The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 03, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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nKNnOTiiiKriN,.Kmp, oimwon,, THqiwpAv, .tunk n, 1020.
Lljl1,V. . J f'r ' 'i .
4 r 1..I I. .I !,.. ..I. .1.1 -
Him KrnnclHco,
r 15. (1. Rourk of Crwtcuiit was In
jio city Wednesday.
' Charlim Erlohson tool th oven
'in; triitti for' I'oitlunil.
Mr. JiiuU Hill linn nrrlvod (n
llond from Minneapolis.
Ell WIIhoii of )J rot horn I tran
sacting litiHlmmit In Bond today.
Otto Jtihnxoii. of the Silver Lnl.e
"Vetlon, wan In Bond yesterday on
din way to Portland.
0. V. Ilnlviirnoit, a ritttuhor of tlilH
suction, lofl for Poillaiid Inst nlf:lit
to Hpoml a fow ilayn.
W. II. Daggett, pronilnDiit attor
ney of Iti'dmouil. I In tho city to
day on legal IiiihIiii'hh.
Korunl Hupervlnor N 0. Jticohnon
(of iho Dimoliutim nntlonul forest Is
on an official trip to Medfurd.
,Mmh Dorln Foster k'ft for Eugene
'Ifist nlKlil to attoiul till) siimmer
school session nl thu rnlvorsliy of
J. L. (latlmr, local munitger for
tliti 1'nclflo Telephone fc Telegraph
company, left for 1'rltnivlllo this
Mrs. (Icrirudo Mint, who Iiiik Ih.miii
visiting In Cun (ml Oregon for lh.
past two mouths, loft for Iit homo
After u two weeks' vacation, Miss
Ireno Ronoy took hrr plnco ut tin,
board of (lit) local telephone offlco
this morning.
Minn llonslu Baker of Bohr, IiIu
Iio, U vfnltfiiK her sUtor, Mr L. C,
Mile. Hlto will ivmuln In Bend
during m miiniiief, , ,
, MIhh Mnzol Johnnon of .Oakland,
Col, formerly of (IiIh city. Isin
llond, vliiltlruc with her parents, Mr.
and Mr. T. A, Johnson.
II, K. Vox, mi nniployw of the
KhuvllnOIIxon mill, In Uiklrnj a two
.wfjokV vacation In tlw Willamette
valley, vliiltlmi his imrotitH,
Mr, Helen Humor, formerly of
th'i l.itudor department store, Hault
Htt, Muflfl, Mich., hail accepted n
podltlon with Mntiuhelmor Bros.
Tlio Ilupltot Women' union will
hold lift rogulur Ijuslfiosn meeting
Thursday nftftrumiu nl tho homo of
Mr. II. K.-Nonleen, 230 Newport.
Mombnrn of tho Prnjibytorlan
l.adols' guild will hold n meeting
tomorrow afternoon it t the homo of
Rev. II. C. Ilartinnft. on Louisiana
W. B. Hoitllit, SOU Of V.. K. 11(1X119,
deceased, h nitliriiliu: to IiIh homo
in HiiohomlHh, Wnhliu:ton. iiflcr
cloHlni: up tho IiiihIiiohm loft by hi
fatliur ut I,a Pino.
Aftor u thri'o montliH' vlnll with
hot brolhur, W. It l!eiidrHon, of
Ilnd, MIhh llnriilco l(ondtron, of
Whlti-flHli. Molilalia, Hthrtml thlx
mornlnK for hnr lioinr.
Mr and Mr. C. I. Muiiilnn nnd
child, who Imvo for p.iHt (wo wook
lcon vlHltlnit Mr. Mundnn'n parent,
A. A. Mundon, lefi Innt nl;ht for
tlmlr homo In Portland,
John ThompHon, rAnchcr Jn tho
fillyor Iko dltrlct, tnrt"d Int
nicht on a bunlin-HH trip lo Salt
!nkft, Iio I contempbtloR, a Irado
for a ranch In Utah for hltf proparty
tit Silver l.uko.
i .J -j
Mr, Albert !lodnn,nnd two nonrt',
Anton and Cloo, loft lat iilcht for
Hoattlo to npond n fow day with
Mm, Iledon'N dtor, before koIiir to
Hnkiitcho wun, whom thuy oxpuct to
romnln dtirliiK tho Hummor.
. Mr, nrjd Mr, C. JC, Halo, of Ku
Rono, who were called to llond re
cently by tho critical lllnowi of their
on, I), C, Hnle. rclurilcd to their
,homit liiHt ulclit. Tho on I report"
to bo entirely out of dnntfor.
,Mr, nnd Mr. J, J. WohlonhiirK
returned Hutnluy from their trip lo
Monterey 'Hay, Cal. "A moro beau
tiful and denlrublo place to upend
ono'n vacation would, In my opin
ion, bo hard to find." wild Mr. Woh
lonburK. Jokho K. Kcoll and Minn Alice
ICappliiilin, both of tho HlHlem coun
try, were united In marrluKo In
llond yeMordoy by Judno T, 13. J,
Duffy, Mr. Kcott I a runchur In
tho vicinity of Hlntem nnd Mr.
Kcott, who ha been touching thoro
illirliiK tho paHt year, Ik from Ta-conia
II lila '
Plaid Jaffetas
00 inches wide. Fine
qualities. $3.50 values
JJO-in. heavy Silk Hroud
cloth Shirting. Regular
price IH.fl 0
Special $2.89
Figured Georgettes
40 inches wide, beautiful
$4.95 grW $3.90
$3.95 & $3.25
Silk Poplins
A fine :U!-inch cloth in
twelve colors
Special $1.69
Wool Satin Skirt Patterns
Beautiful exclusive patterns for Sport Skirts
40-in. Countess Satin, 1 1 yard patterns, $12.50
40-in. Countess Satin, 2 yard patterns, $14.00
40-in. Fari-Ta-Si Satin, 2 yard patterns, $17.90
36-in. Sport Satin, 2 1-2 yard patterns, $14.00
Dress Silks in Pattern Lengths
A beautiful selection and no two alike-Radiums
Fleurettes nnd Foulards, 40 inches wide. Regular
values $4.50 a yard
5-Yard Pattern-Special', $18.50
6-Yard Pattern-Special, $23.75
... II If ! p. I.IIU W .11 ! "'" ' '"" " ' '"""' " ' '
' When It's Silks, V.e trivo to Please
O...IN.. Kfrli.niliu. Al Pnntll.ff Prir.
At Pppult Pricti
Mt. and Mr. Charle
pent Kundiiy In Culver.
W. It. WIlkliiHon loft for KlRln,
Oregon, lant nlRht.
Mr. and Mr. C. A. liuuck pcnt
Kunday with friend In I'rlnevllle.
II. J. Overturf, Jr., went to Hood
ftlver Honda to v4lt with relative.
Mr. Donifl Carmody loft Sunday
iiIkIH for a fow week vIhII with
frlond In Portland.
Mr. nnd Mr. C. A, Kbcrly wcro
IMiMoiiKcni on tho Sunday mornliif;
train for Hood Itlver.
C. I Dorian loft Kunday mornlnr.
to attend a convention of itiHuriinco
URont at Knit Iiko City.
Klmor NIrwohroo of Portland,
formerly n riuildont of Jlcnd, I In the
city thl weok on buslnewi.
Marino Lnngittoii, of Portland,
pcnt the week end In tho city, n
Kuont of Ml I.aurn Zeluler.
H, Kromiin and wife, of Mllwau-
klo, Oregon, ara nmoiiR tho delegate
illtendlnR tho OranRo convention.
ItnV. J. KdKac Purdy went to
Prlnovllio Sunday to conduct ncrvl
cc la the MathodlKt church there.
Ml Kvclyn .Carlson and MIhs
Ida Ilcnnon left lant nlclit for Minn
capollH to pqnd tho lummer month.
Ml Kthcl Kmery. of Portland.
wiih In Hond Sunday on her way
home, after n short May in Silver
Ml KuKeuIn Ilrandon spent tho
weok end ut tho homo of Mr. and
Mr. W. K. McCormlck, of Dc
chuto. Mr. U. Ij, Shobcrt. Miss Cindy
'Audrlnn nnd Mnf, M M. Foster, of
Itodmond, spent Saturday in Hondd
Mr. II. P. Holme, who ha boon
vlsltlnc her daunhtcr. Mr. It. 'J.
McCluro, left last nl;ht for her home
In Ashland. ..
ruipl UucklnRham, who has been
attendlnR school In Itosoburg, re
turned home for an extended vaca
tion last night.
W, F.,Arnolj wljo wah In tho nayal
service darihetho wnr,camo in sun-
dnymornlar on hi way to his for
mer noma 'if La Pino.
rMrv ffory Bylycator, of Prlnovllld,
rciurnea nomo waiuruay nignt Alter
spending'' a wcok In llond with her
niece, Mr. J. H. Carter.
Olga Dickson, elRht-ycar-old niece
of Mrs. Earl Wright, left last Sun
day night for a summer vacation
with relative In Portland.
Mr. J. Corliss, of Opal City, who
ha boon visiting at tho homo of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Charloa Ilurleaught of this
city, left for hor homo Saturday ev
ening. Mis Enid Knrnsworth and Mrs.
Stella Ilrookn loft Sunday night for
Snn Francisco. Mrs. Ilrooks will
mnko California her homo for tho
Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl Johnson ' loft
Baturduy night. Mr. Johnson will
visit in tho east nnd Mr. Johnson will
romnln in Portland a fow days on
Aftor spending Saturday la llond.
Miss Ellraboth For, denn of womeni
nt U. of 0 left Sunday morning fonf
Kntorprlso to attend a women's clul
After a six wcokH visit with her
dnughtar, Mr. W, Q. Manning, of
this city, Mrs. F. 0. Mills loft for
hor homo at Spirit Lnko, Idaho, Sat
urdny night,
Mr. nnd Mr. J, W, McDonald nnd
Mr. nnd Mth, L. 0, Davidson loft
Sunday night for Aberdeen, Wash.,
whero they will remain 'during tho
summor months. ,
Walter Coombs loft Sunday night
for Tho Dalles, whoro ho will moot
Mrs, Coombs who has boon in Port
land, and will drlvo n now llulck
buck to that city.
L. KaBpor, who for tho past four
months has boon employed at the
Cnshnmn clothing storo, loft Sunday
night for Soattle, Wash,, whoro ho
linn aocopted n position.
Miss Hochullo Uudolph andtMIss
Vora Thorbua stnrtod last night for
Dorkoloy, California, to nttond sum
mer school,. They will teach during.
' in pun
jvivmvi ftV-i m k
The response to our 20 Discount Sale on Meny Suits
and Ladies' Ready-to -Wear Garmehts has ben Very
We are starting this week of the sale with the realization
that our sale to reduce the cost of clothing is causing the
"almighty dollar to stage a "come back" performance.
It's buying power returns during this remarkable uit 'and
Clothing event. -
MEN We want to sell 100 Suits during this sale., In
order to do this we have made these reductions
Men's and Young Mens Sirits
All Men's $70.00 Suits now 5G.OO
All Men's $05.00 Suits now. $52,00
All Men's 8G0.00 Suits now $48.00
AH Men's $55.00 Suits now '$44.00
All Men's $50.00 Suits now j. $40.00
All Men's $37.50 Suits now $00.00
Men's Holeproof and Inter-Woven Hosiery
selling at less than today's wholesale prices-
50c, GOc, 05c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25
Our Entire Stock of Ladies
Suits at 20 off
A good assortment to make your
selections yet remains.
A Small Lot of Ladies' Sport Coats
aL 20 off.
Silk and Lingerie Waists, 20 off
Attend This Sale and Profit by the
Savings Today! ,
' i'
tho coming year in Honolulu.
'B.-C. 8hevlln. of The Shovlin-Hlx-
on Co., left for his homo In Minne
apolis, Minn., after a throo duy vUtt
to this city. T. A. McCann accom
panied him as far as Portland.
Mrs. Ethel Kirkman Kirk of this
city, has Just received word of the
destruction of tho ninq room bunRa
low on her form neur Corvallls Tho
building was valued at $7000, but
was fully covered by Insurance.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Kenneth Sawyer re
turned to Uend this morning from a
monthss trip to tho cast. During
their absence thoy visited Mr. Saw
yer's old home at Shelby. Ohio, go
ing also to Buffalo and Niagara
Arriving In llond Wednesday to
tnko up residence on her ranch near
hero, Mrs. M. Kaln received news
Saturday that necessitated her im
mediate return to Scattlo. It is her
intention to return to Bead In a fow
M. T, Honey, of Portland, who has
been In Central Oregon tho past two
wookB Investigating the stockraislng
prospects In this section, returned to
his homo Saturday night. Mr. Honey
reports a favorable Impression of
Central Oregon.
MIm Bonnlo Scrtbner, Instructor
In music In tho Bend public schools,
nnd Miss Oeorgla Watson who haB
been visiting Miss Scribner the past
two mouths, left for their home in
Colorado, Saturday night. Miss
Scrlbnor will roturn next year.
J. Klllott, his daughter, Mildred,
and Miss Itoao Ilunnoll, will drlvo to
Senttlo, loaving hero Wednesday.
Thoy expect to return by way of
Crator lako. Mr. and Mrs. Qeorgo
Wilson will roturn with thorn from
Vancouver, Wash., and spend tho
summor In Bond.
B. O. Trotter, who for tho past
fow monthB haB boon a resident of
Sisters, loft Saturday night for Ray
mond, Wash., whoro ho will accopt
n position with tho Sunsot Lumbor
Company. Mrs. Trotter will remain
two wooks with Mr. and Mrs. A. C,
Trottor of this city, beforo joining
hor husband.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Nichols, ac
companied tho body of Mrs. Nich
ols' daughtor to Portland Saturday
night, whoro fuuoral services und in
tormont took placq Sunday. Mr.
Nichols is roturntng to Bond tho
early part oftho woek, while Mrs.
Nlohols oxpocta to remain In Port
land during tho 'summer.
Miss Lucille F. Saunders, of Tho
Orogonlnn, arrlvod Sunday mornng
for a visit with frlonds. Wallo, heo
Miss Saunders will mako trips to
scenic nnd other interesting spots
In this froctlon to gather material for
newspaper articles on Central Ore
gon. Miss Sounder was formerly a
member of The Bulletin staff.
C. V. Dudrcy. owner of tho Curtis
airplane that aided In the entertain
ment of the guests who attended the
stockmen's convention held last week
at Burns, was In Bond Saturday on
his way to Portland. Mr. Dudrey ex
pects to return to Central Oregon In
tho early part of July and will stop
at Bend for'an exhibition fllghtv
Mlsa Flora Fay Carr, librarian at
The Dalles, is a guest of Mrs. J. W.
Morrison on W'ost Third street.
Mr. and Mr, E. C. Shovlin, of
Portland, have arrived In Bend, and
aro the guests of their son, Crosby
Mrs. J. O. Whitaker and nephew.
Dick Dunn, leave tonight for Cor-
vallls, whero 'ey will visit for a
short time.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eastea and Mr.
and Mrs. E. Pearl started late this
morning on a two day fishing trip
to Elk Lake.
Miss Mabel Lorenco, instructor in
tho Bend hjgh school, left last ulght
to spend some tlmo in Monmouth
with relatives.
F. W. Weber, principal of tho La
Pino school tho past year, will start
tonight for Grcsbam, Oregon, to
spend tho summer with his parents.
He intends to teach in Washington
next year.
Jack Horton, of tho forest service,
drove a truck Into Big Springs, on
tho Sparks Lako road yesterday.
The road Is now under construction,
and Mr. Horton reports driving ex
tremely difficult.
Harvey McKonzto weat to Port
land last night.
Miss Nan Reavls started last
night for Scattlo to. Bpond tho next
12 days with hor mother.
W, P. Loo, until rocontly passen
ger conductor on tho Oregon Trunk,
Is now road niOBtoC in Bend.
Mrs, Fred A. Woelflon loft last
night for San Francisco to visit
sovornl wooks with her mother.
Miss Hazel Noll!, who has bqcn
teaching hero during tho past school
year, left last night. (or SeatHo,
Mrs, J. M. Kplley (a back from
Entorprise, where- sho haa boon vis
iting her daughtor, Mrs. Susld Ql-
Miss , Olianna Olsou and Miss
Flora ' McCorkJo of (ho faculty of
tho city schools. BtaMt fast night
for Scatte.
Merlo Moorer beaii at. the 'manual
training departmental, the Bend
schools, left last night tb spead 'a
fow days In Seattle.
G. Benson and family start to
morrow on a trip to Southern Cali
fornia by Ford. Thoy expect to bo
gono seTcral months. "
Miss Frances Carson, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. A, J.
Astracher of Uenif, left last night
for hor home at Ponder "River, Wyo.
Nina and Lena Dyer of" Terrc
bonno, who have been visiting Mielr
sister, Mrs. O. C. Cunningham, in
Bend, returned to their home last
E. D. Harris .for tho nast-elght
months operating a uarbcribop on
Wall street, has sold btlt to J.
Steringer of Tacoma! He left for
Portland this morninir.
Mrs. F.' E. Studebaker and her
two children, Robert and Helen, loft
last night for Spokane, whero Mrs.
Studebaker will visit her parents
during-Urn-next month.
Mrs. A. H. Vaughan of Baker
who has been visiting her motbor,
Mrs. T. E. Trotter, In ,thia city,
left last night for Eugene, whero
she will be tho guest of .her sister
beforo returning to horhomc.
Mrs. Carl A. Johnson and sou,
Paul, will leavo tonight- foe Dwluth.
Minn., to spend tho summer with
relatives. Mr. Johnson expects to
join them In Juno anil will ac
company them on tho return trip to
Bend. '
Cntantuil Deafness Cannot Ho CutmI
by local applications ns thoy cannot
reach the diseased portion of tho ear.
Thero is only one way to euro
Catarrhal DeafuesH, and that is by n
constitutional remedy , HALL'S
the Blood on tho Mucous Surf&cn.t
af tho System. Catarrhal Denfnosa
is caused by tm Inflamed condition
of the mucous lining ot the Eustach
ian Tubo. Wheu tho tube is In
flamed you hnvo a rumbling sound
or Imperfect hearing, and when It la.
entirely closed, Deafuesa is tho ro
sult, Unless tho Inflamatlon can bo
reduced and this tubo routored to Its
normal condition, hearing may bo
deatroyod foretor. Many cases of
donfnesa aro gauged, by Catarrh,
which ia an fn.tln;nud condition ot tho
Mucous Surfaces.
any casq ot Catarrhal- Deafness that
cannot bo cured) by HALL'S
All Druggists 75c Clrcularifreo,
F. J Cheney & Co., Tohulo.'.'Ohlo.
Put, it ia Thu