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    GE 4
The Bend Bulletin
(Weekly Edition)
. , Published By,
Established 1002.
FRED A. WUEIjFIjKN, billior
An Indopontlcnt newspaper standing
for tho square deal, clean business,
clean politics and tho best tntorests
of Demi nnd Central Oregon.
Ono year $2.00
Six months 1.00
Three months GO
Asked tho other day by n llond
merchant, what wo bollovcd to bo tho
biggest manufacturing nnd retail
business in tho country, wo guessed,
"Tho tobacco business." "Wrong,"
ho said, "tho biggest Is Jowolry, tho
next, ithonogrnnhn and records and
FROM MADRAS tho ncxt automobiles." . n
Under tho ca'ntlon. "Is This tho Wo wondered If right there were
Old, Well Known Seattlo Spirit?" not tho blggost reasons for high
tho Madras Pioneer, In its latest Is- prices, and then wo came upon a dls-
buo, carries mo loiiowing;
"Whilo Bond was getting Its Elks
sanitarium, its visit from Irving S
tlon docs It want toward tho con
struction of tho Bonham falls reser
voir? Since tho completion of tho
successful cooperative offort In ob
taining tho. rcsorvolr examination
nnd bringing the opproprlatlons'com-
,mltteo through Cenlral Oregon there.
has been nothing nioro heard from
Jefferson county about cooperation.
What Is now wanted?
Cobb, Its motion picture publicity
and the many other things which the
energetic ' Commercial club of tho
Deschutes- county metropolis has so
successfully put across, and while
Redmond was securing her county
cusslon of a recent article by Roger
W. Bnbson, in which just that point
was mado. Mr. Bnbson'a nrtlclo
was entitled "Food or Frocks." Tho
discussion rends as follows:
"There Is much food for thought In
tho facts to which Mr. Bnbson calls
attention. 'It Is estimated, ho says,
that last year tho American pcoplo
fair, Wer good roads and her Irriga- spent over $22,000,000,000 on non
tlon, Madras and tho greater portion! essentials. If millions of men nro
of Jefferson county, as would any
lOther community in which the re
sult was its life or death, has for
more than five years been working
for tho ' North unit Irrigation dis
trict. Success seems close at hand.
' "With none other than the kindly
feeling of one community toward an
other, this great wotk has been ac
complished with no Idea or thought
of damaging either the communities
of Bend or Redmond. We neither
have the space nor inclination to re
hash the fight which this commun
ity hbs experienced in Its effort for
irrigation. Needless, however, to say
that it has, practically. worked alone.
Other communities, as undoubtedly
was right, were working for their
own best interests, as was this. Wc
needed tho North unit; they did not.
:They were Informed of our plans
and their assistance was solicited.
"At this late date they have no
fight, only a cry. The Redmond
Commercial club, as did the Com
mercial club of Rend, have appoint
ed committees to investigate. Bol
ter they had appointed committees a
few years ago to assist in securing
this united project.
"The Bend? papers, and the Bend
correspondent to the Portland pa
pers, .ho,ve .made an effort to place
the North unit in an unfair light. It
is doubtful whether they will suc
ceed, as those who are interested, and
'who "will h'elp put over the project,
have' investigated and are correctly
informed as to conditions."
. - .1
Wo do not know just what our
Mddras'frlend means by his reference
to the' Seattle spirit and must ask for
an explanation. Further, before wo
engage In' any discussion of the mat
ter 'referred 'to in the article quot
ed above-,) it would be desirable to
have an.- understanding as to the
facts '.Involved,
It has been understood that tho
North,, unit, plan was to take all the
storage, -patera of the Deschutes,
leaving nothing for the other units
of tho Deschutes project. The Pio
neer novf, .says there has been "no
thought of; damaging either of tho
communities of Bend or Redmond."
Just what does this mean? What
Is the fact as to the North unit
plans?' The .Pioneer Is in position to
know' about these things. Will it
explain? If the North unit does not
want all the water, what coopera-
cngaged In producing materials for
making luxuries, or In manufactur
ing or selling luxuries of any kind,
they hnve not time to devote to rais
ing foodstuffs and making tho essen
tials of life.'
"According to Unbson, seven
eights of tho selling effort today Is
directed to getting people to buy lux
uries, nnd It Is plain thnt until pco
plo stop buying luxuries, nnd thero
by r.eleaso tho mnterlals nnd labor
that aro going Into them, thero will
not be enough of tho necessities of
llfo produced so that they can bo
sold at more moderate prices.
"But nn even more deplornblo fact
Is that most people nro becoming
laiy and careless as well as extrava
gant. Consumption Is not only In
creasing, but production Is falling
off. Production per man has fal
len in Industry by 20 to -10 per cent.
"There are, of course, many other
factors that enter into the solution
of these pressing problems of the
cost of living, but It seems to us that
a consideration of the facts men
tioned must lead every right-thinking
person, who wants to dlschnrgo his
obligation to society and to aid in
tho solution of Its problems, to ro
allzo that he must stop buying lux
uries and increase his output.
"If Just half tho people who arc
complaining about the cost of living
would practice as well as preach this
doctrine, this bugaboo of the high
cost of living would quickly disappear."
councimen It should bo 'said that
thoy nro doing everything they enn
to euro for tho city work, frequently
at n loss to their own business, but
It Is too much to oxpoct of them nnd
a chango should bo mado.
v Whether a commission form of
government or n city manager plan
ts tho hnmo of tho now form is not
especially essential. What ts needed
Is tho employment of nn official who
can glvo his wholo tlmu to tho job
nnd be paid accordingly. This might
bo done by enlarging tho lowers of
tho city, recordor undor Iho prosont
charter leaving tho mayor nnd coun
cil as advisors (o whom reports
could bo mado at frequent Intervals.
Or u new charter may bo adoptud
following the corporation Idea and
placing thq ndmlnlslrntlnn in tho
bnniU of nn executive official with
a board of directors .through whom
ho will bo responslnlotcTTho stock
holders, that Is, tho people.
Whntover the plan steps looking
townrd tho chango should be mado
at once nnd It tho InUlntlvu ts not
to bo taken by outside organizations
wo believe tho mayor and. council
IhomBolves should mrtko this tholr
own business and presonl to tho peo
plo ns soon as posalblo tho proposal
for n chango.
In yesterday's nowa appeared state
ments concerning tho effect on liv
ing costs of tho recently granted In
croaao in frotght niton thnt mako
tho communities Interested In tho
Deschutes project must pull together
Instead of apart. Will tho Pioneer
toll us It tho North unit wants to
pull along with tho other units, or
does It want to go, out to fight tho
other portions of (ho Deschutes pro
ject? When wo havo those factB wo can
procoiM with our discission more In
telligently. v -When Burleson warned Iho postal
clerks against pernicious political ac
tivity ho might havo Included a word
in regard to his own plans for bene
fiting mall dollverloH.
Itiirncd-Out Baptist Church Build
ing Sold To Local Mmii Start
Work Immediately.
Ing lo ho built by (ho Ststorn of HI.
Joseph, lllilu will bo called for Im
mediately, nnd plaiiH may ho secured
at tho archltout'H , office today
Plumbing mid healing plans will lio
out a few days later, Ton days will
bu allowed for (ho turning hi of fig'
Tho big rose window In front of
tho Catholic church, of, which H. A.
Thomas la tho architect, and which
when completed, will tin ono of tho
most beautiful windows In tho slate,
Is being put In.
Fifteen Years Ago
(From tlin coluinnii of Tho Bulle
tin, August I, mor,).
A. II, Hiilnbonot ptirolutHod tho A,
O. I,uciiH ruHldeiieo property last
week for a consideration of (1100,
and will move tu (his month,
Tho DesuhutoH Initiation & l'owec,
Co, thin weuk advanced wiikoh of
it In not known men employed on canal construction
not bo put In until Hits comes,
Tho old burned-out Baptist church
building has been sold to Mr. Corbln,
n local man, and will bo removed Im
mediately, was the annouueomont
mado by II, E. Nordeen on Tuesday.
The purchaser plans to have tho
structure torn down and tho lumber
As soon as tho ground Is cleared
plans to rebuild will bo under way.
The church already hint some funds,
Including insurnncu on tho old build
Athena .Man (Jet Off ICaiy
Violation of Htnto Auto
mobile mx.
Just when tho church will he fin- from a in i2.ur, .lav.
Ished. ns thero has been hoiiio delay, The Hpokano HpokoHiutin-Ruvlow
caused by failure to receive the glass ln ,,cturu of iho Deschutes don-
tor mo winitowH, nun tho altar can- ort, mid a coinpruliunslvu Htatuiiient
of tho reclamation enterprise under
way hero, whluh will ho useful In di
recting houiCHoukurn this way,
Or, Rosenberg, of l'riuuvlllo, camo"
over to Bend Wednesday to consult
with Dr. Coo,
J. II. O'Noll will build a now
house in tho uuar future on ono of
his Iota in tho east part of town,
T. W. Trlplelt has sold Ills houso
and lot near tho Baptist church, to
O, I), Brown, j
A. M. Drake returned last venlc
from his Portland trip, well satis-
fled with what hus boon accomplished
I for opening tho Deschutes country,
Notice of dissolution of partner
I ship between It, B. Mutxlg and O. P.
1 Becker, U being published.
IlliAnniillnifl annilllin i IH.
,uw 1U1M .u,h. ,,, , th0 m reC0vftl from Its sale,
iioiil railroad attorney said that tho I, gomo n iub,crlbl,di AsUl
Increnso "mny" bring n revelry of I frnm ,. n .. , ,..
high prices, whllo an economist con
uoctcd with tho railroad labor or
ance from tho stnto convention of tho
Baptist church ts expected, but most
tt flirt nmllitv i'lll liiivn ffi lin rnlanil
gnnUntlona said that It prices wero.ocaIy ammg lho N.urch mcmbc
Although little has been heard
lately of the plan suggested by tho
Community Clearing House league
to adopt a city manager form of gov
ernment for Bend we trust that tho
Idea has not been entirely abandoned.
Without reflecting in the slightest
degree on tho present city adminis
tration we think It fair to say thst
a change in the form of our mu.-ci-pal
government is extremely desira
ble. Bend at present operates uuuer
a charter adopted in 1911 when its
population was less than 1000. In
the nearly ten years that have elcpred
the population has increased iroro
than five fold. With the increaso
have come scores of new problems
requiring for their proper solution
more time and attention than nny un
paid official can afford to give. To
tho credit of our mayor and our
Increased to any appreciable extent
It would bo duo to deliberate profit
eering. Tho two 8tntomont8 nro not
contradictory. Ono recognizes that
prices may bo increased; the other
asserts that if they aro there will be
no Justification.
As wo sco It, both non are right.
Mr. Thorno foresees n condition like
that created by tho oxcess'proflts tax. j
Mr. Lauck condemns it In advance
If tho condition occurs It will bo
worthy of condemnation, for It will
simply noan n roturn to tho present
stnto of affair by which higher prices
havo brought a domand for higher
wages, and tho granting of higher
wages has mado higher costs. Un
less that clrclo can bo broken, the
country Is doomed lo unrest nnd tur
moil. Tho opportunity to break It Is
In tho hands of tho men who set tho
In tho enso of tho oxcoss profits
tax ovory man through whose hands.
an article passed on its way to the
ultimate consumer has added some
thing to moot tho tnx cost. ;Corpor
ntlon reports of tho past two years
havo shown Increases in earnings and
in surplus that mako It clear that
tho percentages added for taxation
nnd profits hnvo tremendously nnd
unnecessarily increased costs to tho
consumer. If tho samo process Is
followed In connection with the rato
increases, the wheels will bo motion
again, and tho result mny be disastrous.
and friends.
Architect Leo A. Thomas has com
pleted tho plans for the St. Charles
hospital, the new four-story build-
E. E. Rothrock, of Athena, was ar
rested Tuesday by Officer Carton
and fined 120 and costs In Justice
cutirt by Judge Eastes, for violation
of tho state automobile law, Roth
rock was driving a Ford car with a
licoiiHt) takon out for u Bulck car lit
Paisley. Ilu was also required to ap
ply for n valid license before tho car .. . .. .. .
rnnl.l I.., rl,,.ni Atrooiphsre Above Girth's Surface,
could bo lelensed. The atim.M'here I believed to m.
JuiIro hastes pointed out that Ilia (.ihI mueh more than 100 mllrs nbov
penalty provided for any violation the earth's surface. Its density de
of tho statu autumobllo law Is pun-J rrrime rapidly for tho II m few
Ishablo by a fine of $400 or n year's' mile of ncent. then much more grnd
Imprisonment or both. When n!un,l'' l-'rom Ilu phenomena of (u.
llconse is taken out, It Is taken out' lM' ,,,", ,0 '','','""i nt Unlit, It may
for a particular car and ran bo used , I'' '"" ,"'" 'J'" "lr "xtnuH
! it ni'ifciii ii ., mum; nill UIIHT
pbeiioiuenn, such us the behavior of
luteum and the aurora, khow thnt
rare air exists at a much greater
on nn other. This is tho second vlo
latlon within n week of this partlcu
lar part of the law.
Hell 3 our poultry through Bulletin
rlnsiilflcil ail.
Bulletin "WANT AD8" Bring Ro
suits Trr Them.
The Pioneer carefully refrains
from asserting that requests, of tho
North unit for assistance hnvo
over been refused, but, at tho
same time, gives the Impres
sion thnt such Is tho case. Will
Is bo more specific and advlBO what
requests have over bcon refused?
Last wcok Tho Bulletin urged thnt
tho cooperation Jn evidence until a
few months ago be resumed. Stato
Engineer Cupper has pointed out
that, It results aro to bo obtained,
.. . . I IB i
Think This Over!
, , . .. i i
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is no patent way.
You can only do it by spending less than you earn.
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H v I
Showing of 1920 Autumn Latest Models in
The 1920 Fall season is bountiful in its showing
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years the place to choose your Clothes as you
select the Clothes themselves is
With a seasoned buyer accommodating the
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ittVBtLLLttw'iiSi? '
""""""j"""""""""""""""H llll
An Important Announcement to Ladies of Bend and Central Oregon
Miss Nolan, the Binncr Corset Company's expert corsetiere, direct
from the shops of Binncr Corsets, will be in Benu for six days, August
lGth to 21st. Miss Nolan will be pleased to meet the women of Bend
and vicinity during her demonstrations here, when she will offer timely
and valuable suggestions to every woman about corsets.
To Help You Select Your Fall Apparel
As in the past we are pleased to lay away for any women the garment
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v '