The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 11, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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What's Doing In The Country
PLAINVIEW, Sept. 9. Tho Col
folt threshing machine started up
last week under tho management
ot LoiiIb nnd Albert Nlschcll. Tho
first threshing wns dono at tho Col
folt ranch,
F. A. Powers Is to receive n ship
ment of fruit from Hood River this
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Hartley and
nay Armstrong attended tho Labor
Day danco at Tumalo.
Warren Chalfan returned to his
homo In Portland Wednesday after
noon, after spending soveral days
-with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.
Mrs. Hubort Armstrong and WIN
ma Bennett were callors at tho Van
Tassel 1 homo Sunday.
Tho Snow Creek. Irrigation com
pany met at the H. H DeArmonda'
office In Bend Thursday to check up
on the undivided claims prior to tho
hearing boforo tho water board at
Tumalo on Friday, September 12.
Frank Bowers at present of Red
mond, spent soveral days recently at
tho Georgo Gray ranch.
A. W. and It. .Armstrong wero
business callors inltcdmond Tuesday.
Nclllo Van Tassel Is visiting rela
tives at Sisters this week.
Mrs. Chris Ward wont to Bend
last Wednesday to take a special
teacher's examination. In case or
favorablo returns, Mrs. Ward will
teach tho Plalnview school this year.
u. t unairan was a business call
er In Bond Tuesday.
Although corn is not concecdcd
generally to bo a successful crop in
this vicinity it Is making an especi
ally good showing this year, ono
examplo being that P. A. Scoggin de
livered sixty dozen roasting cars in
Bend tho past week.
Mr. and Sirs. Grondoll and Mr. J.
O. McKlnney of Sisters wero guests
at tho John McKlnney homo Friday.
Miss Gladys Blakcsloy and
brother left via of Bond last Friday
for their homo in Washington. Tho
Blakcsloy young peoplo havo had a
very enjoyablo month's vacation nt
tho Van Tassel ranch.
A. E. Hoss has just purchased a
bunch of sheep from a shipment in
G. C. McCalllstor attended a meet
ing In Clovordalo on Sunday after
noon where improvements of tho
Squaw Creek Irrigation system wero
Mrs. Skeel and daughter Mrs. Paul
Scoggin spent Saturday afternoon
with Mrs. John McKlnney.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Hartley and
Mrs. Flora Hartley started In tho
car for Hood River on Sunday
morning. Mr. and Mrs. Hartley plan
to be home again the last of this
The regular church services woro
held at the school houso on Sunday
arternoon under tho direction of
Rev. Williams. There was a small
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. W. Scoggin,
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Scoggin, Mrs.
Skeel and Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Bur
gess were guests at the H. A. Scog
gin homo Sunday.
Mrs. C. F. Chalfan spent Friday
at tho A. K. Hoss homo.
Plalnvlow and Squaw Crook ditch
users was hold nt tho school houso
on Sunday afternoon. Hotter mo
thods nnd places of obtaining tho
wnter woro discussed, Thoso In at-
tomlnnco woro Dennis Hunt, Guy
Stadlg, Geo. Ayrus, 1'orry Van Tas
sol, R. J. Shelton and son Vorno,
Bill Fryroar, Frank Arnold, J. L.
Parborry nnd son Irving, F. J. Burl
ing. V. T. E. Wilson and sons Lynn
and John.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl Woods of Sis
ters woro visitors at tho Parborry
ranch Wodnosday afternoon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. B. C. Klino. Mr. and
Mrs. R. J. Skolton, Mr. nnd Mrs. H.
O. Wilson and family attondod tho
Banker-Farmer mixer at Tumalo
on September 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Bocker and family
ot Tumalo called at tho Parborry
ranch on Wednesday to look nt a
sunflower silo.
D. It. Long and W. T. Harrison
wero at tho Covo soveral dnys last
week after fruit.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Burnsldo
and, llttlo daughter Irono woro Red
mond visitors Sunday.
School started on Tuesday with n
small attondanco. Sevorat new pu-
Mlsd Rqxio Morris, who taught tho
school last year Is tho tcachor.
Mrs. Frank Arnold nnd Storllo
Fryroar nro both on tho sick list
this week.
Russel Long is at homo from tho
High Desert and his brother Soveno
Is taking his place out thoro.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Parberry wero
in Redmond on wodncsdny.
BUI Fryroar was a Bond visitor
ono day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hodson at
tended tho danco at Tumalo on tho
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Arnold at
tended tho Tumalo danco Monday
Mr. Harper of Cllno Falls was a
visitor at tho Parberry ranch on
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Burnsldo and
family wero callers at tho Burling
and Klino homo Monday.
Cal. Burnsldo was a caller at tho
Robbins ranch on Sunday.
Mr. Hatch of Redmond was n vis
itor at tho Parborry and Burnsldo
ranches on Saturday.
Mr. nnd Mrs, Naomi, and Marlon
Hosklns woro shopping In Redmond
on Friday,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Chnpninn nnd daugh
ter returned Saturday rrom Hood
River whoro they havo boon visiting
relatives tho past mouth.
Georgo Klddur who has boon
working nt tho Hosklns ranch dur
ing haying ruturnod to Redmond
Darwin Walker was n Redmond
visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A F. Hotinor and
son Dwlght and Mr. Huuboi'h bro
ther nnd family who nro visiting
hero from Wyoming loft on Monday
in their car for Crntor Lake, Med
ford nnd Eugene.
Elmo Gladheart who hns been
working at tho Hosktu ranch roturn-
od to Portland on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nowbold nnd
family Goorgo Tuckwell returned
on Tuesday, from a two weok's
camping trip at Fish Lake and Clear
Mr. and Mrs. Joo Howard, C F.
Hosklns and Mr. and Mrs, Roy Kid
dor attondod the Farmor-llankor
mixer at Tumaloo n Monday.
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wrltting your namo and address
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Honey and Tar Compound. for
coughs, colds and croup. Foloy's
Kidney Pills and Foley's Cathartic
Tablets. Sold Everywhere adv.
Tut It In Tho Bulletin.
LOWER BRIDGE. Sopt. 9. A. 8.
Holmes was in Redmond on Tues
day. Fern and Fred Walker loft Sun
day evening for Tacoma, Wash.,
whoro they will attend high school
this year.
PLAINVIEW, Sopt. 9. Tho farm
ers of Plalnvlow aro beglnnlg to
wonder whoro their ryo seed Is to
como from for next year as tho Into
frost mado tho yield very light and
a largo part ot tho crop has been
cut for hay.
Miss Graco Rlggs returned to
Portland Monday aftor spending a
uollghtuil two weeks at tho C F.
Chalfan homo.
J. A. W. Scoggin spont three days
tho past week ridding after cattlo
on upper Squaw Creek.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. W. Armstrong
nnd party mado a trip to Alfalfa via
Bond last Tuesday to look at a
A. E. Hoss was n callor In Tumalo
Mr. and Mrs. II, T. Hartley mado
a business trip to Redmond Thurs
day. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Volgt hud
n pleasant dny nt Big Moadow near
Three Crook Butto on Sunday.
Tho sunflower crop planted for
onsllago Is making a flno showing
whorovor a stand was secured.
Mrs. A. E. Hoss spont Monday nf
tcrnoon with Mrs. C. F. Chalfan.
Mr. Jones of Sunnyslda has boon
working for II. T. Hartloy tho past
C. T. Chalfan is working on tho
school Iioubo changing tho lighting
system nnd making other necessary
changes preparatory to standardiz
ing tho school.
J. O Mills has moved to Sisters
nfter spending tho summer on his
Mrs. Frank Colfolt and dnughtors
aro spending tho weok In Portland.
James Pulllam was u caller In
Sisters Friday.
H. T. Hartloy and J. I). Elklns at
tondod the salo at tho Jones ranch
August 20.
Mr. Glpson Is cutting his second
crop of alfalfa but It Is not very
heavy owing to tho shortngo of
water this yoar.
J. F Dawson and Goorgo Grny
wero business callers in Bond Sat
urday. D. Donovan of Bond was In Plaln
vlow Saturday.
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J. G. Wolf, 73 i S. Jackson 8t..
Groon Bay, Wis., writes: "Foley
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MILLICAK Sopt. 9. Tho rain af
tor tho long dry spoil is much ap
preciated, Tho woll drlllors aro progressing
very slowly on tho L. Smith placo.
Mrs. L. A. Shoffor nnd son Guy
mado a trip to Bond ono day this
Tom doing and Joo Holland havo
boon employed on tho Rosin placo
several days this week.
Mr. Morris bus been hauling sand
to tho Rosin placo from near tho
Ream's pluco, for tho cement houso
thoy aro building.
Wm. A. Rulm was a Bond visitor
Frldny. Returning Saturday with R.
R. Keller. Mr. Dykstra also caino
out with Mr. Koller who had mado
a business trip to Bund tho same
L. P. Rooney called at tho Holland
homo Sunday,
Tom Goings accompanied his fa-
thor, who hud boon visiting at his
homo to Bond Friday.
Mrs. J. J. Holland wax a visitor
at tho Rooney homo Monduy,
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Grlmstoad
mado a trip to Bend' Monday,
W. W. Orlmsteud was u Uond vis
itor Thursday.
A brother of J, A. Smith Is suf
fering from a dlsoaso of tho brain.
R. R. Keller accompanied by Mrs,
J. A. Smith and hor mother, Mrs.
Turk took him to Bond to tho Iioh
pltal Wodnosday.
After an extended visit with her
homo In Wushlngton, Wednosday,
Mr. Marthony. undo of Mrs, L, G.
Morgan Is lenving for his homo In
8pokano, today, uftor u two weoks'
visit with his nleco and her husband,
Mr. and Mrs. Crabbier of Portland
camo out to visit with her son Poto
and family Wednesday. R, R. Kollor
took them to tho Poto Grabblor placo
Mr. Torrol has returned from Bin
lock, Wushlngton, whero ho has boon,
looking after his wheat and jiuy crop
of tho Beaver Lund company,
Wm. A. Rohn holpod his undo C.
II. Grabblor haul hay this week.
Four chairs at your service at the
Metropolitan, No waiting. Adv,
POWELL 11UTTE, Bopt. 10.
Powell Hutto Snrouls Club guvo a re
ception Friday night to tho ruturnod
soldiers and sailors of this commu
nity to which all tho community was
Invited, Fourteou soldlerH accepted
tho Invitation and enjoyed tho hos
pitality of tho ladles. Tho hall was
beautifully decorated with greenery
and cut flowers nnd tho American
colors, Making n splendid silting
for tho fourteou young men who In
uniform occupied roaorvod seats on
tho platform. A flno program was
given, consisting of solos, soloct
readings, recitations by ono or two
ot tho children, an address by Mrs.
Gen, Tuosdalo and ono by J, F.
Rico. Tho program was flnlshdd by
n drill of eight Indies of tho club,
aftor which Ico cream nud cako wan
served, mnklng It ono of tho finest
and most onjoynblo affairs that has
over been given nt Community Hall,
Ono lucldont ot tho ovonlng was tho
calling to tho front and tho Intro
duction to tho nudlonco of Mrs. J, fl.
Wells, mother ot throo soldier sons.
nil of whom wero present. Thoso
young men all enlisted In California
but after receiving their discharges
joined their mother at her homo
noro nt Powell Hutto. Othor young
men who woro present as guests of
tho evening woro: Kills Carl Char
ton, llruco Lludoulst. Lloyd litis
sott, John Moyor. Clydo Moore. Ar
thur Mllnor, Walter Minor nud Will
Soveral of tho ranchers or this
section will buy sheep this fall to
reoil tholr hay crop to, rather than
soil It at n lower prlco to cattlomen.
'i ihh is n good move as It Is always
woll to food tho hay on tho ranch
whoro It Is raised.
It 1b reported that J. A. Rlgg's
wheat turned out forty bushels per
Mrs. Allco Frawloy. who has been
visiting her daughter Mrs. Geo.
Tuosdalo and family loft for her
homo In Tacoma Saturday night.
Mrs. Martha Fostor Is preparing
to Icavo tho last of tho month for
Glenn Fnlls, Idaho, whoro alio will
visit hor son, Torrlll Fostor,
Mrs. Idn Morso and two daugh
ters Ednn and Ada and Mr, Gardner
Perry of Prlnovlllo, woro guests at
tho B. A. Ilussott homo Sunday Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Young and Mr nnd
Mrs. llcrt Reynolds wero also dinner
guests nt tho snmu hospitable homo.
School started In tho Wilson-Shop-nrd
district Monday of this weok. At
Wilson thirty children reported on
tho first morning with Mrs. Georgo
Hobbs as teacher. At Shepard tho
now boll recently purchused and
prosontcd to tho district wns rung
for the first tlmo and fourteou fell
In lino nnd marched In. .Ml km Fay
BusBott Is teacher at Shepard this
Too much rain is holding up tho
hay activities In this section. There
It a largo amount of alfalfa cut and
lying In tho fields, nnd much nlso
that Is standing In tho shocks,
whllo a groat many others nro await
ing to start cutting. Tho rain how
over, will do a world of good in tho
way of starting tho grass on tho
Buttos, nnd in particular whore It
had got very short during tho long
dry soason.
An Item of Importance this week
Is tho sale of tho K. Foudrny forty
aero Irrigated ranch near Powell
Hutto Post Offlco to Bert ("Plnklo")
Reynolds of Redmond, at a consi
deration of $4000. This forty lies
woll for Irrigation and tho entire
placo Is in alfalfa. The buildings
nro not ot tho host, but Mr. Reynolds
will orcct a modern homo In tho
near future Ho will not move how
ovor, until noxt spring.
Mr, und Mrs, K. H. Stowart and
Mr, and Mrs. Roy Hnborli nud
daughter Ida visited In Hum! Sunday.
Miss Gladys Pauls will teach In
tho Mofflt district this winter.
Miss Holon Suydor will attend tho
Crook County High School this win
tor. While thoro, Her homo will bo
with Mrs. Dobbs. Graco Pauls will
They Are
Not True
C Slanderous remarks have been
made regarding the sanitary condi
tion of the American Bakery and
about its employes. These state
ments are absolutely without found
ation. C That an authentic report might
be made regarding the sanitary
condition of the bakery and the
health condition of its employes
we asked Dr. J. C. Vandevert to
make a special examination and
Dr. Vandeoerl has this to say:
"I lmve made n thorough nnd complete
inspection of the plant oi the American s
Bakery, and find that in every particular
the management has complied with ev
ery requirement. The .statements made
against the bakery and its employes are
J Every effort is being made to
give the public a clean, wholesome
product and nothing is being spared
to keep our establishment up to
the standard of sanitation.
American Bakery
Louis Dornecker, Manager.
bo at tho IlnpllHt parsonago during
tho school your.
Mrs. Scott llufflno nnd hor mothor
Mrs. Ilussott of New Moxlco, who
havo been visiting at tho K. A. Bus-
sett homo for sumo tlmo, left for
tholr homo Inst waok, declaring
themselves highly pleased with this
state In general, nnd Central Oregon
In particular.
Thoro will bo n danco at Commu
nity Hall Friday night, September
12, to which everybody Is Invited.
Mr, und Mrs, Arthur Mllnor vis
ited Mrs. Ralph Hamilton and son 4
Ilorhort In Prlnovlllo over tho weok
Mrs. Nancy Long, who hns been
spending several weeks at tho homu
nf H. M. Mustard, returned In her
homo In Prlnovlllo Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Nod Augland vUlted
with Dan Ilorrlgaii at I'owell Hutto
last weok. At prusout thoy hnvo a
homo nt Crescent where they aro
making tholr homo.
Demonstrations That DemonstrateNo. 2
E helped a farmer get some sulphur last
applied it in the fall accord
Last year this field cut about
This .year it cut 1 50 tons.
Just a $ 1 40.00 increase.
vear. ne
ing to directions.
80 tons of alfalfa.
We will help finance your purchase of sulphur and
supply you with information concerning it.
The First National Bank of
Put it in Tho Bulletin.