The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 09, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiimimi iiiiiimiiiimmiiimiMtiitmiimiMiimmimmww iiniimtifiiiiiimtitiiimtiiiiili
J, Chin li'M Hm It li loft Innt night on
n business (rip to Portland.
At, It. Hlggs of I'llnovlllo Ih a busi
ness vlnltnr In tlin city today.
Kriiuk Porclval of Mllllcim was a
IiiihIiichn visitor In tlio city today,
Mm, JaniDH Cllffnid, formorly of
tlilH city, Ih visiting friends In ilond,
Durwnrd Howell of Tiiinalo was a
IiiinIiii'hh vlHltor In thu city yesterday
Mrn. Mitxlito Fish has returned Jo
tiiii city uftr u rlult spent In ol'rl!
i In ml anil Hiilnm. ' "r
I.owIm II. Irving tfuil A. W. Clilpfof
Mndruii spent Inst night In Ilond?
luavliiK thin morning.
John Hloldl mid hlit non, Hlovo,
hnvo returned to lloml from a hunt
ing trip In tho vicinity of Diamond
pun It,
1), HI. Orr, who accidentally swnl
lowuil lysol lust week, Iiiih entirely
recovered from tho effects of tho poi
son ami wait ahlo to lio about today,
Charles Ayros, senior at Itrooks
Scniilnu camp No, 2, wan In Hand to
day, takliiK a iihorl vacation an tho
result of a slight Injury sustained
whllo working In thu wood yostor-
Minn Vivian llutliorn, duiiKhtor of
Mr. and Mm. W. li. llutliorn of 05
Shasta phico, has Juat returned to
Hand after it plonsnut summer visit
with friends anil rotative In Wash
ItiKlon, Hho will attend IiIkIi school
In Rond thin fall.
llatijamln A. Ilrown and Carollno
Orr wcro married yoMordny at tho
tirldo'it homo on Colorado, Rev, II, C.
Jtartranft of tho Presbyterian church
nfflclntliig. Only a fuw lutlmato
friends and relatives wcro present.
Mr. and Mm. Ilrown loft lunt nlKht
on a 10-day wedding trip throuKh
Western Oregon, after which thoy
will makn thulr homo In Iloud.
and Mm. 11, K. Ilrookn, Mm, A. M.
1'rliiKlo, Carl A. Johnmui, It. I),
Mooro, V. Coan, Arthur Hall, Kdw.
Lyons, Mabel Hoyor, Lucllo Snyder,
Mary Akiiuh Hhorldan, Hugh Thomp
son, Ralph Liiciih.
Mm. Karl Wright canto In yester
day from PorUnud,
John Ilulfrlch of Ilrothcm waa a
business visitor In tho city today.
Mm. II. K. Allen Ih leaving tonight
for a vlnlt with frlondn In Portland.
August A. Anderson hnn returned
from n hunting trip In tho inoun
talon near Crescent.
Oeorgo V. Dodder hnn sold hlit
houno on Albany to Krod Hreost and
In loavliiK tho city,
Janicit Ilogan, who hnn boon undor
tho earn of an oyo specialist In Tort
land, roturncd yesterday.
Mr. nud Mra. J. I. Koyos and chil
dren havo cotnplotod a wook at Son
sldo and havo roturncd to llnml.
Mm. C. A Warner hnn returned to
Ilond from a trip to Chnlflold, Mo,
wnrro duo nan noen visiting hor par
Klro Chief Tom Cnrlon loovos to
nlKht for I.on Angclo to nttond tho
convoutlon of I'urlflo count flro
Minn Jessie Hardlo of Condon ar
rived In Ilond hint night to lako up
hor work an Instructor In tho Ilond
schools thin morning.
A. i:. Audomon, who roturned
Saturday night from a weok's hunt
Iiik trip In tho mouutaliiH, loft Run
day for Crator Inko and drovo Into
Ilond again Innt night.
Mm. II. C. duly, formerly of thin
city, who has boon visiting In Ilond
nl tho O. A. Thornon and J. Alton
Thompnon homos, will loavo In tho
morning for hor homo near Tncoma.
L. I. Holman nnd family havo ar
rived In Ilond after a It) wooks' auto
trip from Michigan. Mr Ilolnmn In
nn oxpnrloncod KnniKo man and lino
accented n position In tho Doschutos
Wnltor nrahani. foromnn of rond
ronatructlou work for tho forest
sorvlco, wan In Ilond today from tho
BparkH lako enmp. Ho HtateH that
tho two rond crown will moot botweon
' Blk and Sparks lakoa nbout Soptom
hor 15,
Tho Womon'a PorolRn Missionary
society of tho Mothodlat church will
moot nt tho homo of Mrs. R. D. Oil
son, 1325 Highland boulevard, nt
2:30 o'clock Thursday nftornoon. AH
mombom aro requostod to bo prosont
n h Important business lu to bo trans
acted. Mr. and Mm. J. A. Smith of Ilutto,
Mont.; Mr. and Mra. Frank Inabnlt
and dnuRhtors, I.oulso and Mnigarot:
Mr. nnd Mra, J. M, Lawronco nnd
Mm. Lnwronco'a mother, Mra. Wil-
HnniB; Mr. and Mra. H. 0. Kills, Miss
Illnncho Rrndy, and Mr, nnd Mra. J.
L. Ivy of Portlnnd woro nmong thoao
from this city who npont' Snturdny
and Sunday n.t Orator lako.
Tho following loft Ilond Saturday
' nnd lomulnod over Sunday and Mon
day at Foley Springs: Mr. ami Mra.
T. A. McCunti, Mr. mid Mra. J, II.
Molstqr, Mr. nnd Mra, Frank-. R,
I Prlnco, Mra.jVgnoa Shorldani Mr,
Vino W, Pvnrco of Madras was lu
the city this morning,
II, M, Smith and family will spend
the week-end at Kust lako.
JdJWtolwItkiUfiilmuKli f thu
IJilKlhTh dfiwIrtinonTof tho Ilond
-school arrlVuKln tho city this tiiorn-
Do Armoud & Crnklno aro movlnic
tholr law offices from thu O'Kauu
bulldliiR to tho ilalrd building this
John M. Perry loft this afternoon
for Fort Hock to resume work on
tho forest servlco well at Quart
i:. 0. Htadter and family and Mr.
and Mr. J. M, Lawronco woro among
Ihono starting south to spend tho
week-end ut Crator lako.
Services will bu held at tho Christ
ian church tomorrow, beginning with
Illblu Mchool at 10 o'clock In tho
morning, followed by communion.
Christian IJndeavor will begin at 7
o'clock In thu evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I,. Ivy of Portland
arrived In Ilond last night to Join Mr.
and Mrs. II. C, VAUh on mi nuto trip
to crator lake, Mr. Ivy wan for
morly manager of the oxpress offlco
hero and Is now mossougor for tho
express company on tho run between
Portlnnd nnd Ashland.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Suthor nra on a
wedding trip through California, ac
cording to word received hero from
Mr. Sathor, tho non of K. A. Sathor
of this city. Tho wedding ceremony
took plnco a weok ago, Itov, Morri
son, rector of Trinity church, offici
ating at tho marriage sorvlcon, which
w ro hojd In tho Morton npartmonts.
Portland. Mrs. Sathor was formorly
Mr, and Mm, J. 0, Cooll of Ilnruoy
county roturncd to their ranch homo
noar Hums thin morning.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 0, K. Vonno of Ho
( u mm, Wash., will arrive In Hold
tonight to visit Mm Yonno'n'pnronti,
Mr. and Mm, T, V, Laherly.
P, II, Johnson, formorly of tho "A
to '," grocery, has purchased tho
business of tho Independent Fruit
Co., on Oregon noar Wall, from
(leorgo Lotus.
Mr. and Mm. W. 0. Painter of
Kaunas City, Mo uro In Head on
tholr way to Lu Pino, whore Mr.
Painter will orgnnlzo a four-yoar
high school course,
II, M Norton has purchased tho C.
V. Hllvlti losldenco at D08 Fourth
street and expects to move lu this
week. Tho deal was handled by tho
Central Oregon Itealty Co. Mr. Sll-
vis will move Into a now Jiomo Just
I I... -..;....!.. ,..., .... ,.
hlghi tiMiii'iuiuu vu iiqruugy property
near rnoi miuo,
I). St. Orr, who Wednesday night
swallowed lysol, mistaking the poi
son for headache medicine, Is report
ed by his physician to bo suffering
considerably today as tho result of
the action of tho lysol on mucous
linings or mouth and stomach. At
present, however, ho la not In any
real danger, It was stated.
It. N. Huchwaltcr and Lano Castlo-
berry roturned to Ilond last iilshi
from a hunting trip which took thorn
almost to thu California line. Mr.
Iluchwalter brought homo a flno
buck and reports that deer uro fairly
plentiful In tho country thoy visited.
Two other members of tho party, V.
A. Smith nnd Jerry Dond, remained
In tho south.
" r II
Mr. and Mrs. 1). J. Crowley of
Lakovlow arrived In tho city Inst
In ubnorvntico of Labor day, tho
county library wll lie closed next
It. S. Hamilton loft yesterday tor
tho mountains to hunt deer. Ho
will return Monday,
8. L, Wiggins, traveling ropreson
Intlvo for tho Union Pacific, Is In
Ilond on one of his regular visits to
this section.
Jack riowman has returned to
nond from n trip to tho Walln Walla
Mlns Dorothy Klnlno Fleldo of Port-,co'"ll"y whoro ho was called by tho
0. A. Ooddard was In Hand Inst
night from Redmond.
II. H. Do Armoud will loavo to
night for Portlnnd on IoruI bunl
nens. Miss Mabel Doty, formorly of this
city, was In yonterdny a'ftornoon from
Mnx Cunning, promluont nttornoy
of Itedmond, waa. In Ilond today on
legal bunlnon'j.
Mr and Mm Paul Hosmor aro thi
pa renin of an eight-pound bnby boy.
I born Innt night.
serious Illness of his sister,
W. I). Ilutler hnn returned from a
two weeks' vncntlon, spent In thu
mountains. Mr. Dutlor brought
back n flno buck and reports plenty
of huckleberries.
Mrs. Frank Now nnd daughters,
Lois and Marytlno, who hnvo boon
guests of Mra. Now'a father and
mother, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Donnhuo
of this city, for tho past two wooks,
loft this morning for their homo In
A Complete Showing of
Fall Apparel
Coats, $21.75 to $95.00
Suits, $37.50 to $79.50
Dresses, $15.75 to $77.50
Waists, $2.00 to $8.95
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"HUM t-
, Lingerie nt lower prices than last year
for the same quality.
A comparison of our garments will convince you of
their effective style, lowness of price and quality of
New Dress Accessories
Hand Hags, Purses, Velvet Ungs, Canteen Bags,
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Regular Prices.
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State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lu
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Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
ho In senior purtnor of tho firm of
F. J. Cheney & Co., doing business
?3 irrtiTT T-l 4 V V S WW Sims Ef
1 JNtW rALL 5HUt5
;S This Store is prepared with correct Footwear
H for every need. Special attention is called to
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In tho City of Toledo, county and
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will pay tho sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for any catso of Catarrh
that cannot bo cured by the uso of
Swbrn to and subscribed In my
presence, this Cth dny of December,
A. II. I88Q.
(Seal) A. W. Gleason, Notary Pub
taken Internally and acta through
tho blood on tho mucous surfaces of
tho nyBtcm.
Druggists, 75c. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Low Cuts Black and Brown; Calf and Kid
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No Capital Is Required, Farmers of
Community Meeting and Se
lecting Officers.
The simple form of orjmnlxntlon
that sulllces for co-opcrntlvo live-stock
shipping associations Is one of their
lending features. In thu flrnt place,
practically no capital Is required,
since payment In not made to mem.
here for stock shipped until the re
turns are received from tho market
To organize, It Is necessary only that
the farmers of a community meet to
Kcthcr, adopt a slmplo constitution
nnd by-Inwa, nnd elect officers and a
boaril of directors, who In turn appoint
a manager.
Although in order to transact busl
ncss It Is not neyossory for nn associa
tion of .this nature to Incorporate un
der tho stnto laws, It Is ndvlbable to
lo so as a protection to tho members.
If not Incorporated, tho organization.
sas such, can not sue or bo sued, nnd
in enso pt tho loss of stock from rail
road wrecks or other cauxo the man
agor could nol enforce claims for the
association, but each bhlpper would br
compelled to present claims for his
own The cost of Incorporating
Is comparatively tmnll usually not
more than $10.
Tho United States department ol
agriculture will furnish, on request,
Hie essentials of n model constitution
and by-laws. "
Extremely High Prices Make It Profit
able to Subttltute Grass
Crops for Grain.
With the present extremely high
prices of grain It Is profitable to sub
stitute, as far as potslMe, forage
crops for grain feeds. A saving of
in to 25 per cent of the total amount
of grain nnd supplements may be ex
pected through the ue of forage. Pos
ture crops when combined with grain
feed, will produce the cheapest ra
tions for both breeding nnd fattening
hogs, nnd the cost of gains will range
from one-sixth to one-fourth cheaper
thnn when the grain Is fed In n dry
It mny be possible. In some cases,
with nn abundance of good forage,
to obtain fairly satisfactory gnlns for
n time on such forage alone, but tho
greatest returns havo been obtained
when grain was fed In addition to
the forage at the rate of two to three
per cent of tiro weight of tho hogs
per day.
The Age of Death.
One quarter of the people on tho
enrth die before the ago of sir, one
half before the ngo of sixteen nnd only
bout one person of each 100 born
lives to the ago of sixty-five.
killing the beetles by applications of
electricity to tbo infested areas of
tho trees have been conducted in tho
Klamath district. Mr. Chamberlain
has found that the insect could bo
electrocuted by high frequency
shocks, applied through wet blot
ting pads, and has made uso of tho
discovery by applying electric cur
rents to tho bolls of trees by means
of chains wound about them and con
nected to power lines.
No satisfactory plan of conveying
and applying currents of sufficient
strength to trees on a commercial
scale has yet been announced, but
tho investigations aro still going on.
In the meantime the information In
tho new bulletin may bo used to less
en tho damago and curtail further
rapid spread of tho insects.
Jjirgo Areas of Yellow Pino At
tacked lly Insect Kloctrocutlou
Mny Prove To Ho Solution.
Good Word for the Parrot,
Testy people couslder tho parrot a
nuisance and tho loquacious bird han
often engendered leguf strife, but to
tire facetious person he Is tin endless
source of amusement. He has an In
herent weakness for profanity, which
Is apt to be embnrraslng, but a man
who has not tasted spirituous liquors
never craves them, and a parrot who
ha3 not heurtl profanity will not long
for It as tliutst medium of expressing
his bcntlmcntsr in this wspect ho pro
iwtes culture and refinement la the
CORVALLIS, Sept. 9. Oregon's
most serious forest insect problom
Is control of tho several species of
bark beetles that aro devastating
Inrgo areas of yellow plno In South
ern Oregon. Lossoa from tho depre
dations of theso booties amounted to
about $200,000 last yoar In tho coun
ties of Lake, Klamath and Jaclcson,
A summary of present knowiedgo of
tho biology nnd control of theso
booties is contained in a now bulletin,
"Tho Western Pino Bark Deetlo,"
wrltton by AM, J. Chamborlntn, and
published by tho Oregon Agricul
tural collego oxperimont station.
It la oxpocted that a bettor know
ledge of handling tho beetlo situa
tion may result frjom continued in
vestigations and tho station Is still
at work on tho mat Cor lu KJamath
Somo promising oxporlments In
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This smart scarf Of tcalDluah
sorves Milady as jacket and scarr.
The belt and yockots giro tho dis
tinction that U uncommon, ta
scarfs and Blake It a pltuutlng ava
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