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The bend bulletin.
. - &
VOL. .Will
No. tl.
Long Program of I.i-kUIhI loti Iter.
oiium-mlnl li)' Hlatc Minder 0.
I.'. Hprnro In lll Annual
Kully 500 delegates urn In atten
dance ut tho niininil convention or
tho Oregon State Orange, which
opened Ihuo on Tuesday. U was an
nounced this noon by Mnator (J. B.
Bpencu nl tho clone of tlit morning
aoaalon, which was devoted exclu
sively to passing oii rrodentlnla.
With thin preliminary work com
pleted, attuullug coiiimllloea woru to
!)! apiiolnlml this afternoon, und thn
roporlK of officer liourd Wednesday
I not for the? election of rifflconi.
Tho convention In tho 47th meeting
of tho kind hold hy tho Orange In
Work N Outlined.
lu outlining miillonc of atatowldo
Importance which uro expected to
comi) before tho convention, Mr,
Hpenco declared Ihut considerable
tlmo would undoubtedly bu given
to various policies hinging on cooper
ation In tho viirloim Mubordlnato nod
t'otnoun Orange, nod ttiul In addi
tion recommendations for leglala
tlou on ii numbor of vital qucatloni
will ho debuted. Chief among thciio
will bo mi nuto llcomia luw providing
nn upward revision with especial
reference to tho larger, hlghor
powered ram, atato Inromu tnx
w, uud a land registration law
based on that now in effect lu Canndn
and nlmlnit at the eventual elimina
tion of the nbatruct business. Mr.
Hpeuco ulo ukprctH to bring up thu
, question of Inltlutlng hydiu-eloc-trio
dlatrlot-Inw. providing for or
ganization to dovolop electric power
, on much tho snmo plan as tho irri
gation district, and will ask action
on u recommendation for nn antl
" discriminatory law basing prices on
factory coat, and protecting local
producers from prlco cutting by com
"'potltors wIioko gooila nro ahlpped III
from otUHldo point. A law to do
uwuy with gumo wardens, placing
tholr work on county oftlclala, and
unothor aiming at alight chnngoa In
tho Inltlatlvo irtirt referendum, .will
lit all' probability alao ho dlacuaacd.
filow Ohm III HtYongtlion Vlnnts,
IteporlH Deleguto lo Hqtinw
Cn-c-k DUtrlrt .Meeting.
1 .1. It. Minor and II. II. DoArmond
Attended the regular meoilng of tho
delegates of tho Hquaw Creek Irrl
Kutlou District, held it Slstoru last
night. An approximation of 4,000
acres lu under iilfnlfn In tho 8U
torH aectlon thin roiiooii, notliwlth
atundnlg tho apparently lato spring,
nnd It Is gonorally conceded, no Mr.
Minor reporta. that tho crop Is lu
better condition thlH year than It
has lioon for two hoiisoiiii provlous.
Thlu year tho growth hiui boon com
paratively slow, muklng tho plant
aturdy and preventing tho cold
ulghta from affecting It bh thoy havo
In yonrt puHt. Tho entlro tonnngo
Tnliiod on tho 1,000 acres will be
conuunied In that soctlon, says Mr.
Minor. Soverftl of tho largest stock-
1 valaora havo planned tho building of
hIIob in tho coining fall. It lu
generally believed by tho roalrtontn
of Unit dlBtrlct that thoro will be nn
ahundauco of water t tho tlmo It Is
' most noortod, during tho summer,
owing to tho slow molting of tho
aaow1 la tho mduntnlna. ' ,
HitoiiiI Will) I'ioiii Heorgo It, Iturtt
, Cooperation -Reply of
fera Opportunity to Hpeitk
Hoforo Hiialncivi Men.
Tlio objection of tho farmers of tltv
Torrebonno Hoction to tho Iniporln
tlou of JiipunoNit laborera, uud the
support glv,en (Ilia position hy tho
Ilond Commorclal club In bringing
lettera of commendation from , many
atictlona of tho atato. Incidentally
It Iiiin brought about tho discharge
of tho guard at tlio (luorgo I. llurrl
holding In tills county, who, accord
ing In tho reports of farmers from
that aectlon, waa hlrod lo protect
thn Jupmioan polalo growera
lu ii lelcgram to tho Commercial
club announcing thin atcp, Mr. Hurrt
aiiya: "No roaaou why you should
not cooporato with uh. Positively
not our Intention to colonize Jap
anese on our land In Central Oregon.
Wo Have flvo men there mid don't
iiitmiil tn brine unv more until we
can come to aomo doflnlto under
atnndlng with farmers ns well n
btiHlnoaa mun."
llurrl lutlfnl lo NMiik.
Definitely outlining tho club's po
sition on tho question, u wlro In re
ply to thla communication waa die
patched toady by D. (J. McPlwraon,
president of tho club. "Tho Hend
Commorclal clb atanda with tho far
mem of this aoctlon In oppoilng hot
tlemcint of land by Jnpaneae, and
will uao evory effort to prevent It."
he said. "If you or your associates
care to put your position In the mat
ter buforo tho club, will be glad to
hnvo TO" do no. Plr-nao notify ua
whon you wish to he heard."
Typical of tho loiters commend
ing tho aland of thu Ilond bualuess
moil an'd of tho Torrobonno farmer
la ono from Portlntid, In which the
statement la. mado "Oregon must
fight the Importation of
Iowh to thu Inat ditch,
keoo on fighting
wo iiavo no
tlmo to lose, hut wo must begin.
und keep It up till wo novo won.
Nothing loss will savo thn coun
try from being overrun by a race
which wo cannot
assimilate nor
Answering tho recent telegram
sent by tho Ilond Commercial club
Inviting him'to attend a session of
the club nnd prosont his sldo of the
case lu regard to ugltntlon lu tho
north end of tho county against employment-
of inpaneso labor on his
potato ranches, Oeorgo Ii., Hurtt,
wealthy Paclflo coast potato broker,
wired today, expressing his appre
ciation of tho Invitation uud declar
ing that ho will mnko a special ef
fort to leave Ran Francisco for Hend
this week. ' .
"Will wlro for appointment bo
foro leaving," hlH tologrum contin
ues. "Recommond having Mr. Pol
lett nnd nil parties Interested ut tho
mooting. Will nppreclutn your ar
ranging ttllH.
"Positively no reason why you
should not cooporato with uu. Wo,
hnvo no Intention to ottor our land
lu Contrul Oregon to Japauoso. Your
citizens und fnrmors will hnvo no
logttlmuto cniiBo for complaint from
uuy action on tho part of our cor
poration. "Owing to extreme labor condi
tions, wo slncoroly rogrot wo at
tempted to cultivate and farm uny
of our Central Oregon lands. Trlod
hurd to soauro labor, uud our oper
ations, ho far, havo boon moRt ox
penalvo I want to go on ro-orcl
ut this tlmo thut not unothor ungo.
brush or Juniper will bo romovod
from our lands' In Central Oregon
until wo nro working In peace and
harmony with your body nnd farm
ers of Deschutes County."
ltev. ,T. Bdgar Punly HpenU at In
lloor BxerrNi-, More Tliiui
1IM Bt-Herilff,Men In t'nl-
form March.
Crouds filled thn gymnasium to
capacity to attend Memorial day
urvlros, held under the auspices
of Percy A. Stevens pout, American
legion, Monday morning, and Inter
lined the Htni-ts oh more than 100
men In uniform, led by tho Hhovlln-
iflion band, lu khokl, started the
march to Pilot Unite cemetery,
where Iho simple, but impressive,
ceremonies, authorized by national
tienrimiurters. pxtiressed the rover-
enro of the living for tho dead
' The observance of Decoration day
started shortly before 10 o'clock at
the gmnasium. when tlio memuers
of the post marched Into the gym
nasium and stood nt attention dur
I.... ,! ninvini- nt "The Htar SDnn-
gled llanner." The Invocation by
Her. J. Kdger Purdy of the
Methodist church, and n vocal duetj
hy Dr, U W. Oatchell and Mrs.1
Ashley Forrest followed.
In the address of the day ltev.
Purdy mado an eloquent appeal fpr
the perpetuation of the Ideals for
which America's warn havo been
fought, Tho American legion ho
spoke of as a worthy successor to
the .Grand Army of the Republic
nnd tho Spanish-American War Vet
erans. Members of both of the two
last named organizations were on
the platform during tho services
"Cmii1 wire IKfonilctl.
After the benediction by Kev.
Fred A. Cornellussen of tho Scandl-navWn-l.utherau
church and the
singing of "America" by the audi
ence, tho service men filed out, re
forming In the street and beginning
the march to tho graveyard.
v Kntcrlng the cemetery In column
of squads, at a half-time cadence,
the command swung Into company
front and stood at attention while
tho trlbuto to tho doad was read by
Fred A. Woelfleu. commander
er af
1, urt-
the post, and tho firing squad
dor the command of Sergeant Nof
mau A. Cobb, had performed Its
appointed duly. Tlio service wns
concluded with the decorating of
graves by men from all brnnces of
the service
Tho observance of Decoration day
was in charge of a committee of the
legion, headed by Dr. Gatchell.
Slncy tho purcha&o of two fairly
Inrge clips of Central Oregon wool
und soveral manlier amounts for
It. N. Stnnflold. the mnrket. both In
Portland and Ronton, lips fallen oft
badly, and growers, unwilling to ac
cept tho 30 cent rate now offered,
nro holding for an advance. Al
ready. Bays A. M. Prlngle of thei
tho United Wnrohoubo, approximate
ly 200,000 pounds nro in storago
here awaiting thu sulo which will
bo hnld about tho middle of Juno,
and 3CO.00O pounds more will prob
nbly como In boforo tho buyers
gather In Ilond.
Fifty-two cents wns tho prlco at
Which Tom Cronlu's 30,000-pound
clip wuh contracted for by Stauflold
tWo weeks ago. while no cents was
paid fpr tho lars clip of CUuvhis
l'ltchor, , which has not yet "boon
brought Into Uond.
No wool hnu been sont out of
Uoud ou consigumcut, It la tttutod
by Mr, Prlnglo.
JliimimU But l Light of Hugo
HotiflM on Hunk of Deac liulex.
llaud Music Plraannt I'm-
(uro of Btenlng.
Half a thousand people, Including
praotlcally every delegate to tho
state grange convention, with many
iiin! residents, cathercd on the
east-bank of tho Deschutes Tues
day evening for tho trout banquet
Klvou by tho 11 end Kod & Gun club
and tho Commercial club. Tho
fact that an abundant supply of fish
was on hand to satisfy tho appetites
of overy man, woman nnd child In
tho crowd was a trlbuto to tho skill
of local anglers, who had spent tho
two preceding days In procuring
trout from tho various lakoa and
Ht reams In tho country tributary to
Dead t
A flolachmcnt of cooks, under tho
direction of Pat Murphy, prepared
fish, potatoes and coffco and served
them on wooden plates, provided
by The Shovlln-Hixon Company, to
tho hungry hundreds who passed
by the cafeteria counter enclosing a
huge range. MonuB were printed
on Deschutes whlto pine, furnished
by tho nrooks-Scanlon Lumber com
pany. From tho outdoor kitchen
tho delegates and their friends
pitsfed to long wooden tables and
benches erected by tho forest serv
ice, und enjoyed thu repast, whllo
un Immcnso bonfire Illumined tho
scene Kxcellent Instrumental num
bers wore offered by tho ShevIIn
Hixou band. Mayor J. A. Bastes,
In a brief address, welcomed tho
delegates Just before tho cafeteria
line was formed.
SjvorlMiicn Add to Hotter.
After tho last trout had disap
peared, speeches woro In order, and
A Whlsnnnt, C. B. Spenco, master
of the grango; 11. J. Ovorturf, Mrs.
Minnie B. Iloud, stato lecturer, and
C. J. Hurd, county ngrlculturlst.
from Douglas county, wero lntro-
f duced by President D. Ci. McPherson
of tho Commorclal club.
Whllo tho 'outdoor session was In
progress, a successful canvass for
members was mado by tho Rod &
Gun club and a business meeting of
the same organization followed.
i:en .Moro Interest ' Should Re
Hlionn, However, Sajs Associat
ed Industries Manager.
lu connection with tho display of
Oregon mndo goods being made this
week by local merchants, A. G.
Clark, manager of the Associated
Industries of Oregon nrlvcd lu Uend
Wednesday nnd spent tho morning
waiting with local dealers. Whllo
pli'-ised with the showing of Oregon
products in tho store windows during
Gr.tngo week, Mr. Clark oxprossod
himself ns being somowhnt disap
pointed that moro Interest Is not be
ing tukon. "Oregon mndo goods
meuu payrolls, and tho merchants of
Rend have every roaBon to know
what payrolls mean to them," he
A committee of delcgntcs attend
ing the Grnugo convention will bo
appointed! tomorrow to Judge tho
w indows and solpct tho threo best to
receive tho cash prizes offered by
tho organization which Mr, Clark
Mr, CJark Is tho father of Mrs. J.
I.. Van Iiuf'fol, of this city.
rnAYKS car, nrmw arm.
Walter Smith, of Crescent, whllo
cranking n cur, sustained u fructuro
of ono of tho boups in the nrni Sun
day. Ho was brought to Bond Mon
day for medical treatment,
L K,
I,lfi- of .Vorviil Hpilnner KiitimI by
t!(MVnr-OId John JtrvMcr When
Craft Ovrrturn.i Bthauitctl
Pair Found Ht I-ast.
Htnrtlng on a trip of mere than
COO miles to Ashland, Oregon, where
fuueroi services will be held for L.
K. Shepherd, prominent music atoro
proprietor of Hend, who woo
drowned ut Butties lake Saturday af
ternoon, Mrs. Mnrlam Shepherd, his
widow, and Borl Shepherd, his
brother, left Hend Monday accom
panying tho body of their husband
and Brother Mrs. W. 0. Newton Is
making tho trip with them. Thoy
nro to bo met nt Portland by Mr.
Shepherd's parents.
News of tho tragedy came Satur
day evening In a phone message sont
In to Hend by F. A. Howard, of this
city, calling from a ranch near the
resort. Shortly after, a party con
sisting of Oscar Hanson, Dr. H. N.
Moore, D. II. Peoples, J. H. Hanor,
S. B. Roberts, nnd J. D. Donovan,
left for tho lake, and Sunday morn
ing the body was rccovorcd G5 feet
from shoro at a 40 foot depth.
'Heavy Clothe JUndcr.
Jumping from a boat nearly full
of water, but only B0 yards from
shore, Mr. Shopherd attempted to
swim to safety though hampered by
hip bootsandn heavy sheepskin coat, j manufacture or sale of llgbt beers
according to Norvat Springer, of j and wines, a resolution was Intro
Hcnd. who, with 20 year old John duced this morning by A. B. Coutaat
Urewer, loft In charge of the resort which, ,& passed, w 111 place the ccftk
by Wlllam Young, holder of the Sut- vcntlon on record j against aay
tics lake concession, wero In the boat! changes In the. -18th amendment to
at the tlmo It was being nwamped by tho fedoral constitution,
waves. Tho craft capsized ns Mr.) llrlsht rtituru Svn
Shepherd Jumped, nnd Urewer ) An optm,sUe OIUook for tho tu.
started to swim usuorn, uui uuu
gono only u few strokes when he
turned bnck to aid Springer, who
has no knowledge of swimming.
Whon only 30 feet from a firm
beach, Mr. Shupherd sank.
During the hour nnd u half which
followed, Springer's llfo was saved
at least twico by his youthful com
panion, Springer declares, . for the
boat turned with them several times
before thoy wero able to get tholr
balance. Aftor regaining the boat
for tho first tlmo Springer managed
to kick off his hip boots. Thorough
ly chilled by tholr long Immorslon In
tho Icy water, and almost uncon
scious, tho two were rescued by
Young, who arriving from Redmond,
heard cries for help and wns In
formed by enmpers that they had
seon a boat, apparently In distress,
on the hike.
.lumps When Wmcs Threaten.
The two Rend anglers left hero
Saturday morning, headed for
snunro lako. and reached Suttlos
lako about 2;30 o'clock In tho. after
noon, Springer said. Young Urewer
had been ordered to let out no boats
If tho water was rougn. uui Mr.
Shepherd had no fear of tho choppy
water and high wind, and persuaiteu
tho boy to take them out.
After their trip across had pro
gressed for somo 15 minutes, tho
moteor on tho back of the boat be
came looso nnd wns bolted back on
by the boy while Mr. Shepherd
manned tho ours. . A fow minutes
later, tho Ignition was killed by a
wave, and ono of tho oars manned
by Sprlngor slipped from the lock,
tho boat -swinging broadside to the
wind. Railing with tholr lints In
lieu of cans, tho occupants of tho
crnft could make no headway agalnBt
tho waves which wero gradually fill
ing tho boat. Soon Mr. Shopherd
culled, "She's filling up," and rising
without removing cither boots or
coat, nnd with tho evident Intontlon
of lightening tho craft for thoso re
maining behind, Jumped overboard,
His foot, placed on tho edge of tho
boat, overturned It as ho entered the
Mr. Shopherd Wft3 31 years and six
months old nt tho tlmo of his death,
Hij was bom In Ashland, where his,
paroivts still loslde. In uddltlon to
his wife ;ud brot.hor, uu infanf
d.augu,ter survives Win.
Nil BY
Reelection of O. B. Sptiicc ai SUto
MnMcr Forecasted at Conven
tion Uccomtw m Reality
When Vote I Counted.
Hcfore the adjournment of the
stato grange, which began tho sec
ond day of Its annual convention
hero this morning, action will, fee
asked condemning Japanese coloni
zation In Oregon, it was learned,
during tho noon recess today. It
was strongly Indicated that the sen
timent of the Orange would fee
Btrongly in favor of such action.
Interest today centered about thn
work of tho canvassing committee,
which spent the morning and early
afternoon In going over the sUla
referendum vote on tho higher offi
cers of the organization. Prelimi
nary reports indicated that C. E.
Spence, Incumbent, was the favor
ite for the office of master, but of
ficial returns yere not to bo gives
out until the close of the aftcrnooa
Aiming against any change In -tie
prohibition lav,' to allow for tto
turo of the organization was taken
by State Master C. E. Spenco when la
his report yesterday afternoon cover
ing tho activities of tho past year, he
declared that the Qrauge Is stronger
than ever before. In spirit. If not ta
numbers, and that Its financial con
dition will permit a moro aggressive
extension campaign.
Mr. Spence Bpoke vigorously
against uny attempt to regulate "big
business" by law, asserting that the
only satisfactory method of at
taining this end Is through cooper
ation between producer and consum
er. "It Is hoped that through an ex
change between Farmer and Labor
cooperative associations, much of the
present cost of distribution can be
eliminated," he said.
Grunge .Not Political
Touching . on. the present condi
tion of unrest he urged tho removal
of tho cause, rather than tho treat
ment of symptomatic conditions.
"The only way to keep men from ag
itating against grievances is to re
move the grievances," ho said. "The
seed of revolution is repression. The
real antfdoto for tho unrest which
manifests Itself Is not suppression,
but a deep consideration of the
wrongs which beset our natural ilfe,
and the application of a remedy."
The speaker emphatically stated
thnt the Grange U In no sense u polit
ical or party organization, but enum
erated legislative measures which
ho declared should havo tho support
of tho organization. Amendment of
tho stato rural credits law to pormit
financing with stato funds, upward
revision of the auto llcouso schedule
as regards new high-priced cars, a
graduated land tax upon oxcosslvo
holdings, a state income tax, abol
ishing discrimination in prices, or
ganization of wator power districts,
and amendment of the land registra
tion law to Insure effective opera
tion, wero chlof among these. Ho
advised against any changes In thn
land bank law;
Now HriUcftM Organised
Stato Lecturer Mrs, Doml reported
the organlzatlpn of six grnuges dur
ing tho past 12 months, and urged
thut Rio policies of the order be such
as to eliminate tho possibility of pub
lic criticism'.'
During' the afternooa sessleH, H.
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