The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 09, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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Antm nuiiMonw, brpob, okhoon. Thursday, fiEPTrcitnim r, 1020.
Agreement Willi !. H. Heed Mny
Mnko City Liable In Cano-LoMcr
lllil From Itlviil In Anepled
lhigliirer Urges Hoik llano.
Although n virtual ngroomonl linn
boon onlored Into by tliu city of Ilond
with 0. '8. Hood of tlio Western
Wllllto I'uvIiik Co. for tlio uso of
Wllllto on tlio flrMt linrcl surfacing
John to ho undertaken lioro, rosolu
tloiiH of intention adopted ut tlio roR
ulnr council meeting Friday call
for "Wllllto, or tiny other pnvomont
of oqunl strength, durability nntl ro
nlstnnco to wrni r, two Inchon In lick
iipss." Tlio Insertion of tlio words
allowing competition win tlio roHtilt
of n vlrtll paid tlio city onrllor In tlio
week by A, J. Wolton of tlio United
Constructing Co. During his visit
liuro Mr. Walton declared thnt tlio
nl it to law in uk en compotlliVo bld
A dltiR Imperative, nnd In quoted assay
Inn thnt ho could Iny Wllllto nt 80
cuntH a yard and atlll innko a profit.
Just what (ho law ncluiilly pro
vldos Ih a question which wan not
definitely cleared up nt Frldny'i
session, although much of tlio din
t elusion centered about thU point.
Whllo tlio Htntuto iloon provldo for
competitive hlddliiKt City Attorney
C. H. Ilcnsoti did not holluvo that thin
could modify tlio Ilond charter,
wlilch provide that whnu Gl por cent
of tlio property holders on a Riven
iitroot petition for a cortaln typo of
paTomunt, tholr request iihall ho
A letter authorizing Mr. Itord to
purchnso necessary machinery and
supplies for laying Wllllto lioro wm
nont off several dayii ago by Mayor
J, A. Hastes.
Imxx Hnlt Possibility.
Tho possibility of tlio city lining
in ii do defendant In olthor a breach of
contract null or Injunction proceed-
InRs wax brouKht out by Councilman
I), 0. McPhonion In tho dlicuinlon of
Ilond'fl present paving situation
which followed tho reading or tho
roBolutlomi of Intention covering tho
hard surfaclnR of tho downtown bus
Incus dUtrlct and of tho Nowport avo-
nuo brldKo and Itn approaches. Mr.
v'llonson admitted that Mr. Heed might
hnvo cnuso to nuo for damages If
Dome other company In given tho con
tract, but believed tho clty'n promlno
Hhnuld ho lived up to, ovon If a lower
bid la Riibmltted by n rival company.
"HoRardloM of petitions, tho coun
cil In responsible If It disregards a
lower bid for n pavement of qunllty
equal to Wllllto," Mr. Mel'horaon do-
"Do you bollovo that audi n pavo
i iiienl ran bo laid for 80 cunts a
yard?" Mayor Konton ankod.
"I don't know, but It'n up to ua to
find out," wua tho nnnwor.
"Mr. Hoed In llkoly to toll ua all
whoro to ro, nnd lenvo ua nt tho
morcy of tho Warren Conntructlon
Co.," hanortod tho mayor.
Councilman Rhodes atatod om-
phntlcnlly that tho council nhould do
nothliiR In tho mnttor which would
lay It open to JtiHt criticism.
Hock Ilnxo Urged.
Tho old quoatlon of whether or not
"Wllllto, laid on specified lioro, will
'HtnTid up under local traffic con ill
tloiiH, wan rooponod by City Hnglnoor
Hobert II. Ooulil, who doclnrod that
tho city la mnkliiR a aerloua mlatako
It It (Ioch not roqulro n throo-quartor
Inch cruHhod rock huso. "Tho only
fuvoralilo roportn wo havo hud on
wllllto como from Kingston nnd
Niagara Falls, N, Y whoro tho sur
facing was laid on nn old mnendnm
road, or n concroto Ixiho," ho aald.
"Tho una of cruahed rook would brliiR
' tho Wllllto coat up to $2.15 n yard,
which would ntlll rIvo Wllllto nn ad-
vnntnRo of 15 conts over bltullthlc."
"Thou you turn down ovorythliiR
but Wnrronlto.?" Mayor EiiBtos cnua-
tlcally Inquired.
' "That'H unfair, Mr, Mayor," broko
In Coupcllnmn MoPhorson. "I bo
llovo that Mr, Gould's plnn la tho
only Konalblo ono, but thoro Isn't u
chnuco thnt tho council will nccopt
It, nnd Mr. Could know It whou ho
mndo tlio rocommeudntlon,"
Coat lU-portH Given,
Tho city oiiKlnoor's report on costs
of tho two districts up for Immodluto
Kiivo $2770.33 for tliQ Nowport nvo
mio brldgo otilnrROd district and
$80,720 for tho business district. Tlio
roport wns adopted, resolutions of
Intention nccoptod and tho council
voted to sand copies of resolutions
and of tho ntato law governing blda
to Mr. Ituud,
Two new potltloun for paving, ono
for Tumalo avoiniii from Congress to
Idaho, and llioadway from Ht, Hel
ens (o Idaho, tho other for Hill, liar
rlmiiii, living and Hawthoruo, wuro
piuHonted ami referred to tho streets
Tho toport of Flro Chief Tom Cur
tail nhowed five muall fit en In tho city
hint month, mid a population Increase
of nix durliiR tint muni! period wan
Riven In tho loport of Dr. C, A. Fow
ler, city physician, There wore 13
hlrthn and woven deaths durliiR the
The council appropriated $200 to
defray tho expenses of Mr. Cnrlou
when ho atlo'ids tho Flro Chlefn' con
veutlou In Los AuRelen.
Wvd Ithldaiico Anked.
The need of cleaiiltiR tho river of
weedy Rrowthn wan broiiRht up by
the flro chlof uud hla plea wan sec
onded by tho city pliynlcluu. City
Knglueor (lould Mated that the
weeds could probably bo killed by
tho nuo of chldrlno and tho matter
wan referred to tho health commit
tee, tlio fire chief and tluv eiiRluocr,
Chairman Ilhodon of the ntrcetn
committee reported on tho nlmont
Impassable condition of Wall street
mid was authorized to mnko tempor
ary repaint,
AppenrlnR for tho Ilond school
board, II, 12, Nordcon nnkod for side
walks on Nowport between Sixth and
Klghth to connect with tho Kenwood
bulldliiR. IIIh request wan reforred
to tho MroolH commltteo with a rec
ommendation for Immediate action.
An ordinance requlrliiR certifi
cates of health for all pornons on
RiiRod In tho hnudlliiR of food for
public consumption was read for tho
flrat tlnio It wan drafted nt tho
Instance of Mrs K. Htockwoll and the
city physician and In Intended to con
stitute n safoRiiard against tho spread
of tuberculosis and social diseases.
IIIIIm Ordered I'alil.
Tho follnwlnn hills wore audited
and ordered paid:
M. 12, Coleman $ 51,00
Dexchutes (JnrnRO 389.00
Tom Murphy 4.00
li. A. W. Nixon .....n.. . 181.50
II. M. Nelson 0,75
A, I). Oertsou ... 1.50
W. II. Carpontor H0.00
J. II. Duckholtz ............ 1.00
C. J. Nicholson 130.00
FlunoRan llros. .............. 5.25
Hand llullelln :..... 7.00
Crawford llros. 0.35
Commercial club 10.00
T. W. Carlon w... 105.00
Maria Hoover -.. 160.00
i:. Is. Btovons 1C0.O0
Fred A. Woefflon ... 76.60
F. F. Hubbard .:... 15.00
C-eorRO flchrani ........M...... 10.00
Lewis Main ...................... C.G0
Hod Cross homo service.... 15.00
Mrs. K. Htockwoll 135.00
11. N. Iluchwalter .50
Toe. States Tel Co....; 4.20
Or. C, A. Fowlor 50.00
Ilond HnullnR Co. ............ 54.50
Western Union 27.17
C. S. Ilonion .......: 41.00
Mill Mnrkol . 36.50
II. W. h. & V 527.41
N, McFaddon 27.50
It. n. fJould - 9.00
Miller Lumber Co 88.25
C. O. Wilson 90.40
W. I Ilnrdesty 110.88
John A. ItutiRO 4.03
J. II, Aloxandor 3. 86
J. II. Aloxandor 10,10
John A. IttuiRo 98.90
M. J. I'owoll 48.30
It. J. McCnnn 5.00
M, A. I'nlnior .................... 12.45
A. O. I.oiir 028.93
It. II. Could 170.71
A. J. CoRRtins 87.50
Morrhf llros 2G.750.00
W. B. Irvlno 21.52
City Library 3.85
RcnttlcltCN Hjiend Day In H'end In
Course of I'ubllclty Trip Around
tlio United Kioto.
Frod IC, Ilolllstor and Wayne L.
Youiir, both of Soattlo, loft lioro on
Tuesday aftor a day's stay, rosumlng
their hike around tho United Stutos
on n "Soo America First" locturlnR
and publicity campaign. On lonvlug
Ilond, thoy woro hendod for Crntor
luko. Thoy woiq tho guosts of "V.
C. lllrdsnll during tholr stny In Uond.
Ilolllstor, who Is nn ox-mnrluo, has
tho hiking record urrosH tho conti
nent, having mndo 3728 miles lit 92
days. On tho prosout trip, which
will Includn all tho stntcs on tho Po
clfto nnd Atlnntjo Hqabonrds, nnd on
tho soutliorn and northern boundar
ies, It In expected that 18 months
will bo used,
Doth Ilollsltor nnd Young declurod
Ilond to bo ono of tho ronlly llvo nnd,
progressiva towna thoy had stopped
lu during tholr Journoy.
Want to buy hay, use liullctln clas
lifted ndn.
KpecihcN, I'lnilo Dinner, Hand Con
cert and Program of Hpoits nnd
Ilni'M At Park Complete Ihi
Icrtltliiliicnt OtTenI.
Moro than 200 momhors of Ilond
labor unions marched lu tho purndo
which Monday morning officially
opened tho celebration of Labor Day
hero. The fuel that tho number of
marchers wan by no means no largo
nn In 1919 or 1918 was oxplalned by
tho nbsonco of C. II. linker, chairman
of tho commltteo on arrangements,
who was called to Vnlo on tho cvo
of tho celebration, Tho fact that a
number or tho unions carried no
banners led to tho belief among tho
npectntorn that those organizations
wero not reprcsontod, but ovory un
ion had mombors lu tho lino of
march, ulthough for some organiza
tions only a row appoarcd, Tho pa
rado wan led by an auto In which
rodo Flro Chief Tom Carlon, with
other office or tho department;
tho riro truck followed, with tho
bricklayers, carpenters, painters, cul
inary alliance, electricians, typo
graphical union, hod carters, laun
dry workers, tlmborworkern, print-
era, bnrbcrn and machinists forming
tho remainder of tho procession.
Tho marchers halted nt tho City
pork, whoro addresses woro Riven by
Itov. K. II. Johnson of tho Daptlst
church, Fred IC. Ilolllstor or Scattlo,
"Keo America First" booster, and C.
K. Stead. A picnic dlnnar was on-
Joyed by hundreds nnd In tho after
noon, with tho crowd constantly
growing, nn Instrumental concort by
tho Shevllu-Hlxon band was enjoyed
Tho band mombors nppcarcd In smart
green uniforms nnd tho music was
In keepliiR with tho nppearanco or
tho organization.
A program or athletic sports and
feature races vied with tho concert
for popular fuvor.
Organized entertainment camo to
nn ond shortly beforo 5 o'clock.
I-'ormt Hiipcrihor Plumb Find Six
Near Knit Lake Hccnlc Ilcatity
of Wood Menaced.
Desplto warnings or flro danger,
six campers nt East lako loft as
many enmpfiros burning on Monday
when thoy drove nway, Forest 8u
porvlsor Plumb reported this morn
log on his return to Ilond. Most or
tho campers woro from this city, Mr
Plumb aald.
"Tho tlmbor surrounding East
lako la of no commercial value," Mr.
Plumb declared, "but It la or great
scenic vnluo, nnd ovary effort should
bo mndo by tho peoplo of Ilond to
Insuro Its presorvntton. Tho wind
had nlrondy spread tho fires when I
reached tho lako. nnd a gonornl blazo
could onslly havo followed."
ltelny Hares, Polo Camo nnd Diving
inhibition Other Features or
Aquatic Program.
Examinations In swimming woro
contlnuod at tho M. C. A. plungo
on Friday with tho result thnt Wnr
ron IllrdBull, 11. Eporson, Mlko Mn
honoy, Albn Ilhoados, Lomnn Todd,
Josso Hoxborg, C. Hoss and D. Colo
man qunllflod for swimmers' bndgca,
whllo VS B. Ooldon, Frank Toomoy,
II. A. Looton, E. Tnylor nnd A,. N.
Sproat entered tho bogluuora' class.
A rolay roco was won by Todd and
Hoxborg, nnd Ooldon and Hoss Cap
tained tho two polo tonms which
played In n gnmo resulting lu n tlo of
five goals each.
Diving and wntor comody conclud
ed tho urogram.
A now switchboard, weighing ovor
threa tons, togothor with n cnrload
of poloB, wuh rocolvod on Tuesday
by "Wlro Chlor Slllory of tho local
tolophono company, Tho now equip
ment will allow ror 200 moro con-
noctloiiB than nro now posslblo, Mr.
Slllory oBtlmntos. Tho now switch
board, howovor, cannot bo put Into
uso until tho company Is nbla to pro
euro a larger room for Ua oxohuugo.
WPtf' 2' Pmvi $$: 4 '
Ono hundred and fifteen' form boys, who havo recently won a competitive examination In ngrlt
cultural aubjocts, woro rowardod with a 4000-mllo tour through tho principal farming regions of thd
country. Tho trip took thorn through Now York, Chicago, Dotrolt, Clovoland and Washington ondlnfi
at Collogo Station, Tox. Tho tour was financed by Hio business men of Texas. Its purposo was to
broaaon tho viewpoint of tbo futuro farmer boy and to enable him to meet agriculture problems with
moro Intelligence
Fast, clean fighting characterized
tho boxing smoker hold Monday at
tho gymnasium as tho evening fca
turo of tho Labor Day celebration
and, nn n result of that same speed
and hard hitting, each Central Ore
gon mnn on the card walked off with
tho decision.
Kid Tnylor, weighing in at 120
pounds, fought tho boat battlo of hla
cureor whon ho was pitted against
Franklo Howard of Chicago, a 124
poundor, In tho main event. From
tho outset It was Taylor's fight, and
whllo his cntlro stylo of combat was
easier nnd moro effective tho most
marked Improvement noticed was In
tho uso of hla left.
Outboxcd and outpunched, tho Chi
cago lad could havo stayed tho 10
rounds without serious troublo, but
In the sixth ho lett his chair with
tho ovldcnt determination to end tho
fight then and thoro. For perhaps
half a mlnuto ho rushod tho local
boxor, and thon was forced to take
tho defonslvo. Taylor hit him ut
will nnd aftor tho sounding of tho
gong Howard was so badly used up,
In addition to suffering from a
homorrhago rrom a smashed cauli
flower ear, that ho gavo up tho fight.
Greko Ocorgo, wolghlng In at
iZ VtC 8
m S'' HraMflaft. MflHaflaBBiBnnnnriVvf
Soohlo 19th of Hood farm,
Jorscy cow, at the ago of 15 years and 9 months, haa broken her
ninth oDclal world's record and baa como Into her own again as thi
world's champion batter producing cow; In her nlno yearly records
be has given 110,918 pounds or milk and 6353 pounds or butter rat;
ker average Is 12,324 pounds or milk end 706 pounds or batter. The
carries lire Insurance and accident policies aggregating x&
125 A pounds, and Nippor Davis or
Portland, righting at 129 pounds,
went their full six rounds In the
main preliminary. Georgo got tho
decision for, though outboxcd, he had
a good edge on his opponent in tho
matter or general results.
Duffy Knorr of Terrebonne and
Dobby Lowla of Portland fought at
125 V4 and 129 pounds, respectively,
and Knorr won Just beforo tho end
of tho first round when his oppon
ent was unwilling to go on with tho
mill. Duffy bored In from tho start,
and with such good, results that Lew-
Is presently Informed Referee Hous
ton that ho wished quit. A few sec
onds after tho docislon had been
awarded Lewis changed his mind, too
Let's settle
f-fbis vsorl-if
No man ever smoked a
better cigarette than Camel!
You'll find Camels unequalled by
any cigarette in the world at any
price because Camels combine
every feature that can make a
cigarette supreme
Camels expert blend of choice
Turkish and choice Domestic
tobaccos puts Camels in a class by
themselves. Their smoothness
will appeal to you. and permit
you to smoke liberally without tir
ing your taste! '
Camels leave no unpleasant ciga
"retty aftertaste nor unpleasant
cigaretty odor !
YouMI prefer Camels blend to either
kind uf tobacco smoked straight 1
CVne jrr M vrrt wJi-ri , f,rntific stir mJik?
lUfljJdl Of ?il nJ4f(d ! ?il fa ma ... -fc
itrr I.W ciifrrtfcr1 in a jinr-rip rvrrf
rtrlcn We ilvniUi rwommrpi fin rarwn tot
the houie ot ethtc tuppty ot vrhtn jou ttartl
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Winston-Salem, N. C.
Lowell. Mass. A former champion
To relieve Sergeant John B. Uar
rlos, who has been In charge of tho
United States marine corps rocrultlng
otrico here, Sergeant C. J. Lambert
has arrived In Dend rrom San Fran
cisco. Sergoant Barrios will leave
ror Portland on September 10.
Tho new recruiting officer has
been a member of tho marines since
1917 and during his servlco has trav
eled no less than 36,000 miles. He
Is a membor or tho marino corps rifle
team and holds the record ot 652 out
or 700, the highest scoro made west
of tho Misslalppl.