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What's Doing In The Country
POWELL BUTT13. Nov. IS.- Ono
ot tho biggest laud transfers mid the
most Bignlilcnnt to this country for
many months was tho salo Inst week
tho Allan Wllcoxln Irrigated ranch,
near Powoll Rutte store, consisting
of 120 acres of alfalfa. A now homo
and good ranch buildings for $16,000
to Mr. and Mrs. Scheurer. well
known auto BtaKO people of Red-
mond. Mr. Schcurer also purchased
daiiRhtdrs, Dorothy and Cathcrlno
wuro Quests of Mrs. Ollvor Powoll, of
Prinevllle, Armistice Day. It bolng
Dorothy's birthday, Mrs. Powoll guvo
a dinner in her honor. Nine candles
decorated tho birthday cake.
a forty from Frank McCaffrey. thusj0Ter by a tcam Ofhor80s Thursday,
LA PINE. Nov, IS. P. W. Weber
and E. L. Clark attended tho foot
ball game at Bend Saturday.
Fred Johnson was accldently run
np Hit ft tnnm nf linnAS Thlirtfdnx
muarlng his ranch. Ho also pur
chased an "eighty" from Herman
Meyers. That lies something llko 2
miles from Community Hall. This
land Is in cultivation also. The price
of it was $100 porcre. Tho signi
ficance of tbe sale is that air. and
Mrs. Schcurer are old residents ot
Central Oregon. They are thorough
ly familiar with it all. and where
looking for a home they troweled
over much of tho northwest ' but
found nothing to please them like
Powell Butte. They havo bought
about 835 head ot sheep taking all
that Mr. Wllcoxln had and some
from Mr. McCormack. Mr. Schcurer
states that they will move onto tho
ranch early lu tho spring intending
to makethat their home. They In
tend to mnko some improvements
before moving.
Harve Mustard left last week for
a ten weeks, visit with relatives and
friends at Spokane, Wash.
E. C. Charlton came up from
Portland this week, where ho has
been visiting with his brother, H. M.
Charlton, who Is In the Internal
Revenue office.
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Ltll, and two
children of Bend, visited at the Roy
Roberts home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bussett and
daughter. Margaret, attended tho
show in Bend Sunday. They had as
guests. ,lr. and Mrs. Iteavls Wll
coxen of Redmond.
Powell Butte Sunday school has a
membership drive on.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bussett and son
Lloyd, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Bayno ot Deschutes, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Luthey aro
moving from the Bear Creek ranch
to the J. F. Rice ranch, recently ac
quired by them, and Mr. and Mrs.
Rice are movffig to tho Glen Must
ard ranch that they purchased from
Herman Meyer not long since.
There wllljbo a dance at Commun
ity Hall. Friday night. November 21
uooa leMj-anu good music is as
sured. v
PowejUJutte Sorosls club met
-with MrSfc. D. Mustard In her beau
tiful new home, just completed this
summer. A very excellent paper
was read by Mrs. Carl Fisher on the
life of General Pershing. After
which a fine luncheon was served by
the hostess assisted by Mrs. Wm.
Arnold. The next meeting of the
club will bo at the home of Mrs. A.
W, Bayno with Mrs. Arthur Mllner
as hostess. The date will be Decem
ber 10. Mrs. Will Arnold will read
a paper at that time.
Mrs. Fudrey has returned from a
vjslt with her mother.
Road Supervisor Truesdnle nas
had a force of men working on tho
road near tho Ferguson place, grad
ing and filling u very bad place In
tho road. A much needed bit of
work and fixed up in good shape
now. A few other small Jobs here
nndthere have been completed nlso.
Charley Parrlsh is tho proud pos
sessor of a bran new 1920 Dodge
Charley O'Nell and daughters, of
Prinevllle, were visiting Mr, O'Nell's
brother at tho Truesdale home Sun
day last.
Mrs, Reavls Wllcoxen and her
mother. Mrs. Alma Hall of Portland,
with Mrs. Ross Bussett and Mrs. J.
A. Rlggs were shopping In Bend,
Mrs. George C. Truesdale and
whllo hauling hay, thocmpty wagon
passing over the upper part of tho
abdomen. Ho died Saturday morn
ing and was burled Sunday. The
funeral was conducted under the
auspices of the La Pino lodge ot
Redmcn. Ho Is survived by his
father and mother, three brothers
and two sisters, all living at La Pine.
Carl Wise, A. R. Donahue and R.
E. Eaton and W. R. Riley wero at
Bend Saturday. Mr. Riley served
three days on tho Jury.
Miss LIUlo Brown visited with
Miss Nell Travis at Bend Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Rose Hunncll who has been
sick with tonsllltls for the past two
weeks resumed her position In tho
primary room Monday.
Anna Doming is back at school
again after nn nbsence of one week
on account ot misplaced ligament in
ner Knee.
J. O. Hoffman was over from
Prinevllle to attend tho funeral of
Fred Johnson.
J. P. Duckctt and wife of Sisters
were at La Pino Tuesday.
Tho following guests registered at
thb La Pino hotel during the past
W. J. Stcmper. Seattle.
A. A. Dawson. Portland.
Floyd Lam, Silver Lake.
Stello Gowdy. Silver Lake.
Frank N. Wallnco. Bond.
Mr. Winkle. Bond.
A. R. Donahue. La Pino.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haines and
Dr. H. M. Horton, and wife, Bend.
S. N. James, Burns.
A, E. Hobs and G. Reed. Bend.
J. P. Duckett and'wlfo, Sisters.
C. P. Dorian. Bend.
Neal Sly, La Pine.
F. O. Elmgrcen. Wastlna.
Con Breen, Alfalfa.
S. D. Fredrickson, La Pine.
carl Tennis. Lakeview.
E. G. Gustavlson and Thos. Hutch
inson, Redmond.
F. P. Schmidt, Maupin.
L. E. Penrose, Madras.
E. W. Count, Lakeview.
C. H. Young. Bend.
John H. Harrison, Bend.
W. II. Merrlman, Bend.
M. H. Morris, Prairie City.
Prentice Van Tassel, Gist.
Frank Johnson and wife. La Pine.
J. O. Hoffman, Prinevllle.
W. E. Johnson. La Pine.
Mrs. Egll, Fort Rock.
Elizabeth and Ethel Glaab of
Crescent entered school Monday, In
the sixth grade making tbe total en
rollment 41.
night. November 21. A program will
bo given nftor which tj6 bushels will
ho auctioned off. Everybody Is cor
dially Invited to attend.
Kd. Swnlloy Is having a now houso
built. Mr. Thorpo 1b doing tho work
Anton Ahlstrom mndo a business
trip to Redmond. Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs, 11. T. Mlkkolmui ne
compmtlud by Mrs. W. 11. Gray woro
shopping In Bond Wednesday,
J. W. Peterson made n business
trip lo Bond Wednesday.
Mrs. C. M. Retinoid nnd Mrs. Geo.
Knnoff of Deschutes wero crtllern nt
tho Andurson homo Thursday even
ing. O. E. Andurson wbh helping W. II.
Gray mnko a pond tho first of tho
Alfred Pedurson was working for
Jlmtnlo liulton several dnn this
.Air, Htiunnon or uonu, who recent
ly purchased tho Harper place has
moved Into tho Willluma houso for
tho winter. f
Anton Ahlstrom nnd Rasmus Pet
ersen havo boon serving ou tho Jury
all this woek.
Mrs. Cathcrlno Johatison and Mrs.
H. T. Mlkkelsen, visited Mrs. Ole
Hanson of Deschutes, Tuesday after
noon. J. D. Whlto and son Rotlle wero
In Bend on Saturday.
FjB. Baughman was In Bend on
Saturday. Ho was accompanied by
Miss Ruth KncMiemeyer.
II. T. Mlkkelsen mndo a business
trip to Portland Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Brandenburg
have moved on to their ranch again.
Mr. nnd Mrs. O. E. Anderson, woro
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sleep disturbing bladder ailment.
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There will be a basket rodal at the
Deschutes school houso on Friday
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Mfffff!fiI'!!!illllttHf 22211111211
R some time we have been urging the bseeding of
better live stock, not as a hobby, but simply as good
business. The Chicago live stock market reports
indicate that that there is still plenty of improvement
to be made.
The Chicago Market recently carried the following inter
esting. information:
Prime Angus and Shorthorn Steers $18.75 per cwt.
Southern Knothead Steers' .. 5.75 per cwt.
The National Better Sire Campaign Is Now On.
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The First National Bank of Bend
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Sphier Building
Bend, Oregon
' Bond visitors Saturday.
I W. B. Vim Allen and Olen Cox of
l Deschutes wore In thin neighborhood
Sunday, soliciting membership!! for
;tho Red Cross.
1 Fred Seeling of Ilond spont Sunday
with Mr. nnd Mrs. W. II. uray.
John r,nvnrdi left Monday with
his car of household goods and Mock
for Prossor, Wash., where bo has
rented a farm.
Jlmmlo Hutton returned Hundny
front his ranch near Redmond where
he went Saturday after a load of
A crew of men nrc putting In a
now bridge naur the Uuughman
from Sisters Sunduy to visit the Juck
LOWER 'BRIDGE, Nov. 19. -The
community will have their usual
community dinner at the schoolhousu
on Thunksglvlng. Tho children will
havo a program prepared by tholr
toucher Mrs. Parrot, Tho annual
community dinner 1h tho big ovout of
the year at which time all now sot
tlera get acquainted.
Mrs. Fred Walter left for Tacoma
to bo with her daughter and eon,
Fred, who aro uttondlng high school
Mr. A. Fullor mndo a business
trip to Bend on Monday.
Mth. Young of Redmond, visited
at tho Hostess home, Monday.
Mr. nnd Mrn. Holmes and family
wero Redmond whoppers Saturday,
Mr. Fullor Is going jntb tho dulry
business. Ho Iiuh alreudy purchased
8 cows. ,
Mr, Jack's family has moyed up
to tho Roles place so as to bo nearer
tho school,
Mr. and Mrn. Nowbnld camo from
Redmond to spond tho week nnd on
their farm.
Mr. and Mrs, Ilosklns mudo busi
ness trip to Plalnvlow Monday,
Tho Silica Mill will start up In tho
next few day with a doubled capa
city having boon closod down last
few days enlarging tholr capacity,
Mrs. R. S. Towue wnB caller nt tho
Kedder home on Frlduy.
Horace Urooklug has finished dig
ging his spuds, he hnd a bumper
Mr. and Mrs. Brown motored down
ORANOB HALL, Nov. 10. Tho
Young school has hooded thn pica of
the Oregon Bducators for more ath
letic sports In tho schools. They now
havo fivo ball gumes, namely; Has
kotball, volley ball, soccer, football
and base ball. Tho pupil stato they
have learned every game themselves.
This week Ihey added foot bulls, pur
chased with tho money thoy won at
mo uruuge nun inir jor Having iiiu
best school exhibit.
Mrs. Clarence Smith entortnlucd
the Ladles' Aid last week.
Mr. Lester is building u largo dou
ble garago.
Mr. Dahl and family and Mr. Hoi
gesen und fnmlly attended church
service nt the Lu tho run church In
town Sunday,
Mr, J, N. Crowe und son Molvln,
nnd a cousin are ou the high desort
after cattlo.
lloforo Mr. Lester had his long
drovo of sheep corralled hero on his
pluco 24 hours, tho border had
bmughldown two coyotos,
.Mr. and Mrs, HalgeBon, Mr. nnd
Mrs, Dahlo nnd Mr. und Mrs, Ileebo
und daughter and son, lrone und Ly
man culled at tho J, l'edersen homo
Sunday aftornoon.
Mr. nnd Mrs, Nelson nnd family
spent sabbath day at Rev, Johnston's
homo near DoHchutos,
Mr. Fred Reynolds is rostlng this
week, sitting on the Jury.
Ilonnett Young visited with Chris
Stock Sunday.
Mr, und Mrs, aoo. Erlckson took
n Hhort drlvo of 72 Dillon Sunday
southeast of Rend to visit with Mr,
und Mrs. Qunderson.
Violet Hettmun visited with Kath
arine Holgcsen Sunday aftornoon,
Clins, Lowo visited ut tho Hottmnn
ranch Sunday,
Grandma Reynolds, Oortlo Nlckor
son nnd baby Charles, woro Sunday
callors ut tho Hottmun homo.
Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Hott
mnn, Mrs. C, M. Rusmussen, Mrs,
L, O. Young, Mrs, Hottman, Mrs.
Ooo. Mooro and Mrs, Wlgmoro. wero
umong those who attended the hoc-
hi I gathering ut Orango Hall oJ.
uoitday evening.
Mrn. L. C. Young called nt thw
ivucuem cottage one evening las
week. .
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My son hnd n cough for a longV
time." writes Mrs. Heck, 728 Fohrv
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some time. It certainly Is lino. I
recommend It to nnyono. (lood
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