The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 03, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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Stutq Official i:nnyj)utln nnd
Many Portland, ,-gjyl Iornl
Sport.smcn Rattle With
-.. Gamy Trout.
Elk lake, no miles rrom Rend was
officially established as a tnrccu for
Oregon sportsmen ovor the wook
oud when n party fnnde Up by State
Game Warden A. K. Durghduff. nnu
Master risk Warden Jl. K. Clanton
sampled (he fishing nt that point.
The men, representing state-wide
.angler's Interests, came away with
-tho limit catch and much enthusiasm
for the lake, which Is literally teem
Ing with fish ready to rise to hooks
baited with anything from a piece or
rod flannel to the most attractive of
Men. Between CO and 100 local
fishermen also spent tho double hoi
iday at the lake, a new road to which
lins recently beeii opened by the
United States forest service.
Officials Head Party.
The Portland party came In Sat
urday niorulng and made the trip In
to the mountains In two machines
and a triick. In addition to Clanton
' nnd Ilurgkduff. the group included
Dr. .A. K. Downs, president of the
Sportsmen's league, Paul Farrcus.
president of the Multnomah
Angler's club.J. O. Morris of one of
the principal Portland sporting goods
firms. R. C. Winter, E. A. Franz.of
. Hood River, J. L, Lewis, of Corvallis,
W. C. Rlock. Ben Bolt, D. William
Camnbell nnd Walter Nash. Forest
Supervisor Jacobson, Assistant Su
pervisor Hnrrimnn, National Forest
Inspector If. M, White, Deputy Game
Wardep II. D. McDonald and P. E
Lynes, superintendent of the Tum'
. lo hatchery accompanied them.
The hatchery- nt Lava lake was
madoTieadq.uartcrs for tho visitors,
who returned last night to Portland.
The excursion was concluded with a
big-dinner for 15 last night nt tho
t Pilot Butto Inn.
Kowl Under Construction.
Elk lake is tho largest- egg taking
station In tho 6late' and supplies
many ther .nearby bodies of water
with eastern brook trout and red--sides.
"Nidb million eggea were taken
from" It "last winter and It Is antici
pated the number of frjJ will bo In
creased during the coming season.
Improvement.! on the road now make
It more easy of access and the travel
of -fishermen, to that section will un-do'ubtcdly-'bc
much Jieavier. accord
ing- lb Mr. Clanton. Frequont nur
r?es of snow and a strong breeie
that-ruffled tho surface did not dis
courage tho .fish Sunday and ono
man registered two fish each time
on seven successive casts.
Revenged "
The dlnng qar win rrowrtpd and the
conductor scaled my opposite n man
with iwnom I Jmd quarreled. Acrow
from us,-nt people ybo knew both of
us iwd ulio knew of tho. quarrel, but
tho. supreme inoiuent of eihburrnss
in out for me came when tho waller,
thinking the mnn was my huxhaud,
tool: up both of our check and pre
rented tiem to hliu for payment. Rx-
I Sixty
United States more than double the capital invested
in all other industries. This is the Great Food Plant
of America. Good Banks are part of the power equip
ment of this" plant.
In ten. years this Rank lias endeavored by faithful and efficient
service, to assist the farmers of Central Oregon. Call on us
when in Bend.
ONLY Itl'XS OF oami: COI..
After a five Inning pitchers' duel.
In which Coillim had fanned IV out
of 17 men up. with eight strikeouts
to the credit of Tetherow. Hodmund
won from Bend here yesterday after
noon. 2-0, In the sixth. A crowd
which completely filled bleachers
nnd grandstand, was In nttcuduncc.
with many more who saw the gnmo
from parked cars.
In the fifth. Collins walked
Greenwnld, nnd hit Butler, but the
formor was caught between home
and third; while two strikeouts left
the score board undqeoratcd. In the
sixth, Tethorow was out on first on
Herbert's assist, Lee talked, stole
second, anil Buckmaster's long
throw from left field caught him at
homo when ho attempted to score
on Bobbins' hit. Desnry tapped out
an easy one making first when the
ball was Imperfect! fielded to
second, ndvanclng another notch In
the confusion. Grcenwnld's long fly
alonfc the third base line, cleaned up
the bases and lauded him on second.
Butler struck out.
Only onco during the remainder
of the contest," was Redmond In
striking dlstnnce, when In the ninth,
whon Desnoy hit. but was cut off nt
third on Oreenwnld's grounder. Ilnll
to Slate.
Bend's first hit was contributed
In tho fifth by Byberg. but he went
out at third on Lee's throw. Hull
connected for a safe' one In the sixth
with two down, and Schmidt, who
followed him, filed out to short. The
nearest chance at a score came In
the eighth, when Slate hit with one
down. Buckmaster hit.-and after
rounding first, was caught on hos ro
turn by Meads's throw. Hunnelt,
sent in as a plnch-hltter, fanned.
Tetherow rounded out the ninth with
three straight strikeouts, making a
total of H, as against 17 retired by
The Teams.
Bend Hall, as.; Schmidt, rf,;
Collins, p.; Clifford, c.; Byberg, cf.:
Bruns, lb.; Slate, 3b.; Buckmaster,
If.; Horbert, 2b.; Hunnell, rf.
Dedmond Lee. ss.; Bobbins, 2b.;
Desney, lb.; .Greenwnld. c.; Butler.
rf.; Mend. 3b.: Nell. If.: Hollowny,
ef.; Tethorow, c.
St ore.
Band 0
Redmond 2 3
Pyramids of Egypt
Th Kxypttnii pyntmkU hhmiImt 7A
In alii and entne of Hmmh r-entirely
In ruins. The Krnp of tkt jrtnie-
tures which Is most ImixirtHUt en
tains the Great Pyramid. iihhimI iiImi
Cheots, aftur an Hptiun kins. It Is
built of nbniit 2,Tni).0tKi I .locks ,f toui.
A phlegmatic liisensllilllty Is ns dif
ferent from patience, ns h hhi) from
a harbor. IntnMhe one IihIhIiiuc nut
urally slnkn us: but :f .. arrive tit
the other It is by euewiurliig many
an aiUcrse wind ami rousn uae. with
u more skilful pilot at tin helm than
self, and a compute under la-tier (one
innnd limn ih ikiw'oik. - IUI-vwi
J? , '"-It
if I I ssac ate
D11S dollars is the
the farming
Special liiHtiii'-tlon for Chlldieii nnd
'Women lo Ho Important.
Swimming Instiiuloi- will
(JIo Lesson.
Tho outstanding featuru of tho
summer program of the Industrial
V. M. C. A. will bo nu intensive
piece of organization work commenc
ing Monday for nil children of tho
City under tho Associate Seciotnry,
Miss Klla Dews, Ha'8 Secretary L.
W. Trlckby. This program Includes
basketry, (ruffia work), bendwork,
folk dancing, singing game, volley
ball, basket ball, apparatus work,
and organized games for boys The
schedule will be published latei
Tho Camp Fire Girls will also bo
given special attention and will
probably nttead a summer camp un
der tho enro of Miss Down.
This program will be, open to all
children of the City, whether mem
bers or not. Howover, swimming
classes for both girls and boys, uud
the use of the plungo will be limit
ed to members, until tho school
board Is authorized to mnke an ap
propriation for this purpose, so that
all tho children of tho City may av
ail themselves of tho swimming
program as well as tho play ground
Plujgrouuit Work Feature
Tho playground work will be tho
Y. M. C. A ' contribution to tho
city's children this summer. To
wards the oud of tho season a pa
geaut and children's circus will be
staged at tho gyuinuslum and also
an exhibition of cooking by tho
Camp Tire Girls, raffia and other
work by the younger folks.
Features for tho adult member
ship Includes regular swimming
classes on Tuesday evening for la
dles and Wednesday evening for
men, and every Thursday evening a
social swim for members and
Onco n month n mothers' nnd
daughters' evening will bo held In
tho gymnasium. Twice n month an
open house for mombers," friends,
and tho public Is nchoduled.
The building will be open on Sun
days from 2:30 to 5:30 for men on
, An ' Kvorybody Learn to Bwi"1 '
Campaign" will be organized about
tho ciiil of July u-hon the committee
plans to htlng to town a Rational
swimming oxpert and an opportun
ity will bo given to everybody to
learn tho invaluable art of swim
ming. Water to bo Anal)eil
Tho sanitary supervlijlon of the
swimming tank will be jmder tho
care of" Dr. A Lesslng. At regular
InUrvnls analsls of tho water will
be mndn and pnlillshed.
Tho oxporlmout of having a com
petent woman giving her full time
to tho woman's dopartmriut and
playground work Is u!ho being mndo
at Payette, Idaho, and other places
nnd If successful, will be made u
pormanont foaturc In cities of this
size. A ladles' auxiliary will bo or-
7&EJZZ2 namaLZ
investment in
business iri the
gnnlxed to cooperate with Miss Dews
In promoting tlilH work,
Tho committee, of muimnemont is
nuxloun that everybody In the emu
intipliy will Indicate, approval .nf
this pioginm for the children by
taking membership uud becoming
actively Identified with the organi
zation.. Donation or endowments
tu the general work of the organise,-
tlou are also Invited from persons
or organizations. In a position to Tvo
so, In order that tho work iiuiy lie
developed lo larger proportions.
Geiluml lloi-ueu Finds Prices 'In
Former Homo Sky-High, Ho
Reports In Letter.
A few muntliH ugo Gerhard Hor-
gon left Bond for a visit at his for
mer homo In Norway. Ho Ik now
in Christiana and In a letter just
received In Bend ho speaks of the
high cost of living In terms that
'Amorlcaus can appreciate.
"Tho times here nio very good,"
ho writes, "but everything Is high.
Lumber ban advanced In price some
thing like 1200 per cent sluco I
was home, visiting, 14 yiwrn ago.
and it Isn't lumber at that, montly
kuots. If 1 had my Oregon tim
ber hop) now I would bu a million'
aire In a short while.
"Tho working day here Is eight
hours all around. Wages range
from H up. A loaf of bread costs
25 cents. Potatoes are G cents a
pound; eggs, 11.20 n dozen; flour.
$G u suck; rice, 30 cents a pound;
sugar, :u. to -to cents a pound; nnu
good apple from Hood Rler costs
IS to 20 cents; American lard Is
r. cents u pound; cheese, $1.00 to
$2.10 a pound; fresh meat. SO to GO
"I think tho pcoplo are getting
mora extravagant. They don't
seem lo care what tilings cost, so
long as they get them.
"Tho Norwegians, ns a whole,
have about tho samu Idea of tho
kaiser as wo Amorlcaus do. There
aro somo Norwegians hero toduy
who became multimillionaire!! dur
ing the war, and thoy think the
kaiser all right, because ho started
tho war. This kind of people we
have all over, of course
"1 reud lu the paper hero the
other day thnV Airs. Wilson . was
running tho White House, congress,
senate, nnd tho Whine country."
Thill) .Miles a (inlloii Aterage l)iir
log' Drltif Through California,
' Hn T. H. Foley.
That his 'travel over the paved
highways of California converted
him to the cause of hdrd surfaced
roads, Is the declaration made by
T. II. Foley, of llend; on his ruturn
from a 2Q1C mile trip which had
Tla J nana an Its southorn objective.
Driving a Chovrolej car, Mr Foley
made an average of 30 miles to tho
gallon while on the California high
ways, us against 18 or 20 qn tle
robds-of Central Oregon. "I believe
tho saving on Katiollno alone, to say
nothing of tho dlffprohcn In wear
and on tires and the car In gen
eral Is worth the extra cost of the
paved road," ho declared.
No accident marred the trip, and
while on tho hard-surfaced high
ways, Mr. and Mrs, Foley took turns
driving, making mora than 300 miles
a day with no difficulty.
Tho drlvo through Orunge county,
Mr. Foley described uh tho most
beautiful part of tho entlrn tour.
Orungo and lomon trees, 1n full
bloom lined the road for miles. Tla
J nana, ho, asserted, has been greatly
pver-rated. "Tfs nothing but a
dirty holo," ho said.
Normal l' of fliiKullun Can
Ilesiimnl After 10 Weeks More,
Hays W. It. Hpeck.
If a policy of conservation of, gas
oline Ih carried out during tho noxt
10 weeks, normal uso of gasoline
can bu rosumed, declares W. R.
Hpeck, local munagor for tho stand
ard Oil Co. Tho shortage which has
boon experienced hero recently, ho
says, Is only temporary, and u now
process of refining which will bo put
In use lit' tho voiy near future will
result lu a greater production of
gasoline from a given amount of
crudo oil thun Is now possible,
Gusolino proflteors nro being cut
off by his company as rapidly as
they can bo located, Mr. Speck
('. Ham Smith, Resident of Central
I ((rcftnu Sluco IH7.1, Slrlrkeu
' While Woi king on llauih.,
m'arA linn Just been neriwsl lure
of the death ut his ranoh nour Pfltio
vljlo, of C. Hum Kiultli, nuod 01
yearn, pioneer umldout of Central
Qregoii. He Is Survived byhU lto,
n brother, Junius Smith, of Rami, a
son, Henry, residing lit tho ranch
home, nnd u daughter, who ha been
summoned from the ast to attend
the funeral services uhluli hr Mt
for Friday, lu Prlnnvlllo.
v'Mr. Smith was stricken with up.
opleiy while working lu tho fleldH
Hut unlay, and was found u short
time afterward by his sou uud taken
to thojiouso. He did ant regain
qonfcluuMiytm before his death,
which occurred Sunday.
With his brother, Jnmo. Mr.
Smith came in 1H75 lo Central Ore
gon, where ho has teidded eer since
with tho exception of Hire eurs
spent lu llenton count
of Ex-service man
' .
llonullfiil Floral Tribute Mmli In
IMdcm-e at Sen Ices for l.'rne-l
II. Fuller Tottn).
Friends Who filed the- Methodist
church practically to rapacity at
tended tho services held last Thurs
duy for Krnest II. Fuller, whose
death occurred early In the Meek.
Rev J. Edgar I'urdy, puMor of the
church dellwred tho ser
mon, and Interment was inudo at
LMIot lluttu cemetery.
Many of llioso lu atlohdunce wore
members of I'erey A. Htetun Pout',
Amerlcuii Legion, lo which organi
zation Mr. Fuller belonged, and pall
beurers In uniform wnro from tho
post, two each being nhosen fronH
each of the three brnnchen of the
service Beautiful floral tributes'
Were massed about the csskrl.
(Continued from pngo t.t
J. Stuck, of Portland, waa Introduced
to the convention, urging holders of
government securities not to H.
but rather to buy mora If pfwwlblo.
No formal action Mas tk on the
roquost. . .
C K. Hpeuro of Or-m CH. Mr-
Cdtfded hluiMlf yet'pln sa Mtl
of the Oregon Statu Qrhge wd
llnrrey O. 8tnrkwnuthr"lif ClacM-H
finas county sustained M foTi1 de
feat In less than two k time
when tho canvassing fM.iiiiitU- of
vtho Grunge convention In session
here, anuounrod a dvcUlie main UT
;hls afternoon In favor of Mr
Hpynci; who will servo for two eiir
C. I). Huffman of La Grande, was
'the third candidate for tho position
us head of the stutu organization
Mis Mlnnlo K. IJond of Kugono was
re-elected for a twu.year term uu
Lecturer ovor Htarkweather and
C. J. llurd, of DouglbH county.
M. C. Olovcr of Raring. Las no oppo
sition for stowurd, T. R. A Solwood
of Milwaukee, was tinuulmously
cohsen chaplain, and ('. ii Dow or
Astoria, was tho only candidate for
The now system of Htatowlde bal
loting indicating first, second, and
third cholcu for a given office receiv
ed its tryout and reunited In failure
to elect overseer, secretary, uiid
member of the executive committee,
no majority being polled Delogatotf
balloted on nominees for tht-bo potii
(Ions and for officers of lower rank
Watn't Quits Fteady for Ride.
As Hie farm where we stayed Intf
iiimiier wuh out nf the beaten track
f atitonioblh'H. Hobby was both curl
im and iifruld of our ear when we
1,1m' there. At IlrM nothing "'d In
lure him to Hike a rldo InMt. After
ill" of our urgliigs to Just sit In It, he
irew his seveu-yeiir-old sister (who
ermuil was not iifruld n tho car)
Vwn to lilm mid whUpered In n i0!1
i.-lmis iniinner: Toll those people
leu I get older uud tamer I'll
i ltd ibein"
Wheedllno a Lion.
Lions nro not tempted, like other an
Itniils, to strict ohedlcngo to their,
trainer's comiinilds bytio offer of
luscious foods, I'ractlrnlly every mil
inal but the lion Is taught to do wlmt
Is wanted by giving It u rewind ewry
lime It does It or makes an effort to,
either a lump of sugar or a vegotiihlu
or a bit of ibh or some oilier I lung
of which It Is fond, This Is Impossible
with tho lion, ns It, cats only ment uud
Is only allowed a certain amount of
Unit. Tills increases the djfllculty of
tho Hon tamer,
. .Mr. Rnjnii Know unit .Mis. W'lV
llum lli tick, of Cii'Hcoiit, hao tint
record for being the first women to
iillinli Walker Mountain thlii yeajj
They were aiicoinpauled by Mrt
Know, forest uuiger lu the Frescom
district, Tho tmcenl took (wo hour! k
uud 10 minutes, and Mrs. Snow, wlib
with lior husband was lu llend ye"ff
tcrdny, (pints Hint thuie Ih stilt
much snow on tint summit.
At least 1!U0 Portland Hportsmuu
spout .Sunday uud Monday on the
Deschutes river, slopping ut poind,
all along between The Dalles and
Rend. This was pi nimbly the laiKnst
number that has roiuu ucross tint
mountains to spend u week-end In
the canyon Train accomodation
were iiltnoit Impossible to nrraiiKo
for as a eoiibeiiueuce.
Hell jour poultry through Hultetln
rlntilflnl adt.
Wnit to buy tiny, use Hulletln rln.
slflrxt nd.
0UlrU Itrriuinii rnt iwr uiw I'l
trnU for SO MurtU or Im, Un 'n . r
woril for nil otrr 10. All cltulflri Jt.rtUln
ilridlr twh In rtnt
il -T--X -MM.M
FOR HALF. Fresh milk rows
V. .1. Alt, Vi miles north of
Reud on Ku alley ditch. Phono
1$F2 f.3-I2.13p
While Leghorns. Heavy winter
layers, mated to Tuncred cocks, of
S30-2C0 ngK strain. It 50 pur 1C. H.
O. It I Reds, mated to high clai
cockerels from prim wlnnlun stock
12 for IS One third cash ulth order,
balance on delivery.- Horstottor's
Poultry I'niin. Tutunto. 97-." Itfc
PASTIRK Wanted, cattlo lo pas
ture. 11. SO per mouth. 000 ucrurt
fine river mdow. Write W. H. H.
Williams. Rend. Ore. 9 l-I.t-ir.p
PAKa'l'RK Wanted cattlo to pa-
tore, 1 1, B0 per niohth. 000 acre
fine river meadow. Aildress W. H.
II. Wllllami, llend, Ore IH-S-Klp
FOR RKNT Block r.ilirh UU
, plenty of water pumped by wind
mill and gasoline englnu. Lots of
out rang Write K, care Rulbdln.
FOR SALK Registered HoUtelu
bull calf. Uargnlu. Pure bredj Du-
roc Jere boar. 1 1 months old.
Phone U:& ll.-nd P (' Hurt C6-I lp
riwl (Hiiai. to aoios. 7 miles from
Ri-nd. 10 acre plowed 115 aeres trees
pulled,! house. Ilox .18 Reud.
Ore ci II 18r
An impalpable pow
der, antiseptic and
.A foot powder.
Rorozin ,
A dusting powder for
the baby. v
A toilet p o w d e r,
soothing to tse skin,
after 'exposure to sun
or wind. You will
appreciate it most im
hot weather .On sale'
Pharmac y
' $ i