The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 12, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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    PAflK 8
Jvflx JV. VKAAn
mhv? TWvw
t-iy "a1 v
The ,
Deviu Owtv
ABomoiicaoFflwBlrtck Hawk War
"Some, trl!nis; It Is nil Intllnu
country, north ttml oust of Iuto or
Jinn boon. I mil fiot (lciiylng Mint. but
this danger does not compare. In my
mind, with the peril which confronts
tis In every direction. I nut trying to
choose thi leant. Our greatest dllll
culty wilt ho the hick or food wc
possess no puns with which to kill
panic, only pistols, nnd nn exceedingly
small stock of mnmuultton. Tlmt Is
whnt troubles Tim; ttml, and Ids
eagerness to jrot Imck down the river.
IIo fulls to realise wluit It would menu
to you to full again Into Klrhy's
"Do you renllxcT"
"Do I? It Is the onejnemory which
controls mo. Tell me, niu I not right?
You despise the fellow; you are will
ing to fnco nny hardship so us to us
ed pe him?"
"I would rather die tlinn have him
touch me. Surely you cannot deem It
possible tlmt I could ever forgive?"
"No; that would he hnnl to eotr
eclve; nnd yet I wished to hear the
words from your own lips. Will you
answer me one thine more why did
you first assume the character of
Hone, nnd why did you1 repose such
Instant trust In me?"
"I think I myself hardly knew," she
admitted timidly. "It all happened,
was horn of Impulse, rather than
through any plan. Perhaps It was Just
the woman In me. After my father
tiled, Delhi thought It best to tell us
the storv of ltene'.s hlrtli. This thin
was Mich a terrible tale, 'and later we
sought all through his private papers,
hoping he had taken pome action to
set thoso two free. There was no
pi oof that he had. no mention. Indeed,
except a memorandum of Intention to
refer the matter to Lawyer llulnes at
the Landing. This merely served to
confirm whnt Delia had told us, and,
as Unities had gone to St. Louis, we
were unable to jee him. We were nil
of us nearly erased. So I huggested that
we run nwuy, and drew money out of
my private account for that purpose.
My only thought was to take a steam
er up the Ohio, to some place where
we were not known, nnd begin life
over apiln. Oh, you cannot under
standI had no mind left; only a
blind Impulse to save them."
I caught her hand In mine nnl held
it firmly.
"Perhaps I do understand. It was
my knowledge of this very condition
which first brought me to you."
"You heard about us on the boat
the Warrior? Did father tell you?"
"So; it was Klrby. He was actual
ly proud of what he had done Wast
ed to me of his suceean. I have nver
known a titan so heartleaaly conceited.
I"lol listen. You may Iwve thought
tl'ls was largely an accident. It was
tnit ; It wax a delllMTateiy planned,
cold-blooded plot. I tell you that .Toe
Klrby is of the devil's own breed : Tip
l not human. Itetie's father t1d htm
llrt of the peculiar conditions at I lea il
eal re."
"Kene' father 1 Does Ioh he still
"So; hut he did live for years after
he disappeared, supporting liliiwlf by
gambling on the lower river. At one
tlmedie nnd Klrby were together. Af
ter ho died Klrby investigated his
story In St. Loula and found that it
was true. Then he laid this plot to
gain control of everything. Including
both of you girl. The mini dreamed
v of owning Iteducairc, of MsenlK nil
it contained. He was willing to risk
everything to carry ui hi hell-burn
whome, ami to ruin everyone who In
terfered with him. 1 mil telling you
nil this, KIolw. because It u. now time
you should know. Will you not tell
me Just how It nil came to you?"
Hor hands cliuig to me, us though
she dare not Jet j?o, her eye were
tilled with u mingling of wonderment
und pain.
"Why, of course. We thought it
best not to go until after we could .see
the lawyer. I could not believe my
father hud neglected to set those two
free he he loved them both. Delia
and Itone had gone down to the Laud
ing that night to see If he had re
turned. We were both of us nfrnld to
leave Itene alone nhe was so despon
dent, co unstrung. It was dark and 1
,wnn all alone In the house. Then these
men came. They did not know me
and I did not know them, but I was
Mire what they came for. I was ter
ribly frightened, without an idea what
to do only I n f 'ixi'l to talk. All I
could do was to pray that the others
ii.'ght be warned nnd not return. They
h arched the house nnd then left this
man Tim to guard me. He told niu lie
was a deputy sheriff from St. Louis,
and and I encouraged him to explain
all he knew nbout the case. Then I
made up my mind what to do I would
pretend to be Itene, and let them carry
me oiT Instead of her,"
"But did you not realize the danger
to yourself?"
"So, I suppose I didn't, or, rather, I
did not care. All I thought nbout was
how to stive her. These were Inw offl
cn they would tnko me to St. Louis
bef 5u court. Then I could make
mj known and would be set free.
Tli oiildn't do anything else, could
they? Then' wn no 'uvFliy "which I
could be held, hat hut. don't you hm?
The delay might glvp Itene time to ca
cti pe. That was not wrong, was It?"
"Wrong I It was one of the bravest
things I ever heard of. And I know
the rest your encounter with Kit by
In the library. I overheard alt of tlmt
through the open window, and how
you learned from him that certain
legal papers would have to be served
on Klolse lteauealre before any of the
slnves could be touched, or remov d
from the estate. That knowledge only
brought you new courage to play out
your part. Hut why did you trust me
enough to go with me? And, after
trusting me so fully, why did you re
fuse to tell me who you re.illy were?"
Her eyes fell before mine, and her
cheeks were tluhed.
"You think that strange? I did trust
you, Lieutenant Knox, and I trusted
you more completely the longer we
were together. Imt but I did not
wholly understand. You were endeav
oring to rescue Itene from slavery. I
could not conceive what Interest you
might feel If I should confess myself
Klolse. You were strange to me; wo
were there alone with the negro, and
and somehow- It seemed a protection
to me to claim a drop of bljck blood.
Twice I thought to tell you the words
were on my lips but something
stopped them. Possibly, Just n little. I
was afraid of you."
"Then hut not now?"
"N", not now not even a little; you
have proven yourself all I ever hKd
you would be. I am glad o glad to
say to you now, I am Wolfe Ilea it "
She stopped suddenly, the word
half uttered, the mili failing from her
"My God!" She Burst Forth.
lips. ".My God!" she burst forth.
"Hut I nm not! I am not I Why, I
never felt the horror of It all liefore I
am not Klolse lteauealre!"
A moment I stood motionless, seem
lug to hold my .breath, my eyes open.
struck silent by the Intern hltierner
of that cry. Then the reaction came,
the knowledge tliat I must turn her
thoughts olM'whcre.
"Do not say that, or even think It."
I urged, scarcely able to rextniln my
self from grasping her In my arms.
"Kvon If It ahull prove true legally
true some way of o-eapo will be
found The others are safe, ami you
are going to need all your courage.
Pledge me to forget, to ignore this
thing. I need you."
Her hands fell nerveless and her
picstloulug eyes sought my face.
"Vou nrc right, Lieutenant Knox."
(die suld frankly. "I owe my loyalty
now to you. T shall not yield again to
despair; you may trust me my
The day win not ended when we
finally retraced our way ncroax the
narrow djke to the mainland, pre
pared to resume our Journey. The
piiwHige was alow and dangerous, and
we made It on foot, leading lite horses.
The wood were already beginning to
darken as we forded the north brunch
of the creek and came forth through a
fringe of forest trees Into u country
of rolling hills and narrow valleys.
The two girls woro already mounted,
and Tim and I were busily lightening
the straps for a night's ride, when,
from behind us, back In the direction
of the peninsula we bud Just quitted,
there sounded the sharp report of u
rifle. Wc straightened up, startled, and
our eyes met. There could be but one
conclusion our pursuers had found
the trull.
A Field of Massacre.
To my mind, rented on that Island
In the morass, n map spreatl before me.
a hundred miles of travel had not ap
peared a very serious matter, but 1
was destined to learn my mistake.
The close proximity of the men seek
ing to overtake us as evidenced by
that rifle shot awoke within us u
sense of Imminent danger and drove
us forward through the fast gathering
darkness nt a perilous puce, especlolly
as our mounts were not of tho best.
Wo rested for nn hour ut midnight,
on tho banks of n small stream. Tho
sky had lightened somewhnt, and wo
could percelvo tho way fairly well
When wo nguln ndvunced, now travel
ing through a more- ojien country, u
prairie, InTerspcrsed wllh Knives u
trees. Daylight overlook us at the
edge of a slough, which bordered a lll
lle lake, where In the gray dawn, Tim,
by a lucky shut, managed to kill a crip
pled duck, which later furnished us
with a meager breakfast. In the se
curity of a nearby cluster of. trees, we
ventured to build a lire, and, sitting
about It, dlscused whether to remain
there or press on. It was decided to
remain where we were mill rest.
1 need not dwell on the details of
our lllght. They remain In my memory
In nil clearness, each scene dwtluct,
each Incident n picture engraved on
the mind. My map proved utterly use
less, confusing me by Its wrong locu
tion of streams, nnd Its Inaccuracy In
(he estimation of dlslancea. We mti"t
have wandered far to the north from
our direct course, led astr.'y In the
dark, and by our desire to nd wince
swiftly. I'or there mhui came to us
warning signs that we were Indeed
being pursued; und some evldelice
also that we were even within Indian
let ri lory.
The savages had left their uunils
takable mark for our llmllng. It was
in the early twilight of the second day,
the western sky already purple with
the fast fading colors, the prairie bi
fore us showing In alches of green
and brown. To our left was a thick
wood, even then grown gloom and
dark In shallows, and slightly In ad
uneo of us Kcuned.v rode alone, hope
ful of thus dislodging some wild ani
mal. 1 could see the gleam of the pis
tol In his baud, held In Instant remll
uces, linked and primed. Suddenly he
drew rein, and then, turning Ids
horse's head sharply, ndvnneed cau
tiously toward the miniature forest,
leaning forward to gase Intently ut
something unseen from where we were.
He halted Ids horse, which pawed rest
lessly, and sat motionless, sturln
down Into a little hollow Immediately
In front of him: then he turned In the
saddle, and beckoned me.
"Cum over ycre. Cap," he called, his
voice sounding strange. "So, not the
gurls; you cum alone."
1 rode forward and Joined him only
to stare also, the heart within me al
most ceasing to beat, as I beheld the
gruesoaie sight so suddenly reealed.
There, within the conmicx of that lit
tle hollow, almost at the edge of the
wood, lay the dead ami mutilated
itodh-s of elcen men, hi eery distort
ed jMisture Imaginable, some stripped
uuked, and showing ghastly wound:
others fully-clothed; but with thcelxth
ImcLed Into rags. It had once la-en n
camp, the black coals of u tire still
visible, wllh one man lying s cross
them, his face burnt and unrecognisa
ble. With the exception of one only
a mere boy, who lay a few rods away,
as though brought down In High! the
entire group were together, almost
touching each other In death. Ilcjoud
question they had been soldiers
mllltla volunteers for while there was
only one uniform turning them, they all
wore urmy halts, and a service Insignia
appeared on their hats. Tim vented
hla feelings in ti smothered oath.
".Mllltla, by God!" he mutteriHl
gruffly. "No guard -et; the bloody
Injuns Jumped 'em friim out them
woods. Those poor devils never bed
no ehnnct. Ain't thut It, Cap?"
"So doubt of It ; the whole story Is
there. None of them alive?"
"I reckon not cudn't he hacked up
like ihet. an' most o' 'em skelH-il.
Them red never left a d gun lw
hind neither. Why, say, this affair
must a took place this yere very
maimln', 'bout breakfast time."
He stood up In his stlrniM, and
swept his eyes anxiously about In
every direction.
"Good Lord! maybe we liettcr be
glttlu' 'long out o' yere right sintirt.
Thar ain't nuthlu tor stay fer; we j
can't help them men none, an' only the J
devil knows wlmr them Injuns Imv' ;
goiA.-. Ver git the gurls awuy nfore I
they see whut's yere down yonder, I
inter the valley."
I took one more glance at the slj'ht, i
fascinated by Its cry horror, then i
whoeled my terrlfWHl horse, and rntle
buck. Hearties as his words sounded,
thy were nevertheless true. We could
he of no aid to the dead, while Uhui
us yet rested the duty of guarding the i
iiviiik. i ne joiing negress iiiieu iter
liesil, nnd gazed ut me dully, so thor
oughly tired as to be Indifferent as to
what had occurnslj but Klolse read In
stantly the mettwige of my lace.
"Vou have looked upon something
terrible," she cried. "What wns It, a
dead body?"
"IJIeven dead bodies," I answered
gravely, my lips trembling. "A sipiad
of militiamen were surprised by In
dians over there, und slaughtered to a
man, apparently wllh no chance to
oven defend Uiumsolves. I have never
seen a more terrlblo slj.'lit."
Food and
ollar !
your dollar.
.to jobber.
3ffi salaries, rent, light deliveries, etc.
to your grocer.
OnTthis basis can your local retail grocer be profiteer
ing? Out of every dollar you spend, 82 cents goes to
the cost of the article; I 3 cents goes to upkeep of busi
ness service, and 5 cents to the dealer. These figures
represent an average..
A Word About Cost Plus 1 0
om Groceries.
Every Grocer-Member of the Bend Merchants' Asso
ciation will sell groceries for cost plus 10 on the fol
lowing terms:
No Delivery
Articles to be taken in original package
orders for stocks not on hand to be placed and delivery
awaited at store.
About Complaints
Every member of tin Hcntl McrcliKiils' Assoeitition will welcome
ti complete recital of tiny complaint rcardin inferior quality
of goodshigh pricescareless deliveries inattention. Don't
L'iiMfK-..liiit irn ;t hi it rht In vnnr imTfliimt . If urti luliimlcil In
your satisfaction report the inu'ir to the Secretary of Hentl
Merchants' Association, in City Hist Room.
I A. Erickson
J. C. Penney Co.
Union Grocery
Heyburn Ildw. Co.
S. H. Stockman
Veltum & Co.
Holmes Grocery
Fuller Bros.
ISI. P. Cash man
The Fair Store
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Aug. Nelson
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Standard Kurn. Co.
Loven & Ciiiniund
Golden Rule
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Tri-State Terminal Co.
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Gilbert Grocery
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Howl Furniture Co.
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Gilbert Furn. Store
Owl Pharmacy
Liberty Bell Bakery
Beaver's Market
Kenwood Grocery
Peoples Store
Warner's iJtorc
American Bakery
Cash Market
(To Do Continued.)
I .IN I I - - S
To UHsliit tho people of Ilonil and
tho Bui-rounding country in making
out tliolr Incomo tux returns, J, J.
WllkliiHon and L, II, Ilowuloy, de
puty Internal rovonuo collectors, ar
rived In tho city on Monduy und
will remain hero through February
17, whon thoy will luavo for Rod
tnond. During their Htuy In Ilond
thoy may bo newt from 8:30 o'clock
in tho morning until C:30 o'clock In
tho arternoon, on v wook duys, at
tho city (Iro hall.
Put It in Tho Bulletin.
I'otntooH will ho potntoeH within
a very Hhort tlmo on tho looal mar-
kot, according to (Jiih K. 8 1 ml It', man
ugor of tho I)unchuUH Valley Potato
Orowor' uHSoclutlon, who Iiuh JiihI
received a hurry up order for COO
HiickH of potntoeH from It. liutlor of
Dufur. ThlH order Ih to Include
Hpudu for commercial and need pur-
poKOH. The local inurluU now HtauilH
at approximately I l-2cU. It In evil
inatml that there remain In (IiIh ter
ritory only about live carlondH for
market, The ilnnmiid, Mr. Hliulli;
huvh, Ih Htrom; nn DoMohtitun Kelt ml
IOxpliuiIni; the aliHonco of rnbliiH,
blunblrilK, ami other frathered folk
who ordinarily runiulit In Central
Oregon, CharloH HiiIiioh, local rwilty
operator, imnurtH that tho nljHonco of
ripe Juniper hurrlon Ih tho catino for
it all, Plenty of unrlpu berries nro
on the treoH, hut Uioho huvo no valuo
a an article of diet for tho blrdB.
Itoblim and bliioblrdH left at tho tlmu
of tho heavy uuow In December, whon
all other klmlu of food were covered
LMgUyMUJWll-"JllUl-1M"ll'l"1!irl IM t'"r"WirffTr rir1"- -' '--, - -' -.,1- iKirt-pnimim-iimrriTTiHi