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VOL. .Will
iiKM), I)i:hohuti:h cowry, ouicgon, tiu'imd.u, aioiht ia, ioao.
So. at.
Coiiiiiirrclnl Club Will TnUn Caret of
Ilnlortitlmiiciit of NiwNiiiMr Men
-ItrlgHtloii ('oiiiiiilllfc Favor
Cooperation on llw Project.
Delegates from Bond nowspitpors
whos uttutul thu annual convention
of (ha Orrnou IMItorlul association
In Astoria Friday, Saturday and
Sunday, will extend an Invitation to
the URitnclittlou lo hold Its next roar
ly mooting In lloml." Im Iibm licon clo
dded. Action on tho (nMtluu was
takoti nt (ho wotikly session of tho
llontl Commercial club tit tlio Pilot
llutto Inn Wednesday, after II. W.
Sawyer Minted tlml thoro In im oxcol-
lout clianco of securing tho convott
tlon for thin city. On tho motion of
It. H. Hamilton, tho club wont on
rocord nu agreeing to tnka caro of
thu entertainment of tho visiting
tiuwspnpo'r tnon should Hond hn
picked un tho next -convention city.
Discussion on tho quoittlaii was
lirluf, featuring tho desirable stato
wldo publicity which Ilond would
Rain If tho nnnuul mooting Im bold
Am h mombcr of tho apodal Irrlga
tlon committee nppolntod recently,
Mr, Hamilton roportnd on tho moot
Ini: bold last Friday la Redmond
with roprenentntlvcs of tho Hodmond
Commercial club, Mr. Hamilton
Mated that tho Joint comtnlttoo had
agreed that tho bout policy to pur
huo would bo that of cooperation In
MocurtnK a fair apportionment of wn
tor Cor tho various units of tho Des
chutes project. Ho aald that tho
Tuinnlo district Is contemplating ox
tensions, and that organization of tho
Went unit In coiiHldurod probnblo.
O. ), I. Control Hamper.
Action on tho North Canal unit Im
liamporod by tho fact that thin part
of tho project Im ititl undor C. O. I.
control, hu reported. '
Tho comtnlttoo had planned to
nond representatives to Portland to
moot with United BtnteM Director
Davln of tho reclamation norvlco, to
rtnk hi racommondatlon for govern
ment construction of tho Ilanham
FallM project, wbon Mr. Davln at
tend tho Amorlcan Inntltuto of En
Klnoors In Portland this week. A
tologram rocolrod In Hodmond this
morning from John It. LowIm, former
Htato engineer, and phoned to Mr,
Hamilton, suggested that no action
of tho kind bo taken until engineer
ing reports on tho North and West
unltB aro In. This advlco will be fol
ik, (.. MKU, OMCt m K VmvUC "V
ou twRt ora ow "u couw
mums fost oow uemtis u )
i m
OwM AoytfaVSb-'
State and County
Census Figures
A re Announced
(11 UnIM J'ri-M lTit Html llull.tln)
5. Tlio population of tho Htato
of Oregon whh announced by
thu coiihiih bunuiu (hit morn
lilt; an 783,280, an Incrnano In
(ho last tlecndu of 110,520, or
10. 4 per cont.
Tho population of Dcschutos
county was nnnouiicdd nt tho
samo tlmo nt 0022. An tho
county watt formed nluco tho
last connun wan taken, no com
paction can ho mndo, ""
lloud, with n population of
CtlC, announced several weeks
ago, has morn than half tho to
tal of tho county
papi:h io covnit Tin: work.
Muyor Knstes, City A'ttornoy C 8.
Ilunsou and C. S, Heed of tho Will
Ito Construction Co. mot yesterday
arternoon to arrange for tho Issuanco
of bonds undor thu Bancroft act to
pay for the paving of Ilcnd'n Htrcols.
Tho city attorney said that
ho would advlso Mr. Heed lo
hnvo tho bonds Issued by IiIm own
attorneys, or by ono of tho bonding
specialist firms In Portland. How
aver, Mr. Ilenson said that, If Mr.
Heed preferred, he would proceed to
Ret out the bonds himself. Bonding
Is thu work of specialists, but Mr.
Ilonson has been successful hereto
fore In- bonding I)echutM county
projects. Mr. Hoed seeutod to agree
with this view.
Tho council Tuesday arranged
for tho filing of n declaration of In
tention, In accordanco with tho peti
tions circulated asking for pavliiR
with Wllllto, to procood with tho con
tract with Mr. Hood and tho bonding
of tho city to nay for tho pavlnR,
resorvhiK tho right to malco labora
lory tests of tho Wllllto compound,
and to break tho contract If It wus
not found as represented.
Ilenil Prospector Return' from the
HI ream Where ('baric Mwnlley
Washed firnwl Utl Years Aro
Twenty-six years ago, Charloa
flwnlloy, then a resldont of Prlnevlllo,
prospoctod In tho country near tho
headwaters of tho Umpqua, found
placor gold of oxcoedlnc rlchnoss,
and, aftor panning gravel for n short
tlmb, ruturnod to his homo whon his
partner left him. Tuesday, accom
panied by his brother-in-law, K. O.
Landlnghom or this city, Dallard
Olio nnd Orvlllo Roonoy, Mr. Swal
ley roturnod a second tlmo from an
expedition to tho pjacor doposltt
This tlmo, however, only traces ot
gold woro found, tho stream having
been apparently thoroughly exploited
since bin visit, more Jhan a quartor
ot a century ago.
Tho party sot out lato In July,
travollng on horses and carrying pro
visions to last tor a throo wooks'
stay. Thoy had no difficulty In
finding tho place wboro Mr. Swulloy
lind pnnnod gold In tho 00's, but
failed to find gravol with n pay
stronk, or to locato tho mother lode,
Mr. LnuUlngham reported this morn
Ing, Ho Is confident, howover, that
hlghgrado oro can be found not far
from, tho old placor works and is
planning to mnko another trip, In,
with preparations for n longtay.
Formation ot tho Pilot llutto Com
otory association was offocted Mon
day by tho election ot offlcors. Of
ficers oloctod aro: Mrs. Ralph Spou
cor, president j Mrs. Franklin Toom
oy, vlco prosldenti Mrs. A. F. Larson,
nd C, P.
lo of Sulphur for Alfalfa, Nulphnte
of I'o(atlt In Potato Culture, i'x-
plained lly KxpcrtK In Tour of
Handle - Yields Iitm'tiu-d.
Intorest, greator than In any prev
ious year, In tho solution of farming
problems in Deschutes county was
shown Tuesday on County Held day,
whon tho results of tests made on
various farms throughout tho county
wcro oxplalnod to farmers of tho stir
rounding localities. Tho effect of
water and fertilizer In tho production
of alfalfa, potatoos and clover fea
tured thu demonstration, Hundreds
hoard the reports on-tho work con
ducted ttt tho experiment stations
and listened to tho explanations giv
en by Professors W. L. Powers nnd
James T. Jardlno ot tho Oregon Ag
ricultural college. County Agricultur
ist D. L. Jamison and John Tuck of
Hodmond, In charge of oxporlmont
station work In tho county for tho
college At ouo stop no lesi than
SO fanners gathered to hear the sum
mary ot tho season's work as out
lined by tho oxports.
In tho raising of such forage crops
as clover and alfalfa tlio use of sul
phur, already accepted by many Des
chutos county farmers, was strongly
recommended, and sulphato of potash
was found to bo tho best fertilizer
for uso In connection with potato cul
ture, increasing tho yield per aero as
high as P0 bushels, and having Its
uffoct on tho tuber rather than on
tho part of thu plant abovo ground.
Growing of clover as n means of re
vitalizing wornout soils Is now bolng
tried out.
Water Duty Ynrlt.
Starting from Ilond, tho party mak
ing tho tour stoppod first at tho R.
A. Orlffin ranch. Approximately 23
Inchos ot wator will bo used this sea
son, and tho alfalfa1 yield per ncro,
from last year's figures, was 3.4
At tho J. A. Melvln ranch, sul
phate ot potash has been used In po
tato culturo for tho last four years,
and has effected an Increase running
from 45 to 90 bushels bo aero. Ono
hundred and sixty pounds ot Biilphato
to tho aero has boon found to bo tho
best soil reonforcomont.
Goorgo Erickson, In the Grange
soil district, reported 28 inches as
the Inaxlmum nnd 19 Inches as tho
minimum amount of wator used so
for this season and that 32 inches
hod boon used last yoar. Tho 1919
alfalfa yield on his farm was 4.7
tons por aero.
On tho K. II. Williams placo at
Powell llutto, from 20 to 30 inchos
ot wator had bcon found necessary
on a 40-acro alfalfa tract this year.
In 1919 tho tmnio tract produced 3.5
tons to tho acre.
Plan Irrigation School.
Land on tho C. A. Stevens ranch,
near Hodmond, had been treated last,
yoar for tho first tlmo with sulphur
and producod 3.3 tons por ncro on tho
first cutting. On tho Hurtha Iloard
ranch, in tho Tumalo soctlon, oper
ated by J. W. Ovltt, from 5,5 to C
tons por ncro is oxpectod this year
as tho result ot UBlng 33 Inches ot
wator and tho application of 100
pounds ot sulphur to each acre ot
alfalfa land in 1918. .
At tho close ot tho demonstrations
It waa announced that n county ir
rigation school will bov hold toward
tho close df tho season.
Thoso starting tho trip Xrom Hond
Included H. A. Ward, Fred N. Wal
lace, W. L. Powers, James T. Jar
dlno, A. Whlsuant, Harry aunt,
Douglas Mullarky, J. H. Roberts,
Frank Wallace R. U. FlIcklitgor.A.
J, Gonuason, J, A. Melvln, D, L. Jam
ison, M. G, Coo, Goorgo Erickson, F.
II, Hottman, Gus E. Stadlg, J. M,
Orlffin, J, Alton Thompson and John
Tuck. At Hodmond the party was
Joined by N, A, Burdlck, Guy E,
Dobson, W. D, Daggett, C. F, Hob
kins and Dordou Deck,
The semi-annual report ot the
County Treasurer, Clydo M. McKay,
tor tho period from January 1 to
Juno 30, 1920, is out, showing a
balance ot 1151,805.58 in tho county
treasury ns against J3C.0IS.83 at tho
closo of 1919.
Tho total amount handled by tho
county during tho past six months
was 4 88,087.73, ot which $234,
271.47 was received as taxes, and
1128,105,88 from tho salo ot road
bonds, tho remainder from miscel
laneous sources. Part ot the total
Just montioned was money morely
transferred from ouo fund to another
tho total receipts being 381,251.S4.
Total disbursements reached
$205,495.09, tho principal avenuos
bolng payments to district clerks for
tho maintenance ot county schools,
$90,603.3G, and warants redcomed,
Collections from tho motor vohlclo
tax wero $5,483,53, applied to tho
road fund. $1,072.22 was received
from tho state highway fund.
Balances on hand In tho principal
funds on Juno 30 wero: General
fund, $10,092.88; road fund, $1,
631 94; City of Bend, $39.88; spec
ial school district, $1,1S9.37; gen
eral school fund, $14,734.05; state
school fund, $1,179.44; school dis
trict bond Interest, $974.00; library
fund, $818,20; school district 30
(Bend) sinking fund, $472.75; road
bond fund, $7-3,745.40; county libra
ry. $1,013.49; special road funds,
$4,342.80; The Dalles-California
highway, $15,068.42; motor vohlclo
fund, $4,35G.03.
Saturday and Sunday on Diamond
lako, A. M, Prlnglo caught 19 trout,
all of thorn, ho says, weighing over
15 pounds, the finest string ot trout
over brought Into Bond, according
to tholr captor.
Ho says, howover, that fishing 13
difficult on Diamond lake, as thoro
is only ono boat, and that In
William Sproat of tho forost sorV
Ico Is making a survoy for a now
road to bo built from Lost lake to
Crtor Crook cabin, Ho will also lay
out a course for a road from Lost
lako to Soda Springs, and make ejt'
mates tor the bulldlug ot the roads.
Bird Carries Long
Messages In Tube
From Forest Camp
fr Tho practical uso ot homing
pigeons for coramunlcatldn pur-
poses Is seen In the messages
-3 brought to tho local forest ot-
fico by two pigeons this morn-
Ing from tbo upper end ot Crcs-
cent lake, a dlstanco ot 56
miles. Tho birds woro released
at S o'clock this morning and
4 reached Bend beforo noon.
Ono ot tho birds brought a
messago from J. L. Peterson,
with information In regard to
progress on tho Roberta Calm
well, which is down 485 feet.
Tho othr bird had three
messages, printed by hand In
fino characters on thin papor,
and was carrying a message ot
over 800 vords.
Prowler Beats Hasty Retreat From
Drake Road Home, When Owner,
Armed With Indian Relic, Pursues
Armed with a huge stone pestle,
a relic ot early Indian days, John
Cunningham put to flight a burglar
who entered his homo on Drake
road early Tuesday morning. As far
as Mr. Cunningham could ascertain,
the marauder was routed beforo
ho had opportunity to appropriate
any ot tho family possessions.
Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham were
wakened about 2 o'clock by the
Bound ot somn tailing objoct, and
Mr. Cunningham immediately seized
the stono pestlo and started for the
room in tho front ot the houso from
which tlio sound bad apparently
originated. As ho approached, thd
front door slammed, and ho hoard
tho sound ot retreating stops.
Tho prowlor had gained access to
tho. houso through tho cellar, and
had picked tho lock in tho door
loading from tho collar to the flrst
floor, Mr. Cunningham bolleves.
Public Invited To Attend ' Oood
Tlmo On Tumalo Island, On
Sunday, US.
Watch Saturday's papor for the
program of tho Mooso picnic Sunday,
August 15, on Tumalo island, to
which tho genoral public Is invited
There will be sports and games ot
all kluds, eats sorvod on tho grounds
and other attractions, Transporta-1
tlon can bo arranged for those with
mir rtftva i f ran an tin hi a nlaa "
Two Hundred Taxpacrn At Ae
Journcd Council Meeting De
clare For Permanent Im
provement; DLhcum Offer f
Two hundred taxpayers of Bond,
prcsont at tho adjourned council
meeting In tho circuit court rooms
Monday night, went on record, with
out a dissenting vote, as favoring the
Immediate hard surfacing of tho
downtown streets and certain of tho
residence streets ot Bend.
Petitions with signatures repre
senting over halt ot the. frontage on
the downtown streets, nnd larger
percentages on several residence
streets, wcro read and filed with the
council, all of them calling for some
approved typo of paving except oho,
which specified Wllllto paving.
Because tho present a.gitation for
paving is identified with the offer
made by President C. S. Reed of the
Western Williate Construction Co.r
tho meeting was opened by the read
ing by tho city recorder of the offer
made by Mr, Reed, and telegrams and
letters received from various cities
throughout tho nation whero Wllllto
has been used In paving, all of them
very favorable to tho compound.
Telegrams from Los Angeles,
Niagara Falls, Weathertord, Texas.
Kingston, N. Y Denver, Sacramento
and other places were very free la
endorsing WlUlto.
I'etition-. Presented.
Following this the petitions circu
lated yesterday among property own
era wero read, calling for paving oa
the following streots: Congress
street from Riverside to Broadway.
Franklin from Broadway to Bond.
Wall from Vermont place to Idaho,
Bond from Greenwood to Georgia,
Greenwood from the west approach
ot the bridge to 125 feet east ot Di
vision. Oregon from the alley cast ot
Wall to Lava road, Minnesota from
Wall to Lava road. This petitloa
was signed by oyer 50 per cent ot
tho abutting property owners.
Other petitions for paving la
other parts ot the city wero read,
after which tho mayor called tor ex
pressions ot opinion from tho tax
payers present. Expression was slow
to como, but unmlstakoably In favor
ot immedlato paving whon It did
come. The topic most discussed was
whether tho two inches of asphalt
specified in Mr. Reed's offer would
be sufficient to hold up the traffic
and prove satisfactory.
Hugh O'Kane, tho first speaker,
said he was willing to take a
If It meant paving right away.
A. S. Benson was in favor of get
ting export opinion as to the relatlva
merits of different hard surface. D.
T. Carmody and W. L. O'Doaaelt
were both enthusiastically In favor ot
paving, the latter saying he wooll
llko to see Wall street- paved to
C. S. Hudson was In favor ot still
more Investigation, while L. B. Balrd
was satisfied with tho five-year guar
auteo ottered by tho Wllllto com
pany. E. M. Thompson, L. L. Fox
and J. P. Koyos all saw tho need ot
paving; W. C; Blrdsall and A.
Whlsuant both spoko strongly for
tho Wllllto offer, bellovlng It tho
best Bond oyer would have an op
portunity to accept.
II, J. Ovorturf agreed with preced
ing speakers that tho streets aro m
disgrace, but thought tho matter
should be loft to tho council and the
city engineer. Mr Vlnal, spoaklag
as-an engineer, said ho believed the
Wllllto offer and guaranteo wore un
usually good.
D. E. Hunter thought tho council
und city engineer should decide the
typo of paving used. T, E. tFoley
satd he waa ready tor paving 'Iwo
yeafS?no4 .
'fcVotUnanlmoui. p
RtvV8avvySr,.-whon calledwi,
sugaiedhha't'thQ question of whetU
or Jthiurorty owners wanted, pav
InlVulitfW disposed of by taklag a
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