The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 23, 1898, Image 2

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-,. 11. r le i. 1 K --1
up tit ti.i. tiitM1, we have no doubt ■
! ut il colili be easily arranged
i raoge'i : a¡| (
wiiii them and they would
wii i-'igiy gi'e up lltcir right, pro-
■■ hied it V. ■ -ti'.i
p i.;' ... ; i , ci in-
¡uelioti at o:;ce.
- t
rs are tri iilg to put a r'"p
7'1:V bool is II AV . o large
th.»» t lies I e. ome nvcc’sary to
another teaih r.
¡.I i.’ of th d . tors is to i Ii ir e l-.' i a who wi re n -t eauiiier-
at d i i this d..tiict Lot spring,
it’, ii:-’ undei s ¡Hiding that tin
•ill Dio;; I-' ;■ lu..led if tl e p’t
p i .■■■,.• e.iunii ; al' d in tin. disti i. t
in: .'. . p. ing.
Ta dire ‘ms have no disiri- to
w 1 I.
I’ ll / flip on tho '■ of our
liiiz-ns who have moved here
t-i it -’ 'ast spring and are goin;; to
ma %c ills |
e their home but ,1-
the di’-tri<t i- in debt this plan i,
a looted to p .. vent thi ■ itnpoit'i ion
and colie; t tuition from tho-e who
id.ould pay. S me of these peo
fie who came here since last
tp ii’g an no! aisle to advance the
a.’.i >nnt of tuition. The board
t ho ti.l not i revent their children
fro n t > s.bool but 'ii-aild
ma’sc ■ ¡r.- kind of arr .n-; nienls
lo protect the districi i I not pr<
ve it the alt. .- I ;a e of the i hdd-
• ’-'1
^23 Cl
With the am amt of pr p.-rtv
If ( '■ r Re J d<r .ai’t changt
we have at the mercy of 1> mit -
■ iiouid a fire g- t started,it certam- ae’i-im-.erial t ivws, he inav have
lv behooves t’-.e citizen-. <■[ th’, to buck a.’.dost a i administrate o
place to give the ¡natter atten­
i t’e for Speaker of tl
This district ha
b i ii ¡.npo " 1 tipo.I for years bi
[ c t'le ’.'iner g in ii om the out. id •,1
ir children to school,.
ii t p.yng tr idon, and in the
p - ;; moving away and their i
( . .’.di tren n i iiiriicr .lt d ill ¡ her
:cf. 7'i.i: ye ir the I ■ aril of
to do
Re c d
i ■ i- loi’nt'.t anti, i-rMr»f Frittami B. Street», and keeps lair
g. r. b
Seppo: "Toddy” shot '.I ta!
a shine fur that Senatorship; w ii;
would poor Cl;', cey Depew <
'egarded as an indication of the1
mter ! :>.) of the corporal ions to
own tin ii Senator oa'iight, in­
stead of liiiing them when needed.
ILdln there! Boss Hanna
... .
o' I "i ti i ' s a poum
put'-i'ig ■' duty on coffee.
tioiiya . a-., jit wat until
l!"’ r.
1 ■ ,f.s :
f ti- swing n
¡boh brai.i !a .-. of Congtess.
i o
••ihi.-i t i
Talk this matter ovvi
li e pai taking i ! i. ,.,s
c r m'o. i ri sa l; e torn r
■'-.I the matter o; w ate i
Hues »amiot be l e. t. n.
\\ c are showir e all the mi .«
also the staple ii. ■ s in Mri.s L,
and ( hildren s .
and c»rry «
sortili nt that i »t of fail >r p «
Rii o”.
So ci ly “p. .iking they maybe
’ . e i if it would be a safe ¡
ru t in ly th it tl.. ir sp ilnig in
th: .'in lieu' .r i i-ie w ill not be ‘
L 1 •i i. 1, t!> • t n a . ho:’ : i ¡me !
h ..I the ¡i nr.■--• on the island of.
lit Memory ni •
hid and io '. l tables .
rr».'x3« ikkmbm ac*»w*
r.TAEi.r club room
:’.. El
- ,**• *■-,
Il-’.s I ’■ ini. : •:« ll.e uiiitcr r.n-.
lk-reioforc ire have
•-t.iil-n.a-. rs nt-g
tip. h-iusev. :f.*.
I .‘V ’ a irays luca il e Icm.'crs in »b\ S;iTT| ìu, Lil ! v t iU ‘ WMUtil
li- :■'! ila: i mne’ si, ek a ,-
; ;i-iv»- ! ! I -, 1 i g : i i,'.. l i |p t,. a
h v.a ineonveniiut to t!.<’--- .1
< Veen selecting sn«i receipt ©F ©w
I ■ Il ei.l r. } ili., ;. ti.
I I-et.
Tl.i- Fill IVC 11.11 e 1 nupliHH
I V. e ! ve. :i : ni .’h line of Ceui-
by ll;-_' roll i.i.'i arc firpeíl
. 1 11 ■ i-. ! i. tn tip. < le ap, Leavy oneste
Burnt, Orsjt j.
i .o;
’Hit ?!.
r” *■
acii I'. q> is at F-lirn piiwsai -1'1
■ : li? fino »ut ‘ei;s.
I l-iankcis were never shoun iugr.nt- a pond assortment • f ,- vt r?.’.
• r : 'e d-.m. . fruii 75 cent» pi r jair
We h¡.’. e ii- m êÛ ort' I
pelile fine Al. W i.. I t'alifemia B-ank-
§yard up,.
' <■!*■
5 i'Jprj«"
Alsi a fui: lire r-ady Silici»
imi i'iiloiv ('a-
A t<
• ’ìli
Iv -r,i, O
Tis i
in 1 • ‘
rt a reasoi ui.le p \ e. Forge d«
iui, UfWdt ftyb. .- urx i»-licit »tvH
' *
tiu.-Hij . '¡c. s tu.-if jira BctchrajiM
I rice, bat to giv<- a
»'iil 'unlit the re: utati. n of car­
rying Ike list l.ij.- el i nderwear io be
found iu this part i f tie.- cc-i::itr7. T;.i-
S:i:cc ¡ u'tii.g in th:* iiri lu.eM
«• « ’ L- i«
-. eh q -r and l> th,
vo tnet with a |.1 p nominal sift»
than er r kclori, iu.-luiling (òr.’.?,
frale. fai) wc have Ii
Ladit’s, Nis-e-, Boys i.nd Children's
R. C. ANGEVINE, Proprietor.
in two ] i cm :r..d union suits.
increased tie line and arc now
Gei t-’ Unde:wi.-r from 50 et nrs up. '• west < /•.Tflrte .i- ^'rtll’f at is lì
I.adi. s’ I'nd . r ■ i ar from 35 cents up. u’D.)d.-T inclutìÌL. « the new ati'M
Children's Lnshrwr-ar from 20 c fit: patterns, at prie . "row 75 caiiS t)
w.n -up- n g c
-the halt-Sn inish sp.-l i-
Me are ( ver ti c ite pe^
be fi-iviii i., ¡hett-rn
'A • give I «>; i e I si ... f„|- Il„ .
ni < n v. Oil I- am is ri t u J
Shoes to
y 3'Ta.rti. ■; desirng regular board aro requested to consult the
La chord.
j| U1 ;1V |H. s l;(| |jial j( )s
nothing in which absolute
fulness i. more ess filial to per­
i canvul itine-: than in ;:dv -, i lis-
Pßu, e ; c
i ' ■' *’ *
I ; ! .
! ’ C ° ' i
■ sirsd.
Bei 1 Che
is c’.-i’ys on k rJ- u
In I1 is lire «re cío i » r »'r 1
iaehs.iii._- Ȇ
* Jt-!í»
K Bit I)\1T|>'ON
JW"Write us for ¡
Proprie!, rs of the— -
rc r ow
st • no
! .1 -
Tiiis is cn nn entire m w è : artur
' i. !• Plaid Cl.. Co at ìós'ul -' •*
‘ nt one that l-as lore been neeiictl -
oid lit _• if, . t. . . j
Iiuporti d Brocades it ‘JO C'1’1’ í I
frene sample h.v i: •! '•>.. r. a« «(j,
tory «»1 *dng the preti« to try ■ n -r.d?
inspei-t. Vic lia-.-, put ina rrrv i iv. j
»»!■■ rhui-nt and will «-1I them t it ..., J
Tienimi neri.
th ai c .nr : be beat. r> ii- anv ¡arje r t. ;
we are r -kni»- '
I !■< •■ _•>•■!- were boiiyi.c tn « ¡| RC
we hiv* ¡ar”"
are It,ar ( .1 prieeii that wiii i-oyrc
• I’l'rcr.iiv fine lini’. N' » ■• i0»'**
a . t . K ney A -parr.iwii aw mit: »; ' cdy «.>'.
laU lb3 n it and kadiri»
I - i lar .i *».111 lì«’*» r A C-i. will atterd
Lidies' i Lett nt « fron «3 GO up
jG.n.p«, Braid* airi Pa-^a® ntr<
L W ’ ..¡.bitg e Jr keep »hinglr« nn hand at
arid Chiidica's Gamenl
in price fr< id 5 c perf1^ *
and t rai ar al th.i ¡»'hin-’e
p itr< na ,• solicited
i U
tourf end .1 nice pt <■«. n¡ i r
I e
1*. i to Rii u w li be America-l­
ied. A very li'di' Spanish satis '
b; s th • average »unir., an.
l’l> , business, but ¡ill the same i
i.oik do n< i lake this " i II
i us wee», i er w
Its wot ill. Tue T imi
11 fl licer f. i-'. ii to w. i k
i i eresi - of the people
i ; inti ¡ni 1 ■
Inn « nu’d like (or the citizens
s',ow -i l l .. pi lA ..It 11 ’ll I ■ 11”
s .mt;. 1 in •• iter.
Subscribe fo
the pi e ’ i. it
’. i - the new s .i:-d
I >.-k» o.:: i. • • iii’i re
T his iii.e h. s !>e< n inervase 1 t-
at: i X. eui that w - . as 0 I.Ot
space t.> show I lie stock an I
quence :hey are mail cd
will insure a q i ck ‘sale ir.d rcthiet'm
of sroi k Don’t buy a n< w suit until
O regon
jin Lave seen our line. VCe will < ■
pleased to s’ ow mu lie m whether J’ou
MuCLAI> w WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
wl'.li to pun ha-e now or at s inel i'ir
' a.-s of thirf lare? ami c anni . ìioua House are exptricnced noie. We have everything m Mens.
1’ujs iir.d (III..on's Clod, u. Alsu
and thè pui.lic is aseured good accommodatiene.
-ole ng. nts fur ."1. Born ,<Ss Cu. Custom
.Nade < lothing.
Depew to
1 l:! " Mt ti e
tai Iff must be
' ti-iqing
bi addition to
11 itina favors
purchasing or not.
□ ÙO33.
welcome Chauncv
K11 y» y g
! ! the-Sen ite; hi ; el< c'.iou might be ,
I lit experience in the
t on < i Hawaii rhould have ecu-
' ¡need Mr Me1‘.:■ •!• \ that < '/:ir
Rie! c i I .iiw a\ a lie r -e'ned by
the sort of ‘•argument.
turned ov er or ,t
thrown d v,n b\
..ina'.v st.■cis.
t itf .<•
.einen were Iu ought
I vi e th. o igh a i
t-i I n I : ’.i - I I m Ai.t> last month
. .i ! p ia! ... ;ili’.’ prii cs io- i ;’t|.
h- r.- t.ian - une of our « itiz IV
pr. cured alter driving to the K
K. M itu of these cattle, if
■dl, w u.d 1 lie ilecis-.uilv 1
feu thuw , i tins winter ..nd p
’ ■ ■
very i
lie m « e ili hi now. S nue <>; i in
ill- post d i t their
s'o k m ; w
Ruu» a Job Wagen,
DONEG VN, Propri» tor«.
¡>r< :
Tomorrow is 7'ha.iksgiving.
I’ rh if co i 'ace on thè globe are
the peoph
prosperoun or
hav ■ no. c tu be thanl.f d fo: tlian
Fln-re w ill b-.* no war spiri»
the i i itici :s c f I lui 11s .lini 11 ii nei help tile i < publii .I’!« in th J ■
' '
lo inty. \V i bave eaj-iiid ti i lect'on, not to niciiti .n t'^
li nidi, ipi they will pile bl,
■ ■' piod crup out
I .'S conim.mdeil a genti pricc and tween now and tinn bv blund
olir lai .in ss ia n bave all pi;sned in ¡'.'id out of C'i - -.j-: e- -.
io; w i: I :m I on rii ■ up gr illi
lo s’r'i
. < Link i-f ibi- iiiffi i mi t
of ibi pl.i.g-and olir in ighboi.
<- 'a >'. ■ i (. it > 1 Wh.. a i ..liti..
Siiil il’.:; ,is . ould l e in tli ■ • aim
7 he
Ha ■ ec-inp.-t-m help.
t . J t ir- Country.
St n-i'ors mig'.t not be disposed
Mr. ■Mi Kinley's commission
should H gi t a move on; there is
i.o lc.nger any political d
danger in
ll.e i vi.icni'f of fearhm witne-’ies.
I too n ati\
its oppon
killing it i
ma I1V- lv
ha. I
I ,1
: y i
7 he in ml era of the jo’nt
' m. ti
n ;d a:t C’cnttn i-m
me leiv'iig a good time in Wash-' but they do not re-in to
.Men are n i’,v b: ing “mi ntioned In- making rapid, pr gress in st t-j
firth’ S. ’ate who '.iiil not be I
Ci ’g the disputes between this'
heard of when the voting begins . .’.m'.i v '.i -.1 I - ida.
reo luv
I ' *
1 11 ''
Puin>, Or.f- a.
. Prop . i -t. r,.
i uive added severed new J
T » large sted
ti res to our already
\mon<x these we wi^'
k'a to nientid
Ladies, misses & child æn’s deals
Jacketsand wraps, Ladies, Miss
& children’s Fall and winter FL
rpets, mattings, rugs & draperii
T". ?•
y n
\ r u
tn nth «e J