The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 04, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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.V, 1
jHtnto Hnglnepr, In J.cllrr Jo Fred
f. Wwllner, Outline Now Op-'-lnrtiinltln
for IrrlgBllon
KAI-n.M, Murch -I. Thut tho Turn
lo project, by virtue of lt rocmit
ruanlzntloii Into nn Irrigation dls
Hct, inuv now- imrtlclpittn In tho lion
flt of tiny jtlnn adopted for tlio roc
imntloii of Jho entire DokoIiuIoji pro
jet, In the Information given out In
letter written It)' Htutn Htiglueer
'nrey A Clipper to Fred N. Walluco,
innngur of tlio projoct.
After inontlonltiR tlio cooperative
rport prepared In tlio year of 1013
4 by tlio engineer's ollw ""' i'10
nlti't) Stales reclamation service. In
which n plan wan outlined for tho
orlantiitlon of Approximately 200,
00 acre through mo of the Uetihnm
.ulU reservoir silo, Mr. Cuppor
writes a follow'
"A thoroiiKh Investigation of thin
onnrvolr iilto wan tnndo Inst summer
y "rofoMor Crosby, tho noted gcol
gist, u ml others, nnd wlillo no ro
tor t linn nn yol boon received, Pro-
wur Crosby linn Indicated that n
iivornblo report might bu expected.
ri preparation far tho time when thin
oport inny bo received, nnd cither
uihllc or prlvnW) (uildn nro nvnllnblo
or tho contraction of ono or mora
if tho iinltnffft?lho Deschutes pro
ject. It loemn to mo that nt leant ono
(other district nhould bn organized,
which would Include tho landn In tho
"west unit.
1'our DlitrlrlM Included.
"If thin in done, there will bo four
dlntrlct In a ponltlon lo co-operate
In tho conntructlnn of tho Deschutes
projoct, tho north unit, Tunialo, west
unit, nnd tho Contrul Oregon Irrlga-
lan district
"Tho Central Orison Irrigation dis
trict nmy hnvo llttlo Intercut In com-
I' io with tho othor dlstrlctn unloss
fporchanco It tnkcvn oror tho. entlro
'holdings of tho Contrnl Oregon Irri
gation coinpuny. Including tho north
) vtnal unit, coitaUtlnrc of soino 33 000
icro of unreclaimed Cnroy net Innd.
U la to bo hopod that on early ad
justment botweon tho contrnl 6rcgon
irrigation dlntrlct nnd tho company
will bo mado In tho very near futuro,
is I havo no doubt It will clour up
many mnttors of Importance to tho
larxor development, Tho JonKor tho
tdjuntmont In postponed tho mora
implicated cnndltlonn wilt become,
veMUtllng Inevitably In greater diffi
culty In adjuntmont nnd tho maro un
certainty thero will bu about tho do
"olopmont of that section of tho ntnto
through tho construction of tho Don-
hutoH project
Govrmmont Holds Water HIkIiIn.
I will call attention to tho fnct
hat all water rights nnd public laud
Igbts required In connection with
t Deschutes projoct nro In tho
-"ill. of tho ntnto nnd foderal gov-
ument, nnd no undue advantage
n bo secured by ono unit over an-
her. Succftm can only bo attained
ugh hearty co-operation between
Interests affected.
"It is of course Impractical to or
ganise the north canal unit nn nn Ir
rigation district an practically all tho
ind'w unonterod Careact Innd, and
, ho snmo in largely truo of tho south
nit, It being withdrawn by the
- ted 8tntes reclamation sorvlco,
i 'I wlnh to ngnln cart attention to
Do nocoBnlty of harmony nnd coopor
tlon botweon tho vnrlouH Interests.
I The state ntnndB In a position lo pro
tect anu hurmonlzo nil Interests In
tlio big DeHchutcs projecta, pnrtlc
ularly Insofar nH wnton rights nro
ennwnoa, nnd nil nvnllablo onorgy
nnd effort should bo dovotod to simp
log tho project up ho that It enn bn
resoniea in a favorable light to
'llior the redsralgovenimont, or
rlvate capital, as the ease may bo.
n organisation pf the dlrectora of
the various districts nffaoted, which I
understand you havo suggested
would bji an excellent step' 'and I
hope and trust yon njay be able, to
secompllsh something along this line
h well an encourage the organisation
of the, west unit,1'
(Scorgn June HrniK Central Orrgon
LhcMock Men ltelleriueiil In
!. nnd (Jrndo of SIckU
In Aim.
An tho culmination of n series of
moetlngi hold In Hond thin year by
stockmen of tho Central Oregon
country, tho Deschutes Central Live
stock board wnn organized hero on
Wednesday, following a dinner given
nt tho I'ilot Ilutto Inn attended by
reprosentatlvesof Avu livestock as
sociations mid by othorn vitally Inter
ested In tho upbuilding of tho in
dustry. Tho business meeting nt
which tho organization was perfected
and constitution nnd by-laws discuss
od, was hold In tho ofllco, of Forest
Supervisor N Q. Jncobson.
ucorge Jones, of tho Upper Des
chutes Cattle Raisers' association,
was chosen president, It. A. Ward
was elected vice-president, and
County Agent D. L. Jamison com
bines tho offices of secretary nnd
treasurer. Othor representatives nnd
tho associations of which thoy nro
members, wero Charles Knight,
Northern Lako County Livestock as
sociation; II. T. Hnrtloy, Sisters
Motollus Livestock association; Fred
N. Wallace Deschutos County Short
horn Breeders; nnd Phil Smith, of
tlio Tumnlo stockmen's association.
Tho bosVd will moot twice, yearly,
once following tho fall round-up,
when tho matter of ostruyn may bo
taken up, nnd ngnln In Fobrunry.
Spoclnl meetings will bo called at any
tlmo by tho president on tho request
of two mombors of tho bourd, when
ever prompt notion Is necessary.
A determined campaign against
stock thloves and changes In tho
Hond Impounding lawn will bo among
tho chief objects of tho board, while
In tho development of the industry
It Is hoped to owrk out plans for.the
exchange of sires by tho various as
sociations included lu tho board's
membership. Although only five
were represented yesterduy, it Is pro
vided In tho constitution that the
membership list Is open to all live
stock organizations In Contrul Ore
Whon mombors of the Dosdhutes
Central Livestock board attend tho
iinuuiil mooting of tho Oregon Cat
tle and Horso Rntsors nssoclntlon
lu Hums on May 0 and 7, thoy will
curry with thom rocommondntlona
for legislation which nro to be work
ed out by a commlttco named nt tho
orgiinlintlon mooting of tho board
Wednendiiy, composed of It. A, Ward,
II, T. Hartloy, and Fred N. Wnlluco.
lit tho meantime, a commlttoo com
posed of Ooorgu Jones, It. A. Ward,
and N, O, Jncobson will Invostlgnto
tlio possibility of changing tho local
Impounding lawn and tho question of
meat Inspection in Contrnl Qrogou.
In general, tho board will strvo
for tho advancement of tho livestock
industry through qooperntlvo offort,
the Improvement of broodo, onnct
mint of promotive 'measure's, and
(Continued on Pago 6,)
I). (J. Mcl'lirroii JImhIh Xcw Or
Kniiiuitloii I.oml Economic mid
Boclnl Questions Will He
looked Into.
How tho Salvation Army can work
moro effectively in Deschutes county
and how tho county may use to hot
tocadvnntage tho nrmy'n trained org
anization and Institutional facilities
Is to bo determined by u Salvation
... .. . . . . . "
Army Auvisory uoaru lormeu uere uy
it group of prominent cjtlzeoe who
boo n tho Salvation Array Homo Ser
vice program for 1920 an opportun
ity to obtain social sorvlco for this
section more closoly approximating
that given by tho Army for many
years lu tho larger cities.
Tho board was organized at a
meeting held In tho Circuit court
room after tho plan had been ex
plained by Mr. Elmer it. Turner field
representative of the Salvation Army
and thoroughly discussed. D. O.
McPhorson was choson chairman of
the board; II J. Ovorturf, vice
chairman; und Mrs. V. A. Forbes,
To Study Poverty.
Another meeting will bo held soon,
at which tlmo tho board mombors
will discuss tho findings of their
Tho othor mombors of tho board
nro: K. P. Mahaffoy, J; P. Keyes.
Mayor J. A. Gastes. Judge . D,
Rarnes, J. Alton Thompson. S. K.
Roberts nnd Dr. R, W. Hondershott.
Other membors will bo solcctcd by
tho bonrd from tho surrounding
This body is to study certain
phases of poverty, uuomployruont,
Juvoniio dollnquoncy and illegitimacy
and roport to the ntnto headquarters
of tho army.
Organisation nnd Cooperation Aim.
lug Toward Federal Aid Is Hopo
of Tunialo Project Manager.
Following tho recolpt of tho re
cently published lottor from Percy
A. Cupper, stnto ongluoor sotting
forth possibility of grentor coopor
ntlon umoiiR tho units comprising
tho groator Doschutes Irrigation pro
ject, Fred N, Wallace, manager for
the Tumnlo projoct, from which tho
Tumalo Irrigation district was form
ed, Is planning" to call n mooting of
directors of tlio Tumnlo, North Unit,
ntul Control Oregon districts in Red
mond on Monday, March 16. Tho
mooting will hnvo as Its aim tho org
anization of tlio units named for the
purposo of corporation as ono dls
trioti or lu soourlnj; federal aid.
, Mr, Wullnpq hoppB to hnyo ropre-
sauUtlve of tho stntQ Irrigation con
gress present at the meeUus.
TOTAL IS $6,011.50, SAY
Many lu Terrebonne Section Not
Pleased With Location Nop Willi
Amounts Allow 1 Protests
Mil lie In by WedneMlay.
Damngcs in excess of tho benefits
derived by Deschutes county farm
ers whoso lands will bo crossed by
thnt part of Tho Dalles-California
highway botweon tho north county
lino and Rend, total C.011.50, tho
roport showed "which was filed with
tho county court by tho viewers, .and
read for tho first time yesterday
afternoon. Tho estimates aro tho re
sult of work dono early In February
by Robert U. Could, R. II. Rayley,
nnd A. II. Horn.
A largo delegation of Terrcbonno
and Pleasant Valley ranchers appear
ed when tho compilation of assessed
damages was read, but whilo It w'as
understood that a determined ob
jection would bo shown ngalnst a
number.of tho items on tho list, only
n fow landholders along tho lino of
tho highway, including Earl Donton,
J. J. 'McEtfresh, nnd Ooorgo lunkcr
spoke against tho estimates and in
fnvor of higher damages or a shifting
of tho survey to mako tho road con
form moro noarly to section lines.
After a brief session with the county
court, tho members of tho delega
tion reported nt tho office of Robert
U. Gould, county survoyor and chair
man of tho board of viewers, and
wero glvon tho reasons prompting the
report just submitted to tho couit.
IVotwtH to bo Filed.
While fow objections woro mndo
yosterday, this does not necessarily
moun that thoro will bo none, for
property holdors along tho lino of
tho highway uro glvon up to noxt
Wednesday to fllo wrltton protests.
At that tlmo, tho report will bo road
for the second tlmo, and on tho fol
lowing day tho court will consider
roport und protests.
Among a considerable number of
thoso- whoso names appear on the
datnago list as well as among others
whose benefits wero considered by
(he viewers to bo equal to tho dam
ages, feeling Is high against the re
port, and it is understood that pro
tests will be numerous.
Damages usnessod by tho viewers
aro ns follows: Qc.orgo Iunkor, JOB;
James Mutton, $300: J. J. McElfresh,
$500; Fred A. Rtco, 25; Jessiq
Hayes, $SG0; J. II. Jackson, (400;
Snrah L. Jarrott, $100; Sarah A.
Neol, ?125j J. O. Hooker, $000; C,
R. Armstrong, $400; Chinook Land
Co,. $200.; Mode Daughman, $200;
Rasmus Peterson, $300; A. Ahl
strom, $000; Jounlo R. Waltora and
F. W. Cnrstens, $10Q; F, A. Fosa,
$250; Oeorge Whltels, $120; Slovort,
Deblng, $175: James R. Ronham,
$326; Martin R. Rogors. $5Q; Edwin
J. Rogors, $25; Charles Stansbur
rough. $130; Shorldnn Sroufo, $32;
Jamos fh Reeves, $18; M. F. Mlllon.
$50: Anjt "ndenvood, $5; C. H
Harriott $P5; David h, Haworth
$14 T Rkqr. $SK0; O P
l n ha i
A, JC. Condon I'urilum'x 10-Acrc
Tract J'lom Mlm Mary Ilcnn nt
t J'lom Mlm Mary lien
About 912.1 I'cr Acre.
J. K. Condon, a pioneer conduct
or on tho Oregon Trunk Tuesday
closed a deal through tho Central
Oregon Realty Co. for tho purchase
of tho -10-ncro trnct of Miss Mary
llenn. Tho consideration, It In (in
derstood wan about ?12.' per acre.
Mr. Condon has considerable farm
ing interests In Kans.ia and Is an ex
pert In alfalfa growing. Into which ho
expects to go extensively on lijn newly
acquired holdings,
Mr. Condon has been with the-Ore-gon
Trunk Railroad ever sinco tho
operation of its first trains up tho
Deschutes river valley.
Officials CIiom-ii by Hxccutivc Hoard
High .School, Grades, and I'rl
mnrles in Three Counties
to lie Represented.
Selcction of officials and drawing
up of a schedulo of events for tho
annual trl-county meet to be held In
Redmond Saturday, May IS, was
completed Monday at a meeting of
tho executive board ot the Central
Oregon School Day. association In
Redmond. J. Alton Thompson ot
Rend, president, Paul Irvinu of Red
mond, secretary, and J, E. Myers, of
Prlnevillo, wero the members of the
board in attendance.
It is expected that the meet and
declamatory contest will be the big
gest event ot tho kind over put on
in Central Oregon, and a now feM
uro is to bo introduced In tho award
ing of medals. First prizes in each
event will bo ot sold, while en-
tranta placing second will receive
rlbons. Contestants placing third
will securo points but will bo award
ed no token for so placing. Mr.
Thompson, who Is in general chargo
of tho meet, (s determined that tho
events shall bo run off in rapid Uro
order, and believes that the entire
track and field program can be com
pleted in nn hour nnd a hair instead
of tho four or five hours sometimes
taken in previous meets.
Konts AruMnny.
Tho events will bo as follows: 50
yard dash, high school; 50 yard dash,
grades; 50 yard dash, midgets; 100
yard dash, high school; 100 yard
dash, grudes; 100 yard dash, mld
gots; Javelin throw, high school;
rajle. run, high school; high Jump,
high school; high Jump, grades: T5
jord low hurdles, grades; 75 yard
low hurdles, midgets; 120 yard high
hurdles, high school; 440 yard dash,
high school: 220 yard low hurdles,
high school: shot put, high school;
220 yard dash, hih school; running
broad Jump, high school; running
broad Jump, grades; discus throw,
high school; pole vault, grades; pole
vault, high school; relay, widgets;
880 yard relay, high school; 880
yara relay, grades,
OMclals at the meet will Include
the following: Officer ot the Day,
Paul Irvine, of Redmond; Assistants.
J. H. Myers of Prlncvillo, and J.
Alton Thompson of Hond; Record
Keeper, Carl A. Johnson of Rend,
Tlmo Keepors, RUey Cook of Mad
ras, D. II. Peoples ot Rend, and L.
M. Dechtoll of Prlqevlllo; Starter,
Dr. J, F. Hosch of Redmond; As
sistants, Arthur Michel ot Prlnoville,
Principal Gabriel of Madras; Judges
for grammar dlvlslou cf Held sports,
S. W, Rabcock of Prlnoville, John
Tuck of Redmond, und O. Jonson of
A, change of schedule for 'south,
linunit fl.W IrulllQ frv tnlra w.
Monday, as annctuncod thlvafjr-
noon, ngcorwng to wnton tia eve
ning train will srrlvo (n Rp'iid at;
t'SQ o'rlocdc Instead of 7:40 ns at
"resent. j
Four Ij Request Rack of Ad ranee
I. ' .
Jn Local Hcalc Differential
rpM.-r'i-ist' ran win Re
HW-c4tablt-.Iied. ,,
Announcement was mado on Sat
urday of a wago increase tolfea
employees of tho local saw mills that'
will bring tho scalo for ablo bodied
common labor up to $5 a day and
make additions in varying amoaaU
in tho scalo for tho various classes
of skilled labor. The new scale will
take effect on March 1.
At the Urooks-Scanlon
increase was made following a re
quest from a conference committer
from tho A L's, accompanied by. G.
E. Wllliums, tho employee member
of tho board ot directors of the 4 13
from this district. Their request, ac
cording to Manager J. P. Keyos, cam
as the result of Increases recently
granted In the coast mills at the fee
quest of tho organization la that sec
tion. Fir manufacturers of the coast,
Mr. Keyes said, wero receiving prises
for their lumber far in excess eC
thoso being asked by tho pine mills.
Their employees, through 4 L cesa
mlttces, asked for increases In wages,
as a share of these high prices asst
not because of any increase la the
cost of living. The Increases were
granted and on the fact becoralas
known here he was waited on by a
committee asking for higher pay,
which was'graHted.'
DiirereaUal Ro-establUlioO.
For The Shevlla-Hlxoa Company
T. A. McCana stated that the Iscre&se
on his side of the river had been
made as the result of a recent
crease In tho minimum wage reted
i by the directors of the 4 L's, aad was
being put Into effect without art&k'
on tho part of the Loyal Legl-ea U
tho Shovlln plant
The former scale for common lafcer
in tho two mills was $4.30, the Ig
uro sot by tho Oregoa state hoard of
conciliation last fall. This agare
made a flat rate of 60 cents pex hear
and on its takfng effect other chassis
wero made In the pay to other classes
of labor which upset the differential
theretofore existing, la coHBeeUea.
with the present Increase, the former
differential is largely fo-cstahl&ed. '
Over 90 per eeat ot the eajp&Hes
ot the two mills are affected bVtfcs
wago increase. 39
Local saw mills wages before this
incroaso wqre the highest la the la
land empire pine ladustry aad thU'
addition serves to make the eempai
isoa evon stronger in favor' of the. '.
Bend mill employee.
With an . attendance competed
largely ot early residents of Rend
and Central Oregon, funeral iwvleis
Pere held Su,Jday afteraooa at tlHt
Baptist church fer George Y. IrVn-
lett, pioneer, who died last weak or
an Illness caused by old age. The
services were conducted by Roy, R.sJI.
Johnson, of the Baptist church, aad
Rev. H. C. Hartranft of the Prel
terlan chnrch, and Interment waa
made in Pilot Rutte cemetery.
Mr. Trlplett was SG years old at
the tlmo of his death. He was bora
In North Carollua in 1833, served In
the Confederate army during tho civil
war, and catne to Central OrepuTi
For notable wprk In the haadllag
of products fer government umUm
Shevlln-Hlxoa Company, of (hte ejty,
is inuued (n a emmunleatlot frew
Secertary of War Baker. Tan -.
lln-Hlxon Combaay is onai of n U
se noctkwast to receive sacK eem-
V -s'l