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Frequent Reports Made of Animal
Galnlno Access to Paint Doxes
and Other Containers.
Tlio danger of nnltiinls becoming
poisoned through tlio cnrelcss use of
poison material when spraying or halt
InK for Injects, Is pointed out by olll
clals nt the Ohio Kxpcrlmentul stn
tlon, Woostcr.
Kvery year reports nro sent In of
nnlmnlB suddenly dying from securing
access to pnlnt boxes nud poison con
Sometimes parts green boxes, white
lend or arsenate Of lead containers nro
thrown Into the trash pile or dump nud
animals get tlio poison from, these.
Paint boxes, even though thinly
coated, are licked by cattlo because of
the sweetish tnslo of tlio lead com
pounds. Such boxes should bo thoroughly
cleaned with gasoline before using for
farm pntls. It Is stated.
Materials most dangerous to live
stock arc parls green, london purple,
arsenate of lead, calcium arsennte,
qnd any compounds of arsenic or
No Scrubs of Any Kind Found on
Farm of Farmer Residing In
Challam County, Wash.
More than onc-thlfd of n group of
farmers In Ohnllam county, Wrish..
who recently enrolled In the Better
Sires Better Stock" campaign will
purchase purebred sires In one or
mora classes of animals. The corn
munlcatlons to the department of
agriculture showed a partlculnr Inter
est In purebred boars, although many
other classes of animals besides swine
arc kept In the community.
The owner of one well-stocked farm
listed n Pcrchcron stallion, a Guernsey
Keep Only the Best Mares and Breed
Them to Sound, Purebred Stallions
of the Same Breed.
bull, a Chester white boar, a Lincoln
ram, a bronze gobbler, and a barred
rock rooster, all of pure breeding.
There were no scrubs of uuy klud on
this farm.
Mixture of Charcoal, Salt, Air-Slaked
Lime, Wood Ashes and Copperas
Is Favored.
For hogs running out the following
preparation help to keep them In
good condition: Take of charcoal
three bushels: of sail eight pounds; ot
jilr-sluked lime two quarts; of wood
tishes one bushel; dlssolvo one pound
of copperas In hot water, sprinkle
with tho solution tlio mixture of the
-other things; mix all up thoroughly
-and put the mixture In the feed boxes
Ttaa set them when tho hogs will havo
free access to them. Every farmer
should havo self-fording boxes or
rncks, so that the stock cau only get
tho needed supply nnd not waste It
nor get too heavy a supply at one time.
Improvement Can Be More Quickly
Brought About by Use of 'More
Registered Sires.
The moro general use of good pure
bred sires Is strongly advocated as the
foundation stone to live slock Improve
ment on account of lite fact that Im
provement can be moro quickly and
ecoi'omjctilly brought about In the
herds of the country by tlio use of
better sires than In any other way.
Where Abundance of Grain Is Fur
nished Animals Will Not Eat as
Much on jastue,
Where too muchjjraln ,1s fed the
hogs satisfy their appetites on grain
nnd will not cat as much pasture as
they should. For that reason under
prescpt conditions.- when grain prices
nro Irtgh an(U pork prices compura
tlvolylow, UMh mlvlsilhle lo limit the
grain, ration. I? two, pounds or less,
'Gil ;
When on Free Range There Is No
Overfeeding and Necessary Exer
cise Is Obtained,
Improper feeding combined with
close confinement, tins been tin? cause
of many fnllurs In turkey raising.
When on free range the poults are
busy most of the dny searching for
feed. Here there is no overfeeding
nnd hick of exercise, such ns poults
nro often subjected to by thine Ignor
ant of their wants. If the range Is
plentifully supplied with green feed,
grasshoppers, and other Injects, and if
the weather Is faxorable, the best plan
Is to nllow tho poults to feed them
selves. It Is usually advisable, how
ever, to have them come home nt night,
and If driven up and fed nt n certain
place every night they will soon lenm
to come up themselves.
When, on nccount of rainy weather
or unfavorable range conditions, It Is
idvlsnblo to raise tho poults by the
-oop method, more care must be given
o their feeding.
Successful turkey rntsers use many
llffercnt kinds of feed. Some suggest
.m1 by the United States department
if ngrlculture poultry specialists rol
ow :
Hard-boiled egg chopped fine nnd
orn-hrend crumbs for the first week,
tnd then whole wheat and hulled outs;
talo bread, soaked In milk and
squeezed dry, for the first few days,
and then common chfck feed; clab
bered milk seasoned with n little salt
tnd pepper, corn-bread crumbs ; equal
parts "plnhend1 oats, whole wheat nnd
'racked corn; cracked wheat; corn
meal and wheat bran mixed In the
proportion of thrco to one and baked
Into bread; nnd bran or middlings
one-half, cracked Kgypttnn com one
quarter, wheat nnd hulled oats one
quarter. In addition to the above, skim milk
nnd buttermilk nro quite often fed.
with excellent results. A good plan
is to keep the milk in front of the
poults during the morning nnd wnter
Bronze Turkey Men.
during tho nfterooon. If grit nnd
green feed cannot bo picked up out
side the coop, they must be provided
In some other way. Chopped onion
tops, lettuce leaves, dandelion leaves,
nnd alfalfa make excellent green feed.
Grit can bo furnished In the form- of
coarse sand.
J I l--H
Little Fellows Will Grow More Rap
idly If Fed Five Times Dally
If It Is Done Right.
Young chickens should be fed from
three to flvo times dally, depending
upon one's experience In feeding. snyB
tho United States department of agri
culture. Undoubtedly chickens can
bo grown faster by feeding flvo times
dally than by feeding three times
dally, It should be borno In mind that
more harm can be done to the young
chickens by overfeeding than by un
derFeodfng, and at no time should they
bo fed moro than barely to satisfy
their appetites and to keep them ex
ercising, except nt tlio evening or lost
meal, when Ihey should bo given all
they will cat Greater caro must be
exercised not to overfeed young
chicks that nro confined than those
that havo free range, ns leg weakness
Is apt to result In those confined.
One Florida Farmer Has 200 Cocks
and 950 Hens, All Standard Bred
White Leghorns.
Tho largo number of well-bred flocks
of poultry nnd tho skillful methods
used In Improving them are becoming
moro nnd more evident with the de
velopment of tho "Better Sires Bet
ter Stock" campaign. Ono Florida
poultry furm, recently enrolled, bus
200 cocks and 050 hens, all standard
bred, single-comb White Leghorns.
In addition, Ihey are line bred for high
egg production and the flock has been
trap nested for 21 years. Tho owner
states that In addition the fowls aro
of good exhibition typo.
Hens Are Quick to Raise "No Food,
No Eggo" Sign Whenever Feed
Is Overlooked.
Provido tho hens with nmplo nour
ishment. One of the greatest feeding
crimes Is to lot them gel real hungry,
liens raise tlio ''No Food, No Kggs"
sign whenever they nro neglected In
Ibis respect nnd It Is hard to got them
to abandon their "laying strike'' when
they begin It.
Every Live Stock Owner Should
Boost Campaign Inaugurated to
Eradicate Tuberculosis.
(Preparetl by tho United States Dpart
ment of Agriculture.)
Live stock owners nro earnestly re
quested not to wait until tho states
nnd federal government come Into
their localities to erndlcato tubercu
losis. It would not be possible Indeed,
nt this stage to undertake to eradicate
tuberculosis from the llvo stock of tho
United States solely through organized
olllchil forces established by tho re
spective states nnd the federal gov
ernment. The area over which tuber
culosis has spread Is too vast, the
herds too numerous, nnd funds nro
lusutllclcnt for conducting tho work
on so extensive a plan even though
trained veterinarians were nvnllnnle
In sutllcleut numbers to do the work.
Kvery live-stock owner should be a
party to this campaign which has been
inaugurated to eradicate tuberculo-ds.
in almost every locality of the United
Stntes are veterinarians capable of
rendering valuable services to live
stock owners In this great work, nud
tho cost of eradicating Is greatly re
iTuced by combating tho disease In Its
early stages. Yet oven In badly af
fected herds eradication can be under
taken with success. There nro records
of many herds. In which tbrco-fourths
Bull In Advanced Stage of Tuber,
of tho animals were affected with tu
berculosis, which eventually wcro
freed from It and afterwords main
tained In a healthy condition.
Quantities of Green Feed, bugs,
Worms and Other Things Obtained
In Place of Grain. "
Nothing Is better for growing chicks
than n liberal supply of sour milk. If
It can ho obtained, It always should bo
kept before them In an open dish or
pan where they can cat nnd drink It
freely. Where Bour milk Is fed, thft
amount of beef Hemp In the dry ninsh
inayibo reduced one-hair.
Plenty of fresh, clean water Is ab
solutely necessary for nil growing
chicks. In hot weather, It should bo
given twice dally nnd put Into foun-
Hen and Chicks on Free Range.
tains or dishes and placed In tho shade
so as to keep as cool as possible. Clean
tho water dish thoroughly each day be
fore filling.
An abundance of free rango with
plenty of shade Ik necessary If chicks
are to grow rapidly and develop Into
vigorous fowls, says tho United States
dsartmcnt ot agriculture. Gro,wlnjr
, i-, v -.
w m
H' faCWbrrrrrik -
Pr " PH -r- i m ,.
PLHfc T-fwH--" ' LiiiiH
4sw ' ..AA'PJr fSBf JjgJfBfffRa
.ssbs . it F'ijCr . SriA.sMlBBisaaaaaaaaay
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.ww?jfcv SJ
Boy and girl corn club wlnnora of Maryland have an udvnntaito
over othor otato compotltora in ono way. That lu tholr uonriicrm to
Washington. This shown tho various Mnrylnnd winners who enjoyed
. trip to Washington and tn Agriculture Department, whuro thuy
wore personally prosonted to Secretary of Agriculture Meredith.
chicks thai havo frco rango obtain
quantities of grsnfol, bugs, worms
and other things, therefore requiring
less grain, nud they nro alio less llablo
to sickness or disease Glvo your
chicks frco rango whenever possible.
More Poultry Kept on Farms In Unit.
ed States Than All Other Llvi-
stock Combined.
Unusual Interest In systematic poul
try Improvement throughout tho coun
try Is nppurent from reports received
by the United Stntes department of
Of the Meat Furnished by the Farm to
the Farmer and His Family Poultry
Constitutes About 10 Per Cent
sgrlculture In connection with tho
"Uetter Sires lletter Stock" cam
paign. Figures collected thus far In
dicate that more ixniltry Is kept on
farms In tho United Stales tliun all
other livestock combined, nud that n
greater proportion of the poultry Is of
pure blood than any other kind of
Tho.recordfl also refuto the frequent
nssertlnn that most livestock ralsm-H
tako little Interest In feathered stock,
leaving It largely to tlio women.
A Connecticut farmer who recently
enrolled In th "better slhes' hiovemont
Is an examplu of tho Interest of men
In Improved poultry. He listed 'M cat
tie nnd 1.0:i0 pnultl-y--all of pure
breeding. No other breeding stock
was kept on tho farm.
Hell your poultry through Ilulletlu
classified ailx.
i've made ( enwe forL
txi. iJKMfliHiliHRSn
JfyV7 ' VtiiatS the &s Wft ' ' i--!
J$fflpu stuff HftTTiejft, ) y,-3 J -J
L JSWi L W iML- mk.
I i i I k5srsh
Common and Inferior Cattle Nevei
Bring As Much Money on Market
as Bttter Graces.
The only reason that tho average
porson can glo for using u scrub sire
In any lino of llvo stock breeding Is
that they think they nro making money
by U'.lng n cheap animal. They do not
tlguro Into the future nud see that It
Is the offspring of this niiliiinl which
will cither make or lose them money,
The corn breeder does not think of se
lecting (ho nubbins with which to
plant Ids corn Held. Neither can the
live stork mnn nfford to select a sire
which will not produce n butter and
moro uniform class of ulutT. A glance
Into tho live stock market will con
vince ono Mint the purebred slro with
the proper Individual merit will he a
paying Investment. When commen
and Inferior steers nro sellhrg for nine
cents, n belter grade of steers In the
same kind of llesh nro usunlly selling
for from 10 to 11 cents. In addition to
this, the better cattle usunlly will put
on gains more economically.
Fcr Best Results It Is Imperative
That Animals Have Grass Not
Too Closely Bitten.
For best results It Is Imperative
Hint sheep havo frequent changes of
pasture, thnt a "frefch blto" be hod,
that grass may not ho loo closely bit
ten, that worms therefore will he lesi
likely to Infest them and that they
may hntu a surer supply of mineral
matter ns well ns organic inntter In
their feed. Lambs especially must
havo nuw seeding each spring. On tho
sheep-tnluted and contaminated pas
tures they In fcil themselves with
worms. On new grass they escape
worms and besides Hint. Ilnd such
grass more pnlntahlo and easily mas
ticated and digested.
Indication of Orowlng Needs for Farm
Ing and Transportation
Outlook Is Oood.
Tlio rise In prices for good draft
horses ami mules In spile of the ex
istence of more than twenty-one mil
lion horses and almost live million
mules on fa nns, Indicates how farmluu
and transportation needs are grow
Ing. Oood authorities predict a stend
rise lir prices of horses and mules for
the iivx three years.
In tho County Court of tho State
of Orogon for tho County of Dos-
1 chutes.
In tho matter ot tho Estato ot
Sarah L-. K. Fatitou, deceased.
I Notlco Is hereby given by tho un
dersigned, Administrator of tho
iKstato of Sarah L. ti. Fanton, do
coasod, that ho has Hindu mil filed
with tho Clerk ot Deschutes County,
Oregon, tho final accounting ot his
administration of said Estate und
II "
-r, IITWim fSJOl.
Ittclmrd Ileclc of llrldgoport,
0 is tlio youth who Is an artist
with tho rlflo -nhoots hlu plctun-a
In outline II In career ns n marks
man stnrtod at tho ago of flvo. Ho
now claims tho tltlo of world's
champion rlflo uhpt among boys.
that tho County Court has set Fri
day, the iKluonth day of October,
1920, at tho hour of 2:30 o clock
p. in. of said day ut the County
Court Iloom In Hand, Oregon, un
tho time and place for hearing nud
settling said final account nud for
tho discharge of tho undersigned ns
such Administrator, nt which limn
nud place any persons Interested In
said F.stnto may appear nud object
I'BTBIl O. Itr.MIM'.L.
Administrator of tho F.stnto of Sarah
L. K, Fniltou, Deceased
Published for tho first limn Sep
tember 0. 1020. 2R-32C
CUulAnl l--TtWin tir trr liu 24
unU for to wurilt vr lr. (in rnl twr
wnril for all or Si). All clauln-l -nWrrtUlps
ttrkllr tub In drwu
FOIl HALF, at a bargnln, 80 acres
Irrigated laud, K miles from lleiul,
fiO acres water right, 30 ncres lu
crop: or will trade for lleiul prop
erty. Address i. II. Coffey. 780
Newport Avo 1-28, 29p
FOR BALK Ono doien Hurrcil ttnek
pullets, $1 each. V. N. Itny,
Tutunlo, Orogon. 73-28P
FOR HALK Choice alfalfa hay. de
livered In Head. I'. O. Hurt. Phone
4F2C. 98-28P
. - . ,i .
FOR J3ALK Tentu of 2-year-old
mules, weight 2100 pounds; three
heifers and ono steer. L. O Rood,
Head, Oregon. Ilox 115. l-28-32p
FOR KALi: ThoroiiKhhred Poland
China boar and good brood sow,
duo to farrow In October. Wrlto W
A, Ooldou or phono 10F1 1. M-27p
Foil HA LK-ir.O ucroi lu Poweli
llutte; good R-room hnuso and
stnblo; 00 ncres under cultivation.
Address It. 1, Ilox 28, lleiul, Oregon.
FOIl BALK Ono second-hand 3 Vi -Inch
wide tiro Studebnkor wagon,
1 secotid-hnud, 3&-luch wldo tiro
Wliioim wagon, half truck; 2 sets
second-hand harness. -Inquire Mil
ler Lumber Company, 7-27c
FOR MALI-: Jersey hull calf, ellgi-
bio for register; fCO with papers.
Phono 4F31, Pert Torknlsnu. 48-27p
PRACTICAL, convenient, imnltnry
portable hath for tho homo or out
ing; running wator or wntor connoc
tloun not required; costs loss than 1
cont par bath. Price 0. Address
Ilox 211, lleud, Orogon. CG-2-I-27P
FOR HALK 80 ncros; 58 acres wa
tor right, 40 acros cultivation 23
acres young alfalfa, 7 acres sweet
clover, 4 iicioh spuds; 3-room box
housq; rahltry, few hlgh-grado rah-4
hits; chickens, good Jersoy cow,
team, wagon, harness; noino house
hold goods; crops, ovorylhlng goos .
with placn; fenced rabbit-tight; 3
milos north Deschutes, Vi miles oast
of bridge and canal; 7 Vi miles from
Redmond. Prlcu reasonable; tonus
on part, J. II. Lovott, Redmond,
WANTKD Pasture for 12 head of
stocks T. Oolng, llend, Oregon.
ANVONIJlooklng for Jielp, Inquire
of Miss Murkul ot tho Iluud Com-
inorclat club, ut tho city rest room,
ANYONK, looking for omploymont
on farms, hqo Mluu Markal of thu
Iloud Coinmorclnl-cjuh, nt tho city
rest rooms, "' 32-t7lfo
STRAY WD Ono gray iniiio, brandod
"F" on right stifle, weight about
1000 pounds, shod till around; also
bay yearling colt with four whlto
feet, Flndor notify l- J. Stolnhuoor,
2 Qrqelgy avo. U-27-29p