The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 27, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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"V M1
i ... 'M
The Bend Bulletin
,... ,m ("Weekly IMItlon)
Published Dr
KMnbllthcu' 11)02.
An independent newspaper standing
lor tho nqunro deal, clean business,
clonn polltlca nml the best inlorests
of Demi nml Central Oregon,
Ono year . . . J2.00
Six .months 1.00
Threo months BO
Only 29
Days Away
' Presumably tho misguided
dividual who Is initiating tho
tfclfcd lu'&il iriWrcst mensurcr to bo
Vqfcjl oji ly ,tliq pcoplo nt tho. c6m-
lSgent&iV.lectlon, lias an Idea that!
If If lini.ntnna n Tnttr wit Khnll Tin nhln I
to buy tho use of money at the rates
named. Wo are all of us looking for
bargains all tho time nnd it wo could
be suro that we wcro to get bargain
rates for tho uso of money wo might
put tho measure through with n hur
rah, but unfortunately this is not tho
case. To make a salo there must bo
a vendor as well as a purchaser and
in tho enso of a sale of tho uso of
money, as in that of anything clso,
the owner docs not have to sell un
less he is satisfied with the price he
is getting. Aud tho bankers and
others wlio have the uso of money
for sale will not be satisfied with the
prico named in this (nltiutivo meas
ure so long as they can make sales
in other state at higher pricts.
Prom ono point of view that is all
thero Is to the whole thing. Money
is'a commodity Just us much ns dry
goods, or boots nnd shoes. When
you borrow you buy tho use and tho
interest is the price paid for tho uso
tho same as rent is tho prlco pala
in other states at higher prices,
k'. Money is also a very fluid com
modity aud can be easily moved from
place to place, making It possible to
put its use on sale in neighboring
states at little expense. That Is what
will bo done with Oregon money if
the people vote for this bill
Since most of us arc not bankers
wo may feel that the prico of money
does not Interest us. that the bankers
are ones to worry as to whether or
not they are to be able to get a pro-
SHE will certainly
appreciate the
addition to her pres
ent assortment such
pieces of
Cut Glass
as arc missing, and
1 WqJeiSSel Sherbet Glasses, Goblets -Salt and
"" Pepper Shakers, Many Very Attractive Gifts
in Cut Glass.
I Special Water Set Glass Jug I
j and Six Glasses three pretty
I patterns - - - - $350 I
Plain Glass
With Hand Done Gold Bands
Something Very Attractive and Appealing in
Salad Sets Mayonaise and Relish Dishes
I Sugar and Creamers.
I At the Sign of 'Che Big Clock
nJHKamiinnaiiranciauiauEnaiiniiuiiniiiumuiicinnmaiBinmmuininnu'nnoiuiniunoinmninmiujinnaiinimiwaiiniaiin I
Attorney generals may wago gal
luut -arfnro against the profiteers;
Congress may enact restricting laws,
but until the average American cit
izen cooperates with them by taking
an active nnd personal interest in se
curing his money's worth, prices will
remain unsatisfactory. '
The war took millions of men out
per price for what they have to sell, i of productive Industry. It nnturally
und that, if d maximum price is fixed followed that consumption exceeded
at which the use of money mny bo
sold wo shall benefit to some extent.
The trouble is, as pointed out above,
it will not be sold in Oregon, nnd
the state will oe bone-dry in another
production. Ilecause of the habits
of conservation and thrift pruoticcd
by tho people during tho war" the
decreased production .was partially
counteracted. With tho signing; bt
tho armistice, however, tho Amerl-
The bankers will be inconveni-' can people swung back to free spend
enced b; having to go into a mail j" nnd even to extravagance. With
order business instead of dealing decreased supply nnd increased de
with home folks, but tho home-folks "nian'd, with "easy money" being
will not be merely inconvenienced, spilled everywhere, prices
They will be put out, of business. !anu" profiteers multiplied.
Suppose you want to borrow money We must get back to careful
to build a house, or buy a mowing spending. Intelligent saving, nnd rog-
mnchlne, or start business, or paylular investment in Govornmont m-
for a stock of goods. Jf you cannot curitlM if we ar going to allow !
buy the uso. of that money you will mand to catch up to supply.
not bo ublo to do any of theso tilings. Wo must not accept tho first art-
You nro done. Tho combination of Iclo of clothing offered to us. Wo
all these things nnd many more make must "shop" until wo And prices
business. If you and your neighbor j within our means.
and tho merchant and tho farmer! We must not order our tntulittiit
are done, business Is done and dead, over the telephone, we must go to
the market and personally Inspect
the meats and vegetnbia offered
We must keep away from
a wnen business Ib dead things
are In pretty bad shape.
If you wcro getting ready to vote for sale.
for the Interest measure as a means . luxuries.
of getting back at the banker forget j Tho people should ho taught to
it. You will bo doing yourself a hold their War-Saving! securities
greater injury than the banker. (unless tho ready money Is an nlwo-
luto necessity. They must bo sIioaii
the folly of trading them for get-rlih-qulck"
They should be shown that If they
invo 10 per cent of the money tln-y
arc now spending and Invist It In
War-Savings Stamps nnd Unity
Honda they are delivering- a blov.
against tho high cost of llvin :.
If money Is held onto tho prolHoer
will begin 'to seo tho light.
Steady saving by tho mass of jeo
plo does much more than Improve
the condition of tho ludlr'diuil; it
strengthens tho commercial power
of tho country enormously by .fldlng
tn the capital available for III.' devel
opment of trudo and Industry nud
therefore promotes 'prosperity.
When Is a start
to tin made on
(fa jf JS
-M t E "IrtVi' i ,tf
&r vpi'i'iii'i'iiii.'iiiiiiiiilii
Wife 4 I
T? -
Are you today where you were yesterday
a month ago last year? Have your liabili
ties forged ahead of your assets?
Resolve not to be tomorrow where you
are today.,
Thousands are becoming savers without
privation. ' ,
We Will Help You To Save.
Our Savings Department Pays 4 Percent
procuring a Federal building for
In the ordinary course of events i
It takeri eovurul yearn to get Con- j
groM to approprlato money for gov-!
eminent buildings. Hood River and
Khtmnlli Kalis were on tho waiting
list for n number of sessions of Con
gresff, nro still on tho list, wo believe,
and have been reported annually ns
somewhat nearer tho goal. If Rend i
Is to receive an appropriation it is
time' Hint n start , wcro being nindo,
tho point being that tho sooner tho)
town gets on tho waiting list tho
sooner It may oxpect results. '
That a building will bo needed
here by tho t(mo tho appropriation
is inado seems qulto npparont. At
present tho Federal activities housed
here nro the post office and tho head
quarters of the Deschutes forest. If'
tho town goes ahead as wo all expect
It to do tho post ofllco will be out
grown In a fow years; tho Forestry
ofllco Is already crowded. In addi
tion we may look for an ofllco of tho
Kcclumatlon scrvlco when the lien
hum Fulls project is begun, and it Is
possible now, according to our In
formation, to get an ofllco of tho Uio
loglcul survey here.
We do not want to see Horn! going
after a building on tho ordinary
pork-barrel basis. Wo should llko,
1 howover, to lioo a suitable structuro
to house, all Fcdoral activities. Such
iri.u nuiiding would do an audition to
tho town and a desirable thing from
muiiy othor points of view.
Musical Christmas
We have several very atractive 'offerings in
Pianos and Playcr-Pianow. Order quickly, they
are going fast.
Player Pianos
Have You Decided on a Phonograph for Xmas?
w thi ineTuvMiKT of cuAiirr
fc .k
Look vhere you will nothing in phonographs will give
you more satisfaction and pleasure than a 'S0N0RA.
Our stpck is mogl complete enabling us to offer you a
very fine assortments.
Come In Early
Don't Delay
Bend, Oregon
Minnesota Street,
With tho approach of tho hollduy
season tho mall boglnH to show more
und mora of tho Red Cross Christ
mas, tho brlgl't und chcorful
little stfcltar In rod und grcon nnd.
white with its mussago of good will.
Fairly common for some years past
in the east thin little son! has only
In the past yoars been seen In any
quantity In (ho west and this your
for the first tlmo an organized cam
paign for Its distribution is to bo
" Ah nearly hJ1 know, tho proceeds
of Jho sale of these seals Is used by
the Red Cross in antl-tiiborculosis
woik. They havo no Intrinsic value
nnd If ono prefers io ma
outright donation to lio,work aud
not a purchase of seals.'' fon "thb
other hand the purchase und tho
use of tho seals tells of Intercut in
tho activity that Is often of n
greater vnlno than the unrecorded
gift of' a larger sum nnd thulr up
pearauco on Christinas packages and
other mall gives unother happy touch
of decoration nt tho holiday time.
Tho local cnmiMlgn is In good
hands but for complete success tho
umnagors heed tho active coopera
tion of every cltlzou. This Is written
to hesponk fiiiclt cooperation und to
soul In tho coming weeks.
urge tho greatest possible uso of tho
he community Is fortunate in hav
ing connected with It mon who see
n hlghor vuluu In tho canyon un
disturbed than In tint saw logs that
can ho taken from U und who aro able
und willing to proHorvu tho greater
thing for tho general uso,
It Is wholly fitting, too, that nu out
door park of this tuituro should bo
established ns a memorial to "Tom"
Hhuvlln. Me was an out of doom
man, fond'o't'sport, a great ulhloto.
To him troos woro not merely tho
raw material- of lumber aud If he
were living totjuy he would bo tak
ing an onthiiyifiiHtlc partln tho pro-
Tho proposed gift of Tumnlo can
yoli to the city of Ilsud us a memor
ial to T. L. Hhovllu Is one of tho (In
cut things that has over boon known
hero. Tho logging of tho canyon
would ho u crime; the destruction of
tho natural beauty of a spot that Is in this vicinity; und yt, iii
tho ordinary couro of ovojitB, In nn
ordinary business und commercial
world, tho logging would have pro
cccdod and tho damago been douo,
as pi un nod by the inin njio were Ills
assoclnten tn his bunort:) life,
Tho city of Ilond vdttld not havo
Kuvct this park. It could not have
raised' (he no'qoHniuy niniYoy in taxa
tion and Its park funds would mnrb
properly bo uiiod In buying park niton
within the city limits. It should lio
all tho in oro (U'Uteful, (hen, that
oUior-can audi wJII 'IJV'ythi! litir
cniJHo (fr it. aimtliera fligulrt be
irVhe gn-iit majority of dairy farm
orsHn Oregon separate their mill,
and' sell cronm, To those (he lcct
uron on separation und on (ho euro of
cream on tho farm which will bV
given during farmers week nt the
Oregon Agricultural collogo'.lu Juit
uary should provo valuable, Man" '
llttlo things may offecl tho skimming
ofllcloncy of i separator. Koinutlmmi
nothing more than a poor or shaky
foundation for Win separator will re
lucetho skimming ofllcloncy from ,t
to to per cent und roducu tho
... ... -V- - -; i m iigr coin ami reduce tho prp.
soryatloil of tho tree In such spofn nts by hundrodfl of dollars each your1
us tho Tumalo canyon,iuul olspwhore, Kow'fnrmors roaljzo that such llttlo
thingn as that mentioned, u dirty
separator howl, an unlovoled separa
tor, slow turiilng or cold milk, muy
causo great loss In actual profit. .
Tho euro of tho cream after It iu
separated Is of equal or groatiir Im
portance. Too many farmers hoII
poor croum whon thoy ctiuld Just nt
easily soil clean sweet cream liml
lFtt tint twti.ii.. .. ...
JJ..!? I f r ""," v- iq.d ui jw cants
OJ SllOllhl bo ifHloni' nnniil ,r ... . i... .
now nnd hottorlimdorstandliiK'of iholerv n.iv pii ...... i.., , ' F"cr.ou,?l',
at i ,. (iDJiuuii iu moi nurd
ralatlon of tlio'so men to Ihe romTho tlmo copnumod would hu tlmo
9 1 iU