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    will sell his country is worse than Bella Eugengenie Angelina Stubbs,1
a murderer; and any one that will •‘for all the world like the picture
vote for that lying, double-faced of Rubert Di Rinaldo,in The Bri-
traitor, Higgins, is a worse scoun­ grad of the Black Forest.’”
■ Edward found little difficulty in
drel than he!”
From The People’s Home Ji/nrnal.
her to leave home, and
“I b that all?” said Jennie, draw­
W. D. HUFFMAN ,U1 be in Bur„.
ing a long sigh of relief. “I thought | unite her fate with his. . Accord­
ingly, the next night, as soon as the
and Thoroughbred Bucks.
Here was a “come down” 10 Jen­ , it was something dreadful.”
“All?” echoed her father. “I house »as still. Jennie, enveloped |
nie’s soaring imagination. Her
in a dark mantle, and her face con-|
father absolutely refused to play I should sav that it was enough, cealed by a thick closly-drawn veil,
the role of “The Stony-hearted quite enough to sinkink him in the stole out through the back way to
Father,’’ ruthlessly destroying the estimation of every honest man. the place where her lover was wait­
secret hope that had risen in her Once more I say, don’t let me see ing.
heart that «orne romantic incident, you with him again!”
He had a covered carriage, and,
Here Mr. Stacey stamped out of|
for which she had so often longed,
the room, banging the door after though the night was
was about to break the sameness of , .
could see the dim outline of a man I
her dull and ¡irony life.
“Good gracious!” exclaimed Jen-1
ihel box.
And to increase her dissatisfac­
They rode nearly two hours—
tion, Edward Wright, whom she nte, as she picked up the contents I mostly in silence; for now that the
really liked, and whom she had in­ of the work basket, that her father ( irrevokable step was taken, Jennie’s l
vested with many of the virtues
couragh began to fail her, and she I
and graces that adorned her favor­ exit, "I should like to know what’s
ite heroes, instead of throwing him­ got into pa, all at once. To think
self at her feet and declaring that of his forbidding me io speak to1
no power on earth should take her Edward jnst for that!”
And with Hushed cheeks and a
from him, had actually condescend­
ed to the common sense and con
ventionat method of asking her thought of having “something to |
father’s permission before speaking tell,’’and that something so "strange .
to her! Nothing more was neces­ and mvBterious,'’ she »ought the (
sary to convince her that he was presence of her usual confident, the '
| fair Arbella Eugenie Angelina
not, to use her own language, “the
Stubbs, to whom it was duly un-
chosen arbiter of her destiny.”
--- !*•----
After tea, Jennie slipped out of 1 folded,’with sundry embellishments
the back way. and ran over to a ! the fruit of her fertile imagination,
neighbor’s, for the twofold purpose and who quite agreed with her in
of avoiding what she was pleased thinking it to be “the strangest I
to term the “persocutions” of the thing that ever came to her knowl­
aforesaid Mr. Edward Wright, and edge!”
"Jennie,” said Mr Stacey, thei
to pour her troubles—or rather her
---- WITH-----
want of any—into the sympathiz­ next day after dinner, as taking,
ing bosom of her deer friend, Ara­ his hat he turned to leave the
house, "young Wright ¡had the im­
bella Eugenie Angelina Stubb».
From the Herald, Columbia, Tenn.
Jennie being firmly convinced pudence to speak to me again about!
Y t-try CVr-ty is one of the richest and of Columbia < vrho is now clerk and Master
PB1CK «1.85 PF.R Yf.AB.
that “the course of true love never you; and, as he intimates that he |
bit;'«- t an I best counties in Tennessee. It of tlie Chancery Court of this countyi, re-
«o.ttl be tin exaggeration to say that any commended Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills'for
did run smooth, ” and as, in the did 80 bv your permission, you *
hi • man kite« every other man in this ! l’ale 1’eople.
county, but it may safely be said that few, if | “ I began using them ns per directions for
event of her becoming Mrs Ed- | may as well know, once for all,that I
any, can come nearer to it than Mr. Joe M. I locomotor ataxia, and in about one week
Fo.ter. whose home is at I'arter’s Creek, and ¡some of my friends thought 1 was better;
Wright, there would be nothing it can never bel I would sooner
« io is ao.v connected with l ie Herald. In 1 hut it was two i weeks bef»r<* the
' improve­
in your grave than the wife
left for her to do but to order her
the i itef.-t of the li raid he has visited I ment wn.« plain to all and sutisfaelory tc my­
ii trty cv tv limn ■ jn the eonnty. Upon self. Then. however, I Xtifjcthe } ills were
____ I’ve got a husband ,
wedding finery, and go through the of sucn a „ man!
oious—that is. the Herald'* un­ doing their grand mid glorious work, and
it i I pie-ire reu ion lie is the “ Master of I kept taking them until I eou.d liobb.e
------ rd*------
revuiaite ceremoney, she either picked out for you. Deacon Obi-1
Cerehioni»-..” Taire ire few men better about oil erutehes.
k t »vt. few he’tcr libisi, noti» more trusted,
“ It was suggested to me then that nature
avoiden the poor fellow altogether, diah Pettigrew is a man that will
fl <
nit'I t hit It ■ «ay- the // raid, uneonditi ttnlly would do the rest, and I left oft the pills.
or else treated him with such an . d<> you and the family some cred
(r*/o 1» a handsome eight-
tvt'l tin-.|u: vocally, will vouch for.
Ju about ten days 1 saw that I was going
hi it now in perfect health and down hill again; I promptly renewed the
I T >
page paper. It is Issued every
air of lofty indifference as to put lit.”
e t t .’ v one would not think that two and pills, and again 1 began to improve. A
Thursday, and contains all of
a' years ago h- was a bed-ridden second time I tried to leave the lut'tle to a
“Deacon Pettigrew? why, pa, he’s
him to his wits’ end to discover the
the important news of the
ii tii 1. tt physical wreck, whose family good constitution, but found it still '■<>
|ti>< -ii'i. love I ones at home and friends weak so 1 comment e<l on the pill« itxuni
week, glenaed from every quar­
cause of this singular change in
•s.s.l k< pt 4.»•»»♦•!
«« o. ■ »»«».•/
til t to i-r'it wtw soon to be called hence, and
taking them until I I wn-nr'/.
ter of the globe, complete up
"That’» the reason why I’ve se- ‘
her conduct.
I tut such is the cn«e, and not only he but. his
“ 1 was i in try lilty-tirst year win n I vis
to date of publication, It fur-
I <:ni y an 1 a liuti Ired friends will testify to taken siek. It is now about two years
"Jennie,” said Mr. Stacey, a few lected him; you need some one to ■
niahea the latest and most
I <li carded stick ami crutch and found my
It was a peculiar affliction he had, and his leg« strong
>ng enough to carry me. J am < u-
reliable financial new* and
weeks after, "who was that young 1 keep you steady. He will be here '
cure w ts marvellous, his recovery a nine- joeing sj iplenditl
" ' health, weigh more ami look
tenth c-ntury tnirtele.
And tiiat others better than for years, , and Attribute try
man you were talking with a the to see you tomorrow evening, and I I
•perlai attention to horticul-
inav eni >v tlv blessings of the wonderful health and my row very ami life to the
shall expect you to receive him ,
gate this morning?”
turai and agricultural newt,
in elicine which beyond the per idventure of magic of I’ink Pills tor Pale People, tinder
a doubt—u tder (io I’s blessing—saving his the blessing of God.
and la In every respect a first-
"Edward Wright, papa,” replied with the respect and consideration
life, Mr. Foster—not desiring publicity bat
“I have recommended these pills to a
with the hope of doing good—has con­ number of people, and many 1 know bate
Jennie, not a little astonished at dus te your future husband ”
to the interest of every member
sentisi to fell of h»< sickness and his cuix.
been cured by them. I wish in t. y heart
Before his daughter had time to
It was in the fall of 1892 lie was taken \l. that every person on earth who is suflerittg
thia abrupt inquiry, as well as the
of the household.
■ w is ti firmer then, and hud spent the day as I was could get them and would try tIo ta.
- - - -+-- - - -
recover from the astonishment into i
scowl that accompanied it.
expos 'd to the weather and working in the
“To those who know me, 1 hoje it is a t
fiel i, nndfirfive hours was in the mud, in a necess’try for me to add that I make tl <
“Well, never let me see you with
¥1^ (8 bv « h tsauas a Win)
stooniig podlion. Ina few days thereafter st itenicnt of my own free will, without
It ■ h id a peculiar feeling in his feet and money and without f rite. Put if th-re are
jJLgc 1» a live metropoliti«
her, Mr. Stacey was some way»'
him again!”
In ids ; t hey became numb and felt as if anv who are inclined to doubt. I will rtfer
asl -ep.
them to Dr. .1. H. Hill, J. M. Hunter. K.
Jennie o|»ened her eyes still wid­ down the street
BLE. and Is recognized as
But, p»rhans, it would l»e better to let Mr. D. Istekridge. Joe Terwell, Anderson >.i'--
F Hter tell his own experience, and this is hols. S. B. and G. W. N’ichola, nil of < art» > «
being the LEADING NEWS­
‘Well. I know two things,” ex-l
wh it ho says :
I Creek. Maury County, Tenn., or if they wi 1
“Why not? I thought Edward claimed Jennie; putting down her
“ Following the numbness of my feet and call upon me I will give them the limit's of a
Either of the above t a per« we
ha- 1'1«, that i timbness spread until my whole hundred witnesses of ns good ni< n und women
was a great favorito of vours?”
fix>t with a determined air, "I won’t
will send po«tu tid as a pre­
i laslv w is paralvzixl. I lutti a dreadful con­ as the sun ever shone upon.
" Hoping some poor sufferer may rend and
striction around iny liody, and as I grew
“So he was, until I found him | have that stupid Deacon Pettigrew,
mium on receh t of the follow­
worse this extended up, cutting off my believe and be rained t’runi a bed of pain, 1
ing »ubscrlptmn price« for the
out. I did think a great deal of and I will have—Edward Wrightl”
breathin'.'; it finally got within a few inches am
Very respectfully.
combination :
J ob M. F ostfr ,
of my thr »it and it was with difficulty that
the young man; but after what has
As she said this, she took from
Herold, Columbia. Tct ne'see.”
I I t »i'll d at all. At irregular intervals I
Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills f.r Pale P -
| h id lig'itni tg pains throughout my entire
happened he shall never darken her bosom a letter from the last
Ixsly and limbs, and for at least five months pie are an unfailing remedy for all <l>-
my door again I”
i I was perfectly helpless, and a man servant enscs arising from a poor mid watery cvmli-
named individual, full of protestu
wa« kept in my room day and night to turn tion of the blood, such as pile and sal-
“Dsar me! w hat in the world has tions of undying love, and implor­
mein l>ed and wait upon me.
low complexion, general mil» ulnr weakness.
“ In the earlier part of my illness my feet Io s of appetite, depression of spirits, lack or
he done?” asked Jennie.
ing her to meet him in the little
felt as if 1 was walking bare-footed on ii stiff ambition, anwinia, chlorosis or green sick­
••irnet. Soon I could not walk at all in the ness, palpitation of the heart, shortness of
“Done? what ought to send him grove, just back of the house, at
lark, and could not even stand alone with breath on slight exertion, coldness of hand»
to the penitentiary—what would halt past six, that evening; re read
inv eyes shut. I rapidly grew worse, and or feet, swelling of the feet anti limbs, pntn
»■> >n my limi« refused to carry me. Finally in the back, nervous headache, dirzines«,
send him there if 1 had the law in ing it for about the fortieth time
I I lo t my sense of feeling or touch, and loss of memory, feebleness of will, ringing in
could not tell when inv feet were agah^t the ears, early decay, all forms of fcmal*
my hands!”
Aod This Pjpr, P r Yair,
I each '»tlier, but felt all the while as if they wenk-tesa, leucorrhiva. tardy nr irregular
with H »relied cheeksand kind'ingl
wer* lieing pulled n|»art.
periods, suppression of menses, hysteria,
The sudden palter that swept ey*.
I $2 50
"In the beginning I had called in my paralysis, locomotor ataxia, rheum iti*m.
over Jennie's face would have be­
family physician, a very successful
--------- practi- sciatica, all diseases depending on vitiated
That evening, as Jennie to the
flower. Ho
I' put
, : me
on a ;___
with in- humors in the blood, can- ing
trayed to the indifferent eve the appointed place, which she did not
»traction« to keep very quiet. Biit
E... I
.......... - swelled glands, fever sores, rickets, hip-joint
I eontin-
ue<l t »grow worse, and in al»»ut six week» he disenses, hunchltack. acquired deformities,
true state of her affections.
tail to do. »he found Edward wait-
told »tie. candidly and honestly, that he had decayed bones, chronic erysipelas, catarrh,
don» h’* 1»-«t. that he had also advised with consumption of the bowels anti lung«, and
"Do you mean that he has been ing for her.
som- <>f Columbia's leading physicians, giv­ also for invigorating the blood ami sv«tem
ing them my symptom«, but that he could when broken down bv overwork, worry. «1»»-
stealing, papa?”
Instead of wearing his usual
do nothin r f >r me and it was useless for him ease, excesses and intiiwretiona of living re­
to ’»v a v further.
He and the physicians covery from acute diseases, such as fever«,
“Stealing? he has done worse cheerful look and pleasant •utile,
with whom he advised pmnounc-'d my <li> etc., loss of vital powers, spermstorrhira.
than that!”
•a«« loco' iotoe ntnxi i. an i incurn'de.
e t-lv decay, premature o)*l ««*. They art
he stood leaning against a tree,
■' He told "tv friend« they c■•’•Id try anv- directly on the blood, supplying to the Mona
“Good heavens!” faltered poor with arms folded across hi» cheat,
i-»g t’iev wLlusl an»l then 1 l»eg”n trviic’ its life-giving qualities by smi'iing it to
v—rv' en • that was «n—-v«ted.
| tried dif- absorb oxygen, that rr-eat supporter or all
Jennie, “has he been killing any- and a gloomy cloud upon his brow;
regt’<;i»l« of cl-Ttri' i-v l»clt t organic life. Pink Til!« are soM by all deal­
f m i.-bin « sod -le«-trv»v>ni e, with Slimier- er«. or will be sent post paid on receipt or
“Looking,” as Jennie confidentially
.< k’a ’ ; <»e me',ie»nos. both intemnliv m d price .Vt cents a box or atx Itoies for K.50,
“Worse than that. A man that informed the sympathizing Ara-
I».- CAL MíRCEí PJ- »
* * • “v. > ••• all to no »
nntil about bv addressing Dr. William»’ Medicine Ott,
Will sell Grades from $3.50
to $6 per head. Thor­
oughbreds $6 to $10.
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