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    L. XVII.
Elect Enthusiastic Irrifitlon-
he Legislature In order
York be Carried Out.
;on: JudgeS. A Lowell,
____ L one of the very fore-
worltrs in the great irrigation
r Oti
iuru^^— writes the following
ng appe; sal to citizens of Oregon
laity of electing irriga-
enge^s to the legislature, in order
1H l'by wise laws, the state may be
> ready to receive the blessings
tioneatlonal irrigation, plans for
onveb aropieing energetically pur­
in Afferent portions of the
yt (Jriters are urged to read and
er W0ll Judge Lowell’s seti
ts on 'this important question:
Ortrmit me to urge through your
inns, upon the eve of the sey-
politlcal conventions, that
.... are interests confronting the
of [Oregon more important
party triumph or individual
most important tasks of the State
Land Board in currying out the
provisions of the arid-land law re­
mains to be performed in the ad­
option of rules and regulations gov­
erning the distribution of water,
Tho board has been asked by the
Three Sisters Irrigation Company
to adopt rules to be observed by
settlers who take land reclaimed
by that company in its 27,000-acre
The principal features of the
rules are those perta ning to the
quantity of water to be supplied,
the time when it is to be furnished
time of payment thereof by the set­
tler. method of measurement, place
of delivery of water, method of en­
forcing payment, anti diminution
of compensation if the water be not-
suppliod in full quanti.y.
matters are of great importance to
settlers anti the members of the
of the board desire to make the
rules fair and equitable as between
the settler and the company.
According to law, the rules and
regulations are to be made by the,
company, but must be approved
by the State Land Board. Tne
Three Sisters- Companv submitted
rules and asked the Board to adopt,
the sa/ne.
I,,, .refer to the necessity of such
jion of the laws of the state re-
ihe use of its wnt< rs ns
Etitl^^^B the requirements of the
R. B M iller, general freight agent
l r' ?'W ■¿Fernment in its reclmnn-
of the O. R A N , was one of the
ln E9.
traffic officials present in Chicago
I for®MPBa,er responsibility ever
at the conference held ebrtiary 25,
II i
11 legislature of a West-
•r forltatlMhan will rest upon that with the transportation ctmmitte
jh ajbmblee at Salem in Janu of the National Livestock Associa­
tion, This committee was appoin­
-Y 1-nextS The enactment of a pro-
ILAOE^j<eR)(j comprehensive irriga- ted pursuant to a resolution adopt­
ed at the Portland convention in
will unquestionably mean
January to present to the railroads
"Biate beginning of perma-
the demand for changes in the
government operations within
method of handling- livestock in
’JJ borders, which will not cease
transit, to ask that trains cartying
„ 1 mini ons of dollars have been
of cattle, horses, slievp
and desert places re­
Or other livestock be gotten over
td «Abundant crops and hap-
the road at an averoge speed of 20
miles par hour: that when more
E, ai< «»»‘‘other hand, failure to leg­ thpn ten cars of stock were being
otbi lie, or to legislate wisely, will moved at one time no dead frieght
in delav of work, which is to be
be hauled on the same train, and
crowning glory of the century
that the railroads issue free return
transportation for shippers accom­
e engineers of the geo-
panying their stock to market
ey are already prosecut-
“The members of the committee
bors in this state, it is
and traffic representatives present
tood that such work is
discussed the duestion of return
y in its character, and
tianaporlation and
the servece
g pennatent or decisive
given to stock shippers,” said Mr.
e until there shall be ef-
Miller, “but no actian was taken.
ical amendments to our
Senator Harris, of Kansas; E. S.
Gosney, of Arizona; Charles F
11 be drawn by the very
Martin, of Denver, and M. I* Buell,
ion commission appoint-
of Chicago, were among members
tate law board, acting in
who presented the stock shippers’
M>n with the experienced
r form.
views, and various traffic officials
hie engineers in the gov-
present stated their ideas, The
PE [ment irvice, but, however meri-
committee was asked to put its re­
>1 X'u.ooa « hecessary such measure
rong men in Imth braneh- quests in written form and submit
the questions for further Consider«
igislature to urge mi il
[the states in the a rii
[recently enacted new
«iese subjects by sub-
animotis votes of thei r
but in this state, when
ons exist as to soil, cli-
umidity, the desired
probably ire reached
, compromise and
legislation, it now
ble that the opening
pring will witness in
the government's first
experiment iu Oregon,
here will lie followed
Ik in every other county
I other stream where
silable, and arid lands
artificial application
t all political parties
late for the legislature
:gest men—men broad
{rasp th’ fir reaching
nd will not the pres-
“ urge the interests and
nr state, which seem to
balance* at this time
fall as the legislative
shall determine this
8tephen A. Iziwell
Of Oreat
Idaho if The Scheme Is Practical
One--Looks Simple.
While discussing various me­
thods of getting rid of the alkali in
the soil of certain sections of east­
ern Oregon with a group of friends
Mr. H. C. Innis, a Baker City as
saver and chemist stated these in­
teresting facts:
“Very effective use could be made
of those spring freshets if prepara­
tion was made for them in the fall.
During the summer the alkali dis­
solved in the mountain granites
evaperates here in the valley and
increases the amount ofha-mful in­
gredients already burdensome to
the soil. Just north of Irwin is a
place where this evaporation is
very apparent. I11 the spring much
of this is washed off by the excess
of water.
“Making use of this fact govern­
ment experts in irrigation have
been redeeming alkali lands by
washing out the alkali The plot
of ground on which the demonstra­
tive experiment was performed con­
sisted of forty acres west of Salt
Lake City, near Williams Lake.
Tie- hif’ point on the land was
onl z eight feet above the water lev­
el of the Like. Drain tiles four
inches in diameter were laid every
150 feet, having at the head an in­
take for the fresh water and at the
foot an outlet to the lake. The
drains were four feet below the sur­
•‘The land was plotted and ar-
rat ged for sectional flooding by
levees, Once each week the land
was Hooded to a depth of four inches
in the summer of 1903. In the fall
of 1902 lite land had been flooded
and allowed to remain until the
following spring.
“An analys of the land in the
fall of 1902 showed 1363 tons of al­
kali in the first foot, 1540 in the
second foot, 1766 in the third foot
and 1982 in the fourth foot, or a
total of 6651 tons of alkali in the
forty acre plot. In May of the fol­
lowing spring more than half of this
alkali had been washed out. The
analysis showed in the first foot 499
tons, in the second 650 tons, in the
third 1066 tons, in the fourth 1265
or a total of 4480 tons to the plot.
The upper portion of this soil as
might lie expected, was benefited
the most.
“In October the full effects of the
washing became apparent.
n the
first foot there only remained one-
thirteenth of the original amount of
alkali, in the second foot there was
158 tons, one-eighth of the original
>1 mount, in the third 830 tons, less
than one-fifth the amount contain­
ed at first, and in the fourth foot
607 tons, or less than one-third the
first quantity.
“In all there remained but 1221
tons of the alkaliwthat is 5430 tons
of alkali had been washed out in a
year; 4648 tons of this passsd out
the outlet of the drain, the remaind­
er sank and was carried away by
the natural methode, and leaves
nothing harmful in the soil, as do
many cures.’’
lieve that the big firm will hold PRESIDENT ECCLES IN BAKER
back in their buying. In fact eve-
ry indication points to the fact that
FRANK R.COFFIN, V ue P ius .
A. C. WELCOME, A sst . C ashîer .
the firms will want all the erst WILL EXTEND SUMPTER VALLEY. AS
grade wool they can get and will be
rapidly as possible .
willing to pay for what they buy.
“The eastern firms are preparing
to sond their buyers to this part of Waiting Only on The Weather and The
Accounts of Corporations. Firms and Individuals Solicited.
Right of Way--Mr. Eccles Busy
the state and as many will be here
Maps, Surveys. Etc.
when the wool begins to come in as
was here last year, and they will all
STncKiiOLnEiis:—John D. Daly, Frank K. Coffin, N U. Carpenter, R. J.
President David Eccles of the
Williams, J. W. Geary, C. Cummins, H. M. tlortoo, C. A. Haines, Win .
buy just as fast as they did then.
Sumpter Valley railroad arrived
Jones, Thomas Davis.
The Arizona clip is now in the
from Utah Sunday and will spend
anti Couniy ftSarranis bought at the ma rhe t price.
hands of the buyers, having all
two weeks here working out the
been bought as soon after shearing
This bank is insured and will be reimbursed for any loss by burglary
plans for the extension of the road
as could be, which shows something
or hold up day or nizht.
through the John Day country and
of the hunger of the market
“There is no reason for the grow­ into Canyon and Burns, says the
Baker City Democrat
When seen
ers to worry about their price for it
in his office yesterday Mr. Eccles
will come. Ido not know that it
was very busy with maps, estima­
will run higher than it did last year,
tes, profiles and surveys. He stop
it may in some cases but in the
M. A lexander . P hesident .
E. II. T est , Cashier
ped work long enough to give the
majority of clips it will be about the
W m . J oker . V ick -P kbsidknt .
C. E. K enyon , Aset. Cashier
Democrat tnan a pleasant half hour
same perhaps, but one thing is cer­
and when asked in regard to bis
tain and that is that the wool of
plans and the statements made in Ç
Umatilla county and of Eastern
the evening paper concerning them
Oregon in general is of better quali­
ty Iasi season than it has been for
“We expect to begin work on the
many years. It will be as heavy in
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
extension of the Sumpter Valley
fleece, and as good in staple as it
We Solicit Yosr Banking Business.
just as soon an the weather will
has in the history of the county and
permit and we have secured the
STOCKHOLDERS:—M. Alexander, Wm. Jones, E. 11. Test,
from this rea>on alone the growers
right of way for same across the • C. E. Kenyon, H. Alexander, Estate of Abner Robbins, William
should take heart of hope and not
Miller, Frank R. Coflin, Thos. Turnbull.
public domain.
be discouraged by any tales of star­
“As to the Baker City Herald, O'oeo-oeo o»oo»o ♦ <»•00- <*♦ -o»o -o»o
vation prices or of overstocked mar­
we have askcii nothing from them
mid have no favor-i to curry in
“Green feed has been plenty ill
that direction and I can see no rea­
the winter long, the sheep went in­
son for their attack upon the road.
to the season in the best of condi­
“The statements made in the
tion and have stayed there through
paper are manufactured out of
C ashier
all the cold weather. In fact the
whole cloth. All the road has ask­
winter has been 60 open,the feed so
ed of the interior department is a
plentiful and the general conditions
right of way through the forest re­
so favorable that the wool has never
serve lands and public domain. A
stopped growing for a day, the
private petition was filed with the
sheep have never lost flesh, and the
department to have restored to pub­
clips will come on heavier, cleaner
lic entry certain lands along the m
and of better quality than has been
proposed line of road for coloniza­
noted for several years. I do not
A General Banking Business Transacted
tion purposes
The Sumpter Val­
remember of a year more favorable
ley road is the only road that can
for the wool men than this one pro­
give the people of that particular
mises to be.
section any relief and we certainly
“Taking the situation as it ie r nd
shall bnild the extension if we can
counting the price at the same fig­
get the right of way mid there is
ure as it was last year it is easy to
any po?Bible show to make the road
see that the the wool grower will
1 pay anything at all.
have more money at the end of the
“It seems to me that such action
season than he had last year by
as the Herald has taken is detri­
of HiHAwipiun •
many dollars. lie has not had to
mental to the public interest, and if
feed,-all of his fat has been picked
t rates. < >ur policies
there is to lie any rapid develop­
guarantee after three payments are made
from the ranges and not from the
ment of this country it should be
I. Automatic extended insurance for the face of the contract.
pocket. His sheep are numerous
II. A paid up policy.
i frowned down by the heavy bus:«
Loan or cash surrender value.
and in far better condition. Their
ness men mid general public to be
Unexcelled as a dividend payer.
fleeces are heavier than in many
benefited by ihe extension of Baker
/ ai ' e . st / g ’. i /’ a ; heeore roir i . wihe .
years and have been grown clean
City’s trade into a larger field.”
Sherman A Ilarmon,
R. II Benedict,
Goneral Agents.
District Malinger.
The petition to the interior de­
“They will be sheared freer of
II. A. Dillard, Agent.
partment for the restoration to pub­
Portland, Or,
Burns, Or.
dirt than last year, will have more
lic entry of certain lands iu the
/ z -
wool, of a greater strength and life
John Day country was sc i by the
which will take in most cases the
Democrat before it was I irwarded
top place in the market. It can be
to Washington and the names
readily seen from this state of af­
thereon wi re leading Lanki rs and
fairs that the Umatilla and Eastern business men of Ea tern Orogen.
Oregon sheepman has notheng to
fear from the markets. He will
District Attorney Wme Miller
come out of the year with more came over from Ontario Issi Thurs­
wool af a better grade, and at as day and left again for hie hi-me the
Afford* the people of East him ! Centrnl Oregon «11 the opportunity of «
good a price as last year, And he following day. The business which
firRt-claRH modern Busines* College. It in a home institution covering
will have the market to sell it in, called him ov in nn h unfavorable
every course involved in BusineRH College work
Its nites are the Riime
in spite of the tales of a dreath of weather was of an official character.
hr charged elsewhere and the methods are the same. Students admitted
demand and depression in price.’’ —Grant County Ntfws.
nt any time, instruction at. the College or l>v mail. During the summer
months the College will conduct a
—East Oregonian
First National Bank
! first Rational Bank |
Happy, Healthy Children.
Anv child chn take Little Early
Risers with perfect safety They
are harmless, never gripe or sicken
and yet they are no certain in re­
sults that robust constitutions re­
■LIES INDE* CAREY ACT. quiring drastic means are
di«*ppoint»-d They cannot fail to
perform their mission and every one
who uses DeWitts Little F.arl.
Riner, prefer them to all other pills
spatial from Salem to They cure biliousness Sold by all
iii«n, sayo: One of the druggists
z a
A recent Associated Press dis­
patch from Salt Lake, says; The
leading cattlemen of several west
ern states have organized a oorpor
Our stock of iron beds is now
ation whose object is to protect the
complete and at very resonable
. interests of stockmen in shipping.
prices. Call and see our folding
The new company is called the
bed*, steel couches, etc.— Burns
Western Stock Growers Corpora-
Furniture Co
tion It was incorporated under
the laws of Virginia and it is capi-
talized at$:>00,000i tshares of $100
Studebaker Wagons, ’Hacks,
each. The company will own and
[Carriages, Buggies and Buck boards
operate a number of agencies at »he
JAMES H. GWINN IS VERY HOPEFUL. J !‘re arriving now and selling as fast
important shipping points such as
| as we can get them in. We have
Kansas City, South Omaha, Den­
Says Quality and Quantity of Wool itwo car loads of these good* here
ver, Fort Worth, St. Louis, Chicago
and in trains. The best stock of
Will be Good This Year.
St Paul and Salt Lake.
Wagons and Vehicles ever brought
The regular meeting of the
Harney County Live Stock Assso-
ciation will be held in the County
Court House on Saturday April 2d.
Do You Want litrength?
S ummer N ormal S chool
If you want to i crease your
For tpachers nini ottieni alio desi re • revicwing or prepaia(ory coirne.
strength’you must add to and not
For opecinions of pen work, nn<l full iiiloriniition on llu.inoM College sub-
take from the physical
In other
ji-cts. Hililress
words, the food that v>u eat must
be digested, assimilated mid appro-
piated by the nerves, blood and tis- I
sues before being expelled from the
intestines Kodol Despepuia Cure
adds to the physical. It gives stren­
gth to and build* up strength in
the human
It in
pleasant to the taste and palatable
and the only combination of digest­
ants that will digest I he food and
to. Burns. Cal! and look at goods enable the system to appropriate all
Jarnef H. Gwinn, the secretay of
even if you do not desire to buy at of it* health and strength-giving
the Oregon Woolgrowera associa­
the prtsent time. Geer de Cummins. qualities. Sold by all druggists.
tion is very hopeful that the sheep­
For rush orders use ’ph ;ne (YTatn 324
men of this part of the state will
have prosperous times when the
coin is brought in from the clips
later in the spring and he doe* nal
share the gloomy opinion of some
of the buyers to the etlect that the
price of wool will have to fall lie
fore it will Ire Isiugbt by the com­
Fur Sale Italy at
mission men
“There is but little wool in the
east at present ” said Mr Gwinn,
TRIHCH .V DONEGAN. Proprietor*.
and the market is not overstocked
with the remains of last year’* clip
Wool is in as great demand now in
Agents, Burns, One.
th« Eastern markets »" it was last
Z v £ tc 1 t ©
year and th»re is no reason tn be­
Rothci i 1 P.rr • , I '¡.tribut* -r*. Portland, < tregon
Zx/E. E2. ZSigrtiv, ZF’xirx.,
BuinS, Oieg'on.
and Trucking
Prompt attention to all kinds of Draying
.and Transfer Business.
The Finest of All
Hotel Burns Bar
pa‘riniz-3 houses chat d sph i th? “Green fla^.’’
deliveryman .
Tlxic TZcdca.q.’cisi iters