The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 20, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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No. ax
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'. E. lVlli'tl, Farmer From Affrrf.
.'(I Heel Ion, ToIIn llt-tid I1iihIuim
Men That lltirlt No linger
Limit Number of .fii,
Central. Oregon h fiioliiK lirnvo
Hlluutiou u -ilttintlou which may
lead to vlolnnt measures iim a rem
edy, whh tlio inclination made this
noon by V. K. Pellull, Turrubonuu
farmer, whun ho appeared before
' tlio Uond Commorclnl club to auk
tlio alii of Hint organisation In
Nithtlng tiny further Invasion of
Japanese In Deschutes county. Mr
Pollolt declared that thn farmers of
tlio Terrebonne section am highly
enraged ut conditions noiv threat
ening unit stated Hint, If necessary,
tlio Japitiiei-u laborers on tlio hold
ings of George- L. Hnrtt, wealthy
potato broker, will lip escorted to
tlio trnln nnil told to leave. - "And
thoro uro two whRu men, Instru
mental In bringing litem In, who
will go, too," Jklr. -I'ollAtl nil.lml.
Tlio Terrebonne representative
Mkotched briefly tin) story of I lie
employment of Japanonp farm Inbor
on tlio lands acquired by Mr. Utirtt
last year, unil read n letter. In
which tlio poialo broker concellcd
hht former agreement to employ
only threu Jiipnnunn on hi Powell
Hutto jiloco and oil tlio lionklns
much at Lower lirldgn. llurlt's
sta'ml, according to the letter, w.ih
baned on tlio Impossibility of ob
taining wblto -labor, and that, ho
rhotild bo permitted to send In
Oriental worker In sufeguard his
InTOMtmunt -of $20,000. Mr. l'ellott
plated that Governor, Olcott had
boon iipprlhd of tbn situation, bud
acknowledged tho receipt of tlio In
formation Rent blm. but bad tuken
no action.
Hii) Gunman lllreil.
Mr. Pellett deolured that tb
termor of bin illNlrlrt IihiI pionf
.yoflltlvi) (but it hired' gunman liax
been rutnlned to protect tbo Japan-
Srwrn, rind assorted meaningly that If
Ithls Individual Old not lento the
Jifountry" po8Sclilythefo would bo
iKctldfof' cofllMa" und n'-coroner. "As
to llurtt. wo'll aiiowhlm n. Juniper
.muo with a ropo,uuKovai'';a' limb,
and soo If ho can taWth('hlut,"
itho Incensed rancher informed IiIr
&hoa'rors. . '
"' "Wo Imvp no dtiflnlo plan, lul
in anything wo do ovcry man north
nt Redmond will give IiIh support,"
Mr. I'cllott said. "Wo do not blnmo
tlio JapirBO much tin wo do Ilia poo-
" plo who brotiKht thorn In, but wo
. Ahall liintHt that all who inenaco tho
.'"future of tlio white man In Central
-Oregon' depart speedily. Right now
in tbo proper Unit) for action."
(horturf AK'ilwtt Aliens,
Mr. I'ollott'H Htatomentit were'eor-
roboratod by N. II. 'Hlllott, uftc
which u motion by C. H. Iludflon,
roakliiK it tho ttonMj of the nioitiui;
f that tlio club la opposed to further
iJapaneso Invasion, mid unking cntt-
dldatoH for tho ieKlulaturo in pui
thninRolveN oa rocord to tlila uifoct,
waa paHsed. D. O. McPherson, chair
man of tho club, aeaurcd tho Torro-
lionnu roproHontutlvoii htnt If tboy
needed any atuilstanco, thoro would
undoubtodly bo Horn! men on hand
to help thorn. II. J. Ovorturf, con-
dldato for tho ropubllcau uonilnu-
; tlon for atato renreAontntlvo, x-
prosBod himself us njrnlnst laud ow-
BorBhlp by allcnn, and later In tbo
( mootlnff, with Clyde M. McKay ami
' n, 8. Hamilton, vn nppolntpd or. a
eommlttoo to draft reaollitldiu o
1'uupport tho Btnnd tuken by thu Tor-
t robonuo farmerR.
AkH Voto On 11111.
A lottor was road unnnuucln,; tho
ilniiB of Prinevlllp for a Fourtn of
July colobrutlon, and nuking llona
to Join in tbo colobration. It wan
' -virtually docldoil thut thoro will bo
. no effort mado ,loc.ully this your to-
' ward an organUnd obacrvanco of
Indepondauco day,
At tho close of tho moetlnK P., fl,
'Hamilton spoke at eomo length In
favor of tho purchase by tho cl of
OontU4oa . rg8f)
ltetii'H .Mndn by Juniper Product
Couipuny or .MutlrrmN fintoiy
in llend, Willi Intention of
Vu Jlmlper Ktirlnlor.
POIlT,ANI, May 13. (.W"i
An effort to Hi-cure u iiiatlre( fac
tory for fiend will be mmle by the
Rtute Chamber of Cotimeico follow
Iiir it reqUfHt mndi) by tbo flei
Juniper 1'rodiicln cnuipitny. Knr
the prcdpnt tho effort will be cm
fined to llNtjiig the opening for n fac
tory of Oilri kind In the chamber
Hewn lelf'er. Lutur. if an Industrial
bureau Ih formed iim now contem
plated, more cxtennhn not Ire of the
opportunity will, bo ghen.
According to thu letter to Uii
rhnmber leijuentlni: the lUtlni; In the
Hewn letter the Juniper ronipany.
which eliguged In (ho manufacture
of incll alata from Central Oregon
Juniper, find thut It baa ua a by
product n Juniper cxcolnlor that It
believes would bo donlrable for ubh
In miittretvM. Hence, the opportu
nity for tho nnittiesH factor)1.
"' '
-in n.MHfiATiM KOii LOWr.lI.l'itrden the company with delivery j
oH Tifip to i:..MTi:n.N roi'XTV
fllrniig aupport for hlni In hbt cau
dldary for the republican nomination
for state representative .rom tlio
twenty-tint district will bu giren In
Orant count) tho extreme itcrii
nctlon of the .dlHtrlct. II, J. Ovor
turf wa fliuured thlii wal: during
u ln rim- trfalt In Caiivnn (JllV. John
.. ,.. ..r ... , ,. wtf
Day. Prairie at), ni.d th kiifri.uud-.
, Ing coBiur. Mr. Ovorturf returned
to llend last algal, after h 3H1 mile
In (J rant county he found fouling
hlhy, favorable towunl iho cnhdl -
ilacy of Honton (J. Ilurdlcl;, of Jted-
uiond, who. Unlso Booking tbo noml-
nation for representative, while tow
were avrttro,(lmtjalthlrd man was in
thn rncu. 'it ' wn. Indicated on all
hand thut tho DeKchutoj couiii'
men would teceho tho prcferatico
of the Grant county republlcaiiH.
i'or tho greater purl of tho trip,
roads wore in rather poor condition-,
Mr Ovorturf renortoil. Tho alrotch
of completed graveled highway be
tween John Day mid Prairlo City was
tho best encountered on the otittra
trip, but boyond this, tho dirt road to
illue Mountain Hot Sprlngu, one of
ttio moel popular aummor resorts
of tho Knatorn Oregon country, U
still rough.
UotM'Oen John Day and MltchollC
tho uutolut'a chief iMfflculty U with
the bad grades and hairpin curvca
In tho road, Mr. Ovorturf roporteu.
Thcho troublea am being gradually
cllmlnato through the construction
of thn John Day highway, but Hh
completion, in common with other
road projecta through tho stale, id
dopondont on thn paoaugo of tho tout
per cont bonding limitation measure,
,On tho "bump," betwoon Mttcholl
and Piluovlllo, highway construc
tion la lit progroflH, and verqnt oaith
flllH, followed by rains and truffle,
huvo produced bad high centers, nno
of which toro tho mufflur from Mr.
Ovorlurfu car. With nd morn ralna,
howover, this condition will bu ovo;
como within nnothor wool;.
.w -.
floorgo T. MIclmolBon, formerly
of Fort Rock hna purclmsod tho ,
to 5V' grocery on Orogon atroet from
McCulston & JohiiBon, Ho is npV
engaged In making oxtonBlvB iu-
provomoniw n inioriur arrangi
mwtH, and will bo open for business
Sty KlIjTulutloii filtered Into nt Hut-
'irilay limrlng, Conipuiiy Will
Make ' Xer Wnlcr Con-
trnrl Until Hearing.
1 Kuepl for the kiiIo of additional
water right to holdern of uxcexs
fucreaue, jn more eonlracta for tbo
delivery of water will bo entered
into lyth Central Oregon Irriga
tion compatir until final hearing of
the c'bbu brought ugaliml tli" com
pany In the name of II. II Dietrich
by tho director of the Irrigation j
dlHtrlct baa taken place. A stipu
lation to tlila effect wan entered
Into by attnriieyn for the dhttrlct
and tho company at the bearing
on the temporary Injunction before
Judge Duffy In the circuit court on!
Haturduy. Uy the stipulation nalei
to ijxcpkb acreage holdern are lim
ited to TOO acros.
A a result of thla urraugemont
purcliaHem of water right iilnco De
cember, wIioko rlgbta would bavo
boen Jeopardized by the Injunction
originally n'uetod will recolvo(
water tis contracted, for the currenti
year, at leant, nn agreement to thlnj
effect having been reached by tho)
directors of thn dlHtrlct nt a meet-!
Ing with their attorney Friday,
night. A desire to avoid lowen to
thoo new iiurchflsorM. who have
bought Deed ami arranged to upe:
the water thU Beaaon. Ih under-i
stood to haro Influenced this tie-)
I Tho claim of tho dUtrlct In that
(ho M 0f more water rights will
renulremeiita In .oxecaa of tho ca-(
pacity of tlio caiiala and cauHu loknes
to settlera now on thu project by
reducing tho amount of Avater!
available for 'distribution to thcm.i
Thjn question will now remain foi
determination at Uio time of the
final hearing, thu dato for uhlchf
htm not yet bee-i net.
He Armond & Krsklno of Hendi
and Harrison Allen and John It
Latouruttit of Portland appeared at
Haturday'a hearing for the lrrlgn-
tlon district and Denton O. Hurdlck
of Itedmond and Ktourns ot
Portland for tho C. 0. I. company.
i.tapatC AT CHGT!?
'. wvunio il OIOIJ.
Nine Wooden Struct urc to
Hrovtrd this Year Thirty .May
- He Put lp in tho Count).
, Njno silos of wood construction I
will. bo erected in tho Slater coun
try? it was learned this week after
a ' meeting in Slstors attomled by
BQvaral well known farmers. Thosoj
probent who had previously dotor-j
mined to build alios of concroto'
lmvo given up tbo plan for thin year,
owing to the high' cost of materials!
and labor, and will Instead erc
wood, alios.
Thosu who have signified their
Intention to prect alloa thin year
arui fi. S Knlckorliockor, Mere
dith Dalley, Carl Woods, Ellis Edg-;
lugton, E. W. Harrington. Livesay
lirothera, Frank Colfolt, E, II. Ai
dorson ami Heartt Hrothera.
Indicative of the growth ot In
terest fin alios, thoro were five alios
In Deschutes 'county In 1917 und,
ut tho present thoro are 15. It la
expected that batycon SR and 30
alios will bo oroctod tlila year In
thia county.
C. C, Kelly, district engineer for
the etuto highway commission, und
Charlea H. Whltomoro, In chargo of
market roadu, urrlved In Honit o)i
Friday on a tour of tho statu high
ways, On Saturday they drove river
the hntchory road, and later' went
ovor tho south highway na far as thfr
Allen ranch. From there they weio
loavlng1 at once for Madras. Mr.
Yvhltmoro will bo hero' later In the
season in tho coufso ot a trip to
KldmaUi Falls,
loiiiily "HI Cooperate to I'ttent of
Tlirrp TfioiiNiind Hollar for
ItomN Newberry Crntrr
'Work KtwrtH In .urn-. .,
the Itcnd-Elk llun
iWi'irk on
road began on
Monday under tho
direction or ti. u. Jacobioti, supr
visor of the Denchiitts N'atlounl Koi
cst, The crew began construction
work nl Hlg Kprlnga and will rover
n distance of 27 miles.
The n'w road will extend through
Dutclimnu creek pass between Iluoh
elor..nutte and Tiimnlo Mountain, to
tho xouth end of Lost Lake, -hen
along "tho south side of Soda Mill to
Spark" Lake, crossing nemcro!.n
flHpIng streams, then along the we
side of Devil's Lako to Elk Lake.
On June 1G tho forest service ex
pects to put on a crow of mou nt th
Hiiuth cud of Elk Lake for work to
the north, which when complete 1
will open tho road for thoso who in
tend to orect summer homes along
tbo ahorfs of Elk Luke. Last yeai
the kcjvIcu straightened out about
hIx miles of road and tho work in bo
done this year will bo a continuation
of fiia construction ' work of Inst
, For, tho Improvement of tho Now
Iwrry Crater road a work crow II!
Jo htartcd about July 1. Tho road
from j.La Pino will first bo Im
proved. . . i . .--. . s
In this later development tho
county has appropriated $2C0 In co
operation with tho Forest service.
Of tlio $10,000 to bo expended In the
Improvement of tho licnd-Elk Lake
road tho county will cooperato to
the extent of JSf.OO.
H'w llod was given publicity bv
Congressman Sfnnott In a recent
peti h in the bouse appears lr ex
trct from tho congreanlonnl record
JUMt received here. The houso had
mdrr coiuidoratlon n bill relating
to uatlonal pArkH and Mr. Slunott
took tbo opportunity to suggest that
visitors to tho coming shrine conven
tion In Portland should bo sure to
visit Crater Lake and Central Ore
gon rter describing tho beauties ct
('niter Lake Mr. Sinnott continued
ftor making tho pilgrimage to
t't.ttr Lake tho Shrlners nhould go
to !'iul in Control Oregon In my dls From Uond they will seo tl.o
great ninphlthoatar ot hills vnic'i
rise and radiato from tbo Co
lumbia to tho cardinal pol i;i.
How the hilht rise in the
purple blazo of twilight llko bil
lows auddonly etllled on the ciotu
Tli.y will see the rim of tho nnvphl
tli'tcr und horizon from Centra!
OiPKon, pillared with n doron lofty,
etc mil, Buow-capped peaks, once
blaring beacons, uow only reflecting
above, tho dusk of tho valleys from
lofty eminences ot snow and ico, the
soft pink, glow ot tho Hotting sun, as
tho day dropa Into tho westward
waters ot tho Pacific
These snow-capped peaks are our
reservoirs, otornal, oxhauBtlea-i lit
lifo-glvlng ' waters, In energy and
power. I
"After seeing tho mountains In
tbeir'i.RiaJesty from Bend tho .pil
grimage should contlnuo to The
Dall08 through tho Deschutes cati
)on, bo narrow that it might have
beencut with u "saber stroke" of
Acting on n resolution introdtteui
at an earlier mooting by tho Womm'a
Civic Improvement Lcaguo, tho Com
munity Clearing Houbq Lcaguo, In
session on Friday voted unahlmout.
ly in iavor of, tho purchaso of tho
Uond Coin puny park alto on tlio
Deschutes, by the city. Tho bond Js
suo to finance tnis purchaso, will
como up nt tho..8poclal municipal
election sto for tomorrow.
A resolution introduced by the
painters union naked ..tho city aia
Mlllor Lumber company to -shwv
the streets, of blocks of wood, aud.ta,
fill up chuckholes. t'
Appeal Hlgited by Mayor and ltcp
ifM-ntHtlvi-M of-MIIU Urgex Vsr
of Onoolino- for InduMrial
I'urpovi Only;
With only enough gasoline avail
able In Dend to meet tho normal de
mand for a period of three daya,
and with no indication that an ad
ditional nupply may be recoived for
at least 10 days, steps were taton
on Wednesday by which it is hoped
that the amount on hand may bo
conserved for absolutely essential
tif03. Local garages were put on a
limited dally supply by the Sta id
ard Oil company and an appeal,
signed by Mayor J. A. Eastes, T. A.
McCann of the ShevIIn-Hlxon com
pany and H. K. Drooka of the
Urnoks-Scanlon Lumber company,
was issued to car owners.
In the survey made of tho local
situation, tho three signers cf tho
appeal consulted with Manager W.
It. Speck of tho Standard Oil com
pany this nio'rnlng and were in
formed that the supply on liand
must bo mado to last for a minimum
of 10 days.
Mr. Speck, stated that he
information regarding any uhip
ment enrouto to Dend. and that com
mencing today garages and supply
stations will receive a llra'.'td
amount, this supply to be gradually
reduced each day according to tho
amount of gasoline on hand and the
receipt of Information regarding fu
ture shipments. The garages have
assured Mr. Speck that dtllveria
will be made to can operating for
business purposes only.
"There .aro many gallons nl gaso-
lino consumed dally in the -a.Lil!!i
and fascine catiiDS which would af
foct tho oppration of the mills, if It
could not bo procured." the st.ue-
ment of conditions reads, adding that'
-thero aro many trucks and mail,
crr doDondlnK on Ensollne for th
delivery of freight and mall for In-j
terlor towns."
"Therefore it behooves evet In
dividual car operator lu this flty to
use his car as little as possible fort
the noxt 10 or 1C days In order that
Industry and tranportatiou may be
kept In operation " the appeal con
cludes. RANCHER HELD .
Assault, being armed Kith a dan
gerous weapon, was the charge on
which Ed Halvurson. rancher lining
cast of town, was held to the grand
Jury under $500 baud, utter his ex
amination before Justice of tho
Peace Eastes, Tuesday afternoon
Ho was released on the furnlailm;
of the necessary security.
s Tho dangerous weapon in ques
tion, according to G. W. Brown, a
taimcr living in tho same section
of tho country, was a hammer, with
which ho claimed Holversou struck
him on the back, of tho head, knock
ing him senseless. He had no idea,
how- ho had sustained two badly
blackened eyes, and two cuts, 0110
near thu left eye, and tho other ')
tho torohoad, According to Browu'o
'Story, difficulties between himself
,and Halverson aroao when Hnlvir
son visited the Brown ranch nndat
tompted in vain to borrow a uook
yoko. It was thon, Brown said, that
ho was struck with tho hammer, lie
was brought to Bend Sunday for
medical troatmont.
Roy Southworth and A. J. Moom
toatttlcd regarding conditions thoy
had observed at the Brown ranch
shortly aftor tlio trouble botweou
tho two ranchers, nnd Dr. A. t C.
Fowler, who had attonded Brawn,
statod that tho forohoad wouril mvl
apparently neon made with a wea-l
ppu of some Bort,
,. :.... .: i. ' m.., ..1
,;;, " Xh2 25ff ii h
jf-n-f h'-!-r. r- .vir-irv ' -
9a !
I'roiKwil J'InH tar ("oasolhlatloja ef
Trark Interest In Deschutes
Valley Fails to Meet With
Approval of Gray.
PORTLAND, May 15. Slight
prospects are now noen for tho-ime-ccss
ot tho proposed plryi for the
elimination of 100 milc.t of dupli
cated railway along the Deschutes
rlrer. for a railroad extension from
Dend south, making use ot the rail
taken up, and for tho utilization ot
the abandoned roadbed. The move
to effect this change is deadlocked,
with little chance of success, even
though supported by the state Sev
ern merit.
Before the departure of Carl R.
Gray, president of the Union Pacific
system, ho held a conference with
L. C. Oilman, president of the 8.
P. & S. system, on the proes!,
which has the support of tke in
terests controlling tho Union Pa
cific's rival In Central Oregon. Tii
conference came to naught becaaie
ot the inability of the Union Pa
cific to se any advantago to lta
To Rctala CaplUl.
According to J, P. O'Brien, Tie
president and general manager ot
tho O.-W. R.& N. lines, the objec
tion to Joining "lit tbo plan centers
la the policy et self-preservation ot
facilities that later will be needed
to develop transportation serriae,
for interior- Orrgrm and the unwk-
.dom of obliterating, the town of
created by tho Uaiea
otllur o''ctlpna are not disclosed,
although it is admitted that large
economies In operation would re
suit from a Joint railroad nlonsrthe river, butt not sufficient
to warrant tho wiping out of so
large a capital expenditure.
Commission 3In Hani Task.
All the datnncoded for consider
ing the matter of tho rival rail
roads getting together now to make
up. in part at least, for tho folly ot
a decade ago of paralleling each
other's lines was prepared under
tho direction of "W. F. Turner, chief
financial officer of tho system. Oa
thia data in the early stages ot ne
gotiations, J. D. Farrcll, thon presi
dent ot tho O.-W- R. & N. company,
favored tbo get-together plan, bat
later hisj euthuslasni cooled.
Tho cpminlssloo created by the
legislature (ast January to Improve
railroad and .highway transportation
for Central , Orogon will havo Its
hands full tq resurrect tho subject.
This commission is composed ot I.
N. Day of Portland, Ray Rltaer
of Pendleton and Denton O. Bur-'
dick ot Rodmond. Ite"-
On their Boral-aa' u il visit to tho
plant of The Shov)i)-Hlxon Com
pany a party of co npany officiate
arrived 011 Tuesday, 'a tho party aro
Proaldout F.IJ.Hixe of L'a Orouo,
Wlaconslh. am) Tr jauror H. L.
Qlnrke, of Mlnuoap-iis, Mr. Hlx
on'a brother, JoHfh Wxob, of "La,
Crosso,"la with the 1 ' "
Tha time of
i viBttoriCvwus
spent Mn Inant-jBtlr
ocal plullt
and- th&ifvariaus, ' '
aUt tHjlSUiiUVAi,
ms mndo
n triiti t
thaaiipy . itr
)&!?& ..r -Wi-..
.v "vv w JJTi . v