The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 23, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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    1'AGH 8
Cobb Bags Bear
But Camera Man
Obtains No Film
$ Irvln H. Gobi), nolotl wrltur,
who Ih "quoHtliw for ciulul"
iimuiiR tho Control Oregon
niouulnlmi, ami ItieUlontnlly !
ftirnlHliliiK action for nuy qttnii-
J- tlty of film for nuliHOituont
movlu iiroiluctlon, bagged Ids ,
first hour Thursday, according i
to ib phono iiihmhuko received
h from the upper Vuinluvort rnncli
Friday nfloriiooii liy Dr. W, J.
J- 0. Vumluvort of this city. Tlio
cull ciimo from Dr. Vondovort'u
father, who Ih chaperoning thu
party of hour sliiycm,
Ah far iih movlu fuiiB nro or-
. commit liowovor, Mr. Cobb's
oxplolt Ih iiii utiwrlttuu clmptor,
. for tlio CAinorn limn was tinnbhi
to keep In Bight of olthor hunt-
f oil or htintur. Two block boor
woro Blurted by Mr. Vundovort'H
dogs, nnil Mr. Cobb clionn tlio
turgor of tbo two. Eventually
iiutniiit wiih troud mid tlio
, humorlHt, after losing dog nmi
bonr, droppoil off to Muop, mid
won wiikonoil by tlio bnylng of
thu hound uunrby, A. Whin-
mint wan dispatched for tlio
cumora man. Mr. Cobb brought
tho boar to oarth with nix hIioIh
shortly nftor bin duparturo.
That tho party tuny romaln
out for hoiiio tluiu wan ludlcatod
: liy tho fact that moro dogs luivo
boon limit for, tho hounds takoii
out at flrHt havliiK becoiuo worn
out attor holding to tho rapid
paco not by Mr. Cobb. Hoar aro
uniiHiially plentiful, Mr. Vnndo-
vert reports.
( .
What's Doing in
the Country.
CLOVBIIDALB. Hopt. 23. Mm.
Christy otpects to lonvo today for
Washington, whuro she will vIhII
Mr. Cotnlui of Portland wait lit
our vicinity taut wook, looking for
I.oron Ioug wan a callur on Mr
llllloary Huiiday. I.orou Ih looking
at tho Woodworth placo nod may
rout It.
Wayrvo CyriiH. who In nttnndlng
lilgh Hchool In Ittiduioud. spent Sun
day at IiIh homo hunt.
Mtk. I.iiiul loft Tunsday for n
woak's vIhII In Portland.
Mr. and Mm. W, T. Harrlnon
npoiit Monday ovoulng at tho And
rtis homo.
Mr. and Mrs. It. King woro busi
ness callora at tho Thoman Arnold
homo Monday ovonlug.
J. II. Hudson and daughters inndo
n trip to llouil .Sunday.
DL'KCIMJTBS, Kopt. 23. Miss
I.oona Matthowii Ih confluod to hor
homo In I)oKChtitH with a cold.
Tho N'ohiou chlldrou of Doschutos
tiavo tho whooping cough.
MrH. A. C. Ham and chlldrou of
llond aro vlHltlug MrH. Delilng of
Mrs. H. H. Wlniilnxlinin and Mrs
Doblng mudo n business trip to
llond Saturday.
Tho JolitiHou chlldrou, who havo
tho whooping cough, uro Improving
Itoy Uainblln, who ban boon on
tho Hick I liit, Ih Improving.
Mr. Doblng and .1 union llonham
nro holplng A. II. Muttliowu put up
IiIh hay.
Ituv. JobiiHon, who Iiiih boon In
Portland, roliirnod to IiIh homo In
J)oHchutoH Kalurduy.
Mrn. It. U. ThurHton and Mrs.
"Roy Hiimbllu mudo u IiuhIiiohh trip
to llond Thurflduy.
Mth. A. 0. Hum mid Mm. H, Dob
lng woro vlsltora In llond Monday.
Mrs. C. W. Nelson modo a busl
noHH trip to llond Wednesday.
It. W. Htanky win visiting Itoy
Uainblln or Do.ichutoH ThiirHiluy.
1', II. OIIoh of Culvor wuh a vis
itor at tho Doblng homo Monday.
Ho Iiiih roturnod to Gray iiutto and
will tuko bin guHOlluo wood saw to
Mth. H. II. WlunliiRham of Dim
chutoH vlHltod Mrs. Goorga Holtou
of DoHOhutoH ThurHday.
It. W. Htanky Ih holplng A. II.
MntthowH with IiIh hay,
A. II. MntthowH Ih cutting hay for
JamoH Iloiibam,
Produce Infertile oggM.
Gather Iwko u iluy,
Keoi In a cool plnce.
Market twlco a week,
L'rotoct eggH from nun on way
to market,
Food oyHtor uboll for Ntrongor
egg flhollH.
Do not Jimrkot eggu from
stolen ncblH.
Want to buy hay, uo Ilullctln clan,
elfled ndH.
JT1 r Iv V ti O 1 i3 Jr JLi Hi
An except iottnl opportunity to buy your Full Line of Men's SuilH, Siioe.s, Working CIoIIigh aiui in fact every tiling in Mch'h We
at a Great Saving. We allow no merchandise to grow old on our shelves. We are after a big business this Fall, so do not fail
taice advantage oi this wonder! ul opportunity.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled and will receive first call. Your Railroad Fare Refunded one way on all purchases of $,'5 or over.
Lot No. 1 -$35.00 values. Includes
Men's suits in all wool browns, greys
and popular mixtures, in single and
double breasted, newest tOCl ff
models. Special ..iUmJKJ
Lot No. 2 $-15.00 values. This lot in
cludes a high grade lot of Men's all
wool, well tailored suits, newest pat
terns and designs, in greens, greys,
brown and fancy mix- (tqC ((
lures. Special ,.,.PvU
Lot No. 3 $55.00 and $(50.00 values.
Including highly tailored, all wool blue
serges, cheviots and hard finished
worsteds. Newest pat- tM 2 lO
terns and designs.,.. P'x-w.cFv
"Monroe Clothes" not included, these
being contract good.
Men's heavy corduroy pants in dark
bronze color, extra well made, regu
lar $0.75 value. 4
Special ...0,W
$1.50 value Men's whipcord pants.
These are the kind that wear. Extra
'ciT'.0: $3.95
Men's union made work pants, in dark
stripe, extra good wear- 9 95
ing. Special '
Men's heavy cashmere pants. Dark
grey stripe. One of the best values
of our sale. M Qg
Special wxsJ
Men's all wool mackinaw coats, neatly
made, in a fine assort- (1 ( ACi
ment of colors. Special, v1
Men's blanket lined duck coats. Gut
terman Bros. Summit brand. Very
finest grade. Limited t! A AK
number. Special .. J
$10.00 value Boys' Oregon City all
wool mackinaws. Extra Cjy AK
I Phone Red 61
One lot of broken sizes Men's Over
coats, up to $35 value, including dark
colors and mixed pat- l!1 C QEi
terns. Special P x
Lot No. 1- Includes newest models.
All wool. Neatly made. A dandy for
wear. Assorted colors, djl A QC
All sizes. Special ..,. U.S'U
Lot No. 2 Includes boys' fancy model.
All wool suit. Just tho thing for school
wear. Brown, green and many other
nifty colors. t1 1 QlX
Snecial v 1VJ
Lot No. 3Bovs' steel fibre niks. The
well known advertised line of famous
double seat, knees and between knees.
Chitmois pockets. Every suit guaran
teed all wool. Extra t11 QCi
patch, buttons. Special... Ayj
Extra heavy, khaki color, double chest,
back and sleeves. Union made. Guar
anteed. Regular $15 (1 1 Cf
value. Special v A l 'ou
Men's stag shirts, made same as above,
double back, chest and sleeves, in plaid
color. Elvcsser-Heyneman union made.
$13.50 value. Q Qd
Special W.ZTV
10 per cent Reduction on All Trunks
and Cases.
Men's heavy work shoes. Kirkendall
and Chippewa make. Wear guaran
teed. Broken sizes. $7 f QC
and $8 value. Special.......... ''
Men's Hergmann loggers. Calked,
double vamp. Outside counter. Hand
made. $21 value. 1 Q
Special v l U.O
Men's mule hide shoes. Extra heavy
grade. Well made. Wide tO QCt
last. Special &&&
Men's black English shoes... John C.
Roberts and O'Donnell 7 QCJ
makes. $11 values. Special.. m,JJ
All Boys' Shoes Reduced
Khaki and blue. Heavy 1 AQ
weight. Special 0 1 .
$1.75 value Men's chambray work
shirts. Union made, ligjit blue, dark
blue and grey. Every shirt (I? Q C
guaranteed. Special... P x J J
$1.50 value Men's heavy fleece lined
shirts and drawers. All QR
sizes. Special COC
$3.50 value Men's heavy fleece lined
union suits, standard make, sanitary
fleece, closed crotch. All d0 A EL
sizes. Special V&.'-kO
$3.95 value wool mixed union suits.
Good weight. Closed d?0 QC
crotch. All sizes. Special.... v.itO
$1.95 value black label union suits. Ex
tra heavy weight, wool ribbed. Closed
crotch. Perfect fitting. d?Q QC
Snecial J0.ciJ
UJ-1(4 I lt(!lllIIMIIIill!l i ll.tlli
75c value Men's wool sox. CiH
Special ouc
15c Men's while hander
ehiefs. Special
20c'value men's heavy Convos Gloves
limit 3 pairs to a customer 1 r
Special WC
95c value Men's leather work gloves.
Just the thing for rough AQp
wear. Special x7C
95c value mule hide lumber mitts. Ex
tra good grade. AQn
Special tC
50c value Men's cotton gloves. Extra
heavy with leather palm. OQp
Special, at
Men's sweater coats. V neck and with
collar. In dark grey and t 1 yo
maroon color. Special v A 7
Boss of the Road heavy khaki over
alls, union made, suspender back, bib.
Small sizes only. t 1 QC
Special v l -70
$3.25 value Boss of the Road carpen
ter's overalls. d?0 QC
Special tyti.ViJ
Men's union made jumpers, plain blue
and stripe, an exceptional f? f QC
buy. All sizes. Special.. 1.3
The Golden Rule Store
865 Wall Street
Bend, Oregon
Hen, Too Old or Too Lazy to Pay
Their Way Should Do Eaten,
Canned or Gold.
Tlio Hlnckorri nro Iumih too old or too
lazy to pny their way, IIiomo iinIiik
their ftnil for iniikliiK fnt nmi thorn'
Unit litivn IIiiIhIiciI their year's pro
iluitlon of t'KKH uml uro lit'Klitiilni; to
molt. Thu iioiiltrytnnii cannot reiinoii.
uhly o&pect to maintain n IiIkIi pro
duction If ho Iiiih iniiny hlnN of (IiIh
Htainp. Cull Ihein out lit once. They
Hhoulil ho eaten, cnnnuil or hoIi).
Various Methods May Do Successful
as Conditions Are Different
Make Study of Flock.
If your inetlioil of fcoillnj,' kIvch
(,'nod itsiiKh do not I'hitiiKo It Just ho
nuiHi) you read of other method lined
hy other poultry riilnorH. Vurlotin
inelhoilM tuny ho MircehNful ; coudl
tloiiH uro tio dllTerent that (hoy de
mand dirrerent tnothnilH. A poultry
rulHQr intiHt Ktudy tho coiulltlonn of
IiIh own (lock, their HiirrouudliiKH, thu
clliuate, etc.
Tho nominal liorupov;r of nn on
;lno Ib dotorinliiud by an approximate
fm inula of which that of thu National
tiMomohllo chutnhur of coinmurcu u
tno moat, common. According to thin
tho horsepower Is cqunl to tho Hipjuro
of thu diameter of thu cylinder tlinoa
tho number of cylinders divided by
two und ouu-hnlf.
Good Way Is to Feed Oats, Wheat
and Dnrley In Litter Change
the Straw Frequently.
Ono wny to funiWi pxitcInu for
hiyliiK hetiH Ih to feed out, wheat and
luirloy In litter. Tho lloor Ih covered
with Htrnw (I Indie deep. In thin tho
main feed Ih Hcattered. Tlio Htrnw
Ih eliaiiKed frinpHiiitly iih It hecomew
hollcd from ilroppltik'H. Somu of tho
poultry iIIkoum'h uro wpivad throtlKh
Woman a Pioneer Qeographer.
MIhh II. I'ullen-Ilurry im tho llmt
Koojrrnphcr to vlnlt foiho of tho un
known partH of tho IllMinarck urchl-pelQRO.
Sell your poultry throiiKli Iliillotih
chiKNlfleil iuIh.
(Aith rou I1IDS
llldii will ho rocnlvoil by tlio
County Court of DencluitoH County
on or hoforo 2 p. in. Friday, Octohor
in, for tho following luinbor do
Jlvorod nt tho county warohotiHO in
Ilund. Tho rlKht hi roHurvud to re
ject uuy and all bldu,
734 pch. 4x12x10 40,010
22 pcH. 4x12x18 l.f.SI
0 pea. 4x 0x18 210
2 pes. 2X (1x18 110
4 pch. 2X 1x1 S 48
2 pcfl, 4x 4x10 4ti
10 pea. 4x10x10.'. 8G1
20 pea. 4x 0x10 040
20 pea. 2x 0x10 320
20 pea. 2x 4x10 214
10 pen, 4x 4x10 , 4 0B
Total . r.0,390
county couivr.
29-33c DoacluttoB County.
I will pny nchool illHtrlct No, 0
warrnntH Noh. 40. 44, 46, 40, 47,
48, HO, 51 on Oct. C. WurruntH
named coasu to draw liilureHt after
thlH (Into,
30c Clorlc School l)lt. No, 0.
Ily vlrtuo of nn oxueutlou mid an
order of milo duly IhhuuiI out of
thu Circuit Court of thu Stato of
OroRon, for DohcIiuIoh County, on
thu 22nd day of Sontoinhor, 1020,
to mo directed In n curtain milt in
Kiild court, whoroln l'aul MortHch
liiK. iih plaintiff, recovered JiiiIk
luont iiKaltiHt J. C. IIopldiiH and 0.
A. Ilatflold, nrdorliiK and docroeltiK
that tho northouHt uartor of tho
HouthwoHt iiiurtor of Section 13, in
Towimhlp 17. Houtli of HaiiKO 14
uaHt of Wlllauiottu Meridian, in
DoAchutoH County, Oregon, ho nold
hy tho Hhorlff of tiald county and
tit at o In tho manner proHcrlhed hy
law, ntul (lint tho proceodH of Hitch
wilo ho applied to thu tmtlHfnctlnu
of tho cohIh of thlu mift, und tho
remainder (o tho HiitlHfuutloii of tho
olaliiiH of tho plaintiff heroin, name
ly, tho hiiiii of ono hundred eleven
und ninety oue-liuiidrodtliH dollaiH,
with Intorest thereon ut tho rate
of ulx per cunt per annum from tho
11th day of Septomhor, 1011), and
tho further mini of fifty dollum at
(oruoy'H fooH, and tho further mini
of' twonty.flvo dollarfl, tho coutfl
und dlBbuiHumontH of thlH unit, and
that thu nhoyo named defondantH,
and each of thoin, and all porHona
clalmliiK by, throiiKli or under thorn,
or either of them, ho forever barred
and foroolnHod of nil right or onulty
of redemption In or tn mild promluos,
oxcopt, nB provided by stututo.
Thuroforo, uotlco in horoby given
that I will, on Saturday, tho 23rd
day of October, 1U20, at tho hour
of 10 o'clock In the forenoon of
Hiild day, noil at public ualo to tho
hlgheHt bidder for catdi tho above
doHcrlbed promlsoH, tn mitlnfy Kiild
JuilKiiient of plaintiff, Including nt
tornuy'H feoH, cohIh und dlHburso
mimtH of mile, Bald Halo to ho hold
at tho Houtli dpor of thu courthouse
In llond, DoschutOH County, Oro
Kon. Dated thlu 22nd day of Soptom
bnr, 1020.
30-34o S. K. KOIlKItTS,
Sheriff of Douchutea County, Oregon,
(Not Coul liiiud.) .
Dopnrtmotit of tl.o Interior, U. S.
Land Offlco at Lakovluw, Orogon,
Sept. 0, 1020.
Notlco is horoby given that IIiiiih
Zluimormnn, of CreHcont. Orogoii,
who, on Novomhor IH, 1013, mudo
IIotuoHtead ICutry No. 07010, for SK
U. Lot 1 (10 ncroH); SW NUU, I-ot
I (5 ncroH); W SHU NBU, NHH
SUM NRU, NW 8WM 81314 NBU.
SWtf NEW, 8WW NWU. Soc. 1. T.
24 s., n. o h.: aw4 lot n ( 11.70
ncro'a); SVd NWW Lot 5 (5.85
acroH); NWU Lot 0 (12 acros): NH
BWH Lot 0 (0 ncroH), 8oo. 0, T. 24
8.. It. 7 B Will. Sloridiun, him filed
uotlco of Intention to niako final
three-year proof, to oHtablluh claim
to tlio land above doacrlhod, before
B. L, Clarlc, U. S. CoiuiulHslouur, nt
Laplno, Oregon, on tho 29th day of
Octohor, 1020.
Claimant panics an witnesses: , J.
L, llluco, of Portland, Oregon; II. A.
Cale, of Laplno, Oregon i Joo Hock,
of llond, Orogon; Bd. Sentry ami Wj
II, Ilroclc, both of Croacont, Orogon.
20-330 Register,
von S.T,K.
1-Olt SA1J-: Team of 2-yenr-old
mules, weight 2400 pounds; threo
holfors and one steer. L. O Heed,
llond. Oregon. Ilox 145, l-2S-32p
WANTBD Pasture for 12 hood of
stock. T. Going, Horn!, Oregon. '
ANO.NB, looking for holp, Inqulro
of MIbs Morkol of tho llond Com-
morclal club, ut tho city rest room.
ANYONE, looklinr for iitiii.........7T
on forms, sco Miss Markol of tho
llond Commorclol club, nt thu city
rest rooms, 32.i7ife
TO ritADB for ronl ostnto, now Bs
box touring car, fully equipped, Cen
tnUOrogon Honlty Co. 1-30-3 lo
CAME to my placo. ono block stoor,
brunded doqblo II, connoctod, on
right hip, two dowlops, both ears
cropped. Owner call for samo and
pay charges, il ljiSmood. 44-29-30c
STUAYBD Oim gruy moro, brandod
"F" on right stiflo, wolght about
1000 pounds, shod nil mound; also
hoy yearling colt with four wliito
foot, Vludor notify F. J. StolnliiiBor,
132 Qrooloy avo, ll-27.20p