The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 15, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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Speaker nl ' (lathering at SIHcr
Lnko nnd Paisley Discuss. Mnny
Topics of Interest to
' if
' ' lbllH'tlClTU.
As tlio ploncor step Iri.tho "bettor
nlrw, belter rftook" inovemont in
I.ak'o county, an all day meeting In
Silver Lake, Was held Tuesday at
tended by mpre than 60 Btockmen,'
llend visitors Just returned from tho
Lnko county town reported today.
On Wednesday a similar meeting was
hold at Paisley.
AJUtho first session, I. N. Gabrlel
BonFot tho'U.-'S. Biological survey.
demonstrated methods of squirrel
poisoning. A largo quantity of grain
was shipped lii, treated with poison,
nnd""is being distributed among the
ranchers. -F. I. Ballard, assistant
state and count agent leader, ex
plained the county agriculturist sys
tem, telling tho good It has already
accomplished in Oregon, and what
still remains to be done, while. D. E.
Richards, who assumed the position
of county agent for Lake county on
February 1, outlined the program
which he has decided on.
Silo Etpcrt Spoaki..
E. L. Wcstorer, silo expert, deliv
ered an Interesting address, and It
was learned afterward that many of
tho .Lake county ra&chcra will ex
periment this year with silage crops.
Gcorgo If. Russell, Prlnovllle
stockman, flayod the packor and the
marketing syidcm In Portland, and
urged alL Stockmen (o attend the
Cattle,' and Horse ralsmw' convention
in Burns whon tho organization of
beet producers with tha possible
launching of aa independent pack
ing industry Is contemplated.
That tho outlook for better live-
Block in Central Oregon Is brighter
than ever before was the declaration
of R. A. Ward, of Bead. He dis
cussed tho probable effect of the for
eign exchange situation on export
.beef. Advocated whola hearted sun
port for "truth In fabric" legislation,
and sketched tho policy' adopted by
tho banks In aiding the stockman
and farmer.
Proper Amount Specified by Special
ists for Leohorno and General
,, Purpose Breeds.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Specialists of tho' United States de
partment of agriculture advise poultry
keepers to feed about one quart of
scratch grata and aa equal weight of
mash (about 1 quarts) dally to 13
hens of the' general purpose breeds,
cuch as ho riyaaeuth Rocks, Rhode
Island Reds or Wyandottes. or about
16' hens of the smaller or egg breeds.
This would bo about TA pounds each
of scratch grains and of masb dally to
Fowls Having Free Range Pick Up
Much of Their Teed,
100 Leghorns and shout, 8 pounds of
-each to 100 general purpose fowls. U,
hens have fjNef;rnge or large ,ya,rd
containing greefi fel a'gsneral pur-;
roa hen will eat about 78 nounds of
.Iv&l'la a?ya"h.wh((e, a Lsotiorn will.
" 'csjimc wquf' 65 pewidtf lii addition
xo tHO'grewi etunr which sue eats.,
JUr it
Ml III! I Ill
PL. I- itmi
km ir v n
rR tr jU m
West Virginia Stockmen Making Via-
orous Effort to Drive Out All
Scrub Dulls.
rrpreil by the United State Depart
ment of Acrtculture.) v
West Virginia Inrgely regarded ns
n mineral-producing state Is uu the
war-path to Increase bet'f cuttle pro
ductlon and Its output or dairy prod
ucts by eradicating scrub bulls, which
are primary offender:! ngnlnt profit
able mid progressive live stock hus
bandry. Within a few months parts of
West, Virginia where the campaign Is
moit active expect to round out n
clean-up which will eliminate the
scrub, bulls nnd lenv'o the purebred
as monarch of all they" survey. The
cne of Bonne, county, V. Vn., Is nn ex
ample of what West Virginia stockmen
accomplish when they go over the top.
The live stock specialists of the Stnto
agricultural college, tho countyngcnt
and offlccrs of the Roane county farm
bureau have solidly backed up the
scrub slro clean-up.
"Not n single man turned us down,'
remarked the live stock In
tolling how the campaign to oust tho
scrubs was conducted.
The first of the year our local
stockmen made a declaration of Inde
icndence against scrub bulls, and work
wns begun promptly In taking a thor
ough bull census. This Investigation of
sire ancestry'showed thnt there were
200 bulls In the county, of which l(tt
were misfit grades and scrubs, while
1)3 were registered pure-breds. There
were f7 registered Herefords. 23 regis
tered Angus, and 13 registered Short
horns. Fortunately, the army of 102
grades nnd scrubs was not as formid
able as It looked on the pnper, because
CO of these luw grade sires were year
lings. Furthermore, tho census showed
that there were only 30 men who
actually made a practice of keeping a
scrub bull.
By corres"ondencc and personal con
tact with fanners the Ktate llvo stock
agent and Uiu county agent waged the
battle. These men toured the county
day after day visiting the scrub bull
owners, holding meetings, and request
ing Inllucntlal farmers to assist In rel
egating the scrub sires Into the live
stock scrap heap. In tho main the
scrub bull owners, once they learned
the purxM of (he campaign, and once
A Typical "Natlvo" Scrub Bull, an
Obstacle to Progress In Live Stock
9 Improvement.
thoy appreciated the benefit which
would result If they substituted pure
bred sires rer the mongrels, were glnd
to dispose of their Inferior lierd-heul-era.
Detailed figures Miowlug the In
creased value of calves sired by pure
breds over calves of scrub parentage
were particularly convincing In gain
ing converts. Most of the scrub bull
owners were prompt In admitting the
error of their live-stock raising ways.
The Itoane county bunks lmve aided
the movement to replace poor bulls
with good one, I'very bunk In the
county has uttered to lend tnoney at
ft per wit l" fnrtiiers for the1 purpone
of purchasing pure-bred sires us sub
stitutes for their scrubs.
Good Drainage, Pasture, Some Shelter
and an Interested Attendant
Are Important
Tho requirements of n farm where
sheep can bo handled with proftjt tiro
good drainage, plenty of fresh pas
ture, land that will produce clover, .al
falfa, cowppus, or soy beans; a good
.vnter upply, fences that will keep
sheep out of growing frops und fur
nish tAvo-or three fields for frequent
''hunge of pasture, n shelter tiint will
protect the Hock from cold rains, winds
mul storms, mid mi attendant who ciifi
give the fiock Interested and Injelli.
gent care.
Devoured More Qraln Than Cattle
Last' Year, Being Fed 50,3 Per
"' Cent" ofvCorn, ' h
Swine diSisujned 'Kiore grain than
cattlf lusi year.fn lh Upltejj States,
being. feU'CO.'Dr the corn.
IQjS ilewcentFjgjtjji"Mi8, 09;P'" wt.
of thu hurley,; p, i -yc ont; or tho
vheut nnd 41.5 per cebt o Uie pilll
feeds fed to all farm anlmn'?.
bf-v "U ii , rt , ,
Mfffmrt'zt txxs? :
Til S lit M KwSm
Castor, Morgan Qcidlng, Flniahea Long
Endurance Contest With Clean
Speed Record.
(Prepared ..y the United Statet Iwparl
ment of Agriculture.)
In n SOOmtle emluriiitcu' "'coiileM
with horses of tho purest Arabian
breeding, "Castor," n Morgan gelding
bred by the United States department
of agriculture lit It Mldillobury, Vt..
Morgan horse farm, was the only
horse with a clean speed record nt
tho end of the fourth tiny of the
grueling contest. "Castor" won third
place for speed nt the end of tho con
test, notwithstanding the fact thnt he
fcH In tho deep sit ml on n hnd hit of
road. Injured his nose, nnd made thr
Inst live miles In n walk. This
achievement Is nn Indication of what
has been uccomplMicd by thu depart
ment of ngrlculturc In tho rehabilita
tion of the Morgan breed during the
few years since tho wofk was under
taken. Tho race wns from Fort Rtlinn Al
len, u to Camp Pevens, Mnss., large
ly over unimproved roads. The pur
pose was to stimulate Interest In the
breeding of cnvulry mounts through
out the United State. A majority of
the horses entered were Arabians.
One was u crossbreed that had wen
oversens service nnd wns the first
horse to pass successfully through
quarantine nt Newport News. Two
wore Morgans, broil nt the depart
ment's farm. The veteran of overseas
service, "Bob," owned mid ridden by
Colonel George, led the field nt the
beginning of the race, but wns taken
out before the finish. The two Arab-
Castor, the United States Department
of Agriculture Morgan Gelding
Which Recently Made Such a Re
markable Record In a Long Dis
tance Race.
tans to finish uheml of tho Mnrgnn af
ter his hccldcpr Were Ittistctu Bey und
MaJ. C. A. Benton (retired) wjis nne
of the Judges, acting ns ihe'TCpretien
tittlve of the bureau of nnliutiiliilu
try. '
Defects Cannot Always Do Prevented,
but One Bad Spot Will Prove
Expensive. '
A home market report from 'one of
lint Western selling points , unys,!
"When present. blcmUhes tiiLe off up
to .V or even more from tile price of
Ikst-nito nulmnls of the wtme type."
BleinlxJu-s ain't ulunys bo prevented,
but It Is good IminIiu'ss in try to pre
vent Ihi-iii. fur. ns run remllly be scdii,
one hnd simt In the mnl.eiip of n
horse tuny inciin tho difference be
tween profit and Ions on him. Oiitshlu
of precautious to prient InJiiry the
only safeguard ngiilnxt btiMiilshes In
to breed only sound inure to sound
stnlllnnx. Sometime n colt 'will be
curby or otherwise defective. In feplli
of till tluit can he done to uviifd such
wftik'ncrtjcs. but that Is no argument
against trying to produce only thu
j;ood pneSj,
Put it Id The Bulletin'.
rr H
? amt.
sssssssssjsss syss Bfci isBfJMfaiAfrf'TriW'riiTTwi
AnotHor freak ef nature, s. cow wflh fivo legs, J com6 to th
Attention of taeVjo&tlon In tho sale of tho throo-ywtr-oli) to Bun Lnpde
of Gates, r. y by tho Rochester Abbatolr Co. "MlrabeP is b nor
mal as any three-year-old with the exception that sho has u. fifth log,
which adorns hor shoulder over the left from leg.
Feels'Like Old
Time Self Again
yuuldu't Take n 1'ortunu For (lood
'Cmilne-llA' Done lllui,
Huys llnmllton.
, "I am now well nnd hnppy nnd
wouldn't take all thn money In Uin
word for what Tunlnc hns dono for
mo," said l'lllp Hamilton, 00 Wimh
Ititjtton nvonuo, Onklnml. Cnl., u
structural Iron worker, employed by
tho Judnon Iron Works.
"For seven yours," Mr. llnmllton
continued, "I hud torrlblu Mtnnmeh
trouble. After ovury iiipiiI I had a
nwnu iiurnlni: seiiRutlou in my atom
arh llkn thoro wor n cnnl of,flro In It,
und also intense, pains. Tho puin
stayed with pu nbout all thn time,
and at night It would got so bad I
would wako up In agony, In fact at
tluioa I van In such inlsury 1 would
not go to bed nt nil but eat up nil
nigh long. I suffered n lot from bos
nnd shortness of breath, nnd nt times
1 thought I was going to de, as It
was all 1 could do to breath, I was
so norvoua I would roll nnd toss from
one' sldo of-tho be.d to tho other, nnd
could got but very little sloop. At
last I became so weak and run down
I could hnrdly get nbout. I had
incu nil sorts of treatments nnd
medicines, but none of thorn did me
any good nnd finally I was told that
nnthlig but nn operation would
help mo.
"Well, I hnd scon so many ntalo
monts from pooplo I know praising
Tniilnc thnt I decided to give It n
trial nnd It wns only n short whllo
before I began to get bettor and foci
llko my old tline-solf. I hnvo taken
six bottles and can ent anything I
want without suffering with that
burning sonsutlon, gas or nhortncrl
or breath or nny other bad after ef
fects. That dreadful pain In my
stomach In entlrejy gono nnd I novor
hnro an actio or pain of any kind.
My nerves are In good condition, I
havo regalnod my strength and feel
as good In every way ns I over re
momber feeling In my life Tantac
hns put mo on my foot and I am
glnd to say n good word for It. for
I think It Is a grand medicine."
"Tnnlac Is sold In Bond by Owl
Drug Co., In Sisters by George F.
Altke.ii, and In Bond by Ilorton
Morton Drug Co."
Many Digestive Troubles May
Overcome by Purging or Cleans
ing the Intestines.
A great many chickens suffer from
Indigestion or digestive trouble,
which may be due to Improper feeding
or somo method of management. It
,hAs been found that many of these
conditions may be ovcrcomo by purg
ing or cleansing tho Intestines through
somo means of n laxative. One of thfl
cheapest nnd easiest handled laxa
tives Is cpsom salts, which can bo pur
chased nt nny drug store. Kor ma
ture fowls tho dosage Is one-half tea
spoonful per bird though If the caso
Is minor, one-third teaspoonful may
be sulllclent. An fnny and cffcctlvo
wny of administering this Is to mix It
with u dry mash of bran and short:,
using the above proportions nnd Aft
erwards moistening It with water. .
Animals Should Be Kept In Dry Pens
and Fed In Clean Troughs ,
Prevent Chilling.
Pigs should iihvnys be kept In dry,
clesm itmrter nnd Ted In ch-iju
troughs. They should not he allnm-d
to run nut In cold nilu or nlliweij to
become fhllhil In nny way. Sows run
nlus through filth und then being
xticklcd will often 'iiiik pigs to scour.
or. Adv.
for Commission-
Stntemont of ownership, mariftgo
ment . circulation, etc., required by
tho net of congress of August 24,
1912, of Tho Bend Bulletin (weekly
edition), pullshed weekly ut Bund,
Oregon, for April 1, 1920,
.State of Oregon, County of Dcs
chutes, hh.
Before mo , a notury public in' and
for the. slate and county aforesaid,
personally 'appeared Fred A. Woelf
Idii, who, IiuvIiik been duly sworn
according to law, deposes and says
i oi
iy vtUl
Back to
We won't got back to normal ways until we've
had some rainy days. So long as roubles'' grow
on trees, and greenbacks wave in every breezo,
we'll hit high places and repeat, and scorch tho
length of Easy street. Wo can't bo prudent while
tho rest are blowing money galley west. It's
opidemic, liko tho flu, this gorgeous spendthrift
howdydo. Somo day a panic, large and pajo, with
four white feet and braided tail, will land upon us
while we spend, and to our orgy put an end. Then
you will sec men out of jobs, and you will hear tho
housewives' sobs; and you will mark tho loan
shark thrives, while others scarce can keep alive.
Then we'll quit blowing useful coin for canvasback
and tenderloin, and thank our gods if we've tho
price of wholesome liver off the ice. And we'll
cut out tho silk attire, the princely tips, tho chauf
feur's hire, and all the costly pomp and vain, and
demonstrate that wo are sane. Then every sad and
chastened gent will ponder ero he spends a cent,
and figure for, a weary;.time before he cuts loose
from a dime.
that ho Is tho luminous mnnnger nt
Thu Baud Bulletin (Wuukly Kdltlop)
and that tho following Is, to thn best
of hU knowledge und bollof, n .truo
statement of tho ownership., manage
ment, olc, of thu aforesaid publica
tion tor tho ditto shown In tho nbovu
caption, recjulrcd by thn net of Aug
ust 2. 1912, embodied In unci Ion
4 43. Postal Laws nnd Itcgulatlnns,
printed on tho reverse of this form.
That tho names and addresses of
tho publisher, editor, managing edi
tor, nnd business mnuugiT uro:
Ptiblilhur. Tho Bond Bulletin,
Beptt, Oregon; editor. Fred A. Woolf-
Ion. Bend. Oregon; managing editor.
Itobert W, Sawyer, Bond, Oregon.
That tho owners are: ,
Itobert W, Hnwyor. Bond, Oregon.
Fred A. WouKlon, Bend, Oregon;
Henry N. Fowler, Bond Oregon.
Thnt tho known bondholders,
mortgagees mid other security hold
ers owning or holding t por cont
or more of the totnl amount of
bonds, mortgages or othor securities
That tho two paragraphs next
above, giving tha numas of tho own
ers, stockholders, and security hold
or. It nny. contain not only thn list
of stockholders and security holder
ns thoy appear unnn tho books of the
company hut also, In cases whero
tho stockholder or security hotdor
appears upon tho books of thu com
pany ns trusteu or In tiny other fidu
ciary rolutlon. thrj name of the per
ron or corporation for whom (inch
trustee Is acting, Is glvnn; also that
the suld two. paragraph cmialn
tn trimmttt, .imltrnnltii- nflnnl. fllll
ktlowlcdgo and bollofTis (o tho c'lM
cttmstunccs nnd conditions under
which stockholders and security
holders who do not r-near
upon tho books of, Uin company
ns .trustees, tiom siock ami socuritics
In A capacity other Hum thnt nt a
bona fldo owner; on' t'.is f(;mit hns
no reason to belluvu that any other
parson, association or corporntlon
has nny Intorest direct or Indirect
In the said slock, bonds or other se
curities than ns stated by him
Subscrlbe1 und sworn to before mo
this Sth dav of April. 1920.
commission cplres March 3,
CIimIAk! JrtUin man Pr Ihui It
ttnU tor 80 word or Jtu. On nt pn
vrprJ for ill ovr 20. All eltMlQcd 4iUln
tflUr ch In dvnc-
8U.MMKII ItANOr Wo aro making
up our herd to tako on thu range;
$1.25 a head per month. It Inter
ested, wrlto M. K, Tuylor, Itodmond,
Ore. 60-G-7p
tho , typobnr system,
carriage nnd escupo
mont whool of tho
Woodstock with those
of other typoyvrtors
and ynti will roudlly
undomtiind why this
machine holds up bet
tor, It hau loss parts,
too whch adds to Uu
The, Rebuilt Typewriter Company " ;
3W Oak St., Portland, Orego
SlifthUy used Underwoods, Kcniing tons, L. C.
Smiths .and other makes of machines can 'be had nt
i . ... 4
BIOS Afew wenners for salo, grndo
nurocs. I. j. alack, Phono ru-
ml 12. 37.7,,
t FOB SAIK Four heid of Durham
Cattle, three )imrllug helfors nnd
oiin )oung dr- cow. $45 a bond.
W. N Bay, Tuiiialo, Oregon.
CAU FOB HAM-:-- Ford In good con
dltloii, good tires. A bargain at
$375: $260 cash, bnlanco easy terms.
Would consider trade for cows
Write box 033, Be.nd or Inquire cor.
Sth street North nnd J nve. 43-7p
FOB HAM-: .Vow No. 15 lie Uvul
Separator; milk cans; IC-gallou
churn; butter worker, mold nnd cut
ter. F. W. SwlHher, Tumalo, Ore.
, 31-7-IOp
FOB SAI.K Duroc-Jomoy weanling
pigs ready for April 15th. O. V.
Burt; Phono 4 F-25. 16-7c
FOB HAI.lClIarrcd Bock sotting
eggs. $1.50 for 15; day-old Bar
red Bock chicks, 26c itach. Mrs.
Oorlrudo lioltun, Buratna, D'tn
chutes. tS-n-llc
FOB SAI.K or TBADK -40 ncrca'uii
improved near Turrobonno, 25
acnvi tiiidur tint ditch. Address Dr.
Joseph S. ILivls. 710 St. Holons-Avo.
Tncomn. Wash. S5-7p
Whllo l.i'gliorns. Heavy winter
layers, mated to Tattered cocks, of
2.10-250 agg strain. $1.50 per 15. S.
O. It. I. Beds, mntod-to high class
cockerels from prlxo winning stock
$2 for 16. Ouo third cash with order.
bnl men on dnllvvr -Hofstottor's
Poultry Furui, Tumalo.
FOB HAM -Selling eggs of all
breed, best; laying strains In Con
irnl Oregon. Others supplied on re
quest $3 a sotting. 10-Bltfc
FOB HAM: If Its bargain for cash
you nro looking for hotter soo or
wrlto Kdwlu J, Bogcrs nbout that
'120 acres of potatoes and nlfalfn
land. -Edwin J, lingers, Tumalo,
Oregon. 68-43UO
FOB HAM-: Alfalfa ha.. 450 tons
ut $20 n ton. Homo pasture will
go with it nt this price. Address,
J. B. Minor. Bend, Ore, 7C-31tfc
horses to pasture nt $8 por team.
5 miles south of Bond. Call Burnt
118 or wrlto box 196 Bend. 41-7-flp
LOST 33x4 Tire, tubo and rim on
Bond-Bqdmond road. Finder re
turn to or notify L, O, Marlon, Bed
mondr 77-7c
v v
4 Hi
WiUvhWMM -,, X'