The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 19, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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VOI. .win
No. 95.
l'untl Suffers freMffinforotcen Kx
ponilltnrn On North Highway
Ilegiilnlluii'i To ll I)rnmt Gov
cruliig Weight of Truck I.oihIk.
DlHcotintliiK of county warrants by
tlid banks nocennllnlon tho postpone
iiiunt of work on all now road pro
Joels In tho county, II wns learnod
Saturday from official nourcoH. With
. tho rofld proRruiu tin liilit out prov
loun to Ihn road bond Isnuo only pnr
tlully complotod, tho county court
linn found It iiococuury to defer fur
thcr development nud lu dlHcontlnun
work on rondn mw under way pond
liiK thu receipt of furthor fuuds from
tho fntl tux pnymontji. Chlof
mo mk thu projects affected nro man
tlonnd tho Tuinnlo luttchory rond,
tho Torrobonno-I.owor Urldgo rond
nud tho lluttur rond,
It In explained that tho banks nro
now Insisting on tho nllownuco of n
discount lu cashing rond fund wnr
rnntn nml, un tnoMt or tho outlays nro
for Inhor, which cnnnol stand Much
n reduction, It linn been doomed mora
advisable to wnlt until tho county'n
paper will bo accepted nt pnr.
.. I)iimiigt Itiiluro I'iiikN.
Depletion of rond fundn at this
tlmo In dun to tho dnmnRcn which
woro oxnclcd on Tho Dnllen-Callfor
nln hlRhwny rlRlit of way from. Rond
to tho Joffumon county, lino, tho
amount which wim withdrawn for
thin unforeseen oxpondlturo amount
ing approximately to fOOOO.
On tho Control OreRon hlRhwny
thoro It f 10,000 available from tho
bond Issue, nud tho work In going on.
t Trees nro huliu: pullid on tho rlRlit
'or way nml n RrndltiK crow In out with
a cntorplllnr tractor. Whon tho
monoy In expended, nil work will
atop, with tho exception of culvurt
mid brldRo repair doomed absolutely
A number of county rondn, uned
ror lumber trucking, hnvo boon no
bndly cut up that tho court In Ink
Ing action undor tho OreRon Inws or
1019, mid through tho district nttor
P noy, In. nnklnK thnt nil truck opor
utorn unliiK tho county roadn nltond
a mrelliiR net for 2 o'clock on tho
afternoon or Beptembor 2, In tho
court roonm, to work out regulations
which will renturo rules regarding
load llmltri.
Hnrvryn Completcil.
Survoyn nro now comploto ror tho
locution or tho Central OreRon hlRh
wny from Ilorno ItldRO onut to tho
Lake county linn.
On tho Redmond-Sinters and tho
Tumnlo-SlntorH hlghwuyn, tho numn
or $20,000 and $2(5,000, ronpoctlvoly,
aro nvnllablo, and tho ntnto hlRhwny
commlnnlon has nuthorlxod tho coun
ty to procood with grading, It Is
doubtful when thin will bo ntnrtod,
fi-towovor, on account or tho possibil
ity or honvy right or way dnmnRea.
MfeKury Goes HonrliiK On l'roveibl
iilly Unlucky Day; Heat Record
i, For tho Year In Het.
t-ruiivy tno lam is mi uuuuKy ww.
Thin In not jiowb you know It nl
rondy. Wo weren't roIiir to montlon
It, bocaiiHO our biiRlnosn In iiows, Tlut
whon tho thormomotor took a no
tion to go BonrliiR up to tho highest
murk of tho lxicamo In
ovltnblo. Wo (roiUtiiiipii1rHtltlouH,
but then.i undoubtedly, tho dnto has
uoniothliiR to do with tho wonthor.
Tho toinporuturo on Frldny wbh
07, tho warmoat of tho Boaaon.
Two wooks ago tho mercury touched
OP on two buccqhhIvo diiyH. Friday's
innrk la two dcKi'oca coolor tlmn tho
highest mark lust yenr ami throo bo
low tho record or 100, which wna aot
lit 1017;
Relief Th lit Unto ir Opening (III
Oilier HMo of Cascade Is
Kni-llcr, Krroiit'ou,
An tho door nennou nonrn, thoro In
coiinldornblo coufunlon lu tho mlndn
of Many. Cont nil OrnRon huntorn an
to thn oxhet dnton, District Ontno
Warden McDonald declared Friday.
AlthoiiRh It In well established that
tho open nennou on thin nldo or tho
CiiHciuton doen not commence until
Htiptombor 1, n cpRnldurnblo uumbor
aro Mjlll of tho bollrtf that they enn
cross tho niimmlt or tho rniiRO dlvld
Iiir dliitrlcin Non. 1 and 2 nnd hill
deer went or tho CiiNciiden on An
Runt 15,
An n matter of fnct, Mr, McDonald
ntnten, tho nnmn open nennou In lu ef
fect, lu both dlntrlctn, from Koptem
bor 1 to October 31, Inclusive Thin
oxceptn Multnomah, Clntnop, Colum
bln nnd Tlllnmook countlen, whero
thn nnnnon bCRlun on Keptember 1C
mid endn on Docombor 31,
Tho most expensively equipped
bread manufactory In OreRon outnldo
or Portland wnn opened ror tho In
spection or tho pcoplo or Ilond ou
Tuesday, when production ntnrtod at
I. H. 8trnnburRor'N Unko-ItltoHnnl-tnry
bakery, locnted In tho Sphlor
bulldlnR, Tho opening wna to hnvo
been novernl dnyn lator, but In ro
spouse to populnr demand, Mr.
KstrnsburRer doclded not to wnlt ror
tho nrrlval or tho electric tulxor,
which will comploto tho equipment
or tho establishment.
Tho new Industry occupies tho lo
cation rrontliiR on Ilond mid on Min
nesota formerly held by tho pontof
flee, mid n feature of tho bakery nn
It In conducted by Mr. StrnnburRor
In thnt every oporntlon In the produc
tion of brend mid pastry In conducted
within full view or pntronn or tho
nhop, Tho work In personally con
ducted by K. HwniiKon, export linker,
recontly arrived horo from Spokane
An electric revolvhiR Itnko-Illto
oven, with n capacity of 120 Im
pound lonven every 40 minutes, In
liiHlulled near tho Ilond ntrcot en
trance nnd nn electric doiiRhnut
cooker In noon ou thn other nldo of
tho bakery. ProofliiR cnblnots, In
which tho broad In placed ror a abort
tlmo to prevent too nuddon a chniiRo
or tomporaturo after It leaves tho
oven, nnd ntornco cablnota ror tho
complotod product; n bun divider,
which will turn out three dozon bunn
with ono movement of n lover, and
onnmolod stool broad troughs nro
other features or tho oqu(pmont.
nnko-IUto bread, Mr. StrnnburRor
oxplnlnn, In made with only tho IiIrIi
est Rrndo or flour, nnd fresh milk en
ters Into Hn composition. Whtto In
tho provnllliiR color In tho now bak
ery and up-to-tho-mlnuto nnnltary
production will bo tho koynoto or tho
innnnKoiiionta' policy.
A third factor Monday ontorcd Into
tho raco which will bo hold in Den
chutes county for tho election of
county judRO whon Charlos Hofstot
tor, Tumalo ranclior, announced his
cnudldncy as nn Indopondont ror tho
position. H. W. Snwyor, Incumbent,
In tho ropuhllcnn nomlnoo, nnd Mayor
J, A. KiiBtoB or Ileud la tho choice of
tho doiuocratlc party,
Mr. llofntotter wbh formorly a
resident or Ilond, working chiefly
un a printer In this city.
Ily tho first of Soptombor L. n.
Unlrd, who )s constructing tho now
brick offlco and, Btoro building on
Ilond street, oxpoctB to hnvo tho now
structure completed an far as thn up
por Htory is coucoruod, Ho is un
nblo as yot to isivo n doflulto data
on which tho work on tho first floor
will bo complotod. .
All offlco rooms have boon lonsod
ror Bomn tlmo mid tho two store
rooms will bo occupied by H, II.
Lovon mid by tho Owl Pharmacy.
Formerly or NlNkltoii l-on-M nml
roi'tlniiil oniro Gimlunte of
Mkhlgnn University Jacob
non Tiiriin Over Ofllce.
If. L, I'lumb, recontly appointed
nupervlnor or tho Ooechutcn National
rorcnt to niiccecd Norman U. Jacob-
non, who iiiih resiRiicu, arriveu in
Ilund today to take aver the tiosltlon.l
Jncobson turned over tho details 0f
I.Im nfflm rm Mnniinv.
Plumb comoH from fl rants Pass.
where ho hna been deputy supervisor'
of the Rlsklvou forest, fur tlm Inst'.
two months. Previous to this holPrt of n ontl "ospapcr man who
wan rorcst nnslntaut In tho Olympic nttonded the convention,
and OkanoRan rorenls In WashliiRtonl Fow c,l,0,l ,n lho yil occu
nnd, ror tho last throo yonrn, con-' tho P'nlnont position In dovel
nocted with tho district forest office opment that Is manifested by tho b c
In Portland, nnrt of Mil tlmn ln.P" al l loul" ol lno omnium
charRo of trail construction tlirotiRh
out tho district. .Ho In n Rraduato
of the University of Michigan school
or rot entry and has beon In active
rorcst norvica nix yoarn.
"Jacohsoti has made n wonderful
record horo," nnld Plumb on Monday,
"and, In taking ovor his work,
I will hnvo my hnnds fml to keep It
up to tho present standard."
Jncobson, who has Just roturncd
from Pino mountain, roporta that
work on tho Quartz mountain well
In proRrcsslnR slowly and thnt tho
forest In becoming dry again. .
J W1UUIU "" wwo
Columbia flroccry Knlrrcd Ily Iloyn
-Toliarro ami ClRnrettcH Taken
-lActcI lly tho Police.
A quantity or plunder, consisting
chlofly or tobacco and clRnrettos,
was taken from tho Columbia
Krocory rocently opened by Henry
Hyrud near tho Tumalo avenuo
hrldgo ou tho west nldo, when two
Ilond boys, both within tho Juris
diction ot tho juvonllo court, en
tered tho establishment by prying
off a board which wan used to closp
a window In tho rear ot tho placo.
Tho valuo or tho loot was Riven
this morning by Mr. Uyrud as
nllRhtly ovor 113. Tho oldor ot tho
boys gave ils aRa as 12 years.
Chlof Cnrlon and Mr. , Uyrud
trailed tho boya on Tuesday, find
ing part or tho plundor enchod a
nhort dlstatico from tho storo. Tho
young offoudor8 woro located soon
Star Chamber Sessions for Commercial
Club, and Exclusion of News Writers
Hudson's Idea; Suggestion Falls Flat
Star chnmbar sessions and tho
elimination ot nowBpapor pub
licity by tho Dond Commercial
chib woro ndvisod by C. S, Hud
sou, president ot tho First Na
tional Hank or Ilond, at tho week
ly mooting ot tho club hold Wed
nesday at tho Pilot Iltitto Inn. Ills
suggestion in whlcu ho spoko
slightingly ot tho accuracy or
uownpapor roporta, was rccolVed
without onthuslasm,
Mr. Hudson's rocommondatlou
wiib mado whon ho was called on
by Proaldout MoPhorson to glvo
hla Idons In regard to the motion
ot T. II. Foloy ror tho appoint
mont ot n commlttoo tor tho fu
ture tliiancliig of tho club. Mr.
Hudson stated that ho had no
objoctlou to giving his opinion
personally to Mr. McPhorson, but
omnhuulzod that ho was unwilling
to discuss tho quostlon with two
newspaper mou present. Ho as
sorted that ho would bo lu favor
or oxcludlng nil nowapapor men
from club mootlngs, or In dotault
or this to lmvo soma olllcor of
tho club road copy on every news
artlolo boforo it la printed.
A dond Bllonco followed hla
iLDocklnglFnrllltles, Flour .Mills nnd
f L. i
piwin tanneries commune io
IYdsperlfy of City Wlilcli
Khtertnlned Journalists.
Antorla In n royal host. Astoria
Baro tho nownpapcr cdltorB or tho
Btnt0 n .thrco dnyiJ. round ot pIca8.
jure, Intornpurscd durltiR tho Stato
E,,Uor,al "w:ltlon, convention
Friday, Baturdny nnd Sunday, during
which Ilond wan recommended as tho
8lal0'a cUy t0 on'ortnln
tho Ink
daubcm In 1921. This wan the rc-
river. Undw construction is ono of
tho largest port docks In tho world
lu fact, second only on ono dock, sit
uated In Hamburg, Germany. lie
contly there opened tho thoroughly
modern flour mill of tho Astoria
Milling company, with n capacity ot
4000 barrels dally. This flour mill,
constructed of concrete, Is considered
by miljlng exports to bo tho last
word In sanitation and efficiency.
Tho canneries along tho Columbia
at Astoria aro turning out their ca
pacity of the famous Columbia river
Chinook salmon.
Clatsop county has recontly voted
n tremendous bond Issue ot nearly
13,000)66 to finance tho hugo con
struction of docks to nccommodato
tho heavy export and Import trado
coming via tho Columbia.
Tho editors of tho stato adopted
resolutions favoring legislation look
ing toward tho immcdlato roller or
tho print paper situation throughout
tho country, denouncing tho Non
Partisan tongue, urging legislation
looking toward raising tho legal rato
ror publication or legal notices In tho
stato press, and encouraging legisla
tion that will assist In tho develop
ment ot tho port ot Astoria.
Percy Santmyer, who nrrlvcd In
Ilend two days ago from WashlnR
ton, Pa., was nrrostcd Monday by
Chief Cnrlon and Is being hold on a
chargo of vagrancy ponding Investi
gation In connection with tho dopot
robbory or Sunday night. Santmyer
mado no admissions this morning
whon questioned.
declaration. Then J. P. Koycs
took Issuo with him, expressing
his bollof that tho club noeds nil
tho publicity It enn get and that
tho pcopfo nro ontitlcd to know
ot tho business transacted by the
organization. Ho stated that tho
nowa wrltora or llend aro co
operating with tho club and that
thotr dealings with tho club aro
slnroro mid actuated by good
Karllnr business discussion cen
tered about tho necessity for
groator club activity, T. II. Foloy
suggostltig tho possibility of bring
ing to Ufa llond'a Hour milling
Industry. A. Whlsnaut stated
that tho club ucods a paid man
ager or socrotary, nud It was this
lino ot dlsciiBsloii which called
forth Mr. Foloy's motion' which in
turn brought forth Mr. Hudson's
criticism ot uowspapor accuracy.
Mr. Foloy's motion was dofoat
od and n substttuto motion by
K. h. Yinnl authorizing tho ap
pointment ot n committee ot
Boven mou, oach representing a
different buslnosa, to report on
financing methods nt tho next
club mooting, was carrlod.
Carrier I'lffon from Hpront Ixft
Full Ihliniisted In Itlver at Knd
of Trip from Odell fwikc.
With ono wing broken and a toot
caught In i'.ti nlumlnum message
tube attached to ono leg, a carrier
pigeon belonging to W. J. Sproat of
tho Deschutes National forest com
pleted tho trip rrom thn Cascndo Sky
lino survey camp at Odell lake Mon
day, but tell, exhausted, into tho
Deschutes river whon only a hundred
yardn from Its homo on Highland
Tho injured messenger was taken
from tho water whe.n nearly dead,
but wilt recover from tho Injuries
sustained In Its strenuous flight, it
Is thought. Tho homing pigeon Is
ono of Mr. Sproat's most valued
Tho executive commltteo ot tho
Cattlo & Horso Raisers' association
will hold a mooting In Ilond Soptora-
ber 11 at 7:30 p. m., probably in the
circuit court rooms, according to an
announcement received at tho Cen
tral Oregon bank recently. All mem
bers ot tho assoclatfon uro requested,
and all persons Interested In the
livestock business aro cordially Invit
ed, to attend this meeting, or any
ot tho meetings held In September In
Eastern Oregon towns. The associ
ation, with headquarters at Tumalo,
Metollus and Crano Prairie, nnd oth
er points In this district, will meet
with tho committee here.
Tho dates for tho meetings, no re
ported, ore: Cnnyon City, Sept. 3;
Hums, Sept. 4; Lakeview, Sept. 3;
Klamath Falls, Sept. 7; Ft. Klamath,
Sept. 8; Mcdtord, Sept. 9; Dend,
Sopt. 11, Prlnevllle, Sept. 12. Th'o
Lakeview Roundup will bo Septem
ber -i, C nnd G and tho association
officers will stay there rrom the 5th
to tho 7th, at tho Invitation ot tho
Koundup association.
Tho notico sent out by tho secre
tary promises that tho meetings will
bo both Interesting and valuable, and
urges tho members to bo prcseut.
Work ot Surfacing Tho Dnilcs-Call.
fornla Itonil To Ilcgln Next
Week; Contractors Here.
Tractors and other road-building
machines aro already onio way and
will bo hero In tlmo to start the work
ot surfacing Tho Dalles-California
highway from Bond to tho Jefferson
county line, early next week, H. F.
WIcknor of tho firm of Wlckncr,
Sharp, Chlndahl Co,, successful bid
dors for tho contract, annouucod to
day on his arrival In Dend from Port
land. Mr. WIcknor was accompan
ied by A. I;., Chlndahl, who will bo in
direct chargo of operations.
Doth Mr. WIcknor nnd Mr. Chin
dnhl plnn to make their headquar
ters in Dond.
Gras: npers havo takon tho uorth
orn end ufake county, according to
tho report ot a recent visitor thoro.
In many parts ot tho county tho
crops will bo reduced 50 per cont on
this accouut.
Previously tho grasshoppors have
nevor been nblo to cross the Klamath
marsh, but the water Is so low this
summer that tho insects crossed In
great swarms and aro doing groat
damage to all crops.
Sheriff S. E. Roberts has been
naked by n committee, which has
charge of tho building of a memorial
to tho lato Til Taylor, shorltf or
Umatilla county, who was killed by
Jail breakers soveral weeks ago, to
accept donations toward tho memor
ial trom anyouo In Doschutea county
who wishes -to subscribe. Donations
will be accepted at tho sheriff's of
flee in the court house.
Glacial Action Not Important Nat
ural Reservoir Site Formed at
JJcnham Falls Uy Ithyollto
Djke, Geologist Writes. -j
Tmlny Tho Ilullctln begins thn
publication In tho weekly of
rrofeor W. O. Crwby's report
on tho Bcnhnm I'nIN reservoir
nltn In tho belief that its read
er will find It extremely Interesting.
To tho ono who hat lilt cyct open
for tho facts of nature there fa
ninny rtoincthlng turning up that
adds to the plcatiiro and enjoyment
of dally life. The Crotby report,
by telling of the geologic fnctn back
of much that wo sea In thlt Des
chutes country, hhoulil ninko tho
country Itfcclf more interesting and
give n new meaning to It nil.
The report ojcni with a summary
of the points vhltcd by Prof. Cronfey
during his stay In Central Oregou
Inst summer. Following this is lho
list of tho works of other scientists
which were found of valuo la con
nection with tho personal Invcntlga
tlon necessary In gathering data far
tho report, with the actual report
beginning under the heading of:
Tho data gleaned from tho fore
going extended review or tho litera
ture (ndlcate tho following as the
probablo principal events in taet
geological history ot the region: -
For our purposo wo need go
back no further In geologic Usse
than tho Cretaceous period, during
which- for tho last tlmo tho ua
covered what is now Central Oregon
and during the closing stages ot
which, chiefly, were developed tho
granitic rocks and tho other Pla
tonic or deep-seated Igneous forma
tions of tho Pacific Coast.
Tho earliest or Eoceno Tertiary
was for this roglon mainly a period
ot erosion, during which wore de
veloped, as wholly Independent sys
tems, the great valleys ot tho Snako
and Columbia rivers. Tho SnaVe
pursued with marked directness a
west-southwest course tor 800 miles
rrom the Yellowstone National park
in northwestern Wyoming to tho
head ot tho Sacramento valley la
northern California, whence It was
unobstructed to tho Golden Gate;
while tho valley ot tho Columbia,
in anciont times as now a complex
system ot southward and westward
drainage, became a vast branching
basin of dominant southorn trend
embracing extensive areas of the
great Northwest, on both sides ot
the International boundary. The
dividing ridge ot theso two great
valloys included, as now, the Salmon
rlvor, Sawtooth and other mountain
ranges ot Central Idaho, tho Dlue
or Shoshone mountains ot north
eastorn nnd Central Oregon and the
Siskiyou and Klamath mountains oC
southwest Oregon and northern Cal
ifornia. Tho Deschutes river ant
valley, It will bo notdMnro wholly
on tho northwest or Columbia slopo
ot tho ridge; and tho two ends ot
tho Oregon section ot tho ridgo are
tho two islands Siskiyou and Sho
shone covered by Condon's title,
"Two islands and what came ot
thorn." During this period, also,
tho conditions woro favorable la
some parts ot tho Columbia basin
ror the formation ot important
senilis ot coal.
Lara Not FmvSpramllng.
Hut, finally, those quiet geologic
processes woro intorruptod by the
boglunlng of tho devolopmont, trans
vorsoly to tho great valloys, ot the
stupendous Cascade fault. Tho up
throw of the fault was to tho west
and marked tho bogtnnlng of the
formation of tho Cascade mountains,
which, prior to this time, had no
existonco. The dovelopmont ot the
fault fissure was soon characterised
by the ejection ot immense volume
of lava, mainly, at first, in the form
or dust (ash) mid fragments (la
pllll), followed by flows of molten
rock rhyollte and andewlte. Owing
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