The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 10, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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Although mi new pnvenionl eon
ntriirtlun will be Ulidertitlteii thlrt
Kyuiir, tin) Htitln Highway ('oiiimlimlon
In preparing t(i iidvuitlwi fur hid for
giavelllng all now gradea on Urn Col
unililit iiml Pacific lilchwiiyii to iiinlcn
llio rouiltt UHiililn (liirlni: the roinliut
m Inter, wlilli) tlm oniiiti ruin Ih In ef
fect mitimtliiK t It it t pnrt or Tho
H'MUl Mild tllll JlirriTNOII qOUIlt)' Ullll,
s unyH June 'i Oregon Journal In 11
lopnrl of tlm moiihIod hold by tlm
comiiiIknIoii In Portland.
Tlm Join mil contlnuim:
"A now procedure wan adopted
Tuesday by tlm eomntlnitlnii In deal
ing with pntltlonH. Kvnry delegation
that appeared wan told to put ltd rn
tuvnt In writing. The ptirpoHit, It
wan explained, wan to nitr.uio a per
manent record and limuro action.
. Allied lo Take Plate of. (J. lleiiMiii,
XVIni Itmlgii I'ioiii Council.
.Mm. T. A. Mi Ciiiiii to Head
Temporary Carl; lloaril.
An a rofttilt of more than two
wiIh' activity upon tho pnrt of tlm
city phynlnlnn and tho chief of tho
flru dnpartmiiiit, llend In cleaner to
tiny,, than It has lieen In honral
yearn. Heporls at tho rlty counrll
nnolliw: on I'rldny regarding tln
Vkork done to rid Mend of undesir
able ami dirty ncani Iota and un
Minllary hulldlngH wnro madn hy
tho city ph)Hlclnit, who ban Untied
inuny complaint) against diillmiueiit
properly ownnm. Tlm mayor and
oouucll inanlfoiited IhoinroUcN great
ly iutoruMed In tho work that Ih
Imlug donu and expressed them
twdviw ongor to see tho work con
dinted. doing on an extended vacation,
.Councilman O Ileusou Inst night
handed In IiIm n-xlKiiatlon to tlm
mayor mid council, to take, effect
at once. Upon recommendation of
Council .MePhorson, 0. A, Ilaydeu
wan iioinliialed and elected to fill
I ho vacancy created hy Mr. Ilcuson.
1'ollowlng n conforenco yesterday
with Mayor Kasteri, a commltten of
tho Womon'M Civic loaguo expressed
lUolf IIH lieltlg lICHlrOUH Of HOIIH) llll-
inodlato Improvement of tlm nowly
Mciiulred city park .property. In
order that thin roaucat ho ontpllml
with, Mayor liisteH madn tlm fol
lowing appointment!) on tho tem
porary City of lloml Park hoard:
tho typohar ayhtum,
carriage and oncapo
mont whool or the
WoodHtock with thoHo
or othor typowrltorH
and you will rondlly
undorHtand why tlila
maclilno hoIdH up hot
ter. It lnM Iohh pnrtH,
too which nddH to itn
Tlie Rebuilt Typewriter Company
301 Oak St., Portland, Oregon.
Slightly used Underwoods, Remingtons, L. C.
Smiths and other makes of machines can be had at
casonablc prices.
siiamimiimiiii a iiiiatniniiiiamiiainiauiin!iiiii:iiiiiiKiiaiiiaiia:i:iuaiaHii:::Bn:uiin::ai:uijii'j
Siune price fpr Butter Fut f, o. h. Bend
us is paid 1". o. b. Portland.
Central Oregon Farmers Creamery
"County Judge Muwyor of Des
chuli'H county hud hoiiiii priMiionltlon
of tlm couiuiIhhIoii'h change of pro
ciiiIiiiii and canio with IiIh runuoHtM In
wrltliiu form. J Co nuked for a coin
plullmi of tlm Hiiivny of Tlm Duller
California highway thioiir,h tlm
rouuty and from Iloniu jldgo. to tlm rouuty lluo. AIho for gravel
llui; from tlm Joffentou county linn
to llimil and for grading tho Twiiii-lo-HlHtnrH
Hi'Ctlou of tlm Hond-HlM.
torn road. IMiIb wnro requested for
gfndlng tint Ittjilmonil-HlMtfrn roud
and that tlm ntnto cooperate with
tlm county on tlm Central Oregon
hlKtiway cant of llcnd "
Tlm only Central Oregon bldn con
nldered weiu for tint roiiKtructlon of
four hrldgeM on Crooked river high
way, for $05,775. Tlmy were refer
red to tho Htatn lili;hway engineer.
Mm T A. McCaun, chairman; Mm.
A U'lilHiiinit .It. K Hamilton, A. J
(loggmiH ami Frank Sutherland, the
hiHt named ineiiilier helng rhiilrniuri
of the politic property commltten of
the city counrll.
!,ll'llf Dlll'N.
An ordliiatiro wan paused under
the emergency clause entering tint
luipoiindlug of dogH and Imiimico or
dog license. The onllnaucit pro-vlili-i
for an annual tax of J.t on
male dogs and $5 for female dogs.
Tlm laxcM are now due and collect
able hy tint thlcr or police.
Htroet light were ordetud to ho
liiMlalloil at the following places:
Hcott Htreet and railroad crossing
on Tlm Dalles-California highway,
Went Third and Kcott atiootw. Co
lumhlit and Milwaukee, Columhla
and Jacksonville, Federal and
Kingston. I'nlou and Milwaukee
and Lexington and I'nlou.
The (ounrll voted to allow T. V.
Carton, acting In tho capacity of
chief or tlm tint department, $25
per month during tlm months of
June, July, AugiiHt and Keptemher
for auto upkeep In cleanup work.
IIIIIn Onlertil I'nld.
IIIIIh totaling $3101.58 wero al
lowed, UH rotl() WD.
Following IiIh purchase or the old
Symonn ICO. acre much from Horace
Aldrlrh at a coiiHldoratlon or $15,
000, V. A. Clark, Tlllnmook dairy
man, will hrlug into llcnd a herd or
CO thoroughbred Jeraeyn. moHt or
tho cattle to go on IiIh new property.
The ranch he him acquired In all un
der tlm ditch, with 00 ncrea in al
falfit, and he helloei that It will ho
Ideal for IiIh purpoe. Tlm deal was
cloned today, ,
Mr. Clark coimldeni the llend hoc
Hon to he tlm bent In Oregon, batting
IiIh belief on what he Iiiih heen In
vIhIIh to practically all parts or tho
Mr. Aldrlch In going to Tlllnmook
and uxpectH to rtccuro rami land In
that vicinity.
Put It In Ttin Uullcttn.
BTZVyflKflMftWQ' M
CitpllnllnHofi or Htale llxiliange
(iiM'ti Up IHi(()(l Meiiiorliil
Si-rilrett I'ny Honor to
DendLouell lo HjM-aU.
I'ledlrtlug tho ultimate organiza
tion ot a national exchange, K. J.
Lowell, mtmter of the National
Orange, uddreHited delegate to the
Oregon Htatn Orange ronventloii, In
whhIoii here. on Friday Ho
explained tlm coopeiatUe Hynlem at
It Iiiih worked out In hN lionnj Mate
or Now Vork. W. J. ThompHon,
ineiiilier of the national executive
committee, npoke along tho mimn
line In iiigaril to tint experleuci-H of
tint Orange In Maine.
Their remnrliH followed the re
pot t or tho commltteu on coopera
tion, In which It wiih ntnled that,
while tint farmer or the nation re
tched $0,000,000,000 laiit eur for
their crop, the comI to the ultimate
roiihiimer wait 513,000,000.000. Ily
cooperation, producer and coiiHiimer
could he brought more cloHely to-
gotlter, It wan miggetited, ellmluat-
lug the uecoftMlty or rehaiidllng by
Hoveral middlemen, blamed for tlm
disparity between producer' and
couHUiuem' pi Ice
i:diange Sloik Token.
In the effort to Increane the capi
talization of the State Otange Co-
operxtlte Kxchauge to JUS, 000. u
total of $0,000 worth of htocl; was
Huhhcrlhed (IiIh morning, mid one
orrer to take $5000 worth wan
made The previous capitalization
wan $5000. It In the ultimate pol
icy or tint Orange to eHtalillaU
lirancheH or tho exchange In all
communltlon whom tho order haH
organized reprettenlatlon.
Tribute to member of tho Ktato
Orange who have died within the
lnnt year, wan paid thin afternoon,
when the almplo hut ImproHitlTO rlt
uallhtlc memorial mirvlco wan held.
Tlioitu who have been called by
death In tho lant 12 inonthH are.
II. K llnyeit, Mm. Sarah Haten, Mm.
Mary Levelling, C. N. I.arkliiw, Jlnt,
Mary l.arkliiH, Mm. Anna Voorhceii,
Mm I N. Hilleary. Mm. Jennlo
Kroneiihcrg, Iigeno Jen no. Mm.
Nettle Jenne. Mm Mll Searcy, C.
A. Hatiley and J. C. Miller.
Tribute Paid Demi.
Ah tho name of each wan called,
a friend from tho ranks of tint as-
When you erect a Silo, you want si Silo thnt will
stand the test of wind, rain, snow, frost and sun.
In the Hollow Concrete Silo Block you obtain this
feature, and besides a concrete block is absolutely
fire-proof. Will not warp when empty. No guy
lines necessary.
Eventually Concrete
Why Not Now?
Kor specifications, write to
Concrete Pipe Co.
Makers of Culvert Pipe, Water Pipe, Irrigation
Pipe, Building Blocks, Hollow Silo Blocks
Well Curbing.
Homhlod OraugorM told briefly of tho
life nnd cltlzcnHliip of tho do
cciiHed, then ntepped forward to
lay a flower on tho attar.
Counting of ballotn cant hint
night Hhowud two otflcoH accorded
to a father and mm it. I. Londy
of Heavertou being reelected mem
ber of tho Htateil executive commit
tee, while IiIh noil, J C. I.oudy, uIho
of Heavertou, wan named amilHtant
Htoward. Charlim Hayn of Port
land Ih the new overneerj-Mrfl. Car
rie KaleH of Antorla wan choflcn oh
Coren and II C Wheeler of I. arm
county and M. ,M. Iliirtnor or I)u
fur worn picked for the leglnlatlvo
committee. In balloting for tho of
flc"H of Flora mid Hecretnry, no
candidate had a majority under tho
find, Hecond and third choice nys
torn In iiMit mid another vole waH
being taken thU afternoon.
At 8 o'clock tonight tlm head of
tho national organisation, Mr. Low
oil, will npouk at mi open xciiHlon
at the gymnuoltim.
I.nle KcnhIoii Held.
Tint flrnt ulglit btiHlncHH bchhIoii
hIiicii the granger convened, began
ycHtcrday evening and (anted until
nearly midnight, with Initiatory cere
inonleH taking up the better part of
tint evening Klxty-elght members
worn admitted Into the firth, or Po
mona degree, while 117 delegate
woro taken Into the nlxth or State.
Orange degree.
Orange, Degree.
Ilallotlng on 10 officer of tho or
der was completed, and a social
hour wuh enjoyed hy tho delegates.
ItcfrcHhmcnts wero senrcd.
Careful Poultrymnn Will Soon Acquire
Habit of Looking for Injurious
On matur fowls, the lice, or their
eggs, can be found between or on the
feathers of the Huff, the soft feathers
nbout the thighs ami rear mrt of the
body, on the underslOe of the long
wing feathers, on top of the head or
among the feathers on the utile of the
thighs. The careful poultryman gets
the liulilt of looking continually for
Prevention It Best Procedure Against
Hawks, Crows, Weasels, Cats
and Other Pests,
Hawks, crows, rat. foxes, hkimks,
weasels, cats, and dogs nre the most
dreaded enemies of the growing chick
en nml eery spring thnunnds of
chicks nre destroyed by them. Pool-tryuu-n
who have given thought mid
attention to the o,uetlon of reducing
the loss due to thee petrf say tho
best method of procedure I gencmlly
preveiitlon. Don't Overlook Little Things.
The young fellour h thinks thnt
little things nrr not worth bothering
nbout stnnds n slim chnnce of ccr
hnvlng any big things to look after.
Illg things grow from little things. Tlm
tallest oak was once nn ncorn. the Durglar to It.
Much sympathy Ih felt for the bur
glars who broke Into n house at llerno
Hill Inst week, Unfortunately for
them the grocer's hill had been pnld
the previous day. Punch, London,
The "U?rne" of Life.
Life Is like a tame of whist. I don't
enjoy the gnrne ruurh, but I like to piny
my cards well and se whnt will !
the end or It- 0rgr Hllof.
Imtpfiriible (mm Hit qooJ limes of mmmer
XWIHUINIial Uie braeh or In Hit imoll Tliott
plrniitnltit Itotiri of gnhlrn Mtimrntr iliim
will lit memitrablt If tour mil rarrlei the
latttl of
These famous swimming
suits are made right al
lowing perfect freedom of
action. They look so well
because the Jantzen elastic
stitch makes them fit per
fectly and permanently.
They are pure wool, fit
snugly and dry out quickly
on the body.
Men, women,
you will finu
size and the smartest
new color combinations in
"Jantzcns" at the good
shops of your city.
children fflE'SB lS I VltJ
your exact flRpBf Rh v" l JSt
wNSi S MnaM 'Si " Out
-- sman m
"C wfmtF JmM
s y mmk
"-" KA-sf-iM rt1
When Things Go
Wrong With
Your Motor-
Next time something goes wrong with yourr
Auto Trector Truck Engine or Motor-
Cycle don't fume
nnd fuss around, changing this thing and that blaming every
one from the manufacturer to tho garago roan.
Bring Your Trouble to Us
Probably it Is iusido where you can't seo It when yqu stand
still you can't hear It but tho minute you start you can feel It.
Perhaps Your Compression Is Bad
l'oor compression in an engine Is caused by- scored or worn
cylinders. It causes more trouble moro annoyance mora
profanity and a greater loss of time, gasoline, oil and monoy
than any othor one- thing.
We Have Equipped Ourselves, to Render Service
Our Marvel Cylinder Ue-borlujc Slachlne So. 5 Is the latest Im
provement for sclentltlcally, Batlatactorily and economically ro
boring engine cylinders, and when wo fit them with Marco
0trU Pistons It makes your cngltw good as now.
Como In nnd see- us let us toll you Just what la tho trouble,
and what it will coat to fix it.
Employing tho highest class
workmen In this department
and tho use ot tho highest
grade materials, our welding
department Is tho most effi
cient In tho city.
Bend Iron Works
Call un on tho phone lUack 711.
Foundry nml Shops on Tho Unlle-s-Californlu Highway.
Central Oregon Garage j
Exclusive Ageiitsjfor Northwest Auto Co, for
Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson Counties
Selling I
Marmon-Cole, Reo and Dort j
Prc FWVilpViftim. Indiana and I
UUU kuv. - w -
The Unpopular Atehool
Plentywood Press "I sneered a
sneere Into Hi nlr, It fell to enrth t
knew not where; but hnrd nnd cold
wore the looks of thoso In whoso Yldn
Ity I snozo." Hoston Transcript
In Cans of h'alntlng.
One day In school tho tencher
nsked us whnt wo would do In enso
of fainting. A pupil quickly nnswered:
"Throw wnter on yourself I"
We are fully equipped to
do all kinds ot light and
heavy blacksmlthlng work.
- - j .
liUUftb 9
V m i I I I
.........Hi,. triiM- rtt . m. "M,!T??VTTff?Tt1TTT?Tf?y?? "?