The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 26, 1899, Image 4

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    Jeffrie » í *> i <» Starkey.
If Jeffries beats Sharky in the
contest for the championship of
the world the spotting authorities
will sap next day: “There never
was any doubt of the result in the
minds of competent judges of the
fistip game who have seen the
work of the champion. His fine
Shop nppoefte »id Brewery
form, his quick work and coolness
All work Iona with neat.itn and diapatth-
8ati»Action p»r*at ad in the ring would overcome the
- undoubted endurence and hard
Giva ua a call
’ hitting of his stocky opponent.
'Jeffries hits as hard, or even
' harder, his weight is superior and
, he is the cooler fighter. Add this
to his far ability as a boxer, and
there was no reason why Sharkey
should win. Jeffries i» undoubt-
edly the best pugilist the world
haa ever seen.”
Can’t you see what I am doing
my dear?” he answered with an­
other prodigious splash. “I am
taking a Lath.”
“Don’t you think it would be a
good idea for you to take off
ycur underclothes?” she asked
him, with a frozen reflection,
she passed out of sight.
Ely’s Cream Bain
M aaknnwl« tged to to t* • m*et th eoagh
Basal Catarrh, Co’d a l!<ai sad Hay riaver ef all
aetnedits. It o;
and fl»t»Hi th«
always pain tad h..U5imsne«. heel« the«rroe »rJ
a»:te the irexUratt frog e^ila, re«wrae u««
adiar a aa da •■”»11. Fri«« J«c. atI>Kyuu«hy
MIL l EX »»•-
A boy was comptlled by
teacher to write an essay ‘‘on
mouth,” and this is what he wrote:
The mouth is the front door ‘o the
face; it’s the aperture of the cold
storage of your anatomy. Some
mouths look like peach's and cream
some look like a ^hole in a brick
wall to admit a door or window
The mouth is a crimson isle to your
liver it is patriotism’s fountain
and a tool chest for pie. Without
the mouth the politician would be
a wanderer on the face of the earth
«aily at «To » «.
Arriva» at OctfjH i» 4? Lier»
comment will be: “When Jeffries and go dewn to an unhonered grave
put out Fitzsimmons, the unex­ It is the grocer’s friend, the orator’s
pected happened. Jeffries had pride and fthe dentist's hope. It
far« Srs *iy AT.tO. 1st*« tri« til Bl.
been trained to coach i»nd fight puts some men on the rostrum and
some in jail. It is a temptation’s
Fitz, and his superior weight and
Thruugh frsight Sjcts. a pauag.
lunch counter when attached to a
Tws fif» natici at any F. Ü. an ths routs and cova.ed ctathea •» li youth turned the balance against maiden, and tobacco’s friend when
i the vetepn fighter. In this contest attached to a man. It is the home
bs f^aisksd far passaugers.
H- B. Vtilli««», Pfaff.
> he encountered a man as young of the unruly member—the tongue.
and strong and hard hitting as I Without it married life would be a
! himself, who had, meanwhile, ad­ summer dream and a dude would
opted fighting tactics which the lase half of his attractions —Ex
i trainers of Jeffries could not know
and coach their man to meet. I
Five thousand whit« farm hands
Sharkey is the most impetuous
are wanted by the Hawaiian sugar
fighter that ever stepped into the
planters to meet the conditions
I ring, but he has learned to keep
impoatd by the Hawaiian Govern­
I cool, and thus succeeded in offset­ ment upon tlif grant of a privilege
ting the greater weight and reach to import mar« contract laborers
|of Jeffiies. 'Thus the pugilists from Japan, which tonditiont are
| faced each other, on even terms. i that an equal number of Cauca»ians
Sharkey’s unexampled endurance shall be induced to immigiateto
of punishment turned the greateit the islands for every 5000 Asiatics
pugilist that ever lived.’’--Kan­ hereaftvr to be admitted.
sas City Star.
Burns Ontario
•Ad la th« result of tolda ••<
sudden «limati« changea.
It can be cured by a pleaeaat
ramedy which la applied di­
rectly into the noetrda. Be-
laf tjnlckly au«orLodit give«
relief at oec«g
. A is Just what »very
f v•• r 1.» td«. Th» n«r-
of C-’crry’» K»e<la
i».. ru tl.e foundation up-
< t. wbten ua« r^»n built th«
!*iX»M a<rd buaiut»» In the world.
Jerry’s S^ed A uabs I f«r 1884
contains ibe euru an<! aubetanee of
the !x;»xi firming know!»d«e. Br««
for tiie caking.
D. M. FEDRY & CO..
Datrcit, Hieb.
M < * « <« <
¡•Caveats, end Trade-Mark« obtained and all Fat-
sent businasa conducted far MODtAATK Fits.
5 cu «O7F‘CX ItOPPOSlTS U.S PATKNT •??!««
Jaad can secure patent is less tiiae than these
»remote from Washington.
P Sand model, drawin; or photo., with deecrip-
ition. We advise, if pxtevtable
patentable or not, free cf
ÇC. Our fee not due till patent is steered.
*A P ä M PH LIT,
‘2 Obt?‘.n
Jco.t cf same m the U. S. and focai<« aoaatries
P ¡ant free. Address,
i O pp . P.TtRT Oi-net. W», hí »« t . r . • ».
N otice —Have you a farm for ’
sale or for rent, or <!o you know of
any person holding farming lands
that they wish to dispose “of? If
“Be sure your sins will find y»u
so, plrase write to any O. R. <fc N.
out.” You had better not make agent and he will 8-n-l you a circu­
too certain of this, for should they lar that will interest you.
[call while you are at home, it will
| probably find you in, owing to the
stupidity of modern domestics,
Vou know eo*ee it us!<l
tesh - roasted. Tea ought
to be—for the same re«soa
—ite taste.
Ours are the onîy tea­
firing works in the United
States; Schilling’s Best it
I always fresh-fired when it
leaves our hands.
Í1 ’
’ sj* •r'
J.vN’UAÄY ist, 169F.
Rcyined Versions.
Dît.! in Million of Hontes—«o Years tue Standard.
Tcpph«* u’-th
rlK Lr Cù’fnlir
ù.* R.-
» ■
City Hotel
“Be wise in time.” This means
do not be wise out of time. For
instance, do not bore your friends M, Anna Rol srts'o, Froprlstar.
; by being profound at a smoking
D.:j mur. - - Omni.
This popular hoe’a it fully equip­
“Where there’» a will.” This ped for the comfort cf its scitaw
implies, of course, that there is a srs. Good table is: »ice.
way of getting a*, the testator.
Terms fur
tv tie mil tr
month on » ¡ plicatics.
“What cannet be eschewed had
£«3F"T»o doort «t»; effet
better be embraced.” Shakespeare
did not write this with any special
refei ence to landladies, but even
»foci Itile*.
with them it holds good—some­
if A » T,
*r r
£VPowder I
h» i‘ircnlf evrrvt a »ha» ev*t
---- ---- - . _____ v.u inlanly trdMcrJ urica»
la itrml <i nr» ®r>rin*fil a oew idra iq Wioduull «n<1
V» <.«r------------------------ t v»rv<b»H« tba f«rwet aaiia I» isw.
W» b aafl» »•»
h’r* • W « Sav» leaeate • ie*uvevl tv ». li
«.il h«»s Ihstctw* deteatsd w»M,itiwli cuu»b»B«ti.<c» and ha
vi w.n,| puwtr tu ì whal il was
1 av-uab «»aula.le and l«sv avw ri aia p»icc maker» and ara
• a*»»t lo deal w»»‘» and N<iiu»< *• ars thè »eie cvt«iualcr»
r'l'i>-S'-ap*d •’
»-*••» '• «••wl iu ths mvlem aleeI windi »Ut «nd
•* /T ’• •’
«Bi^Wir» Mi« •!*■" u« BCRl YM«a
Ha '.Vo'V'A *uai’ '’k5
We balisrw
.«’•’W ial^wj.. «a, hi<8 <r»4«« nnd lanrs aalaa
Wa auaha aboet
I. »« ,-Rwtr arr «e pampa, w»»h b«»t aeaaileM
bvae» <<**.•« < «l h . ava l.-wer than trri» '.i»«r a »’a 1 »9 in ha«
. «> Wa ^vepaa fr<a«ht te »e btanrb ben»»« l*and sow ha
’• t«*-i!ia il’ «iraied < atal<*cw« ef up-tr*J«i» t tea» a»
• »» >a,ea .» hi e («aar iBvi'atBea ma? •*»« Ilv» le
• !••••« rK^a
*a •«« kwe*a ttoa basi
l •'
: • c -rv ». 1 » 3V’»UJ iiMiRif Mh •• H «• « Mea.rv. Lweeef «raie
f • •-•r
Mesi»» b». W *aete»ÄB •• *VW> Manu ’o«l. Ftfuuy «»»»»»«e*, Nerve«»-
MtA.oH 0rokrta»4 h-Mvf fK<«»rln Ueaera«<v»<>ni»r a *if otieev a«seo«»ed
t y • er •le'Uoe wewthfwi irwr» eSrei«
toee«\ »eteaa er eue»«
n'a iM. •’ -ah *.-»4 to Intraiflv <’»•» •wei«i.<‘-i ve Ihnau! fa» V« eerrMO ia
v»«t p
Bl r*r bv« • f r «1. at »a i
j wiia ■ >> »r«*r we
^o 1
Avt fer i», te»* r.» o»e#r \f-*te f >r free tte*l--e •*><*« eo”t
■ -
eoe II ■ R V B O kB « m »., M oe• œ 1
• •«•a e«o •• 1 « «• «B ea
.i ut«
Äsasy lit Frlcii; Intra»: »t.
» a ¡
ïf yôttr tea is Bat foofi,
«•by don’t you drink water?
It is cheaper and better for
you than poor tea.
If it m good, yotjr atom-
ach is glad to get it; dots
its work better.
Schilling's 2T.* j / Is good
tea—at grocers' in packages.
« f.ifl.., • ('.«par
PV-m P.f.JaarMe
Fcef. W. XL Patl^
makes a epeeialt'
Epilepsy, has will
doubt treated aad
ed mere ease« thaa aay
living Phyaiciaa; bid
suecess is aatoatafeiaf.
XVe have hoard eC oases
ai as years' staadiac
««rad Jr
bias. 1«
work ea
thia d!a-
he soads
large W-
Fe of 1!« aLeelnte ears, fro« te any sn^erere
j- son J their I’. O. as 1 Express addreae.
T’e «¿•. ’se e.nv •«» wishin» a «are teaddrea«
inL O. 4. ratau 1.
♦ C um su K v hr«
Hertahic rs;«r of A «tria».
U. S. tester W V IT S TA ST. I'M
«.ad L-abtls re^.-tercl. Twenty-tlv« year« •»-
¿cneno-. IVu report- wbath*-’- patent can M
wired or not, free ot’chirge Our fee «ut do« patent !• allowe.!. 3*J pr.<c Hauk Fraa.
M. B. WILLSON < CO.. >t»ein»»» al Law,
À tnrrtct «eo-iant of th« dalajs of
Conjrex» ¿.*c ; et. i weck.
A family rapir 1er the * - *? an ! firt-
s*r. A ir.a mporta-.t l'.«pptni»{s wf
t’»s werk, c. •ts'., :n ncwscoluras«
A lari •»¿»UtiùB in «▼<>/ Btat« aad
li is ’kith not :i -Ml cress.
It seems her husband had been
out very late celebrating, and as
he came heme in tl.e rose tl i'h of
•the morning, lit the tight it would
be a capital idea to t.i'-. e a bath
before getting into bed. First of
all and most important it would
contradict any wrong impression
as to his condition, a» If« wife
sometimes had wrong impressions
when he had been out laje qt
night. Women are sosusyveious.
So he went bcvdly to the bath­
room ami waa *r.on splashing
around a» gaily as a canary. In
fact, he created such an unusual
cotunmotion that hi, wile woke up
and went to see what w.-a the
Sud : v he ’ w her
n [
tl.t< ugh d e d<-or w '■ ,i
.old and con'einptuous
stunk a chill to hu ver»
But be made a dive for
and w < nt on Indus riou'
his ablutions.
"What arc you dong tlicie
l\ tei f’’ »h» asked him
IL- male the e.tojt of h , life to
appear »1, bi n nr .»n.l pcrfcitl,
»«■bv ,
OiRzjisa nJ hi?«’ lb” Rtf'
tin Vlik da isj Ssjslj Is Ail !&i.
Tli» WouyQ'.itf!oid!»-a»‘il iw tie
liitat oí
tad history.
“A soft voice is an excellent
in a woman,” and so. too, are soft
Iflj^ert »fa! I» Lesveaiag Fowev.— Lateat U.lGov^ Report
»tv* a va rîetee »V»araa»*»r la rare ar mW*« tkr aia«*v.
% At •- •
“Kind heaiis are more than
coronets.” but both are the better
for a big banking balance.
• c*«;«kr
2£>( ’ent«.
“The nearer the bone the
sweeter the meat" and less of it.
Her»- brani t«r ten aw ’s*; atoe •«-; r«n?«
’>• ea an left bip and upper clip ea boti
care. T A McKiunan, Bures Ore
S«Kar!pt!«n Prlca, Si P«r Taar.
Bssdfor»«•;!«; bjceìs visud
Iterdhi A r.l’ev, cs tl« brer *.d ▼ e« ’«ft Hr
.*!•' *e b end
l«'t «id«, p • B«rr s.Orates
J C. FulFy. tattle bre-d • ea r’fht »18«
lio-ac brand • ou left ehou’.dor.
«trt'r byti»
Stivar rtrtjht ruMItMaz Co.,
vashinoto :«, d . c .
- s..
V’. *. t-WV
Hortea branded
ocleftrl*« rett’obread
• 1
ee left hip Mirioi F.»- ye.d, FO Fern«
Ca i i d!e*nne ton left h!p tore« CT ob left
ehoeider. Chorlee U Teegt.ey, Itiuitre.
Ileree breaded P on rtfht eheelder. fettle 9
oeriibvht« L • Hendrlcaa P O Lae«aOr
ÇT- Blnnin^zmSteilStrlBn
UrV ’I" C'“i
•< .-.
IT.-’«« brant j« *n 'eft eKc«Mer. a'ae tWr«e
d. « tn ehepeef triaat e. c«.t e t-aatai aaw«
k I Greet Here« Or.’
J P ntt U l i Cf.tleb-e d J P rirMt «!««
eft hi«
Horae bread eni'.l oe left «.lie P. •
I «wet) Ore
»’«•t'e t rend (!j«re 7•• either b.’.« we-t Hgfei
crop off ea h ear. altp !■ each ear. Bad watt]
on'.eft aw
Uerae brand ffgate " en oftler bt«
J H Hunyard Bera« Ore.
Ho-ee trend bar wt oa let ehee’.I«r. Cette
bra • a ’■n or left hi« and rite Cath«rtee
Me rah a.. P O Narrow« Or«.
Ko «« brand ee o*t «‘.cl !•• 9
•■•« *»• •«■ •••• ••
I • • B • •»
a. i
•»••s' %»'••«
A kan^a«-njs’y ffwttM waak’.v I «mat e ■
.. wtan
of an»
’.ifle _______
ornai Terc «. 83 a
oa. BL
m m’ -aa
' dbya.1
-f -T-’ •ewedeaiera
w .4 «♦
äüNO'co7’’^ -I NewYort
•w» à- P F
h 1
Aeyc»«» vending ««tetrh aed deveripttor. way
ree whethe- ae
l«venttan • pr.>bablT pater table C mwur.tea-
M'n» atrtet'v'.•ntial Handbook ■'•n Pat*rt*
»e tf-M •; teat »« f<.r aoeunn« paiei.i»
I'etrrta taken »c«euth Mur:- * (j. raaotr«
■««.-u. •v'tu». • I,'«: chare*, lathe
Scientific American.
ft. I ••« e Ore
•!.w V b a . * ' ea '«•
ut r a’ l I- • I O|
T raoi raARRS
D e I'& ni
kttt’F- «T
ikM 1C-Í.
Vcaktaji ^a.
. D C
* k a rtf Bt ea
li Bfk r. u B*.*«« Or«.
I «C I « • ‘
• t •« «a ;r
HB *4eM
■ •Ma
Or. Prks's Creara (UliajAe»
•' » ?•»
*.«•!«*. rw»
• •