The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 08, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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" ", twj JC
-. 4
lly Hmlllo do OoKorzft
Jly, MIhcIiiio Klmnn
.lly Oornldlno Fnrrar
. ,.Dy John McCormack
Uy Onlll-Curcl
i'hlludolphla Orchestra
. . ...lly Ilmiato Zanolll
.....illy Ilonala ZomoIII
v., . Hi;i HHAI
0lfi3(J Door Honrl
74507 'Ilytnn to tlio'miu
87212 BcitJH Tol
04K3H Oiiiy You
74(1011 Putt lnttfitulv Citvutlnn
74BD8 tiivlluilun to tliti Walt lly
04831- riiRlliioql, Prologue, Part 1
01832 PiiKllacel, Prolog.)"', Part 2,
1 R020 I Am Climbing Mountains, lly Cumpbell anil Durr.
Ymi Didn't Want Mo When You Had Mo, by Henry
i j Uurr.
18C2B Wall .Till You Oct Thorn Up In mo Air, "f "l"J
' - Murray'
FlonllnR Down to Cotton Town, Jly American
1S031 Worulnrfitt Pal, lly fltPrllng Trio.
ThorV A Lot of IllUo-Kyod Marys Down In Mary
land, Ity Hlitintion Koiir.
Gem from "Soinctlmn." lly victor i.igm uiur uo.
(InmH from "BIiA'h a Good Fellow" By Victor Light
Opera Co.
My Dnby'a Arms, Moilloy Fox Trot, lly Pletro.
And Hf'd Bay Oo-La-Lal WeO'Wnol Modloy One-
Ktop lly Piotro.
.1 Wunt a Daddy Who Will Hock M to Blcop Ouo-
Ktup lly All-Star.
All tho Quakr-rn Aro Hbouldnr Blinkers, Fox Trot, Uy
-1 Might Ho Your "Oiico-ln-a-Whllu" -Fox Trot, Uy
Hmlth'ri Orclii'itra.
PatchesFox Trot lly Smith's Orchestra.
18f,30-aiil What n Pal Wan Mary WalU fly Bmllh'H Or-
Nobody Known Ono-Rtcp Uy Smith's Orchestra.
Mm. J. Chorion Snjlth leavm to
' morrow night for Now York City.
Kliu oxpocla to bo gone for a month.
' j. A. Kastes'und II. J. Ovorturf
1 tire among tlioso leaving tonight as
delegates to tho Oregou Irrigation
In tho Indoor baseball gnmo played
JUonday night at tho gymnasium, tho
mlllmon'N team defeated tho office
man, 54 to 20.
i Charles ThomuH In In Dond to do
oiiio ihopplnc and to look aftor bus;
luoiin matters. Ilo will return to his
homo In Crescent tomorrow.
Tho Baptist Women's Union wlI
hold Iti regular monthly business
meeting at tho homo of Mr. J, J.
Clapp Tliuniday afternoon at 2:30.
O. Bonson and L. A. Harris have
etonyl'tho deal for tho purchflM
from A. Johnion.of tho barber ifcop
formerly on Wall formerly owned by
Mr, JJennon.
'MUi Eunice and MUn Dolores Cat
low havo roturned to lako up their
Htudles nt Whitman coIIckc, after
upending thu holidays with their
parents In Dend.
11. II. Orndy, Madras district agent
for tho Northern Qraln and Ware-
Women's and Misses'
Coats - Suits - Dresses
7 .
Modish Styles!
Unusual Values!
The Coats, Suits and Dresses caught in the
Clearance are desirable, up-to-the-minute mod
els, suitable to wear for months to come. But
they are winter apparel, and this is their
4jumping-off place" so far as our stocks are
Women who believe in practicing
thrift will realize the sterling val
ues offered and get here early.
There ATeTftlany Other Items
Offered here that will interest the thrifty shopper
Knitted Wool Caps, regularly sold AOp CO
at 78c to $1.18, reduced to ot W. IOV
Ladies' Ribbed Fleeced Union Suit, the tfl IJO
kind we sold at $2.25, reduced to
Children's Heavy Fleeced Unlpn Suits, for 07r
boys or girls, all sjzes, 4 to 14 years "'
Children's Ribbed Fleeced Lined Vests AQ
and' Pants, any size , ,..., wv
hoiiwu CamvWYajfoi'Ji ' "Wjd today,
Mo Orndy boljvvon that nn'miunually
Kobil soonon will bo oxporioncod by
wheat rnncliorn In Joffnrflon county
m tho rcBiilt of, tli(i hoavy snow.
Dan Hourlguii, Powoll Ilutto
nhoepman, Is npeiidliii; a few day In
C. K. Btrcnt, of I.a Pino, arrlvod In
Dond lat night, uud In romalnlng
over today.
Quluu Johnson alidwA. I). Mynrs,
of Ontoway, aro bunlnosH visitor
In tho city today.
Mm. T. 0. DepHeoEwlfHdls
spending a fow days In Dond asUlio
guest of Mrs. A. M. Prlngle.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McCulstonnnd
son Clifton havo returned to Ilond
after n tbrno months visit In Beattlo.
Charles Stanton reeolvcd a tele
gram yesterday announcing tho
death of his father, O. A. Btanton.Jn
Mountain Oroyo, Missouri.
Tho Ladles Aid society of thr.
Methodist church hnt postponed tho
mooting scheduled to be held at tho
church on Friday afternoon.
Tho regular meeting of tho Dend
chnptcr of (ho Amorican Hod Cross
.wlllibo bold at r, o'clock Friday
'. Aiiam It. 1it fMrttlt mtirt
Hobs Downs, brother of Mrs. H. K.
IHrooks, and Miss Marlon Lilly, who
hnvo.bcen visiting In Ilend at tho
lirwku homo, left for their home In
Beattlo yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Hogcrs and
Unfniit daughter aro In Dend from
Tho Dalles visiting at the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Horton. They
aro plaunlng to locato In this city.
Mrs. H, II. ilnrtlejr left yesterday
for Cadillac, Mlchlgnn, and will bo
followed In February by Mr. Hart
ley, who will open n new store for
tho J. C. Penney Co, Mr, Hartley
Is now with tho Penney storo Jn this
Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Shepherd levo
tonight for Portland, where they
will havo thu opportunity of hearing
Alice NelUon. Later, Mr. Shepherd
will go to San Francisco on a buying
trip. During his absence, tho Shep
herd Music store will bo under the
management of Mriujl.lljchell. f
Word has Just bc?n" receJr?d of
tho death of N C. lHHery!" form
erly of Ilend, who wan accidentally
killed while working In thu mills
at Centralla, Washington. Ho is
survived by a. wife, four children,
nix KruiiuGiiiKirwi, nnu innw-'i t
hlchard Hlllury, reslding-Alu, thla
II, V. Madscn and AHn P. Odoll
were; uultod In marrlago by Hav. If.
0. , Hnrlranft, of tho PrebytorIan
church last night, nt tho homo ot
fl, A, Hlukely on Congress street.
Tho homo was artistically decorated
with chrysanthemums and Christmas
greona. Only Immcdlato friends of
brldo and groom were prcsont. Tho
wedding march was played by Miss
Honi'ilo.Htockwoll. Mr. Madsen was
formerly n teacher In Portland, and
Mr, Madsen resides in tho Sisters
i ' i Mi . . i . ' '
Mrs, Ik-rllin Dawson has recovered
from an attack of grippe.
D. J. Crowley, of Bilvcr Lako, is
spending tho day in Dend.
T. II. Foley has returned from a
business trip to Portland.
, K. L, Mann, of Ttimqlo, In a busi
ness visitor in tho city today.
G, G. Partln wan in Dend last
night from his homo In Sisters.
ML. Hogers hu arrived in Dend
from Tho Dalles and will locato in
Mrs, C A. llalsley and Elizabeth
Kvuns, of Druthers, are In Dend" visit
ing friends.
It. II. Mutzlg, formerly of this
city,. Is In Dend looking aftor pro
perty intpr; here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bmalllng, of
Iloanoke, Vlirlnla, have arrived In
Dend and will locato here.
Mlwr Helen Foley returned this
morning from Portland, where she
spent tho holidays with relatives.
J. T. Hardy, Travelling Freight
and Passenger Agent for the Oregon
Trunk, was in Dend yesterday on
official buslnesM.
Ted Povey drove his truck In from
Silver Lake, arriving In the city last
night. Ho camo In over the high
desert road, having started the trip
on New Years Day.
The ladles of the Christian church
will have a business meeting Wed
nesday afternoon at the homo of Mrs.
Funlon, 8S2 Columbia. All ladies of
the, church and their friends ore re
quested to bo prevent.
Irma Kceney, of Culver, was a
Dend visitor today.
E. Montgomery Is spending the
day In Dend from his homo at Dry
t ivmi.J1
--.-,.,,, ),, . -.,. , ... . . , vji i
Come In ToIIaSTk
If You Need a
Suit, Coat or Dress
All Fall and Winter Clothes have been reduced.
There is nothing reserved.
' . e'
All Go at 25 Per Cent Discount
FURS, too, are reduced 25 per cent. '
Announcing the Arrival of Several
Styles of Queen Quality Shoes -j
Chocolate Kid, cloth top,
military heels, at
Grey Kid, cloth-top, " &Q E
military heels, at P&J
All Chocolate Kid Shoes, Louis or (i? CA
military heels, $1G5Q, $11, $11.50, 12iO,P V
Patent Colt, Mat Kid Top. lace $150
shoes; a very stylish shoe ipiJ,uv
All Calf, medium brown, military f2 SO
heel shoes, per pair p,I.Jj
Better Styles - Good Quality - Courteous
and Efficient Service
Stop and" Shop at
Quality Pioneer liacc 1911
Mil lil IV)
llil fn
Leland T. Dandy, of Fort Hock,
Is In tho city for a few days on bus
iness. Archie Drown arrived In the city
lat night from hlo home In Red
mond, and Is remaining over today.
Mrs. Dertha Dawson la suffering
from a light attack of grippe- She Is
confined to her homo in consequence.
Miss Maybcllo Dpyer Is able, to be
about aftor being confined to her
homo for several days by a severe at
tack jf tonsllltls. T
John Alexander left last, night. or
Corralli where ho will enter the
Oregon Agricultural college In the
civil engineering department.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Matthews, of
Dluo EartlrfMlnnesotu, are In Dend
visiting at the homo ofMr. and Mrs.
Georgo Dueglor. They will remain
In tho city for a fjw wccko, before
going to Calirornla to spend the re
mainder ot tho winter.
yesterday from Lake county. Accom
panying him were Mr. and 21 rs. C.
C. Harris, and F. W. Foster, of Sum
mer Lake. 1
Marked Redactions on Many Items
We Are Putting Our Store In Order for Spring
Blankets, grey wool mixed $6.95
Blankets, grey wool mlxee, d0 AC
our $9.95 values, at pO.tJ
UnderwearVests and Pants for girls AQp
and boys, heavy fleeced lined garment "v
Union Suits Misses bleached cotton QO
fleeced lined suit J0
Hose Black Jieavy Ribbed Cotton Hose, for
boys or girls, sizes 5 to 7,1-2, JQ
39c; sizes 8 to 11 T t
Union Suits Men's heavy d1 OQ
Cotton Ribbed Suits $l.OU
Come Now for January Clean-up Specials
nmiii MusCHAMtllkK AT J'OH'L l'HICES
T. If. .Foley left last night on a
mBlness trip to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Oner, of La
Pine, aro In tho city for a few days.
Dr. Grant Skinner haa returned
from a visit with relatives in Port
Robert Gould is in Portland nt
tending tho meeting ot state highway
Mr. and Mrs. J. Duxton Price ar
rived In tho city yesterday mopilng
from a trip. to Portland.
H. J. Overturf and Georgo Jones
roturned to Dend this morning after
spending tho last few: day8 In Port
land. Mr. and Mrs. C. 9. Hudson left
last night for California, Intending to
spend tho next month at Los Angelee
and beach resorts.
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Moore havo re
turned from Portland, where Mr.
Mooro attendod tho meetlug ot ,tho
teachers ot Oregon.
John Alexander, who has bee.n In
tho office of City Engineer Robert
D. Gould for several months past,
loavea tonight for Corvallla, where ho
will enter tho school ot civil
engineering. .
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Woelflcn, ar
rived In "Bond this morning after a
brief woddlng trip, to make their
homo in Dend. Mrs. Woelllen was
formerly Miss Mary Burns, of San
Jason Mooro who is leasing Sum
mer Lako for tho recovery of com
mercially valuable salts, was in Dend
John Farrell is confined to bis
home by a severe attack of. toBsilltis.
W D. Manton. of PrlBCvUle, was'
in the city yesterday visiting rela
tives. P. St. Cler, of Marshfield, Has re
turned to the coast after visiting rel
atives in Dend over the holidays.
Robert D. Gould has reluraed.from.
Portland, where ho attended a meet
ing of the stato highway engineers.
J. Alton Thompson is In Salem this
week on official business at tho office
of the Stijto superintendent of education.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Egli, ot Hums.
are spending a few days In the city
before returning to their homo in
Harney county.
Al Chaneay, brother ot Miss Be
atrice Chancay, of the Dend high
Kchool faculty, has arrived In Dend
from Canada, and will attend school
during tho spring term.
Miss M. E. Coleman, city treas
urer, returned to Bend yesterday
after a secral weeks trip to the mid
dle west. During the greater part ot
her absence from Bend she visited
relative in Chicago and- Galena, Il
Mrs. G. E. Yoakum will entertain
the members of the Women's Foreign
Missionary society ot the Methodist
church, and their friends, ' at tho
home of Mrs. W. C. McGulston, 234
Joffexson Placo, at :-30 o'clock,
Thursday afternoon, January 8.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cur4
cannot reach the seat ot the dlteaae.
Catarrh l ft local dlee&se. greatly Influ
enced by constitutional conditions. HALLS
CATAIUlrl HKDIUHH Win cure caiorriu
It if taken internally and acta thrpuch
the Blood on the Mumui Burfaeea of the
la composed or oeina ec ma wee ibb ic
known. coroblned'wUlt Men ot the beet
blood purUtere. Tta J&Sy2?g$$
of tpeTirf4Unt.,hi HAMa CATARRH
mkdicTRb hi wlket rouc au)t wun
From Kight to 10 Min Will be Em
ployed In EMaMklimcnt to bo
Conducted by A. J. Tucker.
With preliminary blasting practic
ally finished, A. J. Tucker will be
gin work In tho next fow days on a
$4,00Q ono story alone building, 35
by CO feet, on tho corner p( Green
wood and Hurrlman, which when
completed will bo used by Mr. Tuck
er to house workshops for several
allied trades, Including blacksmith
Ing, carpentering, and cabinet mak
ing', all to bo under his own super
vision. A specialty will be made of
automobile top and body work,
Mr, Tucker experts that the build
ing can be completed within 30 days,
and once the establishment, in open
ed he plans to employ from' eight to
10 men, la addition to theenlp.
rnont which he now has' in hWi shop
on Irving, he will iiwtaU several
pieces of new machinery,
Later jn the season, en the lot
bask of the shop ttttviii'.Tujker
will jtrect a $4,000, flvo reem hrlek
t .- i. 't
tf ,,J,rv'
-TM ",