The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 29, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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The Double
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Trl Ford wagged hla head from
tilde to side, looking tho while like a
fnlr reproduction of Resignation. Ho
nuked tho king of second basemen If
lio hnd nny objection to further activi
ties on tho manager's port to tnml tho
chief crook In prison. Win Shute hnd
none, provided ho wns not dragged
Into It until ho hnd tnndo his "play
for tho girl." Hut when Trls Ford
Fought Informntlon nhout Jcrrold
Mnnsel, there wns n protest.
"Soo here. Trls," argued Win. "whnt
Mnnsel did to mo suppressing tny
messages niul faking n wireless from
you to tho cnptnln wns rotten bnd. I
know. Uut let mo tell you something:
nt tho same time ho was protecting
Miss Leonard I"
Tho cnptnln of tho Colonln wns
setting messages nsklng him If n per
son answering her description wns
nhoard the boat sho traveled under
tho name of Riley, remember 1 told
you. Snmo tlmo sho wns getting
vrtreless messages from somo friend
nshoro wnrtilng her. As I understand
It, her wirelesses were lu code but
sho didn't hnvo the right codo with
tier; so couldn't rend 'em, and had to
ask for translations In plnln English.
Of courso then the wlrcloss operator
spotted her. Hut Jerrold Mnnsel didn't
give her away to a soul on tho ship
not even to tho cnptnln I
"What's more he didn't take ad
vantage of his Inside Informntlon; ho
didn't try to to work on her sympa
thies becutiM; he wns shielding her.
There's somo good In that chap yet"
Trls Ford gave assurances of fair
dealing In regard to tho wireless op
eratorfor Miss Leonard's sake! Ab
ruptly ho asked about tho young lady:
where sho was. no was told that Imo
gen Leonard was detained In tho best
hotel at Genoa, which wns surrounded
by guards, and that Win Shute
wouldn't have left her there nlono If
sho hadn't Insisted that he take her
mother to Home to see the American
ambassador. This mission had made
It possible for Win to obey tho cable
gram directing him not to leave the
ship until arrival at Naples.
The ambassador of the Onlted
States of America accredited to Italy
welcomed Trls Ford with a broad, see-what-a-blgboyam-I
grin. Ford could
guess 'twas tbe symbol of accom
plishment "Job's donol' exclaimed John DIs
mer. "Jerold Monsel hss confessed
nnd Incriminated that scoundrel Sting
er I Seems tt took a lot of work and
pull to get Monsel reinstated as an
operator nnd assigned to tho Colonln.
The wireless company hnd kept tnbs
on him knew tio was drinking and
slipping down grnde and Ihoy weren I
keen to tmvc him back nt tho key
Jake Stinger hod to give that part nf
the plot his personal attention. He
dealt directly with Mnnsel. So you'll
get your mrin higher up. nil right,"
"Will Mnnsel testify against Joke
Stinger?- asked Ford Joyously.
"No doubt or It that Is, If you
promise him Immunity."
"We'll do tuoro than that," said
Ford. "I've been thinking of wtial
Mnnsel did saving the Regent's pas
sengers nnd can tell him that after
he's helped us out by testifying he
can come to 'me and I'll see that be
gets a fresh start"
"I cull that mighty liberal of you."
:sald tho ambassador.
Trie Ford shook his head. "No
'Mnnsel will be doing n great thing for
bnsebnll helping to soak the gam
blers so bo deserves consideration.
Besides, there must be plenty of good
In a real hero like him."
"Ought to be, and bet there Is."
Tho ambassador pulled out his watch,
caught tho time and got quickly to
Ids feet "If you'll excuse me," he
sard, "I'll complete the Job with tho
British ambassador so's we both can
get back to Rome. Won't I see you
thero ?M
"Sure," answered Trls Ford, "we
play a gutno of ball there before long
our club and the new world's cham
pions." "Of courso I I hadn't forgotten that
big event Keep this under your
ehlrt I've promised the president to
get the king to see tho garnet"
Tho ambassador gripped Trls Ford
by the hand preparatory to going.
"One minute, please." begged Ford.
John Blsmer bobbed his bend.
"Funny thing but Mr. 8huto has
got It awful bad got stuck on a girl I
Why" Trls Ford leaned toward the
ambassador "she's made him forget
all about being kidnaped forget all
nbout bascbulH" This was the cli
max. Forget baseball I Tho ambassador
cor.ldn't bcllcvo It
"Yes, sir. Why he hnsn't asked me
n thing nbout the world series yet.
and I haven't bnd n clianco to tell
him about tho round-the-world trip of
our cjub and tbe world's cbcuiplons."
H 1 IH B liB isi jvs v.H
Hehiu 'Beach Needham
" T" -" "" -- - JT
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"You 'don't tell mol "lie has got It
bad. Hope she's the right girl."
"Shute swears she Is nil right In
every department She's whnt I want
to talk to you about If you'll glvo me
a mlnuto more."
Tho ambassador was obviously sur
prised. "You can help." Trls Ford added
quickly. "Yovl see. she's an American
girl, and she's In trouble In trouble
over here."
"Over hcroi Wherer For tho first
time tho nmbnssndor spoko sharply.
"She's not Imogen Leonard!"
"That's her name Imogen Leonard.
And Win Shuto says she's a mighty
fine girl."
I'H po d j p exploded his excel-
lency John Blsmer. Then, after a
period devoted to deep thought:
"Does the White House know any
thing of this know your man Sbute's
Interested In this particular young
"Not ns I know," nnswered Ford.
"Didn't know It myself till less'un nn
hour ago. But I say why did you
It wns the born diplomat, TrUtram
Corllngford. who put tho question.
It wns tho ambassador ex-otllclo
who pnrried:
"Because Washington knows that
Imogen Leonnrd Is under survelllanco
by tbe Italhin government It Is nn
International matter. And for tho
present I regret to any. I can do noth
ing for you. I bid you good-morning.
Mr. Ford."
Tho ambassador bowed rather
stiffly, tho manager of Uie Glant-klll-era
afterward thought and hurried
off. His gait at least was not accord
ing to tbe canons of diplomatic usage.
Literally and figuratively Trls Ford
Literally and Figuratively Trli ford
Threw Up HI Hands When He Got
Back to Win Shute's Room.
threw up his hands when ho got back
to Wlu Hhulo'8 room.
The president of tho United Stntes
hnd been Inducted Into otllce with one
dumlnntlng ambition, uamely. to placo
a trust mngnato behind tho bars.
While engaged In popularizing himself
with the electorate bo bad attacked
the giant combinations, and especially
lambasted tbe bends of the trusts.
Guilt, ho Insisted, was personal,
therefore nothing short of a mag
nate's contlnemcnt In a penal Institu
tion would "make the punishment (It
the crime."
But when It come octunlly to pick
Ing tbe ono trust tho ono magnate
upon whom tho presidential wrath was
to descend It wus far from an easy
assignment The ramifications of big
business were multifarious, and to
turn In one direction was to trend on
some Important body's money-crusted
corns In another. Ultimately, the
president's own predilections Influ
enced him unconsciously, of course.
As a boy he hnd been afraid of Un
arms of every vurlety. Hunting held
for him no lure, liven when he bo
came first citizen the presidential sa
lute of twen'y-one guns made him
Jump, lie much preferred "Hall to
the Chief capably rendered by some
Ing brass and Jingling cymbal. No,
tho president wasn't u sportsman. He
wus an advocate of peace. Thus, un
wittingly swnjed by his personal bias,
the head of tho nation selected the
president of the powder trust for the
role of horrible example.
J. 1'lcrcn Lninnnt, president of the
Pierce Powder company, wus the mag
nate marked for sacrifice. And the
attorney general, aided nnd abetted by
tbe secret service, got tiusy, very busy.
Tills was some tlmo before Win Shute
wns shanghaied, before Imogen Leon
ard sailed for Alexandria, via Genoa,
under the name of Miss Blley os dl-
Footed by her employer, who oxplntned
that her conlldonllal relations with
him. big flguro In tho business world,
would subject hor to tho Importunities
of Interviewers,
Hvorylhlng wns done with unwonted
secrecy, considering Hint It was n gov
ernment undertaking, nnd tho mnu
hunt was progressing most favorably
when, ono day, tho Washington cor
respondent of tho New York Standard
called at tho Whlto House and re
quested nn Interview with tho presi
dent. Tho Stnudurd was nn Inde
pendent paper which leaned toward
tho president's party! Its support tho
executive fervently desired for his ad.
mlnlstrntlvo nnd legislative program.
The Stnndnrd wns n great nowspnper,
therefore not untluged with "yellow."
Tho delnlln of that Inlenlow will
never bo known. But It subsequently
leaked out that tho president, inter In
the dny, mado tho big mistake of his
terui In attempting to go oer the cor
respondent's head by appealing direct
ly to tho editor. In n word, tho prcsl
dent tried to suppress news I Itesult
"pitiless publicity." (The phrase Is
quoted becnuso It was the president's
own, uttered before election and
turned on him when ho ran counter to
It.) In twenty-four hours tho coun
try rocked with Indignation.
An American girl, solo support of a
widowed mother, while enjoying her
tlrst real vacation In years a trip to
Buropo had been torn from her par
ent by Italian soldiers, thrown Into
prison, nnd there given the "third de
grve." Boor, persecuted Imogen Leon
ard! Such was. tho "flash." In newspaper
parlance, that traveled over free
Amork-u. In more detail:
Miss Leonnrd wns stenographer and
private secretary to ono of the olllcor
of tho Pierce Bonder company. This
concern, sometimes cnlted tho Pow
der trust, because of Its command of
the Industry, hnd manufactured pow
der for tho Italian government under
n secret formula furnished by Italy a
powder peculiarly adapted for trans
portntlon and for use In the tropics.
Tho manufacturing wns dono by
agreement Hint powder so mado wns
not to bo sold to any other country
than Italy, excepting, of course, tho
United Stntes.
In tho war with Turkey over Tripoli.
Italy found that tho Turks nero using
Identically tho same ponder I And
while tho Turkish supply could not
bo directly traced to the Plerco com
pany, tho Itnllon government was con
vlnced In Its motinrchlnl mind Hint tho
American Bonder trust hail violated
Its agreement
If Italy could provo this, thero was
a largo monetary forfeiture provided
In tbe original agreement something
that could be enforced cither through
diplomatic channels or through Hie
Hague. All that Italy needed was tho
Imogen Leonnrd could furnish the
proof I Because of her confidential re
lations with tho head of the trust
Italy believed thero nns no doubt
about It This was why sho had been
forcibly taken from tho Coloula when
tho steamship called at Genoa, and
placed under surveillance
(To Be Continued.)
Although still somewhat rough,
the McKenzIo highway Is now pass
able T. II, Foloy, general manager
of tho Bond Water, Light & Tower
company, reported Friday on his ro
turn from an auto trip to Portland.
Tho Windy Point cut Is nearly com
pleted and, whllo tho road over tho
lava flows Is far from first class,
Mr. Foloy experienced no difficulty
whatever In making tho trip from
Bend to Eugene. On tho Lane coun
ty side tho highway has suffered
from lack of maintenance work and
Is In worse condition than in Des
chutes county.
Dlteaif It Contracted More Rapidly
Among Animals of Low Vital
ity Cure by Dipping.
Hog mange Is spread mainly by di
rect bodily contact, according to In
vestigations recently conducted by the
United States department nf agricul
ture. Tbe disease Is contracted most
rapidly among hogs of low vitality,
especially those kept In small Incjos
ures. It spreads more slowly among
vigorous unlmnlH kept In pastures or
In clean, well-lighted roomy pi'tw or
buildings. Failure by swlno owners
to control hog mange results In heavy
losses from shrluldige as well us from
a high death rate. The department
states that the disease can be eradli
cated by four dippings In u lime-sulphur
or nrsenlcnl solution with In
tervals of (J to 7 days between dip
pings. Put iflii'Tlio" Hulletln.
Future Highway Along Comrades To
He On South .Slopes Wherever
Tosslblo to Take Advantage
of Early Melting of Know
Thirty-six miles of general loca
tion on tho Cascade Skyllno high
way has already been completed,
Jack Horton, forest oxamluor on tho
Deschutes National forest, and ono
of tho members of tho party making
tho survey, reported on urrlv
InK hero for a few days' stuy at for-
ost hendijuartors. Tho location ho
far accomplished Is from Crntor Lako
to Wlndago butto, and tho maximum
grade In tho 3G mllos Is S per cunt,
Mr. Horton states.
An Important foaturo af tho work
of tho party Is trail blazing, allow
ing for tho uso of tho routo by tour
ist who aro willing to leave behind
tholr motor cars. Tho trail will bo
traveled over easily either on foot
or horsoback, and is readily distin
guished by tho long blazo with a
notch In tho coutor which Is used
to mark tho way.
Nouth Hlomvt Picked.
Aa far as is possible tho location
Is being mado on south slopes, In or
der that tho trail now bolng marked
and, later, tho highway which Is
planned, will bo frood from snow nt
tho uarllost posslblo tlmo. In men
tioning tho nood for this, Mr. Hor
ton said that whllo at Crater Lako, a
wook ugo, ho found blasting opera
tions under way to romovo tho
blockade of snow ami Ico from tho
north slope road.
Tho part of tho highway already
marked takes In tho most boauttful
sconory to bo seon from any paint
In that part of Oregon, Including
Diamond lako, Mt. Thlolson nnd Mt.
Ualloy. Location work on tho on
tro longth of tho highway In Oregon
will bo completed by tho ond of
Hummor, Mr. Horton bollovos.
Put Romance Before Tiuth
Inaccuracies In hl"toiy ami m
dotes with no foundation of furl
ho blamed on some of tho oldci " -torlans.
The men who llrsl mnu ,
Colonial nnd Revolutionary limes m a
tried to mnko their accounts romum
and picturesque by revising hlsior n
suit themselves, because they did, imi
see tho real facts were more m
intuitu limn their embellishments could
make them, Our histories, painting'
poetry nnd tnulitlous uru still lullu
euced by their work.
No sir-ee, bob!
' No
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Camels have a mild mellowness that
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Hllk Mocking Will Howard Woman
or Girl Winning Content Which
Begins Xcxt Wcik.
All girls and romon In Uond aro
ellglblo to partlclpato In a tannls
tournament, tho first round of which
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ning Monday, an the Pilot llutto Inn
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Richards, Mrs. Horace Richards,
Mary Kllzaboth King, Knthurlno
Haydeu, Margaret Inabult, Loulso In
nbnlt, Jounuutto Keyes, Marjorlo
Hnlrd, Clara Schueuor, Jennie Nor
eon and Cora Dick,
J. D. La no of Jefferson county
pleaded guilty to n chargo of having
liquor In his possession lu tho pollco
court this morning and was fined
$ ISO. Three weeks ago n car was
found near tho Presbyterian church
containing four quarts of moonshine.
Attempts woro mado to find tho own
er of tho car, but woro unsuccessful
until this morning, when Lauo np
pearod through his attorney, It. 8.
Hamilton and pleaded guilty In or
der to regain his car, Tho flno wns
Kelt jour poultry through llullrtln
rlnixlflnl nils
BucKiroarr Fine
Shoet are priced to ft j.