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    weeklV edition
The bend bulletin.
No. a
(Irriil Development In f rrlunt Imi
Just Alicnd, Hij North Cunil Co.
lllcliil Work Program of Tim
( lull In Outlined lly Vlmil.
Colonization tilniiM for Central Ore
Kim of thn North Canal Co, will liu
" put In operation beginning nuxt week
with th (i nrrlvnl liuro nf J. 0, Potter,
president nf thn company, who will
liuvo charge of colonization from llio
Inriil end, was thn itniioiinreiiieiit of
Oswald Wust, Micrntury of thn coin
puny, lit V;il lioMlny'H Commercial
rluli meeting. Thn company will
nlmi ham n mini In Europe, In con
nection with securing settlers for Itm
In ltd n to ho roclulmod hern, said
West. s
It will ho thn company's nlin to
pick moil who will liu it credit to
thu community, to bring them hum
nml to holp ttioin to net started,
Went declared. In nil of HiIh, ho
polntoil out, thn Commercial cluh
run bo of piirllculiir asslstnnco, es
pecially in seeing thut Information
nhout thu country, unud In advortls-
In K Hi advnntngeit, In iiuthontlc.
HiillromN Agisting:
Thn railroads urn also coopnrntlng
In thin work, said Wot.
flront iliivnloiuuniit In Irrigation In
Just uheud for Control Oregon, snld
Wont, whether It In accomplished ly
thu North ("until Co. or liy other.
Thu reason for tho company's Inlor
I'Hl In other project thnn Un own,
ho explained, Ik Hint nil of Central
Oregon must benefit together. It
wouhl hamper rolonltntlnn nf ono
district, to linvn nnothor bosldn It
.unsuccessful. Thn rnmpnny In not
seeking n monopoly, ami welcome
other bidders unit contractors on nil
proponed project dnvnliipment.
An noon ns weather condltloiiN per
mit, construction nf n limn nt Crnnn
Pralrln will liu started, West un
n out! end.
Program Is Outlined
A description of tho collective hiir
gostlnns from which thn Cnuunnrclnl
cluli In to nmp nut It program or
work for tho coming year, contained
In tho miNworN to tho questionnaire
.snnt out by tho program of work
committee, wiin given hy K, I.. Vlnnl.
Moat nf thn suggestions woro many
limes repented, ho Ntntnd.
Under tho honilliiK of Irrigation,
thn first rornininnndntion for tho
club wnn, "cooperalo wftli OnwiiIiI
Wont," ho doclnrod. A colonltntlon
program whn suggested im import
nut. Thn settlors on tho various
projoctN Hhould lin Invited to toll tho
. club tholr troubles, nnothor stated.
Encouragement of quality Im
provement wah tho proRrum sug
gested for aanlatli)K tho stock raisers.
Meat Inspection vhh mentioned, thn
encouragement of stock raising on
tho imnlt farms, nnd mootlngR with
tho rnliora to lonrn tholr problems.
Concentration Urged
Concentration on Thn Dalles-Cnil-fornla
highway was most often urged
under tho heading of roads, An edu
cational campalRit on tho vnluo of
bettor roads In Ronornl, the urging
of n direct rond to Powbll Hutto, ox
term of tho forest roiida nnd secur
ing of Contra I Orogon's shnro of ap
propriations woro suggested.
LoworliiR of freight rntos, socurliiR
dlnliiR Mcrvlco on tho O.-W., nnd on
conrngoment of tho proposed Strn
horn road and u road to Hums, wore
inontlonod under trniispnrtntlon.
Thn fostering of trade with tho
rurnt districts, a "trade at homo"
campaign, and tho elimination of
inlsloadliiR udvortlHliig, woru sug
gested us points tti ho alined at under
tho bonding of trade,
Clvln Ni'imIh Moon
tinder clvlo linprovoniont, tho pro
vision of nn mito tourist park was
most often urged, hiiIiI Vlnnl. Drink
ing fountains should bo provided,
and Arbor day should bo revived,
othora HUgROBtod. More paving, tho
killing off of a fow "bonghoads," lin
provoniont of tho hlghwuy np
4 pronchos Insldo tho city; limits, pros':
orvntlon of troes, oncouniKOmeiit of
i (Continued on Pago 8.)
Diner Remains To
Finish Meal While
Restaurant Barns
Whllo tho flro department
fought valiantly at tho reur of '
thu Itoyal cufti Mondny eve-
n I n K to nxtliiRlllHli a bliizn which 4
started III tin) woodshed, nml
fliimn and sinnko poured In tho
roar door of thn roslauraiit, omi
solltnry dliiiir, Joe I'd I key, kept
steadily on with his moat, wit-
nouses declare,
Tho frnmn structiirn of tho
restaurant building was threat-
oiled hy tho tinmen, hut II was
saved by quick work with thu
chemical hosn. Later tho flru
was oxtlugiiUhi'd with hydrant
water. Thn sbvd was gutted.
4 A dog which had been In tho
shed was so bndly burned that
4- It was shot by ono of tho fire-
men to otnl Its suffering.
An opinion sustaining tho demur
rer broiiRht by II II. OoArmond, at
torney for the (' (). I. district, and
dlssolvliiK tho Injunction agnlnst A.
A. Andorson, Deschutes county asses
sor, retraining him from entering
on tho assessment rolls thn special
assessment ugulnst settlors In thn
district voted last June, was handed
down by Circuit Judgu T. i:. J. Duffy
Tlio Injunction proceedings were
a companion litigation to thu con
tost over tho validity of the organ
ization proceedings and bond elec
tion, hroucht by tho Pilot initio
ditch settlers, an opinion on which
has been handed down sustaining
tho district.
With the bunding down of tho op
inion by Judge Duffy comple
tion of tho work In thn assessor's of
fice for 11)21 is being quickly ac
complished. Thu work Is being
rushed, nnd Anderson states
that tho rolls will ho fin
ished and turned over to Sheriff H.
K. Huberts this wook.
Tho spreading of taxes on the rolls
would liuvo been completed nnd
placed In tho sheriff's hands tho lat
ter part of January bad It not been
tor the suit brought against tho ills
tiicl by settlers deriving their water
supply from that part of tho I'ltot
Hutto ditch foil by tho North canal.
Strong Intimation that tho North
Cuunl Company will not bo a bidder
for thn contract of reclaiming tho
Tuinalo project Is given In a lottor
from Oswald West, socrotary of tho
company to tho Tmmilo Irrigation
"During tho six wooks which liuvo
elnpsed since our proposal was sub
mitted, both your work mid your
bonds have boon huwkod about un
til the market value of tho bonds
has been grently Impaired,'" ho
writes. "Wo hud agreed to take
these bonds at 90, but If they woro
taken at that figure today our Iosh
on their sain would coiihiiiiio nil ex
pected construction piofllB."
lteforrlm; to stntdinontn made ear
lier in tho lottor, WohI points out
that thn primary purposo of tho com
pany In outiirliig thn Irrigation field
was to construct tho North Cnnnl
system ami reclaim tho segregated
limits lying under It. "Wo four that
In making tho numorouu concessions
Jo your district, which wo folt neces
sary to Insure your water supply,
'wo aro endangering our own to such
iin'oxtolit that wo may lie unable, to
fulfill our obligations iindor our con
tract with the state," ho adds.
Ollliliiln I'k. in IlKlilil onlre Who
Will ('mine llrookN-Ki'iiiilon Kienlc
KtHp ICmphnslo Need of He-fori-lnllon
Knrly nctlon In tho matter of tho
oxnhuugn of tho Dronks-Scatiloii tim
bered strip on Thn Dullos-Cnllfornla
highway south of Ileiid under tho
recently enacted Deschutes tlmbor
exchange tow Is seen In tho arrival
last week of Forest Kxumlnor U,
I, Drake, and llylo Toed, natlonnl
forest examiner, who expect to begin
tho cruising of tho tract In question
soon. They will also look ovor
a number of cut ovor ureas which
may bo offered for oxchango for na
tlonnl forest stumpago. Tho ox
chango of tho Ilrnoks-Scnnlon land
will mean Its Inclusion In thu Des
chutes National forest and Its cpnso
quent preservation as a scenic unset
I.aml Coiiillliim linM)i-tnnt
Cut over land to ho considered for
exchange must bo copablo of refor
estation. Teed ompliaslzcd when In
terviewed this morning. This will
mean that young growth must bo left
on the land, nnd that the land Itself
must bo In proper condition for re
production, ho said. Tho forest ser
vice, ho pointed out, has no desire to
add to national forest area for tho
mora purpoio of acquiring land. Tho
production of timber, bo stated, Is
tho primary object.
lngglui; Cure Need
Land which tins been absolutely
denuded and which In addition has
been burned ovor to such an extant
that humus in tho soil Is destroyed,
delays reforestation at least CO years,
Drako declared. "Caro In logging
and burning Is highly osBcntlnl," ha
said, adding that the success of seed
ing In tho loose soil of high mineral
content found In tho Central Ore
gon timber bolt Is oxtromcly doubt
Whero loggers will leavo soed trees
to aid In reforestation, tho sorvlco
Is prepared to pay for them, Teed
A flvo yenr Icaso for tho two rooms
to tho south on tho first floor of tho
Minor building tins been contracted
between tho owner, J. II. Minor, and
tho roudlctoii Packing & Provision
Co,, through Oeorgo Singer, gonoral
malinger. Tho company has a largo
packing plant nt Pondloton, and will
mako n spoclntty of buying stock and
poultry raised In Central OreRon,
Singer stated, In addition to doing a
gonoral retail business,
V. C. Drowning will bo mnnngor of
tho branch hero. A branch which
has boon located at Prlnovlllo may
bo moved here, Bttld Singer.
"Wo aro an Kustoru Oregon con
cern, and buslnoss Riven to us means
money kept In Oregon and paid to
Orcgdn.labor," Slugor emphasized.
Track Anil Hcliolastlo Competition
To lie Mny fi At Prlnovlllo
Knmlnatloit.H Conllii-teil.
Mny 5, Instead of May 12, will bo
tho dato for tho annual Central Ore
gon school day nnd track moot, the
oxccutlvo commlttoo of tho school
duy association liau docidod. Tho
chuiigo was m ml o on account of tho
stntn 8th grade examinations occur
ring May 11 and 12. Tho moot Is to
bo nt Prlnovlllo this your.
MomborH of tho executive commit-
too nro Superintendent J. I-. Myers
of Craolc county, Superintendent
Paul Irylno of Hedmond schools and
Prlnolpal Oeorgo A. Gabriel, of Mad
ras union high school,
Inability To Keciirc Pmper .Man I'or
I'lme lias I'reienliMl Knforce
ment, Kiplalm-il Hloik Men
Willing To Help Pay.
Ilend butchers aro planning to ask
tho city council nt Its next meeting,
to designate a meat Inspector to pre
vent tho sale of "cold slaughtered"
or diseased meat. Particularly
through peddling tbcro Is opportun
ity for moats unfit for food to be
sold in IJend, it is declared.
Another function of the Inspector
would bo to guard against the salo
of carcasses of stolon animals,
Imw Not Cnforced
A city ordinance passed tnoro than
two years ago, provides for inspec
tion of both kinds, but a man capable
of properly handling tho work has
novcr boon found, according to N, II.
Gilbert and II. K. Nordcen, respec
tive chairmen of tho police and
health committees of the council. Tho
fait that a trained, capable mun can
now bo secured In Uond will mako
possible tho enforcement of tho or
dinance, they said,
Livestock men of tho county pre
viously offered to contribute J300
to help pay tho salary of an Inspec
tor, recognizing tho protection which (
thoy would receive against rustlers.
Many horsos are dying on tho
range In tho Sink county, according
to a communication from William
A Holm of Mllllcaii. Heavy snows
in tho high desert country nro re
sponsible. Itnhn's letter was received on the
first mall from Milllcan, Stauffer,
and Hampton to reach Unnd In many
days, delivery holng made possible
by a Fordson tractor furnished by
tho Central Oregon Motor Company,
the machlno making tho round trip
to almost to tho King ranch, a dls
tnnco of approximately 90 miles. In
throo days.
Tho tractor, driven by J. L. Van
Huffol nnd Krnost Dick, brought
mall from all points along the routo,
besides hauling In n mall
truck which hnd been abandoned two
weoks ago 15 miles beyond Milllcan,
It is probable that tho machlno
used for tho first tlmo In this way
hero, will continue to bo used until
nutos can ncgotlato tho snow cov
ered roads.
l-Vbruary, With IS Inche.i, Hns Mr
Hhnrt of Precipitation Warm
Wind Takes Oft White ltlunket.
Snowfall In Ilend this winter totals
45 Inches, records kept at tho co
operative observatory show, Fobru
ury so far has tho most snow to Its
crodlt of all tho winter months, 15
Inches falling In tho 2S days of tho
shortest month.
Sunday's heavy fall vanished Mon
day afternoon before tho melting
breath of n chlnook, nnd rain and
snow followed Monday night, leaving
slightly less than an Inch on tho
pavements in tho morning.
A recommendation that a poultry
show bo held In connection with the
Deschutes county fair, made by the
poultry show commlttoo of tho Com
mercial 'club, was npprovod by tho
club directors at last week's meeting.
Tho directors voted to cloar the de
ficit on tho show of last week, which
amounts to less tluui ?25,
Live Horned Toad
Comes By Mail To
Science Teacher
A live horned toad, measur-
log flvo Inches from tho tip of
Its noso to tho tip of its tall,
r was received this morning by
Franklin Forrester, Instructor
In science at the IJcnd high
! school, by parcels posi from Dr.
! (5. V. Couslneau, formerly of
f Ilend. Tho toad was shipped
from Del Mar, Cal. Tho animal
5- arrived In good condition, and
will be kept ns nn exhibit If It
can bo kep.t alive.
lilO KAI.MS A(jllKi;.Mi;T MADK
Ono of the biggest deals In draft
stock In Contral Oregon since war
times was made known today when
James K. Smith announced that he
has contracted for tho salo of 1,000
head of geldings from the Hill Drown
ranch. Tho consideration, It is un
derstood will bo In the neighborhood
of J3G.000.
Tho stock, now on rango In Lake,
Harney, and Grant counties, will run
from 1200 to 1700 pounds. June to
October delivery is specified. Smith
Reports that W. P. Myers may ask
tho republican nomination at the pri
maries for the circuit Judgeship were
confirmed Monday noon when Myers
stated that he is considering such a
movo but that he will not be able
to make a definite statement In less
than two weeks. No indication that
T. E. J. Duffy, democratic Incum
bent, will have any contest before tho
general elections, has been given.
E. M. Eby, rancher in tho Hed
mond section, Is expected to bo n
candidate for tho nomination for
county commissioner to succeed M.
C. Conton whoso term t-plres this
year, It was learned today. Conton
Is not expected to run.
Seattle Stockholders Would Wind
Up Affairs of Central Ore
gon Sheep Hanch Co.
Anxious to locate Sherman Mont
gomery, promoter of tho townsito of
Imperial, since reverted to desert
range, 0. H. Rovelto, promlnont
Seattlo attorney was In Rend last
week representing Seattle Investors
who In 1919 purchased stock In tho
Central Oregon Sheep Ranch Co. Ono
of his clients, James E. Ulackwoll,
superintendent of bulldiiigs In Seat
tle, bought stock In the amount of
$6,000 before a suit brought by A.
Lebeque, French Canadian cripple
who Invested to tho tuno ot $1,000,
sot forth that thero were no sheop,
nnd that virtually tho solo assets ot
tho company consisted of desert land
In Central Oregon,
Rovello was empowered to start
proceedings to wind up tho affairs ot
the company In order that stock
holders may realize on tho sale of
Word of tho death of E. J, Tnylor,
until recently of this city, taken to
Portland this winter to be placed In
tho State Employment Institute for
tho blind, lias been rocelved horo.
The cause of death was not learned.
Taylor was n carpenter by trade, and
a member of tho Ilond local, although
unablo to work at his chosen calling
for soveral years following tho sud
den loss ot his. sight.
Hani Competition I'rotn Koutli Anil
AVIthln Western Territory Noted,
Hut Kfflclcncy Can Maintain 8
Hour J Ins Is, Says llellenlus.
No likelihood of any attempt to
lengthen the working day now In
force at tho IJend milts Is soon by
J. E. Hellerrius, field officer for the
Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lum
bermen, here for several days
In the course of one of his
regular visits In this district.
Hcllenlus mentioned the effort be
ing made at other points, and of
the notice which has been given by
tho Dolse-Payette Lumber Co. of its
Intention to withdraw from tho Four
L organization and of reopening Its
mill on a 10 hour basis, but admitted
no probability of any such happen
ing here. The Four-L's, ho pointed
out, has as one of its fundamental
principles, the eight hour day, and
this, he said, will bo strictly ad
hered to.
Economic Factors HcTlewed
"Agitation for a nlno or 10 hour
day Is becoming very active in the
pine producing territory," Hellcnlus
said. As economic factors bearing1
on a change In the working hours
In the lumber Industry, he recog
nizes the difficult competition which
tho northwest Is forced to meet In
selling against southern pine pro-
I duced by lower paid, longer worked
labor, and with It the fact that less
than 30 per cent of members of the
Western Pino Manufacturers' asso
ciation are now on an eight hour
basis or affiliated with the Four-L's.
"We must admit," he said, "tho pres
sure which is being brought to boar
on this 30 per cent by the others la
tho west."
Efficiency Solution
That thero are other means ot
meeting this competition than by in
creasing working hours Is tho con
tention ot the Loyal Legion of Log
gers and Lumbermen, Hellenlus em
phasized. "Real cooperation In the
plant, for instance, Increasing effi
ciency and production, for instance,
elimination of overlapping ot labor
and authority, in short an honest ef
fort to make the eight hour day so
successful and satisfactory that no
ono shall feel Inclined to change it,
would be effective," ho said.
He declared that It Is his observa
tion as field officer of the Four-L's
that on a number of theso points
there has been actual failure.
Miss Evn Coniegys Transferred To
Denton County, O. A. C. Exten
sion Worker Announces.
Announcement that Deschutes
county wltl not .have the services ot
a home demonstration agent after
March 15, was made Tuesday by
Miss Jessie D. McComb, head ot the
homo demonstration work at O. A. C.
Miss Eva Coraegys, who has been
located horo for soveral months, will
bo transferred to Renton county.
The fact that Denton county has
made an appropriation for a share ot
tho expense of conducting this work
was given as the reason for tho trans
fer. Tho Deschutes county court
has never boon requested to make
an appropriation.
Tho Infusorial earth found In the
vicinity of Lower Urldgo Is woll
adapted to use us packing material
for the flretess cookor, reported Miss
Evu Comegys, county demonstrator,
who used this substance lu making a
cookor at tho homo' of Mrs. Rod Fos
ter last week. Tho fact that the
dlatomaceous earth la a non conduc-'
tor makes It ot particular value for
this purpose.