The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 15, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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bbnd ntnjjrriNtiHKM), QKKooNTHunflnAv. Armij iff, ioao
id of Mr. and Mm, JoWph Innls,
V. r. IJiikIc, traveling auditor, 'of
Max Wumvellor was In from
Rlstars lust night.
I'M llourka or Crosconl 1h spend
ing it few duyn In llond.
Mr. nnrt Mrs. C. W. Iiunbnr of
Itodmond nro alsltors In Hand to
day. I
A. l' Larson left IiihL night for
lWtland on biiNliuiHH. .,
Mm. Alfred' Wolcorno and Mm.
William Hnnltiy of llurns dfrrlvcd In
llonii InHt night.
)(. V, Cecil of I ho district rorest
ir'M offlco lufl liiHt nlKht on IiIh ro
(urn trip to Cortland.
Mm. A. M. I'rlnulo returned thlH
mnrnliiK from Philadelphia, whoro
sho hud accompanied Mm. If. K.
Tom Allen of tint llond Inundry
hid yesterday for Holse, Idaho,
where ho was nulled by tho III-
ties of IiIh mother.
The ladles of tint llsptlst rliurch
will hold Ibitlr roKiilur monthly
inmitlni: Thursday afternoon ut tho
homo of Min. Dumoii, on 137 St.
Union plnpo.
Tho Women's Korelitn Missionary
roclety of tho Motliodlnt church will
moot ut tho homo of Mm. Hlmpsau
on CoifKroim street, on Thursday,
April 15, nt 2:30 o'clock,
Tho Emblem club of the, order of
thn Order of tho Eastern Ktar wll en
tertain with u duncInK pnrly ut tho
Masonic hull Krlduy evening, . All
Mnsnhs and Jnombers of the Eastern
Htar nro Invited.
Hanger Hoy Mltcholl arrived In
llond lout night from Crescent to
conlor with Forest Supervisor N.
0. Jncobson. Mr. Mltcholl reports
exceedingly round roads between
Crescent and llond.
Dr. Ooorgc I. Van Water will
conduct tho services of tho Episco
pal church In Ilend at 8 o'clock
Htindny avonlng. Increased Inter--est
Im bolnc shown In tho services
conducted hy Dr. Van Wat or and
tho congregation In filling Sathcr's
hall practically to capacity.
It. W. Hnrvay, of this city, who
wilt noon opan a vulcanizing und re
trending plant on O roc n wood avenue
has Just boon graduated from tho
vulcanizing school of tho educational
department or tho 1'ortlntid Y M.
C, A Ho wan considered onn of tho
'Vi ihokU profldiint of thoia taking tho
work. ' ,
W. T. Engli'., ttnvollni: nudtpr, of
tho JliooliH-Hcnhlon Lumber Co., la
horn going ovor tho roinpuiiy' book.
Ho will bo hero for Hovoru) weeks.
Wlllnm Hunloy, wealthy Harney
county rnnchor, inotorod through
llond thin iilornltiK In n ne.w Hudson
Huper-Hlx llmouNluo purchased In
M,r. mid Mm. It. J. Hill, who have,
been visiting" hero rocontly from
I'urmn, idnlio, loft thin morning for
Mnupln, whero thoy will toko ovor
tho management of the Kelly hotel.
Jnclc Murray, for 40 ynnm In tho
employ of tho Hhovlln-Jllxon Co., re
turned to tho city this morning after
n protractod ubsonco In tho south,
whuro ho hns horn taking treatment
fur rheumatism,
H. 11. Kills', If tho (larrotnon Lum-
bur Co., of Springfield, Mass., and
W. C Taylor, or tho American Lum
ber MnmifacturoM Association, of
Pittsburg, urrlvcd In llond this morn
ing to spend tho day ut tho plant of
tho IlrookK-Hcauloii Lumber Co,
After a protractod nbxonco In tho
ant. Mni. II. K. HrooltH returned to
llond thin morning. Uho wan ncconi-
panled on tho hint Mtngn of her Jour-
noy by Mr. Ilrookn. AH operation
Performed In I'hlladelphn for the ro
ntorlnK of nlKht to ouo of her cyeu.
wan Huccuimrul. i
InluiO'tliiR fncU concnrnliiB tho
llo,t of chlldrin'lli.n(iahut0t .county,
nro Hhown In a milk Miirvoy which In
boliiK tnndoby MIrr MnrKuroL H remit;'
Hod CrobM community numo, and
which In complete for Torrobonno.
According to thin, 88 par cent of tho
children drink at leant one Klawt a
day, 78 per cent una, a pint or more
dally, ami 12 por cent take nono.
A monthly Kchedulo ban been
drawn up by Minn Ilromn, which will
ho clottoly adhered to In tho future.
On tho flmt week, uho vlnllr. Hcd
inond on Monday, Terrebonno on
TuodHy, rural nchools on Wodnen
dayfl, tho lumber camp on Thum
dnyi), In busy with infant welfare
work on Friday, and ntayn In her of
fice on Katurday. Tho nchedulo In
tho noma for Wednenduy, Thurnday
and Saturday throughout tho month,
and fourth weckir, service,
and fourth month, ndclnl' service
cnlla will bo mndo. On' the econd
week, nho will npend Monday In La
I'lne, and Tucnday In Tumnlo, on the
third wooJr, Monday In Hedrhond nnd
Tuesday In Terrebonne, and on tho
fourth week, Monday In Denchuton
and Tuendoy In Hlgtom.'
MUn Ilrdmn In nnxlodn to iiecurc a
Koodcollectlon of mngazlrien for. her
dlntrlct, and ankn that any families
having any Available, nbould advlno
her. A commltree of high' ' school
girls, composed of Marjorlo Ualrd,
Francos Heyburn, and Margaret In
nbnlt, has been delegated to tako
chance of tho work of collecting any.
magazines which are offored.
Cut out paper pictures for tho:
nmuxoment of convalescent children
nro also needed, It Is explained.
Ocorgo M. Mnyfleld of La
is spending tho day In llcnd.
"Leo Keller, for six years it resident
of llond, loft yesterday for 1'ort
land, to maka his homo.
Miss Marguoritn MoKunzio of
Napa, Cnl., Is visiting In Ilund at
(ho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Joaeph
F. I. Lano nnd Warren Hnyder,
both former sheriffs of Lnko coun
ty, nro visiting friends In tho city
Mrs. Frank Inabnlt returned lnt
night from Knit Lnko City, whoro
shu wuh called by the Illness of her
Mr. nnd' Mm. J, V. Dufoo, of this
city, nro receiving congratulations
over tho nrlvnl of u seven pound
baby hoy.
hllita Ilortha Davis, of tho Oregon
Agricultural collego, Is horn today
from Corvatlls In tho Interests of
thostato .school.
' Mrs. 'Ida II, Callahan arrived In
llond this morning from Corvnllls.
Mm. Callahan Is president of tho
fitnto Fodoratlon of Womun's Clubs
and was listed as tho chief Kptmker
of thn nftornoon for tho meeting of
tho llond Women's Civic Improve
ment loaguo today,
II. N. Btanflold, II. L. Stanripld
and d. K. Htnnflold, from Portland,
fitanflold and Valo, respectively
nro In lldnd In connection with
court matters. It. N. Htanfled, n0
In out ugnln for n seat''fhtho na
tional senate, Is doing a llttlo ,pr,o
llmlnury campaigning, but will not
really got Into tho fight for sovural
weeks, ho says,
Saturday -
iery Ahem is' In tint city toduy
from his liunnt nt Silver Luke.
F, W. Wober, principal of the La
Pino school, Is spending- tlij wcelc
end in Dond.
P ,L. Williams, of Topttonlbh,
Washltiglpn, nrrlvod In. Ue'rid yevttcr
day and Is employed in tho dry .sheds
by tho nrooks-Scahlon IumberUo. '
Employe's of tho llond Water,
Light Power Company were busy
until after midnight hist night wash
ing out the water mains which supply
tho city. Tho work Is do lie. at Inter
vals during tho year as a precaution
against tho collection of sediment
in tho pipes.
J. M. IlutchoHor, Mabel K. Hotch-
klss. Mrs, Phillip Uoclio and Mrs.
U. H, Uoclio, all of Lakevlew, were
visitors In tho city last night.
Word recolved from Balem to
day In to tho eflect that Hoy Bheen,
or Powell Unite, a student at Will
ametto university, has been chosen
freshman orator for tho annual Inter-class
contest scheduled for April
Don't forget the dance at
rumalo Friday evening,
April 16th- Good eats, good
music. Adv.-7p
Wo offer $100.00 for any cane of
catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hull' Catarrh Medicine.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine is taken
internally and act through tho blood
on tho Mucous Surfaces of tho sys
tem. '
Sold br druggists for ovor forty
yesar. Prlco 7Cc. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
lT Nlclfolti was In from PrlnoyUlo
, "Olvln Thompson, of Hampton,
spent yesterday In llond. ,
' W.;, II, Snyder, of Paisley, was n
wrok end visitor in tho city.
Mrs, Maxlno fish has roturnod to
lIumLfrom u trip to Portland, f
, , John Colvard, of Fort Itock, is at
tending to IiuhIuohh imittom In lioud
Iilnuo Hnllock, Ilaknr attorney Ih
In tho city to attend tho tnrm of
circuit court which opoued today,
Mnrguorlto McKlnzIo, of Nntn,
'California, is In llond vlBltlug nt, tho
V. II. Olans Is In town (odnyfrom
his MIIIIchii rnncii, 'tl ' '
Em6 J, Carrot is Ini.thol-city
today from . Hampton' ".'"' J
A. M. Prlnqto nnd son fohnt left
last' night for Portland 'ror n brief
Mr. aud Mm. W. D. ilurnc are
tho parents 6f a baby boji born
Inst night.
Mr. nnd Mm. T. A. McCann nnd
son Thomas, wore on tho truln for
Portland last night.
Hobert it. Innls aud Frank Shoe
maker were among tho llond peoplo
who started last night for Portland,
N. O. Jacobsou returned to llcnd
last night from a trip to Silver
Lakr, whero ho attended a stock
men's meeting.
R. yW. Casobor hnspuchaocd tho
resldouco property of N, II. Ollbort,
210 Jtvffomon Plnco, for a considera
tion of $3200. Mr. (Illbort oxpocts
to build soon.
Hov. and Mm. Fred A. T. Cornel
lusien are, tho parents of a baby boy
born Inst night at 'tholr homo lit this
city. Tho child will weigh In tho
Neighborhood of 12 pounds.
Wnllaco O. Illrdsall nnd II. J. Ovor
turf aro officer of tho Oregon Road
and Development Association formed
to aid In tho passage, of tho four nor
cent amendment to bo voted on In
H. J. Ovorturf, T. H. Foley, Chas.
W. Kmkino and Oeorgo A. Jones loft
last night on i throo day trip to
Klamath Falls in thojutercst of Mr.
Overture candidacy for the repub
llcan nomination for tho'ieglslnturov
Mr. and Mm, Al Kdwards have
roturnod to Rend from nn absence
of sovon months' duration in tho
nouth, Mr. Edwards working In
California and Mexico at his trade
or painter. Thoy made tho trip to
llond by auto and found tho roads
In gonorally uood condition, with
tho oxcoptlon of n GO-mllo stretch
hetwoon Hio Indian agency and
Crnscont. Mr. Edwards will remain
in Rend for thq duration pf tho
flfllilng noason, at loast, ho says.
EIIIb Edglnton wns In today from
his rnnoh nonr Slstora.
Honry C, Oocr, of Rums, Is spend
ing tho day In llond.
0. J. Jorfries, of rirnndvievv,.'(Hr'
ti'inmnbllng busluosadii Ho.ud today,
Loo Doudlnh, formerly dt this city,
wuh In' Rond toduy rroni Portland.
Mr. Doudlali Is traveling for v ri)i
Ancltnt Papermaklng.
Tlie art o making paper rrom mul
berry bnitt Is said to have been lu
entetl In Clilna In too M-cond century
It. O. Aftywartl niunboo shoots,
straw, grass find other materials were
alko used. Tim mnnurncture spread
to tbe mljnconr countries.
The first suit td bo brought to a
conclusion In tho April term of the
Deschutes County Circuit court was
completed Tuesday, when the Jury
brought In a verdict, signed by 10
members, for the defendant In the
caso of Lcla Usher vs. W. A. Reaver.
Tho suit was for tho recovery of
fl'vo head of cattle, and as the stock
hal already been replevlncd by tho
plaintiff, the verdict carries with it
an order for the roturn of tbe cattle
or 'their equivalent In value. H70.
Early In the trial It developed
that tho caso was as much between
tho two stnr witnesses lor thi de
fense! W. H. H. WIlHnms for tho
plaintiff, nnd his son, William Wll
lams ror tho- defendant, as between
tho nominal principals In thj bear
ing. Father and son each claimed
previous ownership of tho cattle, nnd
each testified to having mado tho
salo Mr. Wlllams stating that ho bad
sold them to Mr. Reaver la October,
while his son told ot selling them to
tho defendant in July ot last year.
Drew Up The Home With
Colonial Draperies!
S 1
' ; In 5
1 '
Gingham Weelk
April I2lh to I7U,
Ginghams are popular this season fonmifor
mal wear, for children's dresses, hQus6 dresses,
We are showing an unusually attractive as
sortment of patterns
32-inch French -Ginghams; highest qual
ity, yard ,89c
32-inch Zephyr Ginghams, yard....65c, tf5c
27-inch line Zephyr Ginghams, yard 45c
27-inch good quality Ginghams, yard..39c
27-jnch Seersucker Ginghams; nurse
stripes, yard ..... 35c
27-inch Apron Ginghams, yard 29c
We have just unpacked a wonderful assort
ment of high-grade Dress Voiles in dark color
combinations- These will be popular for dress
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Plain Voile in Copen, Rose, Gray Lavender,
Nile, Navy and Black. Big values at, G5c yd.
Our White Goods Section shows by far the
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Flaxon's Unweave and Chaysta Cloths in
Voiles, Lawns (plain and fancy), organdiei;
Poplins, Batistes, Nainsooks and Long Clothsj.
from S45c to $1.50 yard.
Whatever your needs, we have the right cloth
at the right price. Let us prove that we are
Bend's Piece Goods Headquarters.
Qualily Pioneers Since 1911
Mrs., Williams appeared to give tes
timony corroborating her son's' claim
to .orIgnal ownership
R. S. Hamilton was counsel for
tho plaintiff, E. O. Stadter represent
ing the defendant.
cr. Adv.
for Commlsslon-
TT-HESE wonder-
A ful Draperies jpr
.are being shown in -Kf
an extensive range
of fabrics and de
signs. They are
new, fresh goods
and are. sure to
Sell your poultry through TInIIt:tIa
clnAMlficd d.
Lizards Victims f Cutteity.
I J tilt? bbs of tbe Orient' orteft'np
ture lizard by catering to their curios
ity. U'heti one of them spies a lizard
ihst has scurried Into a crevice ho
male a slipknot of col bred strati nid
holds It hefnre the hole. After a time
he Is rewarded by seeing the liny crea
ture nulling out to examine the curl
ou! thing In-fore its den and later It
uctuullr puts Its head into tne nfose.
uhlrh Is (jnk'ky drawn together by
the uulchful hoy.
RBPPS A yard-wide, heavy cloth in a
long assortment of designs, priced at, a
yard, 85c, 89c, 98c, $1.25.
CHINTZ This popular drapery fabric,
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sides alike, $2.00.
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signs, 45c, 59c, 69c, 79c. '
For the Home Sewer
Wo oHor unparulloled service. Horq will
Do round ut all Union a complete stock ot
Notions used In making women'a and chil
dren's gurmontB
Xewllw, Ti, Thimbles, Sunns,
Thread, Elastic, Pins, Hooks, Mut
tons, Shears, Ileltlni?, Rralds.
Hog, Poultry
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Horion Drug Copt
The 3feag Store
mmu .
- .' s.i.