The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 05, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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(MltililllniUIMMUIIIIIiUlltSIIIIUillliiiilliiuiniiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiimiuiimiimiiiiiuiuui
County JuilKt) W. 1). Homes Im In
l'urtluud on romJ business.
U; I IlonklfiH. of J.owur llrldge,
was ii IjIIhIiiohk visitor In tlm city
(lift K. Hlmllg, Lower IlrltlKO
rancher, wits In Hend liiNt night on
Thomas J. Cancan, of Ontonagon,
Mich,, Ih visiting IiIh sister, Mrs.
J. K. Arnolil.
Mlurt Lucille Hnyder leaves to
night for Corvallls, where nlm will
visit for u week or worm
Judge T. K. J. Duffy ilrovn over
from I'rliiovlllit IiinI night to attend
tho meeting of I tut Klks lodge.
Mr. unil Mm, V, H, Hudson re
turumt this morning from n vucu
tlou trip to southern t'aljfprnla.
Mrs Alexander Thompson, of Tin
Dalles, Ih In llond visiting her
daughter, Mr, t'linrb's W. Krsklne.
Mm. Fred Fish Ih leaving for
Kan Francisco, where nlm will spend
suviirul weeks visiting nt tho homo
of her brother.
Mm. 1'auI Norseth of Delaware
Keep Your
Nose and
Free from
Ze Pyrol
Magill & Erskine
Your Druggist
. The last of the Season 's
Selling of Reduced-Price
Winter Dresses and Suits
" d&kVy&tw Mil
ALL Practical Styles, and all reduced in
price to the lowest figure at which
they will he sold. This is the final Clear
ance of all Winter Wear Dresses and Suits,
and the woman who seeks economy in
dress purchases will find scores ot pleasing
opportunities in the wide selections of
styles and materials included in this last of
the season's selling of reduced price wear,
! i i ' I.'
Prices range from' $14. 7S to $62.50
. i
, ii
avenue will entertain tho Ladles'
Aid Hoiiloty of tin) KcuiKllnuvInn
l.uthuiuii church TliurHdny evening.
(I. A. I'nrkliiM luft IiihI lilght for
Hpoknne, where Im will 'represent
tlm llrotikH'Kuiinlon Lumber Co, nt
tlm convention of 'box inuuufuttiir
ers In thut city.
Carl Wise nml K. U. Clark uVir
In from l.u I'lno today.
II, I., Totio and Dennis Hunt, of
Hlslers wont business visitors In
tho city toduy.
August A. Anderson loaves to
night for I'orllnud unci 9a lorn on
official business.
ltobnrt :. Hinltli, of I'ortluud,
formetly Liberty Loan mauager for
tho Rluto of Oregon, In In town to
day on business.
A license waH Issued Inst night
from tho office of tlm county chirk,
to John I' O'Ciillsghaii and Minn
I'volyn A. I'etormnn, Hiulth, of the. Korrnt Ser
vice, In leaving today for Fort Hock
to aniilMt Hunger Hoy Mitchell In
pontine boundaries and telephone
and ' toad maintenance.
ftoorge Fletcher htm arrived In
llelid from Itosehurg to tako tlm
munWonicnt'of thn local branch of
tlm I'ui'lllc Fruit anil I'roduco Co,
V. 1). Mile, who has been acting
In thin capacity, will ho Iran for rod
to Hood Itlver or Tho Dalles.
Mrs A I. Livingstone, mother of
Mm. A, J. Kulstud, nml her sons
Frank and Alexander Livingstone,
who havo been on an extended visit
will ruturn lo their homo In Mis
soula, Montana on Wodnesduy.
Haturdiiy evening it crowd of 30
Moose and their when and frlendn
met at tho Mooso Club, then pro
ceeded to tho ranch of Mr. and Mrn.
Ceo. T. Mellaril, ono und a half mllen
eiint of the city and were entertain
ed at a duncliiK party until mid
night when a delglhtful lunch wan
M'rveil, DanclttK wan renumed until
early In tlm iiioruliiK when all
motored buck to their homen.
limine r.uentn of .Mm. Sellarn wero
Mr nud Mm, Ktoren, of ('reticent,
who are leavlne fur Keatllo then
to ClilraRO makliiK tho trip over
land, they expect to be i;on" a year
and u linlf.
F. A. Howard In 111 tit bin hoi k
with iniurnklu,.
K. W. Wober, of l.u Pine, npent
tlm week end In Ilund,
Mrn. C. A, Waruur loft Saturday
nlj;ht for u ihorl vlnlt In Portland.
Mr. mid Mm. F, K. Toomey were
puciiorn on lait nlchl'a train for
ri ' " ' i" '"
Mr, A. M linden wnn cnllod to Knit
I,n) lo nca b'ir jnothur who In tier'
lounly ill,
Mrn. I, V. McAdoo and non Flrrnnn
loft Uiittirday rilclit for Halnm wboro
Finnan will attend ncliool,
Mr. and Mrn, W. I., O'Donnoll and
chlldrou worn nnnnmiKorn on lant
rilcbt'n train for I'ortland,
I,. O, Taylor, Htipurlutondonl of
Tho Klmvlln-Illxon Company'n box
factory luft lant nlitlit for Hpokane.
W. Lnlr ThompHon, foruiur ntato
noflator from Lukovluw, and prcnl-
dunt of tho ntnta nonute, yran In Hand
today from liln homo In Portland.
Mr. and Mrn. J. H, Mulnter Mt
lant nlKht for Hpokane, Mr. Malntor
will attend a convention of tho Went'
ern Pino Mnnufacturcrn' unnaclntlon
DccorntorR huvo practically com
plclcd thulr work In tho Pilot Hutto
Inn dlnlnc room, and the flrnl mcnl
with tho now nurroundliiRn, will be
nerved tonlRbt.
Mrn. II. K, Hrookn and' Mrn, A.
M, Prlncle. departed lant nl(;ht for
PhlladcJphlu and New York. Villo
cant Mrn, Hrookn will undergo u dlfll
cult operation for bur even.
It. M. Hmlth received word thin
mornlnc from Wullnvlllo, Mlnnourl,
of tlm death pt C, I), Heed, weJI
known to tunny In Hond, and former
ly annoclated with Mr. Hmlth In the
old Hced-Hiulth Mercantile Co,
AiiKtint Hullblrd, formerly rnnldlnR
,lliri'J mllen from Hend on tho Turn-
ulo road, hun nold bin ranch to V.
A. Itlrton for $2,000, and bun left
for California. Prcvloun to bin de
parture, u nurprlno party wan Riven
by tho ramlllen living on adjoining
fa nn n,
Mrn. Clurenci) Mannhelmer and
Mrn. J, C. Hhoden entertained about
20 frlejidn of Minn Hurtha Dlnhon
Friday t the homo of Mrn. Mann
helmer at a mlncellancoun nhonor.
Minn DIhIioii who In noon to bo mar
ried to Mr. Henry Hllllngn, of Wnd
linniH &. Korr, of Portland, wnn tho
recipient of mauy beautiful Rlft.i.
Mm. E. C. Bhovliri arrived In Hend
thin morning from Portland.
C. W. HeynoIdH of Catuway In
traiiKiictlug biinlnenn In tlm rlty to
duy. Mrn. 8. P. Rtevennon 'of this city
In vlnltlug lelntlvoH ut CiiHtlu Hock,
It. F. Lane, W. H. Kuril and Leo
Colllim were among Silver l-ake vln
Itorn In Hend today.
Whllo preaching nervlcen will not
ho held nt the ('hrlntlan church to
morrow, the regular bourn of meet
lug will he obnerved.
Frank Crampton, a prominent
stockman oftliu Fort Hock valley,
came into Hend yentrday to bavo
noino dental work 'done.
Mm, II. II. Hchanno arrived In
Hend luni night from Portland to
Join her hiiHband. who In ono of the
now ownera of tho Hend-Uurns
Htago line.
Mr. und Mrn. J. II. Mclnter nnd
T. A. McCiinn will Icavo for Spokano
tomorrow night, where Mr. McCann
und .Jr, Mulnter will uttend u luin
bornieu's mentlng.
County School Suporliijeiulent J.
Alton Tbompnon him received coplen
of tho Htuto reudlng circle lint for
tho use of Denchuten county teach
ers. Twonty-nlx bookn are Included
In tho list.
Tut It In Tho nullettn.
Four chain at your service at tbe
Metropolitan. No waiting. Adr,
We Strive to Please
nitlTITV IUirilAMliLtaX AT VnmMV tluinve
Mrn. O,, W. Kontor In conflnod to
lior homo by lllnwm nn tho rinijU
of n vaccination for nm'nllpox.
Hov, O, K. WllllamH leaven tonight
for Hpokanu where ho will remain
novcrnl dnyn on bunlnonn. During jim
ubHonco, wrvlcon will not bo held, In
the Chrlntlrin church.
Mr. and Mrn. C. 'O. TMcCluro, of
North Yuklmu, Wnnhlngton, ore In
Hend vfnitfng with their non It. H.
McClurc. Mr MCCIuro recently dln
ponel of Inrgc farm holdings In tho
Ynklnlu vlclnlt.
""Tho l'lalnvlew ProgreIve club
In announcing a benefit danco to be
given at the Tumalo aknoclntlon
hnll February C. The fundn nro to
bo lined In tho erection of the pro
posed community hall for the resl
dentn of tbe l'lalnvlew district.
O. 0 I)augbcnbnugb o, Mllllcan,
arrived In tho city Innt night, and in
rejiinlnlng ovist today.
F. H Walto, Portland livestock.
and real entute opcratorV was a vln
Itor at tho Central Oregon Hank to
day on bin wuy to HllvuF LaReJ
II. If Cutwrlgbt ban arrived in
Hend from Halt I.ako City, bringing
with him nevoral Utah farmcrn who
aro planning to purcltanu land in the
Fort Hock Valley.
It. A. Allen, who In in charge ot
a fleet of Diamond-Trucks on Htatc
highway work near Hurnn, wan In
Hend today on a brief bunlnenn visit.
Mrn. Allen accompanied him.
Clyde M McKay and J. Alton
Thompson were among tho Hend
Mnnonn whom motored to Prlnevillc
today to be prcnent nt the corner
Btouo laying ceremonies for tbe new
Masonic temple In the CrooU county
seat today.
II. II. Wilcox ban left for San
Franclnco to attend tho Century
club convention of the West Coast
1.1 fo Insurance, company. The con
vention In attended only by repre
sentatives producing 1100,000 worth
of insurance annually.
William 1.. Hall, formerly an of
ficial In the forest ottlce in Washing
ton', I). C. Is in Hend from Chicago,
looking up timber properties, and
making a brief survey of local lum
ber und timber conditions.
New owners of tho Hend to Hums
stage Hue. II. H. Hcbanno, Wesley
Hill, und O. H. Peterson, left this
morning on their first trip over the
route One passenger, A. M. Uuck
leu, and one of tbe former owners,
V. P, Wray, accompanied them.
Less than 24 hours after the auto
mobile belonging to II. II. DcArmond
was taken from In front of tho
O'Kano building Into ut night, tbe
machine wan cn yesterday after
noon by Mrs. L M. Foss, to the rear
of the stone, building being erected
at tho corner of Harrlman and
Greenwood. Mr. DeArmond was Im
mediately notified. With tho ex
ception of a broken spring, tbe ma
chine was undamaged, and bad ap
parently been driven ouly n short
distance, as part of the ilve gallons
of gasoline with which tho car wasj
cquippcu wuen stolen, sun remain
ed In tho funk.
No clew to the identity of tho thief
or thieves has been found by the
- ;j-v
Georgette Waists A variety g
of colors and styles to suit every jjjK
taste. Priced within easy reach ?j.
ofall-$4.95, $5.45, $5.95, &
$6.95, $7.95, $8.95, $9.95 U
Pongee WaistsMade in nat- $
ural color silk pongee, with the p"
new convcrtable collar. Can be W
worn high or low neck$6.95
Novelty Striped Satin Waists- M
Navy, black or brown back
ground, with stripes of contrast
ing colors $5.45
., I V U
jjbrothers um
Quality 'Pioneeh
$7 10 In IJountlcH Paid During Jun-
uary Furs of High tirade
Taken by Trappers In County.
Pelts of predatory animals taken
In Deschutes county and presented
at tbe, ofllce of tho county clerk, net
ted trappers $740 In bounties dur
ing tho month of January. Two
hundred nnd twenty-seven pelts were
brought In, 190 of these being taken
from coyotes, and tho remainder
from bobcats. Because of the sev
erity of tbe early Winter, all furs
were prime with unusually long
balr, and at prevailing quotations
would be worth In the neighborhood
of J5.000, in addition to tho boun
ties paid.
5 100 Reward, $100
Catarrh l a. loesl disease greatly Influ
enced by constitutional conditions. It
therefor requires conetltutlonal treat
I taken Internally and acts th;-ou-h tbt
Stood on the Uucoua Surfaces of the Sye
destroys the foundation of the dliease.
elves the patient strensth by improving;
the general health and aesUta nature la
doing- Ita work, fioaoo for any case or
Catarrh that HALL'S CATARRH
UEDICINB falls to cure.
Drugglata Ttc Testimonials rrea.
T. J. Cheney tt Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
aKt-mm o me oo nut !)()() 0-i0-Bo.ea()
The high cost of deliveries
is really a myth-
Lots of people have been telling you '
"that all grocery deliveries are expensive.
That they greatly increase the cost of your
That you ought to save this cost by
carrying your groceries home.
On the contrary our customers find our
delivery system really economical.
It doesn't add to the cost of their grocer
ies and provisions.
It saves their time and energy-which
they can more profitably devote to their
homes or to various outside interests. ': X
'rf Smith's Grdcery
S. r Tl tw
it? ii x nunc ui j :t
sr u I'linna . r.
of standard quality
is the most satis
factory to buy.
That is why we
carry K u p p e n
heimer and
M ichael Sterns
Clothing, Alunsing
Underwear, Wil
son Bros. Shirts.
Holeproof and In
terwoven Hosiery,
Imperial Hats,
Bostonian and Co
operative Shoes,
Patrick Mackin
aw's, Lee Ironalls.
Because they are made
by well known JtanJ-
ard maker.
Since 1911
With grades for the final exam
inations In, announcement was
mado today by City Superintendent
S. W! Mooro ot the members of
the senior class who are In line for
graduation providing satisfactory
results in studies aro evidenced ut
tbo closo of tho spring term. Tho
class numbers 21, and of these,
three. Hllah Hrlck. Merle K. Miller,
and Wendell A. Thompon, havo
completed their high school work,
but must wait until the end of tho
present term before receiving their
diplomas. Th class ban adopted as
Its flower, the yellow rose, whllo
the class colors aro lemon and
Hereafter, at all houses quarantin
ed for smallpox, the yellow cards
will not be removed fdr three weeks.
Dr. Anna Rles Finley, City Health
Want tojiuy hay, ne llullclln clas
sified ads.