The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 16, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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No. 2.
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r v H V nHMMB
$8,217,165 IS ASSESSOR'S
Cutovrr fanil Taken From Timber
ClnnolIUnlion, mill Smaller Niiiu-
her of Iilviwtnck AinoftK '
nons llrnd Valuation Grow.
Taxable property In Doichulos
county, not Including public utilities,
linn nn assessed valuation of 8,217.-
155 thin year, ns against 18,312,100
lit 1010, totnl Just complotod by
County Assessor W. T. Mullarky
ahow. Tho decrease ho attributes to
thrco causos, tho fact that 20,400
ticro of culoror land lion been taken
from the timber land classification,
Ilia removal of ntitomoblloH from tho
tax roll by stntuto, and tho lessoning
of the number of bond of livestock In
tho county. An to the Irmt named
cause, bo considers losses during tbe
record cold weather of lnt winter
and sales by ranchers because of tho
weakening market for wool anil moat
na ilm undorlylnit reason. Tho do-
croaio In tho change to cut ovor land
classification I $103,248. The 1019
valuation placed on automobiles,
which dooa not appear on the asses
sor's rolls this year, was $129,020,
while n docrouso of 121 hoad of
horses, seven head of mules, 060
head of cattlo, 3440 head of sheep
and Cll hoad of swlno represents a
loss or $53,291.
City Hlio'wi Inrrrmc.
A brighter sldo Is seen In tho re
port on city valuations, for In Ilend.
although personal proporty has fnll-
un from $293,320 to $200,210, duo
to tho romovul of nulos, the total for
this year Is $1,C89.736, whllo In 1819
It was $1,548,976. Ilend real es
tate, Improved and unimproved, has
n valuation of $1,323,525. us against
$1,255,066 In 1010. Included In this
last Item Is $023,770 for Improve
moots on city realty. For 1919, tho
samo classification bonded a total ot
In Hedmond, whoro outlying plat
ted proporty has revorted to tho farm
land classification, " and whoro tho
purchase of tho fair grounds, slto and
Its conscauont romoval from tho tax
rolls has cut heavily Into tho total ot
nssosscd city property, a docreano In
totals from $337,905 last year to
$370,350 nl tho prosont tlmo It not
kI. Ot this, real proporty nmountcd
to $108,765 last your and personal
proporty, $130,015, whllo presont
valuations for tho samo respoctlvo
classos nra $172,085 and $103,306.
Timber Inml Hetliirctl.
Tho goneral recapitulation for tho
county shows 48,758 acros of cultl
voted land, $882,820; uncultivated,
105,060 acres, $585,400; non-tlll,
ablo. 260,813, $618,030; tlmbor,
372,747 acres, $2,727,470; Improvo
montn on land, $519,805. Lastyoar
tho Imurovomonts on lands wore
$500,400. Tho present valuation on
till personnl proporty In tho county Is
$1,300,180; city lota nro estimated at
$022,120, and city lot improvomonta
at $700,580.
Among moro dotalled classifica
tions, stationary engines nnd manu
facturing machinery nro ratod nt
$103,005, us against $52,075 last
year. Merchandlsa and stocks In
trado nro listed at $600,800, or $46,
110 hlghor than In 1010, nnd fnrm
machinery Is $30,550, ns compnrod
with $238,006 n year ago, Under
this bond nutomoblloB woro formerly
classified, Ilotol and office furnl
turo amounted to $32,560 In 1010,
u ml nro now glvon us $31,815,
Monoy, notes nnd accounts total
$6005, according to tho assessor's
roport, ns compnrod with $30,445 in
It tho Inst year's valuation of
$545,107 on public utilities In tho
county Is added to Mr. Mullnrky's
otborwlso comploto figures tor this
year, a totnl of $8,703,202 Is reached
nBJnn approximation ot tho probable
ngjensed valuation of ,nlj taxable
property In Deschutes county at the'
prevent time, '
No Complaints Miitln As Yet Hy 'l'nx-
iii)CIk, Report AneHor, ihhI
Mltlu llmtltio. In Expected
Tbnt thu county board ot oqunllza
tlon, which mot Monday nftornooii
for ItH flmt nonnlon In 1820, will have
llttlo or no business tq transact, win
tho belief uxprossod by County
Assessor W. T. Mullarky. Ho for,
no complaint hnvo coino In asking
for a chatiKo In valuation, and tho
board, which U compood of the
rouiity judge, tho clork and the as
sessor, face a dull tlino of It during
tho next 30 days, at tho and of which
tliuo thoro will bo no moro possibility
ot change, .
Ilocauso tho number of dally can
cellations nt tho llond postofflco has
Increased approximately 1000 In tho
Inst yoar, nn Improvement In sorvlco,
through tho Introduction of u cancel
ling machine, Is being asked for by
Postmaster II. Hudson. This
would menu a gain of at least nn
hour In distribution, ho states. Tho
nversKn dally number of cancella
tions hns grown from 2500 n year
ago, to 3600 today, Mr. Hudson ro
porls. Every Indication Is for con
tinued growth, tho postmaster says.
Auothor ovldnuco ot Increasing
population Is scon In thu city deliv
ery routes. Ono of these, routo No.
2, Including tho south end ot tho city
and tho ontlro west side, nnd cover
ing somo 12 miles, cannot now bo
handled by ono carrlor, and two
hours additional from a substltuto
nro necessary .lu completing tho dis
tribution. Itouto 1, comprising ino
bBlnnco of tho city, keeps ono man
bo busy that any additions would
mean extra hours ot work.
An tho result ot a recant ruling of
tho Interstate commorco commission,
tho railroads entering Bond will soon
stop transferring mall matter to and
from tho dopot, this duty devolving
on tho postofflco. Hlds for messon-
Kor sorvlca will bo received for fivo
days, after which tho contract will bo
lot ns quickly ns possible.
Hitherto, tho local postottlco has
had no mall transferring to tako enro
of, ns Hood's tormlnni position placod
this work upon tho railroads.
Opening Dnto Is Changed In Hfato
Ho As to Coincide Willi Hint
Fixed Hy Federal Hilling.
In ordor that state nnd fodornt
opon seasons for migratory birds may
coincide tho stnto fish nnd gamo
commission has decided that tho
stnto season In district No. 2 shall
begin on Boptombor 10, instead ot
October 1, as has hltborto been tho
case, District Oamo Warden II. Mc
Donald stated on Friday.
s; mis trnvvw
A. ocau ctoooua PRCrrcGR. ,
.oaf mo vjoua ogc wt pott-
(UdrtN -tUM4 A fcOCiflUstt. una
to " Sfli
I k xTIMi M!
MAY OFFER $50,000 TO
Committee Headed Uy Guy K. l)ob-
Min NaiiKMl To Circulate Petition
nnd Ilwlse Money To Help
Court IIoiiho HullMlng.
A strong likelihood oxlsts that
llond Is to bavo competition for tho
lltlo of pormnnonl county sent at tho
fall oloctlons, for business men of
Redmond nro taking steps to place
tho name of tholr town on tho ballot
ns a contestant for tho honor, says
ilm liiulinond Spokesman ot Inst
"Hedmond may entor tho fight this
fall for tho locution of tho county
sent of Deschutes county, with nn of
fer ot $60,000, to bo subscribed by
Hedmond pooplo nnd given to buy n
Bite and old In tho building of a court
house In Hedmond," says tho Hpokes
mnn. "It was tho decision of tho Com
mercial club at its Tuesday noon
luncheon that this step should bo
tukon by Hedmond, nnd n committee
Ony E. Dobson, cbnlnnau, C. II.
Irvln and Dr. J. F. Hosch woro
named to prepare petitions to place
Hedmond on tho ballot this fnll In
competition with Ilend, which place
In to attempt to obtain tho permanent
court house locution this fall.
"Tho snmo committee will nlso
bavo chargo of tho raising of $50,-
000 to bo given tho county should tho
county sont bo voted to Hedmond nt
tho oloctlon on November 2.
"Action was taken following dis
cussion ot news from llond tbnt
petitions were to. be .passed thoro
to place tho question on tho ballot
this fall. Speakers pointed out tbnt
In former campaigns Bond had prom
ised a freo court house slto and frco
ront to tho county should it bo
glvon tho county seat, but, slnco tho
tomporary location had been mado
thoro, had failed to provldo a court
houso slto and had forced tho county
to pay rental fees for bpbco In tho
building which Is now occupied by
tho county offices.
" 'Hedmond can afford It and will
ralso at least $60,000,' Dobson do-
clarcd, following his appointment by
N. A, liurdlck, president ot tho Com
mercial club. 'And, to nsBuro tho
voters of tho county that tho money
will bo forthcoming, nnd tho county
bo given n squnro denl on Redmond's
promise, tho monoy will bo raised In
a way that will glvo tho voters con
fidents flint they can depend upon
tho signers to do for tho county
what they promlso will bo done'
''Hut a short tlmo romalus for tho
circulating of petitions which will
mnko posiblo tho voting on Hed
mond as n county sont slto this fall
in competition with llond, nnd this
will bo tho first stop tnkon by tho
committee When tho mensuro Is
on tho ballot tho money will bo
raised and tho matter presonted to
voters at onco, according to tho com
Greatest DWlculty Kxperlcnceil
Locator On West Sldo Of
Tho Thrco Sisters.
PORTLAND, t Sopt. 15. Within
two weeks tho general location sur
vey for tho proposed Cascada Skyllno
highway will bo completed, F, II.
Oloator, In chargo ot tho location
party, has notified tb,o district forest
offlco hero.
Tho routo hn8 now boon surveyed
ub far north ns tho McKenzto rond
on n location not excocdlng n 5 por
cent grndo, Tho grontost difficulty
was oxporloncod on tho west sldo ot
tho Slstors, Oloator has boon post
ing signs along tho survey routo urn!
has boon taking n great numbor ot
bcoiiIo pictures, Whllo tho crow will
dlsbnud whou it roaches Mount Jet
torsoit and coma out by Dotrolt,
Cloator oxpocts to continue along tho
Cascade' summit to tho Mount Hood
loop, taking pictures on routo, so as
to have a comploto sot ot forest sorv
lco rocroatlon pictures ot tho route
ot tho Skyllno road,
Means of Preventing Petty Stealing
One of flrrnK-Nt Problems Con
fronting li Handlers Wild
Home Encroach on Hnngc
How to stop tho -petty cattlo steal
Ing going on In Central Oregon was
the quostlon featuring tho discussion
Saturday night at thu meeting held
hero by members of the executive
committee of tho Stuto Cattlo and
Horso Raisers' asnoclatlon, In ses
sion with Central Oregon stock rais
ers. J. K. Know of Dayvlllo, Wil
liam Duby nnd 8, O. Corroli of Raker
and George Russell of Prlnevlllc
wore tho mombcrn of tho executivo
commlllco in tho party, arriving In
Bond lata in tho afternoon after a
two weeks' nuto tour of tho Btock-
ralslng conters of tho state. They
loft yosterday morning for Prlne
vlllc. '
At Saturday night's session tho
workings of tho brand inspection ays-1
mm wire cxulalned by Mr. Correll
nnd MrJ. Snow, Mr. Russell speaking
on tho (recovery of stolen or strayed
Btock altor it reaches tho markets as
tho result of tho activities ot tho
stockmen's association, which now
has u membership of moro than COO.
JOnllimuco Inoperative.
K. P. Mnhttffcy of tho Central Oro
gon bank brought of tho mntter of
tho cattle rustling which Is going on,
particularly on the Tumalo and Sand
Spring ranges. Practically all of
tho animals so stolen are Immediate
ly converted Into beet and sold in
amnllilots In nnd near Bond, It was
pointed oui. BiocKincu w uiiwuuuui.1.
wore "all ot tho opinion that u closer
following ot tho stnto law, which
provides that, tho hldo of an animal
must bo presented with tho carcass,
would almost cllmlnato rustling.
John Marsh ot Tumalo montlonod
Hint nn ordlnanco calling for n meat
Inspector Is now on tho city books,
and D. L. Jamison, county ngrlcul-
turlsf, told tho history of tho ordl-
nnnco, explaining that tho expense
borno equally by tho city and tho
Btockmon of Central Oregon. Fail
ure of tho cattlo owners to produco
their .halt had rendered tho law In
operative, ho said. Mr. Mahaffey
suggested that small subscriptions bo
nsked from each of tho various cat
tlomon's organizations in Deschutes
county, and it was tho goneral opin
ion that this should bo done.
Ot interest to stockmen in tho low
er part of tho stnto was tho question
Introduced by J. II. Lano ot Lako
county, who doclarod that wild rango
horsos, practically valueless, are en
croaching on tho cattlo ranges, tak
ing food needed by tho beet stock.
In nn attompt to mnko tho wild hors
es of somo uso, tho Cattle and Horso
Raisers' association has already en
couraged tho establishment of horso
meat markets, but wnth only limited
Plana for tho firat unit of tbe now
B. W. L. & P. powor plant on tho
Tumalo havo boon approved by tho
stato englnoor, T. II. Foloy, goneral
manager, roported today, and tho
construction camp is being estab
lished near tho Columbia Southorn
ditch. Work on tho Intake nt the
ditch la starting nt onco, Mr. Foloy
states, and with tho completion of
this part of tho Improvement, prob
ably about tho middlo ot November,
tho work will bo stopped for tho re
mainder ot tho wlntor.
In preparation for tho hard sur
facing ot tho downtown city Btroets
of Bond, O. S. Rood of tho Western
Wtlllto Paving Co. Is purchasing ma
chinery and oxtenslvo Biippllos to
uro horo, on an authorization recent
ly sont by Mayor Eastos, n lettor re
colvod by Mr, Eastos from tho Wlll
lto president states. Operations are
to bo started horo as quickly as pobi
alblo, Mr. Rood mentions in his letter.
County Court DcMgnntcH Twelve to
Attend Development CongrctH
In Seattle This Month,
To attend tho sessions of the
Northwest Irrigation nnd Develop
ment congress, to be hold in Seattle
September 10 and 17, delegates rep
resenting Deschutes county havo
boon designated by tho county court
nnd a notice of tho appointment
mailed to Seattle.
Tho following are named to attend
tho congress: Fred N. Wallace.
Tumalo; Lou Heed, Redmond; Fred
8. Stanley, Deschutes; M. W. Knick
erbocker, Sisters; K. Uulck, Rend; A.
8. Holmes, Lower Brldgo; E. L.
Clark, La Pino; M. W. Wilson, Red
mond; C. O, Cornelius, Redmond;
R. A. Wnrd, II. J. Overturf and T.
II. Foley, Rend.
County Initiative petitions, asking
that a measure having as its object
tho designation of Bend an tho per
manent county scat ot Deschutes
county, bo placed on the ballot at
tho coming fall elections, are now
ready to bo circulated, President D.
O. McPherson, president ot tho Bend
Commercial club, announced a t
tho weekly luncheon ot that organi
zation at tho Pilot Butte Inn. The
old commltteo In chargo ot placing
tbe measure on tho ballot was dis
charged for falluro to function and
Mr. McPherson promised to appoint
another committee at onco to have
chargo ot tho Immedlato circulation
ot tho petitions.
In response to a letter from R. E.l
8mlth, president of tho Titlo & Trust
Co. of Portland, tho weekly club
luncheon for next week will bo hold
Tuesday noon, It was decided, In or
der that speakers may appear before
tho Bend business men, explaining
tho weakness of tho proposed interest-limiting
measuro which will bo
voted on in Oregon this fall.
Arrival of Glass Awaited For Com
pletion of BuildiiiK Sculptor
Finishes Setting of Altar.
With tho exception of special glass,
ordored early last month, but which
has not yet arrived, tho now Catholic
church Is virtually complete, Leo A.
Thomas, architect in chargo of con
struction, announced on Friday.
Sldowalks are now being built and,
with tho Installation ot tho windows,
tho structuro will bo ready for dedi
cation. Tho setting ot tho altar has been
under tho dlroctlon of H. D. Accetta,
nortland sculptor and designer, and
this part ot tho port will bo complet
ed tomorrow. Mr. Accetta will go
from hero to Spoknno and will re
turn hero later to have chargo ot in
terior work on Bond street.
Among the bands ot oik still rang
ing in tho country whoro tho south
fork ot tho McKouzio has its begin
ning aro giant mules, leaving a track
as big ns any domestic bull, declares
R. S. Hamilton on his return from a
protracted hunting trip with Lloyd
Douthlt nnd Dr. W. Q. Manning.
Fresh elk tracks woro seen in consid
erable numbers, although tho oik
thomsolvc3 kopt strictly out ot sight.
Tho hunters brought back two
buck doer and a boar, tbe last named
animal shot by Mr. Douthlt. '
Under tho direction ot Rnngor Roy
Mitchell, work hnB started putting In
a phono lino botweon tho Cabin lako
rnngor station and tho Fox butto tire
lookout. Do'puty Suporvlsor W. O.
Hnrrlman reportod this morning,
Tho new Hue will be about 18 miles
in length and is expected to be com
pleted this tall.
Wish That Railroads Will Agree To
Readjustment, Expressed Uy 3. P.
If eyes Building Need May Ho
Stimulus, Hopes 1. A. McCanH
Although the need for plno lum
ber has never been greater than at
tho present time, a marked diminu
tion In orders received at Tho Shov-lin-IIixon
Company and tho Broolts
Scanlon Co. plants Is reported by T.
A. McCann and J. P. Koyes, their re
spective general managers. Similar
conditions ot a lessening domand aro
prevailing in tho other pine-producing
sections of the Northwest and.
In general, the falling off In orders
Is attributed to tho recent advances
in freight rates.
"It's a test ot strength botwoen
tho railroads and tho shippers," Mr.
Keycs said in mentioning the
local situation. "We aro receiving
practically no orders at tho presont
tlmo and, by the end of- tho week,
it will be necessary to lay off our
third shift at the mill. The men
havp already been notified ot thus'
Now Employment Offered
Because ot the track system which
is to bo installed in tho yards for
lumber distribution, It will be pos
sible to offer employment to most of
tho men who aro to be laid off at tha
I mill, Mr. Kcyes said.
"Wo hope," he added, "that tho
railroads wilt be willing to consider
a rata readjustment within sir
months or lets."
T. A. McCann, Shevlln-IIlxon gen
eral manager, frankly admitted that
ho had no definite idea as to how
long tho present situation will en
dure, or how far-reaching Its eco
nomic effects may bo. Orders have
practically ceased coming in, ho
said, and thoro remains a week's
work in the box factory, with a run
of similar length left at tho planer.
Tho mill can be kept going for two
"I hopo for an early chango," he
said. "The country Is five years be
hind in its building and tho demand
should keep production at a high
Additional Space Must Bo Heated
To Take Care of Heavy Enroll
ment, Says Superintendent.
With 1154 pupils in attendance at
tho Bend city schools, Super
intendent S. W. Moore declares that
two more rooms will bo an absolate
necessity for this term, and that con
ditions will bo even worse la the
spring semester. As a temporary
solution ot the problem, he suggests
the renting of tho Murphy building
on Qreenwood and of tho Catholic
church on Wall, when the now brick
structuro on Franklin Is completed.
A slgnaturo which cannot be
forged is that which J, II, Lano, big
Silver Lage cattlo operator, who was
in Bend over the week ond, affixes
to his chocks. Ills thumb print
takes tho place of his namo. Total
blindness caused Mr. Lano to adopt
tho novol, but effective method ot
Practically all congestion in the
Bond schools Is now In the Central
buildings, was the report ot City Su
perintendent S. W, Mooro oh Mon
day. The first primary class Is en
tirely too large for the accommoda
tions provided, and conditions almost
as bad are found in tbe fifth grade