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'I I w
The Bend Bulletin
(Weekly Edition)
Published By
.Established 1002.
An Independent nowapnpor standing
'.for tlio squaro ilcnl, clenn business,
clean politics nntl tho beat Intoroats
ot llcnd nnd Central Oregon.
Ono year $2.00
8lx months 1.00
Threo months CO
In tho tow wooks that havo elapsed
since Tlio bulletin called intention to
what it understood to bo tho plans
.of tho North unit Irrigation district
to appropriate so much o( tho waters
ot tho Deschutes, stored at Bonhnm
falls, ns to mako Impossible the rec
lamation ot tho other units ot tho
Deschutes project In their entirety,
little has developed to throw any
clear light on tho situation. In
Prlncvllle, It ono may judge from tho
editorial expressions of tho Crook
County Journal, little attention is bo-
Ing paid' to tho matter, tho only ex
prc8slon,frjttn tho Journal being that
Hen a was wonting up a xigm mat
would hinder tho progress of the rec
lamation. Tho Redmond Spokes
man, showing moro Interest, has car
ried statements to the effect that tho
other portions of tho project had
nothing to fear from tho North unit.
Ono of these statements is from A.
D. Anderson, the secretary of the
North unit district, who says that no
water grab Is contemplated. On the
other hand, tho Madras Pioneer,
aroused by what Tho Bulletin had
charged, asserts that tho North unit
Is right. The question which natur
ally suggests Itself in answer to tho
Pioneer is, "Right in what:" Other
questions were asked the Pioneer
two weeks ngo which remain 'unan
swered, but It it will devoto ercn a
Uttlo space, to this last one, we may
know better what tho facts are.
Of course, tho necessary Implica
tion from tho Pioneers' assertion that
tho North unit is right Is that it is
right wherein Tho Bulletin has been
asserting it was wrong. That is, tho
fact is admitted and justification as
serted. This is contrary to Mr. An
derson's position. He says no grab
Is Intended. Which ot the two Is
Tight? Ono conclusion at least may
bo drawn, and that Is that In Jeffer
son county there Is some recognition
ot the possibility that the North unit
will want water to the Injury of tho
rest of the project.
So far as the suggestion from
Prlnevillo Is concerned, we desire to
point out that Bend docs not want
to hinder the progress of reclama
tion, nor is it looking for a tight. It
prefers to cooperate. On that ac
count Mr. Anderson's recent state
ment is gladly received. Now, If
Mr. Anderson will go a little farther
and tell us how the north unit pro
poses to divide the water, and what
Bend can -do-to help In the promo
tion of tho general reclamation
scheme, we believe he will find the
help forthcoming.
was dovotcd to n discussion ot tho
question, "What Is NowsT" Nows
paper editors from nil over tho coun
try wero nsked to glvo their defi
nition nnd tho answers wero ns va
ried as tho sections roprosontcd,
Each editor, ot course, tried to define
"nowa" nccordlug to his Ideas of
what should go Into his news col'
limns. On the major matters nil
wero In nccord, but they found It
difficult, It not Impossible, to get
Into words n complete definition that
would covor all cases, or to stato a
rulo which, when applied to tho mat
ter under consideration, would al
ways nnd Infallibly tell whether It
bolougod In tho nows or tho adver
tising columns.
Of lato our llttlo friend Mlcklc
has been helping to point out tho dis
tinctions, and doing It very well.
Just now, to help out Mickto, thoro
has come to our notlco a now defini
tion or description of "nows" that
seems to bo about the last word on
tho subject. It Is short nnd simple
It Is easily understood. It comes
about as closo ns ever seems possible
to being a rulo thnt can be npplled
Willi Infnlllblo results. It is as fol
"If the paper wants it worse
than tho peton handing It in,
It's now.
"If tlio person hnndttiR It In
wnnts it published worse than
tho newspaper, it's advertising."
In these days of the publicity
agent, who sponds nil his time trying
to get spneo about his particular
business into tho nowspnper without
buying advertising space In the
past we havo listed some ot theso ef
forts this llttlo rulo Is a very handy
thing to have around.
tho Tnmalod Istrlct grow nu Inch u
day for n period of 30 days.
Tho proposal to bond the Bond
school district for ft.000 to build u
now school houttu cnrrlod unanimous
ly yesterday afternoon. Nluutueii
taxpayer voted, ovory ono In favor
of tho bonds.
Tho Cllno Falls Press Is no more.
Tho big Pilot Hutto tlumo or tho
I). 1. & P. Co. Is completed.
Jim Ovorturf returned yesterday
from his trip ucrosR thu mountains
to tho Willamette vnlloy.
Arthur W. Clothier of Portland
was In Bond last week looking after
his ltfo Insurance liiiHluens.
Lester Men our returned Tuesday
night nftor a wouk's trip" to Crnuu
Pralrlo and Davis Inko after shoop.
U. S. Continlsslonor J. M. Lawrence
will bo absent from Bund all next
week, attending tho Irrigation mid
forestry convention In Portland.
J. N. Hunter returned last night
from n two wooka' trip thvoiiKh tlio
country butwoou Bend nnd Burnt).
Most ot tho time was spout In pros
pecting. '
It is a .'reactionary statement for
nny private . citizen to make that
newspaper men should be excluded
from public meetings. It is to un
derrate the Intelligence of a body of
business men whoso intelligence is
above tho average lo think that a
recommendation urging the exclusion
of newspaper men from the meetings
of tho Bend Commercial club would
be received with enthusiasm.
Tho public and newspapers know
that newspapers make errors. But
no newspaper maliciously makes
them. No newspaper will continu
ouflly misrepresent a citizen or an In
stltutlon. Newspapers regard too
highly tho printed word.
It Is only to defame tho nowspa
pers ot this city that ono prlvuto citl
zen should urgo tho Bend business
mon to consider so drastic a measure
ns tho exeluslon of the press from
Commercial cluli meetings. News
paper men attend theso gatherings
weekly that they may fairly give the
pooplo ot the city and the outside
world Information as to tho develop
ment taking placo within the city.
Surely tho speaker at tho Com
mercial club meeting who so un
thinkingly stated that ho would fa
vor such an action by a body of bus!
ness mon did not exercise the fore
thought of an infunt or tho dlscro
tlon and diplomacy ordinarily cred
Red to a man occupying a high posl
tion In tho community.
Tho advocacy of tho exclusion of
members of tho press from any pub
lic gathering Ii becoming only to or
ganizations and Individuals who fear
When Colllorls weekly, 10 years
ago, ran a series of articles on tho
American newspaper, one 'number
A monthly circular Issued by n So
attlo bank, in which business condl
tlons in tho Northwest nro dis
cussed, contnlns-the following, under
tho heading, "Tourist Travel":
"Tourist travel to the Pacific
Northwest this summer by rail and
boat is far exceeding that of previous
"The tourist crop Is becoming ono
of our valuable assets. What It may
mean to a region wns indicated In a
recent statement from Los Angeles,
which showed that tho annual value
ot that district's seven principal
products of tho soli oranges, lem
ons, deciduous fruit, cotton, wheat,
barley and beans totaled only
$148,000,000, while tho value per
annum of the tourist crop was placed
at $150,000,000. Our own crop
could bo Improved by more intensive
Tho Increased flow of tourist trav
el into Jtho Northwest Is undoubted
ly d,ue to the work of tho Northwest
Tourist association, winch, for tno
past several years, has by extensive
advertising In eastern and Canadian
newspapers nnd magazines, and
through Frank Branch Riley's lec
ture tours spread throughout tho
country tho news of the attractions
of Oregon, Washington nnd British
A few more earthquakes in South
cdn California and a continuation of
tho work of tho Northwest Trurlst
association will produce a remark
able Increase In our crop.
When Dllman cavo was redlsor
ered last year Its explorers came
back asserting that the cavo was
onco an underground river. Even
Stowart Edward Whlto, who ought to
know enough not to guess at some
thing about which he knows nothing,
called the cavo an ancient river bed.
Fortunately wo now have, in tho
Crosby report on tho llonhnm falls
reservoir sito, tho opinion of an ox
pert geologist on the formation ot tho
cave, and he says that tho cave does
not appear to havo been occupied by
a stream of water. Only slightly
technical, this portion ot Professor
Crosby's report Is extremely Interest
Ing, and helps even tho layman to
uudestand moro exactly how the
cave came to be. Indeed, tho whole
report is interesting. Although It
deals with a single problem, It neces
sarily covers tho main features of
tno geological history of tho upper
Deschutes valloy, and wo believe that
tho readers of The Bulletin will wet
come an opportunity tp soo it.
For that reason wo havo decided
to publish the report complete, oxcopt
for 4ho wholly technical portions and
the records of test borings.-
I Fifteen Years Ago
(From the columns of Tho Bulletin
of August 18, 1905.)
Carl W, Chapman lost his life last
Friday afternoon when ho was over
como by gas from a bluil in a well
which ho was helping to dig. Ho
fell to tho bottom of the 33-foot shaft
ns an attempt was being tnado to
raise him.
Alfalfa on tho Joo WImor ranch in
Box-factory mothods In tho -construction
of tho fivo bungalows on
tho slto of tho old Central school nro
raising tho new structures nlmost ns
fast as tho old one comes down. Al
though work was begun Monday,
threo of tho bungalows aro already
under construction, tho frame bolug
nearly complotcd on tho first ono
All fivo ot tho buildings will bo
ready to shluglo Saturday night,
says Contractor Joo Albright, and a
week later will sea them finished,
with u margin of two weeks remain
ing boforoochool starts on Septem
ber 7. Twonty-fivo men and fivo
boys nro working on tho buildings
and a gasollno saw is used to cut
most of tho lumber to tho proper
Tho two buildings yet to bo started
will bo on tho ground formerly occu
pied by tho old building, which Is
now n mcro shell of n foundation.
Tho fivo bungalows will bo arranged
so as to encloso a yard nnd thus
a foundation, but can bo used to
overlook all of them.
Tho bungalows aro being built on
threo skids, which aro now raised on
a foundation, btu can bo used to
move tho buildings if desired. Tho
lumber from tho old building Is bo
Ing used, as far ns possible, and Is,
In tho opinion of tho contractor, bet
ter than any lumber which can bo
bought now for tho purpose, as it Is
well seasoned nnd was cut beforo tho
days when tho best lumber was cut
Into shop pieces and shipped, or used
for sash and doors.
As school officials do not Intend
that tho bungalows shall bo used nf
tor tho coming year, It Is likely that
they will bo sold for dwellings, nnd
they are being built with that In
mind, tho contractor stated.
Thcro was a llttlo boy who was
doBtluod to bo n great poet. Ho
wns curried In n dream to tho heart
ot tho world, and nil tho myths ot
all tlio ngos attended htm to show
him tho secrets ot tho heart ot mint.
Ho was shown beauty by tho CI rook
myths, woodcraft and field loro by
tho Gorman elves ami (rolls, pastime
by tho Quelle fairies, but notio ot
them showed him lovo, for that bo
longs to mankind, mid takes thu
place ot tho fairies' gifts denied to
mnu. I
Since ho keeps nsklug which of tho
myths can show him love, they final
ly toll him hu can find It only on
earth. Each scotio doplctR him as be
sought to remain In mythliiud, but
ho refuses because they cannot show
him lovo. Tho spirit of poesy guides
hlni through It all.
In tho last eplsodo ho meets with
n mortal bewitched, who can only bo
released by the lovo of another mor
tal. Tho boy breaks tho spell and
tho mortal tells him this Is not tho
real heart of tho world, because love
Is not found. They leave the spot,
with all its beauty, to find tho real
heart of humankind. I
This is tho story of "Tho Heart of
tho World," tho pageant to bo given
Saturday ovoulng on tho Held
school lawn under the direction of,
Miss Ella Dews, directress ot girls'
activities at tho Y. M. C. A.
Cast of Character.
Tho pageant Is divided Into threo.
parts. In tho first the Orcek Drynds
and goddesses try to entlco tho boy,
Dcodatus, with beauty.
Dcodatus Lloyd Lamping
Hermes, tho gtildo Harold Alton
Drynds Marjorle Balrd, Marlon
Snther, Allco Stockmnu, Margaret
Iuabnlt, Loulso Inabnlt, Loom Con-
nam, Clirlstluo Stringer, Mnry Eliza
beth King, Helen King, Elizabeth
Keycs, Qono Richards.
Tho Threo Graces
Euphresyno Frances Hoyburn
Tlinlla f.nln Whlltnnro
School Days Will
oon Be Here Again
Touchers and pupils in the' rural schools of
the county should not wait as they did last
year to order their school supplies, including
text hooks, until the last moment.' Our stock
of hooks is practically complete now, and we
can fill your orders with the exception of
algebras and gcopraphics.
We advise that you make up your hook
and supply list at once and forward them to
us so that we can make you earliest possible
Owl Pharmacy
School Supply Headquarters
in Deschutes County
Purl Tlirw,
Tltliinn, fairy (juoon....Loln Whltmoro
Rosoleaf Helen McMunn
Sllverwlng Anna Dornbockor
Hnrofoot Llla Da Hour
Acorncup Helen Vlnal
Dawnmltt Gladys McConuoll
Cobweb Colosto Cllnofelt
Buttercup Anna McNeill
Flowcrhoart Allco Holmes
Aglala Catherine Hnydon.Olhor fnlrlos
Threo Orcek goddcsics Rose Miller, Ernestine Hiipprolch,
Perslphoro Christine Hiipprolch Mildred Simmons, Elolso Spencer,
Psycho Besslo Lomlcy Nccdrn Toomy.
Aurora Cntherlno Day
I'nrt Two.
(Tho olves find Deodatun asleep.)
King of tho dwarfH and trolls........
Murgaret Smith
Dwarfs Ellzaboth Keycs,
!a Child Helen Donovan
Mother of child Dolores Cnttow
I'rrpnralloiiH Elaborate
Tho child nnrt Its mothor aro tho
only mortals besides Dodatus. All
other characters nro Immortal.
Margaret, tho
Allen, Holon Whlttlngston, Cnthorlno. Alt ot them will bo elaborately cos
Plunkctt, Roslne Forrest, Margaret. turned. Prnctico for tho various
Look for tho Heart of tho World" as
n closing number, during which thuro
Is to be n grand processional of all
the characters. Tho spoclaclo Is to
bo staged on tlio southwest corner
of tho Relit school lawn, whoro tho
natural greenery will bo supplement
ed by additional scenery, A band,
under tho direction of Mr, Ornhnui,
loader of tho HhuvllicHlxon band,
and Ashley Forrest, will assist In thu
Forrest, Mary Cntherlno Taylor,
Frances Taylor, Margaret Taylor,
Gay Hamilton, licsslo J-emlor.
Doris Hudson, Holon Wurncckc,'
Ethel Bauman.
dancos and parts Is going on every
day undor tho direction of Miss
Dews nnd Mlis Eunlcn Cntlow, and
all of tho principals nro already
well drilled In their parts. Mrs,
Aihloy Forrest wilt sing "Whon You
A lighted clgnretlo droppetl In
ono of tho wooden cuspidors In tho
Emblem club Tuesday night grad
ually burned Its way through tho
container unit then through thu
tlaor. J. It. Jones, steward ot thu
club, discovered tho nro at C:30
o'clock yesterday nnd tho Bund
volunteer department responded Im
mediately to tho alarm which ho
turned In. Tho Dro was easily con
trolled, nnd tho damage wns re
ported to bo slight.
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