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nRNl) HUIJ.KT1N, IKN1, OllKUUn, Tlll'IIHDAY, FKlllll'AHV Itt, tOJO
The Bend Bulletin
(Weekly Kdltlon)
Published Dy
TUN 1IKN1) llUIil-KTlN
Kstnbllslietl 11)02.
FUK1) A. WOBI.KIiKN. Bdltor
K011BIIT W. SAWYBIl, Manager
i '" ' ' '
An Independent newspaper standing
for tlio squnro deal, clonn business,
clean politics nnd tho boat Interests
ot llond nnd Central Orogon.
One yonr 2-0
Six months 1.00
Three months - 0
"Wo would llko to havo n road
built south from Prlnovlllo to con
nect with tlio Uurns-Dcnd road, the
central Orogon hlRhway, explains I).
F. Stuart of Prlnovlllo. " 'This Is a
road no one should object to, as It
will bo a great convenience for traf
fic. It will serve as a sort of a tap
lino Into the Bond-Hums road nnd
wilt savo a great deal of dotouring.
A delegation la In the city to tuko tho
matters up with the state highway
commission at Its meeting tomor
row.' "
The foregoing from a recent Ore
gonlnn tells an Interesting story. It
is the story of how Prlnovlllo Is try
ing to reach out to a road connecting
two other communities nnd divert Us
travel to herself. The fact that tho
proposed road must go over a moun
tain, that It would bo almost Impas
sible In winter and that tho. cost ot
construction would bo tremendous
nro no obstacles to the town's effort
to get tho road. Its enterprise must
bo acknowledged while Its nervo Is
Prlnevlllo's desires aro porfectly
plain. She wants a position on tho
highways that will carry tho tourist
travel of tho future across the center
of tho state. "With hor road runnli g
through tho Ochoco forest nnd up In
to tho John Day country she Invites
tho travel from tho northeastern sec
tion of the state. If sho can tap tho
Bend-Burns road she will turn it her
way from tho southeast, nlso, while
travel from the west will be enabled
to go either way out of tho city.
Tho Bend-Burns road, wo believe,
was developed by tho tiend Commer-,
clal club. For n large part! of the,
way it Is a natural road. 'Work hnsj
recently been authorized by the blgh-i
way commission looking toward ibe ,
construction contemplated by tho,
highway act of 1917.
Bcforo any tap lines are built in-,
to it tho commission owes it tc tho,
people of "both Bend and Burns to)
seo that 'It is completed. Ap I th.'
peoplo of Bend owe It to themselves
to see to it that Prinevllle doe. not
get in to divert the. travel na'urally
flowing ove Ihis highway.
terday, is (o bo moro than matched
by n county appropriation.
Tho reason tho county Is ab'o to
do this Is because, it has bonded It
self so heavily for road purposos.
To date, If wo have tho llguro.i cor
rectly, It ha voted over $300,000
worth of road bonds. This money
has been thrown lavishly Into tho
scales with tho commission nnd has
undoubtedly had much weight In ob
taining state funds.
For Deschutes county tho ques
tion scorns to bo whether It wants
roads enough to bond heavily. Tho
Crook county lesson seems to bo that
If tho county will put up tho money
It cup get tho commission aid. De
schutes Is getting som aid. It Is true,
but the big money In Central Oregon
Is going to Crook, and apparently bo
causo Crook is putting up tho big
money. Doos Deschutes want to do,nmcy
(ho same?
and thoro Is a prospect that nuother
will bo established about It! miles
southeasterly where quite a settle.
nioiit Is growing up on the dltoh
lands. And Bond Itself had no post
ollleo a your ago.
Ilor. J. Anthony Mitchell and Kov.
John K. MoOllvruy, of the, Presbyter
Ian church, aro holding meeting
every evening at tho II. M. Hall after
snug norvlco for 20 minutes.
Joseph F Taggart has been ap
pointed agent ut Bend for the Hold
Reserve association, of Mt. Pleasant,
Michigan, a fraternal life Insurance
Bad breath, colorless lips, sallow
cheeks give a gill little chance, for
"a man" Don't give up, to llollls
ter's Rocky Mountain Tea and see
how popular you get. Owl Phar-
i Fifteen Years Ago
i I
(From the columns of The Bui
letln, February 10, 1905.)
Stops are under way for the lo-
The high school baskotball team
will play tho Redmond live Friday
night at S o'clock. Tho game will
take placo In tliu Redmond gymnas
ium which has been remodeled and
a balcony built In. No spectators
Bend Happenings
from Day to Day
l.'.wmmmiimtmmit limmimimmmmmiimiimiiw
.1. II. Minor leavoH tonight for
Mm. J. J. llognn Is In Portland
this week on business.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Mcdratli, of Ma
ker, was In tho city yesterday.
Frank Kulp has disposed of his
residence properly to O. K. Noreott.
Mr. and Mrs. I.cland DavU are
the parents of a son bom this morn
ing. J. Ryan leaves tonight for Port
laud and Seattle on a week's busi
ness trip
on business this iiuirnliiK. W
McKay and their two nous u-com-paulud
Mrs. It. N. lloftoii, one or tlio In
structors at tho Dmicliutns school,
was In tho city this niuniliig on bus
iness ut the olllco of tho County Sup
inliituiiileiiti Dr. K. It. Norrls, who has been
confined to bis homo for more
than two weeks In recovering Mipld
ly and expects to bo at his office,
early next week.
County Judge V. D. Iliriies and
Commissioner Suth Htookev returned
this morning from Portland wh'oo
A. V. Poole In l on hittilmms loiluy
fioiu Ills homo In l.a I'lnn. 4
(l.1l.;Mosli.'()f HllVorJDiilto, spent
it 'night In liiMid' on' bunliloiiM.
MIhs liiii'lln Snyder Iikh koiiu lo
CoivhIIIb to visit with friends In thai
city for tho next two wrndiii.
Nineteen pupils are now onrutlwl
ut llio Carroll Acres school, City
Hiiperliiliindiint Monro ,liitoil today.
Jack thither Is visiting IiIm parents
In Mend, having anlved hero Tuns
day from Portland, lie may ro-lo-onto,
lie io.
Claruiiue Miami, who was ariesteil
Wednesday night while riding In mi
thoy attended a meeting of the HtittH uuttuntitillo Identified as belonging to,,
Highway commission. j-, u. n, siowell, was released yns
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Fish ai rived t,.rdny afternoon, pending fuithnr lu
lu Mend this week from Port llimni. I vimtliciitltiu of the ciimo.
Michigan, and will be the guests.
for about a mouth at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. It. A. Horn.
Friends In Mend received woid to-
The Irish ladles will glvo tholrk. ))f ., (hmlh ()f Mllti Ai tli ,,,,
annual ball In the, gymnasium onof j,,,, Mr ,,t,I10 W1IH ftirmurly
March 17. .Mss Margaret Downs mid taught In
J. B. Minor left last night for Poit-thu ,.rmltm mui, i l 1 0 and HUT.
laud on business. He will return to ,....,., ....... ,,. ........ of .iiuith.
i - -
Bond Monday.
cation of a colony of Utah beet ! will bo allowed on tho gym lloor and
sugar experts on the Irrigated lauds
of the Deschutes Irrigation & Power
William P. Downing has been
awarded the contract for carrying the
mall between Bend and Tumalo, and
begins his service tomorrow. His
bid was $190 'a yonr.
Henry Tweet and Miss Mary Perry
were united In marriage In Tho
les Sunday. February 5. at the' resi
dence of Thomas Twoot. Tlmv nr.1
rived hnmn Tuecrinv tilPln .,.! w.i J ul I'harinacy.
nesdny evening were serenaded by
the Be.nd Cornet band.
Bend Is coming to be quite a ills
coach Moore believes that .this ar
rangement will help tho boys play u
faster game. The probable lineup
will be: L. Coyuer and Helfrlcli.
forwards; Williams and Hauck,
guards; Brosterhous, contcr; and
I.oolir and V. Coyner. substitutes.
Blackheads. plmplos V h e w '
Isn't she n sight don't wony she
Is going to take llolllster's Rocky
Mountain Tea then watch her
Tho. Mllllron. who has been III
In Prinevllle, will be brought to
Bend today for medical attention
W. F Copeland. of Prlmivllle.
Clydo McKay motored to Rolmond .spending the day In Bend
W. O. Ilarilmau Is confined;' to
his home by a seveio cold,
Max Cunning, of Redmond, was
'in today on huslutws at tlio court
F. tl. Cut lip. of the Central Oregon
tlarage, of Redmond, and Mrs, John
Raii. who lit spending the winter
In Redmond, wmu vlsltois In Blind
I shall no longer bo responsible
for debts or obligations contracted
tributlng point for postal matter In' ' wlfo. Amanda J. Mrook.
the past four months, two olllcoi?"'r rur- - l"0:1IinnK
have boon istnlill.i..i il-mm 501' l ,L "OOK
H I 'k. lLMi -Kb. X.
JBL. 1M ,... r VH "BV-Bk. . f .
have been established which aro ser
ved from hexe, Tumalo and I.aldlnw,
Put It In Tho Bulletin.
Wycoff mKim a- !tn"il.l,iilW,,,f l 'Va"M' ,,a,,, ,30'000 ,or " '"" ,ladt,hl"' . thau
.n?ni Pni.nJe. i? ' i ' reprtsontatlvos for an lowu Htnto Breeders' Association, puld 136.000 for this
Kmo for u ho. "'" PWnk W"M'' ttl Nob,tt"' " claimed to be iho record rrlco o?
When the referendum on the Stri
horn railroad was before the Com
mercial club last yoar the club was
asked to vote against tho road bo
causo It would hurt tho mills. It
was argued further that whatever
hurt tho mill was bad for tho town,
and tho partnership in local affairs
shared by the mill companies, tbclr
employees and the rest of the town
was suggested. Because of theso ar
guments on behalf of tno mllis and
wo think it fair to say, for no other
reason, tho Commerc'.M Iub voted
tho referendum down, hongh ly a
narrow margin in a smaU vote.
The. merchants who recognlzo this
partnership have cause, they feel,
to think they have been treated un
fairly by the recent establishment
by one, of tho mill companies of a
commissary for the sale of groceries
to its employees. The only ground
on which such action could bo just
ified would bo down-right profiteer
ing on tho part of the grocers, and
they fool that nothing of tho sort
can bo shown. Their prices, thoy
assert, are merely In keeping with
the service rendered of delivery,
charge accounts and so on. "With
such items of service eliminated they
can sell as cheaply as can any com
missary, unless the operator charges
Its costs to other departments of his
business. In such cubc, of course,
no grocer could compete. It would
mean business done at a loss, which
tho grocer could not afford.
In a recejit advertisement tho gro
cers have stated they were always
willing to soil on the samo terms
ns tho commissary In question. With
this fact mado clear any reason for
its existence wpuld seem to be removed.
now, when prices are high many people are taking advantage of this opportunity to save money. Every piece of furniture
hand has been substantially reduced in price. Many of these being sold at considerably less than present wholesale cost.
It Will Pay You to Buy Now
It has-been siiEeste,d that the rca
son why Crpok county Is nbhj to get
support from tho highway commis
sion and financial assistance for Its
rad program is tho fact that it of
fers such substantial amountS'lp co
operation with; tho, 'Commission. Tho
largoum to Jo put up byVlheom
mlsslpnWcjrHbe prookod rlv5r road
far instance, as reported -IhH-yes
Dresser Bargains!
ii ,,
$31.50 Oak Princess Dresser , $21.75
.$39.50 Oak Dresser $28.50
$21.50 Ivory Dressing Table $14.90
$26.50 White Enameled Chiffonier.. $18.75
$27.50 Ivory Dresser,,.,.....,...'.. $19.75
$56.00 Oak Dresser .'. $42.50
Heavy 2-in. post White Enamel Iron Beds,
regularly priced at $18.50, sale price $13.65
::::s::::::::::::::::t::::::::::::::::n::s:t:t:::::n::: :i:i::a::a:i:aKH::a: : :::!:!!;!
Deliveries are being made as promptly as
possible but can not be promised on day of
LivingRoomDining Room
LxLJuj Lm.y,. lr... riiiit I.Ji!
$95.00 Reed Davenport Tapestry and seat
back $69.50
$22.50 Imitation Leather Rocker $13.85 i
$12.50 Arm Rocker $8.95
$45.00 Oak Dining Tables, 48-in. top $31.50
$1.75 Rag Rugs, 24x36 inches 95c
ja:a:ti:isi:i:i:i:iui:i iwiiiwiiwmmtimmrimimtmmHiiim.'itiimimiiButiwmimtimttmmi
$25.00 9x12 Tapestry Brussels Rugs (six
only) special ...! ..$19.75
'iiiini:iam:iut :ii!:ti!:iimiiiiiH!::iuti:a;ii:iiiiii:i!i!iiiii liitmamismiismmmiiin
CREDIT TERMS-Owing to the extreme
ly low prices at which this merchandise is
quoted credit cannot be granted- for lonirer
than 30, 60 and 90 days.
niiimaini Mtti:(tiui:ii:iiii:itti:i:Hiuiiii:iii(::iititiHin::imtiittKt:fiiui(titiiitfi
Bend Furniture Company
. i