The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 07, 1904, Image 2

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We have inaugurated a closing-out sale, for CASH OftLY, beginning January
ing, Overcoats, Shoes, Underwear, Shirts, Hats, etc
them to to you at reduced prices Call and be convinced
SATURDAY. MAY 7, 1904.
One Year...............................................
Six Month« .....................
.. .1.00
Three Months.................................................... 75
— — — Maaagur
l ing of support. Voters should
i investigate these good qualities
and place such ni.n in oflice to
serve the people that they have
every confidence in and whose
experience and past records show
their fitness.
From the Portland papers we
learn that many thousand home
seekers are now arriving in Ore­
For County Clerk—
gon and all looking for a good lo­
cation. The Oregon Information
For Sheriff—
Bureau at Portland has been
writing to people here for infor­
For Assessor—
mation about this section and also
urge the advantages of advertiz­
For School Superintendent—
ing matter, County Clerk Rieder
has been assisting this bureau as
For Treasurer—
much as possible and is in almost
constant communication with its
For Commissioner —
secretary upon matters pertaining
to the interest of Harney county.
For Coroner—
This morning Mr. Rieder sliow-
DR H. VOL!’.
' ed us a letter in which they desire
to know of any business openings
The suggestion of a Malheur in our city and his reply will give
county citizen that the state irri­ information about business affairs
gation commission hold mass and also state there are openings
meetings of farmers in each irriga­ for a creamery and the most ex­
ted district of the state, to discuss cellent business awaiting the
the technical provisions of the erection of a steam laundry. Mr.
proposed irrigation law, is good, Rieder also handed the writer the
although the personnel of the com­ following letter of recent date:
mission represents the highest
Mr. F. S. Reider,
ability in all the different phases
Seely Board of Trade.
of irrigation, and it is certain that
Dear Sir: We receive regu­
the law formulated will be the larly from Mr. Julian Byrd, pub­
most intelligent expression of ad­ lisher and editor of The Times-
vanced irrigation legislation, yet Herald, their paper for use of this
there is always something to be Bureau. In the issue of April 16,
learned^'from wider association. there are a number of excellent
At mass meetings of farmers in articles of Harney county. If the
different irrigated districts, the type matter lias not been distri­
members of the commission may buted, it would be a good thing,
be able to get light on some of the we think for your business men
complex questions that are before to get that in shape for a pamph­
them. Practical irrigators gather­ let or leaflet and have a number
ed in Oregon from different states struck off for advertising pur­
have had varied experiences and poses.
these experiences may be of value
If you do this, will you kindly
to the state, if utilized in the con­ send me a goodly supply, as we
struction of this law. Before the think we can place them where
commission submits its law to the they will do a vast amount of
next legislature it should make a good.
thorough canvass of the irrigated
Let us hear from you,
portions of the state, in a body, to
Yours truly,
discuss the provisions and test the
Geo. G. Birrel.
stability of their findings in the un­
1*. S. If there are any extra
failing crucible of public opinion. copies of the issue of the i6th to
—East Oregonian.
be had will you kindly see Mr,
Byrd and have some forwarded to
The necessary petition has been us.
filed and the proposition of a
We learn that the temporary
county high school will be placed
on the ballot for the approval of withdrawal of 69 sections of land
the voters of Harney county at lying north-east of Silver Lake,
the June election. This is a mat­ reported in last week’s issue of
ter that should appeal to every the Herald, is called the Fremont
one and should meet with univer­ Forest Reserve, anti that the gov­
sal approval. Harney county cit­ ernment contemplates using it for
izens should take a special pride a reservoir site. It is understood
in bettering our educational affairs that government surveyors were
and vote for the establishment of a in that section a good part of last
highschool in this county where summer making preliminary sur­
the young people may take the veys. There is a large body of
higher branches at home and rich agricultural land lying adja­
thereby save much time and ex­ cent to the proposed reservoir
pense. Vote for high school.
site, and if the rainfall is sufficient
to warrant the expenditure of a
Some people are of the opinion large sum on the reservoir, valua­
that editing a newspayer is a snap. ble homes will be built on what is
W hen they see the editor out termed the desert.—Lakeview ,
around tow n trying to chase down
an item or two they accuse him of
loafing and neglecting Ins business
Mrs. W H. Shirk departed for
When he is in his office wrestling Reno Tuesday where she will spend
with an editorial they say he is a a few months—Lakeview Exami­
deadhead and does not try to get ner
the news. No matter what he
John Sweitrer arrived Friday
does somebody kicks Condon from Baker Citv, en route to Vale,
1 where he was summoned hv the
' serious illness of his mother and
sister-in-law.—Ontario Democrat 1
The democratic candidates are
Sheepherders are demanding #2
all out in the field looking after
per day to assist sheepmen through 1
the votes that will make them the lambing This is more wages than I
next county officers of Harney ! the »beep bus i n ess of I -aka enantv
county- provided they get enough. will justify, but as there is a soar-,
So far the outlook is very satis­ i city of men this season, sheepown-1
factory and they all feel confident ■ era will prol>aly be forced to W i
of victory. They are capable . big wages for the next month or
men, all good fellows and deserv- two—I^tlteview Herald
In the matter of the 3 per cent
rebate on taxes of the Oregon Land
& Livestock Co , the court was ad­
vised by the sheriff that the money
was mailed in time to reach the
office before the time expired for
allowing such rebate, but did not
reach the office early enough on
account of the mails being delayed
by high water. The court decided
the rebate should be allowed.
Clerk ordered to advertise for
bids to complete the grade on the
Meander line road, s lid bids to be
opened by the court on July •>.
The hoard of Road Viewers
ordered to meet on May lti and
proceed to survey and lav out a
county road from Burns toward the
Horton & Sayer saw mill as asked
for by petitioners,
M Horton granted a liquor
licence to sell liquor in Diamond
precinct for three months.
Upon the application of 119 pe­
titioners asking that the question
of the establishment of a county
high school be submitted to the
legal voters at the general election
to be held on June 6, it was granted
and the same will appear upon the
ballots nt the general election.
Report of the board of road view­
ers upon the proposeil county road
in Trout Creek in the southern part
of the county was affirmed and the
same was declared a public high­
way. The road supervisor was or­
dered to open said road
lipin petition a county roa 1 was
established from Burns to Crow
Camp and the supervisor was or­
dered to open up said road.
Clerk ordered to advertise for bids
to supply the county with wood.
Chattanooga Advertising.
Dry Goods, Clotl
ist, 1H(
Burns, and will st
ing letter is a fair sample of the
thousands of Wine of Cardui testi­
monials published during the past
twenty years.
2068 Eastern Avenne,
Cincinnati, Ohio. May 20, 1902.
I consider Wine of Cardui a
most excellent woman’s remedy.
It is certainly a specific as a tonic |
and regulator. For eight years
I suffered with female trouble I
had an intense pain in the back ■
and head, leaving me so weak that
I was unable to stand at times. !
Medicine did not seem to help me,
hut after all remedies bad failed
me Wine of Cardui proved my one
great, true friend. What a relief 1
experienced! It came only a few
davs after I started taking it. I
used it faithfully for four months
months and gradually grew strong­
er and better. 1 am now regular
to the day and for the past two I
years have enjoyed blessed good I
health. I certainly wish every I
sick and suffering woman could Full stoGk
know of vaur blessed medicine,
how much pain and suffering it riages,
would prevent, and what a differ­
ence it would make in thousands on
of homes where there is sickness I
and sorrow to-day, if they had Wine 1
of Cardui it would bring relief and |
joy instead.
Margaret Greenniyer
i '
Plou :
hancis at
1 v¿
¿L aery, CUagons, C¡
V.' ind mills
and P qi
he times
Houg ht Hand of Cattle.
An important sale of cattle took
place in this city last Monday when
the band of 00 head of stock cattle
belonging to Mrs. W. Schmidt was
sold to .J. F- Turner, the considera­
tion being $14 per head. Mr. Turn­
er went to Bear valley Tuesday to
receive the cattle. This is the first
sale of cattle of any consequence to
take place in this part of Grant,
county this year, and it is consider­
ed that Mr Turner secured a bar­
gain, since the band is an excellent
bunch of cattle
Along with the purchase of the
cattle, Mr Turner secured a lease
on the 800-acre ranch of Mrs
Schmidt in Bear valley for a term
of three years.—Blue Mt. Eagle.
The Chattanooga Medicine Com­
pany, with laboratorties and gener­
al offices at Chattanooga, Tennes­
see, and branch houses at St. Louis,
Mo., and San Francisco, Cal , has
become one of the largest proprie­
tary medicine concerns in the world,
lit the growth of this great business
two factors have been dominant:
M. V. Smith is a visitor from Your Potron<
The merit of its products—Wino of
Cardui and Thedford’s Black- Lawen.
Draught—has bei ii widely recog­
nized and the original advertising
methods adopted have excited great ♦•♦••♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦A«.»-»»»»» '.»» »,
comment. The publicity for these'
medicines does not consist of the)
catch phrase and extravagant state­
ment, too often employed in adver­
tising to-day, but instead the plain
story of experience with the medi­
cines given in the plain language of
the people themselves. The follow-
.« at the same old
¿ Prices Cheapest,
Horses kept by th<
• week or month.
ffoy and ¿rain atn- ■
on hand.
Your patroti;,
he Reputalion of Carrying the
South Main St.,
Orator, Kntre Nous Club.
176 Warren Avenue.
C hicago , III., Oct. 22,1902.
For nearly four year, I suffered
from ovarian troubles. The ily-
tor insisted on an operation as the
only wav to get well. I. however,
strongly objtwted to an operation.
•My husband felt disheartened as
well as I. for home with a sick
woman is a disconsolate place at
Ixwt. A friendly druggist advised
hint to get a bottle of Wine of
Cardui for me to try. and he did so
I l>egan to improve in a few day, and
mjr recovery wa, very rapid. With­
in eighteen weeks I was another
Mr». Stowe» letter show, even­
woman tow a home is sa-1 l.-nod I■’»
female weakne, ami bow complete!)
Wine of t'anini core, that sick­
ness and bring, health and happ:
ness again. On not c1 on suffer
ing. Go to your druggist today
and secure a #1.00 botUe of Wine
of Cardui.
Special Attention Given
to Conducting Funerals
welt as the
’ ‘
COMPANY, of Bridgeport, Conn,
has appointed M. L. Lewis, their
agent for Harney County. This
old reliable Company makes all
• *alk (her” Shoes
kinds of Monuments, Grave Cover-
Corner poets Vases and Urns, out sold everywhere at
of pure refined Zink, w hich is one the same price.
of the elementary or virgin metals,
the same a, gold and silver, and is !
indestruct able and cannot be nffect-
i ed by th ' climatic conditions ALL THE LATEST
These monuments are cheaper by
I half than any kind of stone.
[ more I eautiful in design and can-
l not l>e broket
Mr Lewis desire«
’all who are contemplating the pur-
I chase of anything in this line l<>
' cull on him at the office of Biggs A Orrait F.rrt Natrwssj
I Bigg-, and see d-sign*
malerial and g«* price's
«« an)t to cat„r
are of Mt
- r Tha .1 E ver before
T"! A T ,T(
tar saloon I .
IOHNSON ft CO., Propts.
plied with none;'but the very
Vines, Liquors and Cigars.
' d courteous Mixologists,
and Pool Tables.
oms in Connection
James Smith
" •' ' f a"y house in the county. This
■ 'iies.-maker in town.
*♦♦♦♦♦»♦ •
Or gon*