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The bend bulletin.
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No. 19
' OF $66,000 IS ESTIMATE
, ' I
Volunteer Drptirtmrnt I.nyw HUlrcn
Idnrn of llooi1, ntul Aided lly
1 Cltlrcnis Priwnt Iiiiiiifnoi
Threatened Loe.
A loinl 'explosion, followed by a
mass of fliiino shooting Mcvward, on
vnloplng tlio I'loiumr, garaKo on Iloml,
nnnr Orennwood, In a cloud of
flro wh tho cause onrly Wednesday
inornltiK of ono of Bend's two most
disastrous fires, mid uslly the must
itpoctnculur, of Kh conflagration.
Fanned by u stiff brcoio blowing
from tho north, tho flames rapidly
spread, wiping out tho Club cafo.
tho Mooso club, mid gutting tho Esto-
baniit & fltokon cigar mid Haft drink
hliop, nnd tho second-hand storo of
Armstrong k Hhutor. adjoining
whllo tho frmno dwelling belonging
to Clint Whlltod, n block cnnt on
Irving, was partially, destroyed. Tho
Cont-Oro Motor Co, garage, north of
tho point whcro tho btazo originated,
wan fired by sparks raining on tho
tnr root and by tdngucs of flamo
licking out from both ends of tho
IMoncor garago building.
Irmurenrfl Relatively Hmall.
Tho gross loo wan estimated th-n
mornlmr at approximately 166.000,
with Insuranco, as near at could bo
learned, covering not more than 130,
000 of this amount. Doth the Pio
neer and tho Cent-Ore Motor1 Co.
garages, business operated by H. 8.
Royce & Son and Van Huffel Jecb,
respectively, were homed In building!
owned by Lon L. Fox, who places
his loss at about $14,000, of w'aleh
14000 Is taken care of by Insurance.
The $25,000 stock of parts and ac
cessories carried by the Cent-Or
Motor Co. Is partly offset by pollclos
aggregating $10,000, while tho Pio
neer garage loss, Including nine or
ton used cars, will reach at least
$16,000, with Insurance of $3500.
Tho Club cafe and the Mooso club
buildings, were both owned by the
Mooso lodge of Bond nnd wilt mean
a loss In the neighborhood of $5000,
whllo tho other buildings on Bond,
which wore damaged by tho flumes,
nro tho property of Hi II. Do Armond
nnd . II. Gilbert. They nro valued nt
$0000, with Insurance, nt halt this
amount. Tho Club enfo stock nnd
fitting nro estimated nt npproxk
inntely $2000; the lost to EstcbenJt
& Stokoo Is about $30Q0, with less
than $1200 protected by Insurance,
nnd tho dumngo done to tho articles
In the second-hand store hus not been
Flrmnen Wk Mtw.
Accounts nmatintlng to $7000,
filed In ono of tho two safes In the
Ploneor garage, nro bolleved to have
, been destroyed by the hcut.
'' What can havo causo tho explosion
which was responsible for tho disas
ter remains a mystery. The Ploneor
garage was locked and no ono could
havo gained accww to It, Mr, Royce
Htates. A short circuit, or spontan
eous combustion are posslblu expla
nations which aro offored,
A moment nftor tho flro started a
(lozoii-nlurms wore turned. In and tho
nglno of tho llond voluntour tiro do
purtinont, drlvou by Merle Hoover,
answered tho call Immediately.
Thirty momborH of tho department
worked at top speed nnd no loss than
10 linos of hollo wore luld, Including
2000 foot borrowod from tho Brooks
flcntilon Lumbor Co. Flromon re
pontodly risked tholr Uvea In oudenv
orlug to Hiuuo tho Cout-Oro Motor
Cq, building,' and sovornl, who wore
Htuttonod on (he hocoiuI floor, ro
tronted bnroly In tlmo mt tho flre
onton timbers collapsed, ,
Hpurks Flro Homed.
Flromnn Hosb, Htutlouod on tho
root of tho Wright hotol, adjoining,
wob badly burned about tjio arms,
handB nnd faco, and a stranger, "who.
waa aiding In tho Ravage building,
(Conttnuod on last pago.,)
al flow hefore MAKi.vr;
Demanding a greater supply of wa
ter for Irrigation than that for
which tho wulrs wero ndjustod, mora
than 40 sottlors In the Powell Ilutte,
Torrubonno mid Alfalfa districts, rep
resented by their attorney, II. II, Do
Armond, waited on officials of tho
Central Oregon Irrigation company
In Deschutes Thursday afternoon,
tho conforonco resulting In the grant
ing of tholr demands, Mr. Do Ar
mond reported on his return to Bond.
On a bails of averngo dally use,
to reach a total of 1,8 aero feet dur
ing the growing scuson, water was
being allowed, but moro Is needed
for n short tlmo, the settlors de
clared, as the tlmo for cutting tho
first crop of alfalfa Is almost at
hand. It has been found that tho
host results are gained by wetting
tho ground thoroughly boforo a cut
ting Is tnado,
V. a, Stanley, prosldent, und
Ooorge ICanoff, In chargo of tho ditch
syatom and the uso of water, repre
sented the company In the confer
H. V, Wlckurr Has Low Bid For
Burfftclag The Dl!c-ClirernU
Highway from Bead N'ortli.
PORTLAND, July 7. The state
highway commission. In session here
yesterday, ordered a survey on The
Dalles-California highway to bo
made south In Dpschutcs county from
the Allen ranch, the last point to
which It had boen surveyed, and op
ened bids tor the surfacing of tho
SHiiio road from Dend to tho Jeffer
son county lino. Tho lowest was
that submitted by a company hooded
by II. F. Wllkncr, formerly con
struction onglnecr for Oscar Huber.
at $2.45 n yard. A. D. Kern bid
$2.81 a yard and tho Warron Con
struction company bid $3.70.
Tho commission today awarded the
contract for gravel surfacing of The
Dallos-Callforulu highway between
Ilend nnd tho Jefferson county lino
on u bid of $29,850.
Roqucsts wore ronowed for work
on tho Rodmond-Slstors and Tumalo
Sisters highways.
tiAOB JjfU TUt f UU.tR MCT
fMJ4tto &Un litl CUDt tiayj
? WOUO tt W 4CGtt -tUCtt NM
SfcTViFICfi N1U R.MtV4GrNr
V , UM 09 VUtA
& Got fc MPOtWO -O
Park Director anil A. I. DnvN, ltcc-1
tarnation Krrvlio Chief, Accom
pany Member of lloii-c Ap
propriation Commit tec.
Again tho schedulo of tho congres
sloiial appropriations com in It too has
boon set ajiead, this time through
tho kindness of tho Southern Pacific
railroad, Represontutlvo N. J. Hln
nott, chairman of tho public lauds
commlttoo, who Is traveling with the
party, .wired' to D, O. McPhorton,
presldont of tho Ilend Commercial
club, yesterday. According to this In
formation, tho congressmen and gov
ernment officials heading for Central
Oregon aro In Klamath Falls today
! and will bo nt Crater lako tomorrow.
Tho Commercial club Is asked to
havo cars at tho lako Thursday eve
ning In readiness for tho trip to Dond
ou Frldny Saturday will be spent
in and near llond Investigating vari
ous reclamation projects In this
The number of tho appropriations
committee who will bo here has been
greatly cut down and will now In
clude: James W. Good of Iowa,
chairman; William R. Wood of In
diana, Louis C. Crmnton of Michi
gan, Milton W. Shrovo of Pennsyl
vania, Josoph W, nyrns of Tennes
see, John M. Evans of Montana, John
J. Eagan ot New Jersey, James A.
Oaltlvan of Massachusetts.
park Director In Party.
In addition there will be Stephen
T. Mather, director ot the national
park service, who toured through
Central Oregdn last year, Arthur P,
Davis, director ot tho reclamation
strvlca, bis assistant, J. B. Deadle,
and James A. OaUlvan, Jr., and Adolf
K. Barta, clerk to the committee.
With Mr. Slnnott Is Representative
Charles R. Tlmberlako ot Colorado,
member ot the warn and means com
mlttes. The tour ot inspection bolng taken
by the official party Is for the pur
pose ot obtaining first-hand Informa
tion, in order that tho appropriations
committee may proporly legislate for
national parks and reclamation proj
ects. 81x national parks and 11 rec
lamation projects, no well as the Co
lumbia Rivet highway, are to be visited.
New Value as Material for Manufacture of Pencil Slats
- Recalls Aid Given By Hardy Trees to Early
Settlers East of the Mountains.
Recognition ot the value ot Junl
per as ono of tho groat natural re
sources ot Central Oregon la accord
ed In an editorial published In the
Oregonian undor tho heading, "Now
tor a Juniper Recrvo." Interesting
tacts regarding-the history of. the use
of Juntpor are also given In tho edi
torial, as follows;
"Interest is ronowed in tho omni
present Junlpor troe ot central Ore
gon by tho statement that load pencil
manufacturers havo at last become
aware ot Its virtue as n provldor of
ponctl slats. Tho manufacturers of
pencils, wo nro told, hnvo sent moro
orders than can be filled not that
Juniper la not plentiful, but that mon
cannot bo found who will cut tho
Possibly it is not wholly a abort
ugo ot labor that la tho piCstJnt
trouble. And it Is a mistake to doslg
nuto tho Juulpnr aa 'long despised'
na a contemporary does. The Juntpor
Is ono ot thu most prized possessions
at Vour Undo Snmuol. Ho owns u
vast area of land In Central Orogon,
land thut la not particularly attrac
tive to' tho aottlor bocnuso of ita dry
misa, or. Ita rocky or hilly churactor,
but it Is dotted with Juniper. Tho
Junlpor la not particular about mois
Mrs. W. II, Hudson, m Most Excel-
Jent'Chlrf, Headu New Order In
Wend Redmond Team In
Cliaige of Degrrc Work.
Alpine Temple, No. 28, Pythian
Sisters, was instituted here Thurs
day by Mrs. V, K. Buckingham,
with n mmbcnililp of moro than
CO. Women who became charter
members, of tho new order wero
Initiated' during tho oftornoon, and
Knights of Pythias, who constUuto
nearly half tho membership, wero
taken in at mo ovening session.
Degreo work was in chargo of u
team from, tho Redmond lodge.
Ceremonies wero held at Bather's
hall, where a social session was en
joyed on tho conclusion ot tho
Initiations and the Institution of
tho teraplo.
Mrs. W II. Hudson, as Most Ex-
ceiiom liiioi, ueaos mo iomDio,pmont ,eaRU0
with Mrs. J. A. Eastes as Past -u ..
Chief, Other officers elected aro:
Excellent Senior, Mrs. J. Edgar
Purdy: Excellent Junior, Mrs. H.
H. Do Armond; Manager, Mrs. J.
W. Ash; Mistress ot Records and
Correspondence, Mrs. E. P. Jcch:
Mistress of Flnanco, Mrs. Jay B.
Noble: Protector, Mis. R. W. Har
vey: Guard of tho Outer Temple,
Mrs. W. H. Staats; Trustees, Mrs.
8. C. Caldwoll, Mrs. M. Harris and
Mrs. Eliza Jacobs. Mrs. Eastes
was designated to represent tho
temple at tho noxt convention of
tho grand lodge.
On the organization ot the pro
posed aerial transportation company,
with headquarters at Bend, a con
tract for. carrying 400 pounds of sec
ond class' nail matter from The
Dalles to Bend and Burns will bo
offered the- new company, a wire re
ceived Wednesday by Frank R.
Prince ot this city from Harold Grady
of the O. IC. Jeffrey Airplane com
pany of Portland, states. " -
Mr. Grady and Mr. Jet fry expect to
bo la Bend tomorrow night.
E. M. Thompson has purchased
tho entire music store stock of the
late L. K. Shopherd, Including all
phonographs, pianos and records,
Mr. Thompson will havo the agen
cies formerly held by the Shepherd
ture or quality ot soil, Like the sage
brush, it will grow to larger propor
tions In fertile soil, but also like the
sage brush, It will struggle success
fully for exlstonce In lava beds or In
a sprinkling of dust on the bed-rock.
"Time was when the Juniper be
longed to anybody and everybody
who wanted It, By the stockmen ot
Central Oregon It wns never despised.
It- provided them with fenco posts
thut never rottod, nnd It gave them
n firewood that was the onvy of dis
tant neighbors, who, on wintry days
and nights, had only tho flashy sago
brush to keop thorn warm, and wero
alternately too hot or too cold, do
ponding ou tho Industry with which
thoy stoked tho air-tight heater.
Farmers and stockmon went out nud
cut the Juniper without hindrance,
It supplied tho trading centers with
fuol. ' Prlnovtllo for years ran Its
electric lighting plant with junlpor
cut from opou nnd unappropriated
government land.
"Tho esteem In which It wns hold
was first brought to attention when
a Junlpor tract was segregated tor
irrigation under tho Deschutes proj
ect. A contest wib Instituted to de-
(Continued qu last page,)
City Government Ankloux to Follotfr
Up Htato Work In Keeping
Sources of Food Supply In
Hnnitury Condition.
Belief that a cemetery association
can better handle-management and
maintenance details than the city of
Bend ItHelf was expressed Friday
by the members of the city council In
their first monthly meeting for July,
and on the sugcatlon ot Mayor J. A.
Eastes, the formation of such an as
toclatlon will bo taken up at onco
with lhr Woman's Civic Imnrovn-
Tho matter; came before the conn
ell as the' result of action taken by
tho Community Clearing House
league at a recent meeting, at which
it was decided that an attempt
should be mado to bring water to the
dusty cemetery. A. J. Goggans ap-
peared before the council, represent
lug tho league, and presented tenta
tive plans for watering the tract, tho
one meeting with the most favor call
ing for tho construction ot a 15,000
gallon reservoir, to be tilled from
the irrigation ditch at the foot of
Pilot Butle, a force pump to supply
tho necessary' pressure. Ho said that
the Bend Water, Light & Power
company would probably donate the
tank formerly used for the storage
of city water, and that It this were
done, the expense ot the entire un
dertaklng would not exceed $2000.
Food IrwpectloR Advised.
Monthly reports of officers showed
$308.60 as the receipts of the re
corder's office, with two calls, 80
Inspections and 10 notifications to
remove dangerous flues listed by
Fire Chief Carton. Chief Carlon
also stated that be understood a
movement is on foot to us the Cen
tral school building again this year
for school purposes. It waa con
demned last year, although the use
ot the lower floor was permitted, but
he declared that It Is a fire trap and
utterly unfit to be used for school
purposes. He was authorized to tako
the matter up with the directors ot
tho district
Dr. C. A. Fowler, city physician,
reported on the recent' Inspection ot
dairies and other Bend food sources
outsido the city limits, by state rep
resentatlves. and recommended that,
through cooperation with tho county,
roguiar Inspection bo provided for to
carry out the work started. The re
corder was asked to write for copies
ot thu Portland ordinances which
cover similar conditions, and the
health committee has also under con
sideration the designation ot a dep
uty county health officer, who will
make frequent visits to dairies and
other farms supplying Bend with
Sign to Mark Road.
Tho health committee waB author
lzzed to purchase 10 mora large cans
for refuse, eight of which will be
placed at corners on the main
streets, with two for the new city
D. O. McPherson of tho police
committee, stated that the city Is
still without a night officer and
asked tor suggestions. None wait
forthcoming Mr. McPherson also
mentioned tho need for signs, for tho
benefit ot tourists, to show the routes
to various points of interest, as well
an designating the trunk highways.
The streot committee was authorized
to havo the algnB made at once nutl
Councilman Frank Southorlnnd
stated that slow work Is. being made
ou tho Qroonwood avouuo Dfldge
over tho Pilot Butto canal because
$5.50 a day is being paid for labor.
Ho said that $0 a day la tho scale
and that this amount should bo paid.
Tho' matter wan roferred to tho
streets committee '
Inspection of new sldeWaJks .con
struction waa discussed aiijditwua
decided that all .new concrWSwalka
' ' rrs?
.(Continued qi last ipageji,,
Commercial Club Dinner at Inst
Welcome Members of Congrcs- ,
slonal Party 'Fire Fighters
1 hanked by BusIhcm Men. .
"We must educate tho people ot
the East to the vatuo ot water on the
land. Not one In 25 of our con
gressmen has an idea ot it," C. L.
("Farmer") Smith, Union Pacific
'agriculturist, told the Bend Commer
cial club at the weekly luncheon ot
that organization at tho Pilot Balta
Inn yesterday. "Wo must conceal
trato on this thought In our recep
tion of the congressional appropria
tions committee. Water on this
land Is going to earn a very large
rato of interest on the original eeat
ot placing water on tho land."
Farmer Smith gave statistics
showing that the crop taken from the
farms on the Twin Falls projeet Ja
the 1919 season alone represeated
values three times the cost of the
project investment, while 'the Yaki
ma valley crop for the samo year waa
worth four tltaeq the money invest
ed. Trout Luncheon Planned.
Discussion at the meeting wax
chiefly In regard to the coming of Um
congressmen. Eight cars will meet
the party ot representatives aa4
other government officials at Crater
lake Friday morning, bringing th
mombers of the party Into Bend, aadt
stopping at Crescent for 'a trt
luncheon, T. H. Foley, chairman
the club's special committee itt:
charge of arrangements, reported.
On their arrival ln Bead Friday atght
a Commercial club dinner la heww
of the visitors wilt be glvea at tlw
Pilot Butte Inn and members dextr
ous ot attending are asked to twa
In their names tQ the .managemeat of
the Inn by Thursday evening. A oar
furnished by T. A. McCann. and eth
ers drives by their owners, H. J.
Overturf, A. M. Prlagle, D. O. Mc
Pherson, Clyde M. McKay, N. O.
Jacobaon and J. N. Hunter, will' pro
vide transportation for the congress
men from Crater lake to Bend.
t in iuur i rujecus.
Saturday morning, representatives
and government officials will start
on a tour ot the Tumalo and C. O. L
projects, accompanied by Red mom
and Prlnevllle business men. .Lunch
eon will be served at Prlnevllle and
from there the party will go to Mad
ras, from which point they will leave
in the morulRg n their special ear
tor Portland. A trout breakfast will
be served before their departure
from the Jefferson county seat.
On the motion of; Frank R. Priaee,
a vote ofT thanks -was unanimously;
passed, showing the club's apprecia
tion for the work ot tho fire depart
ment in checking the spread ot last
night's conflagration and condemn
ing adverse criticism directed at the
Chairman McPherson declared
that the firemen had taken many
chances ot grave injury or lose ot
life and that the work done was .as
efficient as that which could have
been performed by any paid depart
Impromptu Demonstration BaJoytMl'
Uy Moro Than 1100 Vacation-'
bits, Half From Head.
More than 200 people, ,. half of
them from Bond, tho rest (ourlats
from Oregon, Washington and Cali
fornia, hold an Impromptu celebra
tion ut East laku on tho evening of
Iudopondenco Day, Outdoor sports
furnished amusement for spectators
and competitors allko nnd, us fthe
ovening progressed, dancing waa u
joyed In tho pavilion which, has bona
fitted up for this purpose.
The rcort at the. lako la greatly
improved and will be the BMMSef
many week end parties duriug the '
summer montl.