The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 03, 1897, Image 8

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here this morning, was held up two
miles west of Roseburg this morn­
She Simri-’Rrrafd.
Whcu * Fra nt was Poor.
General W H L. Barnes, one of
the leaders of the San Francisco]
bar. at a recent meeting of the Cal­
ifornia Comrnandery of the Mtlli-l
tary Order of tire Royal Legion,
As soon as possible Fireman
Hendricks slipped out of the engine,
ran to Roseburg and gave the
alarm. Arming himself, he started
that you needed something in dry goods
and had your choice of buying either at a retail or wholesale store, but
could save 25 to 35 per cent at the latter.
Wouldn’t you go to the
wholesale store?
Of course you would.
We are going to retad
goods for the next 15 days at wholesale prices, therefore we shall expect
you to conie here just as quickly as you would go to any wholesale in-
stead of retail store if you had your choice.
The occasion is our
back to the scene of trouble.
At Shadv Point Engineer Norris
saw a man at the sidetrack waving,
a flag
He slowed up for the signal,1
and as lie brought the train to a
told a story atsmt General Grant stop a man armed with two revol­
which is said never before to have I vers came over the tender and
been printed. It was told years covered him.
At the same time another armed
ago to General Barnes by Captain
Richard L. Ogden, onoe a clerk in man, the one who had flagged, ap­
the office of the United Beaten quar-1 peared at the side of the cab and, I
termaster at San Francisco, and presenting a revolver, ordered the
Grueral Barries recently copied it J engineer not to vttempt to move the
frani Captain Ogden’s dairy, viz: train but come down at once and g<»
When Grant resigned his com­ with them to the express car. The
mission as captain, at the age of 32, fireman in the meantime ha«i got
being then in Oregon, he went to 1 down on the ether side
The two robbers and the engineer
San Francisco on his way home, 1
Although our long and reliable record of Merchandising here pro­
bably has gained us your confidence, we ask you to take nothing but
the evidence of your own eyes to convince you that we are really retail­
ing at wholesale prices during this sale.
N. BRTWN & SONS,—The Leading Merchants
sonslly ami to send it back to Ore- Entering the car they attacked two water running lip hill! Here is a
gon r for ~ correction.
Grunt ‘ 1 had
.......... '....................
“J small safes, which they succeeded case where a river has commenced
The mail car was also Ho run from its mouth to its source,
expected to buy a passage for him in opening
self to New York in the steerage, visited by the robbers ami registered Dead river is the name of a slough
hut Ogden went with him to the letters taken. The explosion set [that cuts across from one part of
Pacific Mail Steamship office and , fire to the express car. The train ' the \\ illamets to another among
procured for him u cabin passage crew w.irked like Trojans but were the islands near Booneville, ami in
pass, or what was the nearest to it
the steamship Company could give,
for Grant hud to pay his railroad
fare across the isthmus. This how­
ever, bft him •'fió, and Grant was
very grateful.
The diary quotes him as saying
to Captain Ogden: ‘ This is a great
luxury, mid what I «lid not expect
and I am indebted to you for it.
• t !
The prospect of ever being able t 1°
unable to save it.
The passengers were considerably
shaken up amt frightened, but no
one injured.
the years gone by there was a rapid
current from west to east. Of late
the water became sluggish in its
movement and a year ago ceased to
an « xhaustive examination | <f the West need each other, but the West
Í Columbian
.1..... I................
I % Virtue
» .
I • ­
mins • in . the
especially ('•lorad'», with all its
This mine is controlled by diversified resources, can stand
Mr. \\ G Press, of Chicago, who is
alone with less loss than any other
a wealthy bank n. It ir not a stock
Around our state might
company and will not be turned
be circled by Jefferson’s sea of
into one. Mr Hand sampled the flame or John Adam’s wall of brass,
shaft every four feet to the Imttom vet we could grow, prosper and be
200 het, and found that the vein happy; but we want no seclusion;
averaged over 115 to the ton in gold we have a sincere and ardent wel­
mid averaged over 3| feet in width, come for all the world.”
while the west drift, which is in 75
< < ;iix»‘ Is 'Flu> Man.
Canton,«), Jan. 28—At 8:30
A steam hoist is to tie placed up­ o'clock this evening I.vman J Gage,
on t ie pr«>|H’tv al once and «level president of the First National
o|»emeiit pushed with all possible bank of Chicago, emerged from the
A Itn stamp mill will l»e < dining nioiii of the McKinley home
•reeled ujKiii the proprie In the to till an appointment with the As
Press and special lorres-
■Martin Tullgrew, formerly
of the Homrstake mine ill the
Black Hills, is the superintendent
of Iht ( olumbian, and his ability
in tin* direction give-« contim nee
Mrs. Louis Reciñe, Proprietress.
iThe Leading Hotel of Burns, Oregon,
Is headquarters for all stages. Has large and well furnished
Rooms, an elegant parlor, and handsome dining-room.
No Chinese labor, white cook, and tables furnish­
ed with the best the market affords
accommodations for families and tran­
sient customers.
RATES $2.00 A DAY.
— •••
| move at all. This winter it runs
With an expense of less than $5 quite rapidly from east to west.
Alva Adame, elected as a democrat Th‘B seems somewhat ‘‘fishy,’’ but
was inaugurated governor of Colo­ it in told as a fact by good reliable
rado a few days ago. lie walked men.
to the eapitol where the oath of of-
Homer Davenport, the Oregon
lice was administered by a supreme
reciprocate is certainly remote, but court justice without fuss or feath- artist and cartoonist, is said to re­
slrange things happen in this world ers
His inaugural addiees was reive $1000 a month. That is the
and there is no knowing ”
| short and to the point, the governor price of genius. Davenport is a
giving the impression in its delivery great fellow for animals, and he al-
Fin» < ’olimi uan M ini*.
j that performance was better than ways gets one, or a bird in his pic­
promises. In the course of his tures if pi ssible. An Albany friend I
Mt h. M Hand lias just finished speech he said; “The East ami ■
Homer tells how one time Lis
fret showed (hr same average tn
value ami width of vein al the 17ft-
foot level
and presented to Captain Ogden a then went into the express car,
certificate for per diem service on a where the robbers ordered the ex-
court martial, amounting to $40 ' press messenger to open the door. 1
The certificate
was incorrectly The messenger refused to do so.
drawn, and Grant, with a look of The robbers then uncoupled the
dispair, asked Captain Ogden's per­ express car. Meantime the expreps in 1884. when be voted fer Mr.
mission to sleep on the lounge in ; messenger seized the opportunity Cleveland. He also said that he
and Major McKinley substantially
the latter's office, saying he had not to step out of the car.
a cent to his name. He slept on ;
The robbers returned to the ex- agree on the tariff question.
the rikety office lounge, and Ogden I press car and with a heavy charge
agreed to «-ash the certificate per- of dynamite blew the door open.•
Corvallis Times:
Talk about
pondrnts to tell them the result of
his conference with Major McKin
McKinley offered me
Burns, Oregon.
Work Guaranteed to be first class
We mix our own Paints, and
Our Work Speaks for it e f,
father made him a present of a $75 »
gold watch. It was not long after-
"arils that he traded the watch for
14 bull dog, preferring that to a
mere timekeeper.
\\ hen the Klamath reservation
is thrown open for settlement, it
is expected that several good mines
will be opened up. Several finds,
good prospects, have been made on
these Indian lands in the last quar­
ter of a century which are held in
Parties Desiring Cabinet Wcrk
that excels any done in this place
heietoore, cail and examine my
*ecreev awaiting the time when the
rew rvation will be thrown open
\t least such are the reports occa­
sionally heard from t hose w ho ought
to know, says the Klamath Repub
THOS. LA HEY, Rurns, O
Firat door north of Brick Store.
treasury portfolio, 1 told him 1
its ^CrRR
would ac ept the high honor and
I have an
ally managed —linker Democrat
fill the |s>sitio«i to the beet of 111 V remedy hr ConxumtMion. R ' v . its link.y use
ti>- nxis of I,. vek.s, llsrt hlve lytn 1IreaJ
o„ lbe Corner South of lhe Frewh now
F -arntly cured. $.» proof-positive am I
I Luiuu I
< >t Work.
Mr. (»age said there w .1« no o. its pjwer that I consider it my dutv t<>
to ttmse of vour read
ground for the publication thatt e osj hro
»1» have Consumption.Throat. Bronchialor
was a gold d« nuerit during the Lun< Trouble, if they wUl wnuX t'^
Counties Sn.f Town’s *
°"1’, here but in a11 lhe
north t.o nd overland tram, which
campaign, «mi that hie only affilia ex; re» a kt p m -»1Cf address. Sincrrelv
left .San Francisco \\ edneday, due
M’,C’ ,M PWI 81 •
Tark- Don for horses especially fits' them fL7 œ T»v-00^00°""
tion with the democratic partv was
that the property will tw scientihc