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The DouMe
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"lluw'U tlK-y-uihtiage wllh Shute?"
"Sometliln;: like tills," explained
Ford: "The dummy enme to see
Noblo In the afternoon, nnd tho two
of them kept ordering drinks right
nlong probnbly throwing most of tho
utuft nwiiy. When Shuto called on
Noblo In the evening ha was shown
The Skunks!" Exclaimed th Ambaa
sador. Into tho parlor of Noble's mite the
dummy was In fio bedroom keeping
uend quiet. Well, the crook that's
Noble gavo Shute a knockout In gin
per nlc Win Shute never look a drink
In his life; but they tell me singer ale
disguise (lint knockout powder bet
tern any beverage. Moment he began
to pass awuy and lose consciousness,
the dummy put on Shute's hat and
overcoat, went downstairs, and was
sent away by the doorman In the taxi
ordered 'for Sir. Shute.' Just before
Shute became helpless when he was
able to slugger, but too dazed to know
anything (he porter was called.
Noble told him that his friend Shute
now paused for the dummy must be
helped down aqd put Into his automo
bile, as Noblo was leaving town.
Thinking It was the case of n 'drunk,'
tho porter probnbly well feed will
ingly helped Noble to carry his vic
tim down und put him In the ma
chine. "There was a doctor In the touring
car wo got hlin, too; he's a sure
enough crook," continued Ford. "Tho
doctor watched Shute every second of
the ride to New York, keeping his
hypodermic bandy. Hut the lad didn't
rouso before they got him to the
CoIonln'M pier. Then they woke him
up n little by slapping his face, so
they could carry him aboard as If he
was drunk lots of young bloods are
carried aboard steamers that way, I
understand. They spilled liquor on
his clothes and face, then called the
ship's doctor you know the nblllty of
the average xhlp's doctor! Told him
hat Shuto who wns hooked as 8. W.
Jones had been celebrating before
sailing I The doctor looked him over
nnd said: 'lie's all seas over, all
"Hut weren't Ihey afraid he might
come to before the ship sailed?"
"They took care of that. After the
flhlp's doctor had gone, the doctor
crook gave him a hypodermic enough
morphine to keep hlin asleep till noon
the next day, when the ship would be
away out to sea. A liberal tip to thi)
room steward, who dldnl suspect any
thing wrong, and the greatest second
baseman In baseball was sluing
haled I"
"All for the purpose of making a
killing?" ul;cd the ambassador.
"The biggest killing Hie gamblers
have made In yeara," said Ford.
"Jke Sllncer and bin crowd are sup
posed to have cleaned up several hun
dred thousand dollars."
"Rut you've got hlra pow Just
Stinger I"
"That's tho trouble we haven't,"
admitted Ford. "Not one of the
crooks caught so far will admit
Stinger had anything to do with it.
They're being paid big monj.'y, no
doubt, to protect Mm."
"Then how do you know that he's
mixed up In it?"
"We know that the fellow calling
himself Waller Noble has done dirty
work for Stinger before. Flo would
probnbly go to the penitentiary for
Stinger for money,"
"Then you're up against It?"
"Yes unless we're right In the way
H JS!29I'U'l,.-ca8e,. Xou.. ?.:" con.-
turned Ford, "the crooks had to do
more than put Shute nbnnrd that ship
and keep him unconscious until sho
wns out at sea. When he came to nnd
realized where he was he'd naturally
send a wireless to me. If It went
through, why I'd try to rescue lilui.
Say I'd hnve gotten from tho navy
yard a torpodohout destroyer and over
taken him I The crooks guessed that
So what would they naturally do?"
"Try to buy the wireless operator P
answered the wily diplomat.
"They did better'n thnt. we figure.
They made mi re of their man and then
put him op the boat got htm In
stalled as the Mnrcoul operator for
the voyage."
"You don't tell mo I Who'd they
"You'd never guess, lie's populnrly
regitrdcd as a hero the hero of the
"Wireless operator who snved tho
steamship Regent?" The ambassador
was astonished.
Trls Fonl nodded. "Jerrold Han
sel." "British subject, isn't her
"Relieve he Is. Docs that compli
cate matters?"
"SomowhaL Rut we'll try to man
age It," the ambassador assured Trls
"If you don't mind I'll give you our
position In regard to Jerrold Mnnsel."
"Certainly go ahead," said tho am
bassador. "We havo no desire to prosecute
Mnnsel provided we can get from
him proof whtcb will convict the mnn
higher up.' We aren't bothering with
tho tools.
"Apybow, that man Mnnsel saved
many lives protected women and
children when the Regent was sink
ing. Thnt deed shouldn't bo forgot
ten and we ain't going to forget It
We look upon Mnnsel as tho victim of
other men's greed. First a greedy
theatrical manager tempted him to
commercialize his heroism then cast
him adrift when he was no longer n
box-offlco attraction. ManscI was
broke, got to drinking, and had no Job.
Ue was Just ripe for Jake Stinger to
The ambassador nodded vigorously.
"So If Mnnsel will confess and name
tho mnn higher up "
"We're satisfied." finished Ford.
"Wo're after Jake Stinger. And It
ain't Just for revenge. The only
menoco to (he Integrity of baseball Is
gambling and I want to bit the gam
blers a crack that they won't forget
Say putting Jako Stinger In stripes
means as much to me as putting a
trust magnate In Jail means to the
president) Understand, he's got his
heart set on It."
Tho ambassador smiled but gave
no sign. After u diplomatic pause he
continued the conversation: "We
ought to be nblo to bring Jerrold Men
set to time, somehow. He could be
detained on the landing of the Colonla
tomorrow nnd paroled In the custody
of the Rri'.lsh ambassador. Then It
could all be fixed up diplomatically
quietly. I'll see Sir George Claughton
nf once."
Trls Ford looked puzzled.
"Tho British nrnbnssndor to Italy,"
explained John Rlsmer. "Great crick
eter In his day he'll take a keen In
terest In this ease."
"Tell him if he'll help us out with
Mnnsel I'll Jicknowlcdge thnt Amcrlcnn
linsebnll enme from English cricket I"
"You'ro n born diplomat" was the
ambassador's compliment
"That's strange for I happen to be
an Irishman."
Trls Ford thought It a good Joke.
"I don't know oxnetly," ntiswerod
"Must start nt once," announced
"W-h-n-l for?" Trls Ford could not
suppress his curiosity entirely.
"To see the American ninhnsindor."
Tho mnnngor's face 'brightened.
"He's here on tho dock watting
Win scowled.
"for an American ho has to
meet," completed Ford.
"After ho sees his friend whoever
ho Is linvu tho umhns.tndor took us
up nt tho Kxcelstor that's tho lop
notch hotel. Isn't It?"
"Mebbo It Is," acknowledged Fonl.
"I'm stopping there."
"On our nay," ordered Win. rather
arbitrarily. Rut ho winked nt Trls
"I'll Join you thero In half nn
hour," snld tho manager, "after I've
arranged with the ambassador. Say
John Rlsiner's nil right. Why bo's
a real fnn."
Rut Win Shuto wns hurrying nwny
out nf range of tho human enr. With
Mrs. t.ennnrd ho ratthd off In ouo
horse vlctorln fortified by n tnxl-fnre
register. Timt's why ho didn't see
tho wireless operator of tho Colonln
tnken from tho ship nnd paroled In
tho custody of the Rrltlsh ambassador.
At the time agreed Trls Fonl
knocked at the door of a W. Jamei
fur so James Wtntou Shute wns regis
tered at thu hotel In Naples. "Shnll
wo tnlk here?" Ford asked, "or go to
my room?"
"Hero .Mrs. Leonard la n cross the
"Sny who's this Mrs. Leonnrd nnil
what's the enme?" demnnded Trls
Fonl. "You didn't wise up to It, but
the Amcrlcnn ambassador wns down
on thnt dork looking for you."
"Ilonet? Are you next to the am
bnssndor?" Win Shuto nsked eagerly.
"Sure I am. The president of tho
United Stntcs has 'released' him to
raol" Thero wnt a matchless smile.
"Fine business 1 Now you enn holp
mo get Miss Leonnrd out of trouble."
"Miss Leonard? daughter "
"Only daughter only girl I" Win's
eyes gleamed. Then cntchlng tho look
of understanding on Trls Foni'a fnco,
half humorous, hnlf glad, ho blushed
blushed as a bush leaguer some
times does when returning to the
bench after his first safo bit
"You haven't been signed, havo
you?" asked tho manager.
" "Not yet," confessed Win. suppress
ing tho inevitable sigh. "Rut I'd sign
In a mlnuto If sho'd offer roo a con
tract contract with a rcscrvo clause
for life," bo announced boldly.
Then be told all about it ending
with tho why and tho wherefore of his
Incognito of "8. W. James."
"Sho'll never care for mo n second
when sho knows, I'm n professional
ball player. Sho's a dead swell." Win
exuded gloom with every syllable.
"If she won't havo you," said Trts
Ford, "you wouldn't have her." This
was not an Irishism.
"Trls the unclnd lad with the bow
and arrow has winged mo might as
well confess It"
"You don't hnve to tell me that,"
i laughed Ford.
"Why not?" Win wns stnrtleiL Had
the world begun to guess?
"Rccnuse you haven't so much as
roferred to your own case how you
got abonrd that ship, nnd how you
were treated."
"Oh, I cabled Hint from Olbraltar.
I'm all right no what's tho uso both
orlng over It now?"
"Well, I'm" Trls Foni didn't tin
Ish. Ills expression wns enough.
"I know you think I ought to be
fighting mnd at the crooks Hint put
me nbonnl thnt bout drugged." sold
Win. "Ono wny I am another I'm
not. If I hadn't been sent off on the
Colonla I shouldn't huve met Imogen
Important That Sheep Raising Do En.
couraged Where Conditions Aro
Sultnbto for It
Utepared by tlio United Stntoa Dopnrt
nunt of Agriculture.)
"I nm not convinced that n general
cnmpiilgu to IncrviiHo tho number of
small-farm stocks of sheep la thor
oughly wise unless tho Held for such
nn effort la first prepared," said Dr.
J. It. Mohler, chief of tho bureau of
nnlmnl Industry, In nn nddross heforo
tho More-Shecp-Mori-Wool association.
"Thero must bo established u popular
understanding of principles which ex
perienced sheepmen ro likely to take
for granted.
"With dairy herds we find thnt best
methods of production seldom prevail
when only n few animals urn kept.
Tho owner of a very small herd la not
often Interested In better breeding,
feeding or disease control, lie Is not
a dairyman. Rut when ho Iiuh n herd
of a dozen cows or more ho becomes
u real asset to n groat dairy business.
"So with sheep. Wo must nlm, It ap
pears to me, not so much for an In
crenso In thu number of docks nn nn In-
creaso In the number of sheep kept by
men who aro real shepherds or have
the qualifications nnd deslro to be
come shepherds. Nor should wo for
get that farmers In general may not
he versatile enough to add it profitable
Swlih, tuiiihbrtakl Tht bio itxii'fi turn rolling
Inl llmnw bathrrt iinii Iht utlli -rlilt Hit irni'ei
ore rtnrlnl In like rn iil tiidurnHiiu i'r
mil nul .Ui i ll'$ ulmuil vtrUtlnlhty're lenirhii; Iht
SjBatlung Suits
You enn do nil sorts of fancy water "tmmttt" In
tltctn which you would not tmdcrtnltc In nn
ordinary batliitiR suit. Their
specially constructed elastic
Jantzcn stitch mnkes them fit
snugly, comfortably, natural
ly. They never bind never
Select the Individuals of the Founds.
tlon Flock with the Qreatest of Care,
flock of sheep to their present live
stock. It is, therefore, important that
sheep raising be encouraged chiefly
where thu land nnd other conditions
aro miltnblo for It"
One of Purposes Is to Eliminate
Scrub 8lree and Replaco Them
With Purebred.
If Win Shute marveled at sight of
Trls Ford waiting on tho quay nt Na
ples, the manager of the Giant-killers
returned the compliment and opened
his mouth In astonishment. For James
Wlnton Shuto. quite evidently In the
best of health, did not disembark
alone I
On his arm, glancing up at him In
perfect trust, wns a timid, sweet-faced
woman of middle nge, whose wistful
eyes confessed that sho had been
weeping. She was treated with n kind
of gallant deference enjoyed only by
the mother of a particularly attrac
tive daughter.
Win Shute bowled Trls Ford over
with his effusiveness. "How are you,
old boy? Tickled pink to seo you I
Le'mo Introduce you to Mrs. Leonard
Mrs. Leonard, Mr. Carllngford. Isn't
this sky somo blue I" oil before Trls
Ford could get In a word. Incidental
ly, Win Shute had never said "Carllng
ford" on any other occasion. Pulling
the manngor nslde, while Mrs. Leonnrd
obediently examined tho sky once
again, Win whispered: "My name's
James 8. W. James remember I Ex
plain Inter."
Getting the sign, Trls Ford nodded.
"When's (he next train to Rome?"
nsked Win. smiling significantly upon
Mr leonnrd,
(To Bo Continued.)
Gates Aro Repaired nt Power Plant,
nnd Strengthening of Wing Dam
Will Come Later In Season.
After being down to its original
channel for the better part of thu
week, tho Deschutes river flllod up
again on Saturday whon tho drain
ing of water abovo the Newport ave
nue dam was discontinued by the
Bend Water, Light & Power com
pany, Jlepairs to tno gates at tne
power plant aro completed, General
Manager T. II. Foley announced Sat
urday und most of tho remaining
woork of overhauling tho plant will
bo done behind their protection.
Later in tho season tho reinforce
ment of tho wing dam, which was
artly washed out last winter, may
nocessltato lowering the water In the
river again.
Flfty-nlno llvo-stock breeders' asso
ciations, with n reported membership
of 1,021, were organ I zed during the
last fiscal year with the help of the
United Stntes department of ngrlcul
turo extension specialists. In addition
numerous calf clubs were organized
among tho boys and girls. Much of
tiic work in being done In regions
where tho becf-cattlo Industry Is prac
tically now.
Ono of tho purposes of beef-cattlo
extension activities Is to eliminate
scrub bulla and replnco them with
purebreds of good quality. Tho fed
eral workers co-operato with thu state
agricultural colleges through their ex
tension divisions and purtlculurly with
county agents.
Ideals and Happiness.
Lasting happiness results from
building Ideals Into concreto struc
tures that minister to human hupp!
ness. The mutcrlal things of the world
havo their worth, but even that de
pends upon the uses they are put to.
Many n log valuable fpr furplture
building tins been used to fill swumpy
places ovor whlih cord-wood wn
hauled. And thu same Is truo of
Ideals. To really count they must be
fitted to good ends, Joy comes from
projecting yourself Into the future and
the welfare of the race.
Heavy Ration Fed to Young. Animals
Has Tendency to Cause Re
peated Scouring.
Young calves under n yenr old do
not benefit from a heavy sllago ra
tion, becauso on such young ani
mals It has n tendency to cnuso re
peated scouring. It can, however, be
satisfactorily fed to calves between six
months und ono year old, provided It
Is limited to a small part my not
more than one-third of tho weight of
the entire ration.
Imperative That Animals Be In Proper
Condition Prior to Lambing fpr
Beat Results.
It la during tho suckling period that
the greatest demands are mado on the
ewes, and in order to havo tho owes
la condition to Btnnd tills drain on
their systems It Is necessary for un
to see to It that thoy aro In good condi
tion of flesh prior to Inmblng.
Young Animate Must De Fed for
Period In Dry Lot on Harvested
Feeda for Top Price.
While It Is entirely possible to make
money but of Iambs by feeding en
tirely In the fields, yet to inako market
toppora they must bo fed for n perloti
In tho dry lot on harvested feeds, somo
feeders combining field feeding and
dry-lot feeding at the snino time.
jANUtftMri'Ha Mint. 00 J "ffCjr J ', fy,'
Father of Holmrt Long Arrive from
Knst loo I(c lltidy HIiIpikhI
to Arkansas For llurlnl.
Tuberculoids, with a tormlunl
pnoumonla, caused tho death onrly
Inst Thursday of Hoburt Long,
aged 39, nt the Lumbermen's hos
pital. Long had boon n resident of
Rond for tho past six months, being
employed nt the Shovlln-IIIxon mill
Tho body was shipped last night
to tho family homo nt Manila, Ark-,
R. A. Long, tho father taking tho
sumo train back. Mr. Long, know
ing of his sou's Illness, had hurried
to Rend, Intending to take his son to
tho Mlddlo West that ho might spend
his Inst days at homo.
I'lrr Near Illg River ami Ixing
Prnlrlo Ranger Millions (.'on
trolled with Little Difficulty
To complete tho foroat road from
La Pino to Kasl lake, a crew of flvo
men wan put on thu Job this morning.
Four miles remain to bo finished.
Four flros, reported Into Friday
afternoon on tho Deschutes Nntlonnl
forest, nro now nil well under con
trol, Deputy Supervisor W. O, Horrl
mnn stated on Saturday. Three of
tho fires wore 10 miles tu tho south
east of tho Long Pralrlo ranger sta
tion and one was nt Pistol butte,
west of tho Illg River rnngor station,
Lightning Is considered to havo boon
responsible for all.
Tho four blnzcs were all within tho
territory of Ranger Rurtoti Ouoy and
prompt action resulted In their control.
Greenland Source nf Icebergs.
Tho sourco of prnrtlcnlly nil the
Icebergs of tho nrrtlr nnd sub-nrctlc
region Is Greenland. Owing 'to tho
northwnnl set of the West Greenlnnd
current tlj bergs of Mil sldo are car
rled first to tho north nnd It Is only
nt nbout Urn seventy-fourth or seventy
llflh pnrr.llel of latitude thnt they be.
Kin to in kr their wny wetwnrd to
come down on the Amorlenn side.
ifyyiX V ibbbbbbbbym' H2 o-lf
The line oBucKllfcCirr
Fine Shoti it pricfdftom to fij
HERE'S our "brogue" No. 440 a wear shoe that
doean't yield a point when you judge it for good
looks, Calf in the handsomest mahogany tone,
eyelets of brass to bedeckit, fancy wing dps and solid soles
will first catch your eye. You'll approve of the ornamental
perforating and fancy stitching, too, And our trade-mark
on the sole assures you that we are constantly bettering our
sixty-odd year record for fine shoes.