The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 28, 1922, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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    nRNniiuiXETiN. iiKNn, onKflO.N, Thursday, December as, 1022
Merchant Is Choice of Club
J. I. Ilennc.y. Khclril Villi Prrftl
ili'iil Cluli'x (.'unillllim lin'll
gitleil Id' llrleiiiiliiii in (o
Mnllili'iiincn fur Win
l),t(l. McPherson wiim olectod iiri'n
lilunt of tho llmiil Commercial club
11I Thursday's meeting of tlm cluli di
rectors, llm llrjt of tho now club year,
following tlm reelection of nil (if tho
directors who would otherwise Imvo
retired. .J. V. IloniiiiMiiy wuh elected
vlco president slid II. A. Mllliir trena
il re r.
A committed wus appointed for tho
purpono of Investigating tint financial
conilltlon of -.tho Comiiiiircliil club,
mid to determine whether It will he
posslblo to maintain It for another
yenr, and whnt w)ll Im neccssury to
tnnliitaln II. Member of tin; coin
mlltoo uro It. H. Ilutiilllon, II. E. Al
len, K. Dement uml II. A. Miller
I. lulu of paid up member and of
delinquent member aro being pro
pared, uIoiik with n llnanrlul state
ment, for thin coniinllleo's inc.
Tho question of maintenance of
tho Oregon ToUrlut & Information
bureau, of tin? slate exhibit, utid of
tho Pacific Northwest Tourist bu
reau wi'ro referred to a cotnmltteu
rorixlstlng of It. H. Hamilton, Prosl;
dont McPhersun and Sccrotury L,
I'Viink Kltelgeorgt) llm led From
Wagon W'lirn Telephone Poll1
Nrnr (titer l Klrutk
Thrown from liU wngon when tin)
vehlclu, druwu by it runaway team,
struck n telephone polo, Frank Eltol
george. Miller Lumber Co. teamiiter,
Himtulued 11 badly wrenched buck
Tuesday mornlui; and In now confined
to hla home.
Tho team marled to run while
crossing thn Tumnlo avenue bridge.
Hltelgoorgi) wan unahlo to hold Hid
slippery linen, und Hie team bended
around tho corner to the left after
crossing to the went Mil" of Hid river.
Tho borei depurated us they neared
the polo. Tholr hurnes broke a thn
wiiKon encouniitied tho obntuclo, and
a tow tnlti iitvn later they wero'enught
and returned to llielr stublo.
Martin Rests Knorr, Rut
Loses on Foul Mont-Komery-Manfredi
It took Allli) Taylor only three
roundu to domonitrnto that the clover
punches which ho seems uhlo to de
liver from nl moii t any position, und
ulwnys without any warning, nUo
hiivu In thorn tho knockout poslbll
tleH. After driving Jerry Terry, bin
opponent In tho main went on tho
Chrlstnins curd, around the ring from
tho oponlnK of the match, and out
polntltiK him In ovory skirmish, Tay
lor hiimmorc'd tho New Orleans scrap
por ngnliiHt tho ropos In tho third
round until he dropped to tho floor
helpless, DIowb to tho hoad put him
Terry domoiiHtrnted that ho Ih u
clever boxer und wIUIiik to mix, hut
tho combination ot Taylor's clover
neHH und 11 weight hundlcup of olght
potindH mndo him no mutch for tho
local bantam.'
Ouy Martin fouled Duffy Knorr In
tho third round of their mutch, hit
tlni! lowi but Martin had tho oiIro
up to that time and wns evidently In
much hotter condition than tho Hod
monil lighter, Tho fuim agreed that
tho foul wuh unintentional, und gnvo
the Contrulla war veteran un ovation
u (i ho left tho ring.
Not much can bo snld, however,
for Johnny Manfre'dl, tho othor vIh
Itor from Cuntrnllu. Mntchnd agulniit
Johnny' Montgomery, who was Devon
pounds lighter nnd much loss oxporl
enccd, Munfrodl was unable to got
moro than ti draw. Mnnfrodl used
vomo ot tho fastest footworK ovor
noon In tho ring hero, but most ot It
was wnutod, Ho toll to tho floor con
tinuously In ducking attor his rushos,
tho only system, of covering up ho
Boomed to Imvo, Had Montgomery
used uppercuts and douo moro dam-
11K0 III tho clinches, III which (ho VI
Itor left Mln kldiiuy mi ansy turgct,
Montgomery probably would hrivo
Won, Nu iIiiiiiiik') wuh iloni) except In
tlm flf til round, whuii tlo Itiillini did
land several uppiirculs ut close riuigo.
In tho lliml round Maufredl wiih evi
dently In distress, whllo Montgomery
did not Imvo enough utrenKth loft to
finish I1I111.
Itny OrosHwIillo'iind Art Andrews,
who unit In tho flrt preliminary,
proved to hi) willing fighters, and
each carried u punch. After they hud
smeared each othor for nearly four
round, Andrew struck Crosswhlto
low, uccordlng to Hoferoo Fred (111
bert, Crosswhlto wuh half through
Hid rope und lying 011 Hi em wfien
tho foul wan comulltted, Tlrtn deci
sion, iin woll im tho others that Gil
bert iiiudo, hud tho appiovnl of tho
fiuiH, and thn arbiter also gulncd
popularity from tlm manner In which
hit conducted tho uvents.
The American Legion iiudltnrluni
wot woll filled with spiictntors fur tho
smoker. Thn flKht iiinuaKuiiient came
In for concerted criticism when It win
atiuouiiced that tho Knorr-.Martln
houl would bo tor only four rounds,
after thn Munfredl-Montgomory event
line been reduced from eight to nix
rounds, .
Rattcred Ships Report At
lantic's Worst Gale in
20 Years
( lljf Unl(4 I'ini In Tlm IW Ilullrtln.)
Ql'KKNKTOWN, Irclond, Dec. 20.
Three vchhoIh nro believed to hnve
been lout In a hurrlcuno which Is
sweeping tho North Atlantic, accord
ing to tho cupluln of thu Now Colum
bia, which was driven Into this port
by toduy's storm.
Tho Celtic and tho Carmanla, with
decks and lifeboats smashed, put Into
port, reporting thu most terrific gulo
In 20 years.
Tho Now Columbia's captain re
ported receiving dlntrex signals from
three versels Just before tho storm
reached Its height, mid that after
wards ho wus unable to touch them
by radio.
Imw nMiilrliiK Normnl Training
Held CniiM Tun of l-'hi I'rom
Oiilhlde the County
Teachers' nxamlnatlons In Des
chutes county this term drew fewer
Instructors to Ilcnd than ever be
fore, stutcN County School Superin
tendent J, Alton Thompson. Ho con
siders Hint the luw requiring normal
school training Is responsible tor
Of flvii who took tho tests Inst week
under Thompupn'H supervision this
week, two are from out ot the county,
Mrs. llhiiicho K. Itohlusnn-Albrlglit
of Wukco county, and Miss Verne A.
C'ockerhum of Prlnevlllo. Tho others
nro MIsh Kmniii retersou of Hamp
ton, Mrs, Kditu Jaeger of Tumnlo,
and Miss IMiia I.lndberg of I.u Pino
Pythian Rank Conferred to
Class by High Officials of
Order, Using Famous Bible
Over 200 members of the Knights
of l'ythlus order, Including largo
dolcButlons from Redmond, Prlno
vlllu and Mudrus, wltuosscd the con
ferring of tho first rank on a class
ot 13 candidates Thursday night by
Grand Chancellor W. F. Hurdesly,
after thn class had ucou given
their Initial obllgutlon ovor tho
Ruthbouo Bible, usod by tho founder
or thu ordor In Initiating tho
llrst mombors In 18C4. Harry
M, Love, supromo koopor of records
und bciiI, and tho first supromo o Ulcer
ot tho order to mako an oftlclnl visit
to tho Ilend lodge, delivered tho obli
gation and told tho history ot the
Ratlibouu Bible, tho most cherished
possession of tho ordor. Walter Q.
(llonson, grund keeper of rocordH and
seal for Oregon, 'also hud u part in
tho coromony.
In an addross following tho ban
quot at Epworth hull, Lovo, whoso
homo was in Colfax, Washington, un
til ho wuh elevated to tils proaont po
sition, told tho Control Oregon Pyth
ImiH that community sorvlco la tho
boat muaiiH ot Incrouslng tho member
ship and lulluauco 'of the ordor, (tho
teachings ot which nro much needod
now, when district und strlfa uro bo
Assistance In tho building of tho
Pythlun homo at Vnncouvor, Wash.,
Is one 'service which mombors in this
itato can glvo now, ha statod. Ho
gave instances ot sorvlco performed
Over 2,000 Rubbils Are
Killed Before Wcathet
Halts Poison Cnmpaitfn
lie t ween 2,000 ntid 0,000 rub
blth met mi untimely deuth In
the vicinity of Druthers 1int
week before tho rapid thuw
halted tho work of Jtoy Kugnto
und A. W, Monro, operatives of
tho U, H. biological survey, who
worn conducting n poisoning
cauipnlgn there, rugate reported
whllo In He ml Tuesdny on his
wuy to Itcdinorid to report to
County Agilcullurlst W. T, Mc
Donald, Over 100 ileuil rabbits were
counted within a radius of CO
yards at 'lino placo, Kuguto
I. II. (loritoii Defendant im Ki'ipiel lo
Hewitt ('uf ilvlni l,l(iior lo
Minor Alleged
As a sequel to the circuit court
trial of Mrs. IJemlcco Hewitt, acquit
ted on u charge of Immoral conduct
nt tho Wright hotel, I. II. Oordon,
complaining witness, was arrested
lust week by Deputy Sheriff (Jeorga
Stokoo on a chnrge of perjury. Tho
complaint spccldcully alleges that
whereas Cordon stated that ho vis
ited tho hotel seven weeks before
December IC, the night clerk, Frank
Hertford, denies tho truth of this or
of occurrences connected with tho
visit to which Cordon had testified.
Complaints were filed against two
other witnesses, T. 11. Anderson and
C. It. lineman, churning them with
giving liquor to a minor. Anderson
wus arrested.
Tht Living Proof.
Nobody believes more tlnnly In the
wisdom of tho plain people than a
candidate ho tins Jutt been elected
to olllce. Illrmliiulium, Ago-lleruld.
Machine Goes Off Grade
and Upsets Five Occu
pants Escape Injury
Ilecntmo nn unknown driver failed
to dim tho headlights on his car,
five occupants of a Ford car driven
by J. II. Owens were bruised and
scratched, narrowly escaping serious
Injury, nnd the top and windshield of
the car were broken when It went off
the grade and upset Just north ot tho
I'loasant Illdge community hall on
Monday evening about C o'clock.
Thoso In tho car were Mr, and Mrs.
Owens, their two duughters, ano aged
19 nnd the other 10, and Mlko
The big car which was responsible
for tho accident continued on Its way
toward ltcdmond, Owens reported.
Three men ,who came along In an
other machine shortly afterward
helped to turn Owens' car right side
up, following which Owens drove It
to Ilcnd on Its own power.
by lodges In Washington, and their
resultant growth; and suggested that
tho adoption of a Boy Scout troop
would be a worth while undertaking.
Grand Chuncellor Hardesty urged
that groat cara bo taken In choosing
candidates who would be creditable
members, even -nt the risk ot falling
to Increase tho membership. Fra
ternal lovo wus never needed moro
than nt present, ho declared.
A campaign for building th first
unit ot tho Pythlun home will bring
sonio of tho grand ofilcors to Bond
ngnln this winter, Walter G. Glon'son
said. A fund ot $02,500 Is to bo
rnlsed In Oregon by March 1. Or
phans und widows ot Pythlans, nnd
mombors who hnve become depend
ent, uro to be yikon care of ut this
Appreciation of tho visit of the
supromo and grund ofilcors was ex
pressed by Jay Upton of tho Prlno
vlllo lodge, T. J. Qulgloy ot Red
mond, H. C. Topping ot Madras and
II, II, Do Armond, tonstmnstor, for
tho Bond lodgo. The banquet, Borved
by the Pythian SlBtors lodge ot Bend,
was highly prnlsod by the visitors.
Mombors ot tho class Initiated
wore W. M. Alma'ck, E. II. Mllllom
nnd F. C. Sottlomoyer of Prlnovlllo,
and Peter Holniborg, Hugo H. Nast,
Alfred N. Johnson, George W. Roe,
H, Bort White, Cecil Sprlngate,
Hiram FUihugh, A. D. Oster and
John Rlkkenberg ot Bend.
(union Hall, Itrcjilin All I.ocnl Itec-
iit-iN fur Irfiiif; Dkfiiiice ,
Itadlo press reports sent out from
I'arls, Frnnco, were heard' In Ilcnd
by Cordon Hall, he states, The mes
sagos wero In French, Tills Is tho
farthest point from which messages
huvo bum licuril hero.
I'. 1j, Williams, (mother local ntnu
tour operator, has heard music from
17 stales und from five Canadian sta
Illness and tho combination of low
income and large families uro respon
sible for such destitution as exists In
Ilcnd, reports Captain L. S. Ilroad
bent of tho Salvation Army, after a
survey of conditions since his arrival
hero. In no case Is It duo to lack of
employment, ho states.
In several cuses where the head of
tho family hus been III or disabled
for some time, and In others where
the income Is not sufficient to sup
port the number In the family, Ilroad
bent has found tho children under
nourished and Insufficiently clad; and
donations of food and clothing are
much desired to relievo this condi
Department ot the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, November 10, 1022.
Notice Is hereby given that Ed
ward D. I.nlonde, of Ilcnd, Oregon,
who, on October 8, 1018, mado
homestead entry No. 0201 0C, for
HWU. Section 34, Township 18, S.,
Itango 13 K., Willamette Meridian,
has filed notlco ot Intention to make
final three-year proof, to establish
claim to tho land above described,
before H. C. Kills, United States
Commissioner, at l)8nd, Oregon, on
tho 20th duy of December. 1022.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Otis C. Heiiklo, Charles II. Haines,
Willis V. Dorn, Alfred Incognltlo, all
of Ilend. Oregon.
J. W. DONNELLY, ItcgUtor.
In tho County Court for tho State
of. Oregon for tho County of
In tho Matter ot the Estate ot An
drew J. Hoblnson, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that Theo-
doro Aune', nn administrator of the
That during the coming week a carload of
Jewetts will arrive in Bend. Talk to us
about placing your order.
We take this opportunity to wish you
A Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Paige Sales & Service Garage
Lust Will and Testnment of Andrew
J. Hoblnson, deceaced, has filed his
final report and account in the
County Court of Deschutes County,
Oregon, und that said, Court has des
ignated the 30th day of December,
lli22, at tho hour of 2 o'clock p, m.
on said day, as tho time, and tho
Comity Court Itoonl of said Dos-
chulcH County, Oregon, as tho placo
for tho hearing of nny and all ob
Joctlons to such final account and to
tho settlement of said estate and the
final dlschnrgo of said administrator,
together with the release ot his
Dated at Ilcnd, Oregon, this 27th
day of November, 1022.
Administrator of tho Estate of
Andrew J, Hoblnson, Deceased.
Dato of first publication, Novem
ber 30, 1922.
Date of last publication, Decem
ber 28, 1922.
Department of tho Interior, V. 8.
I -and Office ntTho Dalles, Ore
gon, November 27, 1922.
Notice Is hereby given that Joseph
McArdle, of Ilend, Oregon, who, on
September 24, 1917. made home
stead entry. No, 019199, for SW'J
NW'l. NW4 SW4, Section 17,
8E4 NEU. NE HE'A, Section 18,
Township 18 South, Hange 13 East,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notlco
of Intention to make final three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before H. C. Ellis,
United States Commissioner, at
Ilend, Oregon, on the 11th day of
January, 1923.
Claimant names ns witnesses: Ell
A. Drandon, Harry lirandon, George
Hhafler and Floyd Brandon, all of
Ucnd, Oregon.
0-4 4 p Heglster.
Notlco Is hereby given that the
County Court of Deschutes County,
State of Oregon, has appointed me,
the undersigned,' administrator of
tho estate of August Ekholm. de
ceased; and all persons having
claims against tho said estate are
hereby required to present tho same
to mo at my place of residence in
Bend, Oregon, duly verified, and
with the proper vouchers therefor
wthln six months from the date of
the first publication of this notice.
This notlco is published once a week
tor rour successive weeks In the
Dend Bulletin.
Dated and first published this
14th day of December, 1922.
Administrator of the Estate of Au
gust Ekholm, deceased.
In the County Court ot the State ot
Oregon, for the County of Des
chutes. In the matter ot the estate of Ar
thur L. Henkle, deceased:
Notice Is hereby given that tho
undersigned has filed in the above
f 'ffiirifii? Six built by
My 3gjJg J Hl
entitled Court and causa her final
account In tho above entitled mat
ter, and tlio Court tins matla and en
tered an ' order npprovfng snld ac
count 'and tins sot Hnturday, tho 15tli
day ot January, 1923, nt tho hour
of 2 o'clock In tho nftoniooil of unlit
day,, .at tho Court House In Ilend,
Oregon, as tho rtuto for Mio final
hearing of said final account, nml
all persons Interested In .in Id estnto
J nro notified to appoar at said tlmo
ii im juncu uii'i present uuy oujoc
Hons they might havn ngnlnst salil
final account and tho closing and
settling of said estnto,
12-1 So
Department of tho Interior, U. S.
Land Office, at Tho Dalles, Oregon,
December G, 1922.
Notice Is hereby given that Alfred
Ingonlto, of Hot 390, Band, Ore.,
who, on Sopt. 24. 1917, mndo
Homestead Entry No. 019288, for
NE. U, Section 23, Township 18
South, Hango 13 East, Willamette
Meridian, hag filed notlco of inten
tion to make final three year proof,
to establish claim to the land abovo
described, before H. C. Ellis, United
States Commissioner, at Bend, Ore
gon, on tho 17th day ot January,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Jaime Grlno, Charles II. Haines.
Otis C. Henklo, Ernest Davis, all ot
Bend, Oregon.
J. W. DONNELLY, Boglster.
Notice Is hereby given that tho
County Court of Deschutes County,
Stato of Oregon, has appointed me,
the undersigned, administratrix of
tho estate of Fabian Begin,
deceased, and all persons
having claims against said es
tate are notified and' required to
present the samo to me, duly veri
fied and with the proper vouchers,
at the, office ot Tho Shevlln-HIxon
Company, In Bend, Oregon, within
six months from the date of the
first publication of this notice.
Dated and first published tbU
21st day of December. 1922.
j Administratrix.
Notice Is hereby given that" tho
County Court of Deschutes County,
State ot Oregon, has appointed me,
the undersigned, administra
trix of the ot Red
mond M. Joyce, deceased; and all
persons having claims against said
estate are notified and required to
present tho same to me, duly veri
fied and with the proper vouchers,
at the office ot Tho Shevlln-HIxon
Company, In Bend, Oregon, within
six months from the date of tho
first publication ot this notice.
Dated and first published this
21st day of December, 1922.