The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 28, 1922, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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    nn.Ni) nui.urriN, iik.vd, ohkoo.v, rnvtwrnv, hkitkmiikh oh, wjs
Naturalization Makes Good
Showing in County
Ih'iirliiK Held In 1'liviilt Court To
liny Ill-Mill In Third TuklliK
Oalli or ,lleliim Three
Cllll'K Continued
Of tlio 1 ,0 2 r, foreign luirii wlillu
tcalilnutx nf Doschiitcx county, 37G,
nr itllghtly over tuie-thlrd, urn not
naturalized, according to llgurnx kIv-
I'll liy K, (J, Itowlny, examiner for tint
department of labor, bureau of until r
u I xii t In ii , while In llnnil Hnturilny. or
theme not naturalized, 308 urn iihmi
nnil 07 women, CiiiiiiiIIiiiih urn mnnt
TittmoroiiH among the foreign born
population, llliTii being 212 of tlmt
nntloniillty, IX t Norwegians 139
4 Sweden, .11 Auxtrinnx, 2N Jugn-Hluvx
nnil 29 1 1 ii I la tin , with smaller Ilium
hers from other countries,
lli'iid has 59 1, ii mujorlly of llin
foreign lio r ii population, with 1 07 of
tlm mini ami IS women unnatural
Izod. Tho new rounty plan for education
Hint A in orlca iilzu t Inn of ullonx Im now
In 0iurntlou hero. How ley Muled. At
-tlm time of application for declara-
t Ion of Intention or for second pa pom,
tho applicant lit mint to tlm county
icliool superintendent, who In turn
return ti I in to Homit rnmpelent tench
r. , At tlm mime time the Seattle
hwudqitnrterx of tho buieuii In not I -fled,
nnil lioth the applicant nnil tin)
teacher urn mint freu tent himkx am)
other nccoiisary literature. If thu
number of applicants Ix HiilUclent, u
xpoclnl dans U organized for thuui,
. Imt this hit not liven iloim here.
'Hint' Take Until
After repented iitteiniiU, Antonio
.omprulll, horn In Italy, nml DniKon
Mlrlch, native of Auxtrlu, panned
their citizenship ciamlniitlou Hntur
ilny morning when naturalization pro
reeding were held In Circuit Judgo
Duffy'ii court.. With David Kelly. Cu
nadlun, they took tho oath of allogl
nncu to America.
Absence nf Dan Augliitid, llotidrlck
Craner nud John .McKunzln. unlives
4if Irelaml, (lermany and ('aindn, re
spectively, canned their ennex to hu
On Hie Worley llniS lnn Struggle
.gulut IIIii-h In (Intern-
nielit llonltal
Worjl of Ihii ntilclde Friday of
Orvlllu Worley, for nearly two years
a patient In government hospitals In
California, wan recelveil hero by
friends, The body In being taken
to Cnnyonvllln from Han Iter iiarillno
hy Worley'M sister. Mm. W. It. May,
httrlul. Worley watt a mumhur of
1'nrcy A. Stevmia Post, No. 4, Amer
ican I.oglon. A revolver thought to
hnvo been given him by n friend, was
used by Worley to end IiIh life.
Worley wax born In Uosohiirg. Oro
I gnnll April 10, 1893. Hy occupation
ho wiih it mnchlnlxt nnd Hlntlonnry
engineer when ho enlisted ut Port
liuid In tlm first battalion, Oregon
englneerx, In July, 1917. A month
4 , later ho wan dlHClutrKud on n mir
lioon'H certificate of disability, nn In
jury received previous to hlx unllst
muni becoming aggravated, and later
developing Into chronic rheumutlxm.
Hardening of tho Julnttt dove'nped,
nml Worley, who hnd boon making
IiIh homo with IiIh slater, Mm. W. II.
May, of UiIh city, wnx ndmltteJ In
f December, 1920, to tho government
hospital at I'alo Alto. From thoro
ho wiih triinxfurred to Arrowhead hox
pltnl at San llurmirdlnn. Since hla
honpl t allzn t ion ho has been bedfast
virtually nil thu time,
A HlHtur, Mrn. 0. O. Alloy, Is u rosl
dunt of I'ortlajiil, nnd It in believed
that Worloy's mother, Mm. Irene
l'outcli, Ih Htlll In Kosoburg, ' ,
Ilnpld union of renl nutate on tho
flat below Congress Btroot Iuib cntis'od
lha Ilond Company to hnvo State
Htroot, one block west of Congress,
grndod for tho three blocks from
Tumalo to Kntisas. Mont ot tho lota
Hold recontly have boon an IMvoruldo,
i , purcluiBors bolng I'nul Ilosmer, II. N.
ij- Fowlor, Tracy Fnlrchlld nnd John J.
Uuiiuliighum, All aro phiiiiilni; to
build us noon iih possible, nccordlm;
to J, O, IthodoB of tho Ilend Company.
Dttllotln "WANT AfiS" Urlng Ho
Hiilts Try Thora.
iMorc Tliun Two Full Teams
at Work Despite Ab
sence of Coach
ICvun without tlm pri'Honru of
Conch Leo ('OHMiuaii, who Iiiih linen III,
iiHplriinla for ponllloiiH on tlm Ilend
lilKh hcIiooI football team are koIiik
at (ho early tralnliut with a wIIIIuk
iidiiii which proinlMi'H much for the
co rn I ii K hi'iiboii on tho Krlillron. Kev
ural hoiirn.. of hIuiiiiI pracllco and
work on fuiulaiimntalH nro takun
HerloiiHly each evunliiKi wllh two full
tcauiH on tho livid and miveral men
bunliluN, CoKHiuan will lin back on the
Held next week,
Captain Ouy Clnypnol will be tho
liiBl letter man to turn out, mnkliiK
Itln flmt iippuaruuco In n Hiilt noxl
Monday, A HerluiiH Iom to thu team
will bo felt In the fill I lire of l.eo K'oli
Kuld, center on liml year's team, to
return to hcIiooI. Kolitleld wnn nn
accurate iuibmit, utioni; on defonnu
and a itood place kicker. IIIk place
In IiuIuk llllvd for thu preNent In
mil pracllco by iltunrt Itae, who
iiliown roiulderaliln ithlllty, but Im one
of thu ll(!litet nii'ii In the lineup.
From prexeul Indication, the buck
field will he miirli tlm mium as lant
year, with I'hllbrook at iiuurter,
lllrdHitll and Mr.N'iely playliu; tlm
linlven, ami Norcott lit full. All four
playud limt year, although lllrdaall
wax iimible to play the entire oeuxou.
Other backlleld men who are xIiowIiik
up well are Moody, who Ik iiilllm;
nlKiialfl for tlm xecond tunm, and l-p-porxun,
Howell, Cluriio nnd Krlbx nru lln
I ii K up at the endx of tlm line In pnio
tlce, but Claypool In expected to re
xuino tlm poxllluu which he Iiiih held
fur three yenrx on the rlnlit extrem
ity. Iloyil xeemx to be u fixture at
tarkle, and llrlckxon, a xubxtltuti! laxt
year, Ix xhowlui; promlxe lit the other
tnckle poxltlou. Kxllck and Harry
man, both wlMi experleiirn from laxl
year, are the moxl likely candidate
for Kuardx.
On thu xecond xrjuad nro xoverat
men who are too yoilitK and IIkIiI to
innke the team thlx year, hut who
hIiow ability which will win them let
ters In future. Aiiioiir them nre Hu
nan, MclCny and CottliiKliiim. Hall,
who entered Ilond IiIrIi thlx year
from Jerfurxoti IiIkIi of rorlland, Ix
iilno ii promlxltiR candidate.
State (Inini' Officlnli Hen- on Way
to I limpet I Colidlllolli at
Crane I'rnlilo
To luvcxtlgate the poxxlblllty of In
xtalllUK u llxh ladder at thu North
Canal 1'oinp.iiiy'n xtorapo dam now
being coiixtriicted at Crane I'rnlrlo.
W. O, Dudley, In clinrgo of this do
parlmenl or the Hlnte game commix
xlou'x work, wax In Ilend Saturday
from The Dalles. He wax accom
panied 'by William Coleman or Med
ford, who hax general xupervlxlon of
tho (crooning or Irrigation and other
After vlxltlug Crnuo 1'ialrle, they
will go Into I.ako county.
Deschutes County
Agricultural, Machinery and Industrial Exhibits
Substantial Cash Premiums Riven in the follow
ing classes:
Horxex, Cuttle, Hwlno, Hlicorii KrultH anil Flowers,
Poultry Department, latent Fashions,
HcIiooI Display, I" '"l"K ,
' ' euetaliles, Foods,
Uiminii's Department, Art )t.,mrcineiit, Inventions,
Furm I'rodiut.s, wild Horse, Itarcs,
drains mill (Irnsses, Trap Shooting.
Arrange to attend every day of this fair, as It will bo bigger
anil belter than ever Ix-foro. l'luti to have miiiiu of your best
stuff entered for some of the premliiin money, llrlng nil the
family every day,
Redmond, Oct. 12, 13, 14
WM. WIIiHON, I'rex.
K lilt
Piece, Ealliiiff From Auto,
I) i 8 c Ii a r jf e d as Hoy
Reaches for It
(Kl.wlol f. Tlm llullrtln.)
HKD.MOND. Sept. 2li. - CIhi kxton
Duckley, lrl year old mod of Mr. and
Mrx, W, J, Duckley of thlx city, blew
hlx left hand off with a HhotKun yex
(onlay while relurnliiK to Redmond
In an auto from a duck hunt In thu
vicinity of I'owoll Iliitte. The boy
wux reported thlx mornliiK by Dr. J.
F. IIoxcli, attendliii: phyxlclau, to bo
dolliK iih well iih could ho expected.
The cur In which youiiK Duckluy
wax rldliiK wax tienrliiK Itedmond
when n loaded xIioIkuii xlnrted to fall
from the auto. Tho boy reached for
the piece, and hlx hand wax juxt over
tin muzzle when the nun wax dlx
chnrKed. Tlm lad wax prominent In Rrade
xchool track uthletlcx, liavlni; rnpre
MDiiti'd tlm Dexchutex county xchoolx
for xuvernl yearx in tlm midget unci
icradu competition In h It'll uud broad
J ii in p I UK and the polo vault.
Tlm hoy'x father Ix one of Central
Oitkoii'm ploueorx, havliiK been prexl
dent of tho Central Oregon Tranxpor
tatlon (Company, which operated a
four horxu xtagn from Khanlko to
Ilend for ninny yenrx before the com
ing of thu rallroadx.
lloxpltnlilit Inciter I'orfeltM $lt5
Hail After Dame Hv-Hallor
Ix (ilvcil I'llll)
Although Wlllard Hnuxton wax In
troduced by Olllccr Tom Carlon to
Donald Smith, logger, nx chief of po
lice, Smith Invited both oiriccra to
hare ii bottlo with him, and excorted
hlx new round rrlemlx to a room In
the rear of the Hippodrome where
the lliior wax cached nnd readily ad
mitted ownership when nuked on thlx
point. The arrest followed, nnd after
reaching tho police xtntlon, Smith ho
cured hlx freedom by furulxhlng $25
cnah hall. Ho failed to appear for
trial In city court Monday mornliu;
Stanley Mitchell, ex-xallor, was
nlxo arrcxtcd at tlm Hippodrome
dunce, and wax booked on a chnrgo
of driinkcnupxx nnd disorderly con
duct. Mitchell plendcd guilty In city
court today nnd wax lined $20 or 10
dayx. Ho choao tho 10 duyx.
Thu 11 rut apring lambs to bo
xlilppcd from Central Oregon this
season left Inst night In a train of 12
cars, consigned to tho Chicago mar
ket by lien ft Fleming, It was an
nounced today by J. T. Hardy, travel
ing 'freight nnd paasongor agent for
the Oregon Trunk rntlwny.
Cut out thlx slip, cncloso with Cc to
Foley Si Co., 2S3G Shoflleld Ave.. Chi
cago, III., writing your name and ad
dress clearly. You will recolro In re
turn a trial pnekngo containing Fo
ley's Honey and Tar Compound, for
coughs, colds and croup, Foley Kid
ney l'llls nnd Foley Cnthnrllc Tablets.
Sold ovorywhoro. Adv.
W, K. VAN AMilJN, Sec.
I'nMIe Kertlie Comnilssloii I'lniN .Vo
.liistlllnilliiii for Two Itomls
I'p Desilmteii
HAMCM, Hopt. 23.- Recommenda
tion that tho application of tho Ore
gon Trunk railway for porinlxxlon to
abandon lis line between South Junc
tion uud Mctollux, bo granted, lx
Hindu to Mm Interstate commerco
commlxxlon by tho Oregon public
service commission In Itx report on
Its findings based on hearings hold In
Portland last July.
In recommending thu abandonment
of tho line In question tho Oregon
commission declarux that "thoro does
not seem to bo sulllclcnt present or
ruiuro public necessity and conve
nience to warrant tho maintenance)
and operation of this very cxponslve
property nt u great loss to Its own
In Its report to tho Interstate com
merco commission tho Oregon com
mission points out that In tho event
Hardy W. Campbell, Farm Adviser for the Southern Pacific Com
pany, and or1" showing the efficacy of the principles of tillage he
advocates. Above, at right, the four heads In the center were grown
according to Campbell's plan; the other two by the ordinary method.
. i
Principles of Tillage to Increase Yields Explained
by S. J. Farm Adviser.
The samo principles of tlllngo. Campbell xaw here In connection
In preparation of land for cropb and with his general observations
subseijueut cultivation, which have shows that tho real advantage of
proven so succcbsful In raising careful preparation of tho soil be-
grriln crops on Western soml arld fore setting is sometimes, but not
lauds without Irrigation, aro prov- generally fully considered and
Ing successful ror crops raised un- appreciated.
der Irrigation nnd ror orchards and "It Is .cry Important to first
vlneynrds, according to Hardy W. prepare the surface by leveling,"
Campbell, Kami Adviser for tho says Campbell. "Then arrange for
Southern Pacific Company. Otimp- Irrigating In such a manner that
bell hax Inspected this season a water may not only bo evenly an-
numbcr of now orchards and vino- plied over tho wholo surfaco but
yards In California. Oregon, No- In as short a tlmo as possible. In
vnila, Arizona, and Now Mexico. other words establish an even sur-
Campbell Is tho man who evolved r80nabl; I?101.?-
what Is low called tho "Campbell T "c5.wt!r '"f le s," bne3t,h
Rv.iniM nf iirv j-'urmlnc" Camn- omo trees or too little for others Is
bell however objec to tho word detrimental, usually. Again, the low-
"drv" and twists that he . prlncl- er ,aces' especially in heavy soils,
BlMUMd ln hl Kather more wa,er' keePnB th0
fA Iii binrf. nf 'SL wit! , or surfaco wet longer and frequently
without I -Iratton a ?weU ns unde? dola-"K tlme'r cultivation, and not
3? ;r sS.
anerwarus. governed by the amount of fertll-
Campbell nrranged to nddrcss the ltjr rp8UmnB from soil condition in
Nobraska Rankers Association at wbcn tho ,,eP cent ot molsturo and
Omaha. Soptember 22 on the sub- gfr carrIed thoreln. especially dur-
Joct of "Soli Fertility by Utility lng ,no wirmer weather. Is a big
of Soil Wator." and to discuss tho faclort The abmty tt supply this
samo subject boforo tho Minnesota desired molsturo In proper quanti-
Rankers' Association nt Mlnnoapo- tcs tno entire season through each
lis. On his return from theso con- year ia tne nrst con-uc aion.
vontions ho will Btop at Yuma. -pho next question Is tho perfect
Arizona, to Investlgato conditions mot bed. This should bo supplied
ficro. liberally with avallablo plant food
Interesting evidence ot tho direct ovenly distributed, so that when
effoct of properly prepared lands tho trees or vines are sot, thoro Is
was rocently received by Campboll a condition so favorable that not
from a Metropolis, Novadn, grain- only tho '.veaker sots may quickly
field prepared under his direction, tako root and grow vigorously. In-
In tho form of three stools of wheat, stead ot withering and dying, but
Ono stool had SI stalks, ono 103 and a healthy, uniform growth may be
ono 120, each tho result of ono grain obtained the first year, which
ot wheat drilled In woll prepared means much to ths early nnd an-
hoII that was llborally supplied with nual fruitage of the trees or vines,
fertility through well planned and "To nch'jve this result, after lev-
timely work. This crop was raised ellng, the flehl should be cultivated
without Irrigation, but was
pnrcd for by sumraor tillage In 1921
and grown this year.
Mora avldonco ot what cultlva
ttnn nf n prnwlnp ernn
sent to Campbell by A. 11. Shield b' firm from the very start. Tho
of Dolnno. Kern County, California, bJe 18 to continually carry the
in four heads of wheat from a proper r.uint ty or both air and
stool rrrown on Shield j ranch. This water through tho heated part ot
stool had amnio space nnd was tho season. Under this condition,
cultivated whtlo growing, no fertlt- with tho high iwconfage of moist-
Uors or Irrlgntlon bolng used. Tho "r0 ho'J ttt the ton of tho Arm otl.
stool contntnod forty-four heads H,rouLh carcf,,,, nnilt'rao'y cult va-
averaging 78 grains each or slightly tlon, thoro will bo a liberal develop-
ovor 3400 grains from ono stool. nca, nmI ,P?w,,n r lnat, .most ,l8
Such rosults, says Campbell, slra- 8,lrabl0, 80,1 uoct-J. This proce-
ply mean that under cortaln phys- luro. Increases the much needed
leal conditions brought about by Plant food more ovonly In all parts
tho right kind ot tillage at the ot tno b.oforo setting, than
proper tlmo. very much more grain, ca" V,088"! hB, ''sveloped after
fruit or vegetables may bo grown S0ln,B Th,a , avantago
por aero than Is commonly
talncd. Tho usual query Ifl "Does It n,,m"Vi,iv ,n .r,L OI ...n5ali0
payf to which Campbell replies ?"a,1cuJ"jnU"" ' BltSL.f?t lnB.' ut
Vflrv ntni.lintlpnllv In th. nfflrmn. " i o..uu,. uu iiuiau
Campboll recontly Inspected a
number ot how orchards and vine
yards In tho southern and central
portions ot California to study meth
ods and principles commonly prac
tlcod In preparing tho bind
mo aiior euro in irrigation umi as to uo or nine vaitio.
cultivation, Ono of theso Inspuc- "Thoro aro cortaln conditions of
tlona was ot a 4000 ucro peach molsturo in tho Roll following Irrl-
orchard ol ono, two and throe-year- nation, tho snmo no fallowing a
old trcoa belonging to tho Call- rain, when tho high valuo of unltl-
tornla Packing Corporation and lo- vatlon to tho final crop is very
cated oast of Merced, Callt. What much greater. Theso conditions
Moonshine Plant Cleverly Hidden
Near City; Officers Locate Still
While Hunting Imported Whiskey
Ho cleverly had moonshiners
who had been distilling on tho
very edgo of the city concealed
their operations that tho sheriff's
ofllco hud no hint of their nctlvl
tlei until Sheriff S. i:. Ilohorts and
Deputy Stokoe, while hunting for a
cache of Scotch, stumbled on a 30
gallon plant Just north of tho dump
ground. Tho officers were unable
to locate the Imported whiskey.
Tho still, states Ilobertx, wax
complete In every detail, and was
of tho abandonment of the 29 mlli
of railroad between South Junction
nnd Metollus there would be avail
able for highway purposes nn excel
lent grade which would greatly facili
tate vehicular traffic between Mecca
and South Junction, where two rail
pro - practically nn entire season before
setting to troos or vines, with only
sufficient Irrigation to aaslst In
cstnhllsWng the Idcrl root bed
was which shouU bo bath fine and fair
ob -
not othorwlso obtainable.
.1 . v. i... i.i . . . .
uot to over-Irrigate, for to obtain
tho best results, the soil In nnd
about tho root rono must ba moist
but not wet. When the soli Is sat
urated thoro Is practically no
healthy growth. As rule cultiva
tion la not only Insufficiently fro-
and quont but ton otton Is ao untlmoly
of an cntlroly now typo In this sec
tion. Tho boiler was round, with
a retort top, nnd had apparently
been In uso not long before. No
moonshine could bo found, and any
mash that might havo beon used
had been carefully disposed of. A
live gallon keg and an abundance
of bottles wcro found close to tho
Tho entire ecjuLpmout was
brought to Ilend nnd added to
Sheriff Roberts' collection at the
county Jail.
road lines would be available for
Territory now served by tho Ore
gon Trunk line would In tho event ot
tho abandonment ot tho lino be ade
quately served by the Deschutes rail
road, the report points out.
nust be considered. Nothing can
prove this more convincingly than
the soil auger.
"It Is very desirable, so far as
possible, to not only carry the high
percentage ot molsturo at tho top ot
the firm soil. Immediately below
the mulch, but also to Induce frei
access ot air throughout the entire
growing season. The Ideal condi
tion to furnish this is to cover
the firm soil with a granular mulch,
noither too fine nor too coarse. To
obtain this ideal mulch, tho culti
vation must bo lone when the soil
is moist not wet or dry. The
loosened soil soon dries. leaving
the firm soil moist to tho top. This
Is usually easy to obtain In sandy
soils', but to do this properly In
heavy soils it is sometimes neces
sary to go over tho field a second
time, after first going over Just
enough to loos.n the top when the
surfaco Is simply dry enough not
to stick. This prevents the crust
ing or drying out. Then the second
operation should come one to four
days later, after the free water has
gone down, leaving tho soil moist,
when it more readily separates,
and makes a finer and much mora
effective mulch. This procedure
means much to the tree, as a
higher precentage ot moisture Is
held In the root zone and a crust
ing and cloddy mulch Is prevented.
"Tho high valuo ot this plan ot
preparation and one season's culti
vation before tho setting of tha
trees or vines, Is borne out by the
.Interesting results obtained from
careful summer tilling tor wheat,
oats and barle), and the proclso
iieas of tlmo in doing this work Is
Just ns vital. Thoro aro numerous
records ot large ylolds cf wheat us
hlsh as 4" to CO bushols per acre,
grown on correctly summer tilled
land, where nearby fields, prepared
cud sowed under tho mora com
mon plan of 'any old way,' yloldod
vory poorly or -uo thing at all."
Tho Southern Taclllo Land De
partment "Bulletin No. 10" deals
quite explicitly with questions ot
Increased fertility by tillage. Ilul
latin No. 12 also explains la detail
tho summer tilling quostlon as ap
plied to the coast country, Ono
or both may bo obtained without
cost by letter, or personal applica
tion to Hardy W. Campboll, 9SI
Southorn Pacific Building, San
Francisco. A Bulletin Is now un
dor way dealing with tillage and
irrlsatlon ot orchards and vino
yards. Campbell's greatest plonsuro Is
to visit a farm or ranch whero tho
proprietor or manager feels he Is
not ge'tlng satisfactory returns'
and work out, as far na possible, a
practical remedy. Tho Southorn
Pacini- 'oiiowa tha theory that Its
lutet 13 nro Mod up with tho terri
tory i aerveB, nnd Campbell nnl
tho V n.ny vt.ih to ba in
lnore g agricultural prmluc-tivl'