch for the season beginning
’ April the 2f>.