The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 10, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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iM UMfitli
The DosiMe
s, u rasx. .-AA3Mr
1 NiMftilSl&Ml -
Oniric name tiny the C!fnnt-Ultlcr,
with Brtnicy Lnrkln on tlic nihher, de
feated tlie Scnntors while tho White
Sox wero whitewashing the Tltcr.. No
change In tlictr respective standing
two leaillng American league teams
bat halt a came apart.
Immediately after the third game
Trls Ford took Harney Lnrkln Into
his private ofUcp and talked to htm as
, a father to his wild son. He rallied
every ounce of manliness, of senti
ment, of lighting blood them was In
the eccentric lefthander. He told him
'He Told Him He Must Face Washing
ton Again the Next Day, and Bring
Home the Bacon.
ho must face Washington again the
next day and bring home the bacon.
The pennant was at Ftakel
Tou will be n hero If you win."
urged Ford, "pointed out by everybody
as the man who pitched the Giant-killers
to another championship. Hut If
you lose, why you'll be nobody."
Meanwhile, James Wltitou Shulc
was giving enters to Krnest Stoadiiwti,
Just as the hecretnry of tho treasury
would have directed tlie chief of the
bocret service.
"You mustn't loe sight of Harney
one Instant 1 If ho Insists on drinking,
start o row, and cet locked tir tln
both of you. We'll boll you out, Tiut
only In time to get from City hall to
the park In a tnxl. Sot?!"
Ernest Siendnian slowly nodded his
head. "I have been every place but In
Jail with Harney." The keeper was a
man of few words.
That night Trls Ford ilept badly.
Helng younger and having done a hlg
man's rU out " doors. Win Shute
slept like a babe the 1:1ml of kid you
rend about. Naturally Trls awoke
with a feeling of depression, as If the
(jhiut-klllcrs weren't gnlhg to get the
day's breaks, nut Shulc Jumped out
of bed sinking: "Toddy we win the
bunting!" Which goea to prove linn
premonitions are cloiely allied to the
"morning after."
At two o'clock that fateful after
noon, when the last man loft tint lock
er-room for the field, Harney Lnrkln
and Ernest Hteadmau had not report
ed at the park. For nn hour, by or
der of Trls Ford, President Henn's
limousine had been rushing about like
a hack on election day, searching
everywhere for the mlstdng pair. In
the business office the club's secretary
had tho telephone directory before
him. open at "Saloons and Cafes," and
one after another tho proprietors were
called, beginning with Alcllo, Mlchele.
and ending with Kbytnlt-bkl, Julian
Neither Mlchele nor Julian, not to
mention tho rum purveyors occupying
the more Intermediate portions of the
alphabetical illr. tory, had seen the
erratic Harm1) or his slow-going con'
On another telephone, Win Shute.
nmrrlng tho oak furniture with his
spikes, was calling the various police
stations. lie remembered his dual In
structions to Btcadman, and was look
ing for results. But Lnrkln was not
behind tho bars not yet. As a place
of last resort, John Benn suggested
that some one telephone the morgue.
Some ono did. "No one nuswcrlng the
"lie's made his getaway," said Trls
Ford, "there's nothing to that." The
game was played with Cummins and
Arrow In the points. Washington
Trls Ford left the, grounds with fi
Heiui Beach Needhafn
Copyright, by Doubleday.Rujc and Cd
face Tis "long iiTTl TBTH.nBp51'ili"tr(T.
Rut Win Shute was cheerful. An hour
later ho telephoned tho mnnagor:
"White Sox lose I Heunant's ours
Hoo-ray V
"I know It hut what d'you Vpoe
has become of Harney?" were Ford's
words. Already bin quick mind wn
looking ahead to the big battle for
the world's emblem.
"He'll show up tomorrow stop wor
rying and hug yourself tonight," coun.
soled Shute.
"Well, I appreciate your grand work.
Win on and oft the lleld." onld Trls.
Next mornlug before ten o'clock, his
eye bright. Ids complexion clear, hi
"We Won the Fla-j Sure Enough; Am
I RIghtr
step clastic, Barne Lnrkln turned up
at the park. lie grluuod as he re
marked: "We won the flag, sure enough; urn
I right?"
"Where you beon?" growled John
Benn, son of the club's president.
"Up-state," answered Harney uncon
cernedly. "What the devil you been doing?"
TMiliig this time of year?"
"Didn't catch nothing."
"You'll cutcli something when Trls
sots eyes on you."
Harney took the tnoM comfortable
chair In tho room, bit off o cihtoih
chew of tobacco, then picked up Inst
night's pink extra, and begun labori
ously to spell out the "riunhei fnuu
the Diamond."
Elsewhere Ernest Steadmnn wns ex
plaining to his mentor, James Wlnton
Shute. It appeared that Harney had
developed a robust thirst, which would
not be denied. Lacking confidence in
the Jiiil as ft haven, tlie worried keeper,
drawing heavily on his meager linn
glnnllon, had faked the story of a iiuir
velous trout pond up state. In the
crisis he conjured up such a remarka
ble picture of the pond, which win
"lousy with trout," as ho expressed It,
that Harney was seized with a sudden
determination to go thither.
"J tried to make him wait until the
pennant was cinched," explained
Stendman, "hut he sulci hu nlways
pitched better ball on a bellyful of
trout. Thought I planned It to get
back In time for yesterday's game."
"But I thought this was u phony
pond?" said Shute.
"It wns tlie one I told Barnej
about. Hut I hunted up the ni'nrul
one In the summer tour book of the
"Whj didn't you get back?" demand
ed Win.
"BccniiMC Harney wouldn't come un
til he had one bite kept putting off
starting until, he says, onu (.peekled
beauty rises to my lly.' None rlz."
"You must have picked a Hue pond,''
cnld Shute.
"I did. They's nn Intake there from
a fiim-n-beur cheese factory and It's
killed ull the tlsh."
When Win Shute talked with Trls
Ford over tho telephotie about tho dis
appearance, reappenranco und "fool ex
planation," Trls replied :
"Well, we've won the pennant, and
they're here. What wo got to figure
on now Is so's It won't happen again.
Want to talk over tho world series
with you."
There was nn entirely new element
In the nppronchlng blue-ribbon event.
Of cnursu tho Giant-killer.' to u man
wanted to win. It meunt perhaps fif
teen hundred dollar more money in
each player's jeans. It meant, also,
to continue .to be knowa .una" nolnled
oTtl us world ciutmpions Ami the cliib
owners were out to win keen to win.
First and foremost for tho glory of It,
Then for tho prestlgo It would give
the Ohint-klllcrs all over tho league
circuit rather, which they would con
tinue to enjoy another season. There
wits a third ronton, a very Important
Not once before In tho thirty-five
years of tho club's existence bail the
I'hlllles won a pennant. Yet within
ten yen is pennant winning had be
como something of n habit with I he
Giant-killers. Naturally, therefore,
they had the call on the patronage
of Father I'enn's homo town, having
coinmntidod popular fin or for num
ber of seasons. This popularity was
now In Jeopardy. If tho I'hlllles dem
onstrated that they woro tho bettor
team, the fans would turn to the new
kings of baseball the next season. For
the fan dearly loves n winner.
On form relying on the weak broth
er, Harney Larkln the Glant-Mllers
looked to have n shade tho best of
the argument. This being so, why
were the Hillllos the favorites In the
betting? Even money was at flrnt the
rule. Rut over In New York the
gamblers soon had the odds hammered
down until tho Nationals were favor
Ites at 10 to 0.
Gambling Trls Ford nhhorred, re
garding It ns the ever-present menace
to the Integrity of the national game;
and If ho thought u mnn, however
prominent, or Important, was seeking
n line on the Giant-killers as a guide
In betting. Trls would shut up like
it steel trap. It wasn't the bett'ng It
self, but the Infoimntlon behind the
odds, that troubled him.
It did not surprise him why. ho
did not kuow when he received a
letter, special delivery, from the Mxirt
Ing editor of one of the Now York pa
pers. The man who wrote It loved
fair ptuy and clean sport, und looked
upon Tils Ford as the apostle of tliu
one mid the exponent of the other.
The letter read:
"In this town the gamblers are
plunging on the I'hlllles. Regardless
of form, your club Is helng forced
down steadily In the betting. Jnko
Stinger and other big gamblers don't
look upon this betting proposition as
a 'gamu of chance.' not they. Gam
bling to them on such n scale means
a sure thli'g. It Is no Merct on the
Insltle. They say ou have only one
pitcher who can slop the I'hlllles. now
at the top of their butting, and that
Is Harney Larkln. They botist that
they have got him.
"Take this for what It's worth. You
doubtless kuow Larkln but I know
Stinger's crowd. They are betting on
a sure thing, or else somebody Is fool
ing them most awfully. Anyhow, look
out. Good luck."
After rending this letter to Win
Shllje IrJi Fori ostvP'I ' "Thorp's
Farm Machinery!
Owing to the fact that the old building occupied by our business is to be
torn down and a new building erected, including the lot adjoining, which
we have used for exhibition purposes, we are going to sell our entire
stock of Farm Machinery at prices
Included in the lot are
2 Truck Wagons
2 Champion Potato Planters
A Number of Plows and Harrows
something behind (hose long odds
I've thought so tight along."
"You don't think they could brlbo
Barney? Willi nil hit vices ho wouldn't
sell out, would he?" asked Win ralhor
"Not for ono minute," said Trls
positively. "Money menus nothing to
him leastwise, n groat deal of mon
ey, I keep his coin for him drill It
out In small bits. I And lie's us
plrnsed over n two-dollar hill ns he
Is over n live. And n tenner looks
to him like Rockefeller's dividends for
n whole rtny I
"Tho money end of It don't worry
me." Trls repeated.
"Then whnt Is bothering you?"
Tho inunnger of the Giant-killers
hosltnted, his expression becoming ah
normally serious. "I don't know that
I ought to speak of It even It might
get tho Idea started, If It hasn't al
ready." "What Iden?" almost snapped Win
Shute. "What's on your chest? If
It's something threatening, we ought
to plan to bent It. Tell met"
Trls showed hli anxiety In his face.
"Kidnaping 1 that's what I'm afraid
of," he whispered to Win Shute.
"Kidnaping Rnrney Lnrkln? They'd
hnvo to bind and gng his giant kccx
or tlrst.'
"Oh. they'd manage, that If they sot
out to try," said Trls gloomily.
James Wlnton Shute fell hack on
his gray matter. Then came the
beam of dnwntng solution.
"We'll iiit somo one to watch the
keeper that watches the victim," he
"The best detective we can net In
the city, with two strong-arm, hos
for n bodyguard."
And lli'W did. Unknown to Bar
uey Larkln, his piscatorial friend.
Ernest Sloadman, sat In front of his
bedroom door, keeping watch. IJn
kuown to Lnrkln and Steadmnn, down
stairs the cleverest detective hi the
oil kept vigil, reinforced by two nble
diamonds In the rough, very rough.
In his home, not three blocks nwny,
Trls Ford tossed oh the Intl. unable
to sleep. He bad a vague feeling of
Impending (lousier.
TbP day of tho tlrst game of tin
world Fcrlcs. all Philadelphia's own.
wns clear mid mild, built In order by
the gods for the American Olympian.
There wero crowds of hilarious peo
ple, pnrndos. music, anil speculation
both Idle talk mid money talk. The
odds ctcd 10 to 0 on the I'hlllles. If
rumor was right, this wns portentous.
(To bo continued.)
Tut It in Tho Bulletin.
Tut It !n Tho llnlletln.
Pioneer Garage
Di'M-liules Hociciisos to Half Noriiiiil
Wlillli In .Morning, Is Bark to
INiial Height ot Noon.
l'ieeo Is Illumed,
Although no resiilta nn iieciiratu
iiieasurumoutH were available. ol
observations Indicated on Friday
that tho Deschutes river had
Its lowest level In 10 years By noon
thu river had ugiiln risen to Itii nor
nuil Juno height.
Manager T. II Foley of the Bond
Water, Light, &. Power Co., estimat
ed that the morning flow was loan
than GUO neroitd feet, und ho believ
ed It to bo less thnn that In August,
1915, when tho minimum leeord for
tills point was established. Ho was
certain that It waa smaller than an)
previous time In .luiie. when under
ordinary conditions tho water Is
somewhat higher.
While tho river was ut lis lowest,
tho 'width south of tho footbridge,
was only slightly morn than one-half
of normal, mid mi iiiilleutlon ns to
the iiiiiiutil of water passing
through Bend was given In Mr. Fo
ley's Htntomeut Hint tho h)ilin-uloe-trie
power plant operated by tho
company, could liuro run nt only
half capacity. Am it iunt!r of fact,
tho steam auxiliary waa piodiielng
most of the power used today
No cause could b definitely as
signed for the sudden shortage, but
It waa believed that feeder streams
might have bean tHitipoinilly dam
med by a severe freeso In tho moun
tains Sunday, mid that the DtMcliuto
at this point was Just feeling the ef
fects, tho roault of tho subsequent
thaw showing by noon today.
The Fourth Trial.
"I admit " said the district nltor
nev In slimming up. "that a man is
held to bi Inuoei'iit until protvd g'tKiv
llowerrr. when In- bus wn found
guilty three limes It kind of puis n
crimp In id- niniileur standing. G.mi
tlemen of Hie jury, I thank ou."
f.onlsvtlli I 'mirier. Imirunl
To Remove Point,
When I tit 1 ii t Iiiih sputtered m win
dows, It limy ht removed ulili Mool
wool more iiilel(ly und easily limit
with n coin, a puily kulfo or other de
vices which nro often tried,
M I L"L 1 O N S
"llir IhtrriiRlliitisI I'lirrrapiimlrnr
Hrhon nf HcimiiIi'ii, I'rnnijImiiU,
frlnlitntl-l llitlr Iwriily-arvrnlli Html
vrtusrr In Ortotx-r, ISMS, wllli mi ni.
rollni'M of to it 2,000,01)0 ntuilrnU.
TlmutiiiuN i( IhiHHi ultKlrnU Imvn fU
i nil In ilolUrt Mini rent Dm m-tul
u In llirtu nt Din r inumrnl
ilrvvlnl In III Kuilr nf I.C. II, Iwlinl
ral Cuiirarn ml uthi-r hiiIiJmU MnuInK
(rum AiKvrtNliiK nttil Hlriinnlili In
Aurlrullurr mul I'miltry lluitminlrr,
Stl.oe an hour Ima hn
(IfurH hr manr ( lh'
ludtnU la h a fonnrlll
Mtlmal to Ihtm f lh talua
f h atar matnenla aanl
In iludr at I.C.H. Ouimi.
,ltrMirt mi IT, 000 lil-l atuilrnU
aliuw ll.litHI imw rllnii II.BOO a
rnr ur morn J,IM rvfumna- IJ,00
or morr, IIS Iwrlvln 13,000 nr
livirnl 10 tis-fUlns IIO.IlOO or trrnr!
anil S wllli annual Income of 15,000
or muti.
In llm twrnlr.krvrn years nf It
rililrnri- Ilia I.C.H. Iiaa rnrntlnl all
(Imrs a inanr tu.lrnl a Itarvanl
In th two hundred ami M-irhty-aUrtt
rar alnrr lla nrsanltatliin I mora
titan Irll llinr 111 lolal rnrnllliidil
nf Yal alnrn lla il.xira awunc mii
In 1701 1 mora llian lit llmra Ilia
total rniiillmriit of all of h ruttrvva,
lltlllrralllra ami Irclinlful aclioult In
Ilia t'ntti'l HUIk rointlnr.1,
A Irllrr nr a mI rami will rln(
rxiitilrli- Infiirnialliili rriiardlini Ilia
ulijivt In Itlikh fvu ai lnlrraalr.1.
MitM M t MUM
International Correspondence Schc
Hot 1G10. KtTitnton, I'a.
liipUIn fullr afoul ur Oun. In 1st
tukjrcl maiktd X I
CUrlrUal Kmlnrrrlnf ADVCUTIHINC
IMUrlrlr 1 1 l.hlln. 4 II,.. .'J Vtsln"".
Ttlxratili l.nalnrrr in...,..,,
Trkpliana MarL IHiilKKi:i:i'i:il
Mrrnanlral linslntar rlUnar. and T,fll
Mrrhanlral llialliman It. II... auki..i
1... I.oiln. iiparaunf,, tjtw
civil. i:ni!INi:i:ii k.hoii i:m:iimii
H-irirrlnr and lUH'lm I'lVll. NKIlVII'l!
Mine I'arrmanar llnir. ...r it. II l,lia
Hlatlantrt Dniincfl
lAtilaraaalla (Iprrallaf
AltrillTI (T
I'anlrarlaror llultdr
I'aullrr llaltlnt
Aula llrpalilni
Archllrrlural tlrllimn
Canrrtla llulMr
I'tamMnr and IUalln
fcfWf a. MMMII Jp W & ;
- 'f -ffL J"